• Djokovic, Kohlschreiber aim for Roland Garros quarterfinals

    6/2/13 4:15 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic, Kohlschreiber aim for Roland Garros quarterfinals A quarterfinal spot will be at stake when Novak Djokovic goes up against Philipp Kohlshreiber on Monday. Combined, they lost only one set during the first week of action.

    Novak Djokovic and Philipp Kohlschreiber will be squaring off for the fourth time in their careers when they collide in the fourth round of the French Open on Monday.

    Djokovic leads the head-to-head series 2-1, but Kohlschreiber dominated their only previous clay-court encounter 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 in round three of this same event in 2009. Both of the Serb's victories have come at the Indian Wells Masters; 6-3, 6-2 in 2008 and 6-3, 2-6, 7-6(3) in 2010.

    Kohlschreiber has benefited from a favorable draw so far this fortnight. The 19th-ranked German dismissed qualifier Jiri Vesely in his opener, got a walkover from Yen-Hsun Lu in the round of 64, then eased past Victor Hanescu 6-0, 7-6(0), 6-1 on Saturday. Kohlschreiber, whose start of the spring was derailed by a hamstring injury, has rounded into form with an 11-5 record during the clay-court swing.

    Djokovic has enjoyed a similarly routine path through the bracket, although all three of his first-round sets against David Goffin were relatively competitive. The world No. 1 then crushed both Guido Pella and Grigor Dimitrov--who had upset Djokovic last month in Madrid. Still bidding for his first-ever Roland Garros title, Djokovic is 31-4 for his 2013 campaign.

    Kohlschreiber has been known to deliver the occasional amazing Grand Slam performance, but lightning is not likely to strike twice in the same place. This is a much different Djokovic from the one who lost to Kohlschreiber four years ago, so count on the favorite advancing in straight sets.

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Where are the Nole supporters?

ed251137 , 6/3/13 12:54 PM

Nole down a break

atul1985 , 6/3/13 1:09 PM

Not so many of them, apparently. The way it looks right now, Djokovic in 4.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:16 PM

This is going to be tough

sabs , 6/3/13 1:19 PM

the ovics are showing their true colors by not showing up when Nole is playing but are always around during Rafa's matches.

phoenix , 6/3/13 1:23 PM

Oh.... Set 1 Kohl

sabs , 6/3/13 1:26 PM

Rafa sets the trend and the two top players followed suit. Losing a set this RG has become fashionable. :-)

phoenix , 6/3/13 1:31 PM

Novak's level has been dreadful so far.

tj600 , 6/3/13 1:37 PM

I think Kohlschreiber is going to win 3 more games after being broken.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:45 PM

Kohli is giving no rhythm to djokovic ! exactly the sort of pattern of play that gets novak in trouble..

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 1:45 PM

46 61 61 62

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:46 PM

The imposters will be out in force once Nole gets into his stride.

Not very subtle these ovics. :-D

ed251137 , 6/3/13 1:47 PM

djokovic's good stats for the first set suggest that djokovic actually just got outplayed for the first set, he played well. Can't believe kholi has let djokovic back into this match though. Djokovic had to do nothing to get the break apart from put the ball in play. GSM djokovic as soon as he got the break. Straight sets to djokovioc from here on out.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 1:48 PM

Idiot mistakes from the german.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:48 PM

Kohlschreiber has a decent forehand and a beautiful backhand. I'm just noticing this.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:51 PM

@childishgambino, what about his droppers? exquisite......

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 1:53 PM

That smirk is so annoying. That's why Djokovic doesn't have that many fans. He's an arrogant prick.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:54 PM

Kohlschreiber has hit the net cord so many times :D

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 1:54 PM

I was about to comment on his drop shot also but then he went and messed up the next very easy shot and I forgot :)

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:56 PM

why does djokovic look as if God is screwing him very time Kholshreiber gets a net cord, its not the end of the world, and it was a winner anyway not a point he would have won if it hadn't tipped the net. Weird serbian drama queen.

