• Murray, Verdasco battle in Wimbledon quarterfinal

    7/2/13 7:42 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray, Verdasco battle in Wimbledon quarterfinal World No. 2 Andy Murray looks to continue his bid for a Wimbledon title, as he take the court against Spain's Fernando Verdasco. The winner advances to face 24th seed Jerzy Janowicz or veteran Lukasz Kubot in the semifinal.

    World No. 2 Andy Murray holds an 8-2 series advantage over World No. 54 Fernando Verdasco. Wednesday signals their first meeting on grass.

    Murray made the final eight at the All-England Club with a 6-4, 7-6(5), 6-1 victory over former World No. 8 Mikhail Youzhny. The 26-year-old Scot struck 15 aces and 45 winners through two hours and 37 minutes of competition.

    "Verdasco is a very, very good tennis player," Murray said. "He's extremely dangerous when he's on his game. I haven't played a left‑hander the whole year, which I think is pretty amazing six months into the year. So I'll try and get a lefty in to serve at me tomorrow."

    Murray is seeking his fifth consecutive semifinal berth at Wimbledon.

    Verdasco is through to the quarterfinal after taking out France's Kenny De Schepper in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. The 29-year-old Madrid native converted four of 14 break points during the match.

    "I felt pretty good in general," Verdasco assessed. "Of course, it was a little windy and sometimes some games were not that easy. But I think I played a good match. I felt good on the court and happy to (have) won and be in quarterfinals for first time."

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It is just a shame that the organizers decided to put much bigger match Djokovic - Berdich on the Court One in favor of Ferrer - Del Potro match which is playing at the Center Courte.
It is disrespectful to the crowd at the Center Court (not to mention the player ranked No1). It is also pitiful/obvious move to give Murray better chance of winning the tournament, no matter the price, since Djokovic hasn?t yet played on this court (which plays differently than Center Court) and both players will probably have to fight rain delays.
Definitely not ok.

ticapan , 7/2/13 8:55 PM

It's a shame you cant come up with something new to say either...

Twinge , 7/2/13 9:11 PM

Snaggletooth needs organizers' help and this move shows that the Brits do not have faith in him unless the path is completely cleared.

pennster , 7/2/13 10:22 PM

Yes because it was the organisers that gave him on paper one of the hardest draws ever so they could then make it one of the easiest he's had.
Pretty impressive huh?
Was it done with telekinesis?
Perhaps the Martians were enlisted?
The sad thing for little penny is that he actually believes this sh**

Twinge , 7/2/13 11:03 PM

^^^ "djokovic hasn''t yet played on this court". Precisely. Murray was made to play on it once - to the surprise of some - so why shouldn't nole?
Poor painster, this wimbie must be so awful for you :-) The next two to three years will probably be quite depressing for you, with muzz reaching the peak of his powers, lol. Maybe you should find another sport to troll?:-)

alex , 7/2/13 11:06 PM

I think the bad part for the Djoker is that this will be the third time in a row that Berdy would have played on this court so he will be more comfortable with it. It is fair however that at some point he would have to play a match off of CC.

chr18 , 7/3/13 1:52 AM

Organizers can't influence the draw, Winge, but they affect the court scheduling.

Alex, my guys have 12 and 6 which is waaaay bigger than 1. So, I will be OK. How about you? LOL

pennster , 7/3/13 2:27 AM

But poor painster, why isn't that making you a lot happier? How strange.
Hey there Andy Murray. The Diamond from Dunblane. Come on!

deuce , 7/3/13 6:59 AM

Oh but penny
Andy is just getting the ball rolling
You'll have years to see of him catching up to 'enjoy' I'm afraid...

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:08 AM

^^^ "My guys"??? Why would they want anything to do with you?! LOL FINALLY after months of you clinging like a leach to muzz's threads, I get a clue as to who you might actually support ! :-)
You should try using rafa's and nole's names and talking about them a bit more. You could even go on their threads and say nice things to people like danica, ritb, nny, nadline and people who actually support these guys.
Rafa and Nole fans, Behold your new friend! Enjoy!! LOL!!!

alex , 7/3/13 12:14 PM

@twinge - yes, how ironic that painster should arrive on the muzz scene just in time for muzz's olympic gold and first slam title. Just in time for the end of muzz's fallow years :-) Painster's finger on the pulse or what ?! Lol.

alex , 7/3/13 12:21 PM

Don't want to jinx muzz, so no predos on this one.

alex , 7/3/13 2:13 PM

Loving how Verdasco is playing


dejan1989 , 7/3/13 5:24 PM

Come out from the back of that sofa deuce, too quiet in here :-)

phoenix , 7/3/13 5:32 PM

2009 Fer'dasco coming back?

chr18 , 7/3/13 5:34 PM

Verdasco is playing well but Murray will find a way to win in 4 sets

tennis2011 , 7/3/13 5:39 PM

come on muzz ! its on your racket ma boy !

