• Murray, Del Potro battle in quarterfinal

    3/15/13 4:38 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray, Del Potro battle in quarterfinal World No. 3 Andy Murray looks to secure a semifinal spot at the BNP Paribas Open, as he takes the court against World No. 7 Juan Martin Del Potro. The players are set to contest their 7th career meeting Friday afternoon.

    Third seed Andy Murray holds a 5-1 series advantage over seventh seed Juan Martin Del Potro. The two will be meeting for the first time since 2009.

    Murray is through to the final eight after defeating Argentina's Carlos Berlocq in the round of 16. The 25-year-old Scot tallied 8 aces and four service breaks through to a 7-6(4), 6-4 victory in an hour and 57 minutes.

    "It was tough," Murray said. "He started well and he was playing very aggressive. He had a lot of chances in the first set. He obviously served for it. And then the second set was kind of the other way around. I had a lot of chances, but it was still tight. All the games were pretty close, a lot of long games and longish rallies."

    The World No. 3 is seeking his third consecutive semifinal berth in 2013.

    Del Potro advanced to the quarterfinal by virtue of his straight-sets ousting of veteran Tommy Haas. The 24-year-old Argentine needed just 66 minutes to complete the match, 6-1, 6-2.

    "I think it was my best match of the tournament, for sure," Del Potro assessed. "I played so solid on the baseline, trying to hit hard the ball with my forehand. I served well, and that's what I need to play against Murray in the next round. Be aggressive all the time and find the lines with my forehands and serves."

    The World No. 7 will attempt to make his second semifinal at the BNP Paribas Open.

    Prediction: Murray in three sets.

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Like your prediction Kelli :) I'll go with that.....safely tucked behind the sofa with a LOT of comfort food...
Let's Go Andy! Let's Go!

deuce , 3/15/13 7:08 PM

Delpo in straight sets.

aegis , 3/15/13 9:06 PM


zare , 3/15/13 9:19 PM

Uh, I feel it's gonna be tough. Neither Andy nor Nole showed us their power whereas DelPo seems to be playing great.
C'mon Andy, get that #2!

danica , 3/15/13 10:03 PM

This is a great match!

samprallica , 3/16/13 1:31 AM

Well, this was always gonna be a tough 'un. Into third set and I don't think muzz has had a break point. Still waiting for him to raise his game - and I'm talking about the tournament, not just this match. Here's hoping in set 3 ...

alex , 3/16/13 1:37 AM

Coming to keep you company behind the sofa. Took a nap while waiting for the match to start and only woke up in time to see Andy take the 1st set tie break. The all-nighters earlier this week were a killer :-(

Dell Boy looking a bit dangerous at the moment.

ed251137 , 3/16/13 1:39 AM

hi ed, yep a cliff hanger this one. no sooner i speak but muzz gets break point but glad he didn't take it, wouldn't have felt right after that dodgy line call he shouldn't have won. now muzz 15-40 - must get behind sofa.

alex , 3/16/13 1:45 AM

there's the break for delpo and I've seen nothing in muzz this week to suggest muzz is going to come back this time. delpo ain't no berlocq. what is it with muzz and IW?

alex , 3/16/13 1:49 AM

Delpo really seems to be out of gas!

abhirf , 3/16/13 1:58 AM

Wishful thinking abhirf. He always walks around the court as, to quote one commie, he has just trekked across the Arizona desert.

ed251137 , 3/16/13 2:02 AM

Muzz missed his chance for break at 1-2, unlucky with delpo's net cord at break point. now, can muzz hold his own? why have i so little confidence?

alex , 3/16/13 2:02 AM

Winner of this match will be easy toast for Djoko, its so hot and the match is punishing

Feds spirit seems to have gotten into Murray to protect his No 2 ranking, Murra has made like 46 UE :-)

sanju , 3/16/13 2:04 AM

@Ed, could. But after seeing him gasping so heavily after every point in the 3rd set, I couldnt help but think that he's ran out of gas.

abhirf , 3/16/13 2:06 AM

1-4 and curtains. disappointing that muzz barely threatened delpo's serve all night.
still, credit to delpo, played a great match and anflapped by losing first set tie break.

alex , 3/16/13 2:06 AM

^^^ read it "could be".

abhirf , 3/16/13 2:08 AM

John Mcenroe saying Andy and Delpo are good friends off the court. I thought they dislike each other what with the 'you and your Mum always the same' comment :-)

sanju , 3/16/13 2:10 AM

Delpo in to the semi's. Big let off for djokovic as Delpo would never beat novak, Murray could very well have.

willmw101 , 3/16/13 2:10 AM

@sanju, they would have put it back after they became 'men on the tour' :)

abhirf , 3/16/13 2:12 AM

well deserved victory for delpo, apart from losing a wonky tie break he was never really threatened by muzz tonight.
(Muzz - bring ivan next time ;) )

alex , 3/16/13 2:12 AM

Alex: I fear his mind has been on the prospect of that No.2 spot rather than on how to play Dell Boy.

ed251137 , 3/16/13 2:13 AM

nole vs rafa final is on.

