• Federer back in Wimbledon action vs. Stakhovsky

    6/25/13 10:24 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer back in Wimbledon action vs. Stakhovsky Roger Federer will continue his Wimbledon campaign on Wednesday against Sergiy Stakhovsky. Federer suddenly has a wide-open draw thanks to the absence of Rafael Nadal.

    Roger Federer and Sergiy Stakhovsky will be going head-to-head for the second time in their careers when they clash in the Wimbledon second round on Wednesday. Their only previous encounters came in the 2011 Dubai quarterfinals, with Federer cruising 6-3, 6-4.

    The seven-time champion's Monday opener at the All-England Club was even more straightforward. He hammered Victor Hanescu 6-3, 6-2, 6-0 in a mere one hour and nine minutes to kick off the proceedings on Centre Court. Federer, who is 27-7 for the season, has bounce back nicely from a blowout quarterfinal loss to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the French Open. Prior to his win over Hanescu, the world No. 3 captured a grass-court title in Halle.

    Stakhovsky has been in mostly dreadful form ever since the start of last season. The Ukrainian registers down at No. 116 in the world and he is a mere 8-10 at the ATP level this year. Stakhovsky, though, capitalized on a favorable draw and crushed clay-courter Rogerio Dutra Silva 6-4, 6-0, 6-4 in his opener.

    The good fortune, of course, is coming to an abrupt halt for the underdog now that Federer is on the other side of the net. Federer is a seven-time Wimbledon champion and he is a heavy favorite to reach at least the semifinals now that Rafael Nadal is out of the tournament. All signs point to a dominant three-set victory for the Swiss.

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Roger Federer has been told he cannot wear his orange-soled trainers again after they were judged to have broken Wimbledon's all-white dress code.

The 31-year-old seven-time Wimbledon champion played in them during his opening-round win on Monday.

tethys , 6/26/13 3:52 PM

Nike is aware of this rule, smells a bit like a marketing gag.

textor , 6/26/13 3:57 PM

C''MON! :)

sky , 6/26/13 6:28 PM

Woooooooo!!!! First set down Stakhovsky is playing well...

sky , 6/26/13 7:01 PM

Stakhovsky is proving a tough customer, playing very well. 1 set each. C'MON Roger!!! C'MON! :)

sky , 6/26/13 7:47 PM

2nd set to the ucranian. He is playing really out of his mind, we might see Roger Rosoled/Darcied here if he keeps playing with this calm.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 7:49 PM

Stsky is serving so well

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 7:50 PM

Roger! Roger! Roger! lol :)

sky , 6/26/13 7:56 PM

Roger is also playing well although he did miss out on those two break points both on his forehand. I would say Roger is closer to winning then Stakhovsky. C'MON Rog!!!

sky , 6/26/13 8:03 PM

Very close match! Stakhovsky is playing unreal. C'MON ROGER!!!! C'MON!!! :)

sky , 6/26/13 8:10 PM

Just imagine what if Roger lost..:-p

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 8:14 PM

no way!!!!!!!!!! :) C'MON FED! lol

sky , 6/26/13 8:16 PM

Federer is making ridiculous UEs at key moments. If the ucranian gets this set, we have another big upset here.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 8:20 PM

ops! C'MON FED! lol

sky , 6/26/13 8:24 PM

Lol... Told you so, I don't see Federer winning this in 5.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 8:24 PM

Well, well, well... C'MON FED! Go FED! C'MON FED! LOL :) Not over till it's over.

sky , 6/26/13 8:28 PM

Good match. FED will need to pick it up a notch or two to win this one.

sky , 6/26/13 8:30 PM

this is incredible grass court tennis from stakhosky.. so much variation !not giving any rhythm to federer... a very even match so far.... federer is just not sharp enough on big points...he usually wins the key points to squeeze out the tight 7-5 or 7-6 sets on grass

vamosrafa , 6/26/13 8:31 PM

M smelling a blood....hmmmmm

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 8:32 PM

Fed Rafa tsonga cilic......sharapova azerenka ivanovic....All are out in just 3 days lol

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 8:38 PM

Well, I guess is over lol.
This is definitely what Roger needed to consider retiring. He is losing to everybody nowadays.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 8:38 PM

the FED is in trouble C'MON FED! Stakhosky has been SOLID. Go FED!!! :) Go!!!

sky , 6/26/13 8:39 PM

I think Federer deserves to lose this now, not playing well and seems unwilling to adjust his game at all!

rbennett , 6/26/13 8:39 PM

the FED needs to slice a lot more, make Stakhosky bent more

sky , 6/26/13 8:40 PM

2 bps lost with 2nd serve... we can't do anything.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 8:43 PM


Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 8:44 PM

Fed is out now surely...

