• Haas continues dream run against Simon

    3/27/13 4:22 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Haas continues dream run against Simon Fifteenth seed Tommy Haas looks to reach the final four at the Masters 1000 Miami, as he takes on France's Gilles Simon. The players are set to contest their career meeting late Wednesday.

    World No. 13 Gilles Simon trails world No. 18 Tommy Haas 4-1 in the series. The players last met at the 2012 Masters 1000 Canada, where the German recorded a round of 32 win in straight sets.

    Simon is through to the quarterfinal after rallying to defeat 7th seed Janko Tipsarevic. The 28-year-old Frenchman converted six of 12 break points en route to a 5-7, 6-2, 6-2 victory. Simon is seeking his first semifinal berth in Miami.

    Haas advanced to the final eight with an upset victory over world No. 1 and two-time defending champion Novak Djokovic. The 34-year-old veteran came through the match in 80 minutes, 6-2, 6-4.

    "(Simon is) just such a good counterpuncher, a guy that is back wall," said Haas. "He moves extremely well. He knows the geometry of the game really well. He's sort of somewhere always in the mix.

    "You don't even really talk about him that much or you don't see him in the draw that much. He's always there, always within the top 20, top 10 over the past couple of years. You know, extremely talented, and it really depends on what kind of a night I have, I think.

    "I can try to mix up my game again and try to be aggressive when I have to be. And I'm going to have to change it up and sort of try to find a way, a style the way I played tonight and be aggressive, come in more, and hopefully it will be a good night, good tennis."

    Haas will attempt to make his first semifinal at the tournament.

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good pick, Kelli

RickyDimon , 3/27/13 5:02 PM

I disagree with Kelli's pick. Let's see if I'm right.


Conspirator , 3/27/13 7:20 PM

I have been going back and forth on this one. Simon did well to beat Almagro but had a tough time closing it out. I can't decide whether Haas will be able to keep up the level of tennis he displayed against Nole last night. I don't think he will be tired, because it wasn't a tough match.

I love Simon's game. He doesn't overpower players, but can outrun them and counterpunch amazingly well. I think it could go either way.

Haas may sense that this could be his best chance in a Masters tournament. I am leaning towards him at this point, but won't count out Simon.

Nativenewyorker , 3/27/13 8:08 PM

Haas' variety and ability to change from defense to offense, would work against Simon the counter-puncher, and he should win the match. Haas for the win in 3 sets.

scoretracker , 3/27/13 11:53 PM

Haas SHOULD win. Simon WILL win.


RickyDimon , 3/28/13 2:30 AM

Simon for the win.

holdserve , 3/28/13 2:54 AM

Agree with Mr. Happy.



Conspirator , 3/28/13 3:14 AM

Is this match being televised at all? I know that here in the states espn takes over with the quarterfinals. I see the score being updated here, but can't find it on tv.

So Ricky said that Haas should win, but Simon will win. I guess that's why I was going back and forth on this one.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 3:32 AM

It's on here in Canada.

1st set to Haas. So far so good for S/T and I.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 3:37 AM

Haas is overwhelming Simon.

ed251137 , 3/28/13 3:49 AM

What the hell is Tennis Channel showing in the US if not this match???


Conspirator , 3/28/13 3:51 AM

I have a feeling there will a tape delayed broadcast on either espn or the tennis channel.

Anyway, this score is surprising to me. I thought this would be a more competitive match. Ricky and holdserve predicted Simon. I guess Haas really is on a remarkable run here.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 3:53 AM

Conspirator, 3/28/13 3:51 AM,

The last time I checked they were showing a Nole/Fed match from I don't know where or when. It's supposed to be the ten greatest matches. That's what it says on the program guide. I think espn has the exclusive broadcast rights here in the states from the quarterfinals to the end. But they have let the tennis channel show matches when they have other sports commitments.

Yes, this is a major fail!

I only said that I was leaning toward Haas. Does that count?

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 3:56 AM

Simon heading for a complete meltdown. Maurissimo has just listed all the surgeries Haas has had. Unbelievable comeback!!!!!

ed251137 , 3/28/13 3:58 AM

Yes NNY that counts for you but not for Ricky.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 4:01 AM

I see that Simon got on the board finally in the second set. I hope that I can at least see this match on a tape delayed broadcast.

Ferrer will have to come out playing a lot better than he did against Melzer to beat a Haas who seems to be playing some outstanding tennis.

To those who are watching, is it that Haas is that good or that Simon is not playing well?

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 4:03 AM

Conspirator, 3/28/13 4:01 AM,

Thanks about the prediction! Now that it's 5-1 for Haas, are you ready to make a prediction for the semifinal?

