• Djokovic, Del Potro collide in semifinal

    3/16/13 4:51 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Djokovic, Del Potro collide in semifinal World No. 1 Novak Djokovic looks to reach the final match at the BNP Paribas Open with a victory over World No. 7 Juan Martin Del Potro. The winner moves on to face either Rafael Nadal or Tomas Berdych for the championship title.

    Top seed Novak Djokovic holds an 8-2 series edge against 7th seed Juan Martin Del Potro. The players last met earlier this year in Dubai, where Djokovic won a semifinal match in straight sets.

    Djokovic is through to the final four following his comprehensive defeat of 8th seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The 25-year-old needed less than an hour to dismiss the Frenchman, 6-3, 6-1.

    "I tried to pay attention to my game," Djokovic explained. "I really didn't care about how my opponent felt. I just tried to focus on the job I needed to do, and my performance was really good. I served really well and used the shots around the court well, and that's what matters for me.

    "Del Potro is a powerful hitter from the back of the court, big serve," the world No. 1 continued. "He moves really well for his height. US Open champion, so he knows how to play on the big stage."

    Djokovic is seeking his 56th career ATP World Tour final.

    Del Potro advanced to the semifinal after rallying to oust world No. 3 Andy Murray. The 24-year-old Argentine came through the match in two hours and 31 minutes, 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-1.

    Del Potro will attempt to make his second ATP World Tour final of the season, having sealed a title-winning run in Rotterdam (def. Benneteau).

    Prediction: Djokovic in straight sets.

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Let's GO Nole!!! :)

danica , 3/16/13 10:40 PM

Slow n steady start from both so far.

abhirf , 3/16/13 10:48 PM

Match is picking pace now.

abhirf , 3/16/13 11:12 PM

6:4 Nole first set, but not very eventful.

danica , 3/16/13 11:27 PM

Yeah, not very at all!!! Delpo must try a lil more variety in his game........criss cross criss cross...........yoye!!!!! (that means enough already in patois!)

Monalysa , 3/16/13 11:33 PM

Really? I think the tennis is good right now. Nole has countered the Delpo slice tactic and is moving forward quite well.

samprallica , 3/16/13 11:39 PM

Great point by DelPo for the third consecutive break in the second set.

danica , 3/16/13 11:43 PM

good stuff now ! delpo surely has added a few dimensions to his game

vamosrafa , 3/16/13 11:45 PM

Looks on course for 4th consecutive break in the 2nd.

abhirf , 3/16/13 11:49 PM

nopes abhirf ! remarkable striking from delpo..

RESPECT for novak's ROS though...if delpo can get some free points on his serve this can becoming reallyy interesting...

vamosrafa , 3/16/13 11:51 PM

RESPECT indeed to Novak's ROS........i mean geeze!!!! This guy makes the court seem sooooooooo small!!!!!

Monalysa , 3/16/13 11:54 PM

Delpo is striking the ball like cannons!
Djoker has handled the Delpo serve well so far, putting him in a spot of bother in every service game.

abhirf , 3/16/13 11:55 PM

RESPECT for delpo's forehand too ! undeniably the biggest forehand ever

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 12:00 AM

Oh yeah, what a mighty forehand.........Delpo serves for the 2nd set!!!! Was not expecting that!!! But some nice tennis so far!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 12:05 AM

Delpo is just striking it bigger every next ball! Phew!! Just smoking the leather out of the ball!

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:06 AM

Very sluggish set from Nole :(
Hope he wakes up in the third.

danica , 3/17/13 12:08 AM

Nole now striking winners at will! He just loves pressure situations!

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:10 AM

This could spell danger for delpo in this set...novak is playing freely now..he is going to have a go in the next delpo service game ! tough test for delpo now

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 12:11 AM

Both players struggling with their service games!

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:15 AM

DElpo needs his 1st serve back else Nole will break him back again right here

Nole just relishes coming from behind

sanju , 3/17/13 12:16 AM

delpo is NOT having any luck haha...poor big guy

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 12:20 AM

We go to 3

Good job Delpo

Novak will now fire the beast within him in the 3rd

sanju , 3/17/13 12:22 AM

wow, IMPRESSIVE from delpotro. Where are the nole fans? they can relax a little right now because its a fresh set now..novak IS the favourite

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 12:22 AM

Very interesting........but im almost afraid for Delpo.....hehe!!!!! Novak will be angry!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 12:24 AM

Djoko managed to lose the 2nd set even after dominating all the stats except 2nd serve pts won %

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:26 AM

I am here!!! :)

danica , 3/17/13 12:27 AM

here is the response, game...break of serve rightaway?

