• Nadal battles Nishikori for Roland Garros quarters

    6/3/13 4:02 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal battles Nishikori for Roland Garros quarters Defending French Open champion Rafael Nadal will take on Japan's Kei Nishikori, as the Spaniard inches closer to a possible semifinal showdown with Novak Djokovic.

    World No. 3 Rafael Nadal has had a historically favorable match-up against his fourth round opponent Kei Nishikori. The two men have met 4 times prior to Monday's match and Nadal has won every set but one.

    The good news for Nishikori is that Nadal has looked more vulnerable than past years amid the cold, damp weather. The Spaniard has already dropped 2 sets at the tournament, one each in the first two rounds of play.

    The weather is forecasted to be sunnier on Monday than it's been, which might help further dry out the court, but Nishikori may still be in at least a decent position to press Nadal and make him work for his quarterfinal berth.

    Nishikori, who is the tournament No. 13 seed, hasn't faced any seeds coming into this match, but he had a good 4-set win over in-form Benoit Paire in the third round.

    Prediction - Nadal for the win in 4.

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Vamosssss Rafa. Looking farward for a better show from you.

gr8nadal , 6/3/13 4:29 AM

nadal in 3

isfand , 6/3/13 5:12 AM

Already articles on the interne screaming Whats wrong with Rafa? 300266256338.html

sanju , 6/3/13 5:47 AM

Rafans - This time next week, we will be knowing who the RG champion is .

Hope Rafans are celebrating in delight world over.

sanju , 6/3/13 5:57 AM

My guy all the way.

Vamos Rafa!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:04 AM

Amen to that RITB

sanju , 6/3/13 6:17 AM

Rafa turns 27 today!
Enjoy yourself on court today!


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:22 AM

Happy Birthday Rafa!!!!

I hope that get a great victory to help you celebrate your 27th!!!

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 6:33 AM

Happy Happy to you Rafa

sanju , 6/3/13 6:43 AM

H5-5 Rafa and Happy Birthday!

All the luck for you on your match today. You are very entertaining to watch.

Raindrops , 6/3/13 7:32 AM

should be: HI-5

Raindrops , 6/3/13 7:34 AM

^^^you wanna change that to HI-8, @Raindrops??

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 7:38 AM

Prediction - Nadal for the win in 3!!!

Cheryl was playing it safe with her prediction...Happy Birthday Rafa. VAMOS!!!

phoenix , 6/3/13 7:49 AM

Have a great day on your birthday, Rafa!


Augustina08 , 6/3/13 8:02 AM


There will be a perfect time to make it HI-10 (two hands)

Raindrops , 6/3/13 8:47 AM

Raindrops: We may need you to do your rain dance next Sunday. Risk of unsettled weather showing on the radar.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 8:59 AM

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/3/13 9:43 AM

#Happy Birthday, Rafa!

nadline , 6/3/13 9:45 AM

Why does edward want raindrops to do rain dance next Sunday? Much hate for Rafa, I suppose? It is really amazing how this edward's snide remarks and anti Rafa wishes go unremarked by Rafa fans. Anyway after his attack on me, I for one always will notice this fake's hate posts.

holdserve , 6/3/13 9:56 AM

All the best Rafa. Hope your play against Nishikori will help me stop worrying about your form. Happy Birthday!

holdserve , 6/3/13 10:00 AM

ed251137 , 6/3/13 8:59 AM

It can rain, snow or be bathed in sunshine on Championship Sunday, doesn't matter. It's the Friday (semis) forecast that is important. It HAS to be sweltering hot on Friday for Rafa's wicked topspin to kick up and dominate against Djokovic. Sunday's match is an Exhibition match, as @Conspirator so aptly said................