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 4:05 AM

Congrats to Me, S/T and NNY. Sorry for Ricky (not really) and Holdserve.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 4:08 AM

Already picked on another thread earlier today.

My heart says ol'man Haas but my head says Little Beast.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 4:12 AM

French TV crashed at 4:l and couldn't find a livestream. But Simon's first serve had already gone AWOL and he just caved in. Haas just got better and better.

ed251137 , 3/28/13 4:19 AM

Aww shucks, should not have come to check on scores. Anyway glad Haas won, will watch tonight on ESPN2 @ 12.30am, delayed broadcast. What's wrong with ESPN with these silly delayed broadcasts?

Ferrer will have to play a lot better tomorrow. Melzer was giving him fits with his lefty serve and FH. If Melzer did not play so many 3 setters, I think he would have won, but the road-runner is like an energizer bunny and did not give up. I want Tommy to win this thing. It would make headlines that the 35 y/o is playing such great tennis. Haas for the win aganst the energizer bunny.

@ricky, so velly sorry, S(eye)mon, according to Brad Gilbert did not pay attention to your positive vibes.

scoretracker , 3/28/13 4:41 AM

Conspirator: I beg to differ. Daveed has not looked impressive so far even though he has eked out the wins. If Haas plays the way he did in the last two matches what's to stop him lifting the title?

ed251137 , 3/28/13 4:43 AM

i told you Haas should win and you listened


RickyDimon , 3/28/13 4:43 AM



Are you kidding with that comment? Come on! You can't have it both ways!


I agree with you. Sorry Conspirator, but I know that you won't take it personally! I saw the first set and then half of the second set and Ferrer was nowhere near his best. There's no way that Melzer should take a set off him. I already said in one of my posts above that Ferrer will have to play a lot better against Haas.

I also thank you for the earlier response about how it went down. So Simon kind of crashed and burned and Haas got stronger. Thanks!

ESPN2 will have tennis on at 9:30 pm my time. I just wish that they had let the tennis channel broadcast this live. I hope we don't have to go through this again tomorrow with the other quarterfinal matches.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 4:58 AM

"...S/T and I..."


phoenix , 3/28/13 4:59 AM

@AmyFetherolf: "Haas will move up to No. 14 with that win, passing Nishikori and Raonic."

The so-called young guns, Raonic, Tomic, Dolgopolov, Nishikori etc should be ashamed. Lazy so and so's................

rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 8:02 AM


They all could learn something from Haas. He has been through so much in his career, but he's out on the court playing some of his best tennis! He should serve as an inspiration and also as a motivating force for these young guys to work hard and give it their best.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 8:11 AM

^^Unfortunately, the phrase "hard work" is viewed as an epithet for today's Apple crowd.....

rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 8:16 AM

Congrats to Haas for the win. I like it that he's patient when the ball kept coming back from Simon. Beautiful tennis from Haas, coming to the net so often and won points there, knowing full well Simon wasn't as apt at the net, and staying at the baseline won't do the job. Simon wasn't serving well to begin with while Haas' serving was really good. Haas was definitely the better player throughout the whole match hence the win and the scoreline.

Is a pity that Melzer served so poorly during his match against Ferrer, 5 or 8 DFs and didn't manage to win the match. Melzer was/is such a crafty player and he could outfox Ferrer and should win the match if not for his bad serving and errors. Ferrer simply grounded out the win in the end, with all his grunting getting louder and louder. I like Ferrer for his good work attitude, but feel that a Melzer vs Haas SF would be more entertaining than another Haas/Simon like SF with maybe a better counterpuncher in Ferrer. I do hope for Haas to reach the final, as he's playing some beautiful and intelligent tennis.

luckystar , 3/28/13 9:54 AM

it's a real shame that the youngsters today just don't work as hard as previous generations did. I can't really seem to understand why that's the case. As my dad used to say: "Hard work can compensate somewhat for a lack of talent, but talent won't compensate for a lack of hard work".

tj600 , 3/28/13 9:58 AM

There's a worryingly long list of 'promising' younger players who need to heed the above motto.

What is so amazing is the extraordinary strength of will by Haas to fight his way back at the age of 34+ long after his contemporaries have pulled the plug on their careers.

If, as looks increasingly likely, he might make it through to his first Masters final in 12 years what an early 35th birthday present that would be. On top of that he is also up there with a chance to go even further in the doubles!

ed251137 , 3/28/13 11:09 AM

Deuce: I trust Andy is using his spare time profitably to study the videos of the Haas matches: he will need to be well prepared!

ed251137 , 3/28/13 11:14 AM

Lol ed., Andy's gotta get through Marin first......however disagree with lucky on another
thread, I think Andy is slowly playing himself into form, match by match.
However, if Andy can't, hope Tommy can. What a come back!

deuce , 3/28/13 1:29 PM

I doubt that Haas' victory would inspire any youngsters.
I am not sure the current crop of youngsters is not working hard.
More likely after Rafa-Nole-Muzz we will have one more weak era.

holdserve , 3/28/13 1:52 PM

I was never in doubt that Hass would beat Simon! Haas has just been playing simply awesome tennis!! I would not be surprised if he makes it to the finals!!

