• Murray closing in on semifinal

    1/22/13 3:57 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray closing in on semifinal World No. 3 Andy Murray looks to reach the final four at the Australian Open with a victory over unseeded Frenchman Jeremy Chardy. The winner advances to face either world No. 2 Roger Federer or world No. 8 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

    Third seed Andy Murray holds a 4-1 series lead over world No. 36 Jeremy Chardy. The players last met at the 2012 Masters 1000 Cincinnati, where a round of 16 match went to the Frenchman in straight sets. Wednesday marks their sixth straight hard-court contest.

    Murray made the quarterfinal after ousting 14th seed Gilles Simon in straight sets. The 25-year-old Scot converted eight of 15 break points through to a 6-3, 6-1, 6-3, 95-minute victory.

    "The Cincinnati match was disappointing from my side. I normally play quite well against him, but he's playing good tennis," Murray said.

    "He's had some big wins this week. He serves well, he's very aggressive off his forehand. His backhand is his weaker side, for sure.

    "He hits a lot of slice, doesn't come over it too much. He likes to come forward. He can be erratic, but when his game is on like it's been the last few rounds, he's a very tough player to play because he doesn't give you too much rhythm. And, yeah, he really goes for it."

    Murray is seeking his fourth consecutive semifinal at the Australian Open.

    Chardy is through to his first Grand Slam quarterfinal by virtue of his four-sets upending of 21st seed Andreas Seppi. The 25-year-old Frenchman struck 11 aces and 47 winners en route to a 5-7, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 success.

    "It's more difficult because it's tough to win three sets in a row against big player," Chardy said. "They have a chance to come back all the time, to change the game. I know I can beat everybody, so when I feel confident, I believe in me. Against (Juan Martin) Del Potro I played a very good match, so it was good for my head.

    "I think I have nothing to lose," the Frenchman added. "It's always easier when you have to play with nothing to lose. I can go for it and enjoy my tennis, enjoy the quarter, but stay focused because I think I have a chance to win. So I have to believe it."

    Prediction: Murray in four sets.

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Have to say I'll be surprised if it goes to 4, Kelly.

alex , 1/22/13 6:40 PM

Another blooming day match- oh what a surprise...not.
Let's Go Andy! Let's Go!

deuce , 1/22/13 7:32 PM

Why has Murray not been scheduled even once at night? Will he not be at a disadvantage against Roger having no night match? Conditions are dfferent at night.

sanju , 1/22/13 7:41 PM

Not been able to watch muzz live yet - explains the straightforward wins. Why put on a muzzercoaster when there's no deuce and alex on the sofa?
Btw deuce, did I read somewhere that you're now using a sofa for nole? Surely not!

alex , 1/22/13 8:03 PM

Lending sofa alex, just lending ...
And did I hear you are now a member of the VamosRafa brigade....hmm, hmmm?
sanju, if Andy and Fed should meet, Andy will indeed be disadvantaged playing his first night match.

deuce , 1/22/13 8:10 PM

muzz in 3 here. And yes, strange that muzz has not been given a single night match. Dont worry muzz fans, night conditions in oz open are significantly slower than day conditions, that might benefit andy ;)

vamosrafa , 1/22/13 10:09 PM

^^^^ maybe abhirf can explain


Conspirator , 1/22/13 10:29 PM

It's clear why Murray isn't playing night matches : They are saving the best matches for nights and the 'big draw' players for prime time. All of Murray's matches have been mismatches and he is not as popular as the 17 GS winner.

chr18 , 1/22/13 10:52 PM

I suppose you're right.


Conspirator , 1/23/13 3:34 AM

Of course he'll be at a disadvantage. The slams do everything within their power to help TMF win, remember?!

jean , 1/23/13 5:38 AM

Murray in straight sets 6-2 6-3 6-2

tennis2011 , 1/23/13 6:15 AM

what a stupid argument by chr18 and the conviction underlying his argument is absurd. Why does not the US open give all the night matches to the 17 time GS winner? Your argument would have made some sense had federer been given lets say 3 night matches and murray one, but giving all 4 day matches in this scorching heat to muzz is beyond ridiculous. In the past the top players have also been made to play one match in hisense arena too ! RG also places the top 3 or top 4 not always on philip chatrier !

vamosrafa , 1/23/13 6:20 AM

At least one of Murray matches should have been on Night time, so that he can get used to it. I feel it doesn't make much difference, He would be still ready for Fed SF if Fed qualifies.