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 8:45 PM

Agreed sky. He should slice more and play it safer on the forehand side!

rbennett , 6/26/13 8:47 PM

How can you be sure?! it's the FED! BELIEVE!!!! the FED has had good chances. the FED has had some bad forehand shots that usually make other pay, not paying decided yet... Go FED!

sky , 6/26/13 8:48 PM


sky , 6/26/13 8:50 PM


sky , 6/26/13 8:51 PM


sky , 6/26/13 8:52 PM

If it goes to the 5th
..Fed will surely prevail

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 8:53 PM

What a shot? Trying to kill Stakovsky... what a gentleman..
C'MON SERGEY... send him home!!!

zare , 6/26/13 9:01 PM

I don't think Fed will lose this. But I'd like to say this: for a crass court that plays as slow as clay nowadays (according to all those Nadal bashers out there), I think Stahkovski is playing quite a neat serve and volley game!

JBeer , 6/26/13 9:02 PM

Impressive how well and often Stakhosky is playing the net.

sky , 6/26/13 9:03 PM

Cmon Roger breaks now.......i dont want another TB

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 9:05 PM

Federer's return is sooo horrible today. He is allowing the ucranian to finish off points at the net on every 2nd serve. That's insane.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 9:06 PM

It must be extremely difficult trying to get passed a guy who is 6'4 and ast playing at the net, and the game of his life. Chapeau to Roger for still being in the match! C'MON FED! C'MON!

sky , 6/26/13 9:12 PM

Sorry for Federer, but not for his disgusting online fan base (the ones that enjoyed seeing Nadal go). Who wants to have another retarded GOAT discussion now?

JBeer , 6/26/13 9:17 PM

Federer's decline has been confirmed. Deserved 6th spot for him.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 9:17 PM

Congrats to Stakhosky fans. looks like the FED is out of Wimbledon 2013. Would have loved to see the FED play a little better, but Stakhosky was awesome! No doubt about that. Congrats for sure.

sky , 6/26/13 9:19 PM

Stakhovskied!!!!! COngrats to Sergy. I cannot believe it to be honest. The OF streak is over.Both can now chill on the beaches of Mallorca :D

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:20 PM

You're not laughing anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rafa is now world #4, Fed is #5.

#Vamos Rafa

tethys , 6/26/13 9:22 PM

By the way what rank is Stakhovsky

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:22 PM

Lol Federer should retire.

Still the GOAT till someone beats his slams though.

Lobo , 6/26/13 9:22 PM

Commies to Sky, and all real Fed fans...
Now Nole has a tough draw :)... Unbelievable !!!

zare , 6/26/13 9:22 PM

OMG!!!!! commies to fed's fan;)
i just hope whoever wins this he is not named djokovic :D

rafaelo , 6/26/13 9:22 PM

Now Rafa Fed fans are brothers....No more fight xD

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 9:22 PM

HAHA Fedzz22

Lobo , 6/26/13 9:24 PM

This Wimby is the most bizarre!!!! Rafa loses in the first round and he moves up to #4....................thank you Roger!!!!

Monalysa , 6/26/13 9:24 PM

Now Nole has the tougher draw. Andy has a walk in the park! who would have thought that. Tsonga,Rafa and Murray gone!! And guess there is now no argument that Fed did not have a chance to improve his h2h against Rafa. Roger out at his favorite slam in r2. I love IT!!!

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:25 PM

Still i wud say Roger is the Greatest cz he lost in the 2nd hhmmmmm i hope we find a New champ...Murray Hass Gulbis

Fedzz22 , 6/26/13 9:26 PM

I still will not say Novak and Andy in the final.....................this Wimby is toooooo tough to call!!!!

Dont care, really as I dont have a horse in this race but hooray for Rafa, he's #4!!!! One step at a time, Rafa!!!!

