• Murray takes on Janowicz in Wimbledon semis

    7/4/13 8:09 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Murray takes on Janowicz in Wimbledon semis Andy Murray is one step away from a return trip to the Wimbledon final. Standing in his way on Friday is surprise semifinalist Jerzy Janowicz.

    Andy Murray and Jerzy Janowicz will be squaring off for the third time in their careers when they collide in the Wimbledon semifinals on Friday afternoon.

    The head-to-head series stands at one win apiece and they have never faced each other on grass. Murray cruised 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 in a 2009 Davis Cup playoff tie at home in Great Britain before a much different Janowicz took last year's Paris Masters by storm and pulled off a 5-7, 7-6(4), 6-2 third-round upset on his way to the title match.

    Janowicz had mostly struggled since that breakout, but he is clearly heating up at just the right time. The All-England Club's No. 24 seed booked his place in the last four by taking out Kyle Edmund, Radek Stepanek, Nicolas Almagro, Jurgen Melzer, and fellow Pole Lukasz Kubot. He is now 20-12 for the season after dropping only two sets (both to Melzer) in his first five matches.

    "I have to be focused on my game," Janowicz assured. "It will be a really cool match; a really nice atmosphere. For sure the crowd will not really help me, but we'll see how it's going to be. This is my first (major) semifinal ever, so I don't know what to expect."

    Murray, on the other hand, is no stranger to this stage of Grand Slam events. The 2012 U.S. Open champion finished runner-up to Roger Federer last summer at Wimbledon. He is back in the final following scalps of Benjamin Becker, Yen-Hsun Lu, Tommy Robredo, Mikhail Youzhny, and Fernando Verdasco. Like Janowicz, Murray won four of his matches in straights and the other in five (he came back from 2-0 down against Verdasco on Wednesday). Murray, a champion in Brisbane, Miami, and at Queen's Club, is 32-5 for his 2013 campaign.

    "He has a big serve," the world No. 2 said of his opponent. "He's a big guy with a lot of power. He also has pretty good touch. He likes to hit dropshots. He doesn't just whack every single shot as hard as he can. It will be a very tough match. He's played extremely well here, I think. He had a tough match in the last round against Melzer, but apart from that he's been pretty convincing."

    Convincing could be what Murray is on Saturday if Janowicz struggles to handle the enormity of the situation. Janowicz cannot afford nine double-faults like he had against Kubot and he may have to come at least somewhat close to matching his number of 30 aces, because rallies are generally not going to end well for the underdog.

    Murray would have to improve considerably in order to win this in straight sets, but it should not take more than four.

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Crikey! Have beaten painster to the draw! What IS going on?
Am suitably nervous about this one. Andy must play better than he did against Verdasco. Hope he does.
Hey there Andy Murray. Diamond from Dunblane.
Let's Go!

deuce , 7/5/13 7:03 AM

I'm hoping the match with Verdi will have served as a wake-up call for Andy and the nerves that marred his performance will be behind him.

He knows he has to come out with all guns blazing this afternoon.

Equally I'm expecting JJ to show signs of nerves today. It's a momentous moment for him. If his serve is on fire it will test Andy's return game to the limit but JJ is vulnerable when his first serve wavers.

If both men are on song it will be one helluva roller-coaster match

ed251137 , 7/5/13 7:52 AM

JJ may have a case of the jitters or his emotions could get in the way. Andy will have to come out playing much better. This is the time when you want to be peaking at your best form. I am sure that Lendl will help him to prepare for this match.

Can JJ serve 30 aces again? If he double faults the way he did against Kubot, that will mean trouble. This is going to be the biggest stage and the biggest moment for JJ. Andy has been there many times in the past. If Andy serves well, has his ROS working and can mix aggressive play with outstanding defense then he should prevail.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 8:11 AM

He should prevail. But will he?

That's is the question.