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 5:45 PM

Ok...not sure what is going on here..just tuned into the match and murray has lost the first set?What in the world happened there?didn't expect this at all

Getty8 , 7/3/13 6:01 PM

Whoaaaa!!!What a rally!nice point...but something isn't well with murray

Getty8 , 7/3/13 6:07 PM

murray had 3 bps to get back on serve but verdasco saves them all to lead 2 sets to love

tennis2011 , 7/3/13 6:08 PM

murray is SO tentative and passive at the moment..this looks terrible ! 0-40 totally WASTED ! He has to move up the baseline but that will be so tough... verdasco serving really well and playing with conviction

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:10 PM

This is the Verdi I was afraid of. Will he be able to maintain this standard?

ed251137 , 7/3/13 6:10 PM

Murray having problems with left handed Spainards.
Fernando is back.


dejan1989 , 7/3/13 6:10 PM

Omg....verdasco has the second set in the bag....this is turning out to be more o teresting than i thought....c'mon andy!get it together

Getty8 , 7/3/13 6:12 PM

May as well hand djokovic the title now. Easiest path to a grand slam title of all time. Djokovic really lucked out this Wimbledon, it feels a bit cheap considering how hard it usually is to win wimby.

willmw101 , 7/3/13 6:13 PM

murray in 5

isfand , 7/3/13 6:13 PM

The way things are looking right now we could be heading towards a Jerzy v. Verdi Semi :-(

Murray for goodness sake pull yourself together. NOW!

ed251137 , 7/3/13 6:14 PM

Cant see Andy losing this!! If he just breathes and just face up to a possible loss playing freely he may still be able to win this. He was in the exact position with Gasquet a few years ago, so he should not lose heart and keep the composure!!!!! Go Andy!!!

Monalysa , 7/3/13 6:14 PM

Interesting*-correction in my above post

Getty8 , 7/3/13 6:16 PM

willmw101 : love those tears of yours.

rfzr , 7/3/13 6:17 PM

Murray is beginning to tug his shorts like Rafa.

nadline , 7/3/13 6:20 PM

murray breaks , will be wimbledon champion 13

isfand , 7/3/13 6:21 PM

^^ I think your English comprehensive skills are letting you down retard rfzr. LOL

willmw101 , 7/3/13 6:21 PM

Verdasco plays quiet similar to Rafa..

Murray was beyond horrile in 2nd set.

He has to do it in 5 now. Djokovic must be smiling the most :-)

sanju , 7/3/13 6:32 PM

willmw101: you are venting out. so those tears are real. moron.

rfzr , 7/3/13 6:36 PM

verdasco said before the match " I will call him' ...he was referring to rafa !

ANdy is still the favourite to win imo !

poor duece, alex must be sooo tense and frustrated ! set 3 secured ! much better set.. verdasco will play better in set 4 I have a feeling...buckle up andy

tim sears was see in tears in set 2...poor now !

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:39 PM

Murray is now awake...c'mon andy!

Getty8 , 7/3/13 6:39 PM

as usual, of all the posts here , rfzr handpicks the one which could in some way be used to mock a rafa fan ! 10/10 for consistency to rfzr. NO discussions on tennis.


vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:43 PM

verdasco said before the match " I will call him' ...vamosrafa
, 7/3/13 6:39 PM

Vamorafa..what did he exactly say, I did not get it

sanju , 7/3/13 6:44 PM

Are we going to see a 5 setter like their 2009 AO 4th round

sanju , 7/3/13 6:46 PM o-Rafael-Nadal-in-bid-to-beat-Andy-Murray

here you go sanju..just a small reference to rafa in the beginning

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:51 PM

sanju: if we're'll go to five.

ed251137 , 7/3/13 6:56 PM

wooof....dangerous times for andy..even i am tense when he is serving..I want andy to win..poor guy, the expectations are HUGE ..he should win it this year and then the desperation would end..

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:56 PM

oh no...dont spoil this thread now , seventeen...

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:58 PM

Andy is horribly passive today on court. His whole body language on court today is pathetic. He is moving slow, is lacking energy and is downright passive.

sanju , 7/3/13 6:58 PM

JJ is through to the SF. Chapeau!

ed251137 , 7/3/13 6:59 PM

I don't know what's wrong with Muzz. I'm pretty sure the pression to win this 'easy' Wimbledon is making him play so so tense. Fortunately he is playing against the chokest player to ever play this game :)

Emiliano55 , 7/3/13 7:08 PM

thankful to you for that, seventeen... lets stay relevant, andy vs verdasco :)

MY GOD, andy is just floating balls back

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 7:09 PM

I'd forgotten Verdasco can play luck this :(((

ed251137 , 7/3/13 7:09 PM

......I meant play like this

ed251137 , 7/3/13 7:10 PM

this game has been about andy's 1st serve vs verdasco... andy misses a first serve and verdasco is the favourite to win the rally...

