• Djokovic takes on Goffin in Roland Garros opener

    5/27/13 6:10 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic takes on Goffin in Roland Garros opener Novak Djokovic will begin his bid for a first French Open title against David Goffin on Tuesday. Goffin was a fourth-round finisher as a lucky loser at last year's event.

    Novak Djokovic and David Goffin will be going head-to-head for the first time in their careers when they meet in round one of the French Open on Tuesday afternoon.

    Djokovic is attempting to complete a career Grand Slam with his first title on the red dirt of Roland Garros. The top-ranked Serb has been to the quarterfinals or beyond six times and made a roller-coaster run to last year's final before falling to Rafael Nadal.

    Results for Djokovic this season make it difficult to gauge his prospects for the upcoming fortnight. After losing prior to the title match in both Indian Wells and Miami, he ended Nadal's Monte-Carlo reign with a 6-2, 7-6(1) victory in the final. However, Djokovic lost his Madrid opener to Grigor Dimitrov and he fell to Tomas Berdych in the Rome quarters after leading 6-2, 5-2.

    Nothing--including his draw, of course--suggests Goffin will be able to duplicate his performance last season, when he got a lucky-loser spot in the bracket then went all the way to the fourth round before extending Roger Federer to four sets. The 22-year-old Belgian is a horrendous 7-14 at the ATP level this season, which includes a double-bagel loss to Jarkko Nieminen in Rotterdam and a 2-5 mark on clay (not counting Challengers).

    This is a nightmare matchup for Goffin, whose serve is the weakest part of his game. Djokovic, meanwhile, is arguable the best returner in tennis. Count on the No. 1 seed rolling in easy straight sets.

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the so called Novak fans are nowhere to be found on this thread. Shouldn't they be cheering for their favouite player instead of just picking fights with other fans? I just don't get it, how is that being a fan?

Shireling , 5/28/13 12:59 PM

Who are the so called Novak fans? The scheduling is an absolute joke.

samprallica , 5/28/13 1:00 PM

Rain is currently falling at Roland Garros and the French Tennis Federation has announced that there will be no play before 1.15 pm CET.

Poor Nole :-(

phoenix , 5/28/13 1:19 PM

This is infuriating to say the least.

samprallica , 5/28/13 1:34 PM

just go to one of the threads about Nadal and you'll know who I'm referring to.
Incidentally, they haven't showed up yet. Damn rain delay!

Shireling , 5/28/13 1:37 PM

those are newly minted tards...most of the original Nole fans on this site are a decent lot.

phoenix , 5/28/13 1:47 PM

djokovic is the GOAT. Greatest Of All Tards.

scrotacker , 5/28/13 2:09 PM

lol scrotacker :) (I just realised now - when typing it - that it's not scoretracker... very witty)

Shireling , 5/28/13 2:26 PM

I find this really offensive. Shut up samprallica.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 3:17 PM

RT @scambers73: "The final match on most courts at Roland Garros has been cancelled for today "

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 3:57 PM

I live in Bxl, which isn't that far from Paris and it's pissing down right now :(

Shireling , 5/28/13 4:03 PM

Djokogod , 5/28/13 3:17 PM

If it is the rain you find offensive, I suggest you work up your Godly powers to stop it.

samprallica , 5/28/13 4:53 PM

Djokovic on the receiving end of rain delay with poor scheduling this time

atul1985 , 5/28/13 5:01 PM

Goffin will get absolutely thrashed by djokovic. He wont win more than 4 games.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 5:03 PM

Rafatards praying their best that that Nole's match will get delayed. you can see the insanity levels rising as the semi-finals approach....

Fedkovic23 , 5/28/13 5:07 PM

Good to see you finally crawled out of your moms basement fedkovic. Welcome back you fat, smelly weirdo.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 5:10 PM

The Hydra claims its insanity level will rise as the semis approach. It is already so insane, how can the level rise further? Oh I guess it will rise to a higher level of infinity. From countable infinity to uncountable infinity! What a scary thought! I think the hydra should be locked up!

holdserve , 5/28/13 5:18 PM

Fedkovic, please go back to the mental asylum you escaped from!

atul1985 , 5/28/13 5:20 PM

Fedkowitch39 (20 + 19), Rafans take it one match at a time even though Rafa is the 7 times champion and King of Clay. Djoker hasn't even played his first match yet, so just calm down.

nadline , 5/28/13 5:25 PM

Nole's true fans are nice and funny and they always have something meaningful to say unlike those ^^^kovic ones who swamp tennistalk lately clearly for only one reason: to trash Rafa and his devoted fans. Nole's true fans should by no means be mixed with these new quasi fans which are nothing but artificial creatures, i.e., delusional Fed fans...they certainly do not deserve to be called Nole's fans...

natashao , 5/28/13 5:28 PM

nats, I agree. It's such a shame that we have to respond to these Nole camp followers pretending to be Nole fans.

nadline , 5/28/13 5:34 PM

Jesus! Just looked up djokovic's french open outfit and it is absolutley DISGUSTING! pale blue skintight trash.. Why cant uniqlo give him nice stuff like Fed and Nadal get from nike. Unfair.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 6:13 PM

I dont particulary like Rafa's outfit either...........those pants are just too short I find..........but put it this way, I would rather see Rafa winning in ugly gear than losing in pretty gear!!!

Monalysa , 5/28/13 6:28 PM

Ok but would you have Nadal in Nadal's current outfit or nadal in Djokovic's current outfit. Nadals is better by a mile... Its almost as if djokovic's sponsors want to repeatedly make him look like an idiot.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 6:31 PM

Nole on court! (Finally!)
Goooo Noleeee!!! :)

danica , 5/28/13 6:32 PM

I disagree. I think Nole looks elegant. I like the shorts, i haven't seen the shirt yet :), but it can't be that bad. I do agree that the color is ugly - some kind of dirty blue. As for Rafa's outfit, I disliked the shorts too - too short and the color was not really to my liking. Rafa looked the best in long shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. They should not have changed that. It was his trademark.

danica , 5/28/13 6:38 PM


Djokogod , 5/28/13 6:40 PM

Here we go.

cherylmurray , 5/28/13 6:42 PM

Goffin also has ugly shirt :).

danica , 5/28/13 6:42 PM

goffin will get maybe 3 games if he is lucky

Djokogod , 5/28/13 6:42 PM

danica, you can tell who Djokogod is, can't you?


Conspirator , 5/28/13 6:43 PM

I don't think his shirt is that bad. I thought the cement gray uniqlo shirt was worse.

cherylmurray , 5/28/13 6:46 PM

huh Conspirator?.......

Djokogod , 5/28/13 6:46 PM

nole is not that sharp either ! :|

rafaelo , 5/28/13 6:52 PM

Conspirator, I have no clue who Djokogod is. If you think that it's somebody's other nick, I don't know and I don't pay attention to that. I noticed that some posters here assume others have multiple nicks, but I don't want to go there.

Rafaelo, right, Goffin looks sharper than Nole :).

danica , 5/28/13 6:58 PM

Goffin has no weapons to worry Djokovic at all. Goffin can worry Fed that's it.

nadline , 5/28/13 6:59 PM

Don't worry Nole needs to hit few more to get pumped up.

Raindrops , 5/28/13 7:01 PM

djokogod, take your word back, Goffin has already got 3 games.

Raindrops , 5/28/13 7:04 PM

Why is the crowd so dead??

Djokogod , 5/28/13 7:06 PM

How old is Goffin? He looks 14.....

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 7:07 PM

beautiful drop shot by goffin.

Raindrops , 5/28/13 7:09 PM

Good that I didn't tell you what my prediction was :)))) (6:1, 6:0, 6:3)

GREAT game for 4:4 by Goffin.

danica , 5/28/13 7:09 PM

A Goffin fist pump looks...........wrong. Babies cannot punch.....

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 7:10 PM

well, well, well. Nole is on Centre court and French TV has gone to a match between Christina Mladenovic and Lauren Davis. No, I haven't heard of either of them either but Christina is French and a very pretty blonde at that.

ed251137 , 5/28/13 7:11 PM

Do the french not like Goffin?? WHy is the atmosphere so dead on court...

Djokogod , 5/28/13 7:13 PM

they are at least showing one Serb. The wrong one though :)

danica , 5/28/13 7:14 PM

I moved to ITV from eurosport because of the sycophantic commentator renaming Djokovic the world #1.

deama , 5/28/13 7:16 PM

maybe the crowd gave it all while cheering for Bartolli?

