• Djokovic, Del Potro collide in Wimbledon semifinals

    7/5/13 4:31 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic, Del Potro collide in Wimbledon semifinals An mostly-unscathed top half of the Wimbledon draw has watched Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin Del Potro advance to the semifinal. They will face each other on Friday.

    Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin Del Potro will be doing battle for the 13th time in their careers and for the third time this season when they meet in the Wimbledon semifinals on Friday afternoon.

    Djokovic is leading the head-to-head series 8-3, but their only previous grass-court encounter came in the bronze-medal match of last summer’s London Olympics–also on Centre Court at the All-England Club–and Del Potro won it 7-5, 6-4. Djokovic triumphed four straight times after that (Cincinnati, U.S. Open, World Tour Finals, and Dubai) before Del Potro scored a 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 victory three months ago in the Indian Wells semifinals.

    Both players have been in outstanding form this fortnight. Djokovic has not dropped a single set in defeats of Florian Mayer, Bobby Reynolds, Jeremy Chardy, Tommy Haas, and Tomas Berdych while being pushed to just three tiebreakers in total. The top-seeded Serb is now 38-5 for his 2013 campaign, which is highlighted by the Australian Open title plus additional trophies from Dubai and Monte-Carlo.

    Del Potro, meanwhile, is 15-0 in sets at Wimbledon and 4-0 in tiebreakers. The eighth-ranked Argentine has dismissed Albert Ramos, Jesse Levine, Grega Zemlja, Andreas Seppi, and David Ferrer despite more than his fair share of injury scares. He hyper-extended his knee in a slip against Zemlja and he did the same in game one of his quarterfinal showdown against Ferrer on Wednesday. Aside from that, though, Del Potro has had little trouble improving his 2013 mark to 25-8.

    "I will need to be 100 percent or 110 percent against him," Del Potro admitted. "He’s the No. 1 (player in the world) and a former champion here. I remember the match during the Olympics last year, on the same surface. But this time the pressure is different. I will try to be ready and do my best."

    The chances of Del Potro being 100 percent, however, are slim. Even with all things being equal, grass is by no means the underdog’s best surface–his showings at the Olympics and now at this Wimbledon notwithstanding. Djokovic, who is the best returner and baseline player in the game right now, should be able to exploit his opponent's relative immobility.

    Unless Del Potro serves huge and is hitting his forehand like he did at the 2009 U.S. Open, this should be another straight-setter.

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It's gonna be tough especially if Delpo is not injured but it's the Road of Champion.
Ajde Nole!

bryanindo , 7/5/13 8:50 AM

Heart wants Delpo but mind says Djoko in 4 :-). Let us see if both Murray or Djoko make it cleanly to the final. I wouldn't be surprised if 1 of them gets knocked out

sanju , 7/5/13 10:02 AM

Heart says Nole... but mind says ...NOLE!!!!

zare , 7/5/13 11:59 AM

I will go with Delpo here. Get ready for the upset!

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 1:12 PM

Cannot see Delpo taking a single set! Nole too good. Nole in 3 easy sets

vmk1 , 7/5/13 1:37 PM

I'm going out on a limb and saying Delpo is going out on a limb. A bum limb.

Nole in 3.

Conspirator , 7/5/13 1:56 PM

Go Nole and fingers crossed my man sees you in the final :)

deuce , 7/5/13 1:58 PM

Idemo Nole....

Gde su oni Nadalovi koje naspamuju zid kad igra dopingovani Nadal lol

Misel , 7/5/13 1:59 PM

Delpo is playing well......

Fedzz22 , 7/5/13 2:53 PM

what a FH but out.
Looks like hes on form again....

Twinge , 7/5/13 2:59 PM

Delpo should be 1 set up but instead he has a mental breakdown and loses it to djokovic. Game set match to djokovic.

Scrotracker , 7/5/13 3:07 PM


Scoretracker, that is what No. 1 players do!

Conspirator , 7/5/13 3:21 PM

Djoko's GF looks like a younger version of his mum.

nadline , 7/5/13 3:27 PM

Djokovic's father, who seems very drunk and tacky at the time of this recording, accuses Nadal of coaching.

Seems very rich and classless when Marian Vadga non stop coaches djokovic during matches.