Cannot believe kholi couldnt break back, he's thrown this match away.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 1:56 PM

Signs that your thinking is TT warped: This poster is not on this site writing endless nothing comments such as "BP Djoko" or "Game Phillip" so they must not be seeing their guy at all. After all, if they're not here giving a play by play they couldn't be actually watching the matches, huh?

ts38 , 6/3/13 1:56 PM

Nishikori is from Japan. I do hope you know that, twenty...

childishgambino , 6/3/13 1:58 PM

Djokovic looks like he has the momentum and who's joined the discussion guessed, @sienna. Purely to spite Rafa of course, not to support Djokovic...

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 1:58 PM

they are on this site writing endless WHAT then?

phoenix , 6/3/13 2:01 PM

kholi is choking on all the big points.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:01 PM

Maybe Djokovic is bothered by the death of his first coach

atul1985 , 6/3/13 2:02 PM main concern is NOT djokovic getting out, it is rafa playing his best tennis because once he starts doing that, he'l take djokovic out in 4 sets...esp with novak;s form so wavering...

'its almost like a fluke that djokovic is up a break, kohl is just better right now' said a commentator on espn..

anyway, novak is a HUGE fighter..he defeated seppi last year from a 0-2 sets deficit ..he is known for his fighting qualities...he is getting outplayed right now but he can always use his fighting qualities to somehow find a way, like rafa has been doing so far...

oh my, time violation, double fault !

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 2:03 PM

Some of Kohly's shot selection is so laughable!!

Oh, oh, time violation, it's him and Rafa who have been penalised so far......

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:03 PM

How is kholi wasting so many break points?! They've all been unforced errors.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:03 PM

two more break points gifted back

childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:04 PM

If kholi could play any of the big points he would be 2 sets up on djokovic right now. Amazing let off for the serb.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:05 PM

kohli had played pretty big point pretty badly..0-30 point was played pretty badly, a very easy service return missed on 15-40, a shanked forehand on 30-40...hmm..novak is having his luck so he has to hope he can find some better form and keep fighting

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 2:05 PM

Chatrier still so empty and quiet. Crowd obviously waiting for Rafa.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:06 PM

the lesser players do not play the big points well...Rafa got let off my Fog, Nole the beneficiary today!

atul1985 , 6/3/13 2:07 PM

yes, willmw101, but also confirmation of his current form. it's not promising.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:07 PM

@ 1:54 PM
It's not just arrogant to smirk like that - it's downright patronising to his opponent.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 2:07 PM


exactly what I've always thought, but never heard anyone say it. the same goes for Djokovic applauding the opponent's shot, I think.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:09 PM

threat is over, now bye bye Kohl.

sabs , 6/3/13 2:09 PM

Djokovic will get through this because he's a champion. Kohl is playing really well, but its more that Djok hasn't arrived yet. I can't see Kohl keeping it up for 5 sets.

As for Djok v Nadal. Nadal really needs to up his game in 4th and QF, to have any chance. Nadal's best on clay is better than anyone ever in history. I think people forget how many times hes destroyed djokovic on this same court.

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 2:09 PM

what the hell is with the nole hate here. next it will be rafa hate when he starts playing. give it a rest you people. the amount of trolls on this site is ridiculous.

dejan1989 , 6/3/13 2:10 PM

I actually dont think it is an indication of his overall form, its just a hangover from his old coach passing away. Djokovic has always been very dramatic about the tiniest things so I'm expecting him to be v drama queenish for the next couple of days. He'll recover just in time for his nadal match before which he'll tell us all about how hard he has taken this bereavement and how his coach's last words were to win roland garros and that he needs to honour that. Surprised djokovic hasn't been featured on X factor yet as one of those sob stories before we see them perform.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:11 PM

Kohly's toast now, as expected. I have a feeling Haas will not be this accommodating though, Kohly just lacks bottle......Haas will fight so Djokovic cannot afford to approach that match flat..............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:11 PM


it's not hate. you are currently on a sports forum. people discuss tennis on here, I don't know if you've noticed. since tennis is not a team sport, player reactions: also part of the game.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:13 PM

Conspirator , 6/3/13 2:14 PM

Kolbi is starting to unravel. It's why he will never be more than a journeyman.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 2:18 PM

GAME OVER djokovic will romp home now. Definite opportunity missed for kholi.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:19 PM

Yawn-inducing now...........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:19 PM

still cant believe how little crowd came to watch this match. World number 1 in name maybe but certainly not popularity.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:20 PM

where are the djokovic fans? danica? samprallica? looks like he is in control now..

