• Federer and Nadal clash in marquee quarterfinal

    3/14/13 1:58 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Federer and Nadal clash in marquee quarterfinal The greatest rivalry of the current era will feature another installment at the Indian Wells Masters, when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal meet in the featured primetime match at the Indian Wells Masters.

    Thursday night will mark the 29th meeting between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Their rivalry has spanned all surfaces and their matches have come as early as 2004 and as recently as 2012. Nadal holds the clear edge in the matchup, with the Spaniard winning 18 of the 28 encounters.

    Both men are in rather unique circumstances at the moment. Federer is struggling, not only with a back injury that he picked up earlier in the week, but also with generally lagging form. Nadal has been out of tennis with knee problems for the last seven months, which caused him to miss the entire North American summer hardcourt swing. The world No. 5 has won two tournaments since he's been back, but both of those titles came on his preferred clay; he's only had two matches on the cement since last March.

    The outcome of this match will most likely boil down to which player can manage his current weaknesses better. Nadal was better in his round of 16 match than Federer was in his, meaning that Ernests Gulbis forced Nadal to pull out some clutch play to advance, while Federer relied more on Wawrinka's game falling apart.

    Prediction - Since Federer defeated Nadal last year in Indian Wells, he will probably go in as the favorite, but with the back injury and Nadal's fight back in place, the Spaniard might just come away with the win. Nadal in 3.

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this match is totally uninteresting for the outcome of this tournament. yawn!

i don't even think Federer will play. wo nadal.

croc , 3/14/13 2:45 PM

Why do you think Fed won't play?

Monalysa , 3/14/13 3:01 PM

No offense Cheryl, i really value your contributions to this site, but that is a poor prediction...

willmw101 , 3/14/13 3:17 PM

Nadal in 2

Emiliano55 , 3/14/13 3:18 PM

Emiliano, worst prediction in the history of tennis.

willmw101 , 3/14/13 3:23 PM

Emiliano55 is spot on . Nadal in 2. He is of course already downplaying his chances - "Always to play against Roger is a pleasure. This match arrives early for me, too early to go to the match with the feeling that I can play equal conditions than him."

Nonetheless Nadal played very well yesterday vs Guilbis in the 2nd and 3rd sets, and really turned in on in the last games, playing aggressively, serving harder. Fed is struggling with a back injury though he's not going to say much about it. Anyone who saw his match will admit he was just rolling his groundstrokes in hoping Wawrinka would miss.

Hell, he was even throwing in big loopy backhands and forehands.

Nadal 6-4, 6-3 and there will be multiple breaks of Federer's serve. Only a Federer in very sharp from (like last year IW SF) can deal with Nadal, even on a hard court.

Bharata , 3/14/13 3:38 PM

Fed and Rafa both will turn up and neither will withdraw, they know this matchup is awaited a lot. Def not Roger as he knows he may well loe his no 2 ranking if he withdraws.

Yes match of the walking injured, all depends who is more injured. I think Rafa's key to success is his movement and it looked subpar in Gulbis match and Rafawill expose that by drop shots all over, Fed for the likely win.

Even if Rafa wins, Rafa in 2 is improbable. He will lose the 1st set mostly anyway

Yes I even noticed Fed moon balling in Stan match , what was all that about :-)

sanju , 3/14/13 4:13 PM

Biggest qn going into the match on a lighter note..will Conspirator be terming chr 19-10 or 18-11 from tomm? ;-)

sanju , 3/14/13 4:18 PM

Rafa to win in 2 or 3!

abhirf , 3/14/13 4:20 PM nificent-past-and-a-murky-future.html?_r=0

A line in the article says 'Federer was the reigning Wimbledon and Australian Open champion, and he later admitted that he was happy not to have a real rival when he first became No. 1, which enabled him to win event after event.' . Did he really say that though it was the truth, he had no comparable rival before Rafa, but its very unlikely of Fed to actually say it.

sanju , 3/14/13 4:24 PM

I am not sure if the injuries will make significant difference tonight...Rafa and Rog know each other damn well and can easily explore each other weaknesses. Maybe, just maybe, Fed was playing badly against Wawa because he did not want to push hard knowing if he raised his level just a bit he would end up instead he might have decided to save himself for the Qtrs match-up with Rafa. This may sound funny but I think Roger more believed in Rafa beating Gulbis than Rafa himself. Roger is usually very good in making those assessments. And sure we are all very much aware of Stanly's inferior complexes when it comes to Fed...50% Fed was enough to beat Stan so we should not count on the same errors prone Fed to turn up tonight...
OTOH Rafa complains about the pain in his knee and downplays his chances...what else is ne? Rafa has huge respect for Fed and he will always play an underdog role. Rafa's knee can be an issue but it should by no means affect Rafa's fighting spirit?I hope determined/focused/self-confident Rafa turns up tonight...and is it too much to ask for our Rafa to feel comfortable on the court and pain-free?I sincerely hope he quits the habit of having mental lapses when serving to stay in the set...he knows he can beat Fed and he should not have the same mental barrier as he had against red hot and somewhat a special player Gulbis?

