• Federer, Nadal kick off Wimbledon campaigns

    6/23/13 4:02 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer, Nadal kick off Wimbledon campaigns Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will contest their Wimbledon openers on Monday. Federer is going up against Victor Hanescu while Nadal is facing Steve Darcis.

    Victor Hanescu vs. (3) Roger Federer

    Federer and Hanescu will be going head-to-head for the sixth time in their careers when they clash in round one of Wimbledon on Monday. All five of their previous meetings have been won by Federer, who is 13-1 in total sets against his opponent. They most recently faced each other at the 2010 Indian Wells Masters, where Hanescu finally earned a set before succumbing 6-3, 6-7(5), 6-1.

    The 6'6'' Romanian is a modest 11-4 for the season, but he made a run to the third round at Roland Garros. Hanescu's grass-court tuneup event ended right when it started, with a 6-4, 6-3 first-round loss to Guillermo Garcia-Lopez in 's-Hertogenbosch. Federer lost to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the French Open quarters, but he bounced back to capture his first 2013 title on the grass courts of Halle. A seven-time champion at the All-England Club, Federer should cruise through this one in straight sets.

    (5) Rafael Nadal vs. Steve Darcis

    Nadal and Darcis will be squaring off for the second time in their careers on Monday. Their only previous encounter came in the 2010 Doha quarterfinals, with Nadal leading 6-1, 2-0 before Darcis retired. The 29-year-old Belgian's career has continued to be plagued by injuries and he registers at No. 113 in the world as of Sunday. Darcis is a modest 2-6 at the ATP level this season after dropping his 's-Hertogenbosch opener as a lucky loser 7-6(5), 6-4 to eventual runner-up Stanislas Wawrinka.

    While Nadal has erased some 2012 demons with an awesome run in 2013, this is one more chance to put away--or maybe relive--memories of his second-round loss to Lukas Rosol last year. The fifth-ranked Spaniard is a two-time champion of Wimbledon (2008 and 2010) and he has to feel good about a forthcoming result more along those lines than what happened in 2012. Nadal is a ridiculous 43-2 this season with seven titles--including another triumph at the French Open. He may start somewhat slow having played no matches on grass this year, but Nadal should still roll in straights.

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#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/23/13 8:03 PM

Vamos Rafa!

rafaisthebest , 6/23/13 8:25 PM

Giving up a set wouldn't be that bad, it would give him more court practice. ;-)

Vamos Rafa!

phoenix , 6/23/13 9:03 PM

Keep your mind focused and enjoy the game, Rafa !


Augustina08 , 6/23/13 9:12 PM

Go out there and do your thing, Rafa! Work out any kinks, get your legs under you on the grass and win!

Vamos, Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 6/23/13 9:23 PM

they have rafa on court No 1 !!!!!!!!!!!

rafaelo , 6/23/13 10:24 PM

Tennis: Seven-time former champion Roger Federer has said that Andy Murray has more chances of beating him than world number one Novak Djokovic and two time former champion Rafael Nadal during this year?s Wimbledon as the Brit is more natural on grass.

Federer was asked in a recent interview to name the player he has the most threat from during the defence of his Wimbledon crown.

The Swiss Maestro replied, ?I think Murray played great last year throughout Wimbledon and the Olympics, and now again at Queen?s. So, for me, he seems like maybe the most natural on this surface of the other guys. But then the other guys are already Wimbledon champions, Rafa and Novak. But, to me, Andy sort of stands out a little bit over the others.?

vamosrafa , 6/23/13 10:53 PM

Simon thinks federer and tsonga are the 'most bad losers' in tennis currently and says rafa is the most respected ! specte-c-est-Nadal-615139

*sorry if this is irrelevant ! dont have much to say for the opening matches,,,just hoping rafa starts really well playing aggressive tennis ! good luck to fedal

vamosrafa , 6/23/13 11:02 PM

Good luck, Rafa!! Cant wait to see you play!!!


Monalysa , 6/23/13 11:46 PM

Simon is a girly man who got put in his rightful place by Sharapova last year.

chr18 , 6/24/13 1:18 AM

chris doesn't like Simon because he said Fed is a poor loser.

holdserve , 6/24/13 2:39 AM

The most natural on grass has made the final once; Rafa has made the final 5 times, won it twice and is 3:0 against the most natural on is that?

nadline , 6/24/13 6:59 AM

On the Andy Murray program last night on BBC 1, McEnroe anointed Federer and Nadal twin GOATs. He said they are the 2 greatest of all time. As he anointed Fed GOAT in the first place, I think he should reserve the right to update it.

nadline , 6/24/13 7:04 AM

Fed infact even said he thought Andys 1st slam victory would come at his expense in last years Wimby final . He said he had those thoughts before the final. Guess he seems more confident on grass against Novak n Rafa than Andy

sanju , 6/24/13 8:21 AM

It's all mind games on the part of Fed, he wants to place an added pressure on Andy...

phoenix , 6/24/13 8:35 AM

In a Spanish diary Nadal says that grass is tricky for his knee as there's a lot of low balls and flexing of the legs. He also said that he has to step it up with his serve and (this bothered him as well in RG) he will have to be mindful of his elbow...

Shireling , 6/24/13 9:51 AM

So the "injuries" have started already? without even having played a match on the grass? LOL!

Simon also said, he feels like punching rafa for his fake humility and that federer's quickness is underrated.

I can also post what yannick noah said about Nadal, in case his fans have forgotten. Also, Christophe rochus had some interesting comments about nadal's convenient "injuries". Let me know if you guys want me to post those comments.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/24/13 12:06 PM


rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 1:15 PM

what crap, what yannick noah and rochus said were totally unfounded and lacked any credibility so the comments were as bullshit as Jamesdjokovicfan and seventeen are !

Simon's comment are based on what really happens and whats the impression in the locker ...he was referring to federer's press conferences and its not hard to agree with simon if you have followed federer's press conferences over the past few years

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 1:20 PM

go ahead and fetch the posts if it makes you happy JDF.. but... who cares what Y. Noah and C. Rochus have to say. When you have some evidence of Nadal doping you can come forth and let us know.
And while you're at it, please forward the part where Simon says he 'feels like punching Rafa for his fake humility'

Shireling , 6/24/13 1:23 PM

Rafans..please keep any mention of injuries out of discussion. Please look back in the past 5 months how mnay times we speculated he may be injured (limp at IW, knee at Barcelona,limp at Madrid, we were worrying if he was not feeling good in RG initial rounds as he was playing bad), he won all of them. I think we should choose to dwell on the lessons we have learnt and not other about what the meda writes all the time.

sanju , 6/24/13 1:24 PM

please read my post (Shireling , 6/24/13 9:51 AM) again and tell me where you see the word 'injury'?.
Rafa, asked by journalists, is commenting on how he has to approach grass and what things he needs to take care of. Nothing else.

Shireling , 6/24/13 1:27 PM

The issue with both Rafa and Toni is they talk a lot and talk straight. They should leran how to conceal like Fed and always put up a brave front.

But then that is why Rafa is Rafa and Fed is Fed . They cant be alike.

Whom do you guys think will the pressure be on in Wimby QF between Fed n Rafa? Me thinks squarely on Fed as he is the defending champion and the king of grass . Rafa can actually swing and play freely.

sanju , 6/24/13 1:30 PM

Fed will definitely have more pressure. He's de defending champion.
Rafa, having been outsed so soon last year has no points to defend and just reaching the QF will be an improvement.

Shireling , 6/24/13 1:34 PM

Rafans, rafa was seen practicing on court 11 some hours ago ! He was hitting with Pico and he both men engaged in interesting drills ! reports that rafa and monaco engaged in a serious all-slice exchange and rafa then asked monaco to pummel rafa's backhand ..the drill ended when rafa hit a spectacular lob winner over monaco ;)

So rafa is preparing hard and smart ! VAMOS

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 2:12 PM

Fed just break Hannescu to go 2-0 in the first set

Shireling , 6/24/13 2:17 PM

yea sharp start for fed..just 3 games though :)

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 2:19 PM

imagine being in Hanescu's shoes now.. in central court, against the defending champion. How do you approach a match like that?

Shireling , 6/24/13 2:23 PM

Positive start.


sabs , 6/24/13 2:25 PM

Azarenka 3-0 up, we'll soon get to see our Rafa in action.

Shireling , 6/24/13 2:25 PM

Thanks @vamosrafa about the heads up on Rafa's practice! This will be one hell of a Wimby!

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 2:25 PM

Fed looks on form. Wow. How will any of the Top 8 beat him now????


Conspirator , 6/24/13 2:26 PM

4-0 Azarenka

Shireling , 6/24/13 2:32 PM

The bookies are changing their odds and making Fed the favorite as we speak. Not.

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 2:34 PM

Hanescu clearly sees grass as a lesser surface and is tanking Wimby with USO on his sights.

Shireling , 6/24/13 2:36 PM

yeah, both Nole and Fed are playing mind games on Murray just to add the pressure on the poor British he is not already under huge pressure by his home crowd desperate to see him win Wimby...not easy for Andy...OTOH, Rafa really has nothing to lose...he is defending zero points so even if he does not do as well as we would all want him to he will still be fine...however, I think Rafa is here to defeat the doubters again...let's see what Rafa and Toni came up with for this Wimby...I bet there will be obvious changes/improvements/adjustments in Rafa's game...
Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/24/13 2:42 PM

It's so happened Rosol just lost the 3rd set. 1-2 Rosol.

Raindrops , 6/24/13 2:50 PM

...and he's a break down in the 4th...

phoenix , 6/24/13 3:00 PM

Rosol got broken again at the 4th set.

Fedfarts I thought Rosol is very good playing in grass because he defeated Rafa last year in the 2nd round? He's on the verge of being eliminated.

Raindrops , 6/24/13 3:03 PM

shit ! that was NASTY ! poor azarenka ! she cried like crazy...

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 3:04 PM

Fognini is being shown the door too

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:06 PM

oh oh, Rosol just got the break back...and back on serve now. Kem-on Rosol.

Raindrops , 6/24/13 3:07 PM

vamosrafa 6/24/13 3:04 PM,

What happened? ... I'm just seeing the scores and was wondering why the score wasn't moving.

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:08 PM

Fognini out

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:12 PM

Shireling, you can read the blog at the website...

14:13Azarenka is carry on - but she doesn't look especially comfortable with a newly-taped right knee. She has dropped serve - although she leads 6-1, 1-1.

14:10Azarenka is now up on her feet and testing the leg - looks like she will try to continue. She leads Koehler 6-1, 1-0. It's an absolute cruise for Roger Federer over on Centre, with the seven-time champ leading by two sets and 3-0 against Victor Hanescu.

14:08The umpire announces that Azarenka is taking a medical time-out. The physio is putting some serious tape on the Belarusian's right leg.

14:06Azarenka is helped back onto her feet - and she walks gingerly back to the chair.

14:03Azarenka slipped as she went to play the ball after serving - almost doing the splits on the baseline. A three-person medical team is now tending to a right leg injury. Opponent Maria Joao Koehler puts her tracksuit top on and comes to show her concern too.

14:01Uh-oh. Genuine drama over on No.1 Court where Vika Azarenka has slipped over - and is screaming out in pain. Her boyfriend Redfoo one of the concerned onlookers...

phoenix , 6/24/13 3:20 PM

well, Fed and all his fans can be happy now.

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:21 PM

oh, thx phoenix!
looks as though see wants to grind it out... tough lady!

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:23 PM

Azarenka slipped and and split her legs on the ground...a muscle pull i guess..she started screaming and then started crying ! 'oh my Godd ...' she was in real anguish...the medical timeouts are magical nowadays! she is up and running now

Very strong and positive start from federer... joyful to watch federer play so well on grass

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 3:23 PM

Turned on the TV and sounded like Fed crying again but soon realized it was Vika.

Conspirator , 6/24/13 3:30 PM

Court 1 is looking lethal. Koehler has also just gone done but doesn't seem to have suffered any damage.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 3:31 PM

yikes, I hope Nadal and Darcis are watching or get de-briefed

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:33 PM

Rosol has just escaped been reistered. Levelled at 2:

ed251137 , 6/24/13 3:38 PM

^^^^^levelled at 2:2

ed251137 , 6/24/13 3:39 PM

........Jerzy overwhelms the young British player Kyle Edmund.
........Cilic in fine form against the slumping Baggy

ed251137 , 6/24/13 3:44 PM

yeaiii.. well done Azarenka!
Soon, our Rafa will start his Wimby campaign...
Vamos Rafa!!!!