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 12:28 AM

Novaks come back to start the 3rd charged up

sanju , 3/17/13 12:28 AM

Wont be surprised if Novak wins 3rd 6 1 or 6 2

he means business, u can see it in his face

sanju , 3/17/13 12:30 AM

YES!!! 2:0!

danica , 3/17/13 12:31 AM

Game over for Delpo!
What's the source of Nole's energy?? :-/

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:33 AM

Wow, DelPo defends sooooo good!

danica , 3/17/13 12:36 AM

It's over!!.....for Delpo

Monalysa , 3/17/13 12:42 AM

Ugh, 0:30 on Nole's serve.
If he could only stop making stupid mistakes.
0:40 :(

danica , 3/17/13 12:47 AM

Ooops.........maybe not!!!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 12:49 AM

del potro breaks

tennis2011 , 3/17/13 12:50 AM

0-15, 0-30, 0-40, 15-40, 30-40, game

RickyDimon , 3/17/13 12:50 AM

what a competitor is delpo! outstanding. We know how well nole fights but delpo has been on par with him today in that regard..novak still the favourite though...6-4 parhaps or 6-3

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 12:51 AM

NO, Novak broke himself!! Cant believe we will have another Delpo/Murray game all over again!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 12:51 AM

This match has really got the crowd going.

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:52 AM

The crowd seems totally behind Delpo, its a bit strange . Nole is the No 1

sanju , 3/17/13 12:54 AM

del potro holds to love

tennis2011 , 3/17/13 12:54 AM

Matt Cronim tweets:
Wow Never Say Die-Po breaks back to 2-3. Playing enthusiastic ball 2 hrs, 19 mins in. Rafa kicking it back at hotel, saying goto breaker

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:56 AM

del is the fav to win now

tennis2011 , 3/17/13 12:57 AM

Jeez, this is massacre. Use your brains, Nole.

samprallica , 3/17/13 12:57 AM

djoko holds

tennis2011 , 3/17/13 1:00 AM

delpo squandering opportunities all over everywhere

RickyDimon , 3/17/13 1:00 AM

wooofff ...15-40 mishit from delpo was a relief for nole but what a high quality save at 30-40 ! excellent hold

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 1:01 AM

Djoko got ou of jail and hell run away with the match now. That was an expensive miss by DElpo

sanju , 3/17/13 1:01 AM

Delpo fails to seize the opportunity. Now Nole will make him pay by breaking in the all important 8th game!

abhirf , 3/17/13 1:01 AM

Delpo wasted so many opportunities, really cant see him winning this...............he just let Novak off the hook there!! Now he's gonna regret this!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 1:02 AM

abhirf., is there any game where you havent tipped a break for serve for nole?lol..come on !! delpo is ON PAR with nole..its a toss up at the moment..delpo just has to stay physically and mentally a feeling nole's mental toughness will see him through in this match...oh my 15-30

vamosrafa , 3/17/13 1:06 AM

Oh, c'mon Nole, please hold!

danica , 3/17/13 1:07 AM

Delpo has squandered way too many BP opportunities, against Nole that simply wont cut

sanju , 3/17/13 1:12 AM

Too good. Outrageous hitting. Can't believe this whole Rafa prophecy is coming true.

samprallica , 3/17/13 1:14 AM

vamosrafa, dont know but Nole has really scaled up my belief in him by all those comebacks. Such are my expectations from him, that I dont feel like he feels he is ever going to lose!
Gotta give credit to Delpo (my 2nd fav after Fed). He has really hung in there with Nole.

abhirf , 3/17/13 1:14 AM

The crunch is now, after all the hard work, will he serve it out

Novak will swing freely now as if he has nothing to lose.