Monalysa , 6/26/13 9:29 PM

Roger is 6th now, behind Ferrer. Could be 7th if Berdych wins the title.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 9:29 PM

We got a new word...
TMF has been stakhovskied.

huykle , 6/26/13 9:30 PM

At this rate, Djokovic faces the toughest match tomorrow. Absolute nobodies are knocking the seeds out!!!

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:31 PM

And i hope just to rub it in, Stakhovsky gives a walkover to his opponent in R3 :D :D

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:33 PM

There is belief in the locker room now. Watch out Nole and Murray.

nadline , 6/26/13 9:33 PM

Well it had to happen one day, tennis like everything is in a cycle and Federer is coming towards the end of his! Well played Starkovsky too, who's everyone wanna win now? I'm gonna back Gulbis woop woop!

rbennett , 6/26/13 9:34 PM

I thought you had left?

Twinge , 6/26/13 9:34 PM

Sorry, 5th spot now, could be 6th if Berd wins the title.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 9:35 PM

Just a brief visit to celebrate with the Fedups.

I hope Rafa laughs for more than 10 minutes.

nadline , 6/26/13 9:38 PM

Oh surely 6th!?
He'll lose nearly 2000 points and Nadal is on nearly 7000!
Poor old 'GOAT'

Twinge , 6/26/13 9:39 PM

Guess why Federer lost!! It just struck me!! To protect his h2h with Murray from worsening !! LOL

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:40 PM

I did not even make fun of Rafa.
Whadido to deserve this!
Oh the agony.
Hit me again, barkeep.

xrf , 6/26/13 9:40 PM

The GOAT can't eat grass anymore.

tethys , 6/26/13 9:41 PM

end of an epoch ........... this wimbledon
federer's streaks end ........... who saw that coming ?
great upsets in first three days but i dont think anyone can take down murray ....... not in this wimbledon imo

isfand , 6/26/13 9:42 PM

Oh sorry xrf
It's hard not to take the piss because of fed fans who are so obnoxious and arrogant.
And Fed himself really
I know there some (perhaps a lot) of really nice ones too
But f**k it this was a good day

Twinge , 6/26/13 9:43 PM

This has nothing to do with Rafa losing in the 1st round. Although Rafa won Wimby 2 times we all know grass is a surface in which he has to work really hard to do well.

Wimbledon is to Federer what RG is to Nadal. This defeat is pure history. Imagine what would be like to see Rafa losing in the 2nd round of RG. Well, this is the same.

I'm still shocked. I didn't belive Roger was gonna win this title at all, but losing at the 2nd round without giving a fight or at least reaching deep in the tourney ? That's too much to digest lol.

I'm wondering if retiring is lurking around Roger's head.

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 9:45 PM

I think Federer was better in this tournament than Rafa. He was beaten by world no 116 as opposed to no 135 :D. Only thing is he had 5 matches on grass under his feet and had won barely anything before that hence was a little fresher than Rafa

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:46 PM

So Federer has just to one 250 title this year. Hehehehehehe!

tethys , 6/26/13 9:48 PM

So the nasty Fed fans whose only hobby is to rubbish Rafa..hope this shuts your mouths forever :-0

Roger doesnt lose in 1st or 2nd round - He just did that too on his fav slam, atleast Rfa doesnt aat his fav slam ;-)
Roger doesnt lose to guys outside 100 - Well he just did.

I am sorry to say this but the b!tchiness and nastiness of the Fed fans world over towards Rafa has given this shock of loss just to teach you a lesson. Learn from it. Learn to respect all players even though they not ur fav or they keep pulverizing ur fav. Special mention to Fedkovic23, brothdog, chr18, JamesDjokovic here..learn learn and give up the hate :-)

Now that my message to the nasty n vicious Fed fans is done, on the match, well its a loss, its sport, anything can happen, wasnt Rogers day . Statoschy was eyond incredible, his brand of serve n volley was outtaa world, its like I saw such pure serve n volley after ages.

Rafas loss in 1st round will not affect Rafa as much as this loss will affect Fed.