David is playing beautiful.

danica , 5/28/13 7:17 PM

I think goffin will be broken just now :D

rafaelo , 5/28/13 7:18 PM

Goffin gave Djoko good workout in 1st set. He is winning the longer rallies. Djoko will wrap it now in closing stages of the set

sanju , 5/28/13 7:19 PM

I quite like Jim Courier on ITV. He did not give up on Rafa yesterday even when he was 0:3 down in the tiebreak.

nadline , 5/28/13 7:19 PM

No rafaelo, tiebreak it will go too

And yes Novak is not very sharp, hes a it tense, you can make it out. But his will to win will take him through

sanju , 5/28/13 7:21 PM

Goffin is Belgian isn't he?

nadline , 5/28/13 7:22 PM

Once he wins 1st tiebreak, he will loosen up and fire away

sanju , 5/28/13 7:22 PM

Djokos returns are not very sharp today

Why danica?

Danica - you still havent answered me your pred Nole (Rafa) Ferrer (Gulbis). What did you mean? Or did you? I forgot which thread it was, please answer here now that you online

sanju , 5/28/13 7:24 PM

I think both are playing well, I don't see any tension in Novak at all.........

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 7:25 PM

good fight by goffin

rafaelo , 5/28/13 7:27 PM

RITB - Goffin is , I think Novak is so so , nothing close to his best

sanju , 5/28/13 7:27 PM

First set Nole but I liked Goffin play better.

danica , 5/28/13 7:28 PM

phew, lucky that goffin choked. Very close set.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 7:28 PM

Is the picture on this thread Verdasco or Djoko? It looks more like Verdasco.

nadline , 5/28/13 7:28 PM

Yes untimely DF by Goffin after all the hard work..but it was expected

sanju , 5/28/13 7:31 PM

djokovic has got a boring game , no wonder the French prefer to show the girls playing.

deama , 5/28/13 7:33 PM

Not his fault, some idiot shouted "c'mon David" just as he hit his 2nd serve, distracted him........

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 7:33 PM

How often do you see Djoko blowing 4 break points in 1 game

sanju , 5/28/13 7:34 PM

I think the pressure of winning this FO is weighing on Novak, even more now as he lost in the early rounds at the previous tourneys. Like in the previous two years I think he wants to win this too much!! There is nothing wrong in wanting to win but Novak needs to take it in his stride. iI alos think the losses have affected him a lot more then he is letting on!!

I was surprised to see that the first set went to a tiebreak!! I am not doubting that Novak will win this but still! And some of you have already said that he is not sharp, but its just the first round so it happens sometimes!

Monalysa , 5/28/13 7:34 PM

So, according to Fedfarts, Goffin should have won that set because he had more winners and won more points than Djokovic in that 1st set................

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 7:36 PM

from now on it is a routine!

rafaelo , 5/28/13 7:40 PM

Djokovic has upped his level, Goffin has dropped his.............

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 7:41 PM

I don't understand that "Why Danica?". Does it apply to something I said earlier?

As for Nole (Rafa) and Gulbis (Ferrer) prediction, I replied on that thread, maybe you missed it. Those were my picks for finals (perhaps more like a whishful thinking :) ).
I said that from the top half of the draw I think that Nole can get to the finals. Rafa is obvious choice but I just like to think that Nole can and will be able to pull up an upset. As for the second half of the draw, I felt that Roger wouldn't be able to reach the finals. I thought that Ferrer had a chance and that Gulbis, if he just puts his mind to it, could go very far. His head is the only thing that stops him from being great. But if he matured and finally decided to give it a try in tennis, he can go very far.

danica , 5/28/13 7:41 PM

Pity Goffin didn't have a bigger build. Such a natural.

samprallica , 5/28/13 7:43 PM

Ha Ha Ha - Now French Eurosport is showing Paire v. Baggy. At least that might be interesting to watch. Note to myself: Go to stay in England while RG is on next year.

ed251137 , 5/28/13 7:50 PM

Monalysa , 5/28/13 7:34 PM

Nole's main goal for the season wasn't Roland Garros. Any grand slam would've been fine back then. And he seems to be taking it in his stride. Give Goffin a little credit.

samprallica , 5/28/13 7:53 PM

^^ I meant his main goal in 2011.

samprallica , 5/28/13 8:00 PM

I give up. Now we have Talking Heads led by Amelie analysing the WTA players.
How's it going over on Chartrier?

ed251137 , 5/28/13 8:01 PM

up 40 - 0
then got broken!!! ridiculous

rafaelo , 5/28/13 8:02 PM

Is Nole playing Goffin or Nadal? All serves to the forehand on the big points.

samprallica , 5/28/13 8:05 PM

Why does djokovic have to swear so much and beat his chest when he wins a set. Such a poor winner. Goffin has been impressive in places but predictably weak in the clutch moments.

willmw101 , 5/28/13 8:07 PM

not impressed by djoko at all!

rafaelo , 5/28/13 8:08 PM

Goffin deserves to win a set.

nadline , 5/28/13 8:12 PM

Going by just 1st round play, Fed was far more sharper and in form than Rafa and Nole. Ofcourse Rafa and Noles opponents were far higher ranked and tougher

sanju , 5/28/13 8:18 PM

What I cannot understand with these pros is: if it's so clear to us lay people what they need to do to improve their game, why is it not clear to them and why don't they do something about it? Goffin needs 10kg on his frame to be truly competitive with the big boys, this has been clear for yonks, why hasn't he done something about it? Dimitrov with his cramping, this was a problem for a long time, why didn't he do something about it? Really strange................

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 8:22 PM

For goodness sake sanju, what are you talking about. Who has ever heard of Carreno-Busta? How can you compare playing against a qualifier in a slam to Goffin and Brand? Qualifiers in M1000 area different breed to qualifiers in slams.

Anyone would look sharp against Carreno-Busta, and probably Rafa or Nole would not have lost 7 games to him like Fed did.

nadline , 5/28/13 8:26 PM

^^ Because it is not easy. Bulking or increasing your fitness levels when it you're playing 11 months of 12 needs really good management.

Nole is definitely playing preparation tennis here.

samprallica , 5/28/13 8:27 PM

sanju, it's obvious that you are not able to watch these matches.

nadline , 5/28/13 8:30 PM

I don't believe this: Fed is on Lenglen tomorrow................have to check again, my eyes could be deceiving me....yes, says Lenglen.


rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 8:31 PM

I think Rafa's next match will be on Lenglen as well. If I remember well, Fed played on Lenglen for the 1st time last year.

nadline , 5/28/13 8:34 PM

Nadline..I said Rafa n Noles opponents were far tougher but both Rafa n Nole are getting tested and stretched

sanju , 5/28/13 8:39 PM

So if you know the difference in the levels of their opponents you shouldn't have come to the conclusion that Fed looks sharper. Anyone would look sharper against Pablo than against Brand or Goffin.

nadline , 5/28/13 8:42 PM

Is it just me or is Chartier playing very slow?

The pace of Djoko Goffin looks slow, no much sting and pace in shots

sanju , 5/28/13 8:42 PM

Seems like damp and cold conditions don't suit Nole after all. But David is good, really good.

Willmw, well, some beat their chest (how do you know he swears and not encourages himself?), some like to pump their fists and rise their knee... It would be interesting to see how you would behave in such moments.

danica , 5/28/13 8:45 PM

Oh, Nole is serving for the match. He's gonna blow it now. Typical :))

danica , 5/28/13 8:52 PM

That was a good match overall. Nole seems to be setting himself mini targets for the match ahead, and practising his patterns. Still a lot of tennis to be played though.

samprallica , 5/28/13 8:57 PM

better than rafa! but not good at all! hope he plays this against dimitrov >:)

rafaelo , 5/28/13 9:00 PM

Rafa had a far trickier opponent. Goffin doesn't really have any weapons like a big serve or a potent forehand like Brand.

nadline , 5/28/13 9:02 PM

Struggled to be impressed with Goffin tbh, no killer shot, just put the ball in play, boring.......I was falling asleep.

