• Nadal takes on Mayer in Indian Wells third round

    3/11/13 2:59 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal takes on Mayer in Indian Wells third round Rafael Nadal will take on Argentine Leonardo Mayer for a spot in the round of 16 at the BNP Paribas Open.

    World No. 5 Rafael Nadal, who is playing his first hard court tournament since Miami of last year, had a scratchy start to the tournament, but he still secured a straight-set win over Ryan Harrison to advance to the third round.

    His Monday opponent will be Leonardo Mayer, the Argentine he took out in Acapulco in the quarterfinals en route to the title. Mayer is ranked No. 64 in the world; the run in Acapulco was by far his best of the season. He started out the year with two first round losses, including an ouster in Melbourne.

    While Nadal may be rusty and still looking for his form on the cement, his second set against Harrison was better than the first, suggesting that it won't take him too long to find his rhythm.

    In three tournaments back, Nadal has a final and two titles to his name, with the Acapulco crown coming at the expense of world No. 4 David Ferrer, who Nadal dismantled 6-0, 6-2 in the final.

    Prediction - Expect a better performance from Nadal than he showed in the second round. The Spaniard in straight sets.

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Vamos Rafa! Go gets the win!

luckystar , 3/11/13 6:01 AM

Coming back to TennisTalk now that Nadal is back in business.
Might be a little narrow minded but if Rafa isn't there I lose a lot of interest in tennis.

Vamos Rafa!

Shireling , 3/11/13 10:33 AM

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 3/11/13 12:21 PM

Shireling, 3/11/13 10:33 AM

I know what you are talking about...join the club! :)

I also expect Rafa to perform better does not matter how many games he donates to Leonardo because it is even better for Rafa to play a bit more games to practice and find his rhythm on the HC...I know I am looking ahead and should not be doing so but it is most likely Rafa will next face his current form and state of high confidence Gulbis will be a tough call...
Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 3/11/13 1:14 PM

Vamos our Rafa & good luck.

schatz , 3/11/13 1:39 PM

Neil Harman ?@NeilHarmanTimes
The reason Larry Ellison was not here to watch Djoker tonight is that he was playing tennis against Rafa on his own court


Conspirator , 3/11/13 2:00 PM


nadline , 3/11/13 2:47 PM

^^Why `ouch`?
Ellison is a nadal fan is he not.
But if he had the choice to play Novak & miss watching Nadal instead he would have nevertheless chosen to play with the WORLD NUMBER ONE.
I mean who wouldn't?

Twinge , 3/11/13 2:53 PM

Twinge you do love speculating about 'ifs & buts'. Live with the facts - Ellison played tennis with Rafa rather than watch the world #1.

nadline , 3/11/13 3:25 PM

I extrapolate rather than prophesize.
ie i speculate on the FACTS of the situation &
The logical conclusion to draw from this story is that it is better to play with one of the greatest players ever on your own court, than go and watch another.
Like DUH!
Oh wait thats taking away from the story.
carry on ;)

Twinge , 3/11/13 3:49 PM

Except that when Rafa was playing Larry was on court cheering him not playing tennis with Nole.

This is just childish, if I may say so Twinge because your purpose in life is to put Rafa down. I'll re-phrase that - try to put Rafa down

nadline , 3/11/13 3:59 PM

Youre going ON about this as if it is a personal slight is what is childish, and rather ridiculous. Okay okay Larry Ellison prefers to.. actually i did not understand your post as it was confusing but whatever your point is on this you are correct.
And your purpose here seems to be to dampen discussions of anything that doesnt fit your expected level of sycophancy vis a vis rafa.

Twinge , 3/11/13 4:07 PM

What was there not to understand? You have knack of reverting to your vivid imagination when the facts don't suit your purpose so you see what you want to see.

nadline , 3/11/13 4:32 PM

Your inability to be very logical is what throws me.

"except that when Rafa was playing Larry was on court cheering him..."

