• Djokovic-Murray rivalry reignites in Wimbledon final

    7/6/13 5:08 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Djokovic-Murray rivalry reignites in Wimbledon final The Wimbledon final will feature the marquee match-up in men's tennis, as World No. 1 Novak Djokovic takes on World No. 2 Andy Murray for the championship title. The players will be contesting their 19th career match on Sunday.

    World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has compiled an 11-7 series advantage over World No. 2 Andy Murray, which includes a 2013 triumph at the Australian Open. The Scot leads 1-0 on grass, having won their only meeting at the 2012 London Olympics.

    Murray earned his first Grand Slam final victory over Djokovic at the 2012 US Open, where he prevailed in five sets. The World No. 1 leads 3-1 in Grand Slam finals after sealing championship-title winning runs at the Australian Open from 2011-2013.

    Djokovic advanced to his second Wimbledon final after surviving a five-set battle with World No. 8 Juan Martin Del Potro. The 26-year-old came through the semi in four hours and 43 minutes, 7-5, 4-6, 7-6(2), 6-7(6), 6-3.

    "It was one of the best matches that I've been a part of, one of the most exciting definitely," said the World No. 1. "I'm privileged to be a winner of this match. It was so close, they couldn't separate us. When I was two sets to one and a break up, and I dropped that serve, well… But that's why he's a Grand Slam champion and right at the top."

    Djokovic is seeking his 7th Grand Slam title and second Wimbledon success on Sunday.

    Murray is through to his second consecutive final at the All-England Club following his four-set win over Poland's Jerzy Janowicz. The 26-year-old rallied to secure the victory in two hours and 52 minutes, 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-4, 6-3.

    "I'm obviously delighted with that," Murray confessed. "It was a tough match today, completely different to any matches I've played so far. He's very talented, very unpredictable. He hit huge serves out there and gave me very little rhythm. I'm very glad to get it done.

    Murray looks to become the first British man to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry completed a run of three consecutive victories in 1936.

    "It's very different to last year really," said the World No. 2. "This year's been a little bit different. There's been a lot of expectation. I was expected to get to the final since the early stages of the tournament. It was very emotional last year. I'm delighted to come through today and have the chance to play another final."

    Predicted winner: Andy Murray to add Grand Slam title #2 to his resume.

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Heart really wants Andy to get his Wimby, but (according to how they've been playing their last couple of matches) logic says Djokovic will prevail, probably in 4.

Emiliano55 , 7/6/13 6:14 PM

Want Andy to win so that balance between the 3 - Rafa, Andy, Djoko is in order to give us another 2-3 yeas of good tennis

But mind says Djoko for the win in 4. However need to see how his long semi affects him for Sundays match..however he has recovered well alway and he has the magic oxygen pod .

sanju , 7/6/13 6:34 PM

BTW folks just a curious question..If the oxygen pod is so beneficial to Djoko and not banned by ATP , why are other players not using it? Its an open secret now right?

sanju , 7/6/13 6:55 PM

Murray's A game is better than Djoko's A game. If Murray serves the way he did yesterday, it will be hard for Djoko. Murray is 2nd to Jerzy in # of aces served at Wimby this year.

nadline , 7/6/13 6:57 PM

So this is the last match preview before this sites shuts down

tennis2011 , 7/6/13 7:39 PM

Nole in 4.

Vamos Muzza.


Conspirator , 7/6/13 8:15 PM

Winner of set 1 takes wimby. I do not want either of them to lose. Nole after his semi loss at the french and the epic match against Delpo. At the same time, Andy needs a win to improve his slam final record and set the h2h with Djoko right

vmk1 , 7/6/13 8:35 PM

rooting for andy

rafaelo , 7/6/13 8:36 PM

Andy's grass court A game is better that Novak's.
He will also be able to disrupt Novak on grass more easily than on other surfaces
If he plays his best and serves well he will win, maybe even in 3
However he is a very nervy player indeed and could choke (and this time I might not forgive him)
But then he's been there before and I doubt he wants to experience another loss, he'll fight!
I dunno
It will come down to the day
Which I expect to be a far better day than today was which was horrendous
Poor Sabine
Andy is well matched in ability with Novak and has more grass court experience
I'm feeling hopeful.

Twinge , 7/6/13 9:14 PM

Djokovic is a better all-round player than Murray...Murray may be thought of as a more natural player on Grass than Djokovic, but matches are not always decided by this factor. In Djokovic I see someone who can fight any adversity and come out triumphs more often than not...If Djokovic can maintain his semifinal level he will win the match in 5 sets if Murray is serving great, 4 sets otherwise...but it won't be a straight set match....

netcord , 7/6/13 9:21 PM

One thing for sure, nole won't be hampered by sf with delpo. Let's not forget his 5 hr sf win over muzz in oz last year followed by 6 hr final win over rafa. There are pretty much no fitness/stamiba limits with nole:-(

alex , 7/6/13 10:46 PM


I agree. Nole is so physically fit that even a tough five set match against an inspired Delpo, won't stop him from being ready in the final.

He has really taken it to another level with his fitness in the last two or three years. However, Andy is certainly no slouch in that department either!

Nativenewyorker , 7/6/13 10:51 PM

People go on about how well Novak has played, but if you look at his opponents,
Whenever THEY have played well they have caused him all kinds of problems
If Andy plays well it might just be one problem too much this time....

Twinge , 7/6/13 11:13 PM

I'm just hoping muzz turns out over the years to be the better grass court player. Grass 'season' is so short it's hard to gauge anything reliable over one or two years.

alex , 7/6/13 11:25 PM

Over the years?
Not now?
Stats wise he already is
Stop being so moody Alex
Ooo I'm starting to feel a little bit excited
Anyway going out now
But keep the faith Alex
Andy might just surprise us this time :-)

Twinge , 7/6/13 11:36 PM

Just saying what I've been thinking for a while twinge. All we've got to go on for the so called 'grass season' is basically the annual wimbie and a 250 event + olympics every 4 years. I wish there was at least an additional masters on grass as I tend to agree with you that muzz would probably have his nose out in front if that was the only surface. But things are so close between them and there's so little to go on that whoever wins tomorrow will be hailed as the best grass court player ... Until wimbie 2014.
I'm trying to resist getting too excited - just ask deuce what happens to muzz when I get too excited about his prospects :-( Like Oz 2011 when I posted "It's time!"
Deuce blamed me when it all ended in tears.
All I can say is I'm gonna be soooo happy if muzz does it, but until he does I can hardly bear to watch.
I know he'll do it sometime and this year would seem perfect ... Just one minir obstacle: Nole.
You be excited - I'm staying near the sofa.

alex , 7/7/13 12:40 AM

funnily and surprisingly,many People dont actually believe muzz is capable of beating nole in a slam final..duh ! muzz's USO final win is downplayed and demeaned by saying andy just handled the windy conditions better ! i say crap... its true andy handled the wind better in sets 1 and 2 BUT nole won sets 3 and 4 did not he?? By the time set 5 arrived, the wind level had come down to a reasonable level and both were able to play their tennis...muzz's aggression and brave tennis earned him the win in the last set !