Although the QF battle will have taken a lot out of Andy physically it will at the same time have toughened him mentally. I hope.

And as NNY points out, he has been here before whereas this is the first time for JJ.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 9:09 AM

He should prevail. But will he?

ed251137, 7/5/13 9:09 AM

You ask the big question here! I sure hope so! I do hope that he takes some positives out of the quarterfinal match. He did come back from two sets down while playing far from his best tennis. He's got one of the toughest, smartest guys for a coach! Lendl's been there and knows what it's all about.

Even with having won his first slam last year and the Olympic gold medal at this very same court, I think there still has to be pressure on Andy every time he plays Wimbledon.

They kept showing the faces of the fans and it was quite touching to see the support and hope for him. He's got the hopes of his country riding on him here and that's never easy. The Brits want to end that drought at Wimbledon!

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 10:02 AM

Dear Andy,

Please don't mangle my nerves today. I think it was very bad what that man Richardson said to you about hairdryer treatment, but I do hope you will be feeling quietly chided about not being more aggressive at the start of the Verdasco match.

Please don't let all these thousands of my fellow maniacs make you nervous today. Just shut out all our anxieties like you usually do, and allow my muffled screams from behind a distant sofa to encourage you as you turn that forehand loose.

I know Roger has the record of coming back eight times from two sets down to win, but please just let him keep that one as your fans would prefer you to take different kinds of records from him.

Be confident, and do try to get that first serve in, especially in the games just after you've briken his serve.

And just one other thing, please don't be bad things to yourself. Muzz-le the nasty, negative words (sorry about the bad pun, I'm actually trying to be serious), and try to channel all your frustrations and disappointments into positive energy that damages Jerzy and not yourself, vua your racquet and not your mouth - if it's just him your against and not yourself too, you can really win this one.

I have just one more big request, although I suppose it's more of a wish. Please could you break Jerzy's serve today more times than it's been broken in the entire tournament.

Go put there and do it now Andy - we all know you can.

Your loyal fan,


alex , 7/5/13 11:50 AM

All I have to say about this JJ fellow is...

Twinge , 7/5/13 12:15 PM

^ :-)
Dunno though twingey, unless it's one of those walking trees in Lord of the Rings. This guy's no Karlovic.
Still, muzz should be able to fell him.

alex , 7/5/13 12:37 PM

Look hon,
If he can't fell him (and in straight sets really)....
Do we really want to see him face Novak in the final?
Although I think delpo has a chance Today, if he plays like he did 2 days ago.

Twinge , 7/5/13 1:21 PM

Loving that woody analogy Twingey. And the answer to your q is yes, and not just about defending points either, also about pride.

deuce , 7/5/13 1:56 PM

Novak is not Daveed.

Conspirator , 7/5/13 2:06 PM

^^Yes I am AWARE of that Conpsirator!

Twinge , 7/5/13 2:19 PM

C'mon Andy, this have to be your Wimbledon.

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 7:11 PM

Oh dear we are going to be in for a spate of tie breaks?

Bad news for Andy :-((((

ed251137 , 7/5/13 8:05 PM

Andy lost the tb? Here we go. I guess JJ wasn't overwhelmed by the occasion after all. Another tough semifinal.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 8:13 PM

Oh dear missed the TB,
Still not worried

Twinge , 7/5/13 8:37 PM

COME ON ANdy ! andy is nowhere near his best IMO...phew duece !hold !

vamosrafa , 7/5/13 8:43 PM

Yeahp, Andy is not playing well. I don't know what's wrong with him but he has been playing flawless tennis until the Verdasco match. I hope he can manage the pression.

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 8:45 PM

I think murray's backhand is the best package on grass but he has not been able to use his backhand to full effect so far in the tournamen....some good fighting skills and serving to hold

vamosrafa , 7/5/13 8:47 PM

Almost All of Andy's stats are better (slightly) than janowicz
And he's still behind!
He's not been too convincing in this tournament has he?

