• Federer, Murray face off in Australian Open semi

    1/24/13 5:26 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Federer, Murray face off in Australian Open semi World No. 2 Roger Federer is set for a semifinal clash with world No. 3 Andy Murray Friday evening. The winner moves on to contest the Australian Open final against world No. 1 and two-time defending champion Novak Djokovic.

    Second seed Roger Federer trails third seed Andy Murray 10-9 in the head-to-head series. The players last met the 2012 World Tour Finals, where a semifinal showdown went to the Swiss in straight sets.

    Federer is through to the final four after surviving an extended match with former finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The 31-year-old veteran collected four service breaks and 49 winners through to a 7-6(4), 4-6, 7-6(4), 3-6, 6-3 victory.

    "I toughed it out," said the world No. 2. "That also gives you confidence when you have to go through those matches. The physical stamina was there, the focus with there till the very end. So it does give you a lot of confidence moving forward from here."

    Federer is seeking his first Australian Open final since 2010, when he recorded a straight-set championship victory over Murray.

    Murray made the semifinal by virtue of his straight-set success against France's Jeremy Chardy. The 25-year-old Scot converted eight of 11 break points en route to a 6-4, 6-1, 6-2 victory.

    "I feel probably a little bit calmer maybe than usual," Murray explained. "But I still have an understanding of how difficult it is to win these events. With the players that are still left in the tournament, it's going to be a very tough, tough few days if I want to do that. So I'll just stay focused, work hard in my next couple of practice sessions, and hope I can finish the tournament well."

    The reigning US Open champion will attempt to reach his third finals berth in Melbourne.

    Prediction: Expect a far more competitive semifinal than Djokovic/Ferrer. Provided he stays aggressive, Murray for the win in four sets.

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Gonna stick my neck out along with you, Kelli. Muzz in 4.

alex , 1/24/13 6:15 PM

Ill see your stuck out neck & raise it with a giraffe neck.
Murray in 3 tight sets!
Prepare, Attack, Destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twinge , 1/24/13 6:44 PM

Necks all around...:)

I can't ever be sure- yesterday I picked Sharapova in straights and it wasn't even close. Either way it will be interesting to see how Muzza does at night.

Kelli , 1/24/13 7:00 PM

Will Federer do a Ferrer...? Afterall the guy is 31 and has spent 3.5 hours on court in his last match...
Murray will try to be agressive from the beginning like the Olympics final...If Federer has an average serving day he will be in big trouble...First set will be very important for Federer especially...more than Murray...

My prediction Murray in 5

netcord , 1/24/13 7:08 PM

Yeah but Kelli the Sharapova thing was weird.
A completley wimpering performance, perhaps she underestimated Li which can be easy mistake to make.
We have to assume that Andy and Roger will be on for this,
And then we shall see if Andy Murray really has grown up now.

Twinge , 1/24/13 7:34 PM

Logic says Andy will win it in 4. But something is telling me Federer will pull it off.

Emiliano55 , 1/24/13 7:59 PM

Sticking my Diplodocus neck out.....;) Andy for the win!
Prepare! Attack! Destroy!
Let's Go Andy! Let's Go!

deuce , 1/24/13 8:27 PM

federer for the upset

croc , 1/24/13 9:01 PM

watched fedex vs tsonga match, i have to say fedex is playing good enough to take out murrray but i am not sure about final.

chenna21 , 1/24/13 9:04 PM

Heart says Fed. Mind says Muzz. It's Muzza's time after all.
Muzz to win in 3 or 4 sets.

abhirf , 1/24/13 9:04 PM

I think this will be a good match. I am going with Murray for the win in four or five sets. I do think it's his time. This isn't a final. So that mental thing won't be a factor. Lendl will have Murray ready for this one.

Nativenewyorker , 1/25/13 12:06 AM

I don't think Fed will be physically tired unless this goes more than 4 hours. He skipped all the tune-ups so he could have stamina for this. He still probably expects Murray to choke, as do I. He probably has more genuine doubts that he can beat the Djoker there after what happened there in the semi in 2011 and that could play on his mind. The question is whether Murray can take this match from him.

chr18 , 1/25/13 1:58 AM

Fed in 5 or Murry in 4

sanju , 1/25/13 7:40 AM

The semi-finals are in place,
For a dramatic, pulsating race.
A spot in the final is at stake,
But who's hearts about to break?

hrsikesa , 1/25/13 8:51 AM

It will be Andy, probably in four.

danica , 1/25/13 9:10 AM

Murray looking really gud. He will this in 3! :(

abhirf , 1/25/13 10:04 AM

Any links for live streaming.

fedexal , 1/25/13 10:18 AM

Math not of good qlty yet..too mnay errors from both sides

Murray horrible at BP convrsions..onverted just 1 out of like 7

sanju , 1/25/13 10:21 AM

fedexal, l

nadline , 1/25/13 10:27 AM

I fear for The Fed. Hard to see a sharpened Murray losing this one

Topspin , 1/25/13 10:29 AM

In 1st set, Fed looking out of sorts..maybe nerves..his serve is not clicking

sanju , 1/25/13 10:32 AM

It's evident who the winner is going to be, it's just a matter of time they are just going through the process. Federer seems to be in a panic and he is just hoping to hang in there for dear life. How Frew can refer to Federer as the greatest player that ever lived during this performance is beyond me.

nadline , 1/25/13 10:35 AM

Fed lost 1st set in Wimby final too but won the match

Only diff is that was the final in Murrays home country, its semi here in a neutral place

sanju , 1/25/13 10:35 AM

mon nadline- few days back u said Fed will win it all..Dont write him off so soon.. lot of this match yet to be played ..very early days yet..just 1 set played. Murray won 1st set in Wimby too

sanju , 1/25/13 10:37 AM

Yes sanju, I did say Fed was playing the best at this tourny, but as someone pointed out, I fell for his performance against weak opposition but so far in this match, Fed is not the boss and I'm prepared to say I was wrong.

nadline , 1/25/13 10:44 AM

33 UE between them in 14 games already.

Wonder how either of them can survive Djoko who looks firmly in position to win his 4th AO

sanju , 1/25/13 10:48 AM

Now it's Federer who is making Murray look good.

nadline , 1/25/13 10:51 AM

Andy is completely outclassing Roger with regards to service. I'm really impressed.