Im sorry but that wasnt my point, the choice was play with one or watch the other.
Anyway whatever, i was not interested in being controversial, it was just a passing comment.
Common sense does not appear to be a forte of yours, but endless attempts to belittle Roger Novak & Andy certainly are...

Twinge , 3/11/13 4:37 PM

Q. Tonight's was a very quick match. His attitude was to come at you, to come to the net, to make you play your shots quickly, but you seem to be playing a little quicker than normal. Are you having to just change your attitude a little bit knowing that there is a bit more pressure on you to play the points?
RAFAEL NADAL: That's true. I played much faster, no? And I am doing because somebody very smart puts a new rule that is a disaster, in my opinion. Not in places like here that is dry, you know, not very humid place, but is completely disaster when we are playing in tournaments like Acapulco, Brazil, or Chile.

Q. Or Rome.
RAFAEL NADAL: Sorry. I cannot support that, because for so many facts in my opinion the rule is wrong. First thing, because the rules go against the great points of tennis.
Because if you see the highlights of the end of the season, I didn't see not one highlight, the best points of the season, I did not see not one ace.
The best points of the season are long rallies and amazing points. With this 25 seconds, you play a long rally and you think you can play another long rally next point? No. So go against the good tennis.
So the guy who really accepted this rule was not very smart, in my opinion. Even if you don't have time for the TV to repeat a good point, and then the referee, I don't know what he's doing on his chair. We can play without referee 100%. The lines on every line, Hawk Eye, now 25 seconds. He don't have to analyze nothing. He just have to put the clock and that's it. Then we can play. Put the clock on court and play without umpire, because it's not necessary anymore because the umpire is not enough good to analyze if the match is being hard, if somebody is losing time, penalize him with a warning.
If both players are going the same way because you are playing a great point and you need to rest 40 seconds after the point, we don't need anymore umpire. That's my feeling. You know what I did? Maybe somebody maybe nobody did at the ATP, but I went back to my matches, great matches, in Grand Slams, playing long rallies in big tournaments, and when you play like a 30 points, you know, 30 shots rally, 40 shots rally like final of Roland Garros, like final of Australia, like final of any good tournament, you know, how much time we rested?
You have to see the third set of the US Open 2011 against Djokovic, and you tell me if the crowd was very happy about what happened in that set or not, and tell me if with this new rule that can happen again. Please.


Conspirator , 3/11/13 4:59 PM

Rafa must think that Roger is very smart.


Conspirator , 3/11/13 5:01 PM

I am with Shireling 3/11/13 10:33 AM. I am not interested in watching tennis, if Rafa doesn't play. But, I haven't lost belief in Rafa, I am supporting him on his Facebook page.

Rafa and L.Mayer played last year in the 2nd round. Rafa won 6:1, 6:3. L.Mayer shouldn't be a more difficult opponenent than he was last year.

Video: Rafael Nadal vs Leonardo Mayer Indian Wells 2012 R2 - FULL MATCH

Be brave, Rafa! Vamos!

Augustina08 , 3/11/13 5:15 PM

Its surprsing that some "educated" people believe that "one guy" seems to have more power than Television, sponsors ad most importantly viewership and money.

fedexal , 3/11/13 5:17 PM

Even the pro-Fed commies admit all the time live that tennis needs Rafa more than Rafa needs tennis. I've loved tennis for decades but no other player will get me out of bed at 2am to watch them play other than Rafa.

Luckily, Rafa is on early today so I won't have to set the alarm.

nadline , 3/11/13 5:44 PM

Thx Conspirator, 3/11/13 4:59 PM
Not sure why Rafa goes on about not needing an Umpire regardless whether he's wrong or right about needing a bit longer respise between long rallies.. doesn't make a lot of sense to me.... can't imagine tennis without an Umpire..

