• Djokovic, Haas face off in French Open quarterfinals

    6/4/13 1:54 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic, Haas face off in French Open quarterfinals A semifinal spot will be at stake when Novak Djokovic goes up against Tommy Haas on Wednesday at Roland Garros. The winner is set for a showdown with either Rafael Nadal or Stanislas Wawrinka.

    Novak Djokovic and Tommy Haas will be squaring off for the eighth time in their careers and for the second time this season when they clash in the quarterfinals of the French Open on Wednesday afternoon.

    Djokovic leads the head-to-head series 4-3, but Haas dominated their most recent encounter 6-2, 6-4 less than three months ago on the hard courts of Miami. Their first meetings since 2009 came last season and both went Djokovic's way; 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 in Toronto and 6-3, 6-3 in Shanghai. Their only previous clay-court collision came at Roland Garros in 2006, when the Serb won a third-rounder 7-5, 6-1, 7-6(4).

    Both men are in outstanding form at the moment. Djokovic lost early in Madrid and Rome, but his French Open preparation was highlighted by a win over Rafael Nadal in the Monte-Carlo final. The world No. 1 has dropped just a single set so far this fortnight--the first to Philipp Kohlschreiber on Monday. That victory was preceded by relatively routine scalps of David Goffin, Guido Pella, and Grigor Dimitrov. Hoping to a complete a career Grand Slam later in the week, Djokovic is 32-4 for the year.

    "It is one of the biggest challenges in tennis, if not the biggest one right now, playing against the No. 1 player," Haas assured. "He is somebody that's very, very eager to win this title--one that's missing in his collection."

    Haas may have no slam titles, but almost nothing has gone amiss for him in the past few seasons. The resurgent 35-year-old German is back up to No. 14 in the world, thanks to an outstanding 2012 and a 25-9 record for his 2013 campaign. A semifinalist in Miami and the champion in Munich, Haas is not looking back on the red dirt of Paris. He has taken out Guillaume Rufin, Jack Sock, John Isner, and Mikhail Youzhny--losing two sets (and saving one match point) against Isner on Saturday.

    After his only difficult match of the tournament to date, Haas bounced back less than 48 hours later and humiliated Youzhny 6-1, 6-1, 6-3. That will give the No. 12 seed both confidence and some much-needed rest, but Djokovic is a whole different beast of an opponent who is playing inspired tennis at the moment.

    Djokovic in three sets is the pick. All three, though, should be competitive and of extremely high quality.

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any odd and optimistic predictions? :D I still have hope :D

rafaelo , 6/4/13 5:27 PM

Rafa is on PC and Djoker is on SL.

nadline , 6/4/13 6:30 PM

Good, rafa will have good continuing feel of PC

sanju , 6/4/13 8:21 PM

I don't think Haas really has a chance of beating Djoker. He could make it a good match but beating Djoker at a slam is entirely different from beating him in Miami.

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 8:35 PM

^^^ Depends on the court conditions. I like Haas' chances if its a windy day. Nole had plenty of problems facing Kohl on a windy day. Haas is a better player than Kohl, and he moves so much quicker than Kohl. It should be an interesting match.

luckystar , 6/4/13 8:44 PM

Nole vs. Rafa in the semifinal that's what I want to see. So I hope both of them will win their matches tomorrow.

Raindrops , 6/4/13 8:50 PM

and just saying, kohli had lots of opportunities!

rafaelo , 6/4/13 8:51 PM


You really think Haas has a chance? I certainly don't mean to disrespect him or sell him short. I just believe that it's a much tougher task in a best three out of five match.

I know that Kohls had a lot of break chances which he wasn't able to convert. Maybe if the conditions are right, then Haas will be able to capitalize. If it is windy, then maybe Haas could get a set like Kohls.

Haas should be able to come out and play without any pressure. If he can just stay in the moment and play his best, then we could have a great match.

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 8:52 PM

I know this is wishful thinking! but I really want djoko out :D no matter what :D

rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:00 PM

This would be a difficult match for djokovic. Luckystar is very right to point out that Haas is a much better mover than Kohl... Haas has that game which can snatch rhythm from djokovic's game...he should mix up the patterns by using drop shots, short slices and clever net approaches.... Haas can return with aggression too.... Haas is a complete package but none of his weapons are worldclass.