Commies the sane, sorted and nice Fed fans

sanju , 6/26/13 9:48 PM

So eager to hear from Federer though. I bet he would not be as "Colm" as Rafa was during his loss PC

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:49 PM

My take is that Roger being asked by the Wimby authorities to dispose off with his Orange shoes messed up his head :D

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:50 PM

'I'm wondering if retiring is lurking around Roger's head'

If he knows what good for him he will!
But only with regards to protecting his legacy.
The money circus will want to trundle on for a while at least anyway.

Twinge , 6/26/13 9:51 PM

Rafa is so good that even being outsed in round 1 still moves up in the ranking :)
Commies to good Fed fans, he'll be back, I'm sure.
Rooting for Gulbis, the spaniards and Murray now.

Shireling , 6/26/13 9:51 PM

the legend of roger federer ends where it started ........ or so it looks

isfand , 6/26/13 9:53 PM

Guess Halle is a more important tournament in people's mind now as compared to Wimbledon :D :D I LOVE IT

vmk1 , 6/26/13 9:53 PM

Compliments to Federer. He stayed on the court to hand out autographs to the eager fans and let the man who defeated him leave the court before him. Oh wait, what's that? Correction: he did exactly the opposite. Strange, never seen this bad sportmanship behavior before with Roger? Rafael Nadal is the real champ. 9 years in a row he won a major, and counting! Note this folks: June '10, we were at 6-16 in the major count. We are now at 12-17. Put this in graphics and you will see a nice line! Lovin' it and popping another bottle of Champagne, celebrations for the RG '13 victory are still in place. Vamos!

JBeer , 6/26/13 9:54 PM

Halle is the 5th slam.

tethys , 6/26/13 9:56 PM

It's now evenstevens for NOLANDY
But I know who has the edge on the green stuff.
rosoldarcistahovy be gone!
you wicked gremlins!

Twinge , 6/26/13 9:59 PM

Roger n Rafa can go on a private holiday together n introspect their losses and yes Xisca and Mirka not allowed :-)

Rafans - I know its very tempting to give it right back to the pests on this forum (5 of them mainly ) , but lets be magnanimous and not do it :-). Lets not behave in a manner we so abhor n hate in others.

And yes Murray is looking very sharp. But Murray fans - please tell him not to try to reach unreachable balls and try to get to everything, the courts r nasty and anything can happen.

sanju , 6/26/13 10:00 PM

Haha Rafas team has not announced anything. THey only said we have not decided on his schedule and will decide next week.

sanju , 6/26/13 10:02 PM

Sanju you are right. But celebrating Roland Garros victory is allowed I think. It's June 2013 and still so fresh. They should put a month in between RG and Wimbledon, gives me more time to recover from my hungover.

JBeer , 6/26/13 10:12 PM

Few Fed quotes from presser

Roger Federer says it was "disrespectful" to the rest of field for media to have hyped the potential Federer-Nadal QF so much.

Wimbledon ?@Wimbledon 5m #Federer: "Season's not over here I've still got a lot of good tennis left for the rest of the season." #Wimbledon

Federer says he's disappointed about how he's playing important points this season; today another example. #wimbledon

Federer: "It was tricky. Credit to him for closing it out under pressure. He was better on the big points than I was today."

Fed on end of era?'No I have plans 2 play 4 many more years. U [media] hyped it so much I would play Rafa, disrespectful to others in draw'

Federer: "He was uncomfortable to play against. He served and volleyed really well. I think he did really well. I struggled on big points."

Federer: "Looking forward to next year, that I can do better here next year. I still have plans to play for many more years to come."

Federer on whether his fans will be disappointed in his 36 Slam quarterfinal streak ending: "They'll get over it. I'll get over it. "

Federer on broken QF streak: "Great number, very happy about it. Wish it wasn't going to end here. Don't think I'm gong to mourn it."

sanju , 6/26/13 10:14 PM

@ Sanju, you are right!! Lets not give it back. But I could not resist after all the nonsense I read in the past two days!!
But spare a thought for Sergei. The guy was so cool facing BP's and rushing the net like a mad guy. To do that consistently for 4 sets is amazing. I remember Stakhovsky as a guy who caught fire in 2010 and then he tapered off a little.
PS: His wife has a great smile :)

vmk1 , 6/26/13 10:15 PM

"Rafans - I know its very tempting to give it right back to the pests on this forum (5 of them mainly ) , but lets be magnanimous and not do it :-). Lets not behave in a manner we so abhor n hate in others."