Mind you, grass is more conducive to andy's game than it is to nole's , FACT...both are very evenly matched though so I expect a very tight match... I am assuming andy will keep the right intensity from the beginning ...with the crowd behind him, look for the muzz man to FINALLY win wmbledon ! GO MUZZ ! best of luck nole and his fans...

* twinge, duece,alex : see you all tomorrow...cheer your man up...and dont be too scared not to post during the match ;) I am sure muzz will give us nerve wrenching moments though LOL

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 1:26 AM

heart absolutely wants Andy to win tomorrow. And it would do him so much good.
head says two things. One is that for 2.5 years now Novak is so used to win and used to find a win in the toughest matches that he will be very hard to overcome... and a line-up of oddmakers all favor him. But head also says what some of you are writing, that Andy has what it takes and is not unlikely to do it. Please Andy, just play aggressive (enough) and play your heart out. Nole will get quite a few more slams, take this one for yourself and Scotland. OK, all of the UK.

chlorostoma , 7/7/13 4:19 AM

Go Muzz, go. Do it for all your fans! Show that you are the new king of grass!
I think of the first moment I saw Muzz. He was probably 15. My Dad told me I should watch him because he was bound to be one of the greats. I stared at the awkward boy. I watched him play. Then he threw up on the court and some lady, maybe his Mom, rushed to him. Not the most exciting thing to happen when you are supposed to be watching a phenomenon. But I was feeling like an astronomer who had discovered a new star. Yeah it took many years before he gave me something to cheer about. 10 years, to be precise.
But my Dad and I never lost faith. I love both Rafa and Muzz ( I saw Rafa first in the sf of French Open 2005 when once again my Dad made me watch). I always felt a Rafa-Muzz final would be my ideal and I am still waiting for it.
Let us hope it happens at USO 2013!!!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:57 AM

In above post ....Rafa-Muzz Grand slam final would be my ideal....

holdserve , 7/7/13 7:00 AM

I think Murray may just be ready this time. This is the one he wants. I also think it's high time that the drought ends for the Brits! We saw Murray finally find his best game in the latter half of his match with JJ. He finished it off in style. He and Nole are very evenly matched.

I guess we will see who is tougher mentally. I respect how Nole has worked hard to lost the tantrums and histrionics on court and learn to be mentally tough. He has matured and his tennis has benefited from it. I am thinking that Murray has also matured in the last year. Getting Lendl as his coach was a stroke of genius. I think it was always there inside Murray, but Lendl helped him get over the hump and start realizing his considerable potential.

We should be in for another great match. I always say may the best man win, but I do hope this time that Murray can be the first British men's tennis player to end the drought since 1936!

Nativenewyorker , 7/7/13 7:15 AM

holdserve @6.57am
That was a lovely post and actually made me water up!
gr8 from u as well. Another Murray maniac and I text each other, and give each other moral support during Andy's roller coasters. Also text family members, two of whom are also fans. We can turn from Eeyore to Pollyanna in the space of a seconds, lol. Is why I don't post much during matches, would need an extra hand.
Feeling terrified actually! Of course Andy can beat Nole, the question is, will he?

deuce , 7/7/13 7:59 AM

Holdserve@7/7/13 6:57 AM

I forgive you for all your taunts about my duplicity after that eloquent homage to Andy.

The Andy match you refer to was also the first time I focussed on him fully but I was certain he would go the way of all British players and do a Henman. It was not until the 2008 Wimbledon that I began to believe he was the real McCoy.

However Rafa had already stolen my heart in 2005 when I was at RG for that famous win against Federer which is why I remain an Honorary Member of the Murray fan club.

ed251137 , 7/7/13 9:56 AM

ed, as you know my loyalty to Rafa knows no bounds and that's plain for all to see so forgive me if I sounded a little bit finger pointing at times, but I knew you as Rafan for many years before you went behind that sofa with deuce so I could never reconcile myself to a Rafan rooting for his rivals.

Hope to see you at TW, The Grandstand or preferably a successor to TT with Cheryl, Kelli and Ricky at the helm.

I have enjoyed interacting with most people here even some Fedfans.

Rafans hope to see you again somewhere still rooting for the Special One.

nadline , 7/7/13 10:39 AM

djokovic in 4 sets

anji123 , 7/7/13 11:38 AM

sanju , 7/7/13 1:30 PM

I think it's gonna be harder for Nole tonight - Murray won't fade away mentally if it goes to a 5th. Although I'm hoping its a short sweet match, with Nole winning ;) had enough heart-stopping moments two days ago!

Love his earlier tweet though:

Novak Djokovic ?@DjokerNole 12h
This is what I live for,this is what I fight for. I'll leave my heart out there tomorrow. #NeverGiveUp #Wimbledon #NoleFam

All the best to the two of them - and ajde noleeee!

mriiidula , 7/7/13 1:33 PM

Tiggy is a tired old fedaltard that needs retiring
A new era is starting now
C'mon the MUZZ!

Twinge , 7/7/13 1:59 PM

Hey ed251137 , 7/7/13 9:56 AM
you have a nerve saying you forgive me! Don't you think you need me to forgive you because you harassed and bullied me for trying to defend Rafa? I used to admire you a lot because of your wit and great posts but that unprovoked attack last year made me look at you differently.

However after the coming of seventeen I feel differently again and now that tennistalk is closing down, it is time to forgive and forget and start afresh somewhere else.

So I forgive you for attacking me and denying that you did it.

Seeing Rafa and Muzz the first time was so long ago that I don't remember who I saw first. Nor do I remember when I got emotionally involved in the sense that I became a fan. Was I a Rafa fan first or a Muzz fan first?
But if, as I thought, Muzz was 15 in that match, then I saw him before I saw Rafa.
However you seem to imply that that match was after 2005 French Open. If so, Muzz was probably 18 at least. Maybe you are right. I just saw an awkward talented boy poised for future greatness and years later tried to figure out when I had seen him.
However if you remember the year, please let me know, although it is possible of course we are referring to different matches. What I saw was a clip, rather than a full scale match. I think he lost that match. Curious, I am not even sure he won or lost. And no idea who his opponent was. It is just a memory of first discovering something wondrous.

holdserve , 7/7/13 2:05 PM

I think Tignor has got it in a nutshell. The AO 13 Final was forgettable.

nadline , 7/7/13 2:23 PM

I hope the trio of Rafa, Muzz and Nole play more offensive tennis against each other to cut down the length of their matches. All of them have such superb defense that it is hard to quickly find the moment to switch to offense. They could play their usual game against others.
Rafa Fed matches have been the most exciting to watch till now.

holdserve , 7/7/13 2:28 PM

nadline AO 13 was stillok, AO11 was forgettable

Even USO 12 was okayish, Miami 2012 was pathetic

However Shanghai 2012 n WTF 2012 were good, esp Shanghai

sanju , 7/7/13 2:30 PM

Just saw that TT is closing down tomorrow. Been part of this for 6 years, since 2008. Sigh, even though I don't post here that much anymore I'm definitely gonna miss this page, and some of you lovely people too.

mriiidula , 7/7/13 2:36 PM

Most of Murray's finals are forgettable!
We are waiting (and waiting) for Andy to grow and show up
Events of the last 12 months indicate that today might just be the day!