I see Haas giving plenty of difficulty to novak. IF novak plays like the qtrs(which is not going to happen ) I see Haas having a good change of causing an upset...Overall, I agree with NNY that beating Nole in a slam might be a step too further for the german..

Haas needs to be aggressive and full of variety. He should hope for wind and some help from novak.

p.s, tommy is an inspiration to me ! The guy looks like a young man on the court ! so fit after all those surgeries

vamosrafa , 6/4/13 9:14 PM

*4th round

vamosrafa , 6/4/13 9:15 PM

Djoko in 4 I think

rafaelo..accept it n make peace buddy that Djoko is in semis :-)

sanju , 6/4/13 9:16 PM

sanju there is still hope :)))))))))))=))

rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:17 PM

As long as rafa is playing his best tennis,its ok to have novak in the semi :)

vamosrafa , 6/4/13 9:22 PM

isn't ther gonna be a topic about rafa's match?
what's your take?

rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:23 PM

You beat me to it vamosrafa.

Rafa hides from no one. (Nor do Rafans.)


Conspirator , 6/4/13 9:30 PM

Their h2h is 4:3 to Nole, so no need to patronize Haas, he is not just any player.

nadline , 6/4/13 9:31 PM

Haas beat Djokovic at Wimbledon in 2009.

nadline , 6/4/13 9:35 PM

Haas will provide a sterner test than Kohly but I see Novak progressing to the semis in 4...

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 9:37 PM

djoko is completely different than 2009 of course

rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:42 PM

Kohls 1st serve let him down against Nole. He hardly got his 1st serve in which was what let him down in the end.

nadline , 6/4/13 9:42 PM

djoko is completely different than 2009 of course
rafaelo, 6/4/13 9:42 PM

So is Haas.

nadline , 6/4/13 9:44 PM

I have a question! how is it possible for rafa to get to number 2 for other slams this year?

rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:44 PM

If Rafa defends his title at RG, it will be the last time he s under pressure pointswise because he can only add points on after that, so providing he continues to do well, he would move up the rankings quickly. By the beginning of August, Muzz is going to lose over 1000 (360RG + 750 Olympics).

nadline , 6/4/13 9:49 PM

First I want to clarify that my post @ 8:52 PM was directed at luckystar.

As for Nole, in 2009 he was not anywhere near the player he is now. That was before 2011 Nole. Haas is also a very different player. Nobody is patronizing Haas. He has done extremely well and deservedly made the quarterfinals. It's going to take a special effort to beat Nole and I think even Haas knows that.

I agree with vamosrafa's analysis. As lucky said, if the conditions are windy then things could favor Haas. I agree that Nole will have to play better than he did against Kohls. He gave Kohls all sorts of opportunities with break chances, but Kohls was unable to capitalize.

I do think that Haas could make a match of it, maybe even take a set. I just think that Djoker will raise his level of play.

I agree with those who have said that Rafa hides from no one! Nor do his fans!

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 9:52 PM

and what if he doesn't?

rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:53 PM


rafaelo , 6/4/13 9:56 PM

I have a feeling Djoko is going to sail placidly to the semis.
Haas is a great player but I don't think the task is to great in his mind.

Shireling , 6/4/13 9:56 PM

Rafa's ranking will depend on his form just like any other player. Rafa is leading the race to London right now because he has earned more points than anyone else this year, but his ranking

nadline , 6/4/13 9:57 PM

Rafa's ranking will depend on his form just like any other player. Rafa is leading the race to London right now because he has earned more points than anyone else this year, but his ranking hasn't improved because he is defending points up to now. After RG, he will be able to add points and move up.

nadline , 6/4/13 9:59 PM

Don't underestimate Haas, he's got every shot in the book and he is just as hungry to make a name for himself. This is his last chance saloon and he is not going to down lightly.

nadline , 6/4/13 10:02 PM

thanks nadline :)

rafaelo , 6/4/13 10:02 PM

Haas will be more than willing to take down Novak! If Novak approaches this match with the same casual attitude that you guys see Nole's chances, Im sorry but Novak will be hit with a rude awakening!!! This match will not be routine for Nole!!!

