• Nishikori, Blake in third round action at Sony Open

    3/24/13 1:12 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Nishikori, Blake in third round action at Sony Open Kei Nishikori and James Blake take the court as the men's field battles for spots in the round of 16.

    Kei Nishikori (13) vs. Xavier Malisse

    Belgian veteran Xavier Malisse and No. 13 seed Kei Nishikori will clash on Sunday. Malisse, who sits at No. 53 in the world, came into Miami with a 6-6 record on the year. The Belgian's best results come on hard courts like these in Miami. But Malisse will have his hands full with the on-fire Nishikori.

    The Japanese man holds an impressive 13-4 record for the year so far. He snagged the title in Memphis, and he has a fourth round showing at the Australian Open. He had a poor showing in Indian Wells, where he lost in the third round to Carlos Berlocq, but that just means he is more rested for this week.

    Prediction - Nishikori in 3.

    James Blake (WC) vs. Albert Ramos

    Veteran James Blake, whose ranking sits at No. 95 in the world, has delighted the Miami crowd with his performance so much, that tournament organizers gave him the marquee night spot this evening against Spaniard Albert Ramos.

    Blake and Ramos have played once before, a straight set victory that went Blake's way in Winston-Salem last year. Ramos is ranked higher than Blake at No. 61 in the world, but the Spaniard hasn't played well anywhere but clay so far this year. He had an upset win over Juan Monaco in round 2, but Monaco has also been off the boil.

    Blake's second round upset win was far more impressive. He took out No. 24 seed Juilen Benneteau, who has been in good form in 2013.

    Prediction - The surface suits Blake's game and the American veteran has been on a roll. He'll definitely have the crowd behind him as he makes a bid for his best result of the season by far. Blake in straight sets.

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Blake in two easy sets including a breadstick.

Might as well book your ticket home now Jurgen. The J-train will send you packing to JFK.


Conspirator , 3/25/13 1:22 AM

Fed's new time violation enfarcement is really improving the game...


Conspirator , 3/25/13 1:34 AM

Blake lost the first set. This guy Ramos is playing well. I wonder if the run ends here for Blake tonight.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 3:00 AM

I hope not. I hope he can make Sheila eat those hateful racist remarks of the past 6 months.

chr18 , 3/25/13 3:13 AM

Blake just won the second set!

Go Blake!

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 3:23 AM

chr18 the self confessed homophobe and racist loser

I feel sorry for you. You're a sad person.

Conspirator , 3/25/13 3:47 AM

WOW, watch those words. Now break out the fake mod warning.

LOL, Blake has a great set of fans. first he's degraded, now he's upgraded.

scoretracker , 3/25/13 3:57 AM

scorecrapper the hypocrite


Conspirator , 3/25/13 4:02 AM



Conspirator , 3/25/13 4:10 AM

I am sorry to see Blake lose this match. He had his opportunity to break Ramos in the third set, but couldn't get it done. Then he had a bad service game and was broken and that was it.

I really thought he would get to the round of sixteen.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 4:24 AM

I am not at all surprised that blake lost. I have no idea why conspirator has suddenly had so much fate in blake. Last week at IW, he had blake over nole as a "potential" upset(I seriously thought he was joking when he said that) and this week, he had blake going far. It makes no logical sense.(no offence intended conspirator)

tj600 , 3/25/13 10:28 AM

^^ sorry, faith not "fate". oops.

tj600 , 3/25/13 10:30 AM

Oh tj don't be fooled. Sheila is making sport of him. She hates African- American players.

chr18 , 3/25/13 1:55 PM

Chr19, in your books, tj is being racist, no?

nadline , 3/25/13 3:09 PM

You won't find a bigger homophobe than me smr. Seriously though, I knew about Federer's Mirka, Roddick's swimsuit model and Murray's driver but I haven't seen Nadal's girl at his tournaments; usually they just show his uncle. Oh and the fact that he rubs everyone's belly at the net after the match led me to suspect he might be gay.
chr18, 8/6/09 12:11 AM

Your own words chr18, not mine.


Conspirator , 3/25/13 3:12 PM

No wonder the Chinese are taking over. As I stated above, I am homophobic and I think being gay is an abomination. I'm done with the mental midgets for today. Adios.
chr18, 8/6/09 3:23 PM

Self confessed homophobe and racist chr18.


Conspirator , 3/25/13 3:35 PM

You know Sheila your posts remind me of your hero tennisnba: copy paste spam repeat.

chr18 , 3/25/13 5:06 PM

Perhaps, shocking revelation coming up everybody...Conspirator just likes the way Blake plays, very old school.
I have so much admiration for Blake, he has really bad scoliosis but it hasn't held him back from a long tennis career.

deuce , 3/25/13 5:15 PM

chr18 the biggot.

Ugly person.

Conspirator , 3/25/13 5:22 PM

Here is your answer:
If Blake can catch Raonic on a bad serving day, the second week is possible.

Conspirator, 8/24/12 7:39 PM

The sentence above was a quote from Ricky's blog.

Another example of her hatred for American players :

I change my USO pick to Isner. How did I miss it?

Izzy beat Nole in last hard court encounter and dismantled Fed in their last best of five meeting.

Conspirator, 8/27/12 12:50 PM


I think Roddick is the clear favourite to take the USO this year. He is due for a slam. He beat the GOAT in straight sets on US hard court this year and has won the USO before.

Conspirator, 8/27/12 10:07 PM

chr18 , 3/25/13 6:04 PM

I do like Blake - who doesn't?

Especially how he took out Fed in the Olympics.


Conspirator , 3/25/13 6:05 PM

It seems the self-confessed biggot chr18 has too much time on his hands searching for old posts.

Yes I'm a Raonic fan. Shocker. Just because I have a go at Ricky on some of his homer picks, doesn't mean I hate American players. Pete Sampars was my favourite player and before him, Jimmy Connors. Also a big fan of McEnroe.

I guess being an admitted biggot and being just plain dumb go hand in hand.


Conspirator , 3/25/13 6:12 PM

You're absolutely right Conspirator. crap19 goes searching for old posts A LOT! I guess that's what happens when you are a lonely, talentless wanabe.

jean , 3/25/13 6:18 PM

deuce, 3/25/13 5:15 PM,

Absolutely! It's too bad that anyone would try to read something sinister or untoward into Conspirator's comments. It was nice to see Blake get a few wins under his best at this stage of his career.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 7:19 PM

Oops sorry! I meant to say under his BELT!

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/13 7:20 PM

I don't get all this twitter talk Sheila. Could you explain what GFY means?

chr18 , 3/25/13 8:57 PM

I don't get all this homophobic talk. Could you explain who Sheila is, you self-confessed homophobic bigot?

Conspirator , 3/25/13 11:13 PM

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