Twinge , 7/7/13 2:38 PM

'hope the trio of Rafa, Muzz and Nole play more offensive tennis against each other to cut down the length of their matches. All of them have such superb defense that it is hard to quickly find the moment to switch to offense. They could play their usual game against others.'

I agree it's time to evolve the game again, grinding is a mugs game.
If we want these great players to continue to entertain us for more years its time they did it.

Twinge , 7/7/13 2:43 PM

I dont think Andy Rafa matches have been defense at all. Its a good mix of offense /defense

Even Nole/Rafa is not plain defense

However Djoker/Murray is 80% defense usually

They are sayin there are giant screens all across UK , esp in London n Scotland for todays match.. Poor Murray..hope he gets the win home

sanju , 7/7/13 2:46 PM

Am off to watch at a friend's house so wont be posting till after it's all over.

Hope it's going to be a celebration.

ed251137 , 7/7/13 2:58 PM

Here we go...

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:09 PM

First rally itself of 15 strokes plus :-)

sanju , 7/7/13 3:15 PM

BTW who is the super hot conditions supposed to favour?

sanju , 7/7/13 3:17 PM

3 BPs squandered..Ridiculous

sanju , 7/7/13 3:20 PM

The general consensus is the Muzz
Scotland isn't a place I'd visit for a beach holiday however

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:20 PM

Looks like we are going to be in for a long night

Getty8 , 7/7/13 3:21 PM

Andy is serving well which is a good sign.

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:22 PM

Mmm pressure on Novak again

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:27 PM

Rafa always plays a mix of defense and offense. His strategy is to wait for the best moment to switch to offense to maximize chances of winning. But while its ok against others who don't have this trio's incredible defensive skills, against each other it results in long matches as waiting for that golden moment might result in an extended rally. So they should take more chances.
Rafa Nole and Rafa Muzza are not as boring as Muzz-Nole because Rafa is a lefty so there is a contrast.

holdserve , 7/7/13 3:27 PM

C'mon Nole!!!

danica , 7/7/13 3:29 PM

I don't think this one is boring a all
It's completely engrossing from the get go!

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:31 PM

Andy you have already squandered 5 BP chances, you cant be excused

sanju , 7/7/13 3:31 PM

Looks like this is going to be a long match.

holdserve , 7/7/13 3:32 PM

7 Sanju

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:32 PM

This ones not boring yet

But 6 BPs squandered

sanju , 7/7/13 3:33 PM

Jesus does Murray want to waste anymore break points?? Completely dominating djokovic at the moment but making strange UE's on break points.

willmw101 , 7/7/13 3:33 PM

Finally Phew


sanju , 7/7/13 3:34 PM

Why is andy missing all those break points?

Getty8 , 7/7/13 3:34 PM

But can he hold?
Goodish start however
The crowd are going to take Andy over the line
And the heat

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:35 PM

God I hope there is no injury in this match. It should be fought fit n healthy

Andy already clutched his back and had a grimmace with that slide

sanju , 7/7/13 3:36 PM

Broke and 0-30 down (:-

sanju , 7/7/13 3:38 PM

WOW..i have never seen andy hit his forehand more aggresively than this ! he is dictating play with it...great start ! great quality ! keep it up muzz...

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 3:39 PM

Hardly any aces yet from both

And there he got defensive in his service game and ave the break back

sanju , 7/7/13 3:41 PM

What the hell is andy doing?jeez!so disappointed

Getty8 , 7/7/13 3:42 PM

Patrick Mouratoglou ?@pmouratoglou 9m #murray's slice backhand efficient vs #Nole who often plays short on them as he partly looses his timing.

Andy cant be defensive in his service games once he breaks seve

What is Andy hitting his leg on the ground again n again..what is his issue?

sanju , 7/7/13 3:46 PM

Djokos defense is the best today period..even better than Rafas

sanju , 7/7/13 3:49 PM

Hope Muzza is playing to a strategy. Haven't found what it is though. Any insights anyone? vamosrafa?

holdserve , 7/7/13 3:49 PM

I'm less anxious about this match because Andy has won a slam already
Which made me realise that
This must surely be the case with Andy too

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:49 PM

There's little variety from Andy yet he's trying to compete from the baseline
But it's working so far
The UEs are creeping in from Novak

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:52 PM

yeah, it is worrisome, why Muzz is doing that. On the live chat they think it might be too tight shoelaces.

holdserve , 7/7/13 3:52 PM

My "worrisome" refers to sanju's post about Muzz hitting his leg on the ground.

holdserve , 7/7/13 3:55 PM

Wellness broken
The stats show just 3 winners from novak to Andy's 11
13 UEs from Novak to Andy's 4
To me it's more important for Andy to win the 1st set than Novak

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:55 PM

FFS Andy!

Twinge , 7/7/13 3:56 PM

C'mon Muzz, hold!

holdserve , 7/7/13 3:56 PM

Points won on 2nd serve is 33% for Djoker and 25% for Murray.

nadline , 7/7/13 3:56 PM

My goodness!how is murray going to win this match playing like this?

Getty8 , 7/7/13 3:57 PM

Nole doesn't use his oxygen pod. He said he used it couple of times only and he definitely doesn't carry it around the globe. There are more potent ways of getting the "oxygenated" blood that some sportsmen are using but that borders on being legitimate.

I don't agree with you re USO 2012. The wind was a factor. Obviously, the first set was a very, very tight fight. It could have gone either way. It took the second tight set for Nole to figure out the conditions. Then he won third and fourth easier. It should be noted also that he didn't have any rest as he played three sets against Ferrer just a day before. However, even if those are clearly the circumstances in which Nole found himself, on that court, then and there, Andy was better adjusted. So, that counts. In my opinion, whoever adapts better, well, tough for the other one. That means, kudos to Andy.

As for the match today, I won't go into predicting the outcome although I think Andy has the slight edge.

danica , 7/7/13 4:00 PM

My goodness!how is murray going to win this match playing like this?

Getty8 , 7/7/13 4:03 PM

Btw, very meek play by Nole so far.

danica , 7/7/13 4:03 PM

@sanju, EXCELLENT point by patrick mouratog...

@holdserve.. a strategy common for both is to pounce on 2nd serves ! this is the only area where andy is struggling considerably ! only 33% points won on it...

other than that, murray is NOT giving short balls to djokovic when djo attacks his forehand...murray's forehand has been really aggressive so far and he is using it to move djo around the court...and of course that beautiful backhand slice is a great recovery shot for andy !

aggressiveness is the strategy ! once again andy steps it up with the forehand to save brk pnt

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 4:03 PM

Apparently in 15 of the past 18 matches between these two, the winner was the one with better "2nd serve points won".
Muzza better up his stat.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:04 PM

Please murray hold!