Champion7 , 1/25/13 10:55 AM

Nadline, you weren't wrong. Match is FAR from over. Murray's play is stronger.

However, fed is more mentally consistent and Muzz must stay mentally strong and stay aggressive.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 10:58 AM

WOW!!! Point of the night goes to Muzz. Love-15.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 11:00 AM

Too tight 2nd set..Fed serving ahead has slight advantage

sanju , 1/25/13 11:02 AM

Winner of this set wins the match.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 11:08 AM

very critical serve for murray down 4 5 in end of the set

sanju , 1/25/13 11:08 AM

Federer is not putting Murray under any pressure at all. Too many sliced b/hs from Fed.

nadline , 1/25/13 11:12 AM

Interesting trend at the AO: Fed has been running into Nole or Rafa or Murray at the AO starting from 2008 - 2008 SF lost to Nole; 2009 Final lost to Rafa; 2010 Final beat Murray; 2011 SF lost to Nole; 2012 SF lost to Rafa and now 2013 SF against Murray. So, it's Nole then Rafa and then Murray, rinse and repeat. Will Murray win today to make it five out of six times they collectively beating Fed here at the AO?

luckystar , 1/25/13 11:13 AM

Will Wimby 2nd set score repeat?

sanju , 1/25/13 11:15 AM

The Rafa KIA advert has been played during every single break since the beginning of this tournament..........the slogan is 'KIA, the beat that moves your heart' showing Rafa hitting his signature shots. So Rafa is keeping in touch.

Back to the match....a tiebreak.

nadline , 1/25/13 11:19 AM

I see tiebreak time again. Fed is the tiebreak king, Murray better be careful.

luckystar , 1/25/13 11:23 AM

Three Muzz errors.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 11:23 AM

Typical Federer tiebreak.

samprallica , 1/25/13 11:23 AM

'Some' Fed fans in the crowd tonight.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 11:27 AM

What is Murray thinking??

luckystar , 1/25/13 11:28 AM

How ya feelin' now nadline? ;)


Conspirator , 1/25/13 11:29 AM

See, the tiebreak king wins the tiebreak again!

luckystar , 1/25/13 11:29 AM

See told you all.. dont write him off

Its Fed from here

sanju , 1/25/13 11:29 AM

Give it a rest sanju
theres plenty still to go ;)

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:31 AM

There is a lot of tennis still to be played. It could be a long 5 setter . BTW Fed pulls off an outrageous backhand...It was'nt an easy shot ....It was legendary stuff given the context of the match. Would have been bye-bye Fed from 2 sets down.

Match is living up to its hype.

fedexal , 1/25/13 11:32 AM

^^more like a screw up from muzz

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:33 AM

bhdtl firing from Andy!

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:36 AM

Twinge..Im not saying Fed will win..I was trying to say hes in he match and now Murray has to play really well to beat him as 'The Fed' as we know him is in the match, not the sloppy one we saw in 1st set

Match quality has really picked up in last 30 minutes

Murray really underestimated the smash in the tiebreak , thought he had won the point wen he hit it..very expensive ..a

sanju , 1/25/13 11:36 AM

oh so very expensive Sanju, but affordable

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:39 AM

and Murray hit a serve down the T at 5 all which Federer barely could lay a hand on, but it just clipped the net and he had to serve again ..unlucky there too

sanju , 1/25/13 11:43 AM

They said that the 2nd was a must win for Roger,
I think the 3rd is also.
They've been out for 2hrs and only played 2 sets and a bit.
If Andy is to have his first slam win against Roger he shouldn't wait around.

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:47 AM

Murray is making very expensive errors

And Feds groundstroke quality is getting better and deeper as the match progresses

sanju , 1/25/13 11:50 AM

^^Andy still has more winners more points on first and 2nd etc
what a return!
its all working now

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:52 AM

3 bps roger is having to go to the well all the time

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:55 AM

I think Andy might now be the best server out of the top 4

Twinge , 1/25/13 11:57 AM

I agree Fed needs this set to win the match.

Great recovery and mental fortitude from Muzz. Wasn't sure he had it in him.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 11:58 AM

Murray please dont screw up serving this set out now

sanju , 1/25/13 12:02 PM


Conspirator , 1/25/13 12:05 PM

I hope the fedbots at laver LOVED that.
Vile, i wont miss them when fed goes off into the sunset.
So mature from Andy and more aggressive from him than Roger.

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:05 PM

You can come out from behind the sofa Deuce :-O

ed251137 , 1/25/13 12:06 PM

Go Andy!!!! more set!!!

zare , 1/25/13 12:08 PM

42 winners to Roger's 26!
And 26 is not too shabby

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:09 PM

Not will I Twinge. Nor will I. (But I WILL miss Fed)



Conspirator , 1/25/13 12:09 PM


zare , 1/25/13 12:11 PM

Good job Andy, keep it up

If Fed has to pull it off, he has to do it in 5, we better then hand the trophy to djoko on a platter .

I still feel match is on and its anybodys game still

sanju , 1/25/13 12:13 PM

If fed wins there will be a real dissapointment vis a vis the final's quality,
he just wont be able to hack it.