This sure will be an interesting match as it was always the case. I hope Rafa plays the way he played the Acapulco final while adjusting sufficiently his game for this nice and slow IW cement. :)

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 3/14/13 4:59 PM

natashao - pred with sets? :-)

sanju , 3/14/13 5:03 PM

natashao - I read sumone on twitter saying after the match for his on court interview Fed said 'yeh Rafa in the qtrs and I am sure Rafa will play well tonight ;-)' so you are right, Fed was confident more on Rafa than Rafa himself

sanju , 3/14/13 5:08 PM

IMHO if Fed really experiences back problems Rafa will beat him in two close sets...if Fed is in better condition that we all might think, he will display his maestro game and the showdown will go to three sets with Rafa having mental edge and wining. :) I base my case on the fact that Rafa's knee won't trouble him a lot mainly due to Fed who does not fancy long rallies and the match would not then be that physical as was the one with Gulbis...

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 3/14/13 5:18 PM

sanju, 3/14/13 5:08 PM

Seriously? I was not aware of Fed saying that...:) I just assumed he would pick Rafa to win which was logical thing to do...and Fed is usually right in predicting outcome of Rafa's matches. That only proves how well he knows Rafa...:)

natashao , 3/14/13 5:24 PM

Yes natashao he said that, even for the Djoker - Rafa RG final, he said Rafa is overwhelming fav for me

For AO 2013 final, he said Djoker is overwhelming fav

His assessment is very right most times

sanju , 3/14/13 5:27 PM

BTW Fed in his presser said ' We both are suspect going into this match'

sanju , 3/14/13 5:30 PM

So sanju, who does Roger think will win tonight between him and Rafa?

nadline , 3/14/13 5:47 PM

Haha, we need to get into his mind for that which maybe only Mirka and Annacone have privy into

Hope his mind and assessment says Rafa :-)

sanju , 3/14/13 6:04 PM

My prediction Fed will win the first set. Whether Rafa can comeback , I don't know.

Even if Rafa loses, we have seen clutch Rafa in this tournament and he beat two decent players. Transition from hard to clay is not easy and Rafa has impressed a lot. He would be damn happy with today's win from behind.

This could be the worst Fedal installment in terms of quality; but one of the most anticipated ones as Rafa makes a much awaited comeback(probably the most awaited one on tennis scene since Monica Seles made comeback after the unfortunate stabbing incident).

Win or lose, Rafa has got what he wanted from Indian Wells and thats much needed match play against decent players.

fedexal , 3/14/13 6:15 PM

Fed in 3 tight sets

JBo , 3/14/13 6:58 PM

rafa in 2 comfy sets. 6 4, 6 2. vamos:-@

vmk1 , 3/14/13 7:07 PM

^^ you got the exact score line vmk1.

There was not much resistance from Roger. His movement was visibly impaired.

Raindrops , 3/15/13 7:04 AM

*takes a bow* quite a boring match frankly. But coming back from injury, Rafa needs all the help he can get. Vamos

vmk1 , 3/15/13 7:13 AM

As predicted, a boring match. Hope Fed will recover soonest.

bryanindo , 3/15/13 7:19 AM

Yes vmk1 and Bharata got it spot on.

First set wa decent quality and Rafa was sharp . Second set Roger kinda gave up and Rafa himself got so bored seeing Roger, he himself played badly for 2 games :-)

AAll in all Rafas backhands were really rocking (save few lax ones), lot more winners off that wing than the FH one, forehand winners were there but UE too from that wing. He said in his presser he is not able to run fast to get into postion to hit the inside out forehand.

Yes boring match but should do Rafas confidence good because he knows f Roger was no 100%, neither was he , so his own performance cannot be undermined.

