• Tsonga begins Rotterdam campaign against Sijsling

    2/11/13 4:34 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Tsonga begins Rotterdam campaign against Sijsling World No. 8 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will begin his bid for the 2013 Rotterdam title against Dutch wildcard Igor Sijsling.

    This is the first ATP tournament for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga since his 5-set quarterfinal loss at the hands of Roger Federer at the Australian Open. The Frenchman, with his power game and prowess at the net, may be a force to be reckoned with on the lightning fast courts in Rotterdam.

    Igor Sijsling, the wildcard ranked 66 in the world, has only won 1 match on the main tour this year, a win that came after 3 rounds of qualifying at Auckland. The Dutchman will have the support of the crowd and the advantage of playing at home, but defeating Tsonga on one of his best surfaces is likely to be a tall order.

    Prediction - Expect a straight-set victory for Tsonga, but for Sijsling to put up a fight in at least one of the sets.

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Igor Sijsling beat Tsonga 76 46 64.

Puts Rafa's loss after 7 months in perspective.

nadline , 2/11/13 10:16 PM


natashao , 2/12/13 12:17 AM

Remind me how many GS has Tsonga won? I can't seem to recall.

chr18 , 2/12/13 4:01 AM

Same number as Soderling and Rosol if I recall correctly.

jean , 2/12/13 9:41 AM

Remind me how many GS has Tsonga won? I can't seem to recall.
chr18 , 2/12/13 4:01 AM

Non, but he's beaten the slam goat on his hallowed ground at Wimbledon and Federer hadn't even been sidelined for 1 day nor injured.

nadline , 2/12/13 10:14 AM

He also beat a healthy Nadal 6-2,6-2,6-2 in '08 which was Nadal's best year on tour. My point wasn't that he's not capable of greatness from time to time but that he's inconsistent and not in the same class as Nadal. People expect Tsonga to throw in a clunker now and again. They don't EVER expect the King of Clay to lose a match on clay so their losses are not comparable.

chr18 , 2/12/13 1:02 PM

Excuse me, perspective please! Has Tsonga missed the tours for seven months with injury?? Who's Sijsling btw? At least Zeballos I've heard of, I thought he was a good clay courter the first time I saw him played; he also played in doubles. I was surprised he did nothing to his career until now when he's already 27.

luckystar , 2/12/13 1:28 PM

Nadline, are you sure Federer was not sidelined or injured?? You may remember how he lost the Masters cup to Nalby and lost due to his injury??
2005 the venue for the Tennis Masters Cup Final?the ATP?s year-end championship?moved to Shanghai from Houston.

Awarding China the honor of hosting the event was a coup?a great step forward in promoting professional tennis to millions of new tennis fans.

The Chinese, increasingly enamored of men?s professional tennis, especially the play of Roger Federer, the current world No. 1, felt pride in providing the best possible environment for the players.

Problems, however, facing the ATP and the sponsors of the event to be held in Qi Zhong City Arena for the first time had nothing to do with the Arena or any physical accommodations.

As the tournament neared, No. 2 Rafael Nadal pulled out of the competition following the withdrawal of No. 3 Andy Roddick?both citing injuries.

Also sidelined for the event was No. 4 Lleyton Hewitt. No. 5 Andre Agassi along with Marat Safin, winner of the 2005 Australian Open, also pulled out of the round robin competition.

The majority of the eight top-ranked men were unable to compete.

Somewhat reluctantly, Roger Federer came to Shanghai after a six-week layoff nursing a right ankle injury. He had sported crutches only three weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

The Swiss felt pressure to play as most of the top eight sat hobbled, unable to compete.

The success of the tournament seemed to depend on Federer, allowing the hosts to save face by featuring matches with the World No. 1 in action.

velliat53 , 2/12/13 2:43 PM

The success of the tournament seemed to depend on Federer, allowing the hosts to save face by featuring matches with the World No. 1 in action.
velliat53 , 2/12/13 2:43 PM

I don't think so. I think Rafa is more box office than Federer. Just look at the difference Rafa's presence made in Chile. They'd never had it so good. Everyone agrees that tennis is flat without Rafa.

nadline , 2/12/13 4:02 PM

Chile has had the most successful 250 event in tennis ever with no Federer in sight. Never before have TV rights been sold at the drop of a hat all over the world for a small event like that, and never before have the seats been so packed day after day for the doubles match at any event, not even in slams.

The reason for all this? The presence of Rafael Nadal. As soon as Rafa agreed to play, the extended the facilities and got more sponsors backing it, plus TV rights.

nadline , 2/12/13 4:13 PM

Nadal presence boosts profile of Brazil Open
Copyright AFP 2013.Published Date:12/02/2013 03:32:00 AM

Tennis, ATP, BRA

Rafael Nadal's presence at the Brazil Open here this week is a welcome boost to the minnow event, part of the latin American clay court circuit he is using to prepare his return to the top after a lengthy injury absence.

The 11-time Grand Slam champion, who lost the singles and doubles finals Sunday at his comeback event in Vina del Mar, Chile, is the top seed at the February 11-17 Open here.

Vina del Mar, Sao Paulo and the Mexico Open in Acapulco where the 26-year-old Spaniard will play later this month are routinely ignored by the world's top three players: Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

Considered the world's best clay court player, Nadal was back in Chile for the first time since a surprise second-round exit at Wimbledon in June.

Since then he had been sidelined by a torn tendon and inflammation in his left knee, with his return this year further delayed by a virus.

Organizers of the $455,775 Brazil Open at Sao Paulo's Ibirapuera gymnasium see the presence of the world's number five-ranked player as a shot in the arm.