Getty8 , 7/7/13 4:04 PM

you got it spot on, holdserve ;)

come on here alex and duece ! lol

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 4:05 PM

Stop saying that Getty honey
Andy has just broken
And he's started coming into the net too
Which makes me fuzzy about muzzy
For the time being

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:06 PM

Twinge @3.55pm, think you are absolutely correct as it will boost his confidence. Anyone know who was sitting beside Ross Hutchins at the start of the match?

mojo , 7/7/13 4:07 PM

The serve and volley stuff from Novak looks a little desperate in my view

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:08 PM

God 2 DFs Andy..Geez..Ridiculous

and Djoko unlucky with that call that was out but called was a huge huge call

Djoko was very passive in that game and allowed to be bossed around

sanju , 7/7/13 4:09 PM

Novak has made few tame errors today..usuaally he wouldnt make those

sanju , 7/7/13 4:10 PM

Yes the 1st set is very critical for Muzza..Murray serve it out and no drama please

BTW guys why is he hitting his leg again and again to the ground? Whats the issue? Shoe grip?

sanju , 7/7/13 4:12 PM

sanju, because 'usually' novak plays slam finals on hard courts...this is grass ! novak not as comfortable..surely...

it could be a struggle to close out the set? hope not

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 4:13 PM

Nole's natural game is more suited to clay. But for Rafa, he may have won just as many at Roland Garros as at AO. Thanks to French Open draws always pitting him against Rafa in the semis (B4 Nole became no. 1 or 2), the poor guy hasn't got results to back up his clay prowess.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:13 PM

If Andy serves well he plays well and wins well too

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:13 PM

Boris Becker said something about AndyMs shoes earlier on he thought they could be new and not worn in.

mojo , 7/7/13 4:16 PM

The set is his but it was at the AO too...
Novak is playing too passively too many UE's (17)
I think he is being dominated slightly too

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:16 PM

Good job hold..excellent serving

Please dont take your foot off the know right who is it at the other end..its the beast Nole

He has beaten you being 1 set down at AO 13, Shanghai and WTF 12 ..and took you to 5 even at USO 12

sanju , 7/7/13 4:16 PM

Andy wins first set 6-4

Getty8 , 7/7/13 4:16 PM

Where are deuce and alex? Hiding behind a sofa?

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:17 PM

Two more Andy!!!!
Get it done!!!


Conspirator , 7/7/13 4:18 PM

@ holdserve, maybe they are lucky enough to be at SW19.

mojo , 7/7/13 4:18 PM

They may be ranked 1 & 2 but the real world's best player is not there today.

tethys , 7/7/13 4:19 PM

Muzza tends to take his foot off the pedal after winning the 1st set like he did last year with Fed.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:20 PM

Yes Novak was very passive..making too many UEs and even getting bossed a bit and playing too safe.

But guys..Novak always starts slow against Rafa and Andy and usually loses the 1st set ..but he comes from behind and wins many times..AO 12 against Rafa, AO 13 against Murray but the difference is those were HCs and this is grass and RG 12, 13 were can count on him doing it better at HC coming from behind

sanju , 7/7/13 4:20 PM

Muzza tends to take his foot off the pedal after winning the 1st set like he did last year with Fed.
, 7/7/13 4:20 PM

No he doesnt. He didnt in last years Wimby final, he lost 2nd set 7-5 and that too wasnt there the roof that came towards end of 2nd set. But I rem Fed played 2 excellent points towards end of match.

sanju , 7/7/13 4:22 PM

Both are having butterflies in their bellies. Andy somehow managed to beat his own letdowns, two double faults in a row! He played well though, specially those shots behind Novak who is showing some poor adjustments and shot selection. I think he has the aftereffects of the semi.

newfangkc , 7/7/13 4:24 PM

They may be ranked 1 & 2 but the real world's best player is not there today.
tethys, 7/7/13 4:19 PM

I know the real best player was knocked out in the 1st!

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:24 PM

yup, grass court matches go too fast as Muzz discovered last year at Wimbly. He made up for it at the Olympics by crushing Fed and overcoming Nole in straight sets!

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:25 PM

Nick McCarvel ?@NickMcCarvel 4m #Murray is 7-4 when winning the first set vs. #Djokovic, but 0-3 in their last 3 mtgs (all of which he won first, incl AO final) #Wimbledon

But all those 3 were on HC

@pmouratoglou: #nole really needs to improve his game at the net including volleys and overheads.

sanju , 7/7/13 4:28 PM

Murray in 4 Djokovic isnt playing well and grass is a tough surface to defend

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:29 PM

They've both brought their 'B' game and it's not fun to watch.

nadline , 7/7/13 4:30 PM

ah, tethys, that was a sweet comment! I know you are missing Rafa.
Curious how most Rafa fans have Muzz as 2nd fave and Fed fans have Nole. It could be to preserve their fave's slam ascendancy but I think it is more because of the personalities.
Both Rafa and Muzz are humble. Both Fed and Nole are anything but humble, strutting about and claiming they are the best and how well they are playing, blah blah blah.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:30 PM

Umpiring and line calling has been horrible in this match. Unfortunately Nole has been at receiving end , the wrong call at break point in 1st set t 4-3 cost him a break back

Djoko made 21 errors already, Murray 8

sanju , 7/7/13 4:31 PM

This is Murrays match to lose now

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:33 PM

Well, Nole could have challenged. Why did he not?

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:33 PM

They've both brought their 'B' game and it's not fun to watch.
, 7/7/13 4:30 PM

Nadline, these 2 never bring their A game against each other, its always A-, B+. The worst was Miami 2012 final , nothing can get worse than that :-)

This one is still better than USO 12 and AO13 I feel, atleast till now

sanju , 7/7/13 4:33 PM

The A games will come only if the match goes to more than 3
Andy is nervy
And Novak is thrown by Andy now more than the other 2
I'm still not sure who will win however

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:35 PM

Yes line calling has been bad so far but even in last years Wimbledon final Murray benefited from many line calls yet lost, its not about line calling alone Djokovic is making too many mistakes at the moment.

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:36 PM

Well, Nole could have challenged. Why did he not?
, 7/7/13 4:33 PM

No holdserve there was a confusion.There was a call but it was from the audience and Djoko thought it was the linesman. He already hit the next shot and hence could not challenge.

sanju , 7/7/13 4:36 PM

Muzz's grass court game is definitely better than Nole's. The match is on Muzz's racket. Hope he doesn't remain nervy.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:38 PM

I don't see Nole winning this. He is too heavy somehow, looks tired, misses a lot...

Well, 3:1! Who knew?!

danica , 7/7/13 4:39 PM

Nutcase Murray..Lost serve

sanju , 7/7/13 4:39 PM

Unless Andy pulls the trigger early in rallies he will continue to lose points. He can't outhit Novak in long exchanges. Murray broken.

newfangkc , 7/7/13 4:39 PM

Djokovic breaks but his serve doesnt look impregnable still an open set

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:40 PM

Sanju yes but that's a medeocre standard to say the least. Some great points no doubt but too one dimensional this far to be considered a classic.