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 2:20 PM

Conspirator. Snap.

dejan1989, 6/3/13 2:10 PM
For once the trolls are not around. What a blessed relief.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 2:22 PM

Up a break in the third.

Haas Vs Nole will be interesting

sabs , 6/3/13 2:23 PM

What problems have you noticed Kohly giving Novak, @Conspirator? Kohly has been giving himself problems, is more like it! The only reason Novak dropped the 1st set was because he was still in the locker room, mentally.

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:23 PM

djokovic 23 winners 27 U.E..kohli 30 winners 26 U.E ! strange match..and once again a bad error on break point from philip

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 2:24 PM

kohli just burnt his chances

rafaelo , 6/3/13 2:24 PM

Yet another break point, yet another unforced error. Terrible from Kholi.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:24 PM

How many break points has kholi wasted??

willmw101 , 6/3/13 2:25 PM


childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:26 PM

Now Simon gave Fed problems, not what Kolhy is doing now.............Djokovic has another gear to climb if needed...........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:27 PM

1/9 break points converted...haha..

vamosrafa , 6/3/13 2:27 PM

what's even funnier is not the percentage of bp converted, it's the way he lost those points...

childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:28 PM


rafaelo , 6/3/13 2:29 PM

Gaaa, posted on the wrong thread...

ritb, a set is a set, no?


Conspirator , 6/3/13 2:32 PM

^^Hahaha! Noticed that @Conspirator........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:37 PM

1st good shot selection Kolhy's made in a long time, going behind Nole.....

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:40 PM

half chances and burnt!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 2:44 PM

Rafa can start warming up now..............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:45 PM

Despite Nole leading 2 sets to 1, Kohl has unexpectedly kept his sh together.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 2:46 PM

good point

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:01 PM

Why do commies obssess about players getting time violations? Why do they make it their business?

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:02 PM

GSM Novak

childishgambino , 6/3/13 3:05 PM

aaaaah! ridiculous from kohli! 40-15 up and got broken!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:06 PM

LOL SO many mistakes from Kholi, and djokovic screams like he won a grand slam after each of Kholi's mistakes... poor form.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 3:06 PM

lets all watch Kholi waste ANOTHER break point now.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 3:10 PM

another breakpoint!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:10 PM

Novak is playing just average and very safe and it is Kohls who is dictating points and making all he errors and gifting to Djoko too. But Novak is getting job done which is what matters

sanju , 6/3/13 3:11 PM

How many break points can you miss???


Conspirator , 6/3/13 3:11 PM

and spoiled

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:11 PM

Has will give Novak a tough fight sure about that. May go 4 that one too

sanju , 6/3/13 3:14 PM

Okay finish this already, Novak. I'm sure Rafa/Nishi will be more competitive and interesting..............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:14 PM

it's over now!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:15 PM

disappointing from kohli. Think if he had made 1 or two less errors on break points he would have taken this to a 5th set.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 3:17 PM

Oh look!! More BP's for Kholi to waste

willmw101 , 6/3/13 3:19 PM

What happens to Kolhy's brain when he gets a break point?

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:20 PM

LOL at what he does with those break points. So funny.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 3:20 PM

if kohli had converted those breaks he would had won the game by three!

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:20 PM

Finally! Kolhy converts a break point, wow!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:22 PM

KOLSHREIBER CONVERTED A BREAK POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets all have a party.

willmw101 , 6/3/13 3:22 PM

too little too late though...

phoenix , 6/3/13 3:23 PM

How bizarre was that! What one might call 'too little too late' lol.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 3:23 PM


ed251137 , 6/3/13 3:24 PM

Much, much too late...........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:24 PM

plagiarism alert @ed...

phoenix , 6/3/13 3:25 PM


ed251137 , 6/3/13 3:26 PM

Does anybody know if Nadal doesn't want to hit flat, or if he can't? Which one is it? Because, maybe except clay, I don't see Nadal winning matches against Novak with his topspin anomaly...