Twinge , 7/5/13 8:48 PM

Phweeew. That was a close call.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 8:49 PM

The UE's are Really creeping in to is game
Janowicz that is
My view is that Verdascos tactics and level threw Andy
Perhaps he needed that first set to get into the match
But he is serving well and winning as many points on it as J

Twinge , 7/5/13 8:51 PM

He's still getting the hang of this janowicz s serve
And maybe his odd shriek too

Twinge , 7/5/13 8:59 PM

His first serve is a real clutch weapon
Unlike the 'the other' serve

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:04 PM

Phweeew. That was another close call.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 9:06 PM

Did anyone hear that JJ keeps asking the umpire when they will put up the roof? I wonder why!

We know now that JJ has come out playing like he has nothing to lose. He's not being overwhelmed by the occasion. The first set was a close one. I would have to think that Andy is trying to get a handle on JJ's serve.

Andy hasn't been playing his best but he's gotten to this point.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 9:12 PM

There is no way Murray will beat Djoko playing like this . He really needs to step it up. He is still playing passive, defensive.

sanju , 7/5/13 9:12 PM

Murray's attitude is tiresome
I think winning Wimbledon is too much in the pressure dept

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:14 PM

NNY - Roof will favour Jerzy

Thats why he wants it on soon.

sanju , 7/5/13 9:15 PM

Having said that
Both Verdasco and janowicz are awkward
If he gets through this to the final Murray will be the one that is awkward

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:17 PM

Jerzy is giving real nasty looks to Andy repeatedly. Is there some history there?

sanju , 7/5/13 9:17 PM

Might as well just hand nole the trophy tonight:-(

Jerzy doing nothing special but murray all over the place mentally.

alex , 7/5/13 9:23 PM


I know that. I was being sarcastic in my comment. I noticed the nasty looks to Andy. I think it's an intimidation tactic.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 9:24 PM

Jerzy is not giving Murray enough of ball striking..which he will need in abundance for Djokovic

On the other had Djoko got abundant of it today

sanju , 7/5/13 9:24 PM

About time the net became British again
Yes BB!

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:25 PM

lucky break for Murray

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 9:25 PM

If Andy can simply wake up and finish this geezer in some style..
Then game on

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:26 PM

Jerzy drop shots a lot, very wrong tactic against Murray as he moves very fast

sanju , 7/5/13 9:27 PM

You mean there is such a thing as a lucky break? I thought a break was a break! Too funny!


You need to be tougher than that. Don't give up on your guy. No one said it would be easy. Look, Andy just broke back. He hasn't given up and neither should you. Also, don't give Nole the trophy. He needs to earn it.

I think JJ is going to learn the hard way not to try to rile up the top players. It can backfire big time!

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 9:27 PM

Djoko was serving great, Andy is also serving great

It can be a cracker of a match..

sanju , 7/5/13 9:28 PM

There's nothing too much wrong with Andy really
He just needs to hunker down and not be irritated by this strange new fish
Wait what happened!?
Oooo temper temper!

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:30 PM

Yeah shut up Alex!

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:31 PM

Am I watching a different match? Because I think Murray is playing much better than Djokovic played earlier. Murray is having to deal with monster serves.

nadline , 7/5/13 9:34 PM

Wow ! Andy played sensational tennis in the last two games

vamosrafa , 7/5/13 9:34 PM

Lendl paid janowicz for that ;-)

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:37 PM

Do what Andy says you f&&king cnuts!
It's still light!

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:40 PM

Oh no is this the Fed scenario yet again!?

Twinge , 7/5/13 9:42 PM

Its quite dark they should have stopped when Janowicz was 4-2 up

tennis2011 , 7/5/13 9:43 PM

The roof is becoming an issue.

nadline , 7/5/13 9:49 PM


You are right! Andy really stepped it up in those last two games. That's the best tennis he has played in this match.

