• Ferrer faces Montanes in round two

    5/28/13 10:04 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Ferrer faces Montanes in round two Fourth seed David Ferrer is back on court to face fellow Spaniard Albert Montanes in round two at the French Open. The players are scheduled to contest their fifth career meeting on Wednesday.

    World No. 5 David Ferrer holds a 4-1 series edge against compatriot Albert Montanes. The two last met at the 2012 tournament in Barcelona, where Ferrer recorded a round of 16 victory in straight sets.

    Ferrer made a successful start to the French Open with a straight-sets victory over Australia's Marinko Matosevic. The 31-year-old is seeking his 33rd main-draw win of the season.

    Montanes is through to the second round after holding off American Steve Johnson in five sets. The veteran Spaniard will attempt to secure his 13th victory in 2013.

    Prediction: Ferrer in straight sets.

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Okay, so Montanes just won a title.

I hope he's tired.


mara002 , 5/28/13 10:24 PM

Really? ferrer-montanes? Give me gulbis-monfils. So much charisma /personality and a lot of talent on the court. ferrer-montanes is mediocre snooze fest with the possibility of zero inspirational game/talent.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/28/13 10:53 PM

^^^ irrelevant opinion as usual

Djokogod , 5/28/13 11:31 PM

a whole article about this instead if Monfils vs. Gulbis?


RickyDimon , 5/29/13 6:52 AM

Thanks Ricky for showing up whose opinions are irrelevant.

Constipator/Jean, stick to your immature hashtags 10-20 and humble. Tennis analysis is way out of your IQ league.

Fedkovic23 , 5/29/13 9:24 AM

There is another article now on Monfils/Gulbis so why dont' you go check it out for want of this one if you're not interested?
This is a 2nd round match at RG - if it's not to your liking either ignore it or post valid reasons (others than disrespect, ignorance and intolerance) to the organisers to have a more 'selected few' play at GSs.

Vamos Ferrer!

Shireling , 5/29/13 11:40 AM

^^^agree, I want to see how Ferru's doing, thank you Kelly.........

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 12:29 PM

David sailing through, 2 sets in the bag and just broke in the third.

(I just read an article on an interview Gulbis had with L'Equipe, he says that he respect Novak, Roger, Murray and Rafa but that he finds them boring, he says that there should be racket bashing and shouting on court :P - didn't Roddick say something like this too at one point? - he also added that Novak in his opinion is the most talented player.

Shireling , 5/29/13 12:46 PM

here's the artilce (in FR) x/374523
(he also says the top players do nothing to improve things in tennis and treat the ones at the bottom like shit so they don't have the means to hire good coaches) :P

Shireling , 5/29/13 12:53 PM

I never discredit anyone from the alleged comments on a presser.
One thing is to hear it live and make your own assessment, if you understand the original language.
If not, it's best not to pass judgement too hastily otherwise we fall in the ever-going trap.

Shireling , 5/29/13 10:35 AM

So, which is which @Shireling? Do you believe what Gulbis said in the article or from what he said live?

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 12:56 PM

Shireling , 5/29/13 1:03 PM

Well done Ferru, 5 to go!


rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 1:03 PM

if he has to meet Fed, I hope he can close most matches in straight sets. His only chance is to be 100 % and hound Fed as much as he can.

Shireling , 5/29/13 1:17 PM

If Ferrer meets Fed in the semis, it is highly likely he will beat him considering how he played vs. Rafa. Ferrer is a better clay court player at the moment I suppose.
But, RG champion will be decided in the other half of the draw.
Go Rafa....

arwen , 5/29/13 1:41 PM

@5/29/13 12:53 PM
I like Gulbis but he can afford any coach he wants and he has talent. Perhaps somebody should ask him why he's not in the top 5. What's he waiting for?

chr18 , 5/29/13 1:45 PM

Shirling: Sorry, I dont find his comments amusing. He alienated me a long time ago. He is an arrogant little p**** even if he does play exciting tennis when he's in the mood.

Congratulation to Ferrer. Hope he keep on in this form.

ed251137 , 5/29/13 2:10 PM

Those comments from Gulbis were hilarious albeit controversial. Still, I hope he beats Monfils today and does well at RG.

tj600 , 5/29/13 2:13 PM

He does come across as arrogant (allegedly) but like deuce says on another thread, I think tennis needs these type of cocky outspoken characters :)
Nobody is going to take him very seriously until he starts having some meaniful results anyway.

Shireling , 5/29/13 2:18 PM

I told you so! Gulbis-Monf has shown us so much flair in one set that ferrer has never shown in his entire career put together. the ferrer-montanes match was so boring, people have to actually talk about Mr.Gulbis the casanova. I am glad Ricky and Fedkovic were able to see the point!

Another wonderful match, raonic-lodra. Good to see serve being relevant in this decade of slowed down conditions.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/29/13 4:27 PM

so, apart from the ill intent, what is the purpose of you saying this on this thread might I ask?
Ferrer is the world's Nr 5 and has earned it with hard work, none of your poisonous words will change that. I suggest you go back to to Gulbis-Monfils,no?

Shireling , 5/29/13 4:48 PM

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