ONLY the backhand cross court is the court andy is sparingly using to be aggressive...forehand is just a means of sending the ball back...same for backhand TL...I HOPE THIS CHANGES IN THIS SET

One again, 15 feet behind the baseline ! has any one ever played so deep behind the baseline? wonderful backhand slices though

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 7:13 PM

Andy is playing French Open at Wimby it looks like :-).

sanju , 7/3/13 7:14 PM

a valiant effort by verdasco but murray marches on i guess

isfand , 7/3/13 7:20 PM

I am going out of my mind because espn isn't televising this match now. They are talking about the Delpo/Ferrer match. All they said is that Murray got a break in the fourth set.

What is wrong with espn? Are they out of their minds? Verdasco must be playing out of his mind or Murray isn't playing well.

This is crazy!

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 7:22 PM

NNY, espn has gone nuts... a local channel in my country is showing the match ..pheww...

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 7:26 PM


They are just telling us the score! This is just unbelievable! What is wrong with espn? Have they gone completely mad?

Maybe I can get it online at espn3.

Please tell me what is going on in this match. I never thought it would play out like this. I tried to read some of your comments, since I trust your analysis. This is shocking to me!

Oh and don't be nice to seventeen. If you saw what she wrote on another blog, then you would realize that this person doesn't deserve it.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 7:28 PM

NNY, i know ! but if I respond to seventeen with what he/she deserve, the filth is going to resume here ! not in the mood for it

NNY, verdasco is playing well...serving well and playing decent from the baseline... Muzz is playing terrible tennis ! sooo passive ! 15 feet behind the baseline while returning serve... returning all serves directed to his backhand with a mere 'bunt' or a slice only to allow verdasco to dictate with his backhand! where is andy's lethal backhand return? where is the much improved aggressive forehand? :S backhand is well below-par too.... he is in the match thanks to his 1st serve and defensive capabilities

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 7:33 PM

Murray is plain defense in this match..All the aggression and dictating is by Verdasco

But now that we are in 5th, you just have to give Murray slight edge due to more experience. But you never know

If this Murray turns up for the final, Djoko will feast on a gluten Murray burger :-). He must be smiling the most now

sanju , 7/3/13 7:39 PM

the fact that well struck backhand slices are lifesavers on grass has been promiment today..this would have been over on a hard court most prob... verdasco is doing his best now.. scared for muzz ...0-15..DONT go for the drop shot

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 7:42 PM

Wonder who will choke. Its 50-50 . Murray can choke too since its Wimby, hed be more confident if it was another slam

sanju , 7/3/13 7:49 PM


Okay I am watching it online at espn3. Thanks so much for the update.

It sounds like Murray is playing defensively the way Rafa does at times. So surprising!

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 7:53 PM

Verdasco is serving out of his mind! Murray looks frustrated after Verdasco held. This match could not be any tighter.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 7:55 PM

whats with these crazy 2nd serves from verdasco..outrageous...much more courageous than andy

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 8:04 PM

FINALLY some aggressive tennis and LOOK what it has done, BREAK OF SERVE ! GO MUZZ GO ! put a smile back on kim's charming face ;)

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 8:12 PM

you can relax now, duece and alex :D extremely frustrating win though ,I can understand haha.... he has to play like the last 2 games to beat JJ ! JJ would be tough

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 8:14 PM

Yay! Murray did it!

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 8:19 PM

Congrats to Murray and his fans!!!!! What a match!!!!...........a cracker!!! Very good showing from Verdasco!!!!.............he should have a great year-end season!

Monalysa , 7/3/13 8:19 PM

rfzr is crying her eyes out. Poor loser.

willmw101 , 7/3/13 8:21 PM

OMG my nerves are totally shredded! Please alex, never say you're relaxed again.
Completely agree with you, was tearing my hair at Andy's passivity. I really don't know how he pulled that win out of the bag tbh....
but whatever, I'll take it :)

deuce , 7/3/13 8:26 PM

Does Andy have to put all his fans and supporters through quite so much torture?

All I can say is he'd better come out with a different game plan against JJ.

ed251137 , 7/3/13 8:35 PM

It's going to go one of two ways - either JJ will come out with nothing to lose and play lights out tennis or he will be overwhelmed by the moment.

