• Ferrer faces Del Potro in Wimbledon quarterfinal

    7/2/13 7:32 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Ferrer faces Del Potro in Wimbledon quarterfinal World No. 4 David Ferrer is back on court to face World No. 8 Juan Martin Del Potro for a place in the semifinal. The winner moves on to meet World No. 1 Novak Djokovic or World No. 6 Tomas Berdych in the next round.

    Fourth seed David Ferrer holds a 6-2 series advantage over 8th seed Juan Martin Del Potro. The veteran leads 2-0 on grass, which includes a 2012 meeting at the All-England Club.

    Ferrer is through to the quarterfinal after dismissing Ivan Dodig in four sets. The 31-year-old Spaniard struck 53 winners en route to victory, 6-7(3), 7-6(6), 6-1, 6-1.

    “He's a very great player,” Ferrer assessed. “It's going to be difficult. I need to play my best tennis to beat Del Potro. And on a grass court I think it is more difficult. He plays better than me on grass. Last year I beat him, but I think I played my best match on a grass court.”

    Ferrer is seeking his first Wimbledon semifinal berth.

    Del Potro advanced to his first Wimbledon quarterfinal with a straight-sets ousting of 23rd seed Andreas Seppi. The 24-year-old Argentine tallied 9 aces and 36 winners through two hours and 22 minutes of play.

    “I’m so happy to be in the quarterfinals for the first time here in Wimbledon. I’m improving playing on grass; I like it a lot," Del Potro explained.

    “It’s going to be difficult against Ferrer, but I’m very excited to play him. He's playing fantastic this season; he will be No. 3 in the world. I think he's the favourite, but I like to play this match on the grass. If my knee is OK, I think it will be a good match.”

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It is just a shame that the organizers decided to put much bigger match Djokovic - Berdich on the Court One in favor of Ferrer - Del Potro match which is playing at the Center Courte.
It is disrespectful to the crowd at the Center Court (not to mention the player ranked No1). It is also pitiful/obvious move to give Murray better chance of winning the tournament, no matter the price, since Djokovic hasn?t yet played on this court (which plays differently than Center Court) and both players will probably have to fight rain delays.
Definitely not ok.

ticapan , 7/2/13 8:52 PM

Oh boo-hoo
If they were Desperate for Andy to win they would have given him the easiest draws
Not Close the roof in a minutes notice etc
It's about time he enjoyed some favouritism in my view Anyway

Twinge , 7/2/13 9:05 PM

Daveed in 4.
5-7, 6-4, 7-6, 6-2.

alex , 7/3/13 2:06 PM

oops, looks like DelPo might have to retire.. more slipping

Shireling , 7/3/13 2:23 PM

it's David btw..
Looks as if DelPo has recovered

Shireling , 7/3/13 2:39 PM

Delpo is noticeably limping. Despite being up a break it does not look good for him.

chr18 , 7/3/13 2:41 PM

What a nasty fall that was.I just can't remember when players fell so much in wimbledon.Was very concerned about delpo but looks like the drugs the doctor gave him is working....a break up.this should be interesting and ferrer seems like this fall has affected him more...what a shame

Getty8 , 7/3/13 2:48 PM

Somehow i'm glad rafa lost early looking at the way players have been slipping and falling in this tournament.Rafa doesn't need that for his recuperating knee...blessing in disguise i say for rafa :)

Getty8 , 7/3/13 3:04 PM

wow...ferrer struggling against a one and half legged delpo?......must be the magic of the drugs lol

Getty8 , 7/3/13 3:34 PM

Things looking good for Delpo now. So long as the knee holds up the match should be his.

chr18 , 7/3/13 3:35 PM

But how what happens when he faces Djokovic? If he is hobbled it wont make for a good SF:-((

ed251137 , 7/3/13 4:09 PM

@ed,the painkillers should do some magic there...don't worry

Getty8 , 7/3/13 4:14 PM

Ferrer has beally become quite the grunter. Seles would be proud. Sensing a momentum shift here. Either Delpo (knee) or Ferrer will be toast against the Djoker.

chr18 , 7/3/13 4:16 PM

what a miss from delpo?nerves maybe?

Getty8 , 7/3/13 4:24 PM

was delpo really limping? how did he beat ferrer in 3 sets then? ferrer makes you run a lot

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 4:30 PM

Wow... Felitaciones Delpo!....what a win!...didn't think it was possible after that fall in the opening game.Best wimbledon performance for him...upwards and onwards....hard luck to ferrer as well,wasn't a great match for him but all in all a good tournament

Getty8 , 7/3/13 4:32 PM

Unbelievable finish from Delpo. Incredible running forehands the last 2 points.

chr18 , 7/3/13 4:32 PM

Well done to DelPo. I don't think he will be so easy to beat - hope the knee holds to give us an entertaining semi.
Comies to Ferrer, he kept at it as much as he could, was not to be today.

Shireling , 7/3/13 4:34 PM

remember, delpo beat djokovic in straight sets for bronze medal at london olympics last year...he is in with a real chance IF his knee holds up..counting on you guys to give me an assessment...I just followed the score for this one as I was watching berdy djo

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 4:38 PM

Ferrer is now #3 and Roger is #5.

nadline , 7/3/13 4:38 PM

Del Potro was moving very well.( I watched this match instead of novak/tomas) He hit some huge groundstrokes throughout the match, and used his variety to keep ferrer off balance. I don't think he will beat Nole, but it should be a good match.

tj600 , 7/3/13 4:47 PM

moving well? :S how is there a contradiction ! tj600 is usually good with his/her observations

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 5:12 PM

Congrats to Delpo, commies to Ferru!!!