Its never easy serving for a match against Novak

sanju , 3/17/13 1:15 AM

The Pope blessed the net chord at the right moment

sanju , 3/17/13 1:17 AM

They are taking like 40 secs between points and Layhani has not given a single warning yet

sanju , 3/17/13 1:20 AM

Lahyani using the common sense as when to give a warning and when not.

abhirf , 3/17/13 1:22 AM

Oh my god that was really sumthing Delpo pulled off

Danica - are you a soothsayer? Didnt you predict a Rafa v/s DElpo final midway thru the tourney? No one would have predicted that final, def not both the players making it through

Delpo coming from a set down to beat both Murray and Nole is exemplary, is he back to his 2009 levels?

sanju , 3/17/13 1:23 AM

Magnificent win by Delpo - remains to be seen if he can reproduce this tennis tomorrow

samprallica , 3/17/13 1:23 AM

wow, I think delpo has taken inspiration from the pope(he said he wanted to meet him in rome) But still, he played decent tennis to win.

tj600 , 3/17/13 1:24 AM

Talk to me now people!!!....who ever thought.............the unusual suspects making the final!!! I think this is Rafa's tourney to lose!!!!

Go for it can do it!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 1:24 AM

If DElpo beats Murray, Nole, Rafa back to back , man it will be heroic

sanju , 3/17/13 1:25 AM

Lol is this really about the Pope? Delpo played fearless tennis, and Nole should have closed him down being 3 0 up. But the big man is probably unbeatable when he strikes his zone.

I don't see Del Potro being Rafa - its almost like Rafa never left given the possible outcome of this tourney.

samprallica , 3/17/13 1:27 AM

And if Delpo will be.....oh Delpo was tired from his two three setters......oh we all know he is unfit...........we all know that he has wrist di da di da!!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 1:28 AM

Some people didn't give Rafa a chance!

nadline , 3/17/13 1:29 AM

If Rafa wins this.....................THAT will be heroic!!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 1:30 AM

I think its anybodys match tomm, can go either way. Ofcourse I want Rafa to win but both will be full of nerves . Delpo for his 1st HC Masters, Rafa coming back from a long layoff and aiming to win his 1st HC ttle after Sep 2010.

INterested in Danicas prophecy for tomm once she settles with this loss of Nole.

sanju , 3/17/13 1:31 AM

ah well at least Djokovic doesn't have to play Rafa now, right?


RickyDimon , 3/17/13 1:32 AM

Congrats Delpo! You did it!
Great effort to come back from a set down and again a monster effort to come back from 3-0 down in the 3rd set.
Hoping that he just shows up in good physical state against Rafa after 2 consecutive tiring matches.
Rafa for the win tomorrow in straight sets. This title is Rafa's to lose now.

abhirf , 3/17/13 1:32 AM

If Rafa wins this, it will be beyond heroic . I dont think anybody gave him any chance to be in the final, leave alone win it all.

He himelf didnt think he would do it.

However the person having won the 2ndsemi has won it in 2011, 2012, hope thats not some omen (:-

sanju , 3/17/13 1:33 AM

Wow, GREAT, GREAT win for DelPo! Really IMPRESSIVE!!! Congratulations JMDP!

Sanju, yes, I think I said around quaterfinals that DelPo/Rafa can easily happen (wasn't impressed by Nole's and Muzza's play on this tournament while DelPo was progressing pretty easily).

danica , 3/17/13 1:34 AM

nadline, 3/17/13 1:29 AM

That was Ricky in case you forgot LOL.


Conspirator , 3/17/13 1:34 AM

Tennis View Magazine ?@tennisviewmag
Novak: I lacked concentration, didn't deserve to win. Too hot, too many shadows. BH wasn't there today, but it happens sometimes

"His fighting spirit, my lack of concentration. I didn't deserve to win today." -Novak Djokovic, who is already in press

sanju , 3/17/13 1:36 AM

WOW, Delpo produced magnificent tennis out there...who would think Delpo would endure and win at the end...weird tennis from Novak though...
Congrats to Delpo! That was really something...

sanju, 3/17/13 1:25 AM
Delpo will not beat Rafa tomorrow...

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 3/17/13 1:37 AM

THe backhand slice of DElpo basically defeated Djoko and Murray..both had issues getting pace of it. Ofcourse hi forehnad was like USO 2009 in 3rd set

sanju , 3/17/13 1:38 AM

danica , 3/17/13 1:34 AM

That's impressive. I didn't really Del Potro play through the tournament but Nole is known for mucking around through the tournament and raising his level. He could have served better today, but Del Po was sublime.

I think Del Po has a case for being an irritant where Nole is concerned. He now has won some big matches against Nole.

samprallica , 3/17/13 1:39 AM

I think that DelPo can win against Rafa tomorrow. Mind you Sanju, this is not a prophecy, I am just stating the possibility :). Of course, if there's anything left in the tank.

