• Federer faces Carreno-Busta in French Open first round

    5/25/13 7:36 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer faces Carreno-Busta in French Open first round Roger Federer will kick off his Roland Garros campaign on Sunday against fast-rising qualifier Pablo Carreno-Busta. This is Carreno-Busta's first-ever Grand Slam, in either qualifying or a main draw.

    Roger Federer will begin his bid for a second French Open title when he takes to the dirt on Court Philippe Chatrier on Sunday afternoon. Up first for Federer in opening-round action is Pablo Carreno-Busta.

    The third-ranked Swiss is 54-13 lifetime at Roland Garros, which includes a title in 2009 and four runner-up finishes--all to Rafael Nadal. Federer has been in mediocre form for the most part throughout 2013 and he is still in search of his first winner''s trophy. The 17-time major champion returned after a two-month break following Indian Wells and fell in the Madrid third round before advancing to the Rome final (lost to Nadal 6-1, 6-3).

    "I'm happy about the way I play when I practice, but also during the games," Federer assured. "I feel fit and I have a good level of confidence. My confidence came back little by little. I'm at the level I want to have for this tournament."

    Carreno-Busta has stormed onto the scene in 2013, first at the Futures level and now on the ATP Tour. The 21-year-old Spaniard won 39 consecutive Futures matches, good for seven consecutive titles. Carreno-Busta also reached second rounds in Casablanca and Barcelona in addition to a semifinal run in Oeiras, where he lost to eventual champion Stanislas Wawrinka in three sets.

    Arguably the most dangerous of the qualifiers, Carreno-Busta already has wins under his belt in Paris over Dominik Meffert, Joao Souza, and Vincent Millot. Going up against Federer in his first career main-draw match at a slam is obviously a much different proposition, so it's hard to imagine Carreno-Busta's streak continuing. Still, this will not be a walkover that it appeared to be for Federer when the draw was initially revealed.

    Count on Federer prevailing in three sets, with at least one being extremely entertaining and competitive.

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Common Roger

sabs , 5/25/13 8:06 PM

Never seen Busta 'Rhymes' play before. A test for Fed could be good. Keep him on his toes.

chr18 , 5/25/13 9:28 PM

Carreno-Busta is a fighter.. he's rising fast and has nothing to lose but I don't think he has enough in his arsenal at this point to take a set from Fed (although I hope so)

Shireling , 5/25/13 9:47 PM

Funny how twenty, Fedbot20 and JamesFedererFan always seem to show up at the same time, no?


Conspirator , 5/25/13 10:05 PM

seventeen, 5/25/13 10:02 PM
Depends whether you see hope as futile or not.
As to your other comment.... well, this is a site about tennis....
I don't hope for a set against Roger, I hope that Pablo takes a set from him because his game is not yet there to trouble Fed for the match.
It will not be easy for Fed, I can tell you that much, Carreno-Busta played very well against Andujar in Morocco this year and he's been very consistent this year.

Shireling , 5/25/13 10:13 PM


You noticed that, too! Very interesting. :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/25/13 10:14 PM

Sorry my comment above was in reference to Conspirator's post @ 10:05 PM.


I think you were quite reasonable in wanting to see Pablo take a set off Fed. It would make for a much more interesting match. I don't know this young man at all. This would be my first time seeing him.

I think this person "seventeen" sounds like they are about twelve years old. Very infantile comments.

Nativenewyorker , 5/25/13 10:17 PM

thx for your understanding nnyker ;P

Pablo is a very talented and physically strong player. This year he's beaten the likes of Benneteau, Goffin and Fognini. He took a set off Wawa too.
He's been labelled as the Spanish pearl by the Spanish press.
When he learnt about the draw he twitted: 'couldn't ask for more, vamos!' :)

Shireling , 5/25/13 10:26 PM

WARNING: the post:

eighteen, 5/25/13 10:24 PM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 5/25/13 10:27 PM

He has a special style of his own. you'll see :) Of course, if Fed allows.
dhbh, good drive... he'll raise more than a few wows, I'm sure.