Shireling , 3/11/13 6:04 PM

Rafa's point is that if the umpire just has to look at a clock and cannot exercise discretion then there is no need to have one, they can just put a clock on the court. What they've effectively done is take away the discretion of the umpire.

nadline , 3/11/13 6:14 PM

It's great to be back online! I look forward to Rafa's match today! I expect him to come out serving better now that he has his first match under his belt.

Nativenewyorker , 3/11/13 6:49 PM

fedexal, 3/11/13 5:17 PM

"Television, sponsors ad most importantly viewership and money" as a whole would love to see Federer to continue to succeed and will entertain any "improvements" to encourage the chances of his success.


Conspirator , 3/11/13 8:10 PM

Conspirator, what is that Nadal interview you posted about?

rbennett , 3/11/13 8:20 PM

Leonardo Mayer has pulled out of the tournament (due to a back injury)!

Augustina08 , 3/11/13 8:43 PM

I am disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing Rafa play.

nadline , 3/11/13 8:45 PM

I was just coming on here to report the news about Mayer withdrawing, but Augustina beat me to it. They just announced it on the tennis channel.

So now it's either Seppi or Gulbis, who are playing now.

Nativenewyorker , 3/11/13 8:46 PM

It's maybe better for Rafa to rest his knee a bit more and get ready for Gulbis/Seppi. This was just announced.

Btw, just before the matches were supposed to start, an earhquake of 5.1 on Richter scale shook the grounds!

danica , 3/11/13 8:47 PM

I don't know if it's better for Rafa to rest his knee. He needs match play. I wanted to see him play. Rafa gets better the more he plays.

The earthquake has been downgraded to something like a 4.7 or 4.3.

Nativenewyorker , 3/11/13 8:49 PM

I think Rafa needs the match competition and would have preferred to play.

rbennett, the interview was about the 25-second rule enforcement.


Conspirator , 3/11/13 8:56 PM

I'm sure it will be Gulbis. Seppi hasn't shown up, he is playing so badly, Gulbis doesn't have to do anything.

nadline , 3/11/13 8:57 PM

No doubt for me that Rafa will be annoyed about Mayer withdrawing. He wants match practice as much as possible. Gulbis Nadal could be a very good test for Rafa.

willmw101 , 3/11/13 9:02 PM

There goes the racquet :). Gulbis just lost his serve.

danica , 3/11/13 9:04 PM

Gulbis has just done a wobbly, smashing his racquet.

nadline , 3/11/13 9:05 PM

Gulbis still a flake at heart. Good to know.


Conspirator , 3/11/13 9:06 PM

Gulbis just had a meltdown as he was serving for the set. Now Seppi has a chance to even it up.

Rafa would have no doubt preferred to play. I don't know about Rafa facing Gulbis without much match play on hard court. Please, before anyone thinks that is an indication of a lack of faith in Rafa, it's not. Fortunately, at the moment Gulbis seems to be self-destructing.

Let Rafa get tested in the later rounds of this tournament.

Nativenewyorker , 3/11/13 9:07 PM

A lot of people would have got tickets to see Rafa today and will be bitterly disappointed.

I hadn't seen Gulbis play for a while, I'm glad to have the opportunity now.

nadline , 3/11/13 9:09 PM

Gulbis got a time violation and lost his serve.

Seppi serving for the first set.

Nativenewyorker , 3/11/13 9:14 PM

Rafa had a good test against Harrison.

nadline , 3/11/13 9:14 PM

Normally, I would also agree that having a walkover is indeed a worse situation. But, something in me says that in this case, it's better for Rafa to be cautious and don't force it on HC yet. If Gulbis survives himself in this match, Rafa won't have any problems beating him. Ernie is already spent. He played A LOT of tennis recently and it shows. Seppi is no match for Rafa, healthy or not.

danica , 3/11/13 9:16 PM

I cannot believe these idiot commies who campaigned for the enforcement of the time violation to be enforced and are now criticising the enforcement. Now they realize that hardly any player keeps within the time limit, they thought it would only affect Rafa.

nadline , 3/11/13 9:24 PM

I don't think Harrison was any test. He was never going to beat Rafa. The only reason that first set went to a tb is because Rafa just played a bad game and lost his serve and let Harrison into the match. He took control easily in the second set.