But, what a great win. Totally deserved!

danica , 3/17/13 1:42 AM

If Rafa wins tomorrow, nobody is going to be able to say anything to diminish it! Nobody picked Rafa to even be in the final. Sean Randall on tennis-x picked Berdy to win today. Who cares if anyone tries to say it's because Delpo is too tired after beating Murray and Nole? Rafa getting the win would say it all.

I don't care what anyone says, if Rafa wins tomorrow nothing will bring down my spirits. I am just nervous because Delpo really played outstanding tennis against Nole. He will have confidence after taking out both Murray and Nole. He is dangerous when he's playing well. Rafa will know that and should come out playing great tennis.

Nativenewyorker , 3/17/13 1:42 AM

abhirf, samps, who ya pulling for tomorrow?


Conspirator , 3/17/13 1:47 AM

I'm torn - to be honest. I like both guys but as a player, my preference is for Rafa.

I do not want to see 10,000 nadline gloat posts however.

samprallica , 3/17/13 1:52 AM

Amazing win for Delpo. I didn't think he could do it. My wife, a devout Catholic, says she will watch the final tomorrow lol. Go Pope!

chr18 , 3/17/13 1:53 AM

matches don't get much tougher to call

RickyDimon , 3/17/13 1:54 AM

Rafa just had an exho with JMDP a few weeks earlier. Im sure it will give him some insight as to what to do t'row but I think most of all, Rafa will go out there and play freely as he REALLY has nothing to lose. Being in the final is a Super Bonus!!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 1:55 AM

Nah, Rafa ALL the way!!!

Monalysa , 3/17/13 1:57 AM

Rafa as well will have confidence beating Fed and Berdy who was favored by many to beat Rafa and yet failed to take a set of Rafa...Delpo and Rafa are friends...Rafa has no mental barrier when Delpo is concerned...Rafa has accomplished more than expected and feels no pressure whatsoever...Rafa's style of play does not suit Delpo..The match will be tight as Delpo has powerful serve and those forehands are formidable but I expect Rafa to pull out the win...
Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 3/17/13 1:58 AM

Delpo is just striking it bigger every next ball! Phew!! Just smoking the leather out of the ball!

abhirf , 3/17/13 12:06 AM

You watch too much cricket :P

samprallica , 3/17/13 1:59 AM

^^ that's true. I'm a cricket buff! Love watching and playing cricket all day :)

abhirf , 3/17/13 4:37 AM

@conspirator 3/17/13 1:47 am
I would be rooting for Delpo. But I think Rafa will win it. Delpo will not have too much in his tank after 2 consecutive tiring matches. If there had been a day off, I would have tipped Delpo for the win. But as the case and scenario stands, Rafa is the outright fav to win the match. Anything other than a Rafa victory will be a big surprise. It is Rafa's title to lose now.

abhirf , 3/17/13 4:54 AM

Except when you are attending the cases of mono which curiously enough are plentiful in your neighborhood.

holdserve , 3/17/13 4:55 AM

I am sure you guys have seen enough of Rafa to know that slices don't work against him...he can quickly run around and hit a big forehand against much as Delpo played well, I think Rafa is the fav for the final

atul1985 , 3/17/13 4:58 AM

As expected, Delpo downs Novak.

Did anyone ever doubt? This is his year. The return of the giant is near!!!

aegis , 3/17/13 6:10 AM

@holdserve, 3/17/13 4:55am
Sorry, but not plenty of Mono. I though get see lot of hernias, TB and RHD. Btw, when did 'few' became equal to 'plenty'. :p

abhirf , 3/17/13 8:19 AM

Nole has not been on top of his game, he's beaten players who didn't put up much of a fight and he fell to the first real contender.

nadline , 3/17/13 8:21 AM

@aegis 3/17/13, 6:10 am
would really love it if it really turns out to be the 'giants' year.

abhirf , 3/17/13 8:27 AM

atul1985, 3/17/13 4:58 AM

In normal circumstances that is true but he himself has said his knee is not allowing him to do that to the same extent. If, as we suspect, he is going to skip Miami then he may throw caution to the winds. Del Potro pulled Djokovic from side to side in most of those long rallies to draw the UEs. Not many people have been able to do that to Nole in recent years.