Now they are closing the roof. On EPSN you could hear everything Andy was saying. He's not happy! He said that there's at least 40 minutes of light left. Then he also said that JJ has been complaining it for a while now. He even asked the umpire if JJ wasn't asking over and over for them to close the roof.

JJ looked rattled at the end of the third set. I don't blame Andy because he's got th momentum after winning the third set. JJ's serve wasn't working as well. His serves weren't quite that fast and he wasn't getting his first serves in. Andy was able to get more returns in and get into some good rallies. That's where I believe that Andy has the advantage with his superior ground strokes.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 9:49 PM

Nny - yep, i know, just caught up in it, was needing someone to say what you said, how you said it.
Twinge, go away.
Don't like this jerzy one bit. Clearly angling fir the lights as a tactic cos he know what happened to muzz against roger when roof came on last year. Hope muzz bagels him in set 4, that'll teach the punk! Crowd gonna go crazy for muzz though when he comes back out. Hope they boo jerzy BIG time.

alex , 7/5/13 9:52 PM

Twinge, :-) by the way.

alex , 7/5/13 9:54 PM

muzz not looking happy coming out. please muzz, don't be grumpy muzz.

alex , 7/5/13 9:59 PM

officials give in to janowicz whining but i dont think the match is going in 5th set

isfand , 7/5/13 10:01 PM


Hang in there! I know you can do it! So can Andy!

I agree with you about Jerzy. He's a piece of work. The commentators on ESPN pointed out that Jerzy was repeatedly talking to the umpire about getting the roof closed. How obvious can he be! Yeah, he thinks if it worked for Fed then it will work for him.

Jerzy has quite the attitude. But he made a mistake in trying to intimidate Murray. It backfired on him. Jerzy got rattled, smashed his racket into the net when he missed a volley and just kind of lost it. He's too emotional. Sometimes that can work against you.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 10:02 PM

roof doesnot change much ...... janowicz is just desperate and plus he wanted to break momentum of play but i dont think he ll get any help from that either

isfand , 7/5/13 10:05 PM

nny - thanx bud

alex , 7/5/13 10:08 PM

I have to believe that Andy will be prepared this time. Also, JJ is not Fed! He has a bad attitude which he needs to lose if he wants to do something in this sport.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 10:08 PM

NNY - Hes very young. He will learn, give him time.

sanju , 7/5/13 10:11 PM

Sounds like they are playing in a gym.

Tennis, especially Wimbledon, shouldn't sound like that.


Conspirator , 7/5/13 10:11 PM

Oh I forgot Andy's indoor record is top ten career
My goodness!
And he's more experienced
Janowicz knew he was hanging on and now it looks like the roof will not save him

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:18 PM

The serve is BANGING tonight!

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:20 PM

so much for the roof .............. i cannot stop laughing

isfand , 7/5/13 10:21 PM


Conspirator , 7/5/13 10:23 PM

When Andy consolidated the break at 3:1 I swear I saw Lendle smile and he was also chatting to his neighbour. lol.

Is this a first?

ed251137 , 7/5/13 10:24 PM

By the way, where is Deuce?

ed251137 , 7/5/13 10:27 PM

Lendl will occasionally crack a smile. I think Andy looks like himself now. He's really outplaying JJ with his ground game. Also, the serve is really clicking.

I hope that Murray winning with the roof on will once and for all dispel this notion that it can determine the outcome of a match.

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 10:27 PM

2/10 for JJ's ROS.

nadline , 7/5/13 10:28 PM

The roof definitely helped Fed last year. Depends on circumstances.

Conspirator , 7/5/13 10:31 PM

'Tennis, especially Wimbledon, shouldn't sound like that. ..'

Muzz certainly concurred as I'm sure you heard
But Thank goodness the roof came over!
Andy has upped it finally!
I was scared there for a sec, oolala
McEnroe is doing my head in
Love him though

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:32 PM

looks like janowicz will lose the match as well as his grace under the ROOF

isfand , 7/5/13 10:33 PM

Genius get :)

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:34 PM

'I hope that Murray winning with the roof on will once and for all dispel this notion that it can determine the outcome of a match...'