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 10:09 AM

Sunday's match is an Exhibition match, as @Conspirator so aptly said................
, 6/3/13 10:09 AM

Really admire to c this confidence, however I dont think you can ever ever count the Fed out. He ran Rafa real close in 2011 RG final and 2012 AO semi too

sanju , 6/3/13 10:12 AM

@sanju - but the result as Ricky puts it is "NID"

atul1985 , 6/3/13 10:16 AM

edward is hoping for rain on Sunday. But as RITB said, it doesn't matter. The real test for Rafa is on Friday where rain could tilt the balance. Rafa has two more matches to get into Rome form. If he does, he will wipe the court with Nole and we will be rid of the Hydra. Sadly though we won't be rid of edward who will continue making anti Rafa posts and get love from RITB.

holdserve , 6/3/13 10:17 AM

@sanju, I admire your faith in Fed's waning powers, but please.............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 10:22 AM

There will be a big difference in the 2nd week...
Happy Birthday Rafa !

oztennisfan , 6/3/13 10:36 AM

"PARIS, June 3 (Reuters) - Seven-times champion Rafael Nadal has been showing signs of nerves at the French Open, but Monday's fourth-round match against Kei Nishikori could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Spanish third seed.
Although Nadal, who will celebrate his 27th birthday on Monday, has dubbed the 13th seed a "fantastic player", the Japanese has lost all of his four matches against the claycourt machine.
Nishikori is also a novice of the second week at Roland Garros, having previously never gone past the second round in Paris.
"Now comes the moment when I need to change the dynamic," said Nadal.
"I have my opportunity on Monday and I really have big hopes that I will have the chance to change that."

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 10:56 AM

sanju, I admire your faith in Fed's waning powers, but please.............
, 6/3/13 10:22 AM

Ok Ok. All I am requesting is 1 match at a time and a Rafa says, never take any opponent for granted whatever your history against him might suggest.

sanju , 6/3/13 11:17 AM

There will be a big difference in the 2nd week...
Happy Birthday Rafa !
, 6/3/13 10:36 AM

Hope you mean positively :-)

sanju , 6/3/13 11:18 AM

@ED, not only dancing but I will be singing too to make sure Rafa able to finish his match as scheduled.

Raindrops , 6/3/13 11:22 AM

Haas is steamrolling toward Djokovic. He looks like a man on a mission.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:37 AM

I think Tommy would be competition for Novak, not Youzhny....

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 11:44 AM

Definitely. Especially in the light of their last encounter. At least he could make a match out of it, even if he doesn't win it...

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:49 AM

Oh dear, Youzhny is in meltdown city.....

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 11:54 AM

Holdserve: That was an in-joke with Raindrops dating back to the 2010 final when it was raining and she promised she could make it stop. Which she did. lol.

Confirmed @ 11.22AM by Raindrops herself.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 12:33 PM

why is it that everytime i read the word "meltdown" i think of a certain poster :-)

phoenix , 6/3/13 12:42 PM

Youzhny just bit the dust.
Well done Mr. Haas!

Shireling , 6/3/13 12:43 PM

Oops sorry @phoenix, I promise to stay away from THAT word unless it's in reference to The Special One.....

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 12:45 PM

the special one = Mourinho ?

Shireling , 6/3/13 12:58 PM

Apologies to Mourinho, he is indeed the Special One. However, we now have our own on TT (courtesy of @isabeau) so we should be specific and call him The Special One on TT.

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 1:02 PM

Kohl breaks

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:05 PM

"It happens often, especially here in Paris. If I remember well, in 2011, the week was very ?? first week of the tournament was extremely difficult," he told a news conference.

"It was even worse than this year, at least mentally. I was extremely tired, whereas I'm not tired right now.

"I am not playing with the right calm during the whole match. It's not a physical thing. You cannot lose your physical performance in two weeks.

"I am not playing well here for the moment, but we are in the second week. Now we start the moment that I need to change a little bit my dynamic. I have my opportunity on Monday, and I really have big hopes that I will have the chance to change that.

These words from rafa give me heaps of confidence. I was worried, but i have faith in my man. He will deliver. He will reach his best. VAMOS.

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 1:16 PM

sanju, 6/3/13 10:12 AM

You are right except for one exception...


Conspirator , 6/3/13 2:40 PM

Happy birthday Dear Rafa!!!


natashao , 6/3/13 2:46 PM

Happy Borthday, Rafa!!

Wishing you every success in your life and career!! Hoping for you to win in three so to have enough time to eat some cake!!!

VAMOS, Champ!!!

Monalysa , 6/3/13 2:50 PM


rafaelo , 6/3/13 2:57 PM

Stress time folks, brace yourselves.


phoenix , 6/3/13 3:33 PM

RT @darren_cahill: "Are you ready for RRRRafa? "

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:46 PM

Stadium's full now...........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:52 PM

No comment here... big Rafan is still trolling on Nole's post... ROFL!

zare , 6/3/13 3:55 PM

roller coaster!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:55 PM

another day at the office without seeing the match... please Rafans, let us know your savy between-the-lines (no pun intended) impressions .