childishgambino , 6/3/13 3:28 PM

Rafa time!!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:29 PM

stress time! :D

rafaelo , 6/3/13 3:30 PM

twenty talking to itself again

childishgambino , 6/3/13 3:31 PM

invite him to the nadal thread...:-)

phoenix , 6/3/13 3:31 PM

childishgambino , 6/3/13 3:28 PM

He can. I read somewhere that he warms up hitting flat shots. I think it's a strategic choice, nothing to do with ability or otherwise...........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:32 PM

childishgambino, 6/3/13 3:28 PM
Nadal could hit the ball flat if he wanted to. These guys have been playing tennis since they were kids. Imagine yourself doing something for several hours a day for most of your life.... you get pretty good at it. He has developed his particular style of play because of his conditions and he's got good results. Playing flat doesn't suit him nor does he need to. IMHO

Shireling , 6/3/13 3:34 PM

I'm not saying he should remove the topspin shot from his repertoire, I'm just saying it would be to his advantage if he used flat shots more often. When you want to put the ball out of the reach of extraordinary defensive players, like Djokovic, for example.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 3:37 PM

@ childishgambino

I can see what you're saying perhaps feels he can do alot better and feel more confident with his type of play! But I agree that sometimes I feel he really needs to flatten those shots depending on who he is playing!

Monalysa , 6/3/13 3:41 PM

I think I hear @Shireling's point, tennis is a game of repetitions. If he changed his tactics specifically for Djokovic, it would mess up his rhythm............

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 3:42 PM

Rafa's spin is very exciting to watch as a fan. I don't think he came about it because of the high bouncing balls, this was just a consequence of his acquired stye.
Rafa is very physical and uses his upper body much more than the average player that uses timing and counter punching to generate power.
Another reason for his spin is to minimise UEs.
I'm not saying that you're wrong, it could be good to mix it up a bit but I doubt he'll do it if he hasn't done it by now.
Thx for the topic.

Shireling , 6/3/13 3:47 PM

Yeah, I also think he would be committing much more unforced errors if he were to flatten his shots... But i prefer watching him take chances and lose, than playing sub par and lose...

Anyways, I will unfortunately be missing the first hour of Nadal's match (if it takes that long :)))) VAMOS RAFA!!!

childishgambino , 6/3/13 3:47 PM

LOL...willma is in the house :)
Always same comments... Every opponent of Nole is choking, letting Nole back to match, gifting points...
Poor willma... nobody will work a job for Rafa :)

zare , 6/3/13 3:53 PM

Hey childish are you a writer and musician? If yes, I am one of your fans.

holdserve , 6/3/13 3:57 PM

I am also a fan of his. You forgot actor. Unfortunately, not him, I thought I'd steal his alias for a forum or two :)

childishgambino , 6/3/13 4:10 PM

ok, anyway good to have you here, a fellow fan of the actor, writer and musician.

holdserve , 6/3/13 5:15 PM

"The hope on a major upset on this thread soon transformed into frustration."


That's the life of a rafatard, keep hoping that nadal doesn't get knocked out by a no-good player like Rosol, while praying their best that Djokovic doesn't make it to the semis.

This friday, Djokovic is going to rip the heart out of kneedal and dance over his grave like he did at montecarlo and those 7 consecutive finals. Be around for that spectacular event. You will see their stupidity and insanity in all its glory.

Fedkovic23 , 6/3/13 6:52 PM

camnot wait for Friday......Da djokotards will shut dey faces and be proven de r wrong. zare, fedkovic and jamesdjokotardfan iz idiots...wiv no idea bout tennis or what it takes 2 beat rafa on clay...


novakisthebitch , 6/3/13 7:07 PM

Thank you, holdserve, it's a pleasure to be here...

childishgambino , 6/3/13 8:20 PM

Well played Nole.

deuce , 6/3/13 10:03 PM

"camnot wait for Friday......Da djokotards will shut dey faces and be proven de r wrong."
............................................................. .............................................................
Go to school, you moron... LOL !

zare , 6/3/13 10:14 PM

native old dorker/CBM - you need to stop copying crappyrator's childish pranks. Even by your abysmal stupidity standards, that's pathetic. You must have officially lost it to stoop to such disgusting ways. i hope we will be spared your imbecile never-ending rants which you think reveal your copious amounts of tennis knowledge.