Scrotracker , 7/5/13 3:28 PM

^^^Yes, and the commies just laugh it off.

nadline , 7/5/13 3:31 PM

Delpo had to hit two shots of the tournament to get that game. Now see the Djok break right back

vmk1 , 7/5/13 3:40 PM

^^ Not really, delpo has played better overall tennis this match so far.

Scrotracker , 7/5/13 3:41 PM

delpo got screwed at 40-0 up on a djokovic shot that landed way out but the linesman missed it. Now he's at deuce.

Scrotracker , 7/5/13 3:45 PM

This is going to 5
And there might be an `upset` too.

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:11 PM

Djokovic in 5 sets

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:11 PM

What makes you say 5 twinge? Although I agree there could be an upset.

tj600 , 7/5/13 4:11 PM

Del potro has to win in 4 if it goes to 5 Djok will win

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:12 PM

Nole in 4.


Conspirator , 7/5/13 4:13 PM

great inside out forehand by Delpotro

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:19 PM

Delotro is playing well. djokovic has just found out that grass is a much tougher surface to defend

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:21 PM

just a feelin tj600
however its not very strong
but delpo really seems to be getting stuck in

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:21 PM

Del potro has a chance here at 3-3 15-30

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:23 PM

Djokovic is not having it all his own way today................!!!

ed251137 , 7/5/13 4:23 PM

Del Potro has missed a backhand volley at the net and now another backhand down the line he should have had this break

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:26 PM

its the court speed really, and Delpotro's tenacity

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:26 PM

Delpo throwing the match away here. 2 unforced errors when he has break points. Those two points have lost delpo this match.

Scrotracker , 7/5/13 4:27 PM

no the match isnt over yet its very hard to break Del potros serve on this surface as both Federer and Djokovic found out last year at the olympics and now Djokovic in this match

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:29 PM

those 2 bp missed by delpo...

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 4:30 PM

Delpo letting djokovic back in to this match, Game set match djokovic.

Scrotracker , 7/5/13 4:30 PM

Prob for Nole is his best shot, backhand DTL isn't working at the mo.
Come on Nole!

deuce , 7/5/13 4:33 PM

if this set goes to a tie break Del is the favorite to win this set

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:33 PM

easy hold for Del potro he is in with a real chance here

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:34 PM

2 bad points from Del potro and its 0-30

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:41 PM

bad time for bad points

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:42 PM

huge hitting from Del potro

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:43 PM

Djokovic fell on the ground twice.

tj600 , 7/5/13 4:45 PM

that FH is a MONSTER!
Its getting Novak out of position very easily quite often due to the surface
Two great players playing a great match is what its all about really1

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:45 PM

I see Del potro winning this set 7-5 or 7-6

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:45 PM

whoever wins the set probably gets it
esp if its Novak

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:50 PM

3 bps saved

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:52 PM

Djokovic now 1/10 break points won

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:53 PM

Del fav to win the Tie break

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 4:55 PM

Well, that's all. I wasn't that wrong betting on delpo for this one He ended losing this match. I hope Muzz can beat the serb.

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 4:59 PM

I expect Novak to cruise in the 4th set. It has been an awesome match though.

tj600 , 7/5/13 5:00 PM

Well done Novak
Love both these guys but I don't think he is out of it yet
having said that, only one player has actually beat him in a slam when he has won the first set so...
Delpo will believe he can still win this.

Twinge , 7/5/13 5:01 PM

i still think 5 setter is a great possibility...

vamosrafa , 7/5/13 5:05 PM

Amazing how much the poor grass condition (basically dust) down the baseline benefits Djokovic's defense

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 5:09 PM

Some huge hitting from Delpo to get himself out of trouble at the beginning of the 4th.

tj600 , 7/5/13 5:11 PM

yup emiliano, a 4th rnd or 3rd rnd would have clearly favored delpo...i remember how difficult rafa found it to defend against delpo in rnd 4 2011...

@twinge, which match are u referring to ? 07 wimbledon against rafa?

vamosrafa , 7/5/13 5:15 PM

he lost to melzer at the french 2010..

vamosrafa , 7/5/13 5:17 PM

So jealous of all the people actually there watching this played out.