Shireling , 6/3/13 3:56 PM

Vamosss !!!

Raindrops , 6/3/13 3:57 PM

still lame and flat

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:00 PM

Poor Sienna. If she keeps rescheduling all her appointments with her psychiatrist just to vent her Rafa hate on comment threads, her problem may go beyond the treatable stage permanently confining her to padded cells.

holdserve , 6/3/13 4:01 PM

very poor! very poor!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:07 PM

Here we go again............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:08 PM

Oh good, and nadal has started by playing terrible tennis again. What a joke.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:08 PM

Im sorry those english lessons havent worked Zare.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:09 PM

Rafa's BP conversion needs to improve from the beginning of RG.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:14 PM

two break points and nothing!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:15 PM

just not good enough

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:15 PM

Thats better agression

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:16 PM


atul1985 , 6/3/13 4:17 PM

I don't know, but I just can't enjoying watching him these days! Are you guys the same?

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:17 PM

Rafa breaks but am still not impressed. He is playing too many conservative shots on break point, nothing balls, problem is his opponents are not afraid to take risks.......

More aggression please Rafa!!


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:18 PM

NO rafaelo

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:18 PM

I think, this is the earliest he has broken in RG13..Maybe this will give him confidence

atul1985 , 6/3/13 4:19 PM

so it's just me :D maybe I am spoiled :D

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:20 PM

Good length on the break consolidating game, excellent

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:21 PM

my post from the commute didn't get posted so here goes again:

Bon Anniversaire, Rafa!

One thing the RG organizers do for Rafa is to always offer him that nice big cake.
As for the match: NID

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 4:21 PM

this looks better

atul1985 , 6/3/13 4:22 PM

@Seventeen - not really. The french just like their sleep. Most of the early matches are pretty empty. The french might not like nadal, but that hasn't stopped them from packing the stands.

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 4:24 PM

Reeshad is up a set on Wawa............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:26 PM

He actually do not play on his forehand side! just some passive shots and loose the point

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:26 PM

Should be a double break up...

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:27 PM

corrections :D
does not

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:27 PM

Much much better from rafa today so far !ROS nd backhand ip the line the obvious weaknesses ...forehand is getting better nd rafa will get more aggressive as the match goes on.

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 4:30 PM

Nishikori's red-lining his game, going for the lines, what else is new?

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:30 PM

what has happened to his forehand DTL?

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:36 PM

1st set Rafa.

Much, much calmer match for Rafa so far. I hope this is just what he needs to calm his anxieties overall, start coming out of his shell, peak at the right time..........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:39 PM

one set in the bag

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:41 PM

MUCH better play from rafa. Much calmer. Now looking for him to step it up and play with confidence.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:43 PM

Over on PC it looks like Stan's thigh problem is back big time. He's having an MTO.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 4:43 PM

Bit wasteful from Rafa at the beginning of the 2nd set.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 4:46 PM

MatsWanker should be banned from commentating Rafa's matches. And how did Chris Wilkinson ever get to be a commie.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 4:46 PM

On Lenglen you mean, ed251137

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:47 PM

I have been sure all through the last week that Rafa will play himself, mind and body, mind especially, into a good form come business end. No doubt he will make the semi, and in my mind still the favorite even if Novak is there. In any case his overal arc since coming back in February is one of stabilizing his confidence and getting back to his better levels, combined with good new adjustments to playing style. No, I don't entirely like the days when his confidence is lower, but it is to be expected, esp sometime with certain circumstances on the day.

This is not at all a year like 2011 when his spirit was really low, the lowest ever, during the first week of RG. (And even that year he played well enough to make the semi and final and win them.)

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 4:49 PM

Rafa is returning 2nd serves much closet to the baseline today

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 4:50 PM

now just a little bit better :)

rafaelo , 6/3/13 4:57 PM

Vamos..................he breaks!!

Monalysa , 6/3/13 4:57 PM

Break, Rafa.....2-1, 2nd set.............

Where's @sienna? I thought she was gracing us with her knowledge and commentary today......