No matter which way he comes out, Murray is going to have to step it up big time. Hopefully this tough match against an inspired Verdasco will get him match ready to bring his best in the semifinals.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 8:37 PM

oh deuce, just like the old days. 80% of time from 4-4 onwards in 5th set, I was out the room, never mind the sofa. I did muzz stay so calm at the end when I was a total jangling wreck, incapable of even watching. relaxed? no deuce, i apologise I'll never ever ever say that word in the same sentence as andy again.
all that said, i feel better about him facing janowicz after that than I would have had he had a straightforward 3-set win. I'll now only be 75% anxious.
oh mother help.

alex , 7/3/13 8:49 PM

Well for a bunch of Nadal fans you sure feel entitled to discuss the Muzz when I'm not to talk about RWord
Watching it now in the knowledge that my boy pulled through.
Verdasco is like the mini Rafa or something
Glad to see him come back again.
Of course

Twinge , 7/3/13 8:52 PM

'Murray, Verdasco battle in Wimbledon quarterfinal'

On this occasion the title of the match review lived up to the promise.
although it might more appropriately have read Murray, Verdasco Fight to the Death.

Heartwarming exchange at the net between the two contestants.

ed251137 , 7/3/13 9:00 PM

@vamosrafa - thanx, and hear hear to everything you say.

alex , 7/3/13 9:03 PM

Now that I am thinking about it, JJ would like good against the likes of Kubot. But Murray is not Kubot. I think Murray will come out playing much better in the semifinals. I know that Rafa used to get better after tough matches. I think it will give Murray confidence coming back from two sets down against a renewed Verdasco. That always gives a player good feelings. Sometimes you need to be tested and pushed to the wall.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 9:08 PM

Sorry, I meant to say that JJ would LOOK good against the likes of Kubot.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 9:09 PM

If Verdasco has woken up the Muzz then we have to be thankful
It's was just a little bit easy before
But it remains To be seen If that's truly the case

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:25 PM

At least JJ is not a lefty. That serve on the ad court caused Andy so many problems. If JJ were I would start crying now...

deuce , 7/3/13 9:45 PM

lefti or no lefti murray for the title ................. and i had not even an iota of doubt about the outcome of this one or the next one

isfand , 7/3/13 9:48 PM

Yes D, Although Verdi may have disrupted his rhythm now...

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:48 PM

Murray is going to have to play a lot better if he want to win Wimbledon. We know that for a fact. In the last two games I thought he upped his level to get the break and then serve it out. He's going to have to be more aggressive in his next match.

JJ will come out with nothing to lose. He hasn't done anything of note since last year in the Paris Masters. He served 30 aces against Kubot. If he can do that again and keep up the aggressive play, then he will make a match of it against Murray.

There's no question that when he's on his game, Murray is in another league from JJ at this point in time. He needs to bring that "A" game and aggressive mindset aginst JJ.

I know that really tough come from behind matches inspire Rafa and bring out his best. I would like to think that it's the same with Andy. He got tested and pushed to the limit in coming back from two sets to none down. Sometimes when a player survives a match like that, then he is freed up to come out and play his best.

We will see if this is what happens with Murray in the semis.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 9:54 PM

'lefti or no lefti murray for the title...'

Deuce, it's time for some kisses for isfand...
You take one cheek, I'll take The other

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:57 PM

You could even go on their threads and say nice things to people like danica,"

Alex please. I dont take direction from you.

pennster , 7/3/13 10:02 PM

Then Take it from me instead...
Fuck off to the left, and then fuck off to the right!
Got that penny?

Twinge , 7/3/13 10:05 PM

But poor painster, why isn't that making you a lot happier?"

Dunce,how can one feel anything but empathy for a guy with teeth and hair like that?

pennster , 7/3/13 10:06 PM

Oh it's not empathy you feel for Murray, tard.
Who do you think you're kidding?

Twinge , 7/3/13 10:11 PM

"Murray is injured , moving is hampered by his hip."

Seventeen- Oh? The crippling back injury is back? LOL

"Fuck off to the left, and then fuck off to the right!" Winge

Ah, back to swearing again, still we expect no more from you.

pennster , 7/3/13 10:13 PM

Are you trying to say that you bring the 'unexpected' to the table!?!
You tired, bitter little troll, you're as predictable as taxes!
And just as dreary

Twinge , 7/3/13 10:16 PM

All I know is, I'm in love with isfand...Lol can't have been a Murray fan for long, if had been all confidence would be drained.
Ah so you right all those nasty things about Andy cos you feel sorry for him....ah...right. I get it not...

deuce , 7/3/13 10:44 PM

zeeveeenteeeeen theenks wtfs are majors???

heheheh idiot knowz nothing of tennis which is to be expected.

zeeveeenteeeeen alzo don't forget to count all of farterer'z 250 point majorz with ztill a few more to come (az long az Rafa's not there to kick hiz zcrawny azz az uzual,

heheheh. wtf majorz. Trollz know nothing about tenniz. retard.

rafkovic18 , 7/3/13 11:48 PM

They are just telling us the score! This is just unbelievable! What is wrong with espn? Have they gone completely mad? Nativenewyorker, 7/3/13 7:28 PM

You didn't realize they had CC coverage on ESPN and court 1 coverage on ESPN2? Since Monday they've been doing that. Although yesterday they had court 1 on ESPN because Sloane was playing there and CC on ESPN2. It was weird because when there was a rain delay yesterday they showed a replay match instead of showing the CC match on both.

chr18 , 7/4/13 1:35 AM


It took you long enough to respond! Obviously I did not realize that they had CC coverage on ESPN and court 1 coverage on ESPN2! Why else do you think I said what I said?

