• Federer begins in Rome, Rosol replaces Tipsarevic

    5/13/13 8:58 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer begins in Rome, Rosol replaces Tipsarevic Roger Federer will kick off his Rome campaign on Tuesday against Andreas Seppi. Viktor Troicki and lucky loser Lukas Rosol are also in action.

    Potito Starace vs. (2) Roger Federer

    Federer will kick off his Internazionali BNL d'Italia campaign on Tuesday as he looks to bounce back from a Madrid third-round loss to Kei Nishikori. The world No. 3 has played only two matches since Indian Wells, as he bypassed Monte-Carlo and every other clay-court tournament prior to last week. Overall, Federer is 14-5 for the season and still in search of his first title.

    Up first for Federer in Rome is Starace, against whom the Swiss is 6-0 lifetime. Federer is 14-1 in total sets against Starace and he has won 13 in a row since losing the second set of their first encounter at the 2004 Gstaad event. Playing at home, Starace earned his first ATP-level victory of 2013 by defeating Radek Stepanek 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 on Monday. The world No. 293 did, however, win a clay-court Challenger title last month in Napoli. Federer in straight sets is the obvious pick.

    (LL) Lukas Rosol vs. Viktor Troicki

    Rosol got into the main draw when Janko Tipsarevic withdrew on Monday. The 33rd-ranked Czech needed a lucky-loser spot after falling to Andrey Golubev 7-6(4), 6-4 in the final round of qualifying. Still, Rosol is playing stellar tennis for the most part. His ranking is a career-high, mainly thanks to his first-ever ATP title last month in Bucharest.

    This will be the fifth career meeting between Rosol and Troicki, with the Serb trailing the head-to-head series 3-1. They just faced each other in Bucharest, where Troicki became another Rosol victim in a 6-3, 6-1 quarterfinal blowout. The world No. 42 is just 9-12 for his 2013 campaign after losing to Nishikori in the Madrid second round. Based on current form and their most recent meeting, look for Rosol to get the job done in another straight-setter.

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So if Rosol can win this then he will battle Gulbis for a chance to face Nadal. I wonder which one Nadal wants. He should want Rosol for sure. Rosol vs. Gulbis could be a popcorn match. Two erratic individuals.

chr18 , 5/13/13 10:32 PM

If Rafa meets Rosol then his draw will be full of excitement with Ferrer and Novak if he gets that far!!

Monalysa , 5/14/13 1:03 AM

With the cupcake draw Fed has, he will really have to try hard not to get to the Quarters.
Is it a coincidence that he meets 30+ guys in the first match in two successive Masters?

holdserve , 5/14/13 4:44 AM

Of course it's not a coincidence. The draw masters who cozy Fed brilliantly planned that Stepanek would beat Tomic in Madrid. There's nothing they won't do for Fed. Idiot.

ts38 , 5/14/13 5:26 AM

ts38, the draw is obviously rigged. No one expected Tomic to get past Radek. Tomic isn't a terror on clay. Far from it. He would in any case have been easy prey for Fed.
In Rome, as Tomic did not participate, they found a 30+ guy (ranked 293!) to ensure no matter who gets through, Fed has an easy first match.
The draws ARE always rigged in favor of Fed.That accounts for his incredible QF streak in GS. Now Fed has also added implementation of impractical ATP rules to help him. As President of the players council, he should look out for the players interest, not his own exclusively. The players are too scared to expose him.
What next? His overweening ambition is really making him look like an idiot.

holdserve , 5/14/13 9:26 AM

Don't think Rafa bears any sentiments of revenge towards Rosol. Why would he?

Shireling , 5/14/13 2:40 PM

Roger Federer ?@PseudoFed 3h
Staff preparing transport to take Me to practice court #humble #excited


Conspirator , 5/14/13 3:01 PM

Rosol won the first set but he lost the 2nd with a breadstick .... hmmmm I'll be the first person to get disappointed if he can't make it to 3rd round ... a possible date with Rafa.