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 9:05 PM

goffin served well nadline! very well ;)

rafaelo , 5/28/13 9:06 PM

Yes Goffin served well but he is by no means a big server compared to Brand.

nadline , 5/28/13 9:07 PM

Agree with RITB, all Goffin does is keep the ball in play whilst Brand plays attacking tennis.

nadline , 5/28/13 9:09 PM

Glad to see it's over. Nice.
Nole was nervous playing against clock...
Commies on ITV were surprised with fact that David was CONSTANTLY foot faulting and line judges didn't see that....

zare , 5/28/13 9:09 PM

Danica said @ 8:45pm

"Seems like damp and cold conditions don't suit Nole after all. But David is good, really good."

It is a relative thing. Novak did not play his best tennis and played defense and Goffin was ready to play aggressive tennis. Damp and cold conditions suit the more aggressive players when on clay - because the defenders cannot get enough zip off the court. This might seem counter-intuitive but defenders would like "faster conditions" on clay courts and obviously "slower conditions" on grass/fast hardcourts. The aggressive players on the other hand prefer "slower conditions" on clay and definitely they would like "much faster conditions" on a clay court.

Versatile and complete players like Nole who are capable of offense and defense would prefer the conditions be damp against defensive players like Rafa and hot conditions against aggressive/power hitters on clay. On faster courts, it is the other way round.

This is just a simple generalization. Depending on the match-ups and relative strengths of players, the analysis gets even more complex.

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 9:10 PM

I was just now checking the results and can not remember more retirements than so far at RG. Whatever is happening?!

danica , 5/28/13 9:13 PM

he was not a big server! but he gained lots of free point out of his serves or build up the rally with his serves

rafaelo , 5/28/13 9:23 PM

samprallica, 5/28/13 8:00 PM

I beg to differ that RG was not a priority in 2011. Nole was already five months into his extraordinary winning streak: he was a man with a mission and that was the true Grand Slam. The media were already discussing that he could be on course for the calendar Slam. I also believe Fed was equally determined to thwart Nole's ambitions and produced what was probably one of the best matches we have ever seen from him at RG. I also think, as Monalysa does, that it is possible to want something too badly. I get the feeling Nole is sometimes thinking ahead to the fame and glory rather than concentrating game by game and point by point.

ed251137 , 5/28/13 9:27 PM

Oh yeah, Goffin took a set off Fed last year and that qualified him to be a prospect.......

This is the same Goffin who was double-bagelled in an ATP match the same last year....

rafaisthebest , 5/28/13 9:27 PM

A win is a win...but I was surprised at how generally ineffective Nole's return of serve was in this match. He'll need that to get better as the tournament progresses.

cherylmurray , 5/28/13 9:27 PM

Sec. round.
...only that is important ...

zare , 5/28/13 9:35 PM

Gaston Gaudio - that great French Open champ got double bageled by Federer after he won that " greatest tournament ". Not all is lost for Goffin, he might win a FO title sometime.

Incidentally both Gaudio and Federer have bageled Rafa on clay.

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 9:42 PM

@ Ed

"I get the feeling Nole is sometimes thinking ahead to the fame and glory rather than concentrating game by game and point by point."...................took the words right out of my mouth except that you said it much better!

Nole and Rafa may not have seemed to play well, but maybe we cant always expect them to be at the top of their game. Nole probably played as hard as he needed to!

Monalysa , 5/28/13 9:44 PM

Rafa didn't play defensive tennis during last year"s FO final. In fact he was being aggressive and won the first two sets under normal playing conditions. Its only after the rain, when the conditions was damp and heavy that Nole was able to hit big and without missing. Also Rafa wasn't able to drive the ball the way he wanted when his topspin couldn't work well on the wet and heavier balls. Please don't always think that Rafa is a defensive player; in fact he was playing aggressive tennis throughout last year's FO, he even allowed Ferrer only five games and Monaco two. He's more than capable of playing attacking tennis, its just that he's not going to do that at each and every match; it all depends on who he's playing against. Of course sometimes his strategy or game plan may not work during his matches and so he has to think of a way out; we see that during his matches with Gulbis this year and against Brands here.

I'm sure Fed wasn't playing defensive tennis back in 2010 during the FO where he lost to Sod in the QF. It's the same scenario as the FO final last year. Fed was leading in the match but after the rain, when the conditions was heavy, Sod was hitting big and without missing. He ended up winning the match but Fed definitely wasn't being defensive. Both Fed and Rafa aren't big serving and big hitting players, so they won't be playing like Sod or Nole did in heavy conditions.

luckystar , 5/28/13 10:07 PM

Nativenewyorker , 5/28/13 10:15 PM

Fed is not a defensive player, but on a damp clay court he is not going to hit through the court better than power-hitters like soderling/berdych/gulbis.

Nole was definitely the aggressor in the 2012 FO final and in general, he is more of a shot-maker than Nadal. Most of his matches against nadal are on his racquet. He definitely doesn't have to play fetch agianst power-hitters like defensive players do.

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 10:21 PM

*waves happily at luckystar*

You've been missed.


mara002 , 5/28/13 10:34 PM

Nole was the aggressor only in the third and the fourth sets, certainly not during the first two sets. Shot maker as in what? hitting winners? I see a shot maker as someone who's able to hit amazing shots, so I see Rafa as a shot maker as well!

Not true that most of their matches are on Nole's racquet, i would say maybe those on the hard courts. Even so, I don't find that IW/Miami encounters in 2011 being on Nole's racquets. Their previous encounters on clay prior to 2011 weren't on Nole's racquets most of the time, and those 2012 encounters too.

Nole's problems are not with power hitters but with varieties players. Playing against varieties players make Nole plays more like a defensive player, eg Cincy 2012 vs Fed, Miami 2013 vs Haas, IW 2013 vs Delpo.

luckystar , 5/28/13 10:36 PM

CrazyBM aka new-crapper

Ironical that rafatards are suggesting how a guy on a 11 semi-final streak at the slams should approach slams? Don't you even feel ashamed saying Nole should learn from Rafa, the guy who got bounced of the 2nd round of a slam by a total nobody, the last time the guy played a slam? Rafa should learn to make more than 5 slam semifinals in a row and not sit-out 7 months with "injury" everytime he gets slammed by a no-good tennis player.

@novakisthebest, did you read the thasp article I posted on the mothership? let me know if you missed it. also check out the cycling site.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/28/13 10:37 PM

Shot-maker : someone who can take the ball on the rise relying more on racquet-speed than back-lift. and someone who plays closer to the baseline rather than way behind it.

Novak cannot be the aggressor against every point every player. The majority of the matches/points is what one should look at and not pick on isolated matches or sets. We will have to agree to disagree on the more aggressive player between noler/rafa. For me, there is day-light between the way nole steps into the court takes the forehands or backhands or returns on the rise as opposed to rafa who parks miles beyond the baseline to return serve or for majority of the rallies. this is quite obvious in most matches they play, irrespective of surface.

I agree on nole's issues with people who are multi-dimensional players like haas/federer but I donot see it's relevance to the point above. And another gem from you: Delpo has variety? Please! The guy can hardly show variety on just his serve alone. For his height, his serve is junk compared to players like raonic/anderson/gulbis. Let us not even get to his game. He is a wonderful power-hitter but he scores quite low on variety!

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 10:48 PM

JamesDjokovicFan, 5/28/13 10:37 PM,

You keep using that abbreviation and it's going to get real ugly! I have tried to be patient with you because of your lack of intelligence and ignorance of all things tennis.

You should go back to the nutjobs on tennis-x! You fit right in with them!

Nativenewyorker , 5/28/13 10:54 PM

Oh one more thing! I am definitely not ashamed of what I said, however you actually completely distorted what I said? Or is it more reading comprehension problems? Go back to school and then when you learn something, then just maybe we can have a discussion.

Nativenewyorker , 5/28/13 10:56 PM


Read that article. I will check the cycling site later. We know most of that stuff anyway.

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 11:04 PM

"Both Fed and Rafa aren't big serving "

This is funny. Fed is not a big server? He routinely out-aces the big servers on the tours.


I am so scared of your ugly side. Find a rafatard to be intimidated by your nagging like an Attention W..... I am sure you like that word as you find it very funny. I can go to tennis-x or tennis or any other blog, but you come there and it's like a lunatic out of the assylum for posters there.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/28/13 11:04 PM

Hey JamesCrapperPsuedoDjokovicFan,

You are too much of an imbecile to even be entertaining! Don't be afraid of my ugly side. That's a good thing. Then you will just get ambushed and sandbagged.