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:15 PM

Muzz in complete control now.

Not a good performance from both players actually. Federer seems sleepy and Muzz is playing a bit better but not his best anyway.

The key was the serving so far.

Judging by how they are playing Djokovic will surely cruise in the final.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 12:15 PM

Andy will not allow Novak to cruise on anything,
ferrer was a dodo

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:19 PM

I disagree. Muzz is playing with good agression and, as a result, is not aowing Fed a legitimate look. This is a very good match.

Conspirator , 1/25/13 12:21 PM

C'mon Twingey, don't that bias towards Muzz. If I I had to tell about how he is playing right now I'm pretty sure Djokovic will cruise.
Anyways, I really hope I'm wrong. I want the winner of this match to lift the trophy.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 12:22 PM

stats wise its is actually a rather special match, but there is some kind of lull at the from time to time.
Roger is unable to dictate the pace of the play

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:23 PM

Andys 1st serve % dropping a little and hes 0 30 down on his serve

spoke too soon

sanju , 1/25/13 12:25 PM

sloppy from Andy

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:28 PM

5 setter on the way

sanju , 1/25/13 12:28 PM


Conspirator , 1/25/13 12:29 PM

Fed supremely confident now and hitting groundies well

sanju , 1/25/13 12:30 PM

"C'mon Twingey, don't that bias towards Muzz. If I I had to tell about how he is playing right now I'm pretty sure Djokovic will cruise. .."

Well RIGHT now, at this moment yes....

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:31 PM

what is it with Andy and 4th sets?

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:33 PM

that was Feds `lob` moment ;)

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:37 PM

LOL. Federer played some horrible points in there.

Muzz in on the way again

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 12:38 PM

God pressure cooker of a match..the fans of both might have no nails left

Such a up n down match

I rem what nerves and craziness I went through last year in semi between Rafa and Fed ..Nervewrecking

sanju , 1/25/13 12:38 PM

which explains your weird `uh oh here comes the fed express` posts
lol Nadal fans are more fearful than Murray ones..

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:40 PM

Not a great match by any means.

nadline , 1/25/13 12:43 PM

Fisticuffs imminent.

nadline , 1/25/13 12:46 PM

Controversial point.. I think they should have replayed the point. It was horrible to give the point to Fed

sanju , 1/25/13 12:48 PM

The down the line backhand bullet by Murray in this game was out of this world

sanju , 1/25/13 12:49 PM

huge from andy

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:49 PM

Crunch time.

nadline , 1/25/13 12:49 PM

lol great point

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:51 PM

that was O-U-T

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:54 PM

I'm enjoying this match, not nervous. I always enjoy matches between the top four guys; they make each other work really hard. Actually, I was more nervous for Rafa last year for his QF match against Berdych, because I hoped he get past the QF stage, the stage where he failed twice in two consecutive years.

This fourth set is getting very interesting. I hope Murray can hang on and doesn't lose the plot.

luckystar , 1/25/13 12:54 PM

Too much tension in this set

sanju , 1/25/13 12:54 PM

Andy is improving again from wise he's gonig to go for it now.

Twinge , 1/25/13 12:59 PM

Federer serving sucked all night long. Muzz breaks again and serving for match.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 1:01 PM

dont f**k it up now Muzz.

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:02 PM

fed serving at 63%
72% on first serve that is not actually `sucking`

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:05 PM

uh oh!

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:07 PM

It sucked at key moments, I meant. Which is rare in him.

Tie break now. Interesting final of the match now.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 1:08 PM

What was that exchange on net. Fed said something to Andy... and got distracted ..?

zare , 1/25/13 1:08 PM

well at least andy gets a challenge :0)

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:08 PM

cant believe Andy couldnt serve it out. Reminds me of Novak Rafa final last year same stage..Novak ouldnt serve it out in 4h and we know how long the match went later

sanju , 1/25/13 1:10 PM

I was more nervous for Rafa last year for his QF match against Berdych, because I hoped he get past the QF stage, the stage where he failed twice in two consecutive years.
luckystar , 1/25/13 12:54 PM

Only because he was injured both times!

Watching this match, Rafa has nothing to fear when he comes back.

nadline , 1/25/13 1:10 PM

go away nadline
just go away

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:13 PM

If Murray lets fed win this, Djokovic will destroy federer in the final. Murray is the only one, with nadal away, that can dominate Djokovic.

willmw101 , 1/25/13 1:13 PM

Novak is laughing really loud, exactly what he wanted as this match will now last 4 hrs

sanju , 1/25/13 1:15 PM

Nole has unfinished business against Rafa. Typical Federer tiebreak.

samprallica , 1/25/13 1:15 PM

...again Nole in your head willma??? LOL!

zare , 1/25/13 1:16 PM

"...that can dominate Djokovic"

willma, dominate is a strong word :lol:

rfzr , 1/25/13 1:16 PM

no tb's for the 5th at least!

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:16 PM

Sigh... Fed wins the tiebreak again! Moral of the lesson, never goes to a tie break against Fed, unless you're Nole or Rafa. Not to worry, Murray can still win. Fortunately there's no tiebreak in the fifth set. Murray please don't lose heart!

luckystar , 1/25/13 1:18 PM

Calm now Andy and go for it!!!

zare , 1/25/13 1:19 PM

Federer can also dominate Djokovic, he beat the best Djokovic at FO 11, he beat him at Wimbledon last year, at Cincy final also. The London final was extremely close too.
Don't understand why you guys wash him out again Djokovic.

Hovever, I do agree that if he happens to win this match he will be really tired and DJokovic will win it for sure.
But I think the outcome will be the same if Muzz goes thru.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 1:19 PM

serving first is good too cmon Muzz!