-------------------------> chr19, cheer Rosol up ... come on!

Raindrops , 5/14/13 3:28 PM

"Of course it's not a coincidence. The draw masters who cozy Fed brilliantly planned that Stepanek would beat Tomic in Madrid. There's nothing they won't do for Fed. Idiot. "

Good one ts38. These rafabots really earn their stripes, one must say. idiocy and moron-ness at its zenith.

Draws are fixed to place a nobody like rosol in 2nd round to prevent this all time all-surface champ nadull from a historic 3rd wimbledon. LOL![yes 3rd wimbledon which in rafabot cave is greater than the no. of wimbledon titles won by sampras/federer/borg]

Allez Fed & Ajde Nole!

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 3:34 PM

I want to see Fed play his baby...........hope that happens.

nadline , 5/14/13 3:38 PM

Fedkovic, all this draw fixing, manipulating ATP for schedules, surfaces, now rules, the lessons were taught by Forstman with whom our dear Fed was very friendly.
Nole is also learning the lessons. Last year he got his brother a wild card at Dubai. But he is nowhere near Fed in this regard possibly because Fed is the entrenched sponsor favorite.
Only Rafa and Muzza haven't misused their powers.
Of course all this, the realization that your heroes are hollow men, makes you guys feel frustrated and you take it out in internet forums by pouring your toxins on Rafa and his fans. But be careful you may drown in your bile.

holdserve , 5/14/13 3:58 PM

Rosol didn't have time to get much red clay under his feet...........went out in 3.

nadline , 5/14/13 4:00 PM

chr19 I feel sorry for you Rosol lost.

Raindrops , 5/14/13 4:01 PM

Right now Baby Fed is being schooled by Reeshad......

Rosol decided the better part of valour is to make a quick exit.......

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 4:08 PM

chr18, so sorry for you. your fave lost!

holdserve , 5/14/13 4:09 PM

Baby Fed is going to school to learn all the humility to become an impeccable idol.

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 4:14 PM

Yet another grass "expert" that can't play on clay.


Conspirator , 5/14/13 4:21 PM

Wow,Nadal fans really are scared of Rosol!Probably praying for Troicki to win.Lol.

stratocast51 , 5/14/13 4:28 PM

Why waste a prayer, was a Troicki victory ever in doubt? Rosol was a lucky loser, emphasis on, he lost.

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 4:32 PM

Oh yes jerkserve, we are naive enough to believe Nadal [who is consistently accused by ex-players and peers of his doping] is clean and green, but Fed and Djokovic are monsters.

Unfortunately the real world [not the deluded rafabot cave] understands who is who. That is why rafa gets booed in the same country where he won 15 titles! The media is constantly referring to him as the beast, ogre, bull, ugly. I am thinking they know more than blinded rafabats!

so rafa fans are starting to cheer against rosol too? LOL! no one is undeserving of the rafabot hatred I guess. This is what happens when you think H2Hs are everything. By rafabot logic, rosol is a superior player to nadal.

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 4:33 PM

no Fedkovic, I was cheering for Rosol. I wanted him to meet Rafa. Only fedtards thought one defeat establishes a superiority. It is only when two players play at least 20 times that we know who is superior.
Sadly Rosol is not in Rafa's class. He can't even get through qualifiers. Chances of him meeting Rafa again on clay are remote. Maybe at Wimbledon, first round? Certainly hoping for it. If Fed wishes, he can arrange for it.

holdserve , 5/14/13 4:45 PM

I just knew the Brothers Grim would be out in force to chew over the bones of the Rosol loss, which is a big disappointment to Nadal fans who had put the sangria on ice if they met in the 3rd round.