@ Sanju, i quite agree................i think the pain of the loss in enough!!

Monalysa , 6/26/13 10:17 PM

Which hype is he talking about? Typical Federer response, he just has to get angry at somebody. What about all the times a potential final with Djoko, Federer, or (alas, those times are over Fed) with Roddick was hyped at the start of a tournament? Never heard you complain then, Fed.... "C'mon"

JBeer , 6/26/13 10:19 PM

I hope Andy can get the title finally here. If its against Djokovic even better!

Emiliano55 , 6/26/13 10:22 PM

, 6/26/13 10:17 PM

Mona - As long as the pain of the loss makes them give up the hate and learn to respect all players , but I have no hopes from the rabid nasty Fed fans/Rafa haters

, 6/26/13 10:15 PM

Yes vmk1..Sergie had the composure of a guy who has won 17 slams and Fed played horrible in the big points. And yes his wife looked cute wishing and hopin for his win, she was grace personified

sanju , 6/26/13 10:22 PM

so guys,,, this is the most shocking Wimbledon since??

OnTheRise , 6/26/13 10:23 PM

And you know what the irony is Roger made some comment about feeling sorry for the S&V players after double bagelling a guy in Halle this year. Guess what did him today ? :D :D

vmk1 , 6/26/13 10:25 PM

I think Statoskhy hates Roger..Firstly he said playing Roger at Wimby is like playing 2 people..1 is Roger and 2nd is his ego..watever he meant , ego was wrong choice of word ;-0

And now look at this gem in his presser

Ben Rothenberg ?@BenRothenberg now "I can tell my grandsons I kicked Roger Federer's butt." -Sergiy Stakhovsky #wimbledon

sanju , 6/26/13 10:30 PM

10 upsets in 1 day. And that includes the biggest upset of all time. This is crazy!!!!
1. Roger Federer
2. Jo W. Tsonga
3. Marin Cilic
4. Maria Sharapova
5. Victoria Azarenka
6. L. Hewitt
7. John Isner
8. C. Wozniacki
9. Ana Ivanovic
10. Jelena Jankovic

.................And Rafa started it all!!!!...........hahaha!!!!

Monalysa , 6/26/13 10:45 PM

Some fans obsessed with the butts would love that comment :)

vmk1 , 6/26/13 10:47 PM

Murray is looking solid, Lu was pretty weak today - despite some good points - but yesterday Becker played very well and Andy still won in straight sets

Shireling , 6/26/13 10:58 PM

rafa not playing toronto and cincy?

vamosrafa , 6/26/13 11:33 PM

Now that Rafa is out, I will now root for Dustin Brown!!! After all, he's from my neck of the woods (caribbean-Jamaica!) and he works really hard!

Monalysa , 6/26/13 11:37 PM

Amazed at all the huge upsets today... No words can describe...And now, Andy's path to the final, and his first W championship is clear.

It will be Nole-Andy finals.

aegis , 6/26/13 11:58 PM

^^It's Andy's to lose,
But he can lose it, if he doesn't lay it ALL ON THE LINE......

Twinge , 6/27/13 12:33 AM

Hahahahahahahahahaha...laughed for 10 minutes.
The supposed maestro can't get it past R2 of his fav. Slam.

atul1985 , 6/27/13 4:23 AM

If what stakhovsky did to Roger was a butt-kicking, what darcis did to claydal was a molestation and absolute public sexual assualt. Even I had to turn my TV off. I mean straight sets? not even one set? LOL! Remember Darcis was actually injured and not like claydal's "injuries" which christophe rochus (surprise! belgian, lol!) told everyone what it really was.


spot on regarding Andy and his defensive mindset. The guy shouldn't have gone and trained in Barcelona. He should have gone to Germany like Novak did. Look at all the wonderful grass-court players who trained in the swiss-german region - starting with Federer, haas, and Nole, he is not a grass-courter and grass is his weakest surface, yet he absolutely thrashed rafa in their biggest match.

I don't know who was the genius who made the call for Andy to go train in the ball-fetching notion of spain. [save for lopez/verasco]

Fedkovic23 , 6/27/13 6:07 AM

This moment signifies the transition of Federer's Dynasty at wimbledon. 11 years ago Sampras was ushered out of wimbledon in 2nd round. The next year Federer took Wimbledon by the scruff of the neck and has held it to the tune of 7 titles. Who will step up the plate?