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:19 PM

nadline Nadal still has Rosol to fear

tennis2011 , 1/25/13 1:19 PM

go away nadline
just go away
Twinge , 1/25/13 1:13 PM

The truth hurts!

nadline , 1/25/13 1:20 PM

OK.... first one for Muzza.... BREAKING TIME NOW ANDY!!!!

zare , 1/25/13 1:21 PM

Murray should win this. Just play steely aggression like he did in the USO final, and Federer generally tends to buckle in big five setters when the opponent is equal.

samprallica , 1/25/13 1:22 PM

No, Muzz won't be tired, as he actually spent very little time on court prior to this SF. If Murray wins this match, it may serve him well for the final, as he finally has a good workout against a top class opponent before the final.

luckystar , 1/25/13 1:23 PM

saying that Nadal or Murray can dominate Djokovic is lugubrious exaggeration Murray beat Djokovic in the final of Us open but that was after 5 sets and in the past 2 years Nadal has only beaten djokovic on clay

tennis2011 , 1/25/13 1:24 PM

federer is living up to his historic 5th set record at the mo ;)

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:24 PM


zare , 1/25/13 1:24 PM

Told you so, Federer's serving was sucking at key moments. Let's see if muzz can hold it now.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 1:26 PM

Nadline there is no need to inject Rafa into absolutely EVERYTHING,
Lets see who can handle the truth over the year,
Im up for it if you are (which i doubt)

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:26 PM

none of the top 4 dominate each other..wats with you ppl..a match here or there is an exception and there can be many intangibles in a particular match

sanju , 1/25/13 1:27 PM

its not only about being tired a 5 set match can also take an emotional toll on you

tennis2011 , 1/25/13 1:27 PM

3:0... yeeees,YESSSS!!!!

zare , 1/25/13 1:27 PM

Well on clay, Rafa does dominate Nole, that's the true (truth), no?

I see Fed goes the same way in the fifth set as in his AO/USO2009. Murray please hangs tough and finishes the job! I really want to see Nole/Murray final, knowing Fed would be too tired for Nole in the final if Fed wins here.

luckystar , 1/25/13 1:30 PM

Muzzercoaster special. What an excrutiating end to set 4. Well, st least no more T-Bs, which muzz usually wins, but this is fed. Come on now muzz, don't let off, go for the security break, so no tightness at the end.

alex , 1/25/13 1:31 PM

zare..its just 1 break..

sanju , 1/25/13 1:32 PM

its not only about being tired a 5 set match can also take an emotional toll on you

agree tennis2011..the mental n emotional stress can be too much i feel

sanju , 1/25/13 1:33 PM


zare , 1/25/13 1:34 PM

Perhaps murray got unusually anxious when he was about to win the match at 6-5, may be because he has never beaten fed in a slam? I hope he does not get affected in this set now. Anyway, credit to fed for playing sharp and aggressive tennis at 6-5 and then in the tie break. 3-1 40-0 andy now, fed is usually the weaker player in the 5th sets so let us see if muzz can close this one out. 2 games away now

vamosrafa , 1/25/13 1:35 PM

Its not the tireness or mental part.

Muzz played against an erratic Federer with no serving at all, and even tho, it still took him 5 sets to beat him. That's definitely bad news for him towards facnig Djokovic.

He definitely didn't play well today. He did served well indeed.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 1:36 PM

not again, for either player this has to end soon

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:37 PM

At 6:5... 15:0...for Andy.... Fed was on the net, Andy hit passing shot and got point. Fed said something to him, Muzza was surprised... and got broken at the end. Commentators on BBC HD were talking about it also.
One more trick from old Pinky???

zare , 1/25/13 1:38 PM

nadline Nadal still has Rosol to fear
tennis2011 , 1/25/13 1:19 PM

I am talking about a fit and healthy Rafa!

nadline , 1/25/13 1:40 PM more Andy... just one more!!!

zare , 1/25/13 1:41 PM

You know what Nadline i could just lay into you right now but I am going to let this pass, besides I dont want to upset the nice nadal fans who I really like.

Twinge , 1/25/13 1:41 PM

Does Muss believe. If he does, there is nothing Fed can do to stop him.

Conspirator , 1/25/13 1:42 PM

Wise words Twinge :)

zare , 1/25/13 1:42 PM

Zare If Fed said something to Andy then that will eventually come out . Didn't know you believe commentators so religiously.

Murray will min this as he was the better player from the baseline . Murray will fancy final agaisnt Djoker. Nole would rather meet Fed in the finals then Murray.

fedexal , 1/25/13 1:43 PM


Twinge , 1/25/13 1:45 PM

See you in the final!

samprallica , 1/25/13 1:45 PM

He believed. Well done.

Conspirator , 1/25/13 1:45 PM

Phew! Heavier weather than necessary buit at least muzz is through.

alex , 1/25/13 1:46 PM

Congrats Murray, finally beating Fed in a slam and now to the final! Well done! Congrats to his ardent fans twinge, deuce, ale x, ed....

luckystar , 1/25/13 1:46 PM

Murray takes it in 5. The writing was on the wall from the start. It was a strange match, because I don't know how Federer managed to take 2 sets playing like that.

nadline , 1/25/13 1:46 PM

Fedexal.... I am not calculated fan... never was...
Even if I think that Fed would be much easier opponent for Nole... Andy is my favorite.
Finale... Nole and Andy... better man will win!

zare , 1/25/13 1:47 PM

Tennis is in safe hands once Roger leaves his legacy behind . Well done Andy Murray. Its going to be a great match . I hope Andy recovers well. We want a great final.

Andy Murray was the better player and thank God he won. Congrats to AndyM fans . He has arrived .....

fedexal , 1/25/13 1:50 PM

Congrat to deuce, alex, twinge... AND ANDY!
Well done... he was MUCH better player today...

zare , 1/25/13 1:50 PM

Well done Muzz.