There is a chance that Rosol tanked.

nadline , 5/14/13 5:07 PM

So sad Rosol lost...wished he had met Rafa. Maybe in Rolland Garros?

atul1985 , 5/14/13 6:56 PM

fedkovic23 & stratocast51,

You were both wrong with your notion that the Rafans are scared for Rafa to face Rosol. Actually it is the other way around, every Rafan is wishing fervently for Rosol to survive the first and 2nd round and of course hoping for Rafa to reach 3rd round too so they would meet. Only if I am one of the organizers, I will put Rafa and Rosol at the first round to assure them to meet.

Raindrops , 5/14/13 7:14 PM

Federer is now a skinhead. He's got no locks to play with in between points.

What happened?

nadline , 5/14/13 7:43 PM

RT @bgtennisnation: "Fedfan looking very sharp with the very quick 1st set vs Starace, I would say by the easiest 2nd rd draw in the tourney "

Dry run for RG........

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 8:15 PM

Again, the commies waxing lyrical about a "much improved Federer". Really? This is the second ATP main draw match Starace has played in the year, the first was yesterday. How can you not wipe the floor with this guy? Why don't they get professional commies rather than these jokers?

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 8:33 PM

Fed playing really well...nice to see him back in the equation...:)

natashao , 5/14/13 8:33 PM

Give Fed ten years and he'll be as much of a skinhead as Nadal is now.Lol.

stratocast51 , 5/14/13 8:40 PM

I can't believe these guys like this idiot Fedkovic!!! I happen to admire Fed and I love to watch him play although I am a Rafa devoted fan...but these stupid haters don't let people enjoy tennis...all he knows to do is trash Nadal...he is such a shame and such an annoyance to this forum...I wish he could leave and let us enjoy some good tennis here...he really makes me sick!!!
I come here to enjoy tennis conversations and I have to read the crap he writes. Get lost Fedkovic, will you? You are nobody's fan, you moron!

natashao , 5/14/13 8:42 PM

Starace is ranked #293, what did people expect?

nadline , 5/14/13 8:45 PM

Fed's draw is a joke...........

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 8:48 PM

Fed was on point. Rosol out.

RickyDimon , 5/14/13 8:49 PM

@natashao, if Nadal posters don't stop trashing Fed, what are Fed fans supposed to do, keep quiet? There are very few threads which are free of nadal fans insulting Fed and his fans.

Your fellow nadal fans are a ratio of 30:1, in nadal's favor. when we answer one nadal poster, the whole battalion comes in. BTW, what do you think of conspirator's ridiculous posts which are jujst a bunch of garbled non-tennis comments aimed at provoking fed fans?

Fedkovic23 knows tennis, but can you same the same for most of the nadal fans whose main objective is to berate Fed and his fans?
Starace is ranked #293, what did people expect?
nadline, 5/14/13 8:45 PM

@Madrid, Nadal had Andujar who's a qualifier, in the semis and Stan who had to play several late matches, without much rest, and is not a top 10 player. His path to the finals was soooooo easy. He played one top 4 guy, Ferrer, (who's top 4 coz nadal has been absent) and we all know David's weak against Nadal. So why are you talking about Starace?Get real.

the above is an example of what Fed fans have to deal with on TT.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 9:04 PM

natashao, 5/14/13 8:42 PM,

Well said! It's too bad that we have to read all this hateful garbage and personal attacks when the majority of us are here to talk about tennis.

As you said, Fedkovic is not a fan of anyone! This is not someone who knows anything about the sport at all.

Thanks for saying it so well. I think you spoke for a lot of people here.

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 9:05 PM

Really? I see that the blinders are on very tightly. But to be expected coz it's Fed we're talking about here and his fans will be ridiculed no matter what. I suppose we should try to cozy up to you all like some fans of other players do. Just saying you know. we are called Fedups, fedfarts, and all other names.