Keep up with the intials. What a coward. If you wrote it out, then you would get kicked off this site and have to go back to the numbwits on tennis-x. It was just so annoying to be on a site with low level people who don't even know how stupid they are. You are in good company over there, so go and play with the others in your play pens! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 5/28/13 11:11 PM


Let her be. she is just a miserable bitter loser who wants attention. This site is her life and the moderators overlook her or her friends obvious insanity. Pity her life and let us not be the reason her craziness spills over to the rest of the society.

You can check with the long time posters on tennis-x/tennis and you will know her sad and miserable life that makes her rant endlessly at anyone who is not a rafa fan.

Later man....

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 11:11 PM

Right, You think we don't know the moderator kicked you out on tennis-x and tennis, CBM? Even the rafa fans on those site detest your lunacy and insanity. Stop fleecing the govt. of unemployment benefits and use your time to actually earn a living and not guzzling of tax-payers' money. Please!


I am done with this stupid loser of a human being. She is a total parasite, I tell you.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/28/13 11:18 PM

What awful thing happened in jamesdjokovic's and novakisthebest's lives to make them so unhappy, bitter and assholish?? Complete retards.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 11:25 PM

Neither of these embarrassments to tennis represent actual djokovic fans, trust me. Djokovic would be ashamed to have such rank, dumb fans. LOL at how angry they are, oh wow....only explanation is an inability to get laid or being severely maltreated by someone, or more likely both. Please both continue so we can see you projecting the totality of your unhappiness with your lives on to a tennis forum.

JamesDjokovicdan and novakisthebest. WOW, what wastes of space.

Djokogod , 5/28/13 11:29 PM


They are stupid, uneducated and don't work! Yes it's true that they sound incredibly angry and bitter. Their lives are so awful that they have to come on this site and throw dirt at decent posters.

I never got kicked off any site and they know it! I left tennis-x because of the unbearable stench of hatred, ugliness and disgusting people who post on that site. Everyone knows that tennis-s is the bastion for the worst of the worst, those who failed in life and have to hang onto Fed to make themselves feel worthwhile.


You have been told off already on another topic thread by one of the real Nole fans on this site. Neither of you two low lifes is fooling anyone, so don't bother to try and throw mud at me or anyone else.

What was the name you were given - hydra? That's a good one! Two monsters who have no life, no job, nothing to do except come here and hate.

Haters are gonna hate!

Nativenewyorker , 5/28/13 11:31 PM

OMG just found jamesdjokovicfan's social profile, he uses that name on a few other tennis accounts according to google. HELLO JAMES. Guess everyones suspicions about you were correct!!

Djokogod , 5/28/13 11:36 PM

Rafatards at work, trying to drive away some more people who refuse to bury their heads up rafa's behind like the rafatards.

Fedkovic23 , 5/28/13 11:39 PM

I like Chinese, they come up to my knees

Scrotracker , 5/28/13 11:42 PM

"You can check with the long time posters on tennis-x/tennis and you will know her "


You should check the ATP bracket-site. The stories of her disgusting life. It explains her perennial insane and imbecile posts. This is the issues when people who never play the sport - most of these people have 1 leg in the grave, start posting.

Great posts mate. Stick around and we will laugh in their faces when Novak does the formalities in the semi-finals.

Fedkovic23 , 5/28/13 11:49 PM

Fedkovic when you get off your period and calm down let us know.

Scrotracker , 5/29/13 12:06 AM

I step out for a while and when I come back, I find - this?! Why people? Why the need to insult?

I liked your post @10.48pm and would love to see more of stuff like that - different opinions, analyzes, nice explanations... That's what a good discussion is all about.

There must be some tension between fans of players, but I don't see why insults are the way to go. Somebody made an assumption that the posters here are mostly older. If so, wouldn't that be a reason for at least some respect?

danica , 5/29/13 12:44 AM


You are a good fan, but when people like Zare - who can't distinguish SCORETRACKER from SCROTRACKER are considered intelligent, you know these guys are not right.

I say you keep up the good posts and but some of us have to put these dimwitted "rafa fans" in their place because the moderators are not doing their job. They have allowed a moniker like "SCROTRACKER" even after the concerned poster complained. Their selective blindness towards such dimwitted individuals doesn't leave much space for good posts, that is.

Thanks for the good words. Keep cheering for No-1-le!

novakisthebest , 5/29/13 1:05 AM

danica, 5/29/13 12:44 AM,

Do you see supposed older posters especially female ones, getting any respect whatsoever here? This has been going on for a long time. We try to discuss tennis and one of these losers starts posting about grannies and senility and old farts or whatever.

Just because once in a great while one of them might just say something to lead you to believe that they are real Nole fans, doesn't mean that you have to buy it. Do you really think that Nole would want this kind of low rent person presuming to be his fan? From what I have see, Nole seems to be a nice guy with a good sense of humor who love his family. I don't see any meanness or cruelty in him. So why would he even want this trash to be fans of his? If he read what they are saying about Rafa and his fans, I think he would be the first to disavow them.

You are a good Nole fan. You would never say any of the things that these creeps say. They are NOT Nole fans. They are fans of no one! They do not like tennis, don't want to talk about it. They are here only to try to build up their little egos and make themselves feel better about their pathetic lives.

Nativenewyorker , 5/29/13 4:26 AM

While we may not classify Delpo as a varieties player, he certainly played with varieties at IW to beat Nole there. To the list i must add Dimitrov.

Rafa certainly has his ways of handling big hitters, having positive H2Hs vs Sod, Delpo, Berdych, all of whom are established players. Its not necessary to counter big hitting with big hitting, sometimes using strategy could do the job. Rafa could neutralize their big hittings by making them go for too much, or he can simply don't allow them to play their game (like the way he handled Berdych at Rome recently). Its not always playing defence when facing big hitting opponents. Nole also have problems against big hitters too, even though most of the time he beats them. He was forced to play defence and lost at Rome recently to the big hitting Berdych. However, its always the varieties players who give him the most problems.

I have to disagree again that Nole was the aggressor for last year's FO final. It's obvious that Rafa was more aggressive during the first two sets, frustrating Nole into losing his temper, destroying a tournament bench and given a warning by the umpire. Nole was missing or overhitting his shots during the first two sets. It was after the rain when the heavy conditions favored his hard hitting style that he was able to turn the table against Rafa.

My definition of a shot maker encompasses more than clean ball striking, something used to describe Davy, who takes the ball early and who stands close to the baseline. A shot maker in my book is one who can execute his shots anywhere on the tennis court, and sometimes hitting amazing shots from seemingly impossible positions.

Rafa may not take the ball early on clay, however he stands closer to the baseline when playing on grass. He's one player who adjust his game according to playing surfaces and according to opponents. For him, its certainly not one style that fits all, unlike so many other players.

To the one who said that Fed is a big server:

Fed doesn't serve big. He rarely serves above 130 mph. He serves intelligently, using varieties and placements more than pace. His serves are difficult to read, having the same service motion even when varying his serves and he often serves with precision.

luckystar , 5/29/13 5:12 AM

I don't know if it will at last be possible to get back to discussing actual tennis, but I am going to try. If the usual suspects interfere, then I will just take my leave.

I think Delpo has developed into much more than a guy with a big serve and a big forehand. He has managed to be competitive on all surfaces. He does have a multi-faceted game. I think his backhand wasn't as effective at I/W because of problems he had in his other wrist. The commentators noticed how he wasn't able to hit that shot as effectively because he was favoring the wrist. But he has improved his fitness and his movement. He can play defense and also be aggressive. He still has that big serve, but doesn't have to rely on that in order to win matches.

I do believe that Rafa was the more aggressive player in the first two sets at last year's RG final. That's why he had success and won those two sets in fairly straightforward manner. It was only in the third set when they played in rainy, damp, wet conditions that Rafa's shot weren't able to penetrate. Rafa at one point showed the ball to the chair umpire so that he could see how wet and heavy it had become. I think if the match was suspended at that time because of rain, Rafa would have managed to win the final in three sets.

I agree that a shot maker is one who can hit the ball from difficult positions on the court. Rafa's movement on court puts him in position to return shots that might be winners against any other opponent. He may have lost a step or two, but is still quick enough to get to balls that no one else can. That's not defensive tennis.

I agree about Fed not being a big server. I don't know where that came from. He has never relied on lots of speed when he serves. He serves smart.