Berdych next - now that will be very tough. Lets see :-)

sanju , 3/15/13 7:29 AM

Interesting comments from,

Fernando says credit to the Great Elegant Maestro for playing his heart out even though he was clearly injured. Maestro never makes excuses, never plays up his injuries and never retires from a match. Nor does Maestro call the trainer, like others, to highlight his injury during a match. Maestro is a warrior and his commitment to the integrity of the game is so very admirable.

Do not count Maestro out. The rest will do him good and believe it or not clay will be a good surface for him since he will be able to get to balls. And do not forget that Maestro is the second best clay court player of all time.

sabs , 3/15/13 7:36 AM

Fernano haha, love reading his analysis

Hes a huge Rafa fan, he ddnt say anything about Rafa?

sanju , 3/15/13 7:39 AM


I cannot believe that someone would actually quote this crackpot from! Please! The guy talks about himself in the third person! :)

As for the match, Rafa looked much sharper right from the start. His ROS had more depth and his groundstrokes were accurate. I thought he was moving quite well. For the first half of the first set, I thought we were in for a real match. But then it became obvious that Fed's back was hampering him. He tried to hang in there, but Rafa won the first set handily and there was no looking back.

Rafa seemed to lose his concentration in the second set. Fed made the score more respectable, but he wasn't even trying to get to some of Rafa's shots. I was still pleased to see Rafa playing some really good tennis. His serving was also good.

Berdy is going to be another test for Rafa. He is playing very well now and has the big serve and those flat, powerful groundstrokes. He has given Rafa some tough matches. Rafa will need to hold his serve at all costs. I am just happy to see Rafa defend his points at I/W. If he should beat Berdy and make it to the final, then it's icing on the cake.

Nativenewyorker , 3/15/13 7:45 AM

Doesn't look like a "marquee" match to me. Can't remember when last their encounter lived up to the over-hype.
Rafa's back! Congrats :)

deuce , 3/15/13 7:48 AM

Yes if Rafa kinda makes it to the final, it kinda covers up for loss of 360 points (+ 240 - 360) from Miami as I believe hes not playing Miami, has he confirmed this already?

Im very very eager to see him playing with Berdy and also Nole/Muzza. I know Nole/Muzza will be a very very tall order but I want him to play just to be up against the best today and assess where he is at.

sanju , 3/15/13 7:49 AM

Poor old Rafa. He wins Brazil beating Nalbandian but that's only Nalbandian, he has to beat Ferrer in Mexico to know how he is doing, so he beats Ferrer but that's only Ferrer let's see how he copes with the big boys at indian wells, he beats one of the big boys at indian wells but let's see how he copes with one of the not so big boys like Berdych and it goes on and on and on.

There is always one more hurdle for Rafa to overcome to prove himself.

tethys , 3/15/13 7:55 AM

Respect please for Rafa!

Murray is playing c%**p at the moment and Djokovic isn't that hot either.

tethys , 3/15/13 8:00 AM

I must agree with deuce that the match did not live up to the hype. Last year in the semis at I/W, it was Rafa who was out of sorts and suffered a lopsided loss to Fed. I thought it was because of the damp, windy, rainy conditions but when Rafa got to Miami and had to withdraw after beating Tsonga in the quarterfinals that's when we realized there was a problem with his knee.

I don't know if I am ready to say that Rafa is all the way back, but he certainly has made amazing progress in such a short time.

tethys, 3/15/13 7:55 AM,

What counts is what Rafa thinks. His comments after the match showed that he is happy and pleased to be in the semifinals at I/W. If he is feeling good about his game and how he's playing and his results, then who cares if others don't give him credit?

Rafa doesn't have to prove anything to anyone but himself. He seems eager to play his semifinal match and see how he does against a Berdy who is playing very well right now. Every win he gets against a quality player gives him more confidence. So it's all good! Let's just enjoy the fact that he is in the semis.

As for Djokovic and Murray, I am not going to trash how they are playing. Djokovic is undefeated this year so far and has a lot of confidence. Murray has just come back from five weeks off and just needs to play. They have been doing enough to win. There's nothing wrong with that.

There are some great Djokovic and Murray fans who give Rafa respect, so I try to do the same for their guys.