"We have seen a significant increase in ticket sales as a result. Nearly 60 percent of the total has already been sold and the daily maximum capacity is 9,300 seats," a spokeswoman for the event told AFP. -boosts-profile-of-Brazil-Open.htm

nadline , 2/12/13 4:22 PM

Nadline, are you sure Federer was not sidelined or injured??
velliat53 , 2/12/13 2:43 PM

Now I come to think of it, Federer was out for 7 months!

nadline , 2/12/13 4:31 PM

@nadline, 2/12/13 4:02 pm
was Rafa more box office than Fed in 2005. I dont think so.
Today, it could be the scenario, but it was not the case back then.
The Shanghai crowd is just mad about Fed. The success of the tournament really depended on him rather than anyone else.

abhirf , 2/12/13 6:58 PM

Who is talking about 2005?

nadline , 2/12/13 7:57 PM

In 2005, Rafa was a teenager.

See what the ATP thinks

nadline , 2/12/13 8:00 PM

chr18, 2/12/13 1:02 PM,

Get your facts straight, will you! Delpo beat Rafa 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 at the USO in 2009 after Rafa came back from knee tendinitis. Rafa wasn't healthy, in fact he had a torn stomach muscle that hampered his serving severely.

It's also interesting that once Rafa was back healthy again he was able to beat Delpo in 2010 every time they met!

Nativenewyorker , 2/12/13 8:55 PM

The thread and hence my comment was about Tsonga at AO '08.

chr18 , 2/13/13 1:36 AM


Thank you for the clarification. I looked up the score in that 2008 AO match and Tsonga defeated Rafa 6-2, 6-3, 6-2.

However, I stand corrected. It was my confusion in thinking that it was Delpo to which you were referring. I don't know that Rafa was having his best year in the beginning of 2008. He had never won a hard court slam at that point in time. Rafa made a lot of adjustments and improvements to his game to become more competitive on hard court. I think when he played in the 2009 AO, it was evident that he was willing to go to net more and volley to close out points quickly, instead of just relying exclusively on his baseline game.

I still don't know that I agree with your analogy about Tsonga's loss to this guy at Rotterdam, as opposed to Rafa's loss to Zeballos. As lucky stated, Rafa is coming back from the longest layoff of his career. Tsonga hasn't been out with injury.

Nativenewyorker , 2/13/13 2:08 AM

My point was there is no analogy. Tsonga is inconsistent and these type of losses are expected from him. Whether unfair or not, Nadal is held to a much higher standard as the King of Clay so Tsonga on any surface is not comparable to Nadal at all.

chr18 , 2/13/13 2:16 AM

Who is talking about 2005?
nadline , 2/12/13 7:57 PM

your comment in Re to velliat53 2/12/13 2:43 pm post meant that only. If not, then I dont know why you contradicted it. Fed was the face of Tennis in 2005, and it's not wrong that the succes of TMC 2005 depended on him.

abhirf , 2/13/13 2:41 AM

Er.. I think Roddick is/was more popular than Fed in China. I think they'd done a poll or something and Roddick was voted the most popular male tennis player by the Chinese. So both Fed and Rafa are not the most popular male tennis player in China, even though they're also hugely popular.

luckystar , 2/13/13 3:10 AM

Why did velliat53 bring up 2005 when Fed lost to Nalby 'injured' to when Tsonga beat him at Wimbledon in 2011 which is what I was referring to?

nadline , 2/13/13 8:39 AM

^^Ok. Just a misinterpretation from both..

abhirf , 2/13/13 8:57 AM

Look who is the face of tennis now 10150639141568500.399259.84685978499&type=1&theater

nadline , 2/13/13 9:04 AM

on, but he's beaten the slam goat on his hallowed ground at Wimbledon and Federer hadn't even been sidelined for 1 day nor injured.
nadline, 2/12/13 10:14 AM lost my point. I was just referring that Fed also had injury during his career.

Luckystar, please accept, FED

velliat53 , 2/13/13 2:48 PM

Sorry, the message went off before I finished.

Luckystar, please accept FED was most popular in 2005 anywhere in the world, leave alone Shanghai.

velliat53 , 2/13/13 2:51 PM

^^^ 2005? That year Rafa just came into prominence, of course Fed had the advantage there. Still Roddick was the most popular tennis player than anyone else in China.

luckystar , 2/13/13 4:13 PM

@nadline, 2/13/13 9:04 am
bizzare post.

abhirf , 2/13/13 5:42 PM

Rafa Nadal ?@RafaelNadal

Entrar en la pista de #SaoPaulo con Nalbandian fue una gran experiencia! Que ambientazo hay en #Brasil!
Come into the court in #saopaulo with Nalbandian was a great experience! Thanks #Brazil!


Conspirator , 2/13/13 6:01 PM

Ella Ling ?@ellaling23
9,000 capacity arena PACKED at midnight for @RafaelNadal doubs..never seen anything like the Rafa-mania here! #carnal


Conspirator , 2/13/13 6:05 PM

this article is about Tsonga, not Rafa. There are about 15 other threads about Rafa going on right now, so feel free to discuss him there.

RickyDimon , 2/13/13 6:45 PM

Yeah like THIS is the first thread to go off-topic LOL.


Conspirator , 2/13/13 7:03 PM

...besides THOSE Rafa article threads are too long. Nobody can stop talking about all-things-Rafa.


Conspirator , 2/13/13 7:06 PM

^^ again, who was the first person to mention Rafa on a non-related thread? hehe

racquet , 2/13/13 11:54 PM

^^ it appears you too must talk about Rafa.

Conspirator , 2/14/13 2:01 AM

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2. Murray 8 750 pts
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