• Murray meets Youzhny in round of 16

    6/30/13 8:20 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray meets Youzhny in round of 16 World No. 2 Andy Murray will attempt to reach the fourth round at Wimbledon, as he takes on former World No. 8 Mikhail Youzhny. The players are joined in action by Fernando Verdasco, who faces France's Kenny De Schepper.

    (2) Andy Murray vs. (20) Mikhail Youzhny

    Second seed Andy Murray holds a 2-0 series edge against 20th seed Mikhail Youzhny entering into the fourth round. The two are set to meet for the first time since 2009.

    Murray is through to the round of 16 after taking out 32nd seed Tommy Robredo in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, 7-5. The 26-year-old Scot struck 40 winners through 121 minutes of competition. Murray is seeking his sixth consecutive quarterfinal berth at Wimbledon.

    Youzhny advanced to the fourth round with a 6-3, 6-4, 7-5 victory over Serbia's Viktor Troicki. The Russian veteran converted four of 11 break points through 125 minutes of play. Youzhny looks to secure his second straight quarterfinal spot at the tournament.

    Fernando Verdasco vs. Kenny De Schepper

    World No. 54 Fernando Verdasco made the round of 16 after dismissing Latvia's Ernests Gulbis in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, 6-4. The 29-year-old Madrid native tallied 7 aces and 29 winners in 105 minutes of play. Verdasco will attempt to reach his first quarterfinal berth at the All-England Club.

    World No. 80 Kenny De Schepper is through to the final 16 following his three-sets upset win over 22nd seed Juan Monaco. The 26-year-old Frenchman is seeking his first quarterfinal appearance in a Grand Slam event.

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Just stay focused, Muzz, and treat every match like it's your hardest yet.

alex , 7/1/13 8:52 AM

Really looking forward to this one. With serena/lisicki on at 1pm, muzz should be on by 2 at the latest :-)

alex , 7/1/13 11:26 AM

Let's Go Andy! Let's Go!
As alex says, and no doubt Andy/Lendl/camp etc, one match at a time :)

deuce , 7/1/13 1:16 PM

Good luck to Andy.
I think he will be tested in this one but he should prevail :)

Shireling , 7/1/13 3:25 PM

Great call alex. ;)

chr18 , 7/1/13 4:23 PM

one between Janowicz or Kubot will reach the semis finals, Unbelievable

atul1985 , 7/1/13 4:43 PM

It's gotta be JJ. Kubot struggled to to put Mannarino away in five sets!

Shirling: No way!!!!!!!!!! If if Andy takes an afternoon nap Youzhny may take one set but the way Andy is playing it'll more likely be a straight sets win.

ed251137 , 7/1/13 5:03 PM

Andy should now try to up his game...

Twinge , 7/1/13 5:04 PM

Judy Murray has gotten really grey in the last year. I blame Andy.

chr18 , 7/1/13 5:25 PM

Lol chris18.....u should see what he's done to the rest of us.....;)

deuce , 7/1/13 5:33 PM

breaks back, obligatory Murray brain burp

Twinge , 7/1/13 5:52 PM

What an Idiot, I thought we were beyond all of this,
probably never will be...

Twinge , 7/1/13 5:59 PM

Now that's how you BB!
Okay you're forgiven..for now

Twinge , 7/1/13 6:13 PM

Murray has been clutching at his hip and leg. That's all we need if he has picked up an injury!

He'd better win this TB. He doesn't need to play fpur sets.

Thank goodness, he is now two sets up.

ed251137 , 7/1/13 6:36 PM

murray is my favourite for the title...good going muzz just step up the aggressiveness on the forehand side!

vamosrafa , 7/1/13 6:52 PM

@ vamosrafa, he drives me nuts, only starts playing really aggressively when he's down! As Twingey said, "idiot!"
@ ed clutching is much worse when not playing well....;)

deuce , 7/1/13 6:55 PM

He needs to finally become the flying scotsman
or whats that other dude
`You'll can take our freedom etc
Yopu know the braveheart fellow.
Champs lay it down on the line and go for it,
Aggressiveness particularly on the greenstuff is the only way..
Its so melancholy when he gets passive.
it drives me to distraction!
Unleash the beast Andy!

Twinge , 7/1/13 7:01 PM

deuce, agreed. Muzza will not get away with any letdowns vs Nole and it could be the difference.

If he can be more consistent at his best vs Nole then he can certainly win it. Hope so.

Conspirator , 7/1/13 7:15 PM

He was soo far behind that damn baseline. Drives me nuts!
*Pulls hair and stamps off.*

deuce , 7/1/13 7:17 PM

The real match is betwixt Hass and Novak
never thought Andy would lose Today,
Novak looks like the world number one because thats what he is.
Thought Youzhney gave a good account of himself for longer periods than usual.
Andy will peak in the finals, if he makes it
And will be `ON` if Novak is on the other side of the net no doubt.