Fedal has spoiled us. Any other combo of the top four makes for better tennis.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 4:41 PM

Nole is better in long rallies. Surely Muzz knows that. Nole is also more steely minded.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:42 PM

So we are all agreed that the match leaves much to be desired. Not worthy of a final. Andrew Castle is trying to tell us otherwise, but we all have eyes and brains.

nadline , 7/7/13 4:43 PM

Well no...hes 4 1 up..hell mostly win the 2nd

Rafa would have loved it if he was in the final. Sun is out in all its glory and we all know how much Rafa loves the sun :-)

sanju , 7/7/13 4:44 PM

20% points won on 2nd
Tut tut Andy not good enough

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:44 PM

Yeah Nole, sorry, even I can tell you you cannot challenge that :)

danica , 7/7/13 4:47 PM

But that ball was in, he would have anyways lost the challenge..good he saved it

sanju , 7/7/13 4:48 PM

Yes it's bitty
And no Rafa isn't here but perhaps as you are commenting on a Muzz Novak thread you could stop f**king whining about that fact!

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:48 PM

yeah, I consider Muzz-Nole matches not so interesting from the game point of view but I am engrossed because I want Muzz to win.

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:51 PM

thats the problem with Nadal fans no matter who is playing they always bring rafa into the discussion in every thread

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:51 PM

The nets and the bad calls are evening out

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:51 PM

I will say whatever I dont own this thread.. And i am not whining anyway..And please cut the abuses..We will see your crap anyways for the last day today

sanju , 7/7/13 4:52 PM

I wasn't talking about you

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:53 PM

Rafa brings the best out of his opponents. These two brings out the worst of each other.

nadline , 7/7/13 4:54 PM

he would have enjoyed against Djokovic but didnt enjoy playing against Steve Darcis

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:54 PM

Murray again squandered 2 BPs (:- Geez

sanju , 7/7/13 4:54 PM


Muzz WAY to nervy and defensive on BPs. Could be the difference today as feared.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 4:55 PM

Ooh lala
Nice FH!

Twinge , 7/7/13 4:55 PM

Djokovic double faults the game away

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:57 PM

yeh! back on serve!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 4:57 PM

tennis2011, it was a bad day at the office for Rafa in the 1st round which is a crying shame for the tournament. Rafa wasn't quite up for it for reasons we are all aware of.

nadline , 7/7/13 4:58 PM

Andy back in the set. C'mon Muzz consolidate!


Conspirator , 7/7/13 4:58 PM

Also sanju, you shouldn't take offense at what Twinge says to nadline. It wasn't meant for you.
They love sparring and fight on every thread.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:00 PM

has anyone noticed that djokovic is not taking as many risks now? he is often waiting for muzz to pull the trigger and does his wall-like counter punching..he was going for more BH DTL in set 1 and missing more.. change of tactics more novak...oh my brk pnt from 30-0 up ! u need a first serve andy

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:02 PM

This might still become a great match
The first 2 of AO 12 were terrible but then it really kicked up afterwards
Although I hope it's in 3 of course

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:05 PM

These two put a lot of pressure on each other's serves.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:06 PM

I miss you Holdserve my sweet....

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:06 PM

Twinge do you mean AO 13?

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:08 PM

"it was a bad day at the office for Rafa" yes but even on a bad day he should find a way to beat steve Darcis, or do you want to say that he was injured?

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 5:08 PM

Twinge I miss you too.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:10 PM

Yeah no I mean that semi final in 2012
Actually it was a bit of a curates egg throughout but had some amazing bits for sure

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:11 PM

Everyone knows Rafa's knee was playing up even though he refuses to say so, the commies acknowledge that. He's had kinesio tape on it since.

nadline , 7/7/13 5:11 PM

Rafa was mentally and physically drained. This isn't about Rafa now.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 5:12 PM

Thank you tennis2011.

danica , 7/7/13 5:13 PM

Winner of this set takes Wimby.

Conspirator , 7/7/13 5:14 PM

i agree with twinge...i was bored in the first 2 sets of that semi in 2012 but then it really picked up...this one started well but the quality has dropped

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:15 PM

tennis2011, don't tell me you are not aware Rafa was coming back from a 7 month lay off due to a serious knee injury and his knee is still in the recovery stage? It will never be 100% but what Rafa expects is that it will allow him to be competitive. During this come back period it has been up and down. Clearly it wasn't up when he played Darcis and he did not want to risk long term injury. His career is more important than a match. Lose a battle to win a war.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:16 PM

Novak is really aggressive now
Andy has only won13% on his second
Still first is at 79%

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:16 PM

Djokovic is getting ratty.

nadline , 7/7/13 5:18 PM

Twinge, I will join tennis-x. Glad to know you will have my back forever!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:19 PM

Was the ball out?
Who cares, Andy is serving for the match!

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:20 PM

That was really horrible from Nole.
Sanju, see... 4:1 up and bound to lose this set.

danica , 7/7/13 5:22 PM

C'mon Muzz take this set.
In any case Nole is not going to win the match with his claycourt/hardcourt tennis.
Muzz has the advantage. He just needs to be mentally strong in the crunch situations.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:22 PM

Hold muzz hold!!!

Nadline I could not find your thread on TW.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 5:22 PM

2nd set to AndyM!

mojo , 7/7/13 5:24 PM

Here is the link: d=1#post7572502

nadline , 7/7/13 5:24 PM

He takes it!
They will both loosen up now

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:24 PM

Normally I would never count out Nole till the last ball is struck. He has made too many miraculous recoveries from the edge. But today his game doesn't inspire much confidence.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:27 PM

Twinge if you have apologised sorry I havent read it yet as I did not visit much last few days. If you did Peace :-)

Cmon Andy..wat a boy :-) Thats how you do it..Great going..Please dont take your foot off the pedal..You have to do it in 3 :-)

Djoko is finding faults with everything, he is just trying to find complain about everything..even berating the umpire and almost trying to bully him.

sanju , 7/7/13 5:27 PM

That's it. Congrats to Andy, you totally deserved to win.

danica , 7/7/13 5:27 PM

yessss :D much better player so far...gooo andyyy

duece, alex???

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:27 PM

Sienna stop feeling cheated by me
I was never yours, sorry
I liked you before but then you became one of the most toxic bitches I've ever seen on the net
You have a serious existential problem
And I'm not going to help you with it

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:29 PM

Novak is not a natural on the green
It's as simple as that
This might even be straights

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:31 PM

Somebody should tell deuce and alex to come out from behind that sofa!

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:32 PM

LOL..comical, murray wins set 2 despite winning 22% of 2nd serves ! 2/9 ...woahhh

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:32 PM

Hold muzz hold!!!

Nadline I could not find your thread on TW.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 5:32 PM

Danica I so hope you are right but its not over till the umpire says game set and match!

mojo , 7/7/13 5:33 PM

Danica - If anyone has donea good job of coming back from behind and winning, it is Novak

Dont count him out yet

And Muzza fans - If Muzza really wins this , I reckon he will take atleast 6-7 slams . He will never face a bigger pressure cooker situation in his life than taking Wimby and everything will be simple in front of it :-)

And Novak is going to be the most dangerous now, he will just go berserk and swing like he has nothing to lose..Remember RG 2012 3rd set?

sanju , 7/7/13 5:34 PM

I don't think Danica hopes the same mojo lol
Andy will be very difficult to beat now however

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:35 PM

How come danica is the sole Nole fan? No zare?