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:45 PM

How old is Marcos (B) now?
I didn't realise he's still playing.

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 3:48 PM

He's only just turned 28 - quite a youngster really! He was such fun to watch in the early days but has never lived up to his early promise.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 3:53 PM

he's 28

Shireling , 6/24/13 3:54 PM

Rafa comes on court to a huge roar and round of applause.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 3:58 PM

I guess I just don't remember seeing him play in a very long time, could be just me

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 3:59 PM

Rosol out - just in time for Rafa's game to start :)

Shireling , 6/24/13 4:09 PM

Rosol has just been reistered and is now officially a rissole. Pity we wont see him putting Roger through his paces. And now his 15 mins of fame on the green grass of Wimbledon is fading into the past.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 4:11 PM

tight hold for Rafa.
Guys, those of you watching the match, what are the first impressions?

Shireling , 6/24/13 4:16 PM

Yeah, I would like to know! But I expect Rafa to have a few tight games, he has not had much grass practice really!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 4:17 PM

Rafa is moving cautiosly. The grass is lethally slippery on Court 1 and brought both the girls down in their match. Darcis is no slouch on grass. It was he who took Berdych out in the Olympics.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 4:21 PM

Yeah, that Donkey is going to kick Roger's ass!!!!!!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 4:24 PM

another hold saving a break-point

Shireling , 6/24/13 4:24 PM

this 'seventeen' abomination has contributed 9 times in this Fed/Nadal thread, 7 times it was to attack Rafa and/or his fans (with some of his gems along the way). I thought he'd be happy with Fed's win and rid us of his poisoning presence but obviously it was wishful thinking from my part

Shireling , 6/24/13 4:30 PM

keep it up
It's good to be entertained

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 4:31 PM

True, Shireling!! Isnt it enought that Roger played well and won his match?! But apparently not! Thank God for seventeen that Rafa is back! How would he spend his time?!!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 4:33 PM

rissole :-) ... yummy!!

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 4:33 PM

Nadal looks rusty and is making a lot of errors, its hard to say if its because of lack of play on grass or the two weeks off. Probably the latter.

DeadManWalking , 6/24/13 4:36 PM

yes, Rafa breaks!

Shireling , 6/24/13 4:36 PM

why did I say Rafa breaks? he didn't, did he?....

Shireling , 6/24/13 4:43 PM

Rafa definitely seems rusty!!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 4:46 PM

He shoul've. But he didn't.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 4:46 PM

Relax. Rafa's doing alright. He's playing someone whose game he doesn't know. It's his first match on grass. The grass is slippery and he will be anxious not to fall. He's playing his way into form.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 4:59 PM

Ed, I say that bcos I think he is to some extent, and you are right about what you said, its his first time on grass. We all know how Rafa starts slowly in tourneys is just that Im a bit surprised he ahs not taken advantage of his break chances yet!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 5:05 PM

And there we go, Rafa gets broken!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 5:06 PM

Rafa's forehand is a complete joke at the moment. Rafa is serving ok and he is getting plenty of short darcis returns back but he cant finish the point like he usually can with his forehand as the second part of his 1-2 punch. He was so confident with this shot at Hurlingham, struggling to understand why he has now lost this shot. Maybe different grass conditions, who knows.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:06 PM

Mona: And this is best of five dont forget!!! It's been close so far and Darcis will have. to keep up this form for a long time.

And before I could press send, et voila, Rafa breaks back.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 5:09 PM

woooohooo he breaks back...TIE BREAK !!!

Vamos Rafa

Raindrops , 6/24/13 5:10 PM

I left and went to the loo, Rafa breaks right back!! Hope I dont have to be doing that too often today!!!!

VAMOS, Rafa!!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 5:12 PM

V poor set from Rafa, just not comfortable on the grass at all yet. Waste of a set.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:17 PM

Not a waste of time Wills. He needs time to adjust to the conditions. But he would do well to finish it in four sets!

ed251137 , 6/24/13 5:19 PM

he lost the first set at the better now Rafa.


Raindrops , 6/24/13 5:20 PM

Rafa is often the nervous player at the start of tournies, plus all that ed write @ ed251137, 6/24/13 4:59 PM
no need to get bothered.... early early days of the match and the fortnight

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 5:21 PM

Rafa needs the match play I guess!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 5:21 PM

Yeah hope he picks up now!! But this is already better than rg. He at least took the fisrt set to a tb. Come on Rafa come on!!!

vmk1 , 6/24/13 5:21 PM

Rafa lost first set, but there is bounce in the grass.
He will thrash darcis now.

sabs , 6/24/13 5:23 PM

Yup..set 1 was extremely poor... Rafa is playing very conservative tennis...he is hitting the forehand so safely !esp the inside out...a lot of it has to do with his hesitant movement on the grass.. not really worried though unless darcia goes up a break in this set lol... Rafa just needs TIME....this is nothing new..rafa is gona improve every part of his game but gradually ...NOW DO NOT DROP SERVE RAFA

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 5:31 PM

Rafa's knee hurting...

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:35 PM

I am not getting a good feeling about this. Rafa is not bending well, the knee must be stiff.

Vamos Rafa!!

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 5:39 PM

How do u know willmw101? We shud not make any such deductions right now....none of rafa's service games is easy at the moment..

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 5:41 PM

because he's shaking his left leg and grumbling about it... seems pretty conclusive.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:43 PM

Lol......Cmon guys just admit it that Rafa is Allways struggle in the 1st week at wimby...there no injury etc etc....he is just nt playing well

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 5:48 PM

Let us not worry about Rafa's knee. He has never pretended that his knee is ok. All he wants is that the knee should allow him to be competitive. We saw how it let him win 7 titles and make history at RG. So let us have faith in Rafa.
Vamos Rafa!!!!! Do your best!!!!

holdserve , 6/24/13 5:49 PM

I was trying hard not to get the knee on my mind but its getting more obvious now and commentators are making me so much more worried by talking about it again and again

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 5:50 PM

You're right guys.............just can't help worrying.

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 5:50 PM

think Rafa might be on his way out...

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:51 PM

Game over if nadal doesn't win this second set.

DeadManWalking , 6/24/13 5:53 PM

Have to admit this is not vintage Rafa :-(
Ominously he's leaving a lot of balls without attempting to reach them.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 5:54 PM

rafa's movement has completely gone.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:54 PM

Plzzzzz rafa i am going at fade at the prospect of having to come back from two sets to love ! Rafa's forehand is a joke at the moment

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 5:55 PM

This feels almost djokovic-esque where rafa makes a big deal about an injury and then suddenly turns it on. Weird.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 5:59 PM

Cant face prospect of another tie break.
Damned French commies are rooting for Darcis.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 5:59 PM


willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:00 PM

Lolz...Rafa playing like a clown. but he will win it in the end

atul1985 , 6/24/13 6:02 PM

What is it, is it Rafa's serves?!!! Why cant he serve comfortably?!!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 6:06 PM

Awful. Terrible level from nadal. Couldn't even serve it out.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:07 PM

OK. Have to take the dog out now!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way I want to see the TB

ed251137 , 6/24/13 6:08 PM

Rafa's going 2 sets down.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:08 PM

Rafa's backhand is even worse than federer's right now.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:10 PM

Imagine how he must be feeling, poor Rafa..........

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 6:11 PM

knee really hurting him, wincing and limping.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:12 PM

Rafa should retire from this match. Coming back from 2 sets down will just hurt his knee further.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:16 PM

you really have no shame, do you?

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 6:18 PM

Is Rafa knee hurting really?!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 6:20 PM

Set point and Nadal plays an unforced error that bad... Incredibly bad. Set gone. rafa 2 sets down.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:21 PM

Nadal deserves to lose. He's playing so so so badly. UE on set point, complete waste of time.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:23 PM

hahaha headache, just watch now the 3rd set and let's see what can rafa DO.

Still hoping he will come up with something to win this match.

Vamos !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raindrops , 6/24/13 6:26 PM

Vamos Rafa!!! Come on!!!!

vmk1 , 6/24/13 6:26 PM

So Rafa's plays on?! So he is just playing badly!!!

Monalysa , 6/24/13 6:28 PM

He is limping

atul1985 , 6/24/13 6:29 PM

Rafa's done. Knee hurting badly know, not moving well at all. Playing v poorly.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:29 PM

Well seems knee can only stand clay....

atul1985 , 6/24/13 6:30 PM

He seems to be hurting a little now does Rafa, that's a shame as if Darcis wins it'll be used to detract from his win.

rbennett , 6/24/13 6:32 PM

What happened? kneedal forgot to suck his "energy" gel before the match. Time running out for uncle toni to do his illegal coaching and maybe slip in another "energy" gel?

King of Clay and a pauper on Grass. He is like a donkey on ice out there. Darcis ranked 100+ is moving so much better than him.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/24/13 6:32 PM

Rafa's knee is gone.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 6:33 PM

I'm not sure what the hell I'm seeing, but it's strangely disturbing to see Rafa come out and play this poorly against a very average, sub-par player. I can understand what happened last year, because Rosol played out of his mind, but Darcis is playing nothing like Rosol did, and I'm not sure I would understand this one, should he actually go on to lose.

djb247365 , 6/24/13 6:34 PM

"I will compete here as good as possible. I'm gonna try my best, then we will see what's next for me," he added.
"I haven't completely decided my schedule after here, because I have to analyse a little bit more what's more or less favourable for my future."

I don't know what it is but something about these quotes worries me?
phoenix, 6/23/13 12:50 PM

So my worrying was not unfounded after all, there really is a problem with the knee?

phoenix , 6/24/13 6:34 PM

ohhh gheee he got broken in the first game? Really?

Raindrops , 6/24/13 6:34 PM

Uncle Toni looks distraught, I think it's more for what Rafa must be feeling and how he motivates him after this......

Totally bummed for Rafa..

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 6:35 PM

The silver lining is he can go rest and do what needs to be done and he will not be losing too many points...

phoenix , 6/24/13 6:38 PM

Seventeen, why don't you shut up with the stupid comments. If you can't be nice and civil, then don't say anything at all. That goes for you too JamesDjokovicFan. If you don't know how to post without being nasty, then I suggest you take your stupidity elsewhere.

djb247365 , 6/24/13 6:38 PM

He can't even decent R2 points...somehow seeing the funny side of it

atul1985 , 6/24/13 6:39 PM

I think the match is as good as over. But I am surprised that knee can go away so quickly. I don't know how can he come back and play and repeat last year's mistake.

The truth is he is really uncomfortable in the first week of Wimby and with knee not 100% percent he just can't survice the slick green grass.

fedexal , 6/24/13 6:41 PM

Rafa looks like he is just going through the motions, just to give Darcis his win, like he did in Australia against Ferru...


rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 6:43 PM

Rafatards, dont desert the ship. There is still hope. Look for that "energy" gel or make some angry calls to Uncle Toni.

This will be so pathetic, any amount of injury time-off will not make it look good. You guys have to do something about it. He might have to just retire from matches outside clay. My prayers are with CBM and crappyrator and crapserve, crapdrops.

Please guys let us talk "tennis". LOL!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/24/13 6:47 PM

My fear is that Rafa will juts give up mentally after this. He fought so hard last year to get back to this point, will he have the needed mental and emotional fortitude to do it over again?

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 6:48 PM

The other silver lining is I can now relax and enjoy a stress free tennis while Rafa is on a holiday in Mallorca. :-)

Win more, lose some...Vamos Rafa!

phoenix , 6/24/13 6:48 PM

Well, he got already the RG so good enough. He tried here at Wimbledon but he can't really get done it. So it's not disappointing anyway.

Vamos Rafa, just hang on there if you can.

Raindrops , 6/24/13 6:49 PM

JamesDjokovicFan, you're being a real ass, so take your stupidity elsewhere. Nobody has time for your childish behavior.