Please do not stop taking your medications. I can send you the money if you cannot afford them. please save the tennis-community/world from your craziness.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/3/13 10:27 PM

You showed them, james djokovic fan. You won on the internet. Congrats! Retard...

childishgambino , 6/3/13 10:37 PM

Oh Childishmoron, you hoping for granny to give you some? Good going! douchebag!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/3/13 10:53 PM

Zare you really shouldn't be telling anyone to go to school, you are verging on illiterate. LOL

willmw101 , 6/3/13 10:59 PM

"That smirk is so annoying. That's why Djokovic doesn't have that many fans. He's an arrogant prick."

what a hateful post. rafabot brigade in full force.

rfzr , 6/3/13 11:18 PM

yeah, me hoping

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:18 PM

keep hoping musical moron.

rfzr , 6/3/13 11:21 PM

Well, he is. That doesn't make him any less of a great player, but he needs to stop being so damn arrogant. For his own sake.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:24 PM

Just saying... his on court demeanor makes Djokovic unlikeable.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:27 PM

he is not arrogant. he has the utmost respect for all players and specially for whom you cheer after. don't talk rubbish.

rfzr , 6/3/13 11:27 PM

Yeah, maybe it's just me I don't know. You'd have to ask more people, I don't know.

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:29 PM

Don't. Know. Just an opinion..

childishgambino , 6/3/13 11:30 PM

willma...still trolling on Nole's post.... LOL...
You know to use autospelling... but you don't have sense to say something... poor willma... what will you do after SF? ....crawl back to your hole... singing in mandarine chinese ROFL...
You and novakisthebig are same, like brothers. Just big mouth, no brain.
What a retard :)

zare , 6/4/13 1:34 AM

I have decided not to respond to these posts about Nole being arrogant etc. No mention of Jelena Gencic from anyone but heck Nole is arrogant, patronising blah blah blah. It's clear where the dislike stems from.

That aside, Nole did well. He seemed flat and preoccupied understadably during the first, and all credit to Kohlschreiber for taking advantage. However, when it came to the crunch Nole played well enough and was quite superb towards the end of the match. I think he will be especially motivated and dialed in again against Haas which will be good prep for a semi if he makes it.

samprallica , 6/4/13 1:44 AM

Zare I'm so sorry those english lessons have been wasted on you, what you wrote makes very little sense. Oh well, at least you are trying I guess.

After the SF I imagine I will be very happy. I dont really understand all the comments saying that djokovic is the favorite and that Rafa has to fear him, he has only ever taken 1 set off Nadal at Roland Garros, if nadal is anywhere near 100% he has a legitimately good chance of winning in straights, and if not he is still the favorite. And you know what, if Rafa does lose on Friday, he'll take it well, with calm and congratulations to djokovic, and he'll know that he wasn't at 100% and that RG title number 8 can just wait for next year... But of course you, Zare, seem to be pinning all hope and energy on telling all the rafa fans that we should be afraid of djokovic and that come Friday we will be losers. That is up to you, however frankly it seems oddly similar to the strange djokovic request for no one to talk about his draw despite his incessant remarks about how good his game is and how its his destiny to win this year at the French. You are scared Zare, and for that matter so are all Djokovic fans, far more than all of us Rafa fans who have a rational, honest and objective tennis hero to support and marvel at.

willmw101 , 6/4/13 2:04 AM

Welcome to the rafatard school of Logic : Teachers include CBM/aka new-yapper, crappyrator, crap serve and rafafartED and rafaisabitch.

Djokovic who has won slams on all 3 surfaces and WTF on indoors in the last 30+ months and owns the mallorcan mule 8-3 and has held the number one ranking for close to 80 weeks in the last 2 years is "afraid" of KTSP who ran away hiding from nole for close to 7 months with an injury that is suspected by players and ex-players alike.

No wonder people think you moronic rafatards cannot tell a tennis court from your own a-holes. You guys have 0 facts to back you up.

The insanity and nole hatred will keep increasing as the semi-final approaches. Nole is the present and future of tennis. Fedal is past. Ask deuce and she will tell you how Nolandy is the future of tennis.