Monalysa , 6/4/13 10:08 PM

Haas is an seasoned player, he's got the tools and he doesn't fold under pressure. He wants to make the most of his 2nd bite of the cherry so he will give it all he's got whoever is on the other side of the net.

nadline , 6/4/13 10:14 PM

Ricky above: If you are referring to his form to date at RG I would be interested to know in which matches you consider 'Djokovic played inspired tennis'?

Haas, yes. But to most observers your assessment of Nole's form is a tad OTT.

ed251137 , 6/5/13 12:17 AM

Haas is not a one-dimensional one-surface pony like KTSP, so he can use his variety to trouble Djokovic. Nole though is a man on mission and he will get the job done. Hope his coach's loss doesn't distract Nole and serves as added motivation to Nole to get the job done.

Fedkovic23 , 6/5/13 2:06 AM

Fartkovic! Where were you???

You missed an awesome match today.

Oh, your post above looks awesome as always. I didn't read it of course but I'm sure it is full of gems and your love of Rafa!!!

(Oh, and just between you and Me, Fartkovic, PDFFT).


Conspirator , 6/5/13 2:34 AM

Fartipator, I saw you and the other rafahores fellating tsonga endlessly after he won a set [ and how you guys crapped on him when he was down a break in the 1st set].

I look forward to you guys doing the same to tommy haas against nole as well.

Fedkovic23 , 6/5/13 3:40 AM

Fartkovic! Where were you???

You missed an awesome match today.

Oh, your post above looks awesome as always. I didn't read it of course but I'm sure it is full of gems and your love of Rafa!!!

(Oh, and just between you and Me, Fartkovic, PDFFT).

#Automated HashtagsPatentPending

Conspirator , 6/5/13 3:49 AM

Fartipator, I saw you and the other rafahores fellating tsonga endlessly after he won a set.
Fedkovic23, 6/5/13 3:40 AM

Crap20 of course will not consider this inflammatory language. No surprise. I can only assume it is busy 'composing poems' for Tsonga to beat Rafa whenever they might meet.

jean , 6/5/13 4:55 AM

I agree with vamosrafa, that as long as Rafa is playing well, its OK for him to meet Nole in the semifinal. Actually, I've seen nothing fascinating or convincing this FO from Nole. Goffin in the first round should have won a set but he was too inexperienced in a slam to do so against Nole. Nole's second opponent here, Pella, was ranked 83 and came through to meet Nole after a long five sets match vs Dodig, making Nole looked good when facing him in the second round.

Dimitrov in the third round, what's with this guy, having shoulder problem already when he hardly played that many matches this season, no wonder Nole was on cruise control the whole match. Kohl in the fourth round - while he's a decent player, good enough to take a set off any of the top four guys and once in a blue moon beats them, he simply has sluggish footwork, though he still make it a four set match in the wind against Nole.

Unless Nole raises his level significantly in the QF, he's going to have a hard time beating Haas. If he comes through and most probably facing Rafa in the SF, he'll also have a hard time beating Rafa. Rafa is pacing himself well here, not exerting too much pressure on his body and his elbow (he said he hurt his elbow in Rome, so that may explain why his serves, especially the second serves, weren't good here at RG. He said his elbow is feeling better now).

luckystar , 6/5/13 6:26 AM

Please someone tell me that the picture on this thread is Verdasco not Nole. It's been bugging me for weeks. The arm doesn't look like Nole's nor the way he is holding the racquet.

nadline , 6/5/13 7:53 AM

nadline..It is Nole only. He doesn't look Verdasco from any angle

rafaelo: Even if Rafa wins RG, he may get seeded 5th for Wimby as he adds no points and if Ferru wins semi, he gains points

sanju , 6/5/13 8:18 AM

Yes wont be routine for Nole. I think 4 setter is definite.

sanju , 6/5/13 8:25 AM

and andy will be still No.2?or or it will be roger?
this ranking system is bullshit!