At least Rafa had one match to get the feel of the court and test his groundstrokes. Whether it's better for Rafa to get a walkover, the bottom line is that it happened and there's nothing he can do about it except maybe get in more practice.

Nativenewyorker , 3/11/13 9:25 PM

Harrison played far better than Gulbis is playing right now. I know that Rafa could have beaten him more easily, but in the latter half of the 1st set, Harrison did put up a good fight. I didn't think the result was ever in doubt.

nadline , 3/11/13 9:43 PM

Thanks for the reply Conspirator :).
I think a shot clock is the best way, so a player and the crowd can see how much time they have left between a point. Then if an umpire feels 25 seconds is not enough, like if they've played a long tiring point, they could maybe start the shot clock again or let it run over etc. I don't agree with Rafa that this means we no longer need an umpire though, hmm.

rbennett , 3/11/13 10:32 PM

You don't agree with Rafa?............What a surprise!

nadline , 3/11/13 10:46 PM

You agree with everything Rafa says? Shocker!

rbennett , 3/11/13 11:03 PM

I agree with Rafa, surprise.

He is making a good point.

If the umpire is just blindly enforcing the 25 seconds based on a clock and leaves close line calls to the players to challenge instead of overruling then, seriously, what is the need for a chair umpire. Why would you disagree with that? His point is valid, no?


Conspirator , 3/11/13 11:18 PM

If the umpire is blindly unforcing it then obviously that's a no no, but that's why I said if a point has a been longer or whatever, the umpire should let the players have more rest. The shot clock is for the more normal points and that. Players regularly on average go over the time limit, so something needs to be done, otherwise no point having a rule in the first place!
I have seen umpires overrule calls many times so dunno where Rafa got that from! The hawkeye system is there if a player feels a lines judge or umpire has made an incorrect call.
Rafa doesn't like time limits as he likes to take has time and like other players goes over the limit regularly so obviously he will oppose this. I have also seen him given a warning and argue almost every time, so what are umpires supposed to do?
Umpires have other responsibilities anyway, such as keeping the score, making sure a match is conducted to the ITF rules of tennis, making the final call on serve lets and foot faults etc, so Rafas point on not needing Umpires is invalid, no?

rbennett , 3/11/13 11:33 PM

Hawkeye calls lets, not the umpire.

Never seen the umpire call a foot fault. Line judge call and the technology exists to automate this.

Keeping score can be done from a booth.

It is well known that umpires are overruling less and less putting the onus on players to use challenges

Rafa is arguing the current ATP rule as it applies today not on how you or anyone else think that it could or should be applied.


Conspirator , 3/11/13 11:55 PM

^^^You are totally missing the point. The umpire can no longer use his discretion. All he has to do is look at the clock, that's what Federer and his friends at the ATP put in place behind the backs of the players who didn't even get to vote on it.

nadline , 3/11/13 11:55 PM

How much are umpires paid? A 7 year old can call the scores, or call let. The umpires are so inconsistent in deciding whether to replay a point or not that they might as well ask the ball boys and girls to decide on that .

nadline , 3/12/13 12:02 AM

My post was directed at rbennett who seems not to know about the new rule.

nadline , 3/12/13 12:30 AM

I agree with Conspirator's two posts @ 11:18 and 11:55 PM. The tennis channel commentators were discussing how the umpires are relying more on players challenging the calls and using hawkeye. I think in the Tsonga/Blake match there were some complaints by the players because they were having to use their challenges.

The whole idea of giving the umpires discretion, was to allow them to take into account crowd reaction and noise after points and also after extended rallies to give the players some breathing room. If it's just 25 seconds and no exceptions or allowances, then why have the umpires?

Also, this idea that Rafa is always speaking in his own self-interest, is really not accurate. That's a cheap accusation that gets thrown at him far too often.