Monalysa , 3/28/13 2:22 PM

That's ok Ricky, Cheryl would have gotten it correct. I'll put you on the "winners" list if it makes you feel better.

As I said, I do hope Haas continues his run and realize that Ferru is not at his best (and typically hasn't done very well in Miami).

It should be a close match and he's got a great shot.

However, forced to choose, gotta think Haas is getting tired and that Ferru will run him into the gorund eventually.

1st set to Haas but Ferru in three is the pick. Double or nothing RD?


Conspirator , 3/28/13 2:25 PM

I'm not sure..................
holdserve , 3/28/13 1:52 PM

Well it would appear they're not working hard enough!

Seriously though, there is not one amongst the current crop of hopefuls achieving the kind of consistent results that Rafa, Nole and Andy had while in their teens and early 20s. All three of them had to fight their way through a strong field to reach the top 4.

ed251137 , 3/28/13 4:37 PM re "Ricketty"

deuce , 3/28/13 4:38 PM

Congrats to Tommy Haas for his win over Simon and shall watch the replay as I did not get the chance to watch it live.

I am really enjoying watching Tommy Haas' tennis. He played great tennis IMO against Novak and deserved the win. I think at one time he was No2 in the world.

I wish him the best of luck and hope he continues to do well.

schatz , 3/28/13 4:43 PM

Ferru SHOULD win. Haas WILL win.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 4:56 PM

The young crop have to fight through an even stronger field now to reach the top. They're not as fortunate as the batch of Hewitt, Safin, Roddick, Ferrero when they're in their early twenties and they did not have a group of great slam winners in their mid twenties blocking their way.

luckystar , 3/28/13 5:48 PM

Ferrer is always tough to play against because he can take it out of his opponent physically. He will run down every ball and get into long rallies. Haas should be fresh because his last two matches were straight set wins. He wasn't pushed.

I see Haas playing aggressive tennis, continuing with his stellar play. Ferrer is not at his best. That was obvious in his match with Melzer. Unless Ferrer can play consistenly well from the beginning, I think Haas can win.

I am going with Haas in three.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 8:08 PM

Haas is out of the doubles so will now be able to concentrate fully on the dream run.

ed251137 , 3/29/13 1:43 AM


That's good news for him. I like the name "dream run"! Yes, that's what it is and great to see!

Nativenewyorker , 3/29/13 1:59 AM

But don't let's take the analogy too far and start predicting a fairytale ending................


ed251137 , 3/29/13 8:20 AM

I hope to see a Haas/Gasquet final, battle of the SHBH. Really, the two most impressive players thus far are Haas and Gasquet. Can't believe Gasquet could play so well against Berdych, especially when he was badly beaten by Berdych just two weeks ago at IW! Haas too, he was badly beaten by Delpo at IW but had since played so well this tournament.

luckystar , 3/29/13 8:41 AM

Totally agree with you lucky, these two have played the best tennis. Andy's so far has been scrappy and grindy with the very occasional brilliance.
However, would so like him to get to No 2, so fingers crossed.

deuce , 3/29/13 8:51 AM

Lucky: I agree. There has been a transformation in Gasquet but he can still be mentally fragile. Maybe his recent run of successes will give him the confidence to consolidate his career this year. Berdych appeared very jaded last night.

ed251137 , 3/29/13 9:07 AM

ed251137, 3/28/13 4:19 AM

TennisTV, the official live tennis (paid) website of the ATP & WTA, has made a lot of improvements and it's quite good now.
There is a lot of territorial/geographic restrictions, but it seems that all the matches (that TennisTV shows) are available in France. m/faqs

Augustina08 , 3/29/13 3:12 PM

Thanks for that news Gussie. I am paying a fortune to have French satellite sports channels but now Sky has taken over many of the big events there is less and less tennis coverage. And even when they have the TV rights they are prone to relegating tennis to catch up transmissions unless it is a Frenchie playing: last night we had handball in place of the Murray match! Sounds as though my money would be better spent on subscribing to TennisTV.

ed251137 , 3/29/13 3:31 PM

I used to have trouble with TennisTV. Live streams used to stutter a lot. Maybe they've improved since. I'd subscribe if it was more reliable.

Conspirator , 3/29/13 7:01 PM

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