RMadhu , 1/23/13 7:44 AM

Just caught the third set: Murray clearly on cruise control.

Now for the nitty gritty!

ed251137 , 1/23/13 7:57 AM

Well that was a lot easier than I expected. High 5s alex :)
Andy was moving like a dream, trying to retrieve everything, fire in his belly. Yay!
Morning ed, from freezing Britain to you in sunny Spain...sob...

deuce , 1/23/13 8:01 AM

Totally agree with most of the posters: it's not fair having Andy play all his matches in daytime. He is a Slam champ and deserves better treatment. Good thing is nothing seemed to bother him - he flew through his matches easily. So congrats for reaching the SF. ;)

danica , 1/23/13 8:33 AM

MELBOURNE: Australian Open officials have denied any bias towards Roger Federer after he was allowed to play most of his matches in the same evening slot on the centre court, when the weather is cooler.

Tournament director Craig Tiley dismissed notions of favouritism after British media reported disquiet in the camp of Andy Murray, who has played all his matches in the afternoon heat and switching courts each time.

Federer has played four of his five matches in the primetime TV evening slot at Rod Laver Arena, the tournament's centre court. The semi-finals and final will also be played in the evening.

He has also been seen practising at Rod Laver Arena before his matches, with Melbourne's Herald Sun tabloid saying officials had rolled out the "Fed Carpet" for the four-time champion.

But Tiley denied the popular Swiss was being given an easy ride.

"The players know what goes in with scheduling, it isn't a simple matter," he said, according to The Age. "I think we do a pretty good job of being fair. TV only has a contributing voice."

Murray, targeting his second straight major title, has alternated between Rod Laver and secondary Hisense Arena, and has commented that changing courts can disrupt a player's rhythm.

But Tiley said Murray had been poorly treated "only if you look through a narrow looking glass.

"But you have to look at all the variables, such as broadcast requests, the opponents they have had and Federer playing (Australian) Bernard Tomic last Saturday," he said.

Federer, who holds a record 17 Grand Slam titles, has been repeatedly rated as Australians' most popular athlete, according to one survey. He is on target to meet Murray in the semi-finals.

sanju , 1/23/13 8:52 AM

Congratz to Murray for reaching yet another semifinal in a major. He seems to be playing smart, expanding very less energy on court and finishing his matches quickly. This can only help his chances in the semis and the final, if he can qualify.

Yes, Murray should have played two or atleast one evening match. But, we all know how these things work. If the compare the respective matches of Fed and Murray in the previous rounds, its not very hard to guess which matches should have been in the prime time considering the potential entertainment value (in this case mostly based on the opponent they are playing against). But, I think, inspite of all that, Murray could have been given one evening match...

netcord , 1/23/13 9:24 AM

Andy Murray for

Twinge , 1/23/13 10:51 AM


Twinge , 1/23/13 10:53 AM

""I think we do a pretty good job of being fair. TV only has a contributing voice."

Honestly what a croc, embarrassing he can even state that with a straight face. I mean i get the groveling fedfans argument for sure and agree with it to a point. But Andy deserved a night match for fairness not just viewing figures!

Twinge , 1/23/13 10:56 AM

Cometh the hour cometh the man
Win or lose go out there fighting Muzz bear & do us proud.

Twinge , 1/23/13 2:12 PM

You cannot compare A.Murray and R.Federer when it comes to broadcasting preferences.
If it was RAFA instead of Andy, then by default it would have been a balanced schedule.
Superstars are Superstars, others cannot complain.

sabs , 1/23/13 4:14 PM

Enough with the fedal hype, no one is saying that Andy is a bigger draw.
I doubt Roger would have got top billing in the Sampras Agassi era either, but every day without a night match is the issue.