What great tennis from both men.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 5:30 PM

Djok breaks

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 5:37 PM

Delpo breaks back.

tj600 , 7/5/13 5:41 PM

Wow! Vamos Delpo!
Wish I could be watching this.



Conspirator , 7/5/13 5:43 PM

That was a cruel moment for Delpo..............!

ed251137 , 7/5/13 5:50 PM

Delpo's serves aren't doing him any favors and all these unforced errors from djoko is uncharacteristic of's a real slugfest out there.but i think novak will take it....seems he has extra in the bag

Getty8 , 7/5/13 5:53 PM

serves might not be but that FH is!

Twinge , 7/5/13 5:55 PM

Just as well Delpo wont win this. There's no way he could come out and repeat this performance again on Sunday. Even Djokovic is looking pretty exhausted.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 5:56 PM

This has been a brutal encounter. Djokovic must win this tiebreak to conserve energy for the final.

tj600 , 7/5/13 5:59 PM

What in the world did he make that challenge for?

@twinge,true but things would've been much easier should the serve been working for him

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:01 PM

This is beginning to feel like finals to me lol....great match by the duo

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:04 PM

This is outrageous.

tj600 , 7/5/13 6:09 PM

Cannot believe what we're witnessing.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:09 PM

My goodness what a backhand return winner!wow....fifth set it is

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:11 PM

Look what I woke up to today! Wow! All I saw was the latter half of this set but oh my goodness!

What a match!

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:11 PM

They'll have to close the roof for Andy's match to be played under lights. Even then they might not get through it unless Andy can win in straight sets. They are not allowed to play after 11p.m.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:13 PM

The other 2 must be rather pleased about this....

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:14 PM

Best match of the year, so far.

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 6:15 PM

Regardless of who wins this it is clear that Juan Martin is a future Number 1

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:17 PM

Boris Becker is saying Djokovic has made a mistake by trying to compete with Del potro in terms of power

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:18 PM

People say that del potro is 1 dimensional, but in this match he has showed great touch and guile at the net.

tj600 , 7/5/13 6:19 PM

DJokovic looks MUCH fresher than Delpo

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 6:20 PM

Del potro trying to save energy for his service games a dangerous ploy specially taking into consideration that he is serving behind

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:22 PM

yes but Novak's game is `more about power` nowadays too.

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:23 PM

So what about Nole already getting the trophy! Tell that to Delpo!

I was wondering if Murray and JJ will get to play today. Who knew this was coming.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:24 PM

@tennis2011,how else is djoko going to play delpo?that is his game...that's the best way he knows how to play...he cannot change that

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:26 PM

Djokovics 2nd serve has let him down today

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:27 PM

Bp to del

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:29 PM

Djokovic's backhand up the line has been awful. Del Potro has been bullying him around the baseline all match long because of this imo.

tj600 , 7/5/13 6:29 PM



Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:31 PM

double fault

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:31 PM

Djokovic holds but Del potro is still not out of it

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:33 PM

The tide has turned.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:34 PM

Something seems to be wrong with delpo,his movement is now questionable

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:34 PM

great get from Del potro

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:36 PM

They'll need to stretcher Dell Boy off the court.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:37 PM

Djokovic is missing so many Bps

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:38 PM

Novak is good at recovery but if he mights Andy in the final after this...
its gonna be trixy...

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:39 PM

Djokovic looks frustrated

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:40 PM

Djokovic's serve has been saving him from the brink a lot of times.

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 6:40 PM

very surprising stat 22 Aces to Djok only 4 to Del potro

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:41 PM

'Novak is good at recovery but if he mights Andy in the final after this..'

sorry Im not drunk it must be early ahlzheimers!

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:41 PM

Be interesting to see if Nole rips apart his shirt when he wins.

Conspirator , 7/5/13 6:41 PM

When he wins? or If he wins

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:43 PM

Del potros serve is not easy to break on this surface

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:44 PM

If he wins!

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:44 PM

Conspirator: He'll carry on as if he had won the trophy. We'll have the full works from both him and his retinue.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:46 PM

high quality match so far

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:47 PM

Boy,delpo seems to be in pain

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:48 PM

novak couldn't serve out against haas so i wonder...