Twinge , 7/5/13 10:37 PM

Federer helped himself last year and this year andrew baron murray will help himself to THE CHAMPIONSHIPS imo

isfand , 7/5/13 10:37 PM

Well, I think he's just about ready........
Sunday will be the mother lode whoever wins.....

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:39 PM

C'mon The MUZZA!!!

Get it done on Sunday!

Conspirator , 7/5/13 10:39 PM

Yes! Now go and kick Djokovic's butt!!

Emiliano55 , 7/5/13 10:40 PM

janowicz BROKEN and its all over janowicz was broken twice in 5 service games ------ so much for the roof ......... bye bye till sunday where we all will witness a tight match and which murray will win imo
i think Britain has waited enough

isfand , 7/5/13 10:42 PM

Bravo Andy. Now go for it. You can do it.

ed251137 , 7/5/13 10:42 PM

"Yes! Now go and kick Djokovic's butt!!"

classy post, congrats.

rfzr , 7/5/13 10:44 PM

Twinge, 7/5/13 10:37 PM,

Huh? yourself! How many times here have we heard that the roof will help someone like Fed! How many times did we hear that this was the reason Fed beat Andy last year?

You would think the roof was the third man on the court! So Andy won with the roof closed! Case closed!

I also think that finally Andy found his best game. He really came on strong in the last set and a half of this match.

So we are set for a good final! Andy, just do it! End that drought at Wimbledon!

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 10:47 PM

phew! thank goodness muzz finally found his A-game. can't bear to watch on Sunday, but how can I not?
btw what about that doubles-type rally at 4-3 in last set. was in the air when muzz won it :-)

alex , 7/5/13 10:52 PM

'You would think the roof was the third man on the court! So Andy won with the roof closed! Case closed!..
That's illogical
Just because Andy won under the roof doesn't mean that the roof benefitted him
He won because he came into form not because the roof was on.
That was janowicz s hope not Muzzys
Federer always wants the roof on rain or not that we have seen with our own eyes
Your argument was facile

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:53 PM

hey nny - great minds think alike about muzz finally finding his game. thanx for keeping me almost stable and sane.

alex , 7/5/13 10:54 PM

Yeeeesss! Andy really raised his level there and actually OUTSERVED JJ!
Hmm JJ lost a potential fan today, all that in your face stuff to Andy, really back fired.
Come on lovely boy!

deuce , 7/5/13 10:55 PM

twingey - go easy on nny, she's one of us when rafa's not playing.

alex , 7/5/13 10:56 PM

^^^yeah f&&k JJ
He made me look demure!

Twinge , 7/5/13 10:57 PM

fives deuce:-) sweet or what?

alex , 7/5/13 10:58 PM

"#Murray: "It's a tough situation prob 45 mins of light left. Outdoor event. Try to play outdoors as much as can. Managed to regain focus.""


Conspirator , 7/5/13 10:59 PM

No no Alex
I'm not after NNY
I just really don't agree with her on this point, that's all

Twinge , 7/5/13 11:01 PM

yep, deuce, outserved! Who'd have thought?!

alex , 7/5/13 11:01 PM

don't know about you, twingey, but this jerzy guy's rubbed me up the wrong way tonight. I'm taking my most disliked player award from big bird (who I've forgiven for the bad way he treated almagro since he took part in Rally Against Cancer) and giving it to Jerk Janovicz.

alex , 7/5/13 11:06 PM

The ROS was ON
Reducing JJ to 55%
and the 2nd serve points won 71%!
He will peak in the final

Twinge , 7/5/13 11:06 PM

hope you're right twinge, and please forgive my (one of several) descents into negativity during this evening's muzzercoaster. but what's to be expected of a murray fan?

alex , 7/5/13 11:09 PM

I get that Berdy seems a bit of a kn*b
But yeah JJ was really obnoxious
Still it was all a front to make up for a lack of real confidence
We should reserve judgement
And anyway, he lost!