ed251137 , 3/17/13 11:18 AM

abhirf, when zero became few.

holdserve , 3/17/13 3:08 PM

^^ when did zero became few? When did that discovery took place? LOLZ!!

abhirf , 3/17/13 3:14 PM

The thing is ed, Rafa doesn't play from side to side like Djokovic does and seldom ventures from the baseline.

nadline , 3/17/13 3:23 PM

abhirf when you saw a "few" cases of mono during your clinical postings. That's when zero became equal to few. A mathematical impossibility but for a Fed fan anything is possible.

holdserve , 3/17/13 3:44 PM

If Rafa's knee allows him to swing freely, I suspect it will be Delpo who will be pulled from side to side. Vamos Rafa!

holdserve , 3/17/13 3:47 PM

holdserve, few cases means 2-3 cases, not plenty. And its not mathematical impossibility.. esp when you happen to work in a place where you get to see guys going on tour to western countries more oftenly..

abhirf , 3/17/13 4:40 PM

abhirf, people are now globetrotters. That's not news. If you were the one traveling to a western country and seeing patients there, your claim would have been tenable.
What is turning probability on its head and making zero equal to a "few" is your claim that in one year in one hospital you saw a few cases of mono in your clinical postings whereas it is practically unheard of for a doctor to see even ONE case in his entire career in India.
It is obvious you put your foot in your mouth by making that outrageous claim.
You have also proved you know zilch about medicine or mono when your post implies that people catch mono when they travel to western countries and so when they return you might see a few cases.
The reason you don't see a case of mono in India or a developing country is that everybody catches it when they are kids and at that time it is indistinguishable from other viral illnesses.
Mono has a chance of seriously impacting a person's health when he catches it as an adult. That is why you hear of it in developed countries where not everybody has it when they are kids.
Anyway, now you have proved beyond reasonable doubt to every rational person that you are not a medical student or a doctor unless of course you are studying medicine in chr19's fly by night schools.

holdserve , 3/17/13 5:52 PM

Holdserve, you do make me laugh. As you yourself pointed out, yes, IM is prevalent in late adolescents and young adults while in the childhood it is generally an asymptomatic infection. But you see, the main process in the disease initiation is coming in contact with affected person carrying virulent strains. Now these strains are not endemic everywhere. So yeah the chances of getting infected with these endemic strains do increase while travel.
And maybe you probably dont know the no. of patients you can get to see in a populated country like India where everyone seems to be carrying some infection or other.
So it would be better if you stopped questioning my CV. I'm a medical student. And that is a FACT.
Oh, I just forgot that you have a chronic history of suffering delusions in the past! #PoorHold'delusioned'serve

abhirf , 3/17/13 6:49 PM

hahaha holdserve you mean chr19 has completed doctorate in medicine? hahaha.

Raindrops , 3/17/13 6:51 PM

holdserve , 3/17/13 5:52 PM
''everybody catches it when they are kids and at that time it is indistinguishable from other viral illnesses.''
It is 'asymptomatic', rather than being indistinguishable from other viral illnesses.
That clearly shows where your medical knowledge stands. And you are questioning others knowledge :p

abhirf , 3/17/13 7:05 PM

It isn't asymptomatic, dear fake. It has symptoms like a viral infection.
You are talking about my medical knowledge. But I never claimed to be a doctor. Nevertheless my posts are those of an educated layman.
Yours reveal your ignorance. First you thought it was possible to see a few cases of mono in India during clinical postings in one hospital in an year or so. An absurdity!
Secondly you did not realize that you don't see cases of mono in India because it strikes everybody in childhood.
You actually thought people catch it only in the west and so people who travel to the West may come back with mono.

holdserve , 3/17/13 9:22 PM

And I am not questioning your knowledge. It is clear your knowledge is zero. I am only revealing your ignorance.

holdserve , 3/17/13 9:24 PM

Raindrops, chr19 claims to have a doctorate. I don't remember whether he actually mentioned his specialization but it is not hard to guess the type of alma mater from which chr19 and abhirf would have acquired their doctorate/MD. You can bet the universe it ain't Stanford!

holdserve , 3/17/13 9:38 PM

Congrats to Delpo! Novak will win Miami for sure.