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:50 PM

Del potro has outplayed Djokovic today but the Serb has worn Delpo down physically. Djokovic very lucky to be in the final. Great tennis from Delpo, so impressed.

willmw101 , 7/5/13 6:50 PM

Nole is down 0-30.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:50 PM

Djokovic again struggling to serve it out

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 6:51 PM

crazy thought:

what if Delpo breaks Novak and breaks one more time to win, then retires before the final? This scenario must have almost never been played out. The other semi final would then have become the final.

chlorostoma , 7/5/13 6:52 PM

Heartbreaking for Delpo. Have to hand it to Djokovic though. However his confidence will have taken a big knock even though he squeezed out the win.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:55 PM

Djokovic wins.

tj600 , 7/5/13 6:56 PM

Delpo ran out of gas, if he hadn't been injured for the French open and had time to train before Wimbledon, I have no doubt delpo would have won that match.

willmw101 , 7/5/13 6:57 PM

well, as usual, Delpo falling short in another heroical match. This was no exception.

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 6:57 PM

Conspirator. Have to eat my words. They did not go OTT in his box.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 6:57 PM

congrats to the Novakians!
Feel it for Juan but frankly with all that had happened and this, winning this year at wimbledon would have been too much.
But he's a contender now!
I'm going to see how Andy plays if he wins in 3 he's my pick

Twinge , 7/5/13 6:58 PM

Congrats to novak....but seems like the shirt ripping is only reserved for rafa lol

Getty8 , 7/5/13 6:58 PM

It's not as straight forward as the pundits predicted. Nole stole the 1st set, it was just sown to one single point.

nadline , 7/5/13 6:58 PM

So much for the invincibility of Nole. Nobody should assume anything. Delpo was fatigued and that was the difference. But he fought right to the end.

I don't think this is heartbreaking for Delpo. Would he really have had anything left for the final? Would he even be able to play? He has to take care of his knee and then get ready for the hard court season. He should feel very good about his result here. It's the best he's ever done and he played outstanding tennis.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:59 PM

What a terrific match. Well played Nole.
Like Delboy now, who could not? What a fighter!

deuce , 7/5/13 7:01 PM

Terrific match. I did not see that coming. Gutted for Delpo but Novak boy what a fighter. The man continues to amaze us. Djok for Wimby #2. And phew.. that forehand, wonder if Delpo himself can see it when he belts it like that

vmk1 , 7/5/13 7:03 PM

This match saved Wimbledon IMO :D

tj600 , 7/5/13 7:04 PM

But Delpo seemed the stronger of the two when the rally got going. He was nearly out djokovicing Djokovic

vmk1 , 7/5/13 7:07 PM

Yes this match certainly made Wimby 2013 memorable. Wow. I cant still get over the Delpo forehand. And as far as the djok two heart wrenchers in the semis b2b would have been too unfortunate for him. Does anyone have a feeling that the Murray Janowicz match would be an anti-climax :D

vmk1 , 7/5/13 7:11 PM

Is Djoker what a player from another planet looks like as the BBC would have us believe? I don't think so.

nadline , 7/5/13 7:11 PM

Delpo ran out of gas, if he hadn't been injured for the French open and had time to train before Wimbledon, I have no doubt delpo would have won that match.

willmw101 , 7/5/13 7:22 PM

Do you know why Nadal is always picking at his shorts?

stratocast51 , 7/5/13 7:32 PM

Nope,I believe that Delpo is a worthy player and it is credit to Nole that he came out on top. I remember that Delpo gave Rafa a scare in 2011 in a close 4 setter. I think that is testament to Djoko's fitness(physical and mental) that he could close it out in the 5th set. And the best part is he would be fit as a fiddle come sunday against Murray as if he just jogged around today. So for sure, Rafa,Nole are from another planet. I also think that Djok played poorly today, the BH was not working at all. His serve bailed him out though

vmk1 , 7/5/13 7:36 PM

Epic match the big man vs the biggest man and Djokovic is ranked # 1 for a reason, the disappointment of failing to close out the match in 4 sets would have been too much any other player

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 8:28 PM

"So much for the invincibility of Nole"

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 6:59 PM

yes but getting to the Final is better than losing in the first round in straight sets to an unknown Belgian, dont you think?