Aren't there any mods on this forum?

djb247365 , 6/24/13 6:49 PM

No ritb, he will come back strong and fight another day.

phoenix , 6/24/13 6:50 PM

Shocker beyond belief. Just turned the TV on.

Yes as good as its over as he is not even moving to the balls on his FH side , hes just not moving period

sanju , 6/24/13 6:50 PM

I am more surprised how can it all go off in 2 weeks.I thought last year was an aberration

sanju , 6/24/13 6:54 PM

You know what, I've had about enough of this foolishness. I'm finding a way to report this mess.

djb247365 , 6/24/13 6:56 PM

This site has actually gone to the dogs..

sanju , 6/24/13 6:56 PM

Damn knee had to go today of all days....

Anyway, that's the way the cookie crumbles....

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:00 PM

Rafa's had so many chances to get back into this match with break and set points and he's made poor unforced errors on all of them. He deserves to lose and to go home and rest his knees. Game Over.

willmw101 , 6/24/13 7:01 PM

If Nadal breaks here he will probably end up winning the match.

Emiliano55 , 6/24/13 7:02 PM

I wish Rafa success in his upcoming events!

Vamos, Rafa!

Augustina08 , 6/24/13 7:04 PM

Okay Rafans...sad result

Atleast no stress now on

sanju , 6/24/13 7:05 PM

Well played to Steve Darcis! Commiserations to Nadal and his fans.

rbennett , 6/24/13 7:06 PM

I think it was a combination of both. Poor play as well as bad knees. But if Rafa can't win the Slam its better to go early. At least he will get some rest.

fedexal , 6/24/13 7:07 PM

Couldn't be. Well done Darcis, well earned victory. First time Rafa has gone out in the first round of a Slam.....

Vamos Rafa, get well soon. Get back on court soon.

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:07 PM

Every single match Nadal loses is because of his knee. The opponents just don't matter, right? Seventeen, murray is the only obstacle to changing your name to eighteen.

RogFed , 6/24/13 7:07 PM

What satisfaction do you get out of kicking someone who's down Seventeen ?

Rafa is clearly hurt. Does this somehow take the pain away that Roger in his career had one opponent that played better than him in two third of their matches? Remember, Roger likes and respects Rafa. What's more, Roger does not tolerate fools at all, nor liers, nor cowards. If he read what you post here while sitting across from you what do you think he would tell you? Believe me, it is very clear what that would be. Just read the last couple of sentences in this post.

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 7:10 PM

The end of the wimbledon dream of Rafa. very disappointing but that's how the sports is, you win some you lose some. See you all tennis folks next tournament.

Rafa, rest well and get ready for the next tournament.

Raindrops , 6/24/13 7:11 PM

So now is the bad knees again? Were the knees a problem when he came back and won 7 titles almost in a row ? C'mon guys... be serious.

Emiliano55 , 6/24/13 7:12 PM

Rafael Nadal had given his knees in that quarter final against Djokovich to last just one more match. It is great sportsmanship that he did not withdraw either from the tournament or the match. Only Nadal could have fought and won that FOQF but at the cost of his limbs. He needs more rest and treatment and some better scheduling from here on.

newfangkc , 6/24/13 7:12 PM

I'm very much disappointed that Rafa's knees just won't fully cooperate for a whole season. Darcis can have this, cause he has so little success to even be happy about as it is. And he'll probably go out and lose next round. As for Rafa, I dunno how the hell this managed to happen, 2 weeks after winning the French. As much as I understood what happened last year, this I will have a hard time wrapping my head around.

I won't be surprised if in the coming weeks, if Rafa skips both Canada and Cincy, depending on how serious the knee issue is. And if I were him, I'd definitely consider cutting either Shanghai or Basel in the Fall, or maybe even both.

djb247365 , 6/24/13 7:13 PM

Sorry, Semi not Quarter in AO

newfangkc , 6/24/13 7:14 PM

Don't be naive.The little shot at the end that Nadal deliberately put in the net tells it all.He's been caught doping and now he will serve another silent ban.

stratocast51 , 6/24/13 7:14 PM

I was not home to watch the match! so sad! but really I wasn't expecting too much ;) congrats darcis :)

rafaelo , 6/24/13 7:16 PM

I just hope its not a repeat of last year where he sits out whole season. I hope he plays USO n few more turneys.

With this loss all the hopes of gettin to No 2 or 3 and year end No 1 have come a cropper. Sad!!!

He looked clearly hurt, his movement was impaired but it is inexplicable how it can all go away in 2 weeks , 2 successive years. Something his team is doing which is not right

sanju , 6/24/13 7:16 PM

Comis Rafans! I am praying, praying this does not signal a backward step for Rafa's rehab. There has to be a silver lining, there has to be............

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:16 PM

That was something!! Although not as big a shock as last year. But I really think Rafa ought to have retired mid match. There is no point deteriorating the knees further. People are going to speak that he is retiring cause he is losing irrespective of what happens. I do not know why Toni Nadal let him play. I certainly do not want him to go off tour again. Congragulations to Steve Darcis. Of all the top players, I think Rafa does the most service to unknown players, read - Darcis,Rosol,Zeballos. Darcis really stuck it out. I mean to claim two tb's from Rafa is a great effort indeed. Vamos Rafa!!
We have to accept the highs with the lows. The last five months have been a dream. It had to be balanced someday. I hope we can watch some great tennis in the tournament hence forth. At least we can watch without anxiety


vmk1 , 6/24/13 7:17 PM

My God, mistake again, Semi in FO

newfangkc , 6/24/13 7:17 PM

Congrats Darcis! I think this is not the time to scoop down on Nadal.. He is 8-time FO Champion. Just a bad day... :( His knees was hurting from the way I saw the match... He will come back stronger... (This coming from a strong Fed Fan)...

RMadhu , 6/24/13 7:19 PM

How idiot you guys are.....He lost because of his knees...uhhh Lol......

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:20 PM

I was worried all season so far whether Rafa would have a more or less injury free year or not. Because the physical pain is usually not visible with him (and he won't talk about it if he does have to or if it is about honoring an opponent) until it has become critical.

Last year he had a major tear/ a new injury. Hopefully this is the old injury flaring up badly from a hard five months and hopefully it turns out to be very manageable.

chlorostoma , 6/24/13 7:20 PM

He will not say anything in the presser, tats for more anxiety for us

sanju , 6/24/13 7:21 PM

Commies to RAFANS.

RAFA was unlucky today, the other guy was going for the shots and he won points somehow, tapes, racket frame all there to help Darcis. the last game was unreal.

RAFA, Tennis need you, be there for Rogers Cup.

sabs , 6/24/13 7:22 PM

Guess what....Rafa was unable to defend his 35 points.....xD

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:23 PM

Rafa said in his pre tourny presser that he was treating this year as a transition year. The good results he has had to date have been a surprise to him and his team. If that is the case, this should not be a surprise at all.

I am beyond caring about people who do not want to acknowledge Rafa's knee problem. You know what, if you think that is just an excuse, go for it, it does not change a thing, Rafa lost anyway. Enjoy.

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:24 PM

But just imagine what Rafa has achieved in three injury affected years - 09,12,13. Its the miracle that is Rafael Nadal. I am just focussing on all that he achieved in the past 5 months. Rafa will come back stronger,I am sure of that, I just hope even the knees do

vmk1 , 6/24/13 7:25 PM

We are not enjoying @rafaisthebest.........atleast appriciate darcis's play...He beat the most succesfull player of the year in straight sets...

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:26 PM

Lesson for all of us not to get too ahead of ourselves. Talks about QF, SF, F matchups mean nothing till people reach there.

Rafa will have huge Wimby allergy now on. It is the slam that has given him most shocking results. In AO (08 - 12) n USO (08-11) he has reached qtrs/semis easily.

Thank God he won 2 already and reached 3 more finals so at end of his career he will have decent results at Wimby

sanju , 6/24/13 7:27 PM

Rogers parents are watching Andys match, thats

sanju , 6/24/13 7:29 PM

Whoever watched the match would have noticed Rafa limping and not putting pressure on his left knee, as well has his impaired movement.
But I guess, for some, rafas leg woul have to be severed and just hanging there for anything to be actually wrong.

isabeau77 , 6/24/13 7:30 PM

Rafa only wants to play against fed on clay or slower bouncy hard he can protect the H2H against the True GOAT......

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:30 PM

Thanks @sabs for your kind words. Spoken like a true tennis fan.

Yes, Darcis played incredibly well but there were openings a "good" Rafa would have capitalised on. Kudos to Darcis for capitalising on Rafa's shortcomings.

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:32 PM

Anyone wondering how long Fed laughed this time?

vmk1 , 6/24/13 7:32 PM

It is clear he was not moving well , it was obvious to all, whether people accept it or not. What surprises me is how it can go kaput in 2 weeks, that is inexplicable for 2 years in a row

Anyways I am calm, I was dead sure he wont win Wimby . I had already told he will win 7 ttles till Wimby at IW itself, it came to pass ;-)

sanju , 6/24/13 7:33 PM

Rafa should accept the loss and not mention the knees. Every sane person could see that he was limping.

nadline , 6/24/13 7:35 PM

Nadals knees are hurt again

tennis2011 , 6/24/13 7:35 PM

vmk1 , 6/24/13 7:32 PM

I am guessing......20 minutes? His fans of course are going to be laughing forever!

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:36 PM

Anyone wondering how long Fed laughed this time?
, 6/24/13 7:32 PM

He cant afford to laugh, he will be rather shocked seeing Andys imperious form. Even his parents are watching Andys match. Roger has already pronounced Andy as the fav this Wimby, he possiky believes Andy is the man to beat

sanju , 6/24/13 7:36 PM

sanju,I think the low bouncing balls coupled with the cold weather make things difficult, not to mention the exertions during the clay season. And in this match,I think he could have won even with the bad knees but he was short of practice on grass.

vmk1 , 6/24/13 7:38 PM

This is surely Fed or Murray's time now.......I won't be surprised if Novak struggle too....u never Mayet is a tricky oppenent and he likes playing on Grass

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:38 PM

Murray , Djoko, Fed in that order.

With Rafa losing Novak is no more a clear fav as Fed will ahve to handle just Murray and Murray just Fed

sanju , 6/24/13 7:40 PM

I expected Rafa to win the title in my head but somehow, I wasn't too sure how he would play today because I was a little bit disappointed that he only beat Nishikori in 2 tiebreak sets in Hurlingham but I thought that he didn't go all out because it was an exhibition.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/24/13 7:40 PM

well, it was not meant to be...I was hoping Rafa made necessary adjustments to play on grass but he didn't...he was simply not ready to play on grass...playing first round on Wimby without any pre-tournament on grass was not wise...However, Rafa with his knee issues needed rest so I kind of understand the decision to skip Halle...Darcis played decent tennis, nothing spectacular...but Rafa played poorly...let's face it: Rafa played badly in the early rounds of FO but on clay he is able to come back...on grass it is totally different thing...
another sad day for us Rafans...but somehow we learned to live with it...
Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/24/13 7:41 PM

He will come ack, he wont sit out rest of season. He will even win 3 titles rest of season is my feeling taking it 10 for the year ;-)

Its oky guys, even queen of grass Steffi lost in 1st round in 94 of Wimby, happens

sanju , 6/24/13 7:42 PM

But i hope we can still Get a Blockbuster quarter finals in this Draw....2 former world No1 and Wimby champs....Hewwit vs Fed......hewwit is playing well at the moment

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:43 PM

In his presser, Rafa refused to blame his knee just said he hasn't had time to play much in grass and that's sport. He said he couldn't find his rhythm today.

nadline , 6/24/13 7:44 PM

Fed vs Hewitt is no way a blockbuster, it will be stright sets for Fed ;-)

sanju , 6/24/13 7:44 PM

Sanju, I will go with 11, same as the 2005 haul. Anyway Uncle. T has mentioned that it feels like starting all over again.

vmk1 , 6/24/13 7:44 PM

I expected him to struggle since this was his first competitive match on grass but I sure did not expect him to lose. But as the match went on, I could see that this was not the usual Rafa, period. I am not going to pander to haters and not mention his knees. He was impaired out there.

I am really concerned for his long term health, really am........