vamosrafa , 3/16/13 2:15 AM

danicas prediction still holds :-)

sanju , 3/16/13 2:17 AM


aegis , 3/16/13 2:21 AM

Really happy for Delpo! He deserved the victory today!
Now, hoping he keeps this up against Nole.

abhirf , 3/16/13 2:22 AM

Good one Delpo. Murray was terrible. Delpo will be too tired to beat the Djoker.

chr18 , 3/16/13 3:13 AM

yes! :) However...

danica , 3/16/13 6:24 AM

So glad I didn't stay up for that one. Not surprised Andy has not looked the biz. whole tournament, but Pollyanna says "better than last year!"
Well played Delboy!

deuce , 3/16/13 7:50 AM

You did well to sleep instead of watching Deuce. It was not a pretty sight :-((

I wouldn't like to be in Andy's shoes when Ivan takes him through the post mortem.

He was quite simply outplayed and outwitted. If he had a game plan it was not obvious and for the two sets I watched he was at least two beats behind the music.

ed251137 , 3/16/13 8:33 AM

Andy has overdone the bulk, his legs are like tree trunks. It's not easy logging that load around for hours. Moderation in all things.

nadline , 3/16/13 8:56 AM

^ nadline many people are saying the added bulk has compromised his movement but happened over the Winter and didn't hurt him at the AO. I'm witholding judgement on this till I see more of his play. If he starts getting injuries, I'll start agreeing with you.
Also, b4 Ivan came on board many were saying with his forehand he'd never win a slam. His forehand is now much heavier and this, in part, must be due to the xtra pounds.
Very, very rusty, I'd say, ed. also number of UEs would suggest to me he was trying to be more aggressive, which we all agree, he needs to be to prolong his tennis life as much as anything else.

deuce , 3/16/13 9:37 AM

where is the moderation in nadal's arm strength? psschhooow :P

croc , 3/16/13 9:49 AM

I agree that Andy was impressive at the AO and before that at the Olympics and USO finals but he is even bigger now. I was within brushing distance of him in AD and I noticed then how much heavier he looked, he is even bigger now.

nadline , 3/16/13 9:50 AM

Rafa's biceps have never impeded his game. In fact he seems to have lost weight during his time out.

nadline , 3/16/13 9:53 AM

U were "within brushing distance" of Andy....?
*swoons* and calls for smelling salts....

deuce , 3/16/13 10:07 AM

^^^Yes I was. My daughter wanted his autograph which she got when he was leaving the practice court but I declined as I was sulking because Rafa wasn't there. Andy towers over his minders (team), I was surprised how small they are.

nadline , 3/16/13 10:37 AM

maybe murray aims to take up a rugby career... maybe he tanked so he can be in scotland's squad today against france! alba gu brath! ;)

how did nadal maintain his fitness during injury time out, with a wounded knee?

croc , 3/16/13 11:24 AM

croc...they could do worse...
Scotland have scored best tries I've seen this series and what the heck France????????????
Xpecting Wales to lose now......*sobs and runs to sofa....*
Yes, nadline have heard people say Andy is "massive" but most of them are supersize human beings, and that's just the women....;)

deuce , 3/16/13 11:59 AM

Rafa worked in the gym regularly throughout the 7 months under his doctor's orders and kept his fans posted of his daily activities on FB.

nadline , 3/16/13 12:12 PM

let's be realistic here: Andy hasn't been playing well the whole tourney...he made some unusual UEs and really seemed rusty out there...OTOH Delpo is playing very good, serving well, hitting hard...I am also surprised how well Delpo is moving! I think he may be able to trouble Nole if playing like this...

However, the multiple and obvious problems with Delpo are: first, if his service deserts him, he stands no chance against Nole...Nole is the best returner on tour and Delpo will have to serve outstandingly well to make the match out of it...and the second obvious problem for Delpo is his stamina, his fitness...if this match with Andy proves to be too taxing on Delpo's body he will be toasted by, we shall see...

As for Andy, I would't read too much into this tourney as we all know he does not fancy IW cement...I am sure he will do much better in Miami...

natashao , 3/16/13 12:42 PM

Rafa still needs to be more fit. He is making up for it by playing more aggressively.
Hopefully he will reach full fitness by Monte Carlo and demolish the field!

holdserve , 3/16/13 12:44 PM

croc, 3/16/13 11:24 AM

As for Rafa, I'll answer you in his thread.

Augustina08 , 3/16/13 12:59 PM

i am referring to cardio-vascular fitness. working in the gym won't do lots for maintaining stamina usually... tennis today is a sport where you need to be super fit. big biceps looks nice though :)

croc , 3/16/13 1:07 PM

^^^You don't think you can do cardio-vascular fitness in the gym?????

nadline , 3/16/13 1:18 PM

ha ha, croc has revealed he has no idea what he is talking about. He knows zilch about fitness.
He being a croc, he probably cannot help opening his mouth but trouble is he puts his foot in it.

holdserve , 3/16/13 1:30 PM

fabulous win for Wales :) Feeling a lot better :)
ed: what on earth is the French coach on? Strange team choices...

deuce , 3/16/13 8:05 PM

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