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:35 PM

Sorry for the double post. Not sure what happened.

Got the link thanks nadline.

Muzza looking AWESOME!!!


Conspirator , 7/7/13 5:38 PM

yeah, Nole will be super dangerous in the 3rd set.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:40 PM

Bryan Armen Graham ?@BryanAGraham 16m Bookmaker @Coral was taking bets on whether Andy Murray will propose to Kim Sears on Centre Court if he wins Wimbledon today. Odds: 33-1.

Ahh :-)

sanju , 7/7/13 5:41 PM

Good hold by Novak as Andy sought to kill there

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:41 PM

novak already swinging freely...

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:42 PM

@Twinge, for sure she doesn`t hehe :) Line judges are getting jumpy here!

mojo , 7/7/13 5:44 PM

Good second serve to Andy 7-5....vamos Andy!

Getty8 , 7/7/13 5:44 PM

I don't think Muzza is thinking of marrying anytime soon.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:44 PM

This could be straight sets.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:47 PM

Muzzy waaaay too conservative for that sanju. Odds are 33:1 that he will crack a smile if he wins.

Was able tro log in to TW but don't have permission to post yet! serious stuff over there.

Twingey who is 17 on TX so I can have some fun at his expense?


Conspirator , 7/7/13 5:47 PM

sorry meant to say second set lol

Getty8 , 7/7/13 5:47 PM

It's 'sienna' conspirator
Before your time but not mine
Oh no

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:50 PM

I dont want to bring Rafa in here but I need to go back to RG2012. Rafa was 2 sets up and 2 0 up in 3rd and Novak then went on a tear for 8 games..I know it was mud but talking of the attitude.

Same thing here..Muray 2 sets up, 2 0 up and lost the reak. (:-

sanju , 7/7/13 5:50 PM

Nole broke back! It is never say die with this guy.

holdserve , 7/7/13 5:52 PM

muzz should have gotten that double break haha...novak is very dangerous when he is trailing... andy will be feeling the nerves more as he nears the finish line..

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:52 PM

You can't just beat the world number one
Even if he loses here he is still the best player in the world
Andy might win in 3 but it is still going to be difficult

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:54 PM

its more about andy dropping his intensity than nole playing lights out tennis at the moment..

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 5:55 PM

Djokovic is still getting outplayed but Murray has dropped his level. Letting djokovic back in to this match, which is entirely on Murray's racquet.

willmw101 , 7/7/13 5:58 PM

He always has to drop his intensity
It's law in murray land!

Twinge , 7/7/13 5:59 PM

^^^He needs to move back into 6th gear and stay there.

mojo , 7/7/13 6:00 PM

Andy murray playing inspired tennis

atul1985 , 7/7/13 6:02 PM

Twinge think he just enjoys winding us up and having our nerves in tatters lol! Pass the valium!

mojo , 7/7/13 6:03 PM

Just you wait bitch, just you wait
Far more importantly!
Muzz breaks back!
In a way I'd like Novak to raise his game and make it a 5 set classic
But no Andy has his duty to the state
He Needs to bring it home now!

Twinge , 7/7/13 6:04 PM

... aaaaaand, congrats to Andy's fans, your man was better today. Enjoy! Well deserved!

danica , 7/7/13 6:09 PM

What a point!

mojo , 7/7/13 6:09 PM

I want Muzz to win without testing my nerves. Not interested in a 5 set classic.

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:09 PM

Murrays court coverage is insane. Take a bow Andy!

atul1985 , 7/7/13 6:10 PM

Andy is seriously in the zone!

Twinge , 7/7/13 6:10 PM

Gerrrard Butler cant believe it!

mojo , 7/7/13 6:11 PM

Cmon guys history is waiting to be made. Brace yourself guys..Serve it out Muzz..cmon

sanju , 7/7/13 6:11 PM

Murray taking grass court tennis to another level. What court coverage

atul1985 , 7/7/13 6:12 PM



(don't forget to smile)


Conspirator , 7/7/13 6:12 PM

That is great tennis from Murray. And Novak is finally cracking under tremendous pressure from Murray, inspired and rising above his own limits.

newfangkc , 7/7/13 6:12 PM

wow...Go Murray!allez!vamos!come on!...which other language have i left out?hahaha

Getty8 , 7/7/13 6:12 PM

oh deuce, twinge, I can't look, I can't look

alex , 7/7/13 6:12 PM

Cmon Murray you made 4 great serves in Olympic Gold final..cmon ace please

sanju , 7/7/13 6:13 PM

3 MP..cmonnnnnnnnnnn

sanju , 7/7/13 6:15 PM

3 mp

danica , 7/7/13 6:15 PM

Kims praying!

mojo , 7/7/13 6:16 PM

That's how it's supposed to be done, Nole. But, little too late.

danica , 7/7/13 6:16 PM

Nole understandably tired.

danica , 7/7/13 6:18 PM

3 MP gone damn.. and now BP down..Geez

sanju , 7/7/13 6:18 PM


atul1985 , 7/7/13 6:18 PM

Let us all pray! Don't let this go Muzz! The match is on your racket!!!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:19 PM

but so is Novak

Twinge , 7/7/13 6:22 PM

Nole is the toughest out with his back to the wall.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 6:23 PM

C`mon Andy this time!

mojo , 7/7/13 6:23 PM

It's over
Oh the joy!

Twinge , 7/7/13 6:25 PM

OMG OMG!!!! Can`t believe it!!! Im shaking!!

mojo , 7/7/13 6:25 PM

Congratulations to Muzz fans. Your guy has done you proud. I'm sure Rafa would be pleased for him.

nadline , 7/7/13 6:26 PM

Knew he could do it. Well deserved win for Andy.

aegis , 7/7/13 6:26 PM

Andy the Great. Congratulations! Goodbye Tennistalk.

newfangkc , 7/7/13 6:26 PM

Amazing from Murray. Djokovic the hard court specialist gets thrashed straight sets in a grand slam final. Not that surprising, Murray is ten times the player on grass that djokovic will ever be.

willmw101 , 7/7/13 6:26 PM


holdserve , 7/7/13 6:26 PM

Great job Andy, you totally deserved this! Congrats one more time ;) to all the fans, Deuce who is no doubt still behind her sofa ;), Twinge, Alex, Ed... and sorry if I missed anyone. Well played and well deserved. It's nice to see dreams coming true like this.

danica , 7/7/13 6:27 PM

Yes dont it

Cmon Andy

Even Lendl is drying

Congrats Muzzans..your boy played wn in straights is marvellous :-)

And beating Djoko in straights in a S final n the most pressure slam of it all - its stupendous :-)

sanju , 7/7/13 6:27 PM

Go Andddddyyyyyyy!!!!wow after 77 years wow!!!take it all in andy take it all...this wimbledon was yours for the taking especially looking at how strange the tournament turned out to be.

obviously he was the better player doubt

Getty8 , 7/7/13 6:28 PM

Love you Andy!
Sad TT has to end but this makes a pretty good finish to it
Coms to Novak and fans

Twinge , 7/7/13 6:28 PM

Willmw, good riddance.

danica , 7/7/13 6:28 PM

OMG,I can't believe that I just shed a tear. Not even a Rafa win has ever done that to me. What a fairy tale ending. I am a Rafandy fan now officially.