Thanks for telling me way after the fact! Fortunately, I did get to watch the final set on ESPN3.

Nativenewyorker , 7/4/13 2:26 AM

What else would you expect from a self-confessed homophobe racist?


Conspirator , 7/4/13 3:00 AM

I just saw it hence the late response. Sorry but I thought it was funny (your reaction). ESPN has done a great job with it's coverage I must say. Next year they say they will have live coverage of 20 courts simultaneously on ESPN3. Wow!

chr18 , 7/4/13 3:58 AM

Deuce: I'm brushing up on my displacement behaviour techniques in preparation for Friday and let us hope Saturday too! Blackcurrant jelly and raspberry jam coming up.
Clever of RITB to climb Kilimanjaro while it's all going on.

ed251137 , 7/4/13 6:53 AM

Great win for Andy!!! Boy, was it unexpected to see Verdasco start that strong!!!
Congrats to both.
Friday cannot come soon enough ;).

danica , 7/4/13 9:32 AM

Great win for Murray. I hope that does not drain for the next match though. One thing with the seeds tumbling out is that he does not have to worry about another grind with a federer nadal or a tsonga. Hope we get a murkovic final. But given their current level of play, Djokovic should breeze through. But every day is new. Come Muzz!!

vmk1 , 7/4/13 9:41 AM

When I arrived home I they were just starting the third set and I was very surprised to see the score-board.
But somehow I knew that Verdasco wasn't going to win it. Not so much for confidence in Murray's game but for schepticism about Verdi's mental strenght.
Unfortunately for him, my intuition was right.
Kudos to Verdasco anyway for making it so hard for the so called favourite to win Wimby.
Of course, congrats to Murray fans for this comeback. Hope Andy is physically ok.

Shireling , 7/4/13 9:48 AM

Lol ed., I'm thinking of joining her right away, though at the moment I am too scared to leave "behind the sofa!" Saw your weather forecast. Am hoping for big winds on Friday, JJ has a huge ball toss ;)
Hope Andy asks Delboy for some of those "magic pills." Might make him play more aggressively too, with any luck.

deuce , 7/4/13 10:24 AM

Verdasco didn't choke. In fact, those of us waiting for him to do so, were unpleasantly surprised. No, he was making a lot of errors in the first two sets but Andy's game was right off and he couldn't capitalize on them. There was one service game where V. served 2 doubles and still won it. Given Andy's ROS that was surprising.
No, in the last 2-3 games Andy suddenly was able to raise his game and sneak the win. Sheer determination, I'd say.

deuce , 7/4/13 10:29 AM

I finally got to see the latter half of Murray/Verdasco. I was quite surprised to see Murray playing so defensively and Verdasco being aggressive. There were a number of rallies in which Verdasco out hit Murray. I also noticed that Verdasco was going straight to Andy's forehand side most of the time. Andy was having trouble with that forehand.

The commentators remarked at how defensively or passively Andy was playing at points in the match. For some reason he just didn't have his best. I did think that Verdasco played much better than he has for some time. I believe in the fifth set they commentators said he double faulted 11 times, which they felt wasn't bad for five sets. Verdasco has a history of double faulting all over the place, so I guess for him that stat was good.

I do think that Andy simply raised his level of play in the last two games to get the break finally and then serve it out. I do think it was the will to win. That's what you have to do when you just don't have your best.

Nativenewyorker , 7/4/13 10:46 AM

I didn't say Verdasco choked. With him, it's not quite so simple.
I see it as an overall attitude problem. If I were his coach I'd try to imprint on him a greater hunger for competition itself. It's not only about winning or losing but the process in between the two.
On the fifth set you could see Andy berating himself at every lost chance while Fernando was not showing any particular sign of being sorry to miss all those break-point chances or second serves.
To me, Verdasco has all the shots to amongst the top but just doesn't have what it takes to be in the fray of things. He's not willing to put enough work into it, much like Gulbis.
Don't want to take anything away from Andy either, he did what he had to do and coming back from a 2 set deficit in Wimbledon is no easy task.