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 4:57 PM

Ha Ha, yes. I've got the TV on which is naturally showing the Gasquet match and watching Rafa on livestreaming - no wonder I got my lines crossed. Hopefully the Gasquet match will be over quickly and I can be spared Wilkinson and Co.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 4:58 PM

I like the score-line,
Guys, who's doing the most running, Rafa or Kei?

Shireling , 6/3/13 5:02 PM

Sienna's been probably caught and taken back to her padded cell.

holdserve , 6/3/13 5:03 PM

Rafa's doing a fair amount of running @Shireling because Nishi's painting the lines, or trying to.......

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:04 PM

another break, 4-1

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:06 PM

Seems like nadal doesn't really want to run stuff down like he used to. He's playing much better, but still not confident. You can tell - because nadal isn't hitting deep on his one-two punch like he usually does.

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 5:07 PM

he is doing good on returns but still does not hold comfortably!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:08 PM

Rafa's forehand appears to be coming back............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:09 PM

Can't watch at work.
@DMW, but doing enough to win sets, so that's good enough for me. So long as we see a rise in level on Wed and Fri, which I am sure we will.

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 5:10 PM

5-1 in the 2nd.. things are good , me happy :)

Shireling , 6/3/13 5:12 PM

Breadstick! 2 sets to love, Rafa............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:16 PM

6-1 in the 2nd, me likey even more :)

Shireling , 6/3/13 5:17 PM

he won the point but really where is his famous forehands DTL on the runs!!!! banana shots!!!!!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:17 PM

Definitely much better than previous matches. I feel though, the only thing holding back his confidence, is that he's missing some really big shots. If he can nail some huge ones on this last set, he should be good for QF.

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 5:17 PM

amazing backhand pass for a break and for set point....waaahoooo...


Raindrops , 6/3/13 5:18 PM

no worries, rafaelo, you will see his famous DTL Wed and Fri, as the doctor ordered

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 5:18 PM

Reeshad is 2 sets up on Lenglen.........................

@rafaelo, calm, one step at a time..................

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:18 PM

Good forehand from Rafa.

It's really easy to tell how Rafa will play before a match by listening to his comments. Before RG Rafa had insisted on the possibility of playing the first match and losing it. Hence his terrible opening matches. After the Fognini game he mentioned that he'll need to make adjustments and play better. Hence his better play today.
He says it as it is.

damianthorn , 6/3/13 5:21 PM

Reeshad will give him rhythm, all good for his preparation for the business end of the tourney...............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:22 PM

EXTRAORDINARY set 2 from rafa ! That must havr lifted his confidence manifold...getting better and better !waiting for down the line shots now...btw rafa's shot selection on clay is amazing !he really is an artist on clay

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 5:25 PM

At least the forehead cross court is working, dtl to follow soon

damianthorn , 6/3/13 5:30 PM

DTL forehand, Rafa!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:31 PM

he just hits that :)))))))) vamoooooooos

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:31 PM

I like to see how the tide is changing in respect to negative comments, Rafa must be doing something right - got to go now... hopefully when I arrive home, it'll be a three-set victory for Rafa. So long Rafans

Shireling , 6/3/13 5:32 PM

He's lifting his level bit by bit. But stilll pacing himself for the big push to come.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 5:33 PM

Break, Rafa

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:34 PM

now it's more like it

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:34 PM

Nishikori is playing horribly. At least try and get it into the court.

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 5:36 PM

Rafa in control, soothing words indeed.............4-1 3rd set

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:37 PM

Vamos. Gasquet should be a nice opponent for rafa to get some more hitting in. Rafa will be pleased with today.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 5:37 PM

But @DMW, that is what happens when you play high risk tennis like what Nishi was doing initially, you run out of steam and the errors start piling up.............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:39 PM

Conspirator , 6/3/13 5:43 PM

BAHHHH Nishi, you got Nadal on that rally but just hit a lame shot into the net.

VAMOS Rafa hehehe

Raindrops , 6/3/13 5:46 PM

Sois sage O ma Douleur
et tiens toi plus tranquile
Une atmosphere obscure enveloppe la ville
aux un portant la Paix aux autre le Soucis

etc etc

Baudelaire poem they had us memorize in school LOL

A beautiful sunny day in Rafaland, with no need for Ennui

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 5:46 PM

Traditionally all matches hereon should be on Chatrier but you never know with the French, they don't do tradition, do they?