Congratulations deuce, Alex and all muzz fans on tennistalk. A great way to sign off a great website

atul1985 , 7/7/13 6:30 PM

Muzz is the king of grass! Rafa king of clay. Nole king of AO hard court! US Open up for grabs!

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:30 PM

murray deserved it .......... english people deserved it .......... well done murray and well done to me for picking murray before the tournament

isfand , 7/7/13 6:31 PM

I feel like crying too!!! This is such an emotional moment for me!
I do feel Muzza is now mentally strong. He proved it in the last game despite Nole putting so much pressure.

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:32 PM

Djoko fought to the end what a warrior! Dream come true for AndyM and his parents. A fitting end for TT. Nole gracious in defeat and his parents congratulating his camp.

mojo , 7/7/13 6:33 PM

you too danica

willmw101 , 7/7/13 6:33 PM

congrats to andy and his fans :) very pleased :)

rafaelo , 7/7/13 6:34 PM

Andy really deserves clear blue water between him and Delpo. He ought to have more slams than Delpo and I'm delighted that he's achieved it today.


nadline , 7/7/13 6:35 PM

Cmon guys lets not be nasty to Djoko..Hes still a 6 time GS champion

I am really happy that Muzza won, Rfa, Murray, Djoko need to split the slams for a proper balance..if Novak would have won ths, h would get stronger than other 2.

But I am surprised Novak lost in straights and blew leads in both 2nd and 3rd sets..Very surprising from him.

I thin it is time to stop thinking of Novak as the 2011 beast, he is clearly not anymore..2 years in a row he has lost key matches to Rafa and Andy..Hes back to being not the beast anymore

sanju , 7/7/13 6:36 PM

It's pretty f**king incredible what has just happened!
But normal somehow
Andy will win many, many slams

Twinge , 7/7/13 6:40 PM

Should have said Noles parents congratulating AndyMs camp! #brainfried

mojo , 7/7/13 6:40 PM

Oh guys, the happiest day of my tennis life. Was sobbing and shaking with joy!
Waving to all my fellow Murray fans ans all you lovely people on TT .
vamosrara I want to marry you..:)
Came late to the party cos I just had to post something extremely rude to fakedjkovichfan aka Danny Morris on tx. Lol how I enjoyed that!

deuce , 7/7/13 6:44 PM

it is very difficult to win multiple slams that is why very few players have done it more than once
borg 4
sampras 4
federer 5

isfand , 7/7/13 6:45 PM

Yeah Twinge, Muzz is going to win many, many slams!!! Also Rafa will win many more!!!
I know you think Rafa is done. But I don't. I expect the trio to split the 4 slams every year as long as all 3 play.
What a way to end TT! This is the way TT ends, this is the way TT ends, not with a whimper but with a BANG!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:46 PM

We need to congratulate Fed too, he at the start of tournament said Murray is favourite for Wmby. He has a knack for predicting right winners.

sanju , 7/7/13 6:46 PM

Well done Andy. Had my heart in my mouth in the final game. Almost thought the djoker would do his joker act again. Well Done. Congrats to Deuce,ed,Twinge,Alex and the other muzza fans. I know how good you must be feeling about life. :D

Well onto the USO now. :)

vmk1 , 7/7/13 6:50 PM

ok, congrats to Fed for predicting the right winner!

I am sure Rafa is thrilled for Muzza!

Congrats Twinge, deuce, Alex, ed.....all Muzz fans and all fans of Rafa who love Muzz and those like me who are RafaMuzz fans!!!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 6:52 PM

Yes! really happy for Andy!

Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 6:52 PM

Congrats deuce, Alex and Twinge!!!

Well done The Muzza!!!

I was wrong. This match was on Muzz's racquet all along!


Conspirator , 7/7/13 6:56 PM

Rafa will be so so happy for Muzza

willmw101 , 7/7/13 6:57 PM

nadal 2
lendl 2
connors 2
mac 2

isfand , 7/7/13 6:59 PM

I took a liking to Delpo too this tournament. I loved his antics on the court in that tense semi. If not Rafa, I would like to see him win the tournament again

vmk1 , 7/7/13 7:01 PM

All those morons who questioned Muzz's right to be called part of the Big 4, saying it should be Big 3, they have truly been silenced! Especially after Muzza's massive win today. Not just a win! A convincing straight sets win!
Where's pennster? He showed signs of becoming a convert.
Truly Muzz is in a different class from Delpo. Andy has been top 4 since 2008. Even before this Wimbly, he had played 6 gs finals, winning one. How many gs finals did Delpo reach? Just 1. But he was hyped as future no. 1 and given way more respect than Muzza.
Muzza is a superlative horse (J D Salinger) !!!!! I identified him as one long ago when I first set eyes on him!!!

holdserve , 7/7/13 7:03 PM

So proud of Andy and and of course the british should be hugely proud of him today.One thing i know for sure is that Muzz will be knighted.....SIR ANDY MURRAY.LOL

Getty8 , 7/7/13 7:05 PM

If I am not wrong, this must be the Djoker's first str set slam loss after he became "the djoker". Andy definitely the best grass court player out there, three grass court titles and a grass final in the last year. Phew! Poor Andy. Always had to play the players ranked above him in the GS finals.

vmk1 , 7/7/13 7:08 PM

Oh I guess now the debate shifts from Rafa getting closer to Fed Tally to the Djoker getting closer to Rafa tally to the Muzza getting closer to the Djoker tally :D

vmk1 , 7/7/13 7:14 PM

this is djokovic's second straight sets loss in a GS final first was his first GS final against federer in 2007 USO

isfand , 7/7/13 7:16 PM

I was expecting a 5-setter but I was robbed of my 2 sets :-)

Congrats Deuce, Alex, Ed...........alright, you too Twinge!

Bye TT, bye Rafans...

phoenix , 7/7/13 7:17 PM

seventeen, I am known as a RafaMuzz fan from way before this. Many Muzz fans forgot but nadline knows.
deuce may remember my superlative horse post where I also posted the lines
Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken;
Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
He star?d at the Pacific?and all his men
Look?d at each other with a wild surmise?
Silent, upon a peak in Darien

holdserve , 7/7/13 7:25 PM

Oh my gosh, congratulations to ALL Muzz fans, Deuce and Alex etc.!!!!! After 77 yrs and he has done it in emphatic style!! Andy played some magnificent tennis, I am indeed proud of him! There is no doubt he is now part of the fab four!!!! This win is well and thoroughly deserved!!! Andy literally outplayed Novak!!!

Well done Murray, and to all his fans and the British!

Looking forward to the rest of the tennis season. I am also very happy to see Delpo making a mark on the tour. He played some outstanding tennis against Novak and Ferrer. Good for him, very good!! I wish Delpo, Rafa and Andy all the best for the rest for the tennis season!