Monalysa , 7/3/13 6:19 PM

Knew Delpo could do it but in straight sets, wow!

Now heres to hoping he has saved his best game for a match with Novak!!

aegis , 7/3/13 6:20 PM

vamosrafa..Delpo was just fab, he just did not let Daveed move him around the court and exploit watever limp he had. He was serving great and hitting fab forehands and literally bossed David with them.

With Djoko, I hope Delpo swings freely. Djoko can exploit the movement and limp but yu never know, Delpo can pull off the upset, he is capable of.

I atleast was very happy that Ferrer lost because Ferrer Djoko can have only 1 result ;-), with Delpo there can be an element of surprise :-)

sanju , 7/3/13 6:25 PM

I agree. The last 2 FHs to end the match were amazing!

tj600 , 7/3/13 6:29 PM

thanks sanju ! yup..ferrer is helpless against djoko

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 6:40 PM

I woke up to see some great results. I thought that Delpo would beat Ferrer. I think Ferrer was lucky to get past Dolgo. It seems that Delpo's knee is holding up.

From what I am reading, it sounds like Delpo played really well. It should be a great semifinal with Delpo and Nole.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 7:05 PM

ezpeziallee farterer greatezt ratz of all tiime heheheh

rafkovic18 , 7/3/13 8:19 PM

NOT what I expected. If delpo is fit he can really test nole in the semis. a big game player capable of beating anyone on his day. after this match, i won't be making any predos :-)

alex , 7/3/13 8:44 PM

Delpo has balls of steel!

Twinge , 7/3/13 8:54 PM

Took an awful tumble though, must've been playing on adrenaline. Think Nole will just make him run and run.

deuce , 7/3/13 9:21 PM

I don't know why you don't like Delpo Deuce
I think he is a wonderful player when playing his best
The soaring forehand is a thing of beauty

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:33 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if Delpo pulls out once the meds wear off and swelling/stiffness sets in like what happened to Vika.

Conspirator , 7/3/13 9:41 PM


I honestly don't want to see that happen. I hope that Delpo can get some treatment and having two days off will help. I want to see a real semifinal, not a walkover!

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 9:49 PM

I heard Delpo presser in spanish for latin america ESPN and he seemed way less worried about his knees than before the match. So I guess he won't have any issues like he seemed to have before the Seppi's game.

Anyway, we really don't know what kind of limitations to his game will the knees drive, we shall see.

One thing is sure, if he is really healthy, he is capable of beating Djokovic.

Emiliano55 , 7/3/13 10:01 PM


That's good news. I hope that he gets whatever treatment is necessary for him to be able to play his best against Nole. I want to see a quality semifinal. This is Delpo's best result at Wimbledon. It's nice to see him doing well on the grass. There's no question that when he is at his best, he has the ability to beat the top four.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 10:11 PM

Talking of knees. Can anyone explain how Djokovic's knees work?

There was one shot when he went into a slide, nearly did the splits and with both knees virtually touching the ground still hit the ball back to win the point.

The tensile strength in his legs is off the scale.

ed251137 , 7/4/13 7:21 AM

DelPo played great, moved around the court very good and will be hard to beat. I still believe Nole will prevail but it will be a much, much tougher match than anything he encountered so far in the tournament.

danica , 7/4/13 9:21 AM

I watched the match. I was blown away by the way Nole got to some impossible shots and got them back with interest. If anyone even took a set off him, I'd be surprised,with him in this form. He is playing at the peak of his powers at the moment. Its absolutely a privilege to watch him play. Thankfully I do not have to worry about him playing Rafa. By the end of the year,we could be hearing that a bump into the net cost him the calendar GS

vmk1 , 7/4/13 9:31 AM

Well, he did say that he thinks he plays better than in 2011. but still, matches need to be played and everything is always possible. I prefer to be cautious and mildly optimistic :)

danica , 7/4/13 9:39 AM

Well, he did say that he thinks he plays better than in 2011.
, 7/4/13 9:39 AM

But is he really? Prior to Wimby def not, not sure what he is sayng. If he is talking only of Wimby then yes his performance in Wimby 2013 is better than Wimby 2011.

Lets hope thaat Delpo is fit and we get a real match.

Danica - Are you still feeling winner will be from Murray half or your opinion has changed now?

sanju , 7/4/13 10:08 AM

How many of you have read this article on Djoko? Its 1 year old but a great read esp for all Djoko fans.

Djoko fans - My gift for you if you havent already read :-) ic-become-fittest-athlete-ever-espn-magazine

Man what sacrifice and change of routine and discipline behind that transformation.People say Rafa is disciplined and controlled, it looks as per the article that Djokovic is even more controlled :-). Poor guy cannot even eat anything he wants ever :-)

sanju , 7/4/13 10:54 AM

I had read that earlier,Sanju. If a person has so much will power, he deserves all the success he is getting. He has become the man by beating the men, hence deserves all that is coming his way, just like Rafa. Rafa,I think was born physically fit while Djoko had to work like crazy on his fitness after all the problems he faced in the earlier years. That is praiseworthy indeed.
If Delpo read that piece, he 'd surely be intimidated :)

vmk1 , 7/4/13 11:23 AM

I think Nole was speaking only about his game in Wimbledon. Surely, he couldn't have put his prior performances in the same category, although I think this form was already present at the FO.

As for the winner, if Nole and Andy play on Sunday, I am not sure. Andy is terrific, so is Nole, but both seem to have some mental lapses. It will probably come down to, same old same old :), whoever plays the bigger points better. However, lets see first how the semis play out.

Thanx for the article, I am not sure if I read it, but I certainly will ;)

danica , 7/4/13 11:25 AM

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