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/13 12:36 AM

From the same interview on Saturday, Rafa explained...

"So they not gonna go against the hard court. That's why I say is not another players' thing, it's a medical thing. Somebody have to think not for today. I repeat: I'm not talking about my career. My career is done.
We gonna finish my career playing on the same or more tournaments on hard, because that's the dynamic.
But, yes, no, my opinion is for the next generations that something have to change."

Also, why single out Rafa on complaining about being called on a time violation,?Pretty much every player I've seen reacts the same way. If anything, since the new Fed rule, other players complain more than Rafa during the match when being warned.

In today's game, the way the rule is blindly being applied, it is stupid and certainly doesn't need an umpire to apply it. A clock and buzzer could call it just as effectively and blindly.


Conspirator , 3/12/13 12:52 AM

Conspirator -Hawkeye does call lets, the final decision on whether it is actually a let or not, is down to the umpire.

Line judges do call a foot fault, but again, the final decision is down the umpire. By technology I guess you mean something to sense whether a player has stepped over the line. Impractical and expensive to install, and the machine would have to switch off straight after a serve so it doesn't go off afterward, again impractical.

I agree the Umpires are relying on hawkeye more, guess they trust the technology more then their own eyes? I'm not sure this is that much of an issue, as alot of arguments can happen between players and umpires (a la Roddick) and hawkeye reduces this problem.
Also I'm not singling out Rafa, just responding to comments he made that you posted :). Again I've already said the rule shouldn't be blindly be applied and exceptions should be made, common sense is all that's needed!
Nadline- Okay well then something needs to be done about this, but letting players take as much time as they like and not enforcing the time limit is not a solution, as much as this much suit, Nadal, Djokovic, Del Potro or any player who likes to take their time. A shot clock for normal players, whilst encouraging umpires to exercise 'common sense' would be the answer to me, most people could spot when to let the shot clock run and say nothing. You seem to think very little of umpires, I feel for them, easier then being a football referee though, jeeze. Also I know the comment was directed at me, thanks for the dig about me 'not knowing the new rule' though;).

NNY - Read my comments! I agree that there should be exceptions and allowances. In terms of players not liking using their challenges, I don't think this is a big issue, if you're so sure you're right then it doesn't matter as your challenges are technically unlimited. Hawkeye reduces the amount of arguments between players and umpires which is surely a good thing!

rbennett , 3/12/13 1:35 AM

No, I frequently hear the umpire say if hawkeye goes off, they HAVE to call it.

I've not once ever seen an umpire overrule a line judge's foot fault call.

Umm, having a sensor system switch straight off after a serve is not necessarily expensive or impractical. That is a matter of opinion only.

Yes, they trust the technology more than their eyes which renders them more obsolete.

No, you singled out Rafa. We can agree to disagree on that. :)

You said,"the rule shouldn't be blindly be applied and exceptions should be made, common sense is all that's needed!"

Umm, I think that is what Rafa is saying.

You said, "letting players take as much time as they like and not enforcing the time limit is not a solution"

None of the players or anyone, including Rafa, is saying that - why did you?

I don't have a problem with the umpires by the way. I have a problem with the ATP and how they restrict the umpires from using their discretion.


Conspirator , 3/12/13 1:58 AM

I'm just talking about official rules here, even if they say they have to call it, it is still the Umpires making the final decision.

Again I'm just saying what the rule is. The Umpire probably agrees with the line judge, but again, the Umpire can overrule a line judge, the final say is theirs!

It would have to implemented into every court, which would take time and a decent amount of money. How would the technology know when the serve was over? Timer? A certain spot? Etc. You may think it's my opinion, but it being impractical and expensive is hard to argue with!

Glad we agree they trust the technology more. However whether you think this renders them obsolete is your opinion.

No we can't agree on that. You (emphasis on you) posted comments Rafa made and I responded to them. How is that singling someone out? (It isn't)

Well then me (en evil fedfan) and Rafa agree on something, oh my god shock horror! Tennistalk may collapse in on itself now...