Nativenewyorker , 5/29/13 5:32 AM

"djokovic has got a boring game , no wonder the French prefer to show the girls playing."

i loved his game in Monte Carlo. how about you?

rfzr , 5/29/13 5:49 AM

"Versatile and complete players like Nole who are capable of offense and defense would prefer the conditions be damp against defensive players like Rafa..........."

.................................................. .....................................

Can someone please explain to me why a "complete and versatile player" (as constantly espoused by some Novak fans) does not have a single Clay court Slam and has only one Grass court Slam, while the "defensive player" has multiple Slams on ALL surfaces? We are talking about Novak and Rafa here folks and yes, they are the same age, 26.

This is a serious question folks, really. To me, versatile and complete means you should be the one with the multiple Slams! So, what gives?

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 6:51 AM

rafa not a shot maker? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i dont think there needs to be any explanation to this, the poster claiming this is nuts ! Many argue rafa has the best forehand ever and people here say he aint a shot maker LOLOL !

-The best volleyer among the top 4 (according to the volley guru johnnie Mac)
-arguably the best forehand in tennis at the moment (fed's forehand is quite shaky now)
- can generate winners from ANY position in the court ! pulling of impossible shots
-sure, rafa CAN take the ball on the rise and also does it ! even on clay ! he steps in to hit early backhands and the up the line forehand IS often hit on the rise...the poster knows shit about rafa and his game actually..and being the 'artist' he is on clay (as borg claims rafa to be), he does not need to take balls on teh rise on clay that often! he is the ultimate package on clay ! THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE..THE ARTIST

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 6:55 AM

who said djokovic is more versatile? :S federer and murray I get it but djokovic?please...

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 7:05 AM

Versatile and complete players like Nole who are capable of offense and defense would prefer the conditions be damp against defensive players like Rafa and hot conditions against aggressive/power hitters on clay. On faster courts, it is the other way round.

novakisthebest , 5/28/13 9:10 PM

@vamosrafa, please see above.

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 7:15 AM

God so much thrash on this site. Jesus cant we like discuss tennis and matches. Hate the non stop fights and ugliness here. And for whom - For Rafa, Fed, Djoko - who dont even know you exist in this world.

Seriously folks who only direct insults at others- You think it makes you look good? Nah, it just shows how miserable your lives are. I mean a person has to be a real loser in life if he has to give his self esteem a high by trading barbs at online posters he has not even met in his/her life.

sanju , 5/29/13 7:38 AM

And a request to all sane people - Can we please stop responding to the 4-5 folks here on this site who are here to create trouble? Its because there is a response, it gets murkier. Can we just simply ignore and let them be. When they get no response, they will automatically leave.

They are digging a pit and unfortunately people are falling into it by choosing to argue with them.

sanju , 5/29/13 7:45 AM

Thanx for adding Andy to that list of players with "versatility" bit of an omission there ;)
Cheers also for "talking tennis" ......^ sanju.

deuce , 5/29/13 7:46 AM

I wish we could all talk about tennis here ! but trust me sanju, its just inevitable here ! We old posters know its always going to happen !only names change but the trash remains...torres9, gomuzza and now a bunch more ! But yes we can always try ! IGNORE

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 8:32 AM

IGNORE will work vamosrafa. Trust me. What will they write and who will they write to if no one talks to them? Let them talk to each other (anyways its high possibility 3 of those ids are the same, so self company is the best:-))

If everyone collectively ignores, they will keep vomitting and finally will get tired and buzz off.

sanju , 5/29/13 8:34 AM

hahaha..duece, of course andy has a huge skill set :) deserves to have his name in this category...but u see there will be people calling him a moonballer :O LOL..pity on such people

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 8:37 AM

I am IN sanju ! IGNORE IGNORE and IGNORE :Dbut we need massive support ! haha..

just to add something, as luckystar (so glad to have you back :) ) mentioned, rafa is actually VERY versatile because he is the one who adjusts and adapts the MOST to different playing surfaces ! the transition from clay to grass is just some insane adjustment from rafa, every year ! There are many other ways to show how damn versatile rafa has become now...not worth the effort showing it here...

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 8:42 AM

"Can someone please explain to me why a "complete and versatile player" (as constantly espoused by some Novak fans) does not have a single Clay court Slam and has only one Grass court Slam, while the "defensive player" has multiple Slams on ALL surfaces? We are talking about Novak and Rafa here folks and yes, they are the same age, 26. "

Novak is a complete and versatile player. Brad Gilbert puts him on the first place of the most complete players of today. The fact that he doesn't have a slam on clay means only one thing - there's someone better than him out there on that surface. As simple as that. The fact that he made only one final of RG also needs to be put into perspective. He was more often than not being put in Rafa's half which meant that SF would be the highest achievement. If Rafa is so versatile and complete (I have no doubts about it but am merely applying the same standard) why doesn't he have more than two HC slams? HC slams make up 50% of slams per year and the possibility of winning a HC slam is greater.
And last but not least, they are not both 26. Technically yes for a couple more days, but Rafa IS a year older.

danica , 5/29/13 8:47 AM

vamosrafa - we cant force everyone to support the 'IGNORE TROLL' campaign , but I do hope they will as it will finally benefit this site to have some discussions. It has gotten so ugly in the past 1 month.

sanju , 5/29/13 8:57 AM

I would anyday prefer to read your technical analysis easily vamosrafa than having to search through tons and reams of gibberish trying to locate any sane post .

sanju , 5/29/13 9:05 AM

sanju, 5/29/13 8:57 AM,

I have read your posts and agree in principle with what you say. However, when these attacks are directed at a select few and start getting out of control, it's easy to say - ignore them. I have tried to do that, but it's a disgusting feeling to see such personally offensive comments written over and over again. I am not convinced that if we ignore them, then they will go away. This recent infestation of troll pests has been particularly vulgar and vile.

What about moderation? This stuff should be deleted the first time it comes up and I guarantee you that these creeps will go elsewhere.

Sometimes the only option for me is to just get off the site. That is what I have been doing recently. I don't stay away, but I just try to come back when they are gone. Not everyone is getting the worst of it. I just want to point that out. You know what was written. It's there for all to see.

Nativenewyorker , 5/29/13 9:05 AM

Novak is a complete and versatile player is one thing, but to say he is more versatile and complete a player than rafa, sorry i dont buy into this despite agreeing with the first part of the statement !

Sorry but novak has made only one wimbledon final, he won it , showed it he is a complete player but to be more complete than rafa who has 5 wimbledon finals , not hard to judge...rafa has won 2 hard court slams but he also has an OLYMPIC GOLD on hard courts, dont forget that ;) Rafa also has 2 aditional runners up performances on hard court slams :)

danica, I agree that the reason djoko has made only one final at RG is that he was drawn with rafa in the same half all those years but djokovic lost 2 chances (2009 and 2011-his best year) ...but still your point is valid... I have one suggestion though, apply the same logic to rafa then ! you know he would have won 2 more hard court slams ( US 2011 Oz 2012) if it was not for djokovic who is better on hard courts and clearly had a supremely strong winning momentum against rafa back then,..

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 9:06 AM

vamosrafa, 5/29/13 6:55 AM,

If you were around more, this site would be a better place! We had a nice chat the other day or night or whatever time it was. Those are the times I cherish. They have become few and far between.

The comment to which you replied was by someone who obviously knows nothing about Rafa. I already weighed in with my thoughts about Rafa. He is a complete player with so many weapons. He also knows when and how to use those weapons.

I also appreciate you including Andy in the list of versatile players! :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/29/13 9:11 AM

thanks NNY and same goes for you :)

vamosrafa , 5/29/13 9:22 AM

danica , 5/29/13 8:47 AM

Thank you for your eloquent and elaborate response on why Novak is a complete and versatile player.

However, you did not respond to the other half insinuated by your fellow Nole fan, Novakisthebest i.e. why Rafa, a player who is not as complete and as versatile a player is the only one with multiple slams on ALL surfaces?

And yes, Novak being 51 weeks younger than Rafa means they are from different generations.........

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 9:33 AM

If Rafa is so versatile and complete (I have no doubts about it but am merely applying the same standard) why doesn't he have more than two HC slams? HC slams make up 50% of slams per year and the possibility of winning a HC slam is greater.

danica , 5/29/13 8:47 AM

Is this a trick question? You tell us why Novak is a versatile and complete player (which I do not doubt btw) and then go on to question Rafa's completeness and versatility on the basis he does not have more than 2 HC Slams? When Novak does not have a single Clay Slam? When he has 1 Grass court Slam? Are you okay?