Nativenewyorker , 3/15/13 8:10 AM

thats why Tethys, none of the Top 4 are in their peak, all have sum issue or the other..hence best time for Rafa to face them and get sum dollops of confidence under his wings :-)

sanju , 3/15/13 8:15 AM

Actually looking forward to the Berdych match...Fed looked aweful today

atul1985 , 3/15/13 8:17 AM

Roger was clearly injured. He couldn't move at all and his shots were flying all over the place. That formidable backhand ended up out or at the bottom of the net more often than not, specially in the second set. The match was forgettable but Rafa was pretty darn good. I am thinking that he is back. He is a force. I know that I was reluctant to see him as a winner of the whole thing, but I am not so sure anymore. He can beat anyone. I am almost of the opinion that he'll meet with DelPo in the finals :)

danica , 3/15/13 8:55 AM

Got to agree that none of the Fab Four guys are playing well so far this tournament. In fact only Delpo and Berdych of the top eight guys are playing well so far, IMO. Tsonga also barely escaped Fish and Raonic this tournament. Delpo may even score his second career win over Murray here. Murray was struggling to put away Berlocq who was hitting big the whole match. Delpo is even a scarier big hitter!

I'm also not impressed with Nole so far, he almost lost a set to Dimitrov, and he seemed to have lapses in second sets of his matches. He has to up his level playing in the later rounds. As for Berdych, he was hitting hard and serving well and saved many break points against big serving Anderson. However, Rafa is a different kind of fish, and after surviving Gulbis, I'm confident Rafa will beat Berdych in the SF, of course Rafa has to play well to begin with. IMO, Gulbis was more impressive than Berdych here because of how well Gulbis could defend.

Will it be a big surprise if we get no. 5-8 guys getting to the semifinals here? We're already half way there!

luckystar , 3/15/13 8:59 AM

Nadal certainly made Federer look old today; although the back did seem to play a significant part in this. Still think he would have won, back or no back.

samprallica , 3/15/13 9:24 AM

It all depends on Rafa's knees. If his knees are feeling fine, he is hard to put away by anyone. I just hope he recovers fully soon, this on and off days scenario is troubling.

After watching the Rafa vs Gulbis again, it was clear to me that that wasn't the 100% Rafa; he managed to turn the screws at the big points, but really, throughout the match he was simply just fighting the fire. A 100% Rafa will beat Gulbis anytime because I think Rafa has improved a lot since his previous encounters with Gulbis where he had problems putting him away. The best I've seen Gulbis play against Rafa was in the 2nd rnd at Wimbledon in 2008 when for a set and a half, Rafa hardly won any points on Gulbis' serve. That was their first meeting so it took Rafa unawares, After losing the first set, 75, Rafa went on to win three straight sets easily.

nadline , 3/15/13 9:56 AM

danica, thats brave to pick Delpo at the other end to make the finals

sanju , 3/15/13 9:58 AM

"It all depends on Rafa's knees. If his knees are feeling fine, he is hard to put away by anyone. I just hope he recovers fully soon, this on and off days scenario is troubling."

I'd say it depends a lot on surface and match-ups as well.

samprallica , 3/15/13 10:00 AM

noone beats federer like nadal!

croc , 3/15/13 10:09 AM

Paraphrasing Cheryl Murray (2008-09-03 23:25:32), aww... isn't that sweet of Rafa to give his opponent Fed a tennis lesson. What a nice guy!
He is a far much better guy than Wawrinka, who couldn't do that!
Vamoooosssss, Rafa!

Augustina08 , 3/15/13 10:12 AM

Rafa said Roger probably not 100%..... oh my God, what a true champ our Rafa is... last year when he defeated Nole in Monte Carlo he said Thanks for this one.... VAMOS RAFA!!!! So happy for you Rafa.... now go relax... at least you will not lose any points...

tettylds , 3/15/13 10:49 AM

well, it does hurt sometimes but I get used to people not giving credit to Rafa for his stellar performance...the same old story goes on and on. I said that in some of my previous posts when people where questioning his title win over subpar Ferrer: when Rafa beats Fed in the Qtrs everyone will say: but we are yet to see how he fares Novak and like. So now I learn that Rafa was able to beat Fed only because Fed was injured? Sorry guys I cannot accept that. You are anything but fair to Rafa in such assessment. I think Rafa played the best match by far since he came back. His ROS of Fed's serve was magnificent! His mighty backhand was working perfectly well. I am so pleased to see Rafa play like this. He was simply great! Yes, he can and he will improve, this may be somewhat his 80% but again what a beautiful way to reach semis...I dare think Rafa may win the whole thing...wouldn't that be something!
Don't get me wrong...I do recognize Fed being slow and most likely suffering from an injury but you still must give it to Rafa. With injury issues on his own, being sidelined for 7 month, he was so good out there!