Andy has to really lay it on the line, like Twinge remarks. He has things aligning for him, but will he put it to good use? He had multiple opportunties in years before and blinked. Losing 3 times on Grass to claydal is absolutely inexcusable. He has a free pass to the finals and if Nole gets sucked into this madness and does not make the final, however unlikely, Andy should win it.

Will he do it if Nole is there on final sunday? I am not sure. I just hope Andy doesn't screw it up like his coach lendl did with Pat Cash! I still cannot believe lendl lost that match.

Fedkovic23 , 6/27/13 6:32 AM

Come on Fedkovic23, stop with the hate already! If it is painful for us fans, how much more do you think these players feel for their losses and upsets.

phoenix , 6/27/13 6:51 AM

Stakhovsky kicking rafatrolls' butts:

"?He?s the biggest name we had and still have, thank God. As a person he showed us that you can be a decent man achieving a lot of things and still be a person everybody admires.?

I do not get why rafatrolls run away from their generation players like Nole/Murray and try to compare with players from another generation - Federer, Hewitt, Safin, Ferrer and the likes.

As I said, Federer lost in 2nd round of wimbledon when is nearly 32, Sampras when nearly 31. How old was claydal or kneedull? 26 when he got his behind violated by Rosol, last year. As if to confirm, Darcis did the same.

Now look at his peer group -Nole/Murray. Nole is on a 12 GS semi-final streak and Andy is on a 4 semi-final streak at Wimbledon. Why are rafa and his trolls afraid of Nole? Is it because he was thrashed 7 times in a row - at his very prime and they are insecure Nole will overtake them on grass as well - just like he did at hardcourts and indoors?

If you know tennis history, you know the greatest of champions excelled at Wimbledon. Laver had 8 titles at Wimbledon/Wembley to 3 titles on FO/French pro. In fact rosewall had 10 titles at french/french pro]. you can say the same for Borg/lendl/connors/jmac in 70s to 80s. and Sampras and the no-name dirtballers in 90s.

Claydal is a 2nd tier player like laver, rosewall and lendl, who just couldn't bring home the goodies where it actually matters - Wimbledon. Laver, Borg, Sampras, Federer - they are the real dynasties in tennis. I think Nole will join that pantheon in the next 3 years.

Fedkovic23 , 6/27/13 6:53 AM

Now i give up...go ahead and be consumed with your hate.

phoenix , 6/27/13 6:56 AM


It is a two-way street. You get rafa trolls like conspirator, jean, raindrops and hold serve and newyorker, ritb and ed spewing venom on Roger/Nole and his fans and other rafabots egging them on, knee-dull and his tards will be paid in kind.

I mean, it is not really that hard to hate claydal, when they do the same to Roger/Nole. If you get them to stop their hatred of Fed, I will step back too.

You think you can get them to do that? Do not worry, even if you do not, there will be more Roger/Novak fans coming as I enlighten them about the atrocities these trolls commit on this site.

There is a reason Federer is far and away the global icon of tennis. If Federer fans really want to take on rafa trolls, you will not win it. Prime example - ATP fan favorite award - Fed has won it 10 times in a row. It shows who people adore the most. The ATP sportsmanship award shows who the tennis players admire the most.
The Endorsements show who people/corporate world sees as the Face of tennis.

Fed is ranked no.1 on Forbes powerful athletes list. I would like to see you rafatrolls spew your venom and put a spin on that.

Fedkovic23 , 6/27/13 7:05 AM


Great posts brother. Thank you for always supporting Novak and always saying good things about him.

I hope Nole keeps up his journey and dominates all surfaces like Laver/Borg/Sampras/Federer did. I like how you mention it as DYNASTY! who wants to be just king of clay, when you can have a Tennis Dynasty.