Twinge , 7/1/13 7:19 PM

C'mon Muzza, do it for Rafa!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/13 7:24 PM

Good work for Murry doing it in straight sets. Now I want to see Nole and Hass. I wonder if that one will live up to expectations.

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/13 7:45 PM

Nole... scary good.

Look at the returns!

sabs , 7/1/13 8:02 PM

Haas swearing in his native tongue, think BB should translate lol!

mojo , 7/1/13 8:12 PM

@ chr18 4:23

Rarely been so happy to get it so wrong, but we're not to talk about the ladies on here, even the ones that compete with the men;)

alex , 7/1/13 9:14 PM

muzz at his most painfully infuriating in set 2 - the old, dark side I wish would be gone forever and ever. In game 3 he breaks with three strokes of genius - drop shot winner, lob winner, and passing winner - then in the next game, no pressure on him, starts berating himself, body language turns inwards, virtually prophesying to himself and his opponent that he's about to be broken, which happens twice in a row. Then typically at 5-2 down comes back to reach and win the tie break in a set he thoroughly deserved to lose for his attitude alone. Will the muzzercoasters please stop?!
The annoying thing is that nothing in the 2nd set, even the outcome, came as a surprise, because muzz seems to decide 'I know the mimimum I need to do to win this', and anything more is somehow a waste of energy, when actually it must be a huge drain of energy, nervous and physical. Muzz could and should have won 6-4, 6-2, 6-1 today, but why do it if you don't have to? He sets his performance level at whatever is needed to beat any opponent, whether they're ranked 10th or 100th.
When muzz does what he did today, everyone says afterwards, 'Well, he won't get away with that against nole or berdych.' Yes, but he won't play that way against them - he won't set his thermostat at that level for them, he'll do the mimimum required against them also, while the muzzateers fall of the sofa with heart failure.

alex , 7/1/13 9:40 PM

'Muzz could and should have won 6-4, 6-2, 6-1 today, but why do it if you don't have to? He sets his performance level at whatever is needed to beat any opponent, whether they're ranked 10th or 100th. ..'

I don't agree with this or at least I find it a little contradictory alex.
He could have and should won in 3 yes so his performance level wasn't at the required level
for he in fact he did have to win it quickly enough
He could have dropped a set or worse.
And how would that have helped his energy?
It's shows how far he has come that such a concentration lapse seemed jarring (which is good)
But I did not like it one bit
Old bad memories and I've only been following him for 3 years!

Twinge , 7/1/13 10:23 PM

Lol Twingey, such a newcomer....;) These lapses are sooo infuriating. What really irritated me was that he only started played brilliant aggressive tennis when he needed to. Almost needs to be kicked out of old defensive mode rather than adopting attacking tennis from the off.
Come forward Andy, come to the net. You're so good when you do!
*sighs and leaves*

deuce , 7/2/13 7:22 AM

Nice workout and win for Murray!! Djoko was impressive. Almost took the chair umpire with him when he did the fist pump immediately after shaking hands with the chair umpire, LOL

vmk1 , 7/2/13 9:23 AM

Andy is keeping his feet firmly on the ground despite the over enthusiastic British media. With Rafa, out I hope Andy takes his chance and wins Wimbledon this year.

Rafa will be back fitter; meanwhile I will keep watching the RG13 SF over and over again.

nadline , 7/2/13 9:47 AM

Oh deuce, I don't think it's ever going to be easy, as ivan says, there are parts of muzz that will never change 'completely'. Yes there have been big changes from thedays when the likes of melzer and stan were taking muzz to 5 sets in slams. And 3-5 years ago this one would definitely have gone to at least 4 sets, because of muzz's need to put himself through penance! While you and I frantically posted to each other from behind the sofa 'Can I come out now?' lol. Twingey, had you been there during the years of more downs than ups you'd fully understand where the more battle scarred muzzateers are coming from. Lol.
Next up verdasco. Now I'm definitely going to relax and fully enjoy this one:-) I think ...

alex , 7/2/13 10:09 AM

alex, loved your post :) Yes, through the good and bad times....Would the highs be so high if we hadn't had those dreadful lows?
But RELAX, RELAX??? OMG whatever you're smoking I want some...;)

deuce , 7/2/13 10:22 AM

Nadline - thanks for the nice sentiments and having watched the uso final highlights many times I cann fully understand your course of action. Yes, I do believe -as I always have done during rafa's injury breaks - that he will be bacj to his winning ways with a vengeance. I just hope that his need to dominate the clay season doesn't contnue to require Wimbie as the sacrificial lamb, as he has proven than he can play top of the world tennis on grass. His 2008 5-set triumph on grass was imo the two best players ever,both playing at the very peak of their powers ... and rafa won. I'd love muzz to meet rafa in a wimbie final.