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:45 PM

Where did he mention that vmk1?

sanju , 6/24/13 7:48 PM

Badfan Seventeen,

Don,t spoil your time and other people's moods. I am a fan of Roger and did not enjoy his losses to Rafa in the past but you should refrain from such venomous posting. If you dislike Rafa , keep it to yourself. It does not matter what fans of Rafa think or say about Roger here, you should take them in your stride exactly like the player you are a fan of. To each his/her own. I am unhappy Rafa lost, I am more unhappy at the way he was found wanting in movements, timing and all that are unrafalike. Shame we will not see him on grass before 1914. Half the drama of this tournament is gone, let us enjoy the other half. Believe some more drama is coming up soon.

newfangkc , 6/24/13 7:48 PM

Rafa wll not sit out rest of the season, he will play and win 3-4 more titles rest of the year. Which one I dont know but he will win

sanju , 6/24/13 7:51 PM

Andy was just asked about Rafas loss. I swtched channels hence did not see, anyone knows what he said?

sanju , 6/24/13 7:52 PM

In his presser, Rafa refused to blame his knee just said he hasn't had time to play much in grass and that's sport. He said he couldn't find his rhythm today.

nadline , 6/24/13 7:44 PM

Does anyone expect him to say different? Who really wants to know the truth about Rafa out there? Rafa knows this and so he will tell them what they want to hear, and go back to Mallorca and do what he needs to do.

Vamos Rafa!!

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 7:52 PM

Guess Wat??
Djoker is laughing the most of all the big 3

fedexpress , 6/24/13 7:53 PM

If it was a knee problem there.....Than M sure we will never see the competitive Rafa in upcoming tournys....yess grass is slippry..But guys grass won't hurt knees like Hard court does...if any of u had played on those 3 surface wud have surely known this fact

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 7:53 PM

Commiserations fellow Rafans.

Thanks for friendly and classy comments from the true Federer fans rbennett, sans and RMandu. #Class

Unfortunately Rafa obviously was not ready and was nowhere near the level required to win today. Congrats to Darcis who played well and deserved to win.

Just hope Rafa will be ok for the USO.

I will now cheer for Muzz with deuce, twinge, Alex and all his fans on TT.


Conspirator , 6/24/13 7:55 PM


Haha ...Golden swing is always there ..may be if he decides to be vulture again and play Hamburg, Bastad etc... where nico,pico,ferru etc...will be ready to bend for him like dog.

KMA , 6/24/13 7:55 PM

I am disappinted Rafa could not put away second set at 6-5 . Did not see that game. But Rafa should have won that game . His backhand just goes off on grass. Anyway time to move on . I hope he fit and healthy for USO. I think from now on Wimby might become Rafa's least favorite surface.

fedexal , 6/24/13 7:56 PM

Phoenix expressed concern @ 6:34 PM at the tone of Rafa's comments. Those words rang an alarm bell with me too but I didn't want to go there at the time. If the knee has broken down again one has to wonder how much longer he is prepared to risk irrepairable damage to his body.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 7:56 PM

Clay Mug exposed again ..

Event ..Piggy Roasting
Date: 06/24/13
Venue - Center Court
Courtesy- Steve Darcis
Memo- Sir Lukas Rosol


KMA , 6/24/13 7:58 PM

The good news is Nadal will be well rested for next year's clay court swing.

conquistador , 6/24/13 7:59 PM

It's tendonitis, @Fedzz22. It is chronic. That means the pain comes and goes.

I am more concerned about the toll all this is taking on his mentality. It must be tempting to just say, sod it, I have had enough of this, bye............

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 8:00 PM

Sabs, newfangkc,respect.


Conspirator , 6/24/13 8:02 PM

Hahahaha lol coquistador.....He got 2 days more than Last year.....So i hope he will be ready to beat Novak at MC....xD

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 8:03 PM

fedexal, his backhand goes away on grass? lol...what abt the forehand? he was just hitting it just for the sake of hitting it ! rafa completed the match to give darcis a proper win....

first question of darcis's interview : did you attack his knee or focused more on your game ?

I guess that summed it up...darcis played horrible tennis in set 3 but rafa had nothing in him...poor rafa could not even bend at the net...

The qs is, how bad the injury is? :c

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 8:07 PM

Btw, total respect to Darcis, no wild celebrations, totally restrained and respectful in his celebrations.

Vamos Darcis!

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 8:09 PM

seventeen..lolzzz you have AIDS...

Zaare , 6/24/13 8:12 PM

Matt Cronin ?@TennisReporters 10m Nadal added his only dream today is to go home, think about decisions he made and to make logical decisions about his future

Nadal: "I don't want to talk about my knee. Darcis played a fantastic match. He deserved it. If I talk about my knee, it's an excuse."

In Spanish Nadal says hasnt decided which USO warmup will play BUT has every intention of playing US Open & can have great tourney there

Murray on #Nadal: "In sport these things can happen but it was a surprise." #Wimbledon

Nadal: People remember victories, not losses. I don't want to remember this loss'

Nadal: "I can say I will keep working hard and I hope to have here a few more years to play here."

Nadal: "That's the positive & negative about this sport. it's tough losing in 1st rnd but tour continues, life continues."

#Nadal: "Happy, I'm not. But life continues. 2 weeks ago I was in a fantastic situation winning a tournament, 2 weeks later I lose 1st rnd."

Rafael Nadal Fans ?@RafaelNadalFC 31m Rafael #Nadal on whether he can win #Wimbledon again: "I don't know! The only thing I can say and I can do is keep working hard..."

Nadal: "I tried to prepare as well as I could for this tournament knowing it would be harder than ever and it was." #Wimbledon #sw19

Rafa said he's confident for the rest of the season. Grass a bit tougher for him because of how low you have to get.

Matt Cronin ?@TennisReporters 44m Nadal: "not a lot of good things for me but congratulate Darcis he played well in right positions. I had chances didnt make it. Tough to...

rennae stubbs ?@rennaestubbs 1h Just saw @RafaelNadal walking up the stairs to the locker room, didn't look to comfortable going up them!

sanju , 6/24/13 8:16 PM

Sorry to see Rafa lose but that's the sport and the beauty of it in a way, nothing is for granted.
I wouldn't say it's the knee for sure, it could be that the knee is in the same condition as it was two weeks ago. What I do see is that Rafa is not moving as fast as he used to, not on clay, and definitely not on grass. Take a Youtube vid of his Wimbledon finals against Fed and you see him almost flying around the court. A whirlwind.
So whatever the reason, he is less nowadays than he was 5 years back, in that regard.
Today happened what almost happened at Roland Garros opener a month ago. Grass (especially fresh grass) gives less opportunities to Rafa's usually brilliant 'escapism' and today it was not to be. RG still in the bag, looking forward to the hard court season and let's hope Rafa stays healthy. Vamos!

JBeer , 6/24/13 8:21 PM

Darcis makes history ................. becomes first man ever to beat nadal in first round ....... who could have seen that coming??????????

isfand , 6/24/13 8:27 PM

Honestly I respect Rafa so much......But one thing i dont like is some of his fans.....they just can not accept his loss......Does Any1 Know After the 2010 when Rafa lost without hving any knee or other problem.....!!!!!There was nt any probs at All....its just that He can not adjust on grass in 2 weeks times while other top 3 can.....Admit it

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 8:27 PM

Fedzz22 don't be a cry baby. It's nowhere written that Nadal fans must admit anything. Do they have to start and lay down on their backs like dogs surrendering? What a ridiculous point you are trying to make, without any basis. Nadal lost, Darcis was the better player today. And very sorry for you that Nadal has a knee problem, but it's a fact and not some sort of a lame excuse. He will probably retire early because of this and low lifes like you will then probably still wonder if the injury is for real.

JBeer , 6/24/13 8:35 PM

fedzz22, if you are finally trying to be rational , make sure you are completely rational!
do you have eyes? if yes then please explain to me the limping! rafa did not chase so many balls he could have so easily chased in normal circumstances ! was he playing an exhibition?

And I would like to assume reporters and journalists are not nadal fans so how do you explain the first question darcis was asked ' did you attack his knee or focused more on his game' . I guess the interviewer had eyes which allowed him to witness the crystal clear !

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 8:36 PM

Martina Navratilova ?@Martina 1h Boy oh boy Nadal is really struggling, I think his knee is sore? Darcis playing out of his mind- will he open his eyes?

Even legends see it he is not 100%, it is unnaimous he was strugglig with his movement

sanju , 6/24/13 8:36 PM

seventeen...your writing ability showz dat you cum from 3rd world cuntry.

Zaare , 6/24/13 8:40 PM

Look at this..who has messaged

Lukas Rosol ?@Lukas_Rosol 1h @SteveDarcishark, welcome to the club! Great game, and a much deserved win. All the best for future ?? #Wimbledon

sanju , 6/24/13 8:40 PM

Please, can't you see the Fedzz guy is trolling for a response from you guys? This whole, "I respect Rafa it's his fans I cannot stand", is a troll special, designed to get a rise out of you, the fans. He is so enjoying himself.

Let them dance on Rafa's grave, that's who they are. There are classy Fedfans, everybody knows who they are............

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 8:41 PM

Its not easy to chase down All the Balls on fresh grass........It could hve Been a knee problem...But i wonder No one can see that when his winning....The word KNEE straight away comes after his loss....Anyways whatever it was...i just hope he won't miss any tournmnt.....i want the Real Big 4 again....but we mi8 never see cz Rafa is struggling while Fed is not playing well too

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 8:47 PM

HE WILL BE BACK *Arnold style* Anyway, of all the tournaments, one place I did not expect him to drop points was Wimby!!! But that is the life, no! Lets see what else is destined for our Rafa!!
Those of us feeling down ought to watch the 5th set RG 13 NOW!!
RITB, dont you take a hiatus once again. We need you here!

vmk1 , 6/24/13 8:48 PM

I'm surprised Nadal didn't use some gamesmanship and take a medical timeout to slow down Darcis. It worked against Petzchner, Haase and Del Potro at Wimbledon.

conquistador , 6/24/13 8:49 PM

Am surprised why are some vague Fed fans rejoicing so much. I mean what has their hero done all year/ Zilch, just won a piddly 250 event. They are behaving as if Fed wins the title now after Rafas loss. Cmon rem someone called Murray n Djoko? ;-)

sanju , 6/24/13 8:49 PM

I think @rafaisthebest is still in shock...

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 8:50 PM

Hahaha, vmk1, you read my mind! Do you know, I have even changed TV channels, have switched Wimby off, sorry, cannot pretend. Sorry, vmk1, don't be surprised if you do not see me around for a while.............

Keep the cheer,


rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 8:52 PM

who talked about the KNEE after Oz open 2012? wimb 07, US 11 , Wimb 11, wimb 06?

are the commentators and experts paid or are they rafa fanatics? why are they talking about the KNEE? huh...

its tough to chase balls on fresh grass? HAHAHAH was this the first time he played on grass? he was NOT running or moving toward the ball and 2-3 balls close to the net , rafa refused to BEND! we can obviously move on accpeting injury's are part of rafa's life but to deny he had no issues is INSANE. rafa's pure haters being exposed

vamosrafa , 6/24/13 8:53 PM

This is not correct Zaare, you bloody fool think that someone who is not good in his writing skills in all of all languages that is called English. Bloody fool, we Indians write better English than the best fools over there after Shakespeare and he will turn in his grace near Henley. Stop this sheet of worlds, first, second and third and all those shits.

newfangkc , 6/24/13 8:56 PM

We dont need to say what our hero has done thruout his career...yesss He is not playing well this year....but fortunately he is still in the tournmnt...and he can turn the tables and can shut All of ur mouths...just like he did last year

Fedzz22 , 6/24/13 8:58 PM

RITB, I know man!! It is sad but honestly if we were offered a 45-3 record back in February especially after the Zeballos loss, we would have given our arms and legs for it! It has been a great season already.
Here is wishing for a great wimbledon!! May the second best man win coz the best guy is unfortunately out.

vmk1 , 6/24/13 9:04 PM

There's a first for everything...RT @Infostrada2016: Rafael Nadal has NEVER been eliminated in the first round in all of his 34 previous GS.