Why did I? Good question. Guess I was just saying that it isn't solution proactively, incase anyone said it was... (No idea why I said it)

If you don't have a problem with umpires, don't say technology makes them obsolete! Especially by suggesting ways technology could replace them. I do think umpires shouldn't be restricted. Again shot clock is the basic thing for between most points, then the umpire can let a break go on longer if he or she feels it is needed, simples!

#Pointless hashtag
#Oh and another one

rbennett , 3/12/13 2:49 AM

rbennett, 3/12/13 1:35 AM,

I was going to respond, but Conspirator pretty much covered it all. As far as your rather rude comment, I did read what you wrote before I responded. There is no need for you to say that at all.

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/13 2:59 AM

rbennett I'm sorry if I've offended you. It wasn't my intent seriously. No need to make it personal mate.

I think you've missed my point (and Rafa's for that matter).

It's not technology that is rendering the umpires obsolete. It's the ATP.


Conspirator , 3/12/13 3:05 AM

Umpires are not in a position to over-rule a foot fault because he doesn't have a bird's eye view and couldn't possibly see from where he is, nor can the line judge, IMO. In fact is a pretty nebulous rule because even the player is not in a position to challenge it.

The umpire doesn't have a say in let. There are times when he calls let because hawkeye says so even when it's the wind that triggers it off and other times when he doesn't call let because hawkeye didn't work for some reason even though everyone knows that the ball hit the net.

What Rafa is saying is that the umpire shave been stripped of any decision making so what's the point in having them.

nadline , 3/12/13 8:35 AM

When umpires were not enforcing the time limit, then also it was the ATP which was blamed for granting the discretion to umpires. And now when they have taken away the discretion, then also it is the ATP which has to be blamed.
I think if the umpires would have used the discretion granted earlier to them more intelligently, then maybe we would have not seen this new rule in the 1st place.

abhirf , 3/12/13 8:43 AM

Doing away with "let" would be the most time saving move of all. The ball is either in or out. Get on with it! And if the ball just trickles over the net, so what? Happens in the rest of the game and no-one calls "foul."

deuce , 3/12/13 8:55 AM

nadline, 3/12/13 8:35 AM
As for let, there is a sensor (an electronic device) attached to the net to detect if the tennis ball touches the net during the service. php

Augustina08 , 3/12/13 9:44 AM

^^^The sensor doesn't always work and it's sometimes triggered by the speed of the ball.

nadline , 3/12/13 11:33 AM

Conspirator - Sorry if you think I made it personal I was only messing around, could probably have worded stuff better though! Anyway I apologise and will leave the discussion there as I dont wanna insult anyone!
NNY - Sorry if you think I was being rude, it wasn't my intention and I sincerely apologise!

rbennett , 3/12/13 11:45 AM

Hey man, don't knock my hashtags!!! I don't mind when the trolls do it but I don't lump you in with that lot. lol ;)

nadline summarizes it quite nicely: "What Rafa is saying is that the umpire shave been stripped of any decision making so what's the point in having them."

As you remove discretion, there is less and less need for a human umpire. Yes, there is room for improvement however the ATP swung too far by removing all discretion. Hopefully, they will make the necessary adjustments.


Conspirator , 3/12/13 1:12 PM

Well, Rafa IMHO shouldn't advocate for tennis without Umpires. Don't think he's actually doing it but just making a point that more leniency should be applied in certain situations.
In a number of ocassions he (Rafa) has claimed to be pro-tradition (such as liking Wimby, RG and Montecarlo because of their long-lasting tradition, also sticking to red clay) so, again IMHO, he shouldn't talk about tennis without umpires.
In all fairness I think we don't give enough credit to their work.. I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks.

Shireling , 3/12/13 1:27 PM

Rafa IS tennis......................he can advocate for whatever he wants!!!!