A bit of advice to you @danica and I am giving this advice because I am holding out the possibility you are one of the sane Nole fans (even though you appear hell bent on convincing me otherwise with this bit of "logic" of yours): You do not have to agree with another Nole fan because you are both Nole fans. Disagreeing with them does not take away from your fandom, you will still both be Nole fans. But agreeing with baseless and ignorant insinuations takes a lot from you, a lot.

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 9:46 AM

If Novak Djokovic makes it to the semifinals I will delete my account and never post here again. That's how good he is this year...

childishgambino , 5/29/13 9:47 AM

...............and again, who died and made Brad Gilbert the authority on what constitutes a complete and versatile player?

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 9:53 AM

"Novak is a complete and versatile player. Brad Gilbert puts him on the first place of the most complete players of today."

Good point Danica, but obviously rafatards here know more about tennis than BG. If you check the stats up:

Novak has the 2nd best results of the Fedalovic generation @ USopen and WTF (indoors). He has the best record at AO. He is 3rd on grass/clay but most probably will end his career as 2nd in both those slams.

Compare this with Rafa, who is 2nd @ Wimbledon, 3rd at AO, 3rd or maybe even 4th at USO and 3rd at WTF.

It is safe to say Djokovic is more of an all-surface player than Rafa. Ofcourse rafatards will keep their heads buried, but that is the reality: Rafa is the most one-dimensional or one-surface pony of the top 4. He should be glad the ATP has slowed down the playing conditions, if not Djokovic/Murray would have put up an even better showing on the hardcourts and grass.

Fedkovic23 , 5/29/13 9:54 AM

If you assign 2000 points for having the best record at a slam, 1200 for being 2nd and 720 points for 3rd place - just like the ATP does for winner/finalist/sf points:

@ AO:

Nole: 2000, Federer: 1200, Kneedal: 720


Kneedal 2000, Federer 1200, Nole 720


Federer 2000, kneedal 1200, Nole 720

Fed 2000, Nole 1200, kneedal 720


Fed: 2000, Nole 1200, kneedal 720

All Surfaces:

Federer 8400, Nole 5840, Kneedal: 5360

Ofcourse, it is just better to go by rafatards "analysis" than actual results and claim kneedal to be the most complete player of this era.

Fedkovic23 , 5/29/13 10:07 AM

I am not saying Nole is a more versatile and complete player than Rafa. I am just replying to suggestions that he is not versatile (while Andy - whom I like a lot - is considered more so than Nole). Nole also has two Year End Championships while Rafa has none. Rafa has OG gold and Nole has OG bronze. They played in the semis. That match could have easily gone the other way, and surely was a better match than the finals. It was obvious that the winner of that semis would be the winner of the Olympic gold. It was Rafa, he deserved it.

To me, versatile means someone who can play great on all surfaces, use different tactics, be both on the offence and defense when needed. Someone who can play volleys at the net and grueling points from the baseline. That would also make him a complete player, more or less. Both Rafa and Nole fit the bill. Having in mind that there is basically no grass tournaments during the season (save for Wimby and a few warm up events), I am quite happy with Novak's results (two tight finals of warm up events which he likes to skip, one Wimby win, a few semis, Queens title in doubles) :). There is a reason why he didn't win more Wimbies - he was world #3 :) which meant the two certain players were probably better than him ;).

You know very well that I, and everyone else, may choose what to answer and what to discuss. I am choosing to stand on Nole's side and explain why I think implying that he is not a versatile and complete player doesn't hold water. I am not here to defend Rafa - there is enough of you who'll do a much better job.

I am very well, thank you.

As for the age difference, you are now totally slanting the whole thing. You said first that Rafa and Nole were 26 yrs old. I said they are not. It's a triviality. You could have said that they are of the same generation. There is no reason for you to be sarcastic and mention different eras when no one spoke of that. Interestingly, I've noticed on another thread that Rafa is spoken of as a 26 yr old while Roger is already 32.

I happened to agree with what NITB said in that particular post. It doesn't mean that I'll agree with everything that poster or another Nole fan will say. Where did you get that impression from? And btw, I know it was kindly meant, but I don't need any advice from anyone. Nor do I care what people on internet think of me.

danica , 5/29/13 10:38 AM

People are forgetting a basic thing. Rafa has 56 titles with 41 on clay. 73% of his titles are on his strongest surface which actually is only 2.5 months of the season, it just shows his unreal domination on this surface. 27% of his titles are on HC/Grass- his non strongest surface.

Now lets see Djokos results : He has 37 titles with 9 of them outside HC i.e 24% of his titles. So 76% of his titles are on his strongest surface.

Lets also get finalist appearences in picture .
Rafa has 56 titles and 23 finalist appearences = 79 events with 32 of them being on HC/grass i.e 41%

Djoko has 37 titles and 19 finalist appearences = 56 events with only 16/50 being outside HC that is 32%

So going by % of titles outside ones strongest surface, who has more variety and is able to make deeper runs and inroads? So the entire theory of Nole being more versatile is cock and bull. Nole is not an inch more variety than Rafa. Rafa is stronger on clay and grass than Nole, Nole is stronger on HC but they both are multi dimensional and good on all surfaces.

And yes an honest advise - Anyone who thinks Rafa is 1 dmensional, please ask your idols Fed and Djoko if they agree to it, your queries will be resolved. For all you know Fed will reply you back with ' Shut Up! You know nothing about tennis and you dont know what you talking about !!' . Hehe

I rest my case.

Had even 1 more slam been played on clay or more tourneys on clay, I think Rafas records would have been like 70 plus titles and 16 slams at a minimum.

sanju , 5/29/13 10:55 AM

As for the age difference, you are now totally slanting the whole thing. You said first that Rafa and Nole were 26 yrs old. I said they are not.

danica , 5/29/13 10:38 AM

As I write this today, 29 May 2013, Novak Djokovic is 26 years old, and Rafael Nadal is 26 years old. This is fact, no need for a debate. What I said stands because it is fact. You are the one slanting FACTS to suit your own contention. Rafa will be 27 next week, he is not yet 26, deal with that FACT.

Please read my posts again, I never said Novak was not versatile nor complete. I disagreed with YOUR insinuation, started off by your fellow Novak fan, that Rafa is neither a complete nor versatile player.

Rafa IS a complete and versatile player. His Slams and performance on ALL surfaces say that. You can try and spin it otherwise posing questions with funny logic, doesn't pass.

And I will call you out on it. Incidentally, my post of 5/29/13 6:51 AM was a direct response to Novakisthebest but you chose to insert yourself and respond on his behalf. You got the response you deserved.

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 11:22 AM

"Can someone please explain to me why a "complete and versatile player" (as constantly espoused by some Novak fans) does not have a single Clay court Slam and has only one Grass court Slam, while the "defensive player" has multiple Slams on ALL surfaces? We are talking about Novak and Rafa here folks and yes, they are the same age, 26. "

danica , 5/29/13 8:47 AM

Whose quote is that above, the one you lifted and inserted into your post? Let me help you because I can see you have a problem with FACTS. Those are MY words from my post of 5/29/13 6:51 AM which you lifted word for word and used as a basis for a response, not Novakisthebest's.

So don't tell me you were responding to Novakisthebest when you were responding to me. I realise the truth may be uncomfortable to you, that Rafa, at the same age as Novak, has a better record. But please, that is no reason for you to lie.

As Rafa would say, just accept..........................

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 11:33 AM

26, 27..what big difference. Are we saying in 1 year, Novak will rake up 19 more tour titles and add 5 more slams to equal Rafa.

The truth is Rafa and Nole are both excellent players with super achievements to their credit. Everything else - who is better, who has more variety, who is better on which surface is all relative and subjective too.

Many may say Rafa as he has bigger fan following, Nole fans will say Nole and thats perfectly okay.

sanju , 5/29/13 11:38 AM

Why does it matter so much to prove (a) is better than (b) who is better than (c) ?

I'm with Sanju: let's just appreciate and enjoy the spectacular era of tennis we are witnessing. I'm sick and tired of the endless stupid fan wars.

ed251137 , 5/29/13 11:58 AM

At this stage one has to give it to the new TT 'vics, they are succeeding in their intended objective!