Twinge , 1/23/13 4:39 PM

deuce - I too am "lending" my support to rafa ... UNTIL of course he's playing tennis again ;)

alex , 1/23/13 6:10 PM

muzz's progress has been so easy and straightforward that, were he to lose to roger, it would be one of his most un-memorable slams in a long time ... surely it can't all end on Friday ???

alex , 1/23/13 6:16 PM

vamosrafa, 1/23/13 6:20 AM,

We should be used to comments like that from chr18. No matter what, simple fairness would dictate that Murray get at least one night match.

Nativenewyorker , 1/23/13 11:40 PM

NNY, vamos -
My thoughts were that Muzz's first round match-up with Haase was far more inviting than e.g. Roger vs Paire.
It could have been sold as the very first slam appearance of the world's newest slam champion against a pretty decent opponent, in the full knowledge that the draw later on would make for roger against kolya, tomic, raonic and tsonga - all of which would have been fair enough.
I'm not complaining though, as I'd have chosen muzz's draw, especially with the way it opened out, against roger's ... day or night.

alex , 1/24/13 11:37 AM

Fed and Paire was a day match. Hewitt got the night session for obvious reasons.

chr18 , 1/24/13 1:57 PM

In that case, no complaints then.

alex , 1/24/13 2:31 PM


I think Murray will be ready to handle it, even without having played a night match. Rafa's gone through it so many times. This is a different Murray. He's going to have the Lendl mentality going for him now.

I just wanted to say thanks for your support for Rafa. I always said that if it couldn't be Rafa in a slam, then let it be Andy. And so it was at the USO and the Olympics.

I am really missing Rafa, especially after watching that dreadful Djoker/Ferrer semifinal.

Nativenewyorker , 1/25/13 12:22 AM

NNY - thanks:-)
sooner rafa's back the better, even if he is muzz's worst match-up:-(
yep, ferrer, nice guy though he is, is nowhere near a replacement for him.
if muzz doesn't beat roger and make it to #2 - and tomorrow's match is a 960-pointer - then muzz could be stuck at #3 for quite a while, and that means there will be no good side of a lop-sided draw for him in the foreseeable future. get well soon, rafa, but when you get back just make sure you're on the other side of the draw from muzz;)

alex , 1/25/13 1:22 AM

Oh what a surprise, SOME Murray fans have found something to whine about. It doesn't matter that he's had probably the biggest cupcake draw to the semis in the past 15 years, now it's about the schedule.

ts38 , 1/25/13 5:42 AM

Federer had the easiest draw despite the cries of delusional Fed fans. They always claim he has a tough draw even though nobody in the draw has a decent head 2 head with him. He has had cupcake draws for years which explains his incredible quarterfinal and semi final streak. In any case this guy always gets to choose his draw so Fed fans can rest assured that as he rightly says ( till he meets the other 3), the match is on his racket. If for some reason, he doesn't play well, he loses in theQuarters.
Hope this guy retires soon. We can then hope for some fairness in draws and scheduling and maybe we will finally have a tougher anti doping regime and a working tennis integrity unit which is currently a toothless tiger.

holdserve , 1/25/13 6:15 AM

Fed has the easiest draw this tournament. Did it ever occur to you that Fed always has a sizable h2h against his early round opponents because there aren't people outside the top 8 who have a positive h2h with him? Pray tell me though, how is Haase, Souza, Berankis, Simon, and Chardy so much more difficult than Paire, Davydenko, Tomic, Raonic, Tsonga?

ts38 , 1/25/13 8:32 AM

So if you know that Fed has a sizable positive h2h against his opponents in his Quarter, why were Fed fans falsely claiming he had a tough draw? Also it was really hilarious projecting Davy with a 2-11 h2h, already injured in his previous tournament and never famous for fitness, as a tough opponent! Fed is 31 but with favorable scheduling and draws, he has an edge. How can he be threatened by Davy who is his contemporary and even in his prime wasn't a threat for Fed? And Fed is superfit. Also he has mind boggling amount of money and can focus on important tournaments thus conserving his energy apart from having access to the best fitness training and diet that money can buy.

holdserve , 1/25/13 3:05 PM

dont bother with this bozo Holdserve,
Justice has been served Today anyway.....