Happened to Serena at RG last*t happens.

rafaisthebest , 6/24/13 9:05 PM

So, so sad for our Rafa.
After his incredible run so far, who would have thought he'd go out even earlier than last year. Now Darcis is been made a legend.
Congratulations to him for a great, great win.
I just don't understand how Rafa's knees can be ok to win RG and then collapse like this at Wimbledon. If he hadn't won Wimby, or even reached the final you could argue that his game just isn't suited for grass but... the guy's made 5 finals and won it two times, so he's proven he can be good in grass.
I fear that we're going to have to get used to Rafa selecting his tourneys and pulling out of the race for Nr. 1 from now on.
Thx to all those Fed, Djokovic and Murray fans who still had kind words for our man.
I hope he recovers soon from this. At least he has holidays to look forward to now.

Shireling , 6/24/13 9:08 PM

I was thinking to tell all guys and dames over here that why can't you learn the greatest virtues of a human life of love and respect. Did your parents , peers and fellow travelers teach you love, respect and fellow feeling. Stop this nonsense. You are fed with this theory of either you are with me or against me that Jesus George Bush taught the world

newfangkc , 6/24/13 9:08 PM

, 6/24/13 8:58 PM

Then wait to gloat till he actually does it, not before he does it right, hes still 6 matches away from doing it as of todaay . Logical right ?

And however great your hero has been all his career, huge respect, he deserves it but 2008 onwards till date he clearly has been 3rd best..

Count the slams won by Rafa(9), Novak(6), Fed(5) in that period
The big Masters 1000 + WTF titles (15 Rafa, 14 Novak , 9 Roger )
Total number of titles (34 Rafa with 10 outside clay , 30 Novak, 24 Roger)

in the ATP site .

sanju , 6/24/13 9:13 PM

, 6/24/13 9:05 PM

Not just Serena, even Steffi in 94 Wimby and both are greater champions and have better career stats than Rafa. It can happen to best of all

sanju , 6/24/13 9:15 PM

I understand its sad Rafans but who of u would have thought 9 finals and 7 tourney wins when he came back in February. We lapped up his incredible success past 4.5 months, we HAVE to take his losses in our stride too. Lets face it- The consistent Rafa of 08 n 10 will NEVER be back, his body just wont allow him to howmuch ever his mind n heart will want it. And he nows it himself, thats why he is taking it 1 day at a time.

sanju , 6/24/13 9:19 PM

Who is the Hero? Is he the one who had won many battles, or for that matter who refused to accept defeat even when defeated by the skin of his teeth. The ultimate hero is the one who has the belief that there are warriors who are capable of drownnig in the battle by the hero would like to believe ' I can't be overcome, overcome by wins, defeats, slug=fest and all that but look I AM ROGER FEDERER and i would like generations to know tat there wws a swss guy who played, lost vand won fair.

newfangkc , 6/24/13 9:22 PM

Patrick Mouratoglou ?@pmouratoglou 25m If #rafa's knee doesn't cure, and is constantly under treatment, we won't probably see him win one more Wimbledon as grass is too hard on it

As per Patrick, Serenas coach , grass is harder on knees than HC , I uess as it bounces low n u need to bend.

sanju , 6/24/13 9:33 PM


Monday 24 June 2013
Rafael Nadal gives his Wimbledon press conference following his 7-6(4) 7-6(8) 6-4 first round loss to Steve Darcis.

Q. What would you say went wrong today and what went right, if anything? What happened?

RAFAEL NADAL: Happen that is sport. And sometimes you play well and you have the chance to win. Sometimes you play worst and the opponent play well and you lose.

That's the good thing about the sport. That's all.

Good things today for me was not a lot of things good. But, you know, just congratulate Darcis. I think he played with the right decision, played well, and that's all.

Q. We saw you limping a little bit out there. Was there an injury reason or physical reason for this loss?

RAFAEL NADAL: Is not the right day. I tried my best out there in every moment. Was not possible for me this afternoon, and that's all.

The opponent played well. I had my chances. I didn't make it. So in grass is difficult to adapt yourself, to adapt your game. When you don't have the chance to play before, I didn't have that chance this year, is tougher. I didn't find my rhythm.

Q. What did you do after the French? How long did you have off? How long did you practice maybe on a hard court at home before you came to the grass?

RAFAEL NADAL: I arrived here on Tuesday. Before that I was working at home on the gym and trying to make the right things to recover my body from a very long and success straight tournaments.

So that's all, no? Nothing special.

Q. How much of a blow was it for you not being able to play at Halle in the context of this tournament?

RAFAEL NADAL: I didn't have that chance this year to play on Halle. So is tough to talk right now. The only thing that is important today is that even I don't play Halle is obviously I wanted to play, yes.

But today we cannot come back. We cannot come two weeks before. That what happened. I didn't have that chance. I tried my best. Was not possible. That's all I can say. Just congratulate the opponent. At the end is not a tragedy. That is sport.

Q. How is the situation similar or different from last year when you lost here?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don't see any comparation [sic] at all. I really don't know how to answer this question.

Q. Well, last year you said you were hurt after the loss to Rosol. How is the situation now with you?

RAFAEL NADAL: With what?

Q. With your physical condition.

RAFAEL NADAL: I say before I think is not the day to talk about these kind of things. I am confident that I will have a good recover and be ready for the next tournaments.

I played much more than what I dreamed before here after the injury. So that's a fantastic and very positive thing for me. I know the grass is a difficult surface for the way that I need to play to play well here.

Was not possible this year. I gonna try my best for the next couple of years.

Q. Did you have any sign at practice in previous days that it was going to be a tough first round here? How big is the disappointment?

RAFAEL NADAL: You was here on Saturday? I said is probably the toughest surface for me today, because I had to move and I have to play in a lower position than in the rest of the surfaces.

So that's the real thing. I was not lying to nobody on Saturday. So that's all. I gonna keep working hard for the next.

Q. You turned a lot around your backhand to play your forehand, and also you didn't move that well. Was your knee 100% today?

RAFAEL NADAL: I think you are joking. I answered this question three times or four times already. I don't gonna talk about my knee this afternoon.

Only thing that can say today is congratulate Steve Darcis. He played a fantastic match. Everything that I will say today about my knee is an excuse, and I don't like to put any excuse when I'm losing a match like I lost today.

He deserve not one excuse.

Q. You talked a little bit in Paris about your schedule, adjusting it. I'm wondering if you think you might need to look at that more closely. Obviously you love playing on the clay, but it's a lot of matches. Is that something you think going forward you need to look at more closely?

RAFAEL NADAL: What? I didn't understand that.

Q. In Paris you talked about your schedule, maybe adjusting it. I'm wondering if you think physically it's a lot on your body to play so much on clay, even though you love that surface.

RAFAEL NADAL: If I play too much? That's the question?

Q. I'm wondering if you need to look at your schedule.

RAFAEL NADAL: In which way?

Q. To play less in the spring.

RAFAEL NADAL: To play less?

Q. Yes.

RAFAEL NADAL: I cannot predict the future. I cannot say when I do a calendar if it was wrong or if it was positive. Since six hours ago was a perfect calendar, now is a very negative calendar. That's not true.

I played, as I said, since I came back after the injury, I played when I had the feeling that I can play. And my feelings were that I played the weeks that I felt right to play.

And to here is Wimbledon, so I try to arrive as good as possible to this tournament, knowing that probably this year will be harder than ever, and it really was.

So that's all, no? The calendar was for me perfect, winning seven tournaments of the nine, and playing two finals. I cannot say I will make something different today because I will not. I will repeat my calendar. My season has been fantastic, much better than what I have thought five months ago. So I am happy about everything.

I know that that thing, that lose of today, can happen, and it happened. That's all.

Q. Do you still feel you can come back and win this championship again?

RAFAEL NADAL: I didn't know that in 2003 and 2004 and 2005, 2006 and 2007, so... I don't know that.

The only thing I can say I can do is keep working hard and keep giving me chances about my game on this surface. I think and I hope to have a few more years to play here and to play at the right level. I was not able to play great this year or last year. It's obviously. But I gonna try.

Q. Last year after you lost to Rosol we didn't see you for seven months. What should we expect this time? Can we be optimistic and see you when? Which tournament are you planning to come back?

RAFAEL NADAL: Not very late. Not that late, for sure.

Q. When you came back over here in February, was the French Open always your priority? Of the three majors left, was the French your priority or was it equal with Wimbledon?

RAFAEL NADAL: Seriously, I don't have a priority. I try my best in every tournament, even if is a 250, is a 500, or is a Grand Slam. Is obvious, you know, the Roland Garros championship adapts better to my game.

But in this sport, I don't see a way that you can prepare one tournament in particular. I think you don't have that chance because depends on a lot of things. You need to win matches when you arrive to important tournament to be confident. You need to play matches to be enough fit. Then I try my best in every one.

Sometimes I arrive good in one, worse in another. That's all. I tried and I played that way during all my career.

Q. Even as well as Darcis played, that has to be a disappointing loss. Are you able to let it go right away or does it sting for a few days?

RAFAEL NADAL: Life continues, that's all. I say before, is not a dramatic thing. That's the sport. That's the game at the end.

Two weeks ago I was in a fantastic situation, winning a fantastic tournament. Two weeks later I lost here in the first round. That's the positive and the negative thing about this sport.

Is tough losing in the first round. But, as I said before, the tour continues, life continues, and this is a sport of victories. It's not a sport of lose. Nobody remember the loses. People remember the victories. And I don't want to remember that lose.

Q. You've said that only an arrogant man would not have doubts. You've said that a couple of times now. Do you have some doubts on your play on grass? And are you proud of your legacy on grass for a person who was brought up on clay?

RAFAEL NADAL: Obviously I have doubts. I have doubts on grass. I have doubts on clay and hard, for sure in indoor.

If I don't have doubts is because I really don't feel the passion for this game. You don't see myself with doubts the first week of Roland Garros? Yes, with a lot of doubts.

Today I play with doubts. I lost, yes.

Q. But you're proud of your grass court play?

RAFAEL NADAL: If I'm proud today?

Q. Not today. Over the years, what you have done on grass.

RAFAEL NADAL: What do you think? Five finals, two victories. I don't know how many players have that. I think for me is a lot. That don't mean I not going to keep trying to have success in this surface.

vmk1 , 6/24/13 9:33 PM

I think they should have a re-match. Rafa wasn't ready to start today.

nadline , 6/24/13 9:35 PM

^^^^ Ha Ha Nadline. Well Done!!!
Could not suppress a smile at that!

vmk1 , 6/24/13 9:38 PM

Positive interview I think.

Hell be back for Montreal/Toronto, will surely skip Cincy, play USO nd then few here n there like China, Shanghai, Basel :-)

sanju , 6/24/13 9:39 PM

n Rafa also confirms what Patrick said..grass today is toghest surface for him as he has to bend a lot and it causes strain on his knees.. so he does not think HC is as tough today based on his knees than grass.

Time to revisit expectations I guess

sanju , 6/24/13 9:41 PM

Top top top class interview and what a champion's attitude. Humble and sportive; really only a true GOAT responds like this. Nadal will come into the next Major with a slightly less good Grand Slam winning percentage of 34% (lost one percent today), which is currently still by far the highest % of any active player on the tour.

JBeer , 6/24/13 9:53 PM

RAFAEL NADAL: I think you are joking. I answered this question three times or four times already. I don't gonna talk about my knee this afternoon.

LOL, the interviewer was a little insistent for him to talk about the knee so they can have something to pin him down later but he refused to oblige. Vamos Rafa! What a great champion you are, be it in victory or in defeat. Fed should take a page or two from your book.

phoenix , 6/24/13 10:24 PM

Uncle tony fucks the rafa mam in the ass . They just mustnot let Rafa know about it otherwise he loses passion.
seventeen, 6/23/13 6:55 PM

phoenix , 6/24/13 10:53 PM

Uncle tony fucks the rafa mam in the ass . They just mustnot let Rafa know about it otherwise he loses passion.
seventeen, 6/23/13 6:55 PM

phoenix , 6/24/13 10:55 PM

"I think they should have a re-match. Rafa wasn't ready to start today."