pennster , 3/17/13 10:11 PM


Conspirator , 3/18/13 12:49 AM

So pleased for Rafa and all his lovely fans :) Hope I'm allowed to say VAMOS! ...;)

deuce , 3/18/13 12:52 AM

holdserve, you are really making me roll on the floor laughing. People like you really end up looking fools when they try to question one's profession when they themselves dont know anything. Hah. What the standard textbooks say is that the Mono is asymptomatic in childhood.
I dont know what's your source of this half baked knowledge. I just hope it's not the Stanford! :p
#Poor hold'delusioned'serve

abhirf , 3/18/13 12:55 AM

mono is not asymptomatic. It must be a standard textbook in fly by night school you are attending.
Anyway, I am so happy Rafa won, I don't want to spoil my day by arguing with a fly by night school alumni. As for Stanford, yup, you are close but it isn't Stanford. In the same league though.

holdserve , 3/18/13 1:09 AM

Think Djokovic fans should be extremely worried that Djokovic couldn't even remotely deal with del potro slicing in to nole's backhand. Djokovic can barely generate any pace of his own and loves to use his opponents pace, that tactic will be one to watch this season.

willmw101 , 3/18/13 1:17 AM

Holdserve, go and ask any medical student if 'ROBBINS PATHOLOGY' is any fly by night school textbook.
And, please do the honour of leaving Stanford! You are clearly bringing down its repo! Poor Stanford and the league.

abhirf , 3/18/13 1:21 AM

Holdserve, go and ask any medical student if 'ROBBINS PATHOLOGY' is any fly by night school textbook.
And, please do the honour of leaving Stanford! You are clearly bringing down its repo! Poor Stanford and the league.

abhirf , 3/18/13 1:22 AM

deuce, 3/18/13 12:52 AM,

Of course you can say VAMOS! Your support is so welcome. It's nice the way Rafa and Andy fans can get behind the other one if their guy doesn't get through.

VAMOS all you want! Also, good luck to Andy in Miami. I think that court suits his game much more and he will have worked on his game here.

Nativenewyorker , 3/18/13 4:55 AM

Nope, not worried at all about "Djokovic couldn't even remotely deal with del potro slicing in to nole's backhand" :). Nole just had an off day in the office. He was unusually slow. I actually wondered how he managed to pull off that first set.The whole tournament was bad, in fact. When he starts loosing to guys like Seppi, Almagro, Isner... then I may worry :). Maybe not even then :).

danica , 3/18/13 9:36 AM

Well danica when I posted that Nole's great performance against Tsonga was because Tsonga played bad, you attacked me. Now you admit Nole wasn't good at this tournament. Incidentally sour grapes : (Wikipedia) The phrase sour grapes is an expression originating from "The Fox and the Grapes," one of Aesop's Fables. It refers to pretending not to care for something one wants, but does not or cannot have.
So while it was obvious you were attacking me, sour grapes wasn't the correct expression for whatever you were trying to convey.

holdserve , 3/18/13 1:33 PM

I wasn't attacking you at all. Attack is too much of a strong word for me in that particular context.
I was the one who said on another thread (preview of the Tsonga/Nole match) that it is easy to look fabulous when it's obvious your opponent is injured. The fact is that Nole played bad the whole tournament and that Tsonga played extremely bellow par in that match. But I felt it was totally unnecessary on your part to comment the great statistics of that second set in, what looked to me, a very sarcastic manner. It smelled to me of a bit of jealousy. That's why I made a comment about the sour grapes - you would have loved Rafa to have such statistics (he probably did in some of his matches). That's what it looked like to me (doesn't have to be truth). While I acknowledge that it was partly because Tsonga was bad, I don't think you would have said the same thing had Rafa played such a set.

danica , 3/18/13 8:41 PM

You are making too many assumptions. Plain and Simple I said Nole wasn't playing great and the great stats only proved Tsonga was playing bad. My observation was proved when Nole lost to Delpo. A Nole in great form would not have lost.

holdserve , 3/19/13 3:04 AM

According to me, I don't have a jealous bone in my body. But even if I do, I would feel jealous if say Nole achieves the calendar slam, not for some stats in a QF match against Tsongs in a Masters 1000.

holdserve , 3/19/13 3:22 AM

Fair enough :).
Maybe I am making some assumptions but so does, more or less, almost everyone here. I just said what your post sounded like to me. It was certainly not an attack, specially since I posted a smiley face at the end.

danica , 3/19/13 7:28 PM

Ok...let's move on.

holdserve , 3/20/13 3:23 AM

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