Shireling , 7/4/13 11:54 AM

What troubled me was how similar the first two sets were to the time fernando beat muzz, which I remember painfully well, with muzz way behind the baseline getting bullied all over the place by fernando's fully firing forehand - alliteration not intended:)
I was thinking, Once bitten, muzz ...? If there was anyone at all muzz needed to apply his new found attacking prowess too, it was fernando, and I'd have thought muzz would have known that better than anyone.
The post-match question by Garry Richardson (BBC) suggesting muzz might be due fergie's 'hairdryer' treatment was incredibly harsh, but it was also unneeded after muzz had experienced over an hour of sandblasting at the hands of verdasco. Hopefully nando p[rovided muzz with all the reminding he needs that the way forward is actually ... forward.

alex , 7/4/13 2:39 PM

couldn't watch, life too full
but I have to ask where was Lendl's influence? Andy seemed to have put into practice what he needed years ago surely in good part thanks to Ivan, so why revert back to his old habits in a quarter final
I hope a little but not entirely against hope that it won't matter and we'll see Andy in the finals... and even holding the trophy... he has it in him to defeat Novak if they face each other even if it would be one of his toughest matches

chlorostoma , 7/4/13 3:02 PM

Jerzy will crumble in the SF; he could hardly speak after beating Kubot so we can safely say Murray is in the final. Now I think the media should just ease off and leave Murray alone. He is obviously not enjoying the excessive attention and just wants to get on with it.

nadline , 7/4/13 3:32 PM

'The post-match question by Garry Richardson (BBC) suggesting muzz might be due fergie's 'hairdryer' treatment was incredibly harsh, but it was also unneeded after muzz had experienced over an hour of sandblasting at the hands of verdasco..'

Well, how many times has he been at the mercy of an over-passive attitude?
How many times have we had to suffer with him?
And for what the runaround and eventual loss (bar the rare occasion the opponent kindly imploded)?
Garry Richardson is a terrible interviewer but we can't be too harsh on him for he only said what we were all thinking at the time.
Passive Andy = pain and humiliation.
The change Andy made was when he finally accepted that his clever clever counterpuncher ways would only get him so far.
That's why he cried his eyes out in the AO after the fed defeat, he finally realised that no he wasn't correct everyone else was, and to his credit that is why he hired the lendelator.
He knows what he needs to do (the 5th set of the USO)
He just has to be brave and go for it.
Or frankly he'll be toast against Novak.

Twinge , 7/4/13 4:54 PM

It's always easy to criticize or think that it's simple to just be aggressive. But there is another person on the other side of the net who has a say in what happens. Verdasco seemed to be dictating play too much of the time. If you become aggressive and rush into the net then you can get passed.

I thought that Verdasco's forehand was working very well in that match. I also thought that Verdasco anticipate what Andy was going to do. I am not sure why Andy had so much trouble defending on his forehand side.

I have no doubt that Lendl will be giving his input and advice to Andy in preparation for the semifinal. The worst thing that Andy could do would be to take JJ too lightly and think he has a ticket to the final. We don't know that JJ's emotions will make him fall apart. That's a possibility but not a certainty.

Andy had the serve, the return, the shots to beat anyone. If he can bring his best, then not only can he beat JJ but he also can beat Nole.

Nativenewyorker , 7/4/13 7:45 PM

any wishful prediction? Delpo over nole? :D
I would be really happy if Delpo or andy wins this! specially Delpo!

rafaelo , 7/4/13 8:36 PM

how solitude is here :D strange! :|

rafaelo , 7/4/13 9:26 PM

'It's always easy to criticize or think that it's simple to just be aggressive..'

Yeah right,
It's not 'easy for me' actually, I hate it, he doesn't always have to come into the net but if he continues to play a mile behind the baseline...
forget it.
I you now actually watch most of his matches and sorry his play was not acceptable regardless of who was on the other side of the net.
And yes if he is to beat Novak he is not going to do it with that
kind of defensive play is he?
He's lucky got out of the quarters alive.
Players play so far behind the baseline when
they are not sure what's coming to them and how to deal with it, so at least with the (hopefully) next 2 there will be less things to get used to even if the level of play is higher.
We'll see, I was quietly confident of some kind of breakthrough now I'm just going to see if he can surprise me.
But his record is not great in that dept.

Twinge , 7/4/13 10:24 PM


I could see that he was playing way behind the baseline. That's why I said in an earlier comment that he was playing very defensively. I am just saying that there is another player on the other side of the net and if he can make the shots and dictate play, then the other player may feel forced to play way behind the baseline.

I don't think his play was acceptable either. I said all this in earlier posts. I thought Verdasco was hitting his forehand incredibly well. It made me remember that he actually used to have a great forehand. I had almost forgotten.