@fedkovic23, they are trying to run you off, coz that's their MO when anyone says anything pertaining to their god. Just stand your ground. I suppose you've noticed how few Fed fans post here, and the above is proof. This is a Fed thread, which is invaded just like his other threads. Nadal threads are off limits.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 9:13 PM

@ Scoretracker,

As a Rafa fan, i do tend to sympathise with you that sometimes the posters here can be really silly with their comments. Yes true this is a Federer thread, but although you cant expect only Fed fans to post on this thread, at the same time I agree it is not nice for fans of other players to post comments that are dirogatory to the subject of this thread!

However, it goes both ways!! I have seen you post quite a few, well lets say 'Unendearing' comments about Rafa! So you cant cry when you are guilty of the same behaviour. Perhaps if you stop posting negatrive comments about Rafa, then Rafa fans may not feel so compelled to return the favour!!! I know I am guilty of it too bcos it always angers me when a Fed or Novak fan tries to beliitle Rafa! Rafa fans understand the background of the dislike but some of the comments that are posted here are without a doubt obscene and disingenuous!

So I suggest that if you feel so aggrieved by some of the posters/posts here why dont you start by either refraining from commenting about Rafa or, if you choose to comment, try to post comments that will not cause Rafa fans to feel that you are deliberately trying to rile them up by taking a 'dig' at Rafa. Some of the posters here are really not worth responding too so I just ignore them...........i know its hard at the beginning but after the first few times it becomes a whole lot easier. Try it and you will see!!

Monalysa , 5/14/13 9:54 PM

@Monalysa, thanks for your reply. I think you've got me mixed up with some other posters. I very rarely comment on rafa, and I do my utmost to stay off his threads. If I do comment it's iin reply to a nasty comment made by a rafa fan, but I generally don't start anything on nadal. Fed fans have to deal with many of you going after Fed and his fans.I think you need to tell your fellow rafafans, who come after Fed fans that they should try the prescription you've given me. FYI, I'm not someone who initiates anything, but when provoked I will retort. There are some nadal fans who write posts for the sole purpose of drawing me in making untrue comments, and I have to defend myself. It doesn't stop there, the whole gang has to get into the mix and say their piece. It then becomes a war of me against 7 or 8 of them 9a few fans of other players).Do you really think that anyone (Fed fans) have a fair chance against some of the nasty Nadal fans? Hardly likely. Anyway, thanks again.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 10:15 PM

scoretracker, you can hardly blame Rafa if all the top players got knocked out early in Madrid so he couldn't beat the in the latter stages. Andujar is ranked 54; he beat Nishikori who beat Federer, and Rafa beat Wawrinka who beat the guy who beat Djokovic. Wawa also beat the guy who beat Murray.


nadline , 5/14/13 10:45 PM

@nadline, then what's the purpose of your post about starace? Every well-informed tennis fan knows that the early rounds are top players vs. very low ranked players, but not the norm for an SF. I'm not the one who needs to chill. My coment was in answer to your attempt to show up Fed's win.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 10:50 PM

Thanks for the response, Scoretracker!

Just wish everybody would be nice and get along. There is so much tennis to be enjoyed!!!

Monalysa , 5/14/13 10:51 PM

I was responding to natashao who said that Fed is playing really. I was only trying to point that Fed should be expected to play well against a player ranked #293 so it's not possible to judge how well he is playing.

nadline , 5/14/13 11:06 PM

It's now bedtime for me.

nadline , 5/14/13 11:08 PM

@Monalysa, I do not see any bad comments by Rafans on this thread. Nor do I see anything bad by normal Fedfans such as stratocast51. It's banter! What's wrong with that. If we all came on here to sing Kumbaya, how boring would that be?

The only sour notes have been injected by the new resident nutcase who I will not bother to name. No need to even complain about him. As for scoretracker, everyone knows he has no sense of humor, everyone knows this, but I would not call his comments on this thread offensive. So he is annoyed by a harmless comment by nadline, no big deal, I think nadline explained herself quite well.