The ideal scenario for this year's final would be nole and muzz meeting without either having dropped a set - both as fresh as possible for an all-out epic. But I'm a tincey bit scared of big janovicz who growls like a bear and has the air of a terminator about him.

alex , 7/2/13 10:24 AM

Feeling that either Andy or Nole will get upset before the finals and we will not see a Nole Andy final. Let us see if both make it. I think 1 of goes out before the final.

sanju , 7/2/13 10:34 AM

I thought it was interesting that Novak couldn't serve it out last night,
Tommy was terrible for the most part and yet could still make something of a show of it towards the end.
After the match Novak was saying that he was playing better than when he won here and that its was good that he could have a work out with a `grass court specialist` like Haas.
I'm thinking he's getting himself mentally prepared to play the real grass court specialist remaining which is Andy.
if he doesn't choke Andy could definitely win this one, if he gets there of course.
I'm not saying he will win it but he def has a good chance.

Twinge , 7/2/13 10:49 AM

Like you say, twinge, for andy it's all up top. No 'self destructs', that's all i ask.

alex , 7/2/13 10:55 AM

^^^^^ deuce, thanks:-) maybe we should take a leaf out muzz's book and do yoga ... WHILE HE'S PLAYING!

alex , 7/2/13 11:01 AM

Yes and no effing blisters too!
grass should help against that.
If he is aggressive and just goes for it there will be no time to doubt himself.
But if he try's to feel his way into the final......
ggrrr I'm putting a hit on him after he loses

Twinge , 7/2/13 11:05 AM

Sadly, Laura Robson is buying into the hype. She should take her cue from Andy who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

nadline , 7/2/13 11:17 AM

sanju - the way this wimbie is going, you're probably right, but I so hope you're wrong, even if it were nole that were to go out. If muzz made it to the final, strangely I'd rather he met nole than the big bird, there'd certainly be less pressure on him.

alex , 7/2/13 11:23 AM

Laura has done really well but she looked miserable & worried going into Wimbledon,
It cant be easy all that pressure, while Andy has had a lot more practice.
She could have beaten kaneipi (?) also, she was up a couple of breaks in the TB but alas she choked.
A place in the semis had she won was not unthinkable given the shockathon from Serena.
She can only improve going on.
Oh and it HAS to be a Nolandy final, nothing less will do...
Also both are playing much better than fedal were and its the 2nd week so bar a couple of dropped sets i think thats what we will get.

Twinge , 7/2/13 11:50 AM

Andy never succumbed to the hype, even as a teenager. Andy doesn't court celebrity status which Laura seems to like and Heather too. They should be steered away from the X-Factor mentality that they are trying to force upon them and concentrate on developing their game.

It's no use saying she could have beaten Kanepi, the fact is, she didn't. Tennis is about margins and winning the big points. Laura, obviously, is talented and should do well if she is not distracted. There have been many promising British players before her who all ended up in the commentating box by their mid twenties having not much to show for their efforts.

It's tough to make it to the top and stay there so she should keep her head down and not get too far ahead of herself. I get so cross listening to the commentary during all matches. There is so much propaganda regarding the players going on that anyone would think that the winner was decided by phone-in votes from the viewers.

nadline , 7/2/13 12:27 PM

I'd rather he met nole than the big bird, there'd certainly be less pressure on him.
, 7/2/13 11:23 AM

Agree if he meets Berd or Delpo, all the pressure will be on Andy and if he meets Delpo, he can lose it too. If he meets Nole, pressure will be equal and both will be very tight.

sanju , 7/2/13 12:54 PM

'It's no use saying she could have beaten Kanepi, the fact is, she didn't..'

There is use.
Had she not blinked and DF she could have closed off the set, but yes what's done is done.
Getting beaten like that however is not the same as being double bageled is it?
Its almost the opposite of hopeless.
She def has potential but look at someone like Wozniaki not a great player who nevertheless has been richly rewarded with endorsements etc.
Okay she got to number one but please she was never a true number one just one of the revolving beneficiaries of the weakened WTA.
That pull has to be greater for the women than the men (ie the ones without big titles) if they look good enough and she does.
The X factor style pathway cannot be sniffed at in the financial sense as she could earn more money this way than she probably ever will winning matches.
Its how the world works unfortunately.
I think she could crack the top 10 at least and that will probably be enough for the money machine to get behind her.
It's up to Laura to see how much it will be about her tennis or cashing in.
But i think she is the real deal

Twinge , 7/2/13 1:01 PM

She's got her head screwed on and given her age and talent she should climb into the top 10 - Miles was a good choice of coach for this stage in her career. Hope she's got enough sense not to buy into the media hype and go the way of so many potentially good players in the WTA. If she concentrates on her tennis now there will be richer rewards in store later.

ed251137 , 7/2/13 1:36 PM

'But if he try's to feel his way into the final.....'

Actually I'm going to contradict my earlier sentiment somewhat by saying it might be okay if he feels his way into the match.
Andy and Novak are always tight at the start of their meetings, which is why although being so difficult to beat he is better than fedal who will just roll over him by taking advantage.
As long as it doesn't go on very long!
should they both get there ;)

Twinge , 7/2/13 2:10 PM

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