rafaelo , 6/5/13 8:33 AM

Sanju: I dont think this can happen because Wimbledon has a unique formula for deciding seedings. 75% of the points won as a finalist in 2011 will be added to his ATP points. See link for full explanation.,_Wimble don

ed251137 , 6/5/13 8:51 AM

If the h2h between Rafa and Haas had been 4:3 to Rafa and Haas had beaten him in their only GS meeting plus beaten in straight sets in their latest encounter, I would be very worried about their upcoming encounter. I would certainly not write Haas off out of hand.

nadline , 6/5/13 8:57 AM

Not worried about Rafa's seeding at Wimby at all. Again, it will be those in the Top 4 who will worry about which quarter he will fall. They can only Hope and pray Wimby stacks Rafa's path with big, tall big hitters in the hope of him being derailed in the 1st week because once he makes it to the 2nd week, watch out!

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 9:01 AM

rafaelo: See the link above. I'm pretty sure the bonus points (based on two years grass performances) added by Wimbledon will make Roger No.2 seed as by the time Wimby arrives Roger will be back to No.2 anyway, no?

Luckystar, if she is around, is the person to verify this. Predicting rankings is not my specialiity!

ed251137 , 6/5/13 9:17 AM

Who will #1 at Wimby? Roger or Nole?

Only Nole will be worried about meeting RAFA at QF, other two will instill fear in the mind of RAFA.

sabs , 6/5/13 9:20 AM

not talking about seeding at Wimby but ranking wise Roger will stay 3 n Andy 2. Reason being Roger lost 360 points this year for not being able to defend his SF appearence from last year (he will get only 360 against 720 he had last year) . Andy lost 360 points too for not participating (he had accumulated 360 last year by reaching QF)

sanju , 6/5/13 9:21 AM

Who will #1 at Wimby? Roger or Nole?


Only Nole will be worried about meeting RAFA at QF, other two will instill fear in the mind of RAFA.

Cmon sabs, you think Fed or Murray will not bother about Rafa in QF. You must be joking. He has beaten Roger in Wimby when Roger was in his prme and Roger has regressed toay from 2008. Andy has been beaten by Rafa in Wimby 3 times 08,10,11)

sanju , 6/5/13 9:24 AM

Murray will still be ranked #2 after RG.

nadline , 6/5/13 9:29 AM

ATP Entry System Position points + 100% points earned for all grass court tournaments in the past 12 months + 75% points earned for the best grass court tournament in the 12 months before that.

Yes if Rafa wins RG, he may get 4 because of 0.75 * 1200 added to his tally

David made QF last year, not sure what he did in 2011, def wasnt in semis.

ed I am too lazy to work out Maths but Andy my still go bove Roger. Didnt he win Queens too last year? And he had SF showing in Wimby 2011 wherea Roger has QF

sanju , 6/5/13 9:32 AM

^^^ Nole was a Semi finalist last year and Roger was the Champion.
I dont know how they decide seedings, back in 2010 they gave seeding #1 to Roger desptite RAFA being #1 ranked player in the world.

RAFA - Roger match 5 setter and it was not an one sided match, RAFA just edged Roger in the end.
I believe Roger is marginaly ahead of RAFA in Grass and Andy is equal to RAFA.
Nole falls below to 4.
It will be entertaining!

sabs , 6/5/13 9:38 AM

I dont know how they decide seedings, back in 2010 they gave seeding #1 to Roger desptite RAFA being #1 ranked player in the world.- sabs
, 6/5/13 9:38 AM

Thats because Rafa didnt play in 2009 nd Roger won in 2009 , so addition of points as per their formula put Roger on top

Roger is marginaly ahead of RAFA in Grass and Andy is equal to RAFA.-sabs
, 6/5/13 9:38 AM

Roger was, not any more. It is 2013 now, he was beaten by Tsonga and Berdy too. I know Rafa was beaten by Rosol too :-), but the Roger Rafa matchup we all know.

Andy equal to Rafa - not yet proven by results as they havent played from 2012 when Andy flourished.

sanju , 6/5/13 9:45 AM

Based on the formula, Murray will be seeded 2 at Wimbledon and Roger 3.

nadline , 6/5/13 9:54 AM

sanju: All grass performances in the past two years count. Dont forget Roger was finalist at Halle in 2011 and the Olympics will also be counted.


ed251137 , 6/5/13 9:57 AM

I can't remember whether Roger played Halle in 2011 or not, can't find the draw but he wasn't in the final as Kohls beat Pestchner so without Halle 2011, based on the Wimbledon formula, Murray will have 10,237 points against Roger's 10060 points, so Muzz will be seeded 2.