Twinge , 7/5/13 11:09 PM

hey, where's painster? nowhere to be found ... how strange ... ;)

alex , 7/5/13 11:14 PM

'hope you're right twinge, and please forgive my (one of several) descents into negativity...'


Twinge , 7/5/13 11:25 PM

Yay alex, his serving was exemplary. Even J Mac was complimentary.....
Come on Twingey, looks like only 3 of us on here, only 3 of us daring to dream...even I got temporarily cross with Andy, actually very, very temporarily compare with Verdasco match.

deuce , 7/5/13 11:30 PM

Alfred: I, Pennster said it all on the other thread. I'm flattered at your interest in me!

What is there to say? Pony said he played the best match on grass ever. Leave it to Novak to beat Pony's best. So, the three grass goats who were supposed to beat Novak are out. Murray played who in the top twenty?

pennster , 7/5/13 11:32 PM

^^^Wow sour grapes in advance
Anyway yes deuce we are the 3 musketeers until Fedal retires and the Muzz fans that don't quite realise it yet come along full force
Not too long now...

Twinge , 7/5/13 11:34 PM

All for 1 !
Please muzz let this be the time.
Pennster - glad my flattery worked, I just wanted you to be here to share this special moment with us :-)

alex , 7/5/13 11:58 PM

hahahahha rfzr was nowhere to be found throughout the djo match ! yet he is here for personal attack ...I am NOT defending emiliano's post at all but its laughable what rfzr does on TT LOL...never ceases to amaze... I wonder where the hell are you when seventeen,jamesdjokovicfan etc are abusing rafa and his family ! where are your morals then? why dont you highlight those 'classy' posts? simple ans: HATRED...PURE HATE

vamosrafa , 7/6/13 12:47 AM

I wa so haooy with muzz's play in sets 3 and 4 ! he looked like the olympic gold medalist to me in those 2 sets ;) people seem to be forgetting he DEMOLISHED federer in 3 humiliating sets last year in london and also beat novak on his way to the final in staright sets...

My favourite to win is Muzz ! Djo is the better big match player but muzz is the better grass court player IMO...perhaps the best package on grass IF he comes out playing aggressive tennis (which I am sure he will in the final) ..

You cant wear down andy, novak ! you are gona have to find a way to outplay him..djo is SURELY capable of winning..will be very tight but adv andy for me

P.s , djo won this match due to his mental strength AND SUPERIOR PHYSICAL CONDITIONING, the biased hater rfzr now should actually downplay nnole's win like he does it for rafa's wins till 2010 ! Oh wait, thats impossible !

vamosrafa , 7/6/13 12:56 AM

Vamosrafa - I soooooo hope you're right.

alex , 7/6/13 1:22 AM

Oh f**k
I suppose I am going to have beg forgiveness to VM
Well I suppose it's fair enough as I was obnoxious
And VM is a Muzz Fan in default mode
But I am sorry a little anyways.........

Twinge , 7/6/13 1:33 AM

haha..its all good twinge !

of course I support andy when rafa is not playing..I like andy ! I have always preferred andy over novak since the time when both were teens... both are great players..djo obv is mentally much tougher and is the fighter !