@nadline - LOL. Best cheer-up quote ever.

mara002 , 6/24/13 11:14 PM

@ 9:33 PMI feel less pessimistic after reading the transcript of his presser. Thanks for that vmk1

The bottom line is he pushed his body to the absolute limit during RG both this year and last year. And clearly two weeks was not enough time to recover and put in the hours on a grass court. On top of that he had no match play (I'm not counting the piddly exo he played at the weekend) so the two early Wimby losses are not as significant as his detractors would like to make them out to be.

On both occasions he faced able players who grabbed the moment, stayed focused and played at a level they possibly didn't know they had in them.

I am bitterly disappointed for Rafa, but as I was saying the other day, in my mind it was always a tall order so perhaps I am not as shocked nor all that surprised by what happened today. The worry is, as Rafa hinted, Wimbledon could present a problem in the future if the knee continues to be an issue.

ed251137 , 6/24/13 11:44 PM

'I am bitterly disappointed for Rafa, but as I was saying the other day, in my mind it was always a tall order so perhaps I am not as shocked nor all that surprised by what happened today. The worry is, as Rafa hinted, Wimbledon could present a problem in the future if the knee continues to be an issue...'

We both suggested this and for some time,
Now you are a traitor and I'm a hater.
Rafa has had a great run, he's well ahead on the points race and really he's won Wimbles a couple of times already.
His fans are spoiled due to his incredible competitive qualities and tennis brilliance.
But he's not a machine and something had to give.
I don't see him being number one ever again,
But he might have few slams left in him if he is sensible about his schedule.

Twinge , 6/24/13 11:51 PM

I woke up to the news that Rafa lost. I was really surprised, but there were hints in his comments to let us know that this might happen. Rafa said in the past that he needs to play in a warm up tournament as preparation for Wimbledon and the transition to grass. Not playing at Halle obviously hurt him. From what I am reading and hearing, it sounds like he didn't have the rhythm on his shots and also the knee was bothering him.

Rafa got a good report from his doctor after RG. So I am wondering if it was when he started practicing and playing on grass, that the knee acted up. It also seems to be just too hard now for Rafa to do this quick turnaround from winning RG to playing at Wimbledon.

I knew the haters would come out with a vengeance. It's what they do. However, this isn't as shocking as it would appear. Disappointing yes, but shocking, no. Rafa has always been vulnerable in the first week of Wimbledon when the grass is slick and fast. In the 2010 Wimbledon, he had to battle back from two sets to one down in back-to-back matches against Haase and Petz. He was able to escape and get into good form for the second week. This year he wasn't able to do that.

On another note, I see that phoenix keeps reposting the obscene comment from seventeen. An attempt to get Ricky and Chery's attention, perhaps? Good effort! However, when I first started reading the topic threads today, there were a few others that were even more profane. Gutter talk from someone with zero class.

Phoenix, keep it up! Maybe they will finally decide to do something about it.

Nativenewyorker , 6/24/13 11:56 PM

Oh and for the record, I did my part by contacting the moderators about that post.

Nativenewyorker , 6/24/13 11:57 PM

I am so surprised that nothing is being done. You would imagine both Ricky and Cheryl would want to put an end to the obscene comments in the wake of reports and blogs bearing their names.

RICKY, CHERYL are you still there?

ed251137 , 6/25/13 12:13 AM

Karma has a very funny way of getting back. The rafatards who suddenly remember moderation let their own trolls bad mouth Federer/Djokovic/Murray and their fans and even poor Rosol - who just showed the tennis world how inept a player who plays his game 10m behind the baseline, is at grass court tennis. Darcis did the same.

They hurled abused @chr18, ts38, fedkovic, twinge, scoretracker and anyone and everyone who said Rafa is not all that he is made out to be. He only won 2 Wimbledons because murray's head is all messed up and even though he is a better headcase than gasquet, he is still an underachiever for not taking the grass pedigree from Roger.

Since 2008, I was hoping murray would win the wimbledon every year. Every year, he kept losing to players - you can excuse losing to Federer/Roddick - they got huge games for grass, but to lose to rafa - a uber defensive player 3 times in a row on grass? Absolutely inexcusable and puts you in "borderline headcase" category.

Nole's worst surface is grass and see how he whipped nadal to pulp in his biggest match on center court - 2011 Wimbledon final. Sadly, murray has been found wanting in this department - a champions mentality.

All is not lost yet and I hope Murray will make use of this to win a Wimbledon and establish his own dynasty at Wimbledon - better late than never.

If Murray wins a wimbledon this year, I can see him winning atleast 3 Wimbledons and 8 slams in his career.

Go Nole/Murray. Show up the claycourter for what he is and establish your rivalry. Looking forward to a Djokovic - Murray final that will confirm the end of the fedal era. This will be their 3rd GS final in last 4 slams and 3 out of 3, outside clay.

chr18, ts38, fedkovic, twinge, scoretracker and my great friend novakisthebest, and any other non-rafatards, this is a great day for tennis. It is always wonderful for grass-court and aggressive players when even the 100+ ranked members of their ilk can show the claycourters how grass court or aggressive tennis should be played!

Congrats to Darcis - I hope he gets his just rewards for his wonderful efforts just like Rosol did. You guys got guts people. You will always be remembered for the heart you guys showed.

so what are the excuses? fixed draws? injuries [kneedal, as usual started the injury excuse machine. look at his gem of a reply:

"Now is not the day to talk about injuries"

translation from rafatardese to English. "Uncle Toni will come up with a damage control plan like last year"

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/25/13 12:17 AM

'Rafa got a good report from his doctor after RG. So I am wondering if it was when he started practicing and playing on grass, that the knee acted up. It also seems to be just too hard now for Rafa to do this quick turnaround from winning RG to playing at Wimbledon....'

The channel slam is hard enough as it is
Props to Borg doing it 3 times when the surfaces were even more different from each other.
If Novak takes you to 5 and you've been in 9 finals on clay and too tired to play a 250 ie no prep, well it was clearly a bridge too far.
Oh and JDF there's a lot of tennis to be played still, and s**t happens as we've seen, but you might (just might) be getting that NOLANDY final....

Twinge , 6/25/13 12:35 AM

Well that's a strange turn of events and unhappy news for Nadal fans. It just shows you that nobody is infallible. It does not mean Nadal is not a great grass court player - he won 2 Wimbledons and 3 more finals losing in 2 of them to one of the top 2 grass players of all time. But he is an even better all-around player than a grass courter. And when the courts are 'fast' on opening day, then it's like the 90s grass out there and aggressive play is rewarded. I mean Darcis was inside the baseline most of the match, served very well, even the one handed BH was a weapon. Most importantly he didn't choke in the 2nd set TB. Nadal depends a lot on his retrieval ability, to make his opponents hit 'one more' shot, and his forehand to attack. But he can't move as well on slippery grass and that means less forehands, the topspin doesn't bite, etc. and he can be exposed just a tiny crack.

Darcis is definitely a 'weak-era' opponent, to use the expression often used here - the sort of guy that if Federer beat in three sets, everyone would be saying 'What's the big deal? He always easily beats journeymen like that.'

What the long term implications of Rosol's victory seems to be: little guys now have some belief that they can get Nadal on grass. It's a bit like Federer losing his invincibility on hard courts in 2008 or so. Once that happens, people don't fold mentally so quickly anymore and it's more energy to beat them.

Now we all saw Nadal running around amazingly vs Djokovic and Ferrer 2 weeks ago. Maybe he was in pain the whole time, but it would be too much to rationalize the loss just to the knees (unless something happened in the meantime). We do know Nadal is a bit slow at the start (after all he doesn't lose a set to Ferrer, yet drops 1 to Brands, on clay?). We know he is sometimes vulnerable on grass to grass court specialists- I remember one year where he had 5 set matches against Petzhner and Robin Hasse, in early rounds, and of course Rosol.

I can't see anything but a Djokvoic - Murray final, and it's fitting for No. 1 and No.2.

Bharata , 6/25/13 12:56 AM


Novak will make it (95%) chance. Your guy has a tougher draw. I would say he has a 70% chance of making it. That makes it about a 2 in 3 chance of a NOLANDY final.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/25/13 1:17 AM

I hope the moderators also look at the abuses that chr18, ts38, fedkovic, scoretracker and other people receive from jean, raindrops and holdserve.

Obviously, ed and CBM will have no problems with their abusing and they have always supported it for years and that is why lot of people think they are worse than the morons like jean/conspirator/raindrops that they manipulate/suck up to so that they can do the dirty work on rafa fans' behalf.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/25/13 1:24 AM

correction to what I wrote above: last year Nadal was in fine form at the French and then out for 7 months with knee pain. So I guess it shows the way his knee performs at RG has no bearing at all on how it behaves in Wimbledon or the rest of the year.

Bharata , 6/25/13 1:30 AM

Uncle tony fucks the rafa mam in the ass . They just mustnot let Rafa know about it otherwise he loses passion.

seventeen, 6/23/13 6:55 PM

I just want everyone here to see what it is that we are addressing. The above comment contains obscene, graphic sexual references. The phony comments from the troll/hydra JDF, Fedkovic23 and novakisthebest about so-called abusive comments made by Rafa fans, can be shown up by this one comment from seventeen. There were other profane, obscene comments that were also posted.

It's a convenient way to try to divert attention from these vile, inappropriate and filthy posts by seventeen. Reasonable people have the common decency to not post sickening comments like this. It's bad enough to hate Rafa, but when you insult his close family members then it has crossed any boundaries of decency.

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 3:13 AM

Fuck you djb, you motherfucking asshole.

I am loving it everysingle point the belgium makes.
I fukking hope nadal wins this match and meet federer.

Hahahahaha he is nothing compared to the king of wimbledon the GOAT OF all sports.

seventeen, 6/24/13 6:50 PM

This is the other one I saw on this topic thread. Just for the record.

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 3:19 AM

Why are you and phoenix spamming about Toni Nadal's filthy habits? I didn't expect this from you NNY. It's obvious these comments are not being deleted so in fact you are supporting them by re-posting them on every thread.

chr18 , 6/25/13 3:24 AM


It should be obvious even to you that we are trying to get the moderators to delete these comments!

How come you didn't open you big mouth when seventeen was posting this filth all over the site on every topic thread?

So don't get all high and mighty and talk about spamming! The point is to make sure that Ricky and Cheryl see this because there are hundreds of comments that get posted here.

Did you expect this from seventeen and the other trolls posting here? Put your outrage where it belongs. Go address your comment to the person who posted this obscene garbage in the first place.

Can you imagine a new poster coming here and reading this kind of thing? We are trying to do something about it, so why don't you join in and stop the faux outrage!

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 4:05 AM

I have been sending emails to the moderators about the seventeen obscenity but there has been no response. This is alarming.
Ok we can all ignore the filthy poster's gutter style posts by not reading them. But what is alarming is what does this lack of moderation mean? Is this site in financial straits? Is it likely to shut down?

holdserve , 6/25/13 5:50 AM


I am just supporting you and your kind by propagating the products of your brains. You and your kind wrote them so you must be proud seeing these in all of the threads.

phoenix , 6/25/13 5:51 AM

Re: Rafa's loss, somehow I am not shocked. I just wanted him to win RG. From the reports which emerged a few days ago about Rafa limping, plus his own remarks, I felt if Rafa is to lose before the final, the earlier he goes the better so he can heal himself as much as possible for the rest of the season.
I had a dream that it would be a Fed-Djokovic final which disappointed me exceedingly. Hope I don't have foretelling powers and it was just a hidden fear surfacing in a dream.
Now that Rafa is out, my full support to Muzza!!!!!
Hope his back is fine.

holdserve , 6/25/13 6:01 AM

I had a dream that it would be a Fed-Djokovic final which disappointed me exceedingly. holdserve
, 6/25/13 6:01 AM

That would mean Fed has to beat Murray or Murray has to lose early before facing Fed.

sanju , 6/25/13 6:23 AM

extremely disappointing to read such obscene comments .......... all lines have been crossed ................... this is preposterous to say the least

isfand , 6/25/13 6:39 AM

This is supposed to be the gentlemen's sport but for whatever reason, it attracts the worst fans. I follow a lot of other sports and I promise I do not come across the Pure unbridriled hate in the sport. Whoever coined the word troll had tennis in mind. A man plays a sport of his choice and he is hated........for being good at it?