Deuce, remember what you discuss with JB? :) Please enlighten these rafatard low-lives.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/4/13 2:46 AM

Djokovic who has won slams on all 3 surfaces and WTF on indoors in the last 30+ months and owns the mallorcan mule 8-3 and has held the number one ranking for close to 80 weeks in the last 2 years is "afraid" of KTSP who ran away hiding from nole for close to 7 months with an injury that is suspected by players and ex-players alike.

JamesDjokovicFan, 6/4/13 2:46 AM


You are wrong numerous times, which is hardly surprising.

1. Djokovic has only won slams on two surfaces (Hard and Grass) not 3. Djokovic has never won the French, and he has less clay titles than Almagro (LOL)

2. Actually Rafa owns Djokovic 19-15 (career) and 3-1 in their most recent 4 matches on clay, the most recent of which was a grand slam final.

3. The fact that you even wrote the notion that rafa "ran away" from djokovic shows how breathtakingly little you know about tennis, as if the first two incorrect things above weren't enough to cement your status as a no nothing retard.

4. Djokovic was playing better tennis last season, he has actually had a poor season so far by an average world number 1's standards. In contrast Rafa has had a better season.

It is truly amazing how you tailor facts to suit your awful arguments. Djokovic and very apparently you, jamesdjokovicfan, are running scared and insulting everyone along the way, which is especially telling. You have nothing useful to say and frankly djokovic would be ashamed to have you as a fan/internet troll.

willmw101 , 6/4/13 3:08 AM

"the most recent of which was a grand slam final." @3:08 am

Should obviously read:

The most important of which was a Grand Slam final.

Now lets see jamesdjokovicfan adress some completely random stat/poster to detract from the fact that she can't deal with the pressure of being destroyed in an argument, let alone of djokovic winning RG. LOL

willmw101 , 6/4/13 3:15 AM

Ok, finally after all these efforts of non-rafa fans, one rafatard has ventured where no rafatard has - out of rafa's behind.

1. 2 surfaces and 5 slams still trumps 2 slams on 1 surface.

2. Rosol owns rafa 1-0 and has won the most recent match which was also the most improtant. Your point being?

3. Google what christophe rochus says about rafa's so called injury break. Also google thasp and educate yourself. Rafa is the face of that site.

4. Rafa had a better season when? certainly not 2011 or 2012 and 2013 to date. If you think 6 puny tournaments trumps the sole GS winner of the season, I wouldn't blame you, it is what you are brainwashed in rafatard school. We can pose this question to rafatards' favorite tennis-writer Tignor and even he will accept Nole has had the better year.

Now let's watch willmw crawl back into the rafabat cave and emerge as crappyrator or crappy jean or crappy drops. Have seen these transformations way too many times on TT. Hope you enjoyed the view of the outside world willma

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/4/13 3:54 AM

As there appears to be no moderation on this site, it is up to serious tennis fans to get rid of the trolls who have invaded this site by completely ignoring their posts. Before reading any post, see who has written it. If it is by the Hydra, just skip it. Don't even read it.
That way even if the Hydra stays, we won't care as we won't be reading the silly, insulting posts. The Hydra would be just wasting its own time writing crap. Not wasting ours as we wouldn't be reading the crap.

holdserve , 6/4/13 4:14 AM

Now lets see jamesdjokovicfan adress some completely random stat/poster to detract from the fact that she can't deal with the pressure of being destroyed in an argument, let alone of djokovic winning RG. LOL
willmw101, 6/4/13 3:15 AM

Shame, you did exactly what I said you would, compiled a completely unrelated list of "stats" that have no bearing on Fridays' potential semi final. Oh well, hardly surprising given how little jamesdjokovcfan knows about tennis. LOL

willmw101 , 6/4/13 10:15 AM

No mention of Jelena Gencic from anyone .........
samprallica , 6/4/13 1:44 AM

Why should Jelena Gencic be mentioned? This is a thread about a live match and posters are commenting on the players involved and the match. What has Jelena Gencic got to do with the match?

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 11:21 AM

There is a difference between grieving for the passing of someone who has been important to you and dealing with the pain of bereavement when it is somebody close to you in life at that moment.

Nole had everybody's sympathy when his father was critically ill, we understood his distress at at the loss of his grandfather. But he should grieve in private for the loss of this person no matter how big a role she once played in his life.

ed251137 , 6/4/13 12:16 PM

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