I seem to remember some row in 2011 about Roger pulling out of Halle.

nadline , 6/5/13 9:58 AM

I forgot about the olympics.........that makes Murray's Wimbledon points 10,987 against Roger's 10,510. Murray will definitely be seeded 2 at Wimbledon.

nadline , 6/5/13 10:02 AM

I forgot about the olympics.........that makes Murray's Wimbledon points 10,987 against Roger's 10,510. Murray will definitely be seeded 2 at Wimbledon.

Yes Nole Rafa semi and Andy Roger :-)

Not sure where Roger wants to be placed, maybe he prefers Nole on grass :-)

sanju , 6/5/13 10:06 AM

Djoker vs Haas could go either way. Either could win in straight sets and either of them could win in 4 or 5 sets. It's 50:50 IMO.

nadline , 6/5/13 10:34 AM

Tommy Haas in straight sets - 23 to 1 odds. I think I have about 50 bucks to spare...

childishgambino , 6/5/13 10:56 AM

"I believe Roger is marginaly ahead of RAFA in Grass and Andy is equal to RAFA."

LOL! Roger is marginally ahead? 7 wins in 8 finals is way ahead of 2 wins in 5 finals. Djokovic with 1 Wimbledon title and 1-1 h2h against kneedal should be marginally ahead of KTSP with your logic.

There is a greater chance that either one or both of Murray/Djokovic will end their careers as a better grasscourt player than kneedal has of overtaking the Lord of Wimbledon.

Presently Murray has a greater career winning % than kneedal and Novak absolutely banged the life out of KTSP in their most significant wimbledon meeting. Funnily even that absolute massacre on centre-court wasn't nearly as humiliating as the molestation that a no-body like rosol reserved for a 27 year-old KTSP who was just coming off a slam win, albeit on the 3rd most important slam on tour.

Fedkovic23 , 6/5/13 11:05 AM

Nole will be seeded as no.1 at Wimbledon this year, regardless of his results at the FO. Murray will be seeded no.2, with 10,800 pts (current ranking pts plus all of 2012 grass court pts including the Olympics and 75% of 2011 best grass court event pts, which is Wimbledon SF).

Fed will be seeded no.3 with this loss in QF at RG, with 10,510 pts. Even if he wins Halle this year, its still not enough to catch Murray, as he can add only 100 pts (he's a finalist last year at Halle, losing to Haas).

If Ferrer reaches the final here, he should be seeded four at Wimbledon, regardless of Rafa winning the FO or not. So, the interesting question when that happens, is, who's going to get Rafa in the QF at Wimbledon.

In fact I hope Rafa meets Nole in the QF, as I feel he's a better player than Nole on grass, meeting in the QF is less pressure on Rafa than meeting in the final or even SF. I really don't wish for Rafa to run into Ferrer again in the QF, poor Ferrer! I feel if Rafa wins this FO, his confidence level will be high for Wimbledon and I think the top four or five seeds won't want to meet him at the QF.

luckystar , 6/5/13 11:06 AM

I'm yet to see a different nole in RG from the nole in Madrid and Rome. He is still very much beatable by any inspired player. He is yet to be challenged and may fall in the way of roger who cracked in his first challenge. This is the disadvantage of easy draws. For me, a nole victory will be the upset.

damianthorn , 6/5/13 11:06 AM

@ sabs, you clearly have not been following all the discussions on TT. There is a school of thought out there, shared by some on TT and I am not talking about the lunatic fringe, that Nole is a more complete player compared to Rafa. If that is indeed the case, then Novak cannot be 4th in the Wimby favorite pecking order behind Rafa. If Novak is a more complete player than Rafa he should be favorite on all surfaces ahead of Rafa.

I disagree with the said school of thought, I believe they are both complete players with relative strengths in specific surfaces, HC for Novak, clay for Rafa. And yes, I agree that Rafa is a better grass court plater than Novak and transitions better from clay to grass.