This is the first time Rafa has lost in the first round of a major. How many times has Roger, Andy etc, etc? Only recently there were whispers emerging that he can't have been injured enough last year for him to be winning this much. So is this early loss the proof the naysayers needed that he must have been seriously injured? I am not holding my breath, because where Rafa is concerned, he cannot be injured enough. No, they will now say, he was never injured, he just can't play on grass.

Rafa is not supposed to be injured. He cannot mention being injured, everybody else can. Why, even his fans have now been so brow-beaten they are the ones rushing to shush people down about mentioning that Rafa is not moving well because of his knee in a match. They cringe and hope he does not mention his injury in a presser. A sportsman, whose body is his tool of the trade, cannot mention the condition this very tool is in? People would rather he lies about it? People would rather he trots out bland platitudes about his opponent being better than him on the day, as of this was not obvious? How was Darcis supposed to lose that match the way Rafa played? No, Rafa needs to prostrate himself in front of the whole world, say he was in perfect condition, he lost because he is just not good enough i.e. accept, his humiliation like a man. So others can be satisfied. This is what satisfies the modern tennis fan, the humiliation of a player.

I cannot think of another sport where being injured is a source of shame.

Rafa did not want to stop in the middle of the match for fear of the opprobrium that would follow. He did not want to call the trainer in the middle of the match for fear of the opprobrium that would follow. He did not want to tell he truth about the condition of his body in the presser for fear of the opprobrium that would follow.

This, my friends is tennis nowadays. Players are there to humiliate themselves for our pleasure.

Suddenly, all this does not feel so pleasurable for me any more. I don't want players lying to me about the conditions of their bodies. I don't expect fans to sing Kumbaya to and with each other, but I do not understand how sustained hurling of profanity in a so called gentleman's sport can be pleasurable. I do not understand how you can hate someone you have never met, someone you do not know, someone YOU chose to be a part of your life by following him.

I am a Rafan. I will continue to support Rafa because of the kind of human being he is, the kind of sportsman he is. I hope he continues to excel in his chosen sport. I will follow his progress with interest and look forward to watching him play in his next tournament. He is a truly fine young man.

As for the the tennis community itself, I think I need a break from it for a while. Too much ill will.

Why, even the dope-soaked Tour de France looks mighty appealing!

Allez Froome et Contador!

rafaisthebest , 6/25/13 7:31 AM

Rafa has had 3 career threatening injuries - foot in 2005, knee in 2009 n knee again in 2012. It is to his credit n amazing willpower that he managed to get back and win . I just hope it finally doesnt exasperate him because you can fight your body n injury only to a extent, if it hampers you from being competitive which Rafa always aspires to be, not sure what Rafa's mind is going through now, esp with Toni saying its back to scratch again with the injury.

I hope Rafa continues to play, takes proper breaks, chooses his tourneys and plans his schedule carefully. I think we as fans need to just hope for the best and not be surprised with the worst due to injury.

I also am surprised with news that how did media or whoever reported it that doctor said okay after RG that lulled us into false sense of positive expectation whereas now it is coming out that he had to take infiltrations on the knee as his knee was bum after RG

sanju , 6/25/13 7:45 AM

@ 7.31 AM 'As for the the tennis community itself, I think I need a break from it for a while. Too much ill will.'

I'm off to watch the Tour too. See you on the Champs Elysee on the 21st July!


ed251137 , 6/25/13 7:47 AM

Deuce: Dont worry I will still be cheering Andy on. Please tell him from me he has an obligation now to win that title!

Until TT is cleaned up it's not a pleasant place to be.


ed251137 , 6/25/13 8:05 AM

ritb and ed,

Are you two leaving for a while? Because you both are part of the reason I post on this site. Or are you both just taking a break?

@ritb 7:31 AM,

I think this is one of your finest posts ever! You said everything that I feel right now. My anger has been building all day over the fact that Rafa cannot even feel free to tell the simple truth. I couldn't watch the whole match, but I watched enough to see how gingerly he was walking on the court. It was so obvious that something was wrong. Even the commentators on the tennis channel pointed it out.

Rafa was not himself in that match. I wonder if he felt pressured to play and not withdraw because of what he has heard in the past. I cannot fathom or ever understand the profane, obscene and abusive comments from some here whose life's work seems to be just hating Rafa. Why? I doubt that even they know. It's just who they are.

I don't know what is going on with Rafa. I don't know what he will do now. I don't know how much more he can take. I don't know what Uncle Toni means about being back to scratch with the injury. I just hope that Rafa does what he has to do to take care of himself.

I tried my best to alert the moderators to the obscene posts here. I at least made an effort. That's all I can do. But I have to wonder about a site that allows these kind of comments.

I don't want to be here if you two aren't here. So if both of you are taking a sabbatical, then maybe I should do the same.

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 8:06 AM

such is joy!

will be back with a bang oops knee next clay season.keep fighting for me.RN

tomnjerry2 , 6/25/13 8:17 AM

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 8:06 AM

You know the respect and affection I have for you, this is why I am responding to your post. Thank you for your kind words about mine.

Basically, I was struck by how Formula 1 drivers, for example, will talk in detail about the tool of their trade, their car, if it is not functioning well. In fact, the press grills them for details of these technical problems and nobody goes away and says, oh, these were just excuses for non-performance! Aren't tennis players' bodies the same as Formula 1 cars in this instance? And yet tennis players, specifically Rafa, are not supposed to mention any malfunction in them? Sorry, there is something wrong with that picture.......

I am taking a sabbatical from the tennis community, @nny. As I said, it has just become too toxic for me. I cannot stop the abuse and profanity, but I can remove myself from it. The choice lies squarely with me: to willingly be exposed to the muck or not.

Trust me, there are lots of Formula 1, TdF fans and forums but you do not find the level of toxicity that exists now in tennis in those sports. With tennis, it's not banter anymore, there is something more sinister going on. It's just not pleasurable.

I don't know about you but I prefer to be pleasured!

I follow sport to laugh, to engage in playful banter i.e. to enjoy myself. If these elements are no longer present, what's the point?

I will still follow tennis, but only those elements which give me pleasure.

Cheers my friend!

rafaisthebest , 6/25/13 8:29 AM

NNY: Just taking a rest from all the unpleasantness. Without their main targets to hurl insults at maybe the trolls will seek more productive pastures. That's if this site doesn't get closed down first for allowing obscenity and inciteful racism to prevail.

ed251137 , 6/25/13 8:38 AM

The point is where are Cheryl and Ricky and how have they allowed the vulgar, obscene, filthy and rascist comments to even get posted or let them stay? Or maybe they are too busy to bother cleaaning it up.

sanju , 6/25/13 8:45 AM


I understand. It was a great place to discuss tennis once upon a time. But not now. Are there are rules or regulations for online sites or forums? I didn't think that anyone could get away with threatening someone with physical harm. I thought there were some measures to deal with that kind of thing.

We used to say that if we leave, then the trolls win. But maybe there is nothing to win here anymore.

I also will be cheering for Andy to win Wimbledon.

I will be thinking of you. Take care.

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 8:46 AM

so long you for me i will linger for a while to give back to these people the kind of garbage that they dumped to this site.

phoenix , 6/25/13 8:51 AM


I contacted them via e-mail with those two obscene posts included. I am sure that they have time to read their e-mail.

Nativenewyorker , 6/25/13 8:53 AM

TT has become the den of abuse and personal insults far removed from the subject of tennis. I have also decided to take a break from it as is now a free for all.

Couple of years ago some of these accounts would have been deleted but now it appears that anything goes.


nadline , 6/25/13 10:32 AM

I have just tuned in as I am on vacation and don't get a lot of chance to read or post, but skimming the posts here, this one caught my eye:

"But since it is the excusecard used lets hope he breaks both of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!
seventeen, 6/24/13 6:36 PM"

Seventeen, are you serious?! How can you say something like that or wish harm on anyone?! I mean, all right, you are not a Rafa fan, neither am I (at least, he is not my favorite player) but what's happening in your heart or mind to hope for someone's pain???

danica , 6/25/13 10:46 AM

Okay folks leaving - which site are you all going to that is clean?

NNY - Does VB require anything special to get in? Can you guide me?

I agree the rascist comments thrown at me few days back (which I frankly dont care at all about) and the explicit vulgar comments by 1-2 posters here as well the frequent meltdowns by 3-4 folks here and the constant disrespect to stalwarts of the game ha actually made this an ugly place to be in. It is always better to be in company of positive people who spread positive vibes.

nadline, RITB, NNY, rafaelo, vamosrafa,ed, natashao, Monalysa , atul - Let me know where you go to, I can join there too ;-)

sanju , 6/25/13 10:49 AM

seventeen.....youz AIDS has spread all over dis site.

Zaare , 6/25/13 11:05 AM

Was thinking much the same myself. Only came on today to offer comms to Rafa fans and support fo Andy.
Some really disgusting posts on here and it's well nigh impossible to avoid them.
Welcome aboard you and Conspirator to the Andy battle bus :)
See you darling :)

deuce , 6/25/13 12:35 PM

You too, of course :)

deuce , 6/25/13 12:38 PM

ok, I think I will make a move too.
Sanju..I will post at tennis-x or/and and will use the same moniker

atul1985 , 6/25/13 12:57 PM

I dont know a good site that is all-party so I'm open to any suggestions. Any port in a storm just so long as it is well monitored IYKWIM

NNY: I think I am still signed up to VB but I always found it a bit too groupie and sychophantic for my taste so've never posted there.

Deuce: I'll join you for the denouement, hopefully sitting comfortably on the sofa quoffing the drambuie ;-)


ed251137 , 6/25/13 1:12 PM

newby here on this forum. I'm a huge Federer-fan, better get that straight from the beginning. Commiserations to Nadal-fans. I know I would feel miserable if my man would be out.
I think it was pretty clear he was suffering at the end (I only saw the last game) from bad movements, probably due to his knee.
Part of me (the better part) hopes he recovers soon and completely. My dark side is a bit more pragmatic. Federer surely would benefit from the absence of his angstgegner off course. Let's just say that I wasn't lookin' forward to that possble qtr-final.

bok , 6/25/13 1:29 PM

VB is a Nadal fan site it's not a general tennis forum.

deama , 6/25/13 1:33 PM

VB stands for Vamos Brigade so no surprises that it's a bit sychophantic. The clue is in the name.

deama , 6/25/13 1:40 PM

" Seventeen, are you serious?! How can you say something like that or wish harm on anyone?! I mean, all right, you are not a Rafa fan, neither am I (at least, he is not my favorite player) but what's happening in your heart or mind to hope for someone's pain??? -"

Danica, how come your preachings are only for those who say things against rafa? Where were you when jean/raindrops/conspirator was abusing fed fans and non-rafalings? I dont see you preaching to them when they abuse chr18, ts38 and scoretracker?

These people even created an id called scrottracker and your good friend Zare whose reading comprehension is challenged fell for that stupid trick. He did apologise later, but I would think you would do your preachings there too. It sounds a little convenient that your preachings are always when rafa and his fans get abused.

It is great to play moral police, but please look at both sides of the coins. The rafatrolls conspirator and their ilk brought this on themselves. Others like NNY/ed/ritb did their usual passive-aggressive stuff and encouraged such posters claiming they are very funny. When they get their own medicine, I am not surprised these douchebags cannot find the fun in that.

Things have a way of evening it out and people deserve what they get. Go check these rafatrolls posts after RG win. They were cursing federer and federer fans. Guess what karma gave them a nice slap in the face. I hope they learn their lessons and treat other players and fans with the respect they want for rafa and themselves. I thought they would have learnt the lesson after Rosol's loss last year, but they didn't.

Even now, they are busy scouting another forum where they can continue their tard behaviour instead of facing up to the truth and owning up to the mistakes on their side.

to all non-rafa fans. This was a great day for the tennis world, highlighting that Grass is not for ball-fetching defensive players.