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:46 PM

One thing rafa cant continue with is the tame cross court forehand to his opponents backhand when he slides in to that side. It is useless and just drops harmlessly in the middle of the court. Dont understand why he doesn't lift it looping and deep as close to the centre point of the baseline as posible to constrict his opponent and cut off the angle and specifically djokovic's backhand when they play. That weak cross court forehand when on the run is easy pickings for a solid backhand.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 5:47 PM

You're not seriously suggesting they will bow to Reeshard's neurosis. Tell me you're joking.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 5:47 PM

Now serve it out Rafa, no drama please.........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:49 PM

LOL re tradition
Mais oui they like their traditions, and as we know have one just for Rafa at RG: put lots of roadblocks in the way (and then wax lyrical with the explanations and excuses)

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 5:49 PM

^^^ that's what I'm saying for a million years now :D

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:50 PM

@willmw101, 6/3/13 5:47 PM

rafaelo , 6/3/13 5:51 PM

Very bad match for spectators

sabs , 6/3/13 5:53 PM

Conspirator , 6/3/13 5:54 PM

Finishes with a DTL forehand, and a fist pump......


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:55 PM

GSM - Nadal.

64 61 63

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/3/13 5:56 PM

VAMOS!!!!!....great birthday present................go eat your cake Rafa!!!

Monalysa , 6/3/13 5:56 PM

no roller coaster ride today, it's Rafa's bday...

phoenix , 6/3/13 5:57 PM

Well done Rafaaaaa!!!!!


Conspirator , 6/3/13 5:58 PM

And even better, Wawa has woken up and taken Reeshad to a 4th set.......

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:58 PM

Nishikori - san gifted a birthday present to RAFA

sabs , 6/3/13 5:58 PM

Some players would give their eye tooth to have their birthday celebrated on PC.

Wow! What a cake!!!!!!!!!

nadline , 6/3/13 6:00 PM

THE CAKE on the court :D

rafaelo , 6/3/13 6:00 PM

Is that cake real?

rafaelo , 6/3/13 6:02 PM

the french sang happy bday for Rafa...NICEEEEE !!!!

Raindrops , 6/3/13 6:04 PM

RG officials planned it so well, to have RAFA's birthday celebrations on PC.
That could be the reason for pushing Fed to play on day 1.

Shame on RAFANS who don't see positive side at all.

sabs , 6/3/13 6:04 PM

Well that was magnificent momment on RG ! History !!!
Happy birthday Rafa !
Feliz cumpleanos !

zare , 6/3/13 6:04 PM

I woke up to see the last set and this great victory on Rafa's birthday! Crowd singing Happy Birthday and the biggest cake I have ever seen!

Even seeing just one set, I could see that Rafa was playing so much better. No four setter here!

So great to see Rafa stepping it up!

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 6:13 PM

Nice try, sabs........doesn't wash...

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:18 PM

Okay, for that on court birthday celebration, I forgive the French for the 1st week scheduling snafus, except playing Fed first day..................

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:25 PM

RG officials organized a wonderful birthday celebration for Rafa! What a nice gesture!

Vamoooooos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 6/3/13 6:27 PM

sabs, riiiiiiiiiiiight. ;)

The French have been much more respectful to Rafa this year.

Of course, that would change against Fed in exho Sunday I'm sure but would be interesting who they would cheer for in Friday's final should Rafa meet Nole.

I had originally suspected Nole but I no longer think that's a given.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 6:36 PM

They've always given Rafa a cake at RG on his birthday but not on court, so obviously, they want to make amends because they know fully well they were wrong.

nadline , 6/3/13 6:38 PM

Rafa plays the winner of Richard Gasquet and Stanislas Wawrinka. His combined record against them: 19-0.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 6:46 PM

RT @juanjo_sports: "Gasquet & Wawrinka, who are combined 0-19 against Rafael Nadal, are dueling to the death for the privilege to play him again. That's sport."

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:51 PM

RT @NeilHarmanTimes: " Rafa to Stanislas and Richard: "Let them eat cake!"

Hehehe! Into a 5th they go!!!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:54 PM

Congrata Rafans. Did not see the match due to nerves , just peeped in 5 minutes back and happy to see straight set victory :-)

Missed bday celebrations too, will watch on YT later

So Rafans, how much would you rate Rafa out of 10 today? What worked, what needs to improve?

sanju , 6/3/13 7:08 PM

Stan Gasquet slogging it out. Hope its a nail biting thriller.