Shireling , 5/25/13 10:31 PM

WARNING: the post:

twenty, 5/25/13 10:24 PM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 5/25/13 11:08 PM

"Still, this will not be a walkover that it appeared to be for Federer when the draw was initially revealed."

It never is. Everyone thought Rosol would be thoroughly dismissed by kneedal. We all know how that blew up in the rafabots' faces, no?

Allez Fed and Ajde Nole!

Fedkovic23 , 5/26/13 6:15 AM

RT @scambers73: "Looking forward to seeing how Pablo Carreno-Busta handles himself against Roger Federer in Paris today - big stage but big talent on clay "

Am looking forward to this match too, even if he loses Pablo may show enough to justify the hoopla!

I'm rooting for Pablo..............

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 9:57 AM

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 10:40 AM

You have to really confident to be seen in those shorts in public: 8/photo/1

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 12:19 PM

ESPN already making things up about Pablo

RickyDimon , 5/26/13 2:15 PM

Here's his actual profile aspx?playerid=100091112

Though his records are impressive, I have to say I'm rolling my eyes a little at all the "next Rafa" hype. As we all know, Rafa won his maiden RG at two years younger than this guy already is (which, like 21 is some ancient of days, you know? *sigh*).

mara002 , 5/26/13 2:40 PM

RT @scoobschris: "Roger opens with a break against the most dangerous qualifier he could possibly have got #ironyincaseyoumissedit"

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 2:46 PM

Poor ExFed... facing " the most dangerous qualifier "... hahaha...

zare , 5/26/13 3:04 PM

Wow! Fed looking incredibly sharp today. Could be his year.


Conspirator , 5/26/13 3:21 PM

Yes, our Fed will float and sting his way to the semis, showcasing his array of sublime shots and variety of play, swatting qualifiers left right and centre and the Commies will duly anoint him the man to beat.


rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 3:23 PM

Federer is digging deep to get past Pablo.

nadline , 5/26/13 3:24 PM

He's rolling back the clock to 2005 again! He can't lose.


Conspirator , 5/26/13 3:27 PM

Start the "Fed is the Man to Beat" coronation music:

RT @bgtennisnation: " i was dead wrong thinking Pablo Carreno-busta would test Fedfan nervs have got the better of him , and RF looking very sharp so far "

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 3:28 PM

This match is too close to call, can't bear to watch..........but I know Fed will pull a rabbit out of the hat..


rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 3:32 PM

RT @AmyFetherolf: "The underdog Federer is holding his own in this match. Very surprising."

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 3:42 PM

Pablo will come back to win in 5.

nadline , 5/26/13 3:49 PM

RT @AmyFetherolf: "In a stunning upset, Federer d. Carreno-Busta in an hour and 20 minutes."

At least some commies are no longer fooled by this nonsense..............

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 3:58 PM

Men getting flowers? I'm sure chr18 would not approve: 1/photo/1

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 4:04 PM

Gosh! That was tough.

nadline , 5/26/13 4:12 PM

Who is this seventeen mf'g federina tard? Crawl back to your a-hole wanker, where the rest of your herd belong.

jean , 5/26/13 4:15 PM

I always said I'd be sorry when Fed retired but it is time. He's ruining the game now with big business trying to prop him up to the later rounds for sponsorship.

The draws are so skewed it is laughable. The bottom half doesn't really matter.


Conspirator , 5/26/13 4:34 PM

That has got to be one of the most boring matches involving a top level player. Even Fedfans on this site could not be bothered to turn up for it.


rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 4:44 PM

"Who is this seventeen MF'g"

Ricky and Cheryl: Are you just ignoring these because you want only rafatards to post here?

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/26/13 4:53 PM

Yeah right just like allthose clowns here. Ever seen a comment from that jean mf.
seventeen, 5/25/13 10:24 PM

jamesidiotfan, see above??? Don't make it so obvious that you are a wanker yourself, ok? Is it because seventeen isn't a Rafan that it's ok for that rat to use those words but not ok for a Rafan? You're not the mods here so quit whining like the gaytard that you are and grow a pair!!!

jean , 5/26/13 4:56 PM


When are you going to complain about the following post by seventeen?