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 11:19 AM

sanju, 6/5/13 9:45 AM,

thanks Sanju, Fed is the 2012 champion :-) no matchup issues when it comes to grass.

sabs , 6/5/13 11:20 AM

Some people hero worship Nole and think he is invincible despite the evidence. His match against Dimitrov was a joke; the TV channels responded by switching them off, I don't remember that ever happening is such a high profile match; the spectators, who had spent good money on their tickets, voted with their feet. Some interpret Nole's domination in that non-match has evidence of his prowess.

My problem with Rafa playing Nole is Rafa's mental psyche when he meets Nole and Nole's determination when he faces Rafa.

nadline , 6/5/13 11:25 AM

"My problem with Rafa playing Nole is Rafa's mental psyche when he meets Nole and Nole's determination when he faces Rafa."

Translation from rafatardese to English : Rafa is Nole's whipping boy!


Fedkovic23 , 6/5/13 11:33 AM

Go, Go, Go Nole! Expect Haas might l take a set, but Nole in 4 :)

deuce , 6/5/13 11:33 AM

@nadline, Rafa has admitted that he let Nole get to his head in 2011, I do not think this is still the case. After MC Rafa said he was not as nervous about facing Novak as he was in 2011 and I took that as a good sign. He lost in MC because he was sub-par game wise due to his long absence, not because of mental issues. Of course nerves may return if by Friday, he feels he has not closed the gap sufficiently game wise.

I am calm........

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 11:34 AM

Without a doubt Rafa was not at his peak in the MC final, he had dropped his serve several times in some of his matches leading up to the final. I think the way the first set went unsettled him and he did not have time to recover. However, I think Rafa is determined to keep his RG crown but there is still room for improvement in his game.

Nole isn't playing well either, so he will need to improve against a Rafa in peak form.

nadline , 6/5/13 11:40 AM

Nadline we experienced the same treatment to the dimitrov/nole match. It was so boring that the commentator apologized and switched to the Haas/Isner match.

damianthorn , 6/5/13 11:41 AM

damianthorn, that's the match I referred to.

Even when Rafa blew the Fed off the court at RG 61 63 60 in 2008, people were still gripped till the end with Rafa's Masterclass and Roger's fruitless efforts to make a go of it. Dimitrov was completely useless.

nadline , 6/5/13 11:48 AM

The dumbwit trolls are desperately seeking attention, getting royally ignored and are still trying their luck. What a pity!! Haha

Have any of you seen bigger losers and more frustrated people in your real life? I atleast haven't and thank God for that!!!

sanju , 6/5/13 11:51 AM

Please, lets not talk about a Rafa/Nole match yet. Let both at least make the semis first!!! One match at a time!

Whats up with Wawa's groin injury? Was he ever asked about it?

And what about Nole's shoulder which he received treatment for in his last match? Never heard any one talk about it?

Why is it there is only talk about Rafa's injuries?!

Monalysa , 6/5/13 1:55 PM

Just spotted on Twitter there is somebody from NY state using your screen name!

ed251137 , 6/5/13 2:19 PM

"Translation from rafatardese to English : Rafa is Nole's whipping boy!"

LOL! That is the true, no? As a Nole fan, I am more worried about Haas' variety troubling Nole than rafa's unimaginative game plan. Maybe they should just allow Uncle Toni to coach Nadal on-court like they do in the WTA. It's not like Rafa has not been fined for illegal coaching on court.

Tommy, my friend be good like your fellow-dad Roger and get home to the kids for Father's day. Leave the tennis to the younger ones. LOL!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/5/13 2:24 PM

My friends you speak the true. HAHA the true.

childishgambino , 6/5/13 2:29 PM

first predictions for rafa vs Nole semis

Rafa 6-4,6-2,6-2

atul1985 , 6/5/13 2:34 PM


Oh really! There was someone on here using Nadaline, too.

nadline , 6/5/13 2:39 PM

Rafa vs Haas I think you mean atul

childishgambino , 6/5/13 2:40 PM

Rafa might be on court soon as Shriekapva is being blown of court by Jankovic.

nadline , 6/5/13 2:41 PM



novakisthebitch , 6/5/13 2:42 PM

Rafa might be on court soon as Shriekapova is being blown off court by Jankovic.

nadline , 6/5/13 2:44 PM

or it turns into a three setter 60 06 18 16 haha

childishgambino , 6/5/13 2:48 PM

childishgambino, 6/5/13 2:40 PM
No, I meant scoreline for Rafa vs Nole semis.