It's possible that Verdasco caught Andy off guard. Also a player might stand far behind the baseline if he is having trouble reading his opponent's serve. Another factor would be lack of confidence. Since I can't talk to Andy, I am not sure exactly what was going on. Great defense is not necessarily a bad thing, but one of the commentators said that Andy was playing passively. That's something else entirely. I don't know when I have seen Andy have so much trouble on the forehand side.

Andy has the variety in his game and shots to take on JJ. I don't think JJ is quite ready for this, but we will have to wait and see. JJ did have a bunch of double faults against Kubot and he can't afford that against Andy.

Fortunately Andy does have a great coach. I am sure that Lendl will work with him in preparation for the semis.

I do have confidence that Andy can do it. It's true that he was lucky to come out of the quarters alive, but he did and hopefully he will be able to crank it up and get his game going.

Nativenewyorker , 7/4/13 11:59 PM


You still want a nolandy final? Nole would love to have claydal in the final, too bad claydal cant even get past an injured steve darcis! What else can the ATP do for claydal to show some improvement from the trauma of getting rosoled? Maybe they should just let him play the final, I am ok with that. Nole, in this form would tear rafa apart on a grass/hardcourt. I wouldn't even be surprised if Nole double bagels rafa the next time these 2 play outside clay, you know like Federer did to the other claycourter - gaudio in 2005 Masters Cup.

It is embarrassing to see claydal poop-out in the 1st round every year at wimbledon. I can't think of an athlete in their prime at 27, getting banged around by every rosol, darcis and dodig!

Are the knees still holding up? or will we see him only next year on clay again? LOL!

Fedkovic23 , 7/5/13 12:50 AM

farterer loses to stako and now running away to 250 pt grand slams.

Rafa played small tournaments to recover from lay off.

Farterer playing small tournaments to recover from being old hasbeen. Oh wait...

At least he knows clay is better surface to play on. Still dumbazz but not az dumbazz as @twenty and fcukovic20

zuck up to twinge but he don't fall for your dezparate bullzhit.

azzhole heheheh


rafkovic18 , 7/5/13 2:00 AM

holdserve aka rafkovic:

it is ok, rafa will do better than 1 title outside clay in 30 months. keep taking your meds holdserve.


If murray wins this, I will say he is a better grass-courter than claydal, murray has greater winning percentage on grass.

You will need to say nole is a better grass-courter than claydal, if nole wins this trophy.

How confident are you of murray. Here is my list:

Nole: 80% chance of 2nd Wimbledon
Murray: 19.99% chance of 1st wimbledon.
Delpotro/JJ - 0.01%

Claydal = 0% chance of winning any slam outside clay. 95% chance of never playing another slam outside clay. 5% chance of getting to 2nd round in any slam outside clay!

Fedkovic23 , 7/5/13 2:11 AM

Haha..The troll is back after like 1 week and all he could do is mouth more gibberish about just too infatuated .. Nole better grass and Andy better grass player than Rafa..Oh yeah the world agrees with

Wonder why all Fed n Nole trolls on this forum never talk about Fed/Nole but only talk about Rafa..They are just too bothered about him. If they think he is as crap as they think he is, they should just not post about him as he anyways is supposedly crap, no but the fact that they have to go all the way to put him down shows they FEARRRRRRRRRRRRRR him :-)

The kind of % thrown above, it would be so nice if people could throw those same % confidence on what will happen with their own miserable they will do something good in life then.

sanju , 7/5/13 8:23 AM

Rafans - 1 more thing did you notice? It is now no longer for the trolls o club Fed + Djoko together to put down Rafa. Now frantic attempts are being made to even certain Murray fans who always diss Rafa to join the club so that strengths of all 3 can be collectively used to put down Rafa.

So now the trolls need Fed + Djoko + Murray to put Rafa down and make him look bad :-) Just goes to reiterate further how much the trolls fear Rafa..

And regarding Djoko and Murray being better grass court players , advise to look up ATP H2H on grass between Rafa n others , its as simple as that :-). It is not flattering at all.

sanju , 7/5/13 10:07 AM

`And regarding Djoko and Murray being better grass court players , advise to look up ATP H2H on grass between Rafa n others , its as simple as that :-). It is not flattering at all...`
Here begins the slow fed-like march of the average nadal fan into nostalgia and the history books.
In case you haven't noticed Nadal was knocked out in the first and second rounds over the last 2 years!
I'm not attacking you but honestly if you think this bodes well for his future grass exploits against either of them then i think you are not being realistic.

Twinge , 7/5/13 1:29 PM

Rather have history than wishful thinking.


Conspirator , 7/5/13 1:58 PM

As you are butting in, please tell me at least what's the `wishful thinking` that i have is Conspirator?

Twinge , 7/5/13 2:16 PM

There is no "butting in" on a public forum.