Muz finally unleashed his improved aggressive forehand in the semi ! The ROS is back ! sorry nole, no more superiority in the ROS department in the final, you have your equal now ! Novak covers the grass court extremely well but andy is the better mover IMO, more balanced and smooth ! make sure you use all that variety ,muzz ! the crowd will be behind you like crazy ! BEST EVER CHANCE TO WIN WIMBLEDON

currently the best grass court player vs the world no.1 ! waiting for sunday eagerly..

p.s andy will come out all guns blazing because he is aware of the novak threat! with andy, he always raises his intensity when facing nadal federer djo...he is not the guy who destroys the lower ranked players...his intensity peaks only when he faces the title contenders

vamosrafa , 7/6/13 2:38 AM

Twinge, 7/5/13 10:53 PM,

Oh goodness, you misunderstood me! I did not meant to say that Andy won because the roof was up! He won because he started playing some great tennis. I meant that some here have indicated a belief that closing the roof somehow can help certain players.

I know that JJ wanted the roof up. I said that earlier when the match was still going on in one of my posts. I also know that Fed wants the roof on rain or shine because he is supposedly better in indoor type conditions.

I don't even know what why you are disagreeing with me. Maybe it was the way I worded it. Anyway, as far as I am concerned I don't take issue with what you said in this post.


Thanks! You are a good person! It's great to be here cheering Andy on with his loyal fans. I said if it can't be Rafa, then let it be Andy! I will be here whenever I get up on Sunday. I have had faith in Andy all along. I hope it's his time and the Brits!


I really appreciate you standing up to rfzr. This person has been hating on Rafa fans for a while now. Nothing to say at all about tennis. He has gone after me many times. The hypocrisy is sickening. Not a word from this person when Fedkovic, JamesDjokovicFan, novakisthebest and especially seventeen are spewing out profane, obscene comments. How many times have we heard the hydra saying that everyone else can kick Rafa' butt! Then there was that charming comment from someone before the RG semifinal, to the effect that Nole should kick the pig or destroy him or whatever. The trolls are always talking about their favs beating up Rafa black and blue and other colorful language.

The truth is that rfzr wouldn't know class if it stood up and hit him in the face!

Nativenewyorker , 7/6/13 2:58 AM

nice post NNY! :)

vamosrafa , 7/6/13 3:24 AM

i couldn't keep my eyes open after watching novak-delpo match as it was late here in asia but i was surprised to see that andy lost the first set.Tell me guys,how did murray play overall?does he have the chance and i mean great chance to win it on sunday?i'd be glad if he did

Getty8 , 7/6/13 5:44 AM

does he have the chance and i mean great chance to win it on sunday?i'd be glad if he did

Getty, he's got a shot.

pennster , 7/6/13 5:46 AM

thanks pennster,i really do hope andy lifts the trophy tomorrow.I really do think he deserves it after all these years.He's worked hard for it.

Getty8 , 7/6/13 6:17 AM

@pennster - what's happened to you? You feeling alright? Or am I not really seeing this and it's just a dream?

alex , 7/6/13 9:06 AM

Lol alex, painster must be feeling a tad unwell. Poor chap.

deuce , 7/6/13 9:29 AM

' I meant that some here have indicated a belief that closing the roof somehow can help certain players...'

I didn't misunderstand you at all
I disagreed with you
The roof obviously helps certain players
Almost like different surfaces do dependent on their strengths and game style
This is clear in my opinion
Or why do some bleat for them to close?
And why does Federer have the only edge he does under a roof against Rafa?

Twinge , 7/6/13 9:30 AM

Please ladies!
Pennster is just getting his coping routine underway
He/she or it would rather see their granny set on fire than Andy prevail on Sunday

Twinge , 7/6/13 9:33 AM

lol guys,anybody could have a change of heart including could be my magical touch working.....@pennster,hope you prove me right lol

Getty8 , 7/6/13 10:45 AM

Pennster is hedging his bets so he can say 'I told you so'. lol

The official supporters for Andy are a bit thin on the ground on this site - the more the merrier I say. Even if they are turncoat fans.

If Andy overturns the 76 year jinx on British players and lifts this most prized of Trophies on Sunday there will be a stampede of new fans jumping on the bandwagon.

And maybe, just maybe, the British public will finally appreciate him unequivocally.

ed251137 , 7/6/13 11:13 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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