I hope he really rises his level and be able to put up a fight again Djokovic. As I said, going into a 5th set with Roger playing like he did it's not good news.

Let's see. I really hope he can lift the trophy, but I find it quite difficult.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 1:50 PM

Fed imploded in the 5th, sprewed errors, shanked all over

He did exactly the same against Rafa in AO 2009 final, that match was won set wise exactly the same way with a meltdown by Fed in 5th

Fed did the same meltdown against Delpo in USO 2009 final..again encore here

Murray has to be very proud that he has beaten both Novak and Fed now in 5 sets with a 6 2 core in 5th in a slam.

Advantage Novak for the final as winner of this match had to endure a lot and frankly Novaks playing better than Andy at the moment..but every day is a new day

sanju , 1/25/13 1:54 PM

No, andy is not the type of players who is always going to produce devastating performances. Andy's focus and concentration level can wary more than the other top 4 and he often responds according the challenge ahead. I am sure he will be even more focused and alert against djokovic.

Its virtually a coin toss between murray and djokovic

vamosrafa , 1/25/13 1:54 PM

BTW Fed's drop shots were pathetic today . And so was his serving......He took 2 sets just on the basis of his sheer will . I like Andy's FH . It looked a weapon unlike earlier.

Nole will be the favorite for the finals . But Andy's game matches well with Nole .

fedexal , 1/25/13 1:55 PM

Andy was the better player today, it would have been a travesty of justice if Fed had squeezed out a win.

nadline , 1/25/13 1:58 PM

Oh you lucky lucky neutrals.
Enough of a roller coaster for you alex..;)
Another monkey off Andy's back, I fancy.
Prepare! Attack! Destroy!

deuce , 1/25/13 2:11 PM

right enough with the `Prepare Attack...` stuff before you know it it will take over the hashtags littered around here ;)

Twinge , 1/25/13 2:14 PM

This is when you realize how big and legend Federer is, specially at slams.

At 31, with no serve at all and playing bad, he still took 2 sets out of Andy in his prime.
I know most of you hate the guy, but when Federer retires everybody will miss him.

Now, I hope Andy can give me a surprise and a smile on sunday!

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 2:17 PM

^^^I wont be missing him and Andy has JUST got started in the prime stakes.
Doesnt feel like a changing of the guard yet but i think it just might be the start of it.

Twinge , 1/25/13 2:21 PM

When Federer beat a legend 10 years older than him in 5 (in sampras) remember we never heard the last of it!

Twinge , 1/25/13 2:23 PM

Murray seems to be realizing something in the fifth set and it works. Fed gave him a lot of help but I doubt the old Andy Murray would've won this. Sunday will decide the best player in the world right now. Andy will be hard to beat but its advantage Nole!

samprallica , 1/25/13 2:28 PM

Congrats Andy! He deserved this match unreservedly, and despite the match leaking into a fifth set based solely, it seems, on Roger's will for it to be so, he displayed superior game, and similar grit, determination and heart to his opponent and deservedly emerged victorious.

Roger didn't play his best tennis for most of the night, and faded somewhat in the fifth, but I'm impressed with him as well. Somehow managing to eek out a couple of sets was a testament to his fight and mental strength. But Andy deserved the final result throughout the match, I think. He was definitely the dominant player.

I hope the final is a fantastic match, with brilliant tennis on both sides.

Champion7 , 1/25/13 2:38 PM

Hey deuce - feels good :-)

11-9 (including last 2 5-setters) :-)

Fed with footwear fot London 2018 Olympics ;)

alex , 1/25/13 2:42 PM

Roger played at a consistent level only showing his best when Andy let him. That's why it went five.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 2:47 PM

Congrats to all Muzz fans!!! The better player won today for sure. I think Andy should have put this away in three but he did not play the important points well enough against Fed!! You must ALWAYS play the important points well against Fed. Nadal does this quite well!! Thats why i miss him so.

However, I think Fed did well to get to the semis. He still plays great and I think had he served better today there is no telling how this match would go! But like I said from the beginning, Novak is the man to beat in this AO, that is without a doubt!! HE knows how to play the important points well. Novak is not one to mess about when serving for a set against a guy like Fed knowing that he is playing a lot better!! Murray really needs to elevate that element of his game, the mental let downs he is so prone too!!

Anyways, congrats to Murray again and his fans for beating Fed for the first time in a GSlam and reaching the final..........and i wish him all the best on Sunday!!

...........and Nadline I agree with you. Rafa has nothing to fear when he returns............I cant wait!!!!

Monalysa , 1/25/13 2:56 PM

By the way, what did Roger say to Andy at the net?! Apparently, reading the Roger Federer website, it seemed like he swore at Andy?!

Monalysa , 1/25/13 3:07 PM

^^^^he said something along the lines of...
`Good Luck Andy. Ive always secretly thought you were more talented than I, I hope you win on Sunday!`
Or something like that ;)

Twinge , 1/25/13 3:15 PM

Actually, what Federer said to Murray was "who do you think you are, Rafael Nadal?"

nadline , 1/25/13 3:32 PM

Beyond The Baseline ?@SI_BTBaseline
IF Murray wins on Sunday he'll hold 2 Slams & Olympic gold. And ranked No. 3. Can't wait for the cacophany of complaints re ATP rankings...

^^^...and a DISTANT third at that!


Conspirator , 1/25/13 3:35 PM

Rob Koenig ?@RobKoenigTennis
Interesting when you look at "Big 4" 5 set career record with ALL PLAYERS: Nadal 6th, Djokovic 7th, Murray 14th (after today) Fed 94th...