Yeah right just like allthose clowns here. Ever seen a comment from that jean mf.

seventeen , 5/25/13 10:24 PM

It should be obvious to even you by now that people are tired of you and your friends' drama.

This is a tennis thread, leave us to talk tennis, please..............

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:00 PM

It's the same poster jean.

So sad to see Fed reduced to this. It's embarrassing.

Sampras left the game with class. Won the USO with his last match.


Conspirator , 5/26/13 5:01 PM

Ah well, Pablo gave it his best shot ... Fed played very focused and showed him what level he has to aim at in the future. I'm happy that he (Pablo) was able to break Fed's serve and try his best. His serve needs work but his shots with both hands are very very good. Good effort.
Well done Fed for a solid win.

Shireling , 5/26/13 5:03 PM

It's like those boxing greats who have to join the WWE wrestling circuit at the end of their careers.........but the thing is, Fed does not need the money, so why?

I was embarrassed for him during the Rome final, I was embarrassed for him wonder his fans are now whiny, sad creatures.

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:13 PM

hey ritb, why were you embarrassed for Fed today? I didn't see the whole match but it seems he played pretty well, no?

Shireling , 5/26/13 5:18 PM

I wasn't here for two weeks and suddenly, there are lot of "vic" here... fedkovic, rogervic, seventeen, jamesdjokovicfan... Someone is playing with multiple nicknames here... LOL!

zare , 5/26/13 5:21 PM

@Shireling, pretty difficult to not play pretty well against a kid who's playing his first Slam main draw match on Chatrier, no, especially if you're the GOAT?

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:23 PM

Well that makes sense Conspirator.

And you're correct, Sampras had/has far more class, in his pressers, on the court and in other respects.

jean , 5/26/13 5:23 PM

Very soon there'll be a Cherylvic, Rickyvic etc.........

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:26 PM


Why are you embarrassed for Fed? You know there are quite a large number of people who just simply want to see Fed play and not care so much whether he wins or loses! If Fed loves the game as much as he continues to say, I have no problem with him playing until he believes he is ready to retire! His legacy is his to shape in which ever form he chooses, I really dont care!!! He doesnt have to retire on a high like Sampras, if thats his choice!

Another thing guys, lets not worry about Fed getting so-called preferential treatment with the draws and scheduling...................these things always have a way of rebalancing themselves, ALWAYS!!!

One of my major other gripes is that many think that Fed has a chance to win RG esp. if he and Nole make it to the final.........................I even laugh in my sleep over that thought!!!!

Monalysa , 5/26/13 5:28 PM

@Shireling, they've drawn kids, non-achievers and has-beens to play Fed in the early rounds so he looks good. A GOAT deserves better, no?

They'll have him in a circus next drop shotting chimps.......


rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:33 PM


rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:35 PM

@Monalysa, sorry, hit the return button before finishing my sentence............

I believe I answered your question in my responses to @Shireling.

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:37 PM

I am with @Conspirator on this. Give me the Sampras exit strategy any day. Great Champions like Federer deserve to go out with a bang, not a wimper......

Just me................

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:41 PM

^^^hehehe! said without hint of irony!

Must have struck a nerve to draw you out of the gutter.............

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:54 PM

seventeen , 5/26/13 5:51 PM

You were looking for jean, she responded, why are you not responding back?


rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 5:57 PM

I missed seeing Fed's opening match. Cant watch it on ATP catch-up because it's blocked here. Sounds rather as if Pablo was overawed by the occasion but I'm sure the crowd considered they got their money's worth watching Fed thrashing a Spanish player!

ed251137 , 5/26/13 5:58 PM

The same kind of draw is probably going to repeat at Wimbledon. Last year it got Fed the trophy. It might do so again as both Rafa and Muzza aren't in great shape.
Only hope is that patriotism may triumph over filthy lucre wielded by sponsors ( last year it did not, with the toughest guys put in Muzza's Quarter in addition to giving Fed a joke of a draw)
On clay even an 80% Rafa can beat Fed. But not sure an 80% Rafa can beat Nole, even a 90% Nole.
Nole is somewhat vulnerable to Fed. If his ankle isn't a drama, then Fed has a chance.