Personally, I would prefer that people behave like adults, have a sense of humor, banter mercilessly but leave the gutter language for well, the gutter! On the whole, the usual TT posters do all of the above and so when some juvenile newcomers invade the site and spew gutter language, we know how to respond.

I have even come to view the occasional scoretracker meltdowns as a TT institution! So, no complaints from me in that respect. Let it be.......

It's a lovely day where I'm at, enjoy yourselves people, wherever you're at!

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 7:28 AM

Re: The Haircut
How is he going to do the irritable 'Hair Flick' when he's rattled by an unforced error or a double fault?

Besides, Cheryl will be heartbroken:

Quote: I consider The Federer to have the finest head of hair on the planet. It's literally perfection. Glossy, shiny brown, slightly wavy, the perfect length, the perfect cut and style with the seeming ability to repel sweat.

If I wasn't 100% sure that I'd get expelled from all future ATP tournaments I'd ask to touch it. :D Unquote.

ed251137 , 5/15/13 9:46 AM

ritb, I totally agree. Tennis forums thrive on harmless banter, if we all agreed with each other it would be so boring. I don't mind Fedfans having a legitimate go at Rafa and I expect them not to admire him. If they liked him they would have been Rafans. Similarly, if I admired any other players I would be rooting for them. Sad as it sounds, Rafa is the only player who makes me reach for my keyboard, in his defence. I enjoy putting Rafa's case against his detractors.

Where I draw the line is when it comes down to personal insults, because we have no grounds to attack each other's character. Similarly, personal attack on the players is also uncalled for, because we don't even know them. We only admire what we see.

nadline , 5/15/13 9:53 AM

Even I can't deny that Cheryl was right. Roger does have great hair. I suspect that he has donated some of his locks to his nemesis, Rafa, to fill in the gaps, in exchange for Rafa giving him an easier time on court.

nadline , 5/15/13 9:57 AM

nadline ^^^^^^^ Three cheers.

ritb: one can usually spot in advance when there is a climate change which heralds an impending meltdown.

ed251137 , 5/15/13 10:01 AM

@ 9.57am


Thee cheers were for your 9.53am comments.

ed251137 , 5/15/13 10:06 AM

Scoretracker, who said Rafa threads are off limits to you or anybody? Look forward to you providing proof of the edict otherwise this will simply provide further proof that you are over-wrought perhaps and you are imagining stuff....

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 11:24 AM

ed251137 @10:06am, this is why I have come to regard them as a TT institution! Imagine how boring TT would be without the entertainment........

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 11:29 AM

^^^^ you mean punching bag?

Raindrops , 5/15/13 11:34 AM

Does anyone else log onto this site with the same strange mixture of dread and anticipation that I feel these days?

deuce , 5/15/13 11:38 AM

Well , I have a solution for you deucy: pour yourself a stiff G 'n T and then log on.......only valid in the afternoon and evenings though..

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 12:52 PM

Lol RITB just "a" g n't wouldn't be enough though, and would have to start way b4 noon...;)

deuce , 5/15/13 4:31 PM

You haven't been on the receiving end of the ire recently :-D
Wait till it's your turn again - you'll need more than a stiff drink.

ed251137 , 5/15/13 10:09 PM

And she won't be Ed,
Nobody gives grief to Deuce without having to come through me first!
Flaming her job,
and mine alone.

Twinge , 5/15/13 10:39 PM

rafaisthebest, 5/15/13 11:24 AM,

There is no doubt that this is the case.

ed251137, 5/15/13 10:09 PM,

Thank you for saying this. It's easy when you are not on the receiving end! Speaking for myself, I find these meltdowns far from entertaining.

Nativenewyorker , 5/15/13 10:46 PM

Where were you then when I needed help ;-)

ed251137 , 5/15/13 10:47 PM

Nativenewyorker , 5/15/13 10:46 PM

Helpful tip: when you sense the next meltdown coming, think:

1. Rafa is improving and he is winning
2. This is not about you, it is about Rafa's progress and what that means.

I find it helps.............