Ajde Nole!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/27/13 7:13 AM

Folks - Is it really entertaining to talk to yourself through multiple monickers on a tennis forum? I mean I am just trying to figure out what can like prompt anyone to talk to oneself like that..I mean for Gods sake atleast be a bit smart and dont login at the same time and reply at the same

Its fun seeing peoples behaviour n traits here ;-)

sanju , 6/27/13 7:18 AM

'I hope Nole keeps up his journey and dominates all surfaces like Laver/Borg/Sampras/Federer did' - JamesDjokovicFan , 6/27/13 7:13 AM

How did Sampras and Federer dominate on all surfaces exactly?

Shireling , 6/27/13 10:41 AM

Let me answer that @Shrieling. They didn't. Haven't you learned to completely ignore everything these sorry excuses of humans post?

On an unrelated topic. Is Lukasz Kubot the luckiest man this Wimby?

First, he has Nadal on a collision course. Then Nadal gets knocked out, so he has to face the man that beat Nadal. Then Darcis withdraws but he is still on a collision course with Isner. But then, Isner withdraws and now he gets to play a third round match with none other than Mannarino.... Now that's LUCK

childishgambino , 6/27/13 11:09 AM

It was relieving to see Roger lost to a qualifier in an entertaining match.

He was slow to move, very pathetic ROS.
Andy/Nole would have handed him at least one bagel.
He had all the skills but he Cannot move, he even made mediocre service game of stakhovsky look great and untouchable.

He was slow on shots and ended up hitting wide or short.
Fed looked very similar to Pete in his final years of tennis.

sabs , 6/27/13 11:26 AM

'I hope Nole keeps up his journey and dominates all surfaces like Laver/Borg/Sampras/Federer did' - JamesDjokovicFan , 6/27/13 7:13 AM

See, your hate consumes you and made you look ridiculous and pathetic. Please heed my advice before it's too late. Any medical practioner will tell you that excessive hate is never good for the body.

phoenix , 6/27/13 11:44 AM

Djokovic is just a one surface wonder. Nothing more.
PLUS his game is so boring to watch.
He can win only on hard courts.
He has zero slams on clay and just one slam on grass. Has not even won a 250 tournament on grass.
Hopelessly one-dimensional pony

atul1985 , 6/27/13 12:12 PM

Except from a mishit here and there, Federer hit his usual amount of winners, his UE number was not that high at all. He was also moving as quick as usual. We are not in a weak era at the moment and among the top 200 tennis players in the world, the difference in quality is not that big at all. On a good day, any top 100 player can beat any top 10 player.

JBeer , 6/27/13 12:13 PM

Rafa is the only one who makes Djoker look interesting to watch. Djoker has a boring game. Rafa has featured in all the epics in this era.......says a lot.

nadline , 6/27/13 12:17 PM

Federer played his best match yesterday for ages, probably since he won Wimbledon last year but Sergio was on song and believed that he could do it. At least Rafa was not on top of his game so I now he'll be fine.

nadline , 6/27/13 12:21 PM

Federer was consoled by the standing ovation when he left the court - interview

nadline , 6/27/13 12:27 PM

Djokovic is just a one surface wonder. Nothing more.
PLUS his game is so boring to watch.
He can win only on hard courts.
He has zero slams on clay and just one slam on grass. Has not even won a 250 tournament on grass.
Hopelessly one-dimensional pony

atul1985 , 6/27/13 12:45 PM

No one has ever dominated on ALL surfaces - not Fed, not Sampras as they didn't dominate on clay courts; not Borg, not Laver as they didn't dominate on hard courts - so where's the 'dominated on ALL surfaces'?? Nole has never dominated on clay or grass, and its unlikely he's going to do so. Got to learn to accept that!

luckystar , 6/27/13 1:10 PM

I remember two legendary summers in tennis, where someone dominated on all surfaces: '08 (RG, Wimb, Olympics) and '10 (RG, Wimb, USO). The name of this legendary fellow is Rafa Nadal, aka The G.O.A.T.

JBeer , 6/27/13 1:59 PM

Who is more promising this year on Grass? Andy looked better in his first two matches.

sabs , 6/27/13 2:04 PM

@ JBEER however he did not win the most prestiguous tournament, HALLE any of those years ;) :)

vmk1 , 6/27/13 2:51 PM

, 6/27/13 2:51 PM

Lol..good one. The 5th SLAM - Halle

sanju , 6/27/13 5:30 PM

ahhahahah ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ahahahahahahaha hahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Raindrops , 6/27/13 5:36 PM

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3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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