Bravo Rafa!

And now the big obstacle is who? Berdy? Why do you all think he would be such a danger to Rafa? He has big serve?! So what? He plays flat shots and that all of the sudden is a problem for Rafa? First of all, Berdy hates long rallies; he dislikes Rafa's top spins; the sweet IW surface is significantly slower than Dubai which favors Rafa...What does it tell you? While Berdy can get himself some free points by serving well I have no doubts that Rafa will beat Berdy in the end...

Vamos Rafa! Enjoy your win over Fed! :)

natashao , 3/15/13 11:05 AM

Now that Rafa is back he'll keep beating (almost) everybody and not get (almost) any credit for it. Nothing new except the fact that he's back.

Shireling , 3/15/13 11:26 AM

Shireling, 3/15/13 11:26 AM

so true...:)

natashao , 3/15/13 11:41 AM

Was sad to see Fed's performance though happy now that he gets a good time to rest his back and get ready for clay :)
Rafa was great today. He was being more aggressive and his BH especially looked really good. Even if Fed would have been 100%, it would have taken a lot of effort from him to beat this Rafa. I think Rafa would make it to the finals and may even win the title if he doesnt face Nole there.

abhirf , 3/15/13 11:46 AM

abhirf, 3/15/13 11:46 AM

maestro will be back soon, no need to worry about it...he needs rest and that's all...I always admired his fitness and him not being injury prone like Rafa...
BTW, nice take on is much appreciated from a real Rafan here...:)

natashao , 3/15/13 12:18 PM

Vamos Rafa!

holdserve , 3/15/13 1:01 PM

I thought Rafa played great yesterday, his knees must have been okay cause his movement seemed pretty good to me! I thought Roger played badly and deserved to lose, obviously had a back injury or some problem but I think he should have tried harder to think of other tactics to get around this issue rather then do his usual and hit unforced errors against Nadal like they're going out of fashion.

rbennett , 3/15/13 1:04 PM

yeah, if Rafa beats Fed, it is because Rafa was 100% and Fed was 40%. Remember at Miami 2004? Fed was not well? Wimby 2008, poor guy had mono.
Rafa is always fit. Fed is injured or unwell.

holdserve , 3/15/13 1:09 PM

holdserve, 3/15/13 1:09 PM

As for Miami 2004, Fed said he came with a sunstroke from Indian Wells.

==?I came with a sunstroke from Indian Wells, fine,? said Federer of his first close encounter with a player of the Rafa kind, ?but I was starting to feel better and I was like ?? didn't quite understand what just quite happened.?==

Augustina08 , 3/15/13 1:44 PM

Rafa was very impressive, like you all pointed out, regardless of Fed's movement being compromised. Like Fed said, he serve was not compromised (at least not much). Rafa's ROS was impressive, as was just about every aspect of his game. I didn't dare expect his return on the clay would be that impressive (even though I voted he would win 2 of the 3 clay tournaments): the last few matches in Acapulco were impressive (to use that word again). And neither did I dare hope his return to the (slow) hardcourt would be this impressive. But then, Rafa has surprised us in positive ways beyond expectations numerous times over the year. He has already gained so much confidence in a few weeks -- that is just what he needed: healthy knees (so far it seems the knee pains are just the expected ones, to last for a while yet) and confidence.

Vamos Rafa, no matter what!

chlorostoma , 3/15/13 1:44 PM

Congrats to Rafa..................i expected no less from him............regardless of knee pain or back pain! People always over scrutinise Rafa's game whenever he wins against Federer!!! This is crazy..............for me these wins are almost normal, expected!!!! No biggie as far as Im concerned.

With the game against Gulbis, what are you guys taking about?!! I watched the game and found that Rafa played quite well considering! I mean Gulbis threw everything at Rafa and Rafa still won!! Remember Rafa had not played on hard court for almost a year and he has knee troubles!! What did anyone expect?! I think that too many people all the time expect too much from Rafa and when he delivers, which is 99% of the time, he is then still scrutinised if his wins are a surprise, a question mark!!!! He is an 11-time GSLAm Champion for God's sake!!!!. I mean for example, while some expected Rafa to play much better against Gulbis and win, they now have no confidence in Rafa against Roger (bad back) and Bird Brain, and as for Murray and Novak?..................lets not even go there!!!...............Rafa is already toast!!! Geeze!!! Just will never understand it!! And the saddest thing of all, most of the time, its coming from Rafa's own fans!!!