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 10:54 PM

Where were you then when I needed help ;-)
ed251137, 5/15/13 10:47 PM

Are you referring to me?
I'm here for you whenever I am here.
You can bet on it my sweet!
But my job occasionally requires me to actually do, well work.
Still not quite a real job however.

Twinge , 5/15/13 11:18 PM

rafaisthebest, 5/15/13 10:54 PM,

Thanks so much for that! I will take those ideas to heart and implement them the next time it happens.

I appreciate you taking the time to share those thoughts. :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/15/13 11:58 PM

nny, no worries! Enjoy the match tomorrow!

rafaisthebest , 5/16/13 12:19 AM

Rafa playing Gulbis does not equal enjoyment for me! However, I promise to keep in mind the two points you gave as helpful tips. I have no doubt that there will be more meltdowns in our future! :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/16/13 6:38 AM

"Scoretracker, who said Rafa threads are off limits to you or anybody? Look forward to you providing proof of the edict otherwise this will simply provide further proof that you are over-wrought perhaps and you are imagining stuff...."

Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I don't believe I stated anyone mentioned Nadal's threads are off limits to me or anyone else. FWIW, I treat those threads as off-limits to me because I've in the past been lambasted for some of my comments, which were not meant to evoke any sort of a response, but only airing my views. Hence, for my own peace of mind (I think I said for the sake of peace) I keep off the nadal headlined threads. I hope this makes it all clear.

"I have even come to view the occasional scoretracker meltdowns as a TT institution! So, no complaints from me in that respect. Let it be......."

Whenever I see the word meltdown, which IMO is absolutely overused and not at all pertinent. I laugh. For myself, I'd like to ask, what am I butter that I melt- down? No, I'm not, thus it's a very inaccurate description of my many provoked responses from about 6 posters on this site. Try having to deal with 6 people whose sick pleasure is derived from provoking others for absolutely no valid reason, (you won?t have such an experience coz you are a Nadal fan) then talk to me after you've had that kind of unfortunate experience. Those are the very same posters who have heated arguments with other posters over some very infinitesimal, worthless garbage.

You have many such episodes with non-Nadal posters, several times per day on many threads. That said I don?t think you are in a position to be my judge and jury.

also, this matter of me being humorless. WOW. Do you really think it's possible to engage in banter and humor when i'm constantly being attacked? would you be able to do so? And, I don't see those who are taling about my alleged humorless existence writing anything that can be called humor, or they having a SOH. Again, stop being my judge and jury.

my wishes are simply this, just leave me alone, and stop gossiping about me. I don't gossip with anyone about my persecutors, e.g., tete-a-tete, as though this site is a personal chatroom, thus, why the need to discredit me gossiping with each other?

scoretracker , 5/16/13 7:16 AM

The american get criticized for not playing the clay season, but they are not good at playing on clay, so why should they bother? it's also a very long period of time to be away from home.

I remember roddick getting injured at the FO and since then has always talked about the surface being his kryptonite. He got injured in rome in '08 and was off the tour for about 3 months. Sampras has thalassemia and found clay to be very exhausting. hence, IMO, those athletes who can 't play on clay and become injured a lot on that surface, then they should refrain from so doing. It's not worth it for them to try to put up good results and risk getting injured. IMO, it's better to ignore the clay season and concentrate on wimbledon, where not too many players get injured.

scoretracker , 5/16/13 8:08 AM

oops, wrong thread. sorry.

scoretracker , 5/16/13 8:09 AM

Lol Twingey, r u my Sir Lancelot or the Black Knight from Monty Python?
Mind u, Black Knight was a gutsy little b***** so either would be most acceptable...;)

deuce , 5/16/13 8:33 AM


Nadal has always easy draws.
Nadal is not a draw of a cupcake for the first time?

rogervic , 5/16/13 8:41 AM

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