Here's the complete list:

Conspirator , 1/25/13 3:44 PM

oh dear and he was but 93rd the morn before
poor thing!

Twinge , 1/25/13 3:46 PM

So Rafa is still in the lead!

nadline , 1/25/13 3:47 PM

Australian Open ?@AustralianOpen
#Federer: "Maybe a day extra makes a difference. It's not back-to-back. He's had an easy run to here. Maybe he needed five sets tonight."

Conspirator , 1/25/13 3:47 PM

The only hope I have for Muzz in the final is that maybe Djokovic lost some rhythm after being 2 whole days off.

This happened to Federer in the last USO, he was playing great until Fish withdrew, he had 2 days off and then he was out of rhythm against Berdych.

It's the only hope I have for Andy, otherwise I don't see him beating Djokovic.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 3:55 PM

Congrats to Andy and his fans! (And Andy's my second fav player).

It is so great to see, gradually, that, with the right kind of help from Lendl but mostly through is own efforts, Andy is finally turning the corner on the first part of his career where his mental consistency was his major hurdle to overcome. Talent was never lacking. Each of the top four have had different kinds of major hurdles to overcome and I was always hoping Andy would his. I just hope he keeps on adding to his consistency and winning those matches that in the past would have stumped him. That Wimbledon defeat was perhaps a parallel to Rafa's 2007 Wimbledon (yes I know, I'm bringing Rafa into this but it fits imho). The Olympic victory and today's (first one at a slam) perhaps are a parallel to Rafa's 2008 Wimbledon, finally able to add the mental side to the tennis skills to get a win over the reigning grass player.

So what has Andy not yet done? The list is shrinking. Being even more consistent in critical matches and year-long... this is coming along nicely. Winning his second slam.... a matter of time if not Sunday. Wimbledon... seems to be just a matter of time, if not this year then one year soon. Now imagine if the 3 younger ones had all been born 5 years earlier.

chlorostoma , 1/25/13 3:58 PM

Really disappointed with Fed! Dont know what struck him tonight. His serving, drop shots and net play were awful.
Gotta admit Andy played well. So congratz Andy!!
Still I dont get it how Fed managed to win those 2 sets after playing such shabby tennis. I was really happy that he didnt went out in straights. His 5th set debacle was expected as he clearly seemed out of gas.
As for Andy, he did impressed with his baseline game but needs to work up on his 2nd serve to win more tight matches in the future. Also he should finish things off as soon as the opportunities present themselves. If Nole or Rafa would have played this Fed, they would have demolished him in straights.
As for Fed, I dont know what happened to his service. Got something to work upon in the season. Think, we Fed fans should now get more addicted to his defeats (which will be more often than before). But that was inevitable. Surely the age is catching him up.

abhirf , 1/25/13 4:00 PM

Really disappointed with Fed! Dont know what struck him tonight. His serving, drop shots and net play were awful.
Gotta admit Andy played well. So congratz Andy!!
Still I dont get it how Fed managed to win those 2 sets after playing such shabby tennis. I was really happy that he didnt went out in straights. His 5th set debacle was expected as he clearly seemed out of gas.
As for Andy, he did impressed with his baseline game but needs to work up on his 2nd serve to win more tight matches in the future. Also he should finish things off as soon as the opportunities present themselves. If Nole or Rafa would have played this Fed, they would have demolished him in straights.
As for Fed, I dont know what happened to his service. Got something to work upon in the season. Think, we Fed fans should now get more addicted to his defeats (which will be more often than before). But that was inevitable. Surely the age is catching him up.

abhirf , 1/25/13 4:02 PM

"It's the only hope I have for Andy, otherwise I don't see him beating Djokovic..."

Oh yeah of little faith.
Dont be such a sour puss, you made your point already what 10 times?
Andy shall be totally different Sunday,
And the shackles will be off now another monkey has been tossed from his back.

Twinge , 1/25/13 4:16 PM

Interesting match, enjoyed it.
Congrats Murray fans.

Set 4 was a thriller.

This match underlines the importance of having Fedal around, Ferrer-Djoker SF match was a shame for AO.

sabs , 1/25/13 4:21 PM

The beginning of year 2 of Lendl's coaching.

chlorostoma , 1/25/13 4:23 PM

I am pretty sure that that was the first federer murray match where both players knew that Murray was the favorite.

willmw101 , 1/25/13 4:24 PM

I hope you are right Twinge. I defintely want to see Andy beating Djokovic once again in a slam final.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 4:25 PM

Murray in his interview
''But I was playing well.
After the fourth set, you know, he went and took a toilet break and I had a bit more time to sort of think. You know, I'd put myself in a winning position and just had to think to myself what I'd done to get in that position and make sure I did it at the beginning of the fifth set.''
LOL, so Fed's toilet break worked in his opponents favour this time.

abhirf , 1/25/13 4:43 PM

@willmw, 1/25/13 4:24pm
agree with your post.

abhirf , 1/25/13 4:46 PM

Muzz was also the favourite in the semifinals at the Masters in London. So I guess this is the second time. And from now on, always.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 4:57 PM

Roger did well to get this thing to 5 sets. Murray was, I think, the better player throughout. And yes, the Ferrer/Djokovic match underscores the importance of Nadal to the top 4 dynamic. That match was a total disappointment.

cherylmurray , 1/25/13 5:17 PM

From the twittersphere, what Roger said to Murray and why...

"You f&@$ing stopped!" Thought Murray had stopped then restarted play off deep CC BH.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 5:21 PM

Congrats to murray he is better player today, serve is the key for fedex it deserted him but still his fighting spirit made it to 5th set, i like what i am seeing from fedex if he keeps up like this he may have shot at winning another wimby.

chenna21 , 1/25/13 5:28 PM

I told you... Fed said something... yer_embedded

zare , 1/25/13 5:44 PM

I still don't get it, why he shouted "f* stop" ? I can't remember that specific point.