Monalysa , 7/7/13 7:34 PM

bye TT, bye everyone.

holdserve , 7/7/13 7:35 PM

Congrats Andy and to all his fans. I never stopped believing after all those painful final losses. I knew this day would come. I feel sorry for pennster. Imagine the pain he must be going through.

racquet , 7/7/13 7:36 PM

I woke up to great news! I missed the match, but now they are replaying it! Andy did it in straight sets! I knew he could do it! I have always had faith!

I told people not to give the trophy to Nole before he earned it! I said it! Now you know why!

I am so happy for Andy's fans! Deuce, alex, Twinge! The drought is over! Now I get to finally watch the match.

Maybe it's fitting that this site goes out on a note like this. What a way to end it!

So, so happy for Murray and the Brits!

Nativenewyorker , 7/7/13 7:56 PM

yessssss :D finally finally finalllyyyy !!! so so soo well done muzz ! I was in love with andy's forehand and his mental fortitude ! he DID NOT give up when he was down in any of the sets...loved his intensity !

hahahahahahah @duece my friennddd sooo happy for you :D :D :D I am well aware of how long you waited for have gone through soo many tough moments and woww this one must be sooo special !!

congrats alex and twinge ! I thought Ed was a rafa fan :O loll congrats !!

Novak and his fans, commiserations ! novak showed great heart in the last game....but he was beaten by a better grass court player...

foir me andy was always the favourite against novak on grass !

#fact: andy was won 5/5 sets he has played against djokovic on grass.

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 8:10 PM

huge credit to Ivan Lendl btw!

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 8:19 PM

Record in Grand Slam finals: Federer 17-7, Nadal 12-5, Djokovic 6-5, Murray 2-5. But Murray won 2 of last 3; Djokovic lost 3 of last 4.

sanju , 7/7/13 8:27 PM

well played andy.. I think this was one of the worst performances I have seen from nole in slams, 40 UEs, but credit where due. Hope he comes back strongly in USO and murray has to play some one like DelPo in semis :), then we'll see.

akd2011 , 7/7/13 8:31 PM

Where is ed? Don't tell me she's got visitors today!

nadline , 7/7/13 8:46 PM

Ed said she was going to a friends house to watch the match

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 8:50 PM

Relive the last game

sanju , 7/7/13 9:08 PM

So many lovely comments on here, made me water up all over again and even sadder TT is ending.
vamosrafa more more hugs, NNY , phoenix, MonaLysa, isfand, Getty, danica, Consp, and all who've sent such lovely messages, I love you all! OMG this is turning into a Gwyneth Paltwow Oscar speech!
Holdserve, yes I do remember that post and please don't make me cry again.

deuce , 7/7/13 9:13 PM

sanju , 7/7/13 9:22 PM

hahaha this is CUTE lol..duece is crying :') lol

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 9:24 PM

@ Sanju, that is class!!

vmk1 , 7/7/13 9:25 PM

deuce, for what it's worth I saw your response to him and all I can say is right on! It's too bad that there have to be people like that on these sites. It's poetic justice that Andy won! It was his time!

I have been saying it all along - I believed that Andy could win Wimbledon. The great news is that he seems to now believe in himself!


That's wonderful to hear that Andy donated his prize money to cancer research and the Royal Marsden hospital! A worthy act by a great champion!

Nativenewyorker , 7/7/13 9:31 PM

Congrats to all Muzza's fans... Better man has won today, he deserves it...
Sorry about TT end,,, but don't worry... willma won't survive it :)

zare , 7/7/13 9:35 PM

That's wonderful to hear that Andy donated his prize money to cancer research and the Royal Marsden hospital! A worthy act by a great champion!
Nativenewyorker, 7/7/13 9:31 PM

Woody has deleted her post on VB. It's only a rumour.

nadline , 7/7/13 10:09 PM

This came from vb? I didn't know that. I haven't even been on that site yet today.

Nativenewyorker , 7/7/13 10:22 PM

Really sad not to be part of the cheering group for the last time on TT this afternoon.

But wow what a note to end on.

Have shared so much with all of you and so hope that Tennistalk will rise up under a new name.

Thank you to Cheryl, Ricky and Kelli for making TT such a stimulating and enjoyable forum and for your insightful blogs that always gave us food for thought. I hope you will be able to get together to create a new version of TT and that we will all meet up again one of these days.

And thank you to all the splendid tennis fans who have enhanced my enjoyment of tennis beyond measure for the past six years.

ed251137 , 7/7/13 10:40 PM

I think this match today answered your question re oxygen pod. I also hope all those haters who were suggesting (on other sites) that Nole uses peds, shut up. This match proved that he is honest and clean. Proud of Nole ;)

As for Nole's parents congratulating the parents of his opponent, that's nothing new. They do it quite often but some people like to report other things. First time I found out about that was at Wimbledon 2006. when he lost to Mario Ancic after leading 2:0 in sets. The parents went over to Mario's box and congratulated everyone there. I remember reading an article on that match where the reporter said it was such a nice thing to see and quite rare in today's competitive world.

danica , 7/8/13 12:23 AM

Oh, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.
My state of numbed shock is finally giving way to euphoric delirium.
Andy 'He'll-Never-Win-A-Slam' Murray.
Reigning Olympic gold medalist.
Reigning US Open Champion.
Reigning Wimbledon Champion.
British Sports Personality of the Year.
Arise Sir Andy Murray, Hero of Great Britain.

alex , 7/8/13 12:37 AM

For what it's worth, I think that Nole was very gracious in defeat today. It can't have been easy to sit there waiting for the trophy ceremony. Nole was quite generous in his comments to Andy during the trophy ceremony.

It's kind of hard to begrudge a guy like Andy who was had to endure so much pressure from both the media and his countrymen. He has had his share of defeats, so that should make this victory so much sweeter.

I have never brought up the oxygen pod regarding Nole. I would never accuse any player of using peds either. It's usually directed at Rafa, but it should never be said about any player.

Nativenewyorker , 7/8/13 12:39 AM

Yes, ed, what a note to end on.
Farewell Tennistalk!

alex , 7/8/13 12:39 AM

Commies, by the way to all nole fans. such a great guy, warnhearted, bighearted and so gracious in defeat. He, like muzz, surely has more slam titles ahead of him. the question is only how many.

alex , 7/8/13 12:45 AM

Hugs to you too deuce.ok qe've witnessed history being on to USO....hope rafa takes that too

Getty8 , 7/8/13 3:15 AM

Congrats to all AndyM fans except for that asshole dickhead twinge.

And goodbye TT.

Raindrops , 7/8/13 6:03 AM

What a good way for this site to end....a historical end of course.Well done've actually done your country and fans proud.This really is the super golden era.

To cheryl,ricky,kelli and johan(who was always at the mercy of posters here lol),i say thank you.I really enjoyed reading your blogs and of course to all the posters here (with the exception of the trolls),thanks for the long posts of frustration,upliftment,arguments,sarcasm and of course the worrisome meltdowns lol.It has been a great read especially with NNY,luckystar,rafaisthebest,vamosrafa,our dear landlady nadline,conspirator and all well meaning novak and muzza fans.I will sorely miss this how can i have my pc by me when rafa is playing?hmmm...Take care guys till we meet on another site.

Getty8 , 7/8/13 3:24 PM

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