6-4, 6-2, 6-2 to Rafa.

atul1985 , 6/5/13 3:00 PM

I was joking about Nole not making it to the semifinals. But to play along

Rafa vs Nole - 67 26 76 61 86 - 6 and a half hours. A true epic.

childishgambino , 6/5/13 3:03 PM

haha, Sharapova now up 2 breaks in the 2nd set....women's tennis at its best!

atul1985 , 6/5/13 3:06 PM

No, no @childishgambino, do not wish that scoreline please. For sure Ferru will be in the final, do you really want a tired Rafa facing Ferru in the final? I'm hoping for a damp squib Rafa/Nole semi in Rafa's favour tbh..............

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 3:10 PM

RITB - what do you make of my prediction? might plan out as you are hoping...

atul1985 , 6/5/13 3:12 PM

It would be nice though, admit it... And coming back from 2 sets down against Djokovic would heal a lot of spiritual wounds. I think I'd rather have him lose RG this year from exhaustion in the final and get back Djokovic's number which he used to have, than having him win his 8th RG and keep losing other major finals to the same man.

childishgambino , 6/5/13 3:14 PM

It would benefit Nadal and it would benefit us, viewers and fans of the sport heheh... I mean come on, a 6 hour epic between these two?

childishgambino , 6/5/13 3:17 PM

@atul1985, I like your pred better but I am keeping it a secret! #antijinx, Lol...........

@chidishgambino, well I want my cake and to eat it too............beat Djokovic easily in the semis and win the trophy on Sunday!

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 3:36 PM

I don't see this djoko with these strikes goes down to hass!

rafaelo , 6/5/13 4:36 PM

seems as though nole is in the right state of mind is this match against haas. playing no nonsense tennis. waiting for haas to implode which looks like will happen soon after that line call.

dejan1989 , 6/5/13 4:46 PM

Djokovic is simply creaming the ball. Should win this easily.

tj600 , 6/5/13 4:58 PM

Comon Nole ,

anji123 , 6/5/13 4:59 PM


anji123 , 6/5/13 5:02 PM

Haas playing poorly, not testing djokovic at all.

willmw101 , 6/5/13 5:18 PM

Some unbelievable hitting from Novak. 46 winners to just 12 UE so far.

tj600 , 6/5/13 6:02 PM

OK....Nole in 3... what else... AJDE!!!
Waiting Friday :)

zare , 6/5/13 6:48 PM

What else? Djokovic nearly threw away the 3rd set when he saw the Rafa-Wawa score flash up on the big screen. So plenty else could have happened.

Poor Zare, Fed is out of the tournament so now you only have Rafa to hate on.

willmw101 , 6/5/13 6:53 PM

willnw - How are you sure they flashed it on screen?

sanju , 6/5/13 7:08 PM

crowd said so on twitter

willmw101 , 6/5/13 7:16 PM

Nole got too excited about getting another chance of Pig slaughtering like MC.

Novak "Pig Slaughter" Djokovic

KMA , 6/5/13 8:28 PM

Ah, I was wondering. Thanks KMA.

(Shhh... KMA took the "short" bus to school.)

Conspirator , 6/5/13 8:53 PM

If you've been to live matches you will know that results from other courts are flashed on the screen.

nadline , 6/5/13 9:10 PM

rfzr , 6/5/13 9:45 PM

WOW thats an unattractive photo of djokovic.

willmw101 , 6/5/13 11:49 PM

I think the photo is great. It spells: " I mean business" :)

danica , 6/6/13 2:16 AM

"WOW thats an unattractive photo of djokovic."

you would probably sh1t your pants if you saw him in person. all little whiny b1tches do.

rfzr , 6/6/13 2:21 AM

Excellent win! Can't wait for the semi.

samprallica , 6/6/13 7:06 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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