So Fed has certainly maximized his chances of victory even at RG by stuffing his quarter with jokers and having all tough players in bottom half stuffed in Ferrer's Quarter and putting Rafa and Nole in the other half.
Fed wants to win two slams this year and end the year at no. 1 . He has said it repeatedly.
His aim is to beat Sampras' record for year-end no. 1 and he wants to win 20 slams before retirement.

holdserve , 5/26/13 6:00 PM

ed251137, we haven't moved much from Roman times in terms of what titillates us......

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 6:03 PM

The next Nadal? Really? He actually went to net several times rather than playing moonball like Nadal did in the early days. Still just a busta. Fed was sharper than in Rome.

chr18 , 5/26/13 6:11 PM

Now @seventeen has added stalking to his vast array of abilities.........

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 6:33 PM

You're not the mods here so quit whining like the gaytard that you are and grow a pair!!!
jean, 5/26/13 4:56 PM

Oh no. Not another one. Hashtag warnings are coming. Unless there's a double standard.

chr18 , 5/26/13 6:40 PM

17IQ... light genital infection... harmless but booooring...

zare , 5/26/13 7:07 PM

RITB: @6:03 PM

As i mentioned quite recently, not so long ago they thought an afternoon's fun was watching the guillotine drop!

Incidentally it's Mother's Day in France. That could be why the men are being handed flowers to give to their WAGs.

Somebody mentioned they thought No.17 was tennisba but she only ever talked to herself. Don't remember her responding directly to anybody.

Tennisba is relatively harmless in comparison to this nasty piece of work.

I find Lucky's sudden absence worrying. I hope she is OK. It's not like her to go off the air for so long.

ed251137 , 5/26/13 7:08 PM

ed251137: @7:08PM

Did all the players get flowers? I only saw Fed and Gillou get some. I think they should "extend" Mother's Day in France to tomorrow so Rafa gets some as well!

The funny thing with these "critters" is you do not see them DURING the match when their supposed fav is playing, they are quiet. And another thing funny is how they all turn up at the same time.........

Agree with you about tennisnba..............we are being bombarded indeed.

Like you, hope luckystar is alright...................

rafaisthebest , 5/26/13 7:22 PM

@ seventeen

"What a waste of time for that man and his fans.likehe will ever be remembered for nothing but his goalkeeper skills."..........................not quite true.............he will surely be remembered for so much more including that day when he made Roger, you hero, cry at a GSlam!!! Now, dont lie, you can never forget that..............even if you try!!!

Monalysa , 5/26/13 7:29 PM

zare no one wants to hear about your sexually transmitted diseases. Keep that to yourself. Disgusting.

Scrotracker , 5/26/13 7:38 PM

Did all the players get flowers? I only saw Fed and Gillou get some. I think they should "extend" Mother's Day in France to tomorrow so Rafa gets some as well!
rafaisthebest, 5/26/13 7:22 PM

Don't worry, Rafa always gets a great treat on his birthday at RG.

nadline , 5/26/13 7:59 PM


"The next Nadal?"

I don't think any of the tennis fans want to see the next Nadal. The guy has got the worst game of all time. You know this is a fact when the country where you win your most slams treats you as an untouchable. Compare that with the adulation for Federer in England/US/Aus or the support Nole receives in Australia. I mean even by rafatard standards it was sad to see the Nadal getting booed by the French and his Uncle whining like a pansy about the booing.

I just hope the Busta kid is not his uncle's slave and actually has his own personality and doesn't parrot what his uncle trains him to do. At the end of the day, a grown man being so psychotically controlled by an uncle/parent is sad. [Read John Tomic or Dokic's father and the likes]

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/27/13 4:34 AM

don't be bitter

RickyDimon , 5/27/13 4:49 AM

Too bad you can't make your smart-alec comments to rafabots, eh, Ricky? I cannot be bitter when I can have a good laugh how you and Cheryl can be selctively blind.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/27/13 5:43 AM

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