Djokovic and Murray are obviously better than Rafa on grass over the last two years (largely due to injuries). However, Rafa's best grass court form is better than Nole's or Andy's IMO (somewhat factually supported by two Wimby titles for Rafa vs. 1 combined from Nole and Andy).

The wishful thinking is that Rafa has done and proven it. Andy has not . Yet.

That said, C'MON THE MUZZA!!!!

Conspirator , 7/5/13 2:33 PM

If that is wishful thinking then what can be said of thinking Rafa's grass court form is going to be better than those two going on.
What hes going to start winning the channel slam when hes 28 again,
Oh sure!
Ah but the caveat is also when `not injured`
Which is the old nadline line of him only losing due to injury.
Look Rafa was a better grass court player than Andy in the past no one could argue with that but this is sport things change and it remains to be seen if this still holds true. Injury or not.
And last time when Nadal did manage to reach the finals he was beaten by you know who.
Was he injured then i cant remember
No doubt I'm being a hater by pointing this out but as you reminded me that this was a public forum let me remind you and more importantly some of your friends here that this is not a rafa fan site its a general tennis site to discuss ideas and opinions about the sport.
Which means we shouldn't be too surprised or offended when we don't all agree that Rafa is the best all the time.
And yes i know we are being in denial about it but there you go :(

Twinge , 7/5/13 2:50 PM

"If that is wishful thinking then what can be said of thinking Rafa's grass court form is going to be better than those two going on."

Didn't say that is what I thought, did I?

"And last time when Nadal did manage to reach the finals he was beaten by you know who."

One match at one point in time doesn't prove much. Like saying Fed is a better grass court player than Sampras just because he beat him there once.

"No doubt I'm being a hater by pointing this out but as you reminded me that this was a public forum let me remind you and more importantly some of your friends here that this is not a rafa fan site its a general tennis site to discuss ideas and opinions about the sport."

Couldn't agree more with everything you said in the above quote! :)

"Which means we shouldn't be too surprised or offended when we don't all agree that Rafa is the best all the time."

Not surprised nor offended. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Conspirator , 7/5/13 3:18 PM

oh you and your reasonable posts!!!!
I don't agree with the final of Wimbledon being one match at one time however
That's for all time baby!
Those are the ones that count.
Don't even try and say otherwise.
Again I'm not disputing that Rafa was great on grass
But i do reject the wishful carrying forward of this long passed form into the future when the exact opposite has recently occurred, its nonsensical.
And that is no longer aimed at you but my original point.

Twinge , 7/5/13 3:36 PM

You feel Rafa's done on grass for obvious reasons. I'm not willing to write him off yet for obvious reasons. He's found ways to adjust in the past and I think he was pretty much mentally fried this Wimby. He said as much and I believe him.


Conspirator , 7/5/13 4:03 PM

Andy is done on clay. He said as much. The last 2 years have been unfortunate for Rafa at Wimbledon, much to their loss, but I have no doubt he'll be biting the trophy again. Muzz will never win RG, ever.

Here's what Muzz said:

if his fans are living in cloud cuckoo land, he isn't.

nadline , 7/5/13 4:09 PM

Living in cloud cukoo land?
We will see who that is won't we?
And not one Murray fan even contemplates RG never mind cares, other than when its on.

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:14 PM

^^Its crazy the way so many Rafans think we should care about clay.
There's a serious lack of objectivity at work
And no I'm not for a minute suggesting its a `lesser surface`


Twinge , 7/5/13 4:18 PM

Same can be said for grass.


Conspirator , 7/5/13 4:26 PM

Watch the link and hear Murray acknowledge that Roger and Rafa are better players than him and have achieved far more than him. At least he is realistic.

nadline , 7/5/13 4:28 PM

^^^he's always said this and he is right but its not going to change anything going on is it?

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:31 PM

^^^In that case stop whingeing on about Rafa can't do this, that and the other. Every reasonable person knows he is still recovering and he put a lot on his knees by doing much better than could be expected on his comeback.

nadline , 7/5/13 4:43 PM

you know NOTHING about being reasonable

Twinge , 7/5/13 4:46 PM

nadline, 7/5/13 4:43 PM



Conspirator , 7/5/13 5:15 PM

And I'm going to continue talking about what i like here esp as it is meant to be a Muzz
I hope it doesn't upset too many of you :(

Twinge , 7/5/13 5:23 PM

You know it's a Muzz thread but you can't stop talking about Rafa. You just can't help yourself,can you?

nadline , 7/5/13 5:29 PM

it was started by fedkovic and Sanju for the record but....
Yes I'm obsessed and i have to keep talking but no one is more obsessed than you!
I don't know why your other half puts up with you

Twinge , 7/5/13 5:36 PM

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