Fedkovic23 , 6/25/13 3:02 PM

fuckovic23 is even worse than AIDS

Zaare , 6/25/13 3:04 PM

Uncle tony fucks the rafa mam in the ass . They just mustnot let Rafa know about it otherwise he loses passion.

seventeen, 6/23/13 6:55 PM

phoenix , 6/25/13 3:04 PM

phoenix u SOB

Zaare , 6/25/13 5:47 PM

seventeen u thundercunt

Zaare , 6/25/13 6:04 PM

I am afraid TT comments feature is going to be disabled just because I lost early in the not so dirty surface again :( LOL

Don't worry I will be back with vengeance oops knee next clay season. RN :)

tomnjerry2 , 6/25/13 8:50 PM

Uncle tony fucks the rafa mam in the ass . They just mustnot let Rafa know about it otherwise he loses passion.

seventeen, 6/23/13 6:55 PM

phoenix , 6/25/13 8:56 PM


I reacted to the post that was tasteless to me. It doesn't matter who it was addressed to. It only happened that it was Rafa who was on the receiving end, it could have been wished on Roger, Nole, Cilic, Dolgo, Istomin... doesn't matter, I would've reacted the same. Hoping for harm and pain of another human being is just surreal to me.

I was on Scoretracker side when I noticed an impostor who made a similar nick and I asked for moderation and looking into that. He replied ant thanked me for noticing and objecting to that.

Zare and me are Nole's fans ho happen to be from the same country. That is all we have in common.

I didn't read what was written after the FO. I knew it would be a lot of gloating and I knew some of the Rafa fans would go overboard. Sometimes I get into discussions when I feel I need to defend Nole. I recently objected when a poster wrote ugly posts about Andy. When I happen to see something that I find offensive, I usually speak my mind. Most often, I don't have the time to read all of the posts and threads so I just kind of scan over to see if anything was written about Nole. That's why I didn't catch the unseemly posts towards Roger although I sincerely doubt anyone was posting wishes for him to have the severe case of discus hernia.

My wish is that the tennis fans are respectful towards each other no matter who their favorite player is. I like discussions with arguments and without name calling. What I find interesting is that some Rafa fans use Nole to prove something to Roger fans and Roger fans use Nole to stick it to Rafa fans :).

danica , 6/26/13 1:32 AM


Thanks for replying. As long as your fair with your call for moderation all is fan. As for Nole being used by either parties - think about this. Whose career does Nole's career resembled best:

a) Does he excel on one surface and suck on the others [like rafa]


b) does he have a great record at 3 of the 4 slams and is trying to get that one slam where nadal rules mostly because the surface doesn't support shot-makers.

Sampras, Federer and Djokovic have one thing in common. They have won more than 5 slams outside clay, have defended year end no.1 ranking and have won year end masters more than once. I hope you realise claydal has achieved non of those achievements!

Fedkovic23 , 6/26/13 2:00 AM

Hi everyone,i'm Getty8 and new year.I've been following TT for close to 4yrs and recently decided to join.I'm a rafa fan and proudly so,and it's sad to see him out so soon in wimbledon.Well,i'm sure there are explanations to what happened and the nadal camp do not want to make a public fuss about it.Well,i guess we can only hope and pray for the best for the rest of the season for him.

Getty8 , 6/26/13 4:28 AM

correction-new here........first of many mistakes whilst posting i guess lol

Getty8 , 6/26/13 4:32 AM

I bet the whole of ATP circuit is clamouring to suck on other non clay surfaces so that they can win 4 slams on HC & grass and be finalist 5 times on HC & grass * semifinalist another 3 times on HC & grass.

And now because Novak and Roger have nothing to show on clay, all that matters is how many slams has anyone won outside clay. It doesn't matter that Roger has won just 1 on clay and Novak 0. Oh yeah and the number is 5 because Rafa has won day he wins 5, number will be 6 n it will go

Hysterical and delusional to the core. Funny to read too..haha

sanju , 6/26/13 5:03 AM


Thank you for your unconditional support for Nole. I've always thought of him as the next successor to Sampras/Federer. He dominates the circuit year in and year out.

As all tennis fans know, Nole is most likely to overcome rafa in the weeks at no.1 by the end of this year if things go to form. If Nole wins wimbledon, he will have already equalled Rafa's Wimbledon count. He is already ahead of him at AO and WTF and has a much superior record than the one-dimensional spaniard at the USO.


Nole might have 0 slams at FO but he doesn't lose to 100 ranked players in the 1st and 2nd rounds. You are the delusional one if you think nadal is a more complete player than Nole/Federer. You can argue Nadal is a more complete player than murray and even his fan Twinge will agree with that.

Truth is, among top 4 - Nole is a more complete player than nadal or murray. Deal with it.

Here is a gift for rafa fans :

please check out deuce's posts on Here is a sample from her post there:

"Exactly! I'm a little tired of the constant "oh those knees again" talk. Yes we know there is a problem, but which player in sport does not have injuries, especially after you've spent so much time playing. "

Interested Rafa fans can sign up and I will give you links to what our wonderful Deuce has got to say about Rafa, in reality. LOL!

I knew she was making a fool out of the rafabots. All the djokovic fans on tennis/ x-blog know how much Deuce/Margot disliked rafa when he was beating murray every year at Wimbledon.

Game up Deuce!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/26/13 12:22 PM

Truth is, among top 4 - Nole is a more complete player than nadal or murray. Deal with it.

Let us agree to disagree. Nole is not an iota more complete than Rafa or Murray. To me all 3 are equally complete. Murray has not really proven on clay but has proven on HC & grass and he has not proven on clay more I think because he thinks he has 0 chance to win on it . Novak has proven on HC, grass , clay. Rafa has also proven on all 3 surfaces very well at that. Had he not he would not have won 4 non clay slams and reached 5 other non clay slam finals and 17 ATP non clay titles

sanju , 6/26/13 1:05 PM

a) Does he (djokovic) excel on one surface and suck on the others [like rafa]

Fedkovic23, 6/26/13 2:00 AM

Funny you should say this.

Djokovic IS a hard court specialist and nothing else, so yes he does excel on one surface and suck on all others, especially compared to Nadal. Lets do some comparisons shall we:

Djokovic: 5 slams on hard courts, 1 on Grass, 0 on Clay

Nadal: 2 Slams on Hard Courts, 2 Slams on Grass, 8 on Clay

Considering the above evidence, which is irrefutable, Nadal is the FAR superior all around player. Its not even close!

Fedkovic your logic is laughably poor and creating jamesdjokovicfan as another moniker for your terrible posts, AND THEN SUBSEQUENTLY HAVING CONVERSATIONS WITH YOURSELF THROUGH THAT USERNAME, is hilariously sad. OMG i cant get over how funny the idea of you repeatedly logging in and logging out with different names is. ROFL

Doubt you'll feel up to the task of replying to this post considering your evidently single digit IQ, however I'm so looking forward to you quoting me some nonsensical stat/opinion to try and back up your demented arguments. Oh and then of course your "friend" jamesdjokovicfan can back you up. Just please dont hurt those fingers logging in and logging out so many times, I find your posts absolutely hilarious so if they were to stop I wouldn't have nearly as much to laugh at when I check this blog. Its actually quite sweet (if a bit psychotic) that you evidently care so much about Nadal to continue to attempt to marginalise his achievements by living through multiple personalities on this tennis forum.

All the very best.


willmw101 , 6/26/13 1:18 PM

It is clear that there is no longer any moderation on this site. It probably means this site will close down soon. But even if it doesn't, it is now a horror covered with filthy remarks by gutter snipes like seventeen and toxic waste of the monster hydra.
How about all of us moving en masse to tennis-x or I checked out these sites. Both seem ok and they have moderation. Sienna is active on tennis-x but obviously while she spews her poison there she cannot make filthy remarks because of moderation.
Please give your thoughts.
Irrespective of what you guys decide, I will not post here till moderation is restored.

holdserve , 6/26/13 3:08 PM

Funny that fedkovic/jamesdjokovicfan are no where to be found when logic is introduced into an argument that they've started. HILARIOUS.

willmw101 , 6/26/13 3:58 PM

Good riddance! This is the last place where rafabats where hiding and they are being smoked out for good!

Tennis-x or tennis are anti-nadal sites with regular discussions on rafa's doping and cheating. I look forward to curshin the filth that is crap serve and native new-crapper and RafafartED on these more neutral and real tennis sites.

Bring it on. 1 match outside clay is all it to show who is a chump and who are the champs. I will thoroughly enjoy as rafa's career winds down in the next 12-24 months. Hope smart kids will learn how tennis/any sport should be played - by aggressive shot-making but not like how ball fetchers like claydal do.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/26/13 5:08 PM

"Funny that fedkovic/jamesdjokovicfan are no where to be found when logic is introduced into an argument that they've started. HILARIOUS"

Djokovic is superior player to Nadal on HC/grass. Nadal until 2010 was thriving on his physique against emotionally/physically undeveloped opponents. as soon as Novak reached his peak Nadal stopped making any major success apart from clay. Yes, Nadal was beating everyone else in 2011 apart from Djokovic. Match Nadal's peak vs Nole's peak and you get Novak as a clear winner.

in 2011 Novak made an enormous impact on Nadal's mental state and we see Nadal now lose in the second/first round of Wimbledon. This year's RG was very close and hadn't Novak choked Nadal wouldn't have won his bread and butter title.

Going forward, Nadal should still win clay court tournaments (maybe slow HC like IW), however his chances on HC/grass surfaces are much lesser, now that Novak and Andy are complete and mature players.

rfzr , 6/26/13 5:15 PM

Great post rfzr! If murray was not a chump and was as great a player as Nole, it would have been curtains for nadal on grass in 2008 itself.

Even in 2007 wimbledon semi-final. Nole was bossing claydal before he had to retire because of blisters on his foot because he had a brutal past 2 days playing a 4 set match against rusty and 5 set match against baghdatis.

There is a good chance Nole will win this wimbledon and officially establish himself as the 2nd best grass court player of the last 10 years. At AO,USO and even the WTF, he has a much superior record than claydal.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/26/13 5:40 PM

Perceptibly nonsensical. I'll copy my post again just so you can get some logic through your thick skulls. Such idiots, so lacking in objective thought.

Neither of you even adressed the all round grand slam stats comparison between Nadal and Djokovic. Only you, fedkovic/jamesdjokovicfan could believe rfzr's post, which lacked any true meaning or objective analsyis and instead spouted more biased crap, could think it was a good post. Idiots attract idiots I guess. Hilarious.

a) Does he (djokovic) excel on one surface and suck on the others [like rafa]

Fedkovic23, 6/26/13 2:00 AM

Funny you should say this.

Djokovic IS a hard court specialist and nothing else, so yes he does excel on one surface and suck on all others, especially compared to Nadal. Lets do some comparisons shall we:

Djokovic: 5 slams on hard courts, 1 on Grass, 0 on Clay

Nadal: 2 Slams on Hard Courts, 2 Slams on Grass, 8 on Clay

Considering the above evidence, which is irrefutable, Nadal is the FAR superior all around player. Its not even close!

Fedkovic your logic is laughably poor and creating jamesdjokovicfan as another moniker for your terrible posts, AND THEN SUBSEQUENTLY HAVING CONVERSATIONS WITH YOURSELF THROUGH THAT USERNAME, is hilariously sad. OMG i cant get over how funny the idea of you repeatedly logging in and logging out with different names is. ROFL

Doubt you'll feel up to the task of replying to this post considering your evidently single digit IQ, however I'm so looking forward to you quoting me some nonsensical stat/opinion to try and back up your demented arguments. Oh and then of course your "friend" jamesdjokovicfan can back you up. Just please dont hurt those fingers logging in and logging out so many times, I find your posts absolutely hilarious so if they were to stop I wouldn't have nearly as much to laugh at when I check this blog. Its actually quite sweet (if a bit psychotic) that you evidently care so much about Nadal to continue to attempt to marginalise his achievements by living through multiple personalities on this tennis forum.

All the very best.


willmw101 , 6/26/13 6:08 PM

^^^ LOL good comeback retard.

willmw101 , 6/26/13 6:25 PM

meltdown #3456 from willcrap.

Great fun seeing the rafa trolls come to terms with reality. retirement looming large at 27. LOL!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/26/13 6:26 PM

^^ LOL still cant come back with anything worthwhile. HILARIOUS how dumb you must be. Soon Jamesdjokovicfan will log out and he'll log back in as Fedkovic and then we'll get even more nonsensical rubbish.

willmw101 , 6/26/13 6:32 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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