Who do you think Rafa would prefer? I think Stan would be slightly tougher than Gasquet

sanju , 6/3/13 7:11 PM

Nadal in 3 it is

isfand , 6/3/13 7:18 PM

@nadline, 6/3/13 6:38 PM
---They've always given Rafa a cake at RG on his birthday but not on court---

Here you can see the cake of year 2012:

Augustina08 , 6/3/13 7:19 PM

sanju, I prefer either one wins 32-30 in a 5th set TB.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 7:22 PM

There is no TB Conspirator in 5th :-)

sanju , 6/3/13 7:23 PM

if you were too nervous to watch (I'll have to watch taped after work), that's ok,
but did you not have the understanding (no faith required) that the end result was NID? today I expected not only a NID but also no rollercoaster
and no worries, Wednesday is NID, even had they not played a long 5 setter

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 7:29 PM

RT @SteveTignor: "Really have to respect two guys fighting this hard for the privilege of playing Rafael Nadal on clay. #rg13"


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 7:37 PM


Conspirator , 6/3/13 7:45 PM

Uncle Toni must be smiling at what's going on at Lenglen. Less pressure on his boy going into the quarters..............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 7:47 PM

It's Wawa for Rafa..........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 7:49 PM

Yes thankfully no partisan crowd to deal with.

sanju , 6/3/13 7:55 PM

4h16 match time. Niiice.

Tsk tsk,

Wawa is now a bona fide chr20 simple idiot along with his fellow countryman.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 7:57 PM

Wawa stats:

Tournament leader in aces;
Tournament leader in serve speed.

He is dangerous, hope he is tired and provides minimal resistance.................


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 8:03 PM

Looks like they listened to Rafa by putting the girls on last on PC and SL.

nadline , 6/3/13 8:03 PM

^^Even today, you noticed they put one women's match first followed by the 2 men's and then ended with a woman's. Clearly Rafa is listed to.

He is the new ATP Boss.

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 8:22 PM

Strangest is they have scheduled Serena Kuznotseva on Lenglen tomm and Errani Azarenka on Chartier

I think Rafa Stan will get Chartier on Wednesday

sanju , 6/3/13 8:34 PM

BTW Tignor feels

From the ground, Rafa had his down the line forehand and crosscourt backhand clicking; both of those shots are barometers of his confidence.

sanju , 6/3/13 8:38 PM

Do you get the impression the spin doctors have finally convinced the 'suits' at RG they have been barking up the wrong tree by giving star billing to Roger all these years and treating Rafa like a 2nd class citizen? The cake ceremony was definitely a damage limitation exercise.


ed251137 , 6/3/13 8:40 PM

^^^You've got a point ed. I just don't get this fascination with Fed.

nadline , 6/3/13 9:59 PM

Fed was so far above every for several years (minus Rafa once 2004 / 2005 hit) and he is a virtuoso so it is no wonder he became so emblematic, such a myth, a sungod.

But we've had many years to get used to the lay of the land and the quality of his main opponent.

A few days ago I google in French (finally occured to me to do so) 'why do the French not like Nadal?' and one of the first hits had a short article that hit most cogent reasons on the head. I'll have to dig that one up and translate a couple of highlights. It did ring true as to why eg the crowds and organizers have treated Rafa so blatantly badly most of the time going back to the famed semi-final in 2005 at Rafa's first time in RG.

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 10:25 PM

In 2005, Rafa beat Gasquet and Grosjean at RG when the French had high hopes of one of them taking the title; he then followed that up in 2006, 2007 etc and their hopes of Gasquet taking the title began to fade and Rafa refused to relinquish his grip on the trophy.

I think that's really under it all. But, they really do love Rafa because they don't have to celebrate his birthday every year.

nadline , 6/3/13 10:42 PM

There is Gasquet and Grosjean, sure, but also Fed was already the shining hero for so many worldwide and in France on Rafa's 19th Birthday, the day he beat Roger at RG for the first time, and simultaneously denied him the career slam (for the time being). Great affront!

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 10:58 PM

Vamos Rafa! May the sunshine be with you!

holdserve , 6/4/13 4:15 AM

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