Emiliano55 , 1/25/13 5:58 PM

Fourth 6:5... 15:0...for Andy.... Fed was on the net, Andy hit passing shot and got point. Fed said something to him, Muzza was surprised... and got broken at the end.

zare , 1/25/13 6:08 PM

So Prince of charming dropped "F" word again... like in match with Delpo...
I presume the 2013 Edberg Prize is already reserved for Fed :)

zare , 1/25/13 6:11 PM

I hope there is a more audible recording because Fed is not owning up to it. This is the cleaned up version according to Fed.

Q. You spoke earlier in the week about the good manners that exist between the players. There definitely seemed to be a bit of feeling between the two of you after 6 5 in the fourth. Can you talk about that. Was there an exchange between you?

ROGER FEDERER: I mean, it wasn?t a big deal anyway. We just looked at each other one time. That?s okay, I think, in a three and a half hour match. We were just checking each other out for bit.
No, I mean, that wasn?t a big deal for me. I hope not for him.

nadline , 1/25/13 6:38 PM

Fed Fans here in Colorado USA set our alarms to 1am to watch you and AM play. We cheered every good point and wish you had won. But we will always love you anyway. We love your artistic, elegance, strategy, and the way you move on the court! We record all of your matches and regroup to re watch them. Even though we will be tired all day, from rising so early, we are happy we were watching you!

Vitality , 1/25/13 7:26 PM

"That match was a total disappointment."

i simply can't agree. i enjoyed it thoroughly.

rfzr , 1/25/13 7:27 PM

nadline vulturing on everything not named rafa :haha:


rfzr , 1/25/13 7:29 PM

Tigger confirmed it in his very good summary of the match...

"Federer, with his back to the wall, barked and cursed at Murray; see him yell "You f---in' stopped" at Muzz here, after Murray hesitated on a close call in the middle of a point. "


Conspirator , 1/25/13 8:22 PM

^^^^big moron conspirator. arrogant smug. always complain.

whheeeeee this is fun

Twinge , 1/25/13 8:27 PM

It's kinda addictive. Once you start, it's hard to stop!

Twinge insult Sampras era. gamesmanship

Conspirator , 1/25/13 8:42 PM

I couldn't hear what Federer said, but I'm pretty sure he said something, because Muzz did a double-take.

All said, I agree with Roger. In a 3.5 hour match with stakes this high, one little altercation isn't the end of the world.

cherylmurray , 1/25/13 9:22 PM

netcord - email me if u want in final expert picks

RickyDimon , 1/25/13 9:23 PM

Congrats Andy and all the AM fans ;). I fell asleep during the first set, but woke at 5:5 (was it?) in the second and then succumbed again. But I will be ready for the finals :)). It's a very tough call, it's 50:50 but I hope for the Nole's 6th.

danica , 1/25/13 9:31 PM


You seem awfully quiet!..................

Monalysa , 1/25/13 10:23 PM

LOL zare jumping on Federer for possibly dropping the f-bomb once or twice, while the opponent he was playing averages 1-2 hundred times per match.

ts38 , 1/26/13 12:31 AM

Yes but Muzz directs the f-bombs to himself, not while he is yelling directly at his opponent.


Conspirator , 1/26/13 12:47 AM

^^^^ muzz always does it whilst berating himself, I have never seen him direct it towards an opponent. I think that's a pretty important difference. I'm not justifying muzz - I was the one who took a bit of flak on here from fellow muzzateers before the tourny for accepting that muzz probably deserves penalising for dropping the f-bomb - or to condemn roger who I consider a generally decent guy. But I was actually genuinely shocked, as I know many others were, to see such behavioyr from a statesman fir the game.
I don't mean to be cheeky but crankiness is a sign of age, a mark of frustration from one no longer able to perform as he did in his earlier years, just as impetous, unrestrained passion is in talented but immature youngsters.
Could it be that we are going to see mire of the outbursts that were a mark of roger's frustrations in his earliest years ... As he moves down te other side of the hill? It's easy to be super cool and unruffled when you're winning everything in site ... But not quite so simple to demonstrate ethereal qualities when you are once more subject to the limitations of mortals ... And conscious struggling to resist the realisation that your halcyon days are over.
... Amazing the wild conclusions people like me can draw from just one f-bomb! If I'm right off the wall no doubt I'll be hearing soon from irate fed fans:-)

alex , 1/26/13 12:56 AM

Where are you? You're due on about now! What did you think about our muzz then? Did you not think it was rather rafa-esque the way he dominated roger today :-D

alex , 1/26/13 1:07 AM

Murray always cried Fuck. It is counted how many times Murray has shouted, fuck!!

also Murray does appeal with an injury or a pain, when likely to lose. usual

If Roger performs them, anti will jump and joy and begin criticism as usual.

tennisnba , 1/26/13 1:24 AM


Are you a psychic? I have been catching up on all the comments. For what it's worth, I did try to stay up for this match. But I fell asleep after Andy won the first set. Then I woke up much later and saw that Andy was up two sets to one and it was 4-all in the fourth set. I promptly fell back to sleep again! So I woke up this morning and checked out the replay on espn2. I didn't check the score online. I wanted to see the rest of the match without knowing who won. When they skipped over the third set, I realized that it must have gone five sets.

It was great watching without knowing who won. I thought that Andy came out and served amazingly well. He was very sharp with his groundstrokes and aggressive. This was a very different Andy, as I expected. Considering that he wasn't really tested in this tournament, he looked very focused and played with purpose and conviction.