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 8:36 PM

He will only add to his points tally as the world no 1 even if he loses the final, no one is invincible

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 8:39 PM

One of Del Potro's atomic forehands was 113 mph=181 kph. That is completely insane. But if you look at the overall stats,Djoko deserved to win:
22 aces to Delpo's 4
2 DF to Delpo's 4
1st serve points won 83% to 72%
42/56 net points won to 25/37
80 winners to 48
The things that hurt Djokovic:
48 unforced errors(especially backhand) to 37 of Del POtro
And 39% second serves points won ,which is in my opinion the weakness Del Potro exploited the most. Djokovic was hitting 90% of his second serves to the same spot,it was so easily readable and returnable.He is usually hits better that second serve.
Anyway GREAT,epic match,I loved it. Nole once again showed how strong he is.It's amazing how he recovers mentally so quickly.I honestly thought he would lose after missing those match points,but he just restarted himself.He looked like he just began playing.Both are great players but Novak is deserving winner.

Ice , 7/5/13 9:01 PM


Why so nasty? My point is in response to those who decided to award the trophy to Nole before he even earned it. He did not look invincible against Delpo. In fact, Delpo gave him all he could handle.

Oh and I see you have forgotten that Rafa won his 8th RG and did it by beating Nole in that fifth set!

So just chill out and don't take everything in such a negative way. Nole is not invincible. He is the #1 player in the world.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 9:08 PM

This is Nole's trophy to lose which I've maintained since the draw came out even before he was playing this well overall. No one is invincible though.

Too bad, Delpo was that close to becoming the best player on grass this year!!!


Conspirator , 7/5/13 9:27 PM

Nole seems to be making a habit of being in epic matches now. Wawrinka at the AO,Rafa at the French and now Delpo. He came out at the right end in two of those. Great going for him. Hope this match is surpassed come sunday. Come on Nole, Come on Muzza. How can one not root for a guy after he puts his heart out there on the court. Extremely sorry for Delpo though.

vmk1 , 7/5/13 9:58 PM

'This is Nole's trophy to lose which I've maintained since the draw came out even before he was playing this well overall..'

Shut up bitch!
This is MUZZYS to lose
It's Andy's time and only a choke will give it to (dear) Novak

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:41 PM

Djoko's GF looks like a younger version of his mum.--
Nadline, Jelena looks like a beautiful version of Justine

Novak is good at recovery but if he mights Andy in the final after this-winge
And the best part is he would be fit as a fiddle come Sunday against Murray -vmk

winge and vmk: remember the five-hour match with Murray and the six-hour match after that with Rafa.

This is Nole's trophy to lose which I've maintained since the draw came out even before he was playing this well overall

Con, I agree.

pennster , 7/5/13 11:22 PM

^^^lets hope so creepy crawly
For you're sake....

Twinge , 7/5/13 11:27 PM

great posts, thank you. You are a true tennis fan. Quite refreshing ;)

danica , 7/7/13 4:11 PM

sure. Hate stems from jealousy and you're the best example. Right, Berdych outplayed Nole, DelPo outplayed Nole, everybody outplayed Nole and somehow he's won 6 GS titles by being constantly outplayed. And how many times do you have to write a certain statement in order to believe in it yourself? Let me give you the answer: probably a million. Because, no , DelPo wouldn't have won this match IF he had more time to practice. He has never had enough stamina and he always moves like a sloth choosing, occasionally, to sit in a chair during the tie break contrary to all the rules.

Didn't you also say that it would be a shame if Novak won Wimby because he had such an easy draw? Do you want me to dig up some GS draws that Rafa and Roger had? Would you say the same if Andy wins?

So, that's how sour grapes must be tasting. Pathetic.

danica , 7/7/13 4:36 PM

^^ thats nice.

willmw101 , 7/7/13 7:43 PM

So TT is gone... but willma will still be complete idiot... undesired product of two blood related parents...

zare , 7/7/13 9:31 PM

Going out on a good note eh zare? LOL, how predictable.

willmw101 , 7/8/13 10:31 AM

Sicko... you are KING of predictable!
BTW... for you... that WAS good note...

zare , 7/9/13 1:30 PM

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