Twinge , 1/25/13 3:17 PM

Moron ts38.

Arrogant smug. Always complain.

Conspirator , 1/25/13 3:39 PM

moron Holdserve. arrogant smug. always complain.

tennisnba , 1/25/13 7:24 PM

Heated argument: Murray forced to play in afternoon sun again as row breaks out over favouritism towards Roger Federer

It means that should they meet in Friday night's semi-final in the Rod Laver Arena as the form book suggests is most likely then the Swiss will go in having had four consecutive matches under lights on the main court while Murray will have had none.

Some of Murray's team are said to have made their opinions known to organisers about what seems an unfair situation caused by the tournament caving in to the demands of television.

Federer will play French No 1 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga while Murray faces Tsonga's lesser-know compatriot Jeremy Chardy, and there is little question which would be the more attractive match for the neutral in the primetime evening slot.

Yet a fair distribution of matches is meant to be part of the equation and the latest Murray will have played in his five matches to date is just after 5pm, and that on the secondary Hisense Arena.

It makes quite a difference in pure tennis terms because the court on the Rod Laver Arena is slower than others around the Melbourne Park complex, and the balls tend to be less lively in the evening, making conditions quite different. Apart from anything, Federer has been shielded from what are, almost inevitably, hotter conditions during daylight hours.

Sources close to the Murray camp have confirmed to Sportsmailthat they are unhappy with the outcome but will not say anything publicly and will make the best of the scheduling.

This is not the first time when it appears tournament directors and their referees have been favourable to Roger.

who has more political clout than any player in the game and, it has to be said, is its most popular drawcard.

tennisnba , 1/25/13 8:04 PM

Andy Murray's camp fumes as Australian Open rolls out red carpet for Roger Federer alian-open-rolls-out-red-carpet-for-roger-federer/story-fndkzym4-12265 59604255

tennisnba , 1/25/13 8:06 PM

Easiest draw ever and still complains. jerk

tennisnba , 1/25/13 8:09 PM


Poor no brain. Always troll. Moron.

Careful RogerLoverF or your account will be suspended again.


#Tsk Tsk

Conspirator , 1/25/13 8:15 PM

moron conspirator. arrogant smug. always complain.


Twinge , 1/25/13 8:23 PM

cheater Twinge. always fake MTO. gamesmanship


Conspirator , 1/25/13 8:25 PM

f&&ker conspirator always cheater, scratching backside. no class

Twinge , 1/25/13 8:29 PM

boring Twinge never smile no flair 12-10 grumpy old coach

Conspirator , 1/25/13 8:39 PM

cheat conspirator wobbly knees always vamossing

lol I give up, you win!
My brains rotting doing this.
C ya Laterrrrr!

Twinge , 1/25/13 8:43 PM

quitter Twinge. carpet. Burp. meow

Conspirator , 1/25/13 8:46 PM


tennisnba , 1/25/13 8:55 PM

Holdserve. Nadal or Djokovic had a easy draw how many times? Nadal of the heyday played a game with old David Ferrar by SF and F how many times.

Prejudice moron

tennisnba , 1/25/13 9:03 PM

Yeah, Twinge is right, this gets tired after a while.

tennisnobrain, unless you can come up with some new material to make this more entertaining, you're gonna have to play with yourself.


Conspirator , 1/25/13 9:11 PM

Hope retires soon? lol

I hope Nadal retire soon.?arrogant gamesmanship. usual fake timeout. injury excuse when loses.

slow grass. slow hard court. clay. and the utterance which looks down on the past time

your Nadal is perfect? lol. arrogant moron

tennisnba , 1/25/13 9:15 PM

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3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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