I am not a Fed fan and don't really like him, but I do respect how he fought to stay in this match. He was playing from behind all the way and that can take it out of a player. I do agree with those who said that he won those two sets on sheer will. But he did product some good tennis in parts of this match. In particular, at the end of the fourth set when he came on strong to win the tb. He really does know how to bring it in those tb's!

I don't care about what Fed said to Andy at that one point in the match. In the heat of the moment, it happens. I think it was all about Fed being frustrated. Some have said he is better than in 2005 - 2007. But that Fed would have been fit enough to go the five sets. But the effort it took for Fed to win the fourth set was just too much. He was just out of gas in that fifth set. I knew it was over when Fed was broken in his first service game. Andy stayed strong with his serve and that was it. Every player has to get older, even Fed. The five set match with Tsonga also took something out of hiim.

I do think that Andy was clearly the better player throughout this match. People can say that he should have gotten it done in straight sets or in four, but if you're not out there on the court then you don't know what it's like. Fed isn't easy to take out in a slam. Just ask Andy after this one!

I saw a more mature Andy in this match. He really seems to have come of age. Winning his first slam was so important. He came out without any fear this time. Fed was chasing him throughout the match, not the other way around.

Congratulations to all the wonderful Murray fans on this site for a match well played!
Andy needed this match to test him and get him to play some great tennis. He will be fit enough to recover well for the final. This was the only really tough match he has had. He will be ready.

Sometimes it's a disadvantage to have two days off. However, if Djoker comes out and continues to play stellar tennis, it's going to be a tough task for Andy. I do believe that this will be close. Either guy could win this one. These were the two who I expected to be there in the end. I never thought that Fed had a chance to win this slam.

We can look forward to what should be a great final!

Nativenewyorker , 1/26/13 2:46 AM

final expert picks -

RickyDimon , 1/26/13 10:10 PM

One poster said that murray never abused his rival;agree with him . what fed did was awful.

fedexal , 1/27/13 6:56 AM

^^^Teflon Fed will win the sportsmanship award again for the 10th time or whatever.

nadline , 1/27/13 8:59 AM

Well, as Fed is the only one of the top 4 repeatedly nominated by ATP ( I think Rafa has been nominated only once), obviously only he has the chance of winning the sportsmanship award. Clearly Muzza, Nole and Rafa are better as they never abuse their opponents nor are rude to the opponent's box. But I suppose gamesmanship of the sort Fed indulges in is also sports (games= sports), hence he is nominated for the award.

holdserve , 1/28/13 7:03 AM

Roger Federer latest is among the most unexpected, especially for a man raised in a country known for its benign neutrality: backroom power broker.

But after leading the ATP Tour Player Council as president the last three years, Federer has become a savvy student of the laws of political governance.

Much of Roger Federer's behind-the-scenes work this year has focused on persuading the four majors to share a larger piece of the revenue pie with players.
He has also lobbied that a larger percentage of prize money go to earlier rounds to rectify a growing income distribution gap.

That work has increasingly fallen on his shoulders, as Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, once Player Council members, left their leadership positions.

Take his pre-tournament schedule last month at the Masters event.

Under added security because of death threats, Roger Federer arrived on a Friday and discussed strategy with ATP player and board representatives till about 1 a.m.

He practiced the next morning, spent about 7 hours in meetings with various representatives of the Grand Slams and still attended the player party Saturday night.

On Sunday evening, he hosted three hours of meetings in his hotel room with the Player Council, ATP executive staff, and U.S. Open executives -- all before he struck a match ball.

"Roger has so many demands on his schedule and the fact that he is investing so much time into the player council and these negotiations shows his character and how much he cares for the future of the sport,"

doubles specialist and council member Eric Butorac of the USA wrote in a recent email. "I believe it is very unprecedented to have a top player so involved."

It's not just Roger Federer's time than matters. It's his clout.

"I think having someone like him on the council can be a big benefit, especially if you're going into important meetings with the Grand Slams," No. 3 Andy Murray said Saturday.

Reserved by nature, Federer has come a long way in understanding the needs and concerns of everyone from players ranked well outside the top 50 to doubles specialists.

Federer did not slip into the role of leader without some angst.

It is, like his precise shotmaking and fluid movements, a delicate balancing act. Demands can stretch on and on. The mind can become weary. Focus can waver.

Despite threats of a boycott and other hard-line tactics -- for tennis -- Roger Federer and his fellow players and ATP executives have shepherded successes.

The French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open each contributed a larger percentage of prize money to earlier rounds this season.

The Australian Open will do the same in January, and in a pre-emptive strike already announced the biggest year-over-year prize money increase in its history.

More important, Roger Federer said, is the "productive" dialogue taking place.

"I'm happy that we've gotten to the table with the Slams and been able to explain our case," he said.

At 31, Roger Federer is brushing up against the usual threshold when age undermines skill, which means every minute and every decision he makes counts.

In that regard, time management might just be the Swiss' biggest asset. He seems to have found a formula that works.

tennisnba , 1/28/13 3:57 PM

Nadal is a habit of dirty gamesmanship. usual fake MTO when other players winning.

bump to Rosol purposely. injury excuse when loses. annoying style. troublesome routine. selfish two-year-ranking. etc.

Djokovic takes timeout before murrey SFM. in US open. Djokovic already has 30 retire or more. when likely lose game. A shirt is torn after winning. annoying shout and silly dance.

Murray always shouts, fucking fuck!!!! when likely lost, And it is appeal of a pain or an injury.

As a custom. greatest sportsmanship guys.

tennisnba , 1/28/13 4:02 PM

Hey RogerLoverF, where is mention of your hero yelling at Murray during his hissy fit "You FUCKING stopped"???

As usual, you're an idiot.


Conspirator , 1/28/13 4:29 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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