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 12:17 PM

..............but don't expect me to stand by when these new trolls peddle nonsense about Rafa. Whoever wants to support them, that's their business, it's a free world.

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 12:22 PM

Novak was the perfect no.3 for most of his career. what you would call a secondhand player. Then, he stopped consuming gluten and is now entering the discussion for best, most versatile player. Just sayin'

childishgambino , 5/29/13 1:32 PM

he also changed the bones in his ankles to ball-bearings, to be displaced at will with minimal maintenance.

Shireling , 5/29/13 3:43 PM

novak didn't become versatile player as a result of Puerto case. just sayin'

rfzr , 5/29/13 3:55 PM


Thank you for the analysis, friend. In time, Novak will overtake naydull's wimbledon record and sorry to say, your man's RG record too. I will be very happy if he can get near Roger's 9 hardcourt slams record.

"novak didn't become versatile player as a result of Puerto case. just sayin"

I was about to post the same thing. Is this the same as the Dr.Fuentes stuff? I don't think any rafabot is qualified to speak of "clean athletes". Last I checked no former slam champ accused Nole of anything, but we cannot say the same for their idol.


JamesDjokovicFan , 5/29/13 4:09 PM

Djokovic: the magical case of a tennis player learning to win when he was 24... after half a decade of pro tennis

childishgambino , 5/29/13 4:48 PM

"learning" should read "injecting"

Scrotracker , 5/29/13 6:57 PM

Thank you. The voice of reason.

obviously, one isn't the youngest ever player to reach GS semis on all four surfaces if he doesn't really know how to play. Nor does such an individual reaches multiple Slam finals and wins a few by the age of 24. You know all that, right? What other ingenious theories do you have besides that and the one about Novak doping?

can you go any lower? Speaks volumes about you. Pathetic.

danica , 5/29/13 8:35 PM

"learning" should read "injecting"
Scrotracker, 5/29/13 6:57 PM
Hi there Scrotumlover... I was waiting for ya... Now the list of idiots is complete :)

zare , 5/29/13 8:38 PM

yes, Rafa is 26 yrs of age + 51 weeks, and Nole is 26 yrs of age + 1 week. I said that, yes, technically they are both 26 but, really? And Roger is already 32, really?
Rafa - born in 1986, Nole in 1987. A whole year difference. THAT is a FACT no mater how you bend it. Not that it matters, of course, they are the two players of the same generation.

Your post of 5/29/13 6:51 AM is NOT a reply to NITB post that I said I liked and agreed on. I first said I liked it because it was written in a nice manner, without insults and I thought it added to the debate. I also happen to agree on almost everything that's written there. Nowhere there was Rafa diminished, it was merely stated that Rafa and Nole have different games. That's not a crime. And then you come at me and basically tell me that I should not agree with NITB (or other Nole fans that are not to your liking) because I would somehow be thought of in a worse light just by association. (?!?) And you have the nerve to ask me if I was ok??

I know perfectly well whose words I chose to quote, and my post had absolutely nothing with replying to NITB. That's how discussions work. You tell me I lie??? Interesting.

What exactly did I deserve, and what exactly did I get?

danica , 5/29/13 9:14 PM

^^^look I've said this a million times here and it doesn't sink in because people don't want it to.
The age of a tennis player is not only about when he was born, thats not even important up to a point, but its more to do with their time on the tour and how many tour level matches played.
Rafa is not quite the same generation as Novak or Andy (or Roger) having played nearly 750 matches on the tour many more than Novak/Andy, and his injuries and chronic ailments compact this.
And nor does his career for that matter which easily eclipses both at this stage,
Even Novaks.
Keep it real, it's always the best way...

Twinge , 5/29/13 9:55 PM

Novak is a great athlete, and an amazing tennis player... but he didn't use to be. And I mean recently. I can't stress this enough since he seems to be considered some sort of tennis god nowadays. He WASN'T. Just sayin'

childishgambino , 5/29/13 10:45 PM

zare...have you crawled out of your third world country yet...................?

Scrotracker , 5/29/13 11:12 PM

Djokogod, don't stay up too late, finals are coming in. Also sucks for you that Federer won again, doesn't it connie?

ts38 , 5/30/13 1:00 AM

ts38 aka transexual38 year old is out trolling again I see................

Scrotracker , 5/30/13 1:11 AM

Actually transexual38, I'm hoping fed makes it to the final this year.

Looking forward to Rafa's standard "Probably Roger not play his best today but I am happy for the victory today, no?"


Conspirator , 5/30/13 1:22 AM

I don't read all the threads here, so maybe that's why I didn't read your take on the presence on tour before. I kind of share the same thinking although you said it better than I would. Rafa is more experienced on tour than Andy/Nole and he also peaked earlier. The other two took longer and still have a way to go in order to fulfill their potential. The discussion above about the age is really just maybe me being too analytical because I would write what RITB wrote, differently. I like to be precise and truthful as much as possible.

Yes, Novak didn't use to be what he is now. I don't like making connections with doping regarding his success, Rafa's loss of hair, Andy's sudden muscle mass... and other rubbish I read over the years. Those are pretty serious allegations. After it was said that Nole had celiac disease I did a small research on it. It really is that simple - getting rid of gluten and having a completely different metabolism and life. I can only wonder what results he might have had had he known about his condition earlier. As much as I like Nole as a person and as a player, I never thought of him as an idol, not to mention a tennis god. Such classifications are not only premature, but immature as well.

I believe Zare lives in Switzerland.

danica , 5/30/13 1:33 AM

Zare said she lived in Kazakstan. She is a female version of Borat no?

Scrotracker , 5/30/13 1:49 AM

interesting how many assume that posters here are females. I assure you the nick "Zare" goes with men only. "Zara" would be a female version.

If I may add one more thing regarding Nole's evolution. In april of 2009. he decided to hire Gebhard Phil-Gritsch, Thomas Muster's former fitness trainer. As you probably know, Muster was indestructible on court, power machine and one of the fittest and toughest players ever. New fitness regime combined with change of diet, brought Nole steps higher.

danica , 5/30/13 2:54 AM

Danica: That's interesting. I didnt know he'd changed his fitness coach. But it was the link up with the holistic doctor (sorry forget the name) who completed his mental and physical transformation.

The final building block was the rocket boost to his confidence and self belief which came when he led Serbia to their historic Davis Cup victory.

I would be interested to know how you view what appears now to be a slight falling off in that intensity.

ed251137 , 5/30/13 5:11 AM

the name of the holistic doctor is Igor Cetojevic.

As for my view of Nole's decline :), I am not really sure. He still has good results this year, although not spectacular by his standards. There were also times when I liked his game better. The wave he rode in 2011. was insane and I don't think that even his most devoted fans thought he would be able to sustain that level or repeat the feat in 2012. Maybe the injury he had in Davis Cup changed something a little bit. We'll see how this year progresses. There are still three more slams to be played. He said that he talked and worked with his team about the problems that brought his mental stability down. The upcoming matches (provided he doesn't lose in the 2nd round) will tell us how successful they were.

danica , 5/30/13 7:55 AM

Thanks. Ironical isn't it, when he is No.l, still close to 4000 points in the lead, and has already won a slam this year, that we are even having this discussion. It's tough being an elite player. A slight blip immediately becomes the harbinger of a major slump.

ed251137 , 5/30/13 10:58 AM

ed251137 , 5/30/13 10:58 AM

Motivation. If Nole wins the French this year and ends the year no. 1 I predict a sharp decline in his fortunes. He doesn't seem wired to stay on top and keep repeating success - not as much as Nadal or Federer.

samprallica , 5/30/13 11:57 AM

Sampra: That's rather how I view the situation. Staying at the top is harder than climbing the mountain. IMO it dates back to that early success winning a Slam, Olympic Silver and the WTF so early in his career when he was not fully developed as a player. It was a case of too much too soon.

ed251137 , 5/30/13 12:50 PM

look I've said this a million times here and it doesn't sink in because people don't want it to.
Twinge, 5/29/13 9:55 PM

It's because people aren't interested in your fecal garbage.

jean , 5/30/13 1:12 PM

The situation here is beyond moronic, and sad, as it does not provide a congenial atmosphere wherein some of us can comment on the matches being played in the GS, vis-a-vis, the FO.