Like someone said previously, I am very happy that Rafa is in the semis.................any win after this is simply a bonus!!!!

Stay healthy Rafatito..........youre doing well, as always!!!!

Monalysa , 3/15/13 2:17 PM

natashao, 3/15/13 11:05 AM
Monalysa, 3/15/13 2:17 PM

Great, great, great posts!!!

I was in shock at how good Rafa looked in only his third hard court match back.

I couldn't agree more!!!

Cheryl learned her lesson and picked the right winner.

(Disappointed in you RD. You'll learn.)


Conspirator , 3/15/13 3:07 PM

@Monalysa, well said, people should know when to criticize. For a guy who was out for about 7 months to come back and make it to the semi finals is in itself a major accomplishment. I mean a few weeks ago we were not even sure if the guy would play on hard court as many had suggested. That tells you what a great player he is.
Form is temporary whike skill is permanent. Take nothin away from rafa, he has done well. He beat gulbis who was riding on a 13 match streak on Hard courts and was playing well. Many forget Gulbis won a title in Delray. Against federer, we can say that the match was below par but hey guess what both players had impediments they were dealing with and it was a case of who would prevail given the siutuation. For rafa to prevail shows you what a great player he is. Back or no back problem, rafa owns federer and the numbers dont lie. He has been beating federer since 2004 every year, so its not an issue.
Lets just see how far he can go in this tourney, no one expects him to win. But you gotta give it to him that he has done well and is growing in confidence.
Berdych is one of the in form players but if rafa can survive Gulbis, he can take Berdych as well but lets see how it goes.

rafa all the way.

puto , 3/15/13 3:14 PM

abhirf, 3/15/13 11:46 AM


Conspirator , 3/15/13 3:17 PM

Augustina08, 3/15/13 1:44 PM

Thanks for the link. I watched highlights from this match last week and forgot just how hard and fast Naderer were playing even back in 2004. Nice article though. I hadn't realized that Rafa didn't wear his capris back then!!! When did he start and why?


Conspirator , 3/15/13 3:32 PM

@ Puto

"Form is temporary whike skill is permanent."...........Amen!!!!

Monalysa , 3/15/13 3:58 PM

Well I continue to be impressed with undefeated 2013 Nole as do the oddsmakers. He is an 8:1 favourite to beat Tsonga (who hasn't been impressive this year IMO).

Muzz and Rafa are both equivalently favoured roughly 2:1 to take out the birdman and The Tennis Pope. Pretty impressive given that this is Rafa's first HC tournament in the last 12 months!!!


Conspirator , 3/15/13 4:29 PM

Conspirator, 3/15/13 3:32 PM

Rafa started to wear the capri pants in 2005. The pants were desingned for Rafa by Nike - his clothing sponsor.

Augustina08 , 3/15/13 5:57 PM

Conspirator, RD picked Roger at the start to lose to Nole in the final so he couldn't then pick him to beat Rafa in the QF. He nailed his colours to the mast ages ago.

nadline , 3/15/13 6:06 PM

I don't understand why some have to get so defensive about Rafa. Last year in the semis at I/W, it was clear that something was going on with Rafa. Of course, the Fed fans said - no excuses! So now I guess it's fair for Rafa fans to say the same. However, it was obvious to me that Fed was hampered in his movements. I think that the way Rafa was playing, he would have won regardless. It takes nothing away from Rafa to acknowledge that Fed wasn't 100%. Rafa said it himself.

I am thrilled and happy to see Rafa in the semifinals! I prefer to just be happy about it, rather than complaining about whether he is getting enough credit. Winning is what counts! As for Berdy, I remember that 2012 AO quarterfinal match. Also the 2011 Miami quarterfinal match. Berdy has the big serve, those powerful flat groundstores and takes the ball early. He has the game to challenge Rafa. That's all I am saying. Rafa respects Berdy and said that he is playing very well now. That's what I love about Rafa. He gives his opponents respect. It takes nothing away from Rafa to give credit to his opponent.

I think if Rafa plays well, he definitely will beat Berdy. As for Nole and Murray, while they have not looked all that impressive and have done enough to win, I expect them to raise their level of play.

Nativenewyorker , 3/15/13 8:30 PM

Emiliano, worst prediction in the history of tennis.
willmw101, 3/14/13 3:23 PM

Lol, I guess I wasn't that wrong... huh ?

Emiliano55 , 3/16/13 3:14 AM

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