Monalysa , 3/12/13 1:48 PM

He is not advocating tennis without umpires. I think you may have missed the point. He is simply taking the argument to its extreme to make a point. As the ATP removes discretion from the umpires (e.g., time violation, line overrule, service lets, etc.), then what is their role? I believe that Rafa wants that discretion in the hands of the umpire and not to have the ATP handcuff them even more.


Conspirator , 3/12/13 1:59 PM

Rafa put his picture on FB on his way home after being told he had a WO. He looks dead chuffed that he had the day off.

nadline , 3/12/13 3:31 PM

Rather than advocating tennis without umpires, Rafa is making a case for umpires to have more say in a match rather than just sit there looking at a stop clock. I'm sure the umpires themselves feel a little bit diminished with all discretion taken away from them.

nadline , 3/12/13 3:43 PM

Is it me, or does anyone else thinks that Rafa's shorts are too short....these days?!!!

Just saying...............

Monalysa , 3/12/13 3:57 PM

^^^They are short and I quite like them. They were shown in the Nike ProShop months ago. I wasn't too keen then but I'm pleasantly surprised how good they look especially as Rafa has lost some muscle on his legs.

nadline , 3/12/13 4:29 PM

oh, thx Conspirator 3/12/13 1:59 and nadline 3/12/13 3:43.
I get it now :D
It did indeed sound weird, knowing Rafa.

Shireling , 3/12/13 4:39 PM

He looks good no doubt but I guess it takes a bit of getting used to...................but oh how i wish he would wear his capris and sleveless shirt just one more time!!

Monalysa , 3/12/13 4:51 PM

Its so funny, some of the fans on Bleacher Report are complaining bitterly about the number of articles about Rafa since his comebcak..............they think its all so boring and want to read articles instead about other players like Novak, Delpo and Tsonga......haha!!!

Monalysa , 3/12/13 4:56 PM

Cybernet tennis is always all about Rafa even when he was sidelined, they couldn't stop writing about him. Yesterday Sky showed Berdy practicing with not a single spectator watching him and they observed that Rafa and Roger have standing room only on their practice courts and said that people were hanging on the rafters to see Rafa. Someone also tweeted that there were more people watching Raonic practice than were watching Nole.

nadline , 3/12/13 5:10 PM

^^^more grovelling & Novak baiting yadayadayada.

Twinge , 3/12/13 6:20 PM

Rafa & Roger are the superstars in tennis of TODAY. No one can deny that, but there was a time when they were but sideshows compared to Agassi and Sampras who were but sideshows of Connors and Lendl etc & so on.
Face it, Novak is gearing very nicely up to be the superstar in tennis of tomorrow.

Twinge , 3/12/13 6:31 PM

^^^Jam tomorrow.

nadline , 3/12/13 6:58 PM

Twinge, what is your issue with Nadline?!!!....uh, uh?!!

Monalysa , 3/12/13 7:00 PM

Actually Jam today for Novak and tomorrow too Nadline

chillax yourself monalysa!
just having a little fun.
Oh & you could ask her the very same question, but then of course you never would lol

Twinge , 3/12/13 7:15 PM


Thanks for your reply. No apology necessary!

Again I think Conspirator has summed it up well. Rafa wants the umpires to continue to have the discretion that they have had in the past.

I am not surprised that Rafa looked, what is the word, chuffed at having a walkover? I guess that means ticked off! I don't blame him. He is in this tournament to get match play. Having three days off is not an advantage. He will be up against Gulbis, who is in good form right now. He could have used another match.

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/13 8:24 PM

To be chuffed is to be very pleased NNY

ed251137 , 3/12/13 10:24 PM


Well I sure got that wrong! So then Rafa was happy to get a walkover?

Thanks for correcting me!

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/13 11:22 PM

RT @r_ubha: Haas given time violation warning by Steve Ulrich at 4-4 in third. At changeover, talking to Haas, Ulrich calls new time rule "crazy."


Conspirator , 3/13/13 12:26 AM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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