Due to the juvenile behavior of some, who are using several monikers behind which to hide. This creation of several monikers has been necessitated due to their efforts to ridicule those of us they hate, but has now caused their overburdened psychotic brains to engage in worthless brain-chatter and the mis-firing of their worn-out/over-worked neurotransmitters. Unfortunately, these sick perverts can only find relief of their perversity and convey their brain stench through the conduit of several monikers to hide behind. It's unfortunate that their friends find them to be humorous and albeit things have progressed to such a sick state, are still endeavoring to find excuses for their lackeys' sick behavior.

@Zare, pls. note, the posts from Scrotracker are written by willmw (the person who likes to write the filthy coments pertaining to marian Vaidja), and is also conspirator character, who has created the Scrotracker moniker. She and jean began calling me Scrotetracker, scrote, several months ago, but has not created the moniker. they are being cheered on by NNY, ed, jean and a few other posters. It's a waste of time seeking any type of moderator intervention.

I believe that the posters Fedkovic23, JamesNovakFan, Novakisthebest, all began posting due to the dirty posts that were aimed at the djoker, by posters such as NovaksuckmyDic Note willmw was the first poster who mentioned the Rodosko(I hope I'm writing it correctly) and then created the moniker shortly after. I belieieve the new Novak posters which NNY is trying to say that it's one poster, and are my friends, probably got tired of the abuse from some of the sick posters and aew now retaliating.

I'm sure that all Novak posters are aware that the Djoker is not one of my faves, thus, why would I encourage the new djoker posters, and encourage them to go after NNY and her gang? It's not only idiotic, but utterly moronic to put forward such an argument, albeit it's understandable, considering how much NNY and her gang hates me, and will do anything to discredit me.

scoretracker , 5/30/13 11:26 PM

but has not created the moniker, S/b but has now created those monikers to take things even further.

scoretracker , 5/30/13 11:28 PM

The daily breakdown......full of nice irrational thoughts as usual, but this time trying to persuade his internet friends not to hate him..........Must have forgotten the medication. I am Scoretracker, love me............!!!!!!!!! ;)

Scrotracker , 5/30/13 11:43 PM

Hi there Scrotumlover... I was waiting for ya... Now the list of idiots is complete :)

zare, 5/29/13 8:38 PM

Zare got it right. it's what you desperately need to help you out .

scoretracker , 5/30/13 11:59 PM

Its weird that Im having a hostile conversation with myself on a tennis talk...... Schizophrenia is a scary thing!!!!

Scrotracker , 5/31/13 12:21 AM

scoretracker, 5/30/13 11:26 PM,

I would like to point out this comment to the moderators. For the umpteenth time, my name is being inserted for the sole purpose of inciting, defaming and pure character assassination.

I have let many of these posts go, but I do not intend to let this individual continue to link me with what other people do on this site. Also, there is absolutely not one iota of actual proof as to who is posting as Scrotracker. That is not about siding with anyone. It's about telling it like it is. Without specific credible proof, these accusations are just as bad as the ones that this person wants us to get all worked up about. No one has the high moral ground here.

My real name has been bandied about here. That is not okay with me. I am sick and tired of having this obsessed person persist in dragging me into something that I have precisely NO involvement in and no responsibility for at all. Hold people to account for their actions, but I am not going to remain silent while this insanity continues to disrupt this site.

These ugly tirades speak for themselves. But my name is not going to be incessantly dragged down into the mud.

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 2:07 AM

"Also, there is absolutely not one iota of actual proof as to who is posting as Scrotracker."

Oh, and you have proof of all your retarded allegations? STFU! and go take your meds.

No one has to drag you into the mud. That is where you dwell and reside. You wouldn't be here if you weren't driven away from the other blogs. You come here and have passed on your insanity to unfortunate souls like crappyrator and crap-serve.

Keep begging for sympathy like you have done all your life. There are many parasites that have more self-pride than you do.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/31/13 2:36 AM

Sorry homeless one! I know it's tough when you keep getting kicked off sites because of your filthy mouth!

You know, there was an way of dealing with someone like you who couldn't stop the profanity and filth! They used to wash out kids mouths with soap. You are definitely in need of that for real.

Please stop being so one-note. Try to be creative with the insults, will you!

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 2:58 AM

James, my friend, don't waste you energy on this creature. there is a reason why it exists here and has been banned by other blogs. It uses its age/sex card to gather sympathy. A sad way of life, but it has worked for the CREATURE!

Ignore the filth that rafafarts spew just like we have overcome rafa's uncouth and uncivilised antics.

Nole's game is kicking into top gear and as you mentioned on another post, Karma will take care of the evil ones. Keep faith and let the rafabot-pigs wallow in their own excrement.

No-1-vak marches on. Rosol has learnt the davydenko trick to having a winning h2h against the 1-surface pony and checked out of clay onto greener and more important pastures!

novakisthebest , 5/31/13 3:17 AM

"Ignore the filth that rafafarts spew just like we have overcome rafa's uncouth and uncivilised antics."

Amen to that Sir! Very well said.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/31/13 3:28 AM

Haters Gonna Hate!

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 3:58 AM

Yeah, you've ben granted the honor of summa cum laude in all aspects of what haters will do. You go girll!!

@scoretracker, 5/30/13 11:26 PM,
I would like to point out this comment to the moderators. For the umpteenth time, my name is being inserted for the sole purpose of inciting, defaming and pure character assassination.Nativenewyorker, 5/31/13 2:07 AM

Please be my guest. There is no need to infrm me of what you're going to do. it's not that you've not done this before many, many times. Thus, one more time is AOK with me. Go ahead and do another of your dirty deeds.

You refer to me by numerous unflattering names, when you get on yur broken-down podium and get into your tirades. According to you, I'm a loser, a failure, someone who has lost it's humanity, a waste of life, and several other names, too numerous to mention. And, why are you becoming disjointed about anyone using your "real name" when you got onto Tennis-x , ranting and raving, announcing to all who you were and under what name you used to post. when you had done doing that, you came on this site and announced to all that you were on tennis-x and *gave them a piece of your mind, using your real name*. I am somewhat baffled that you are upset that another poster is addressing you, using what you call *your real name*. I would suggest that you get your facts straight before making a spectacle of yourself and issuing idle threats, considering that you were the one who alerted everyone of your actions. You know the experts ay that the brin is the first to collapse, and I see it happening with you and some of your other friends.

BTW, you do know what it means to write in the first, second and thrid ersons don't you? You began your post in the first person and slowly ended up in the third person, e.g., "this person", albeit you used my screen name to adress me initially, but somewhere along the way you lost your mind and way and didn't know who you were talking to and what was the reason for your rant, or as you and your cohorts like to say, *meltdown*.

The problem here is simple, you are angry that some new posters have joined this site and they are ignoring you. They have clearly demonstrated that they don't need to be or enjoy being another person's lackey, which is very upsettng to you, coz your status as *queen bee* ihas now become non-existent. It's the reason you are desperately trying to defend your girl connie, (or should I say , *Scrotetracker*) and hold onto her coz she's the only lackey you've got left.

BTW, I noticed "willmw" is still here. I suppose her broomstick had a malfunction and she got stuck in mid-air. I suppose she put out an SOS call for help to you, and being the good soul that you are, whose broomstick is always fully-charged, you rescued her and brought her back. bwahahahaha.

I'd like to knwo why some of you are accusing the new Djoker posters and Seventeen of being posters from the past? What's the problem? Did they use another poster's screen name 9one who is currently posting) like conspirator is presently doing with my moniker? I don't think so. Then if that's not the case why don' you all stop making it your business as to their identity and leave them alone? The bufoon conspirator, jean, and their ilk, are making a mockery of other posters' screenames and using their monikers to curse atand ridicule those posters they HATE just for the fun of it.It's a shame that you have the unmitigated gall to say we don't know for sure that it's conspirator and/or jean who's being so low class and dirty, (I have never seen such filthy language on a blog site as is happening now and is being rationalized and condoned) but you have the gumption to accuse maxi and sienna at will for anything that enters your crazy head. It's as though you are keeping a diary on sienna's and maxi's whereabouts and some other Fed fans. You're just a miserable busy body. Are you able to sleep at the end of the day? I doubt it. I would gladly leave you and your friends alone if you would do the same for me. How about trying to do for a few hourse, eh?

scoretracker , 5/31/13 7:50 AM

I forgot to mention if there's a hydra on this site, then look no further at the one who's talking of such. happenings.

scoretracker , 5/31/13 8:05 AM

Meltdown #79

Scrotracker , 5/31/13 10:36 AM

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