• Del Potro in action, Simon meets Monfils

    1/18/13 5:02 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Del Potro in action, Simon meets Monfils Sixth seed Juan Martin Del Potro is back on court to face France's Jeremy Chardy for a berth in the round of 16. The Argentine is joined in third-round play by fellow seed Gilles Simon, who takes on compatriot Gael Monfils late Saturday.

    (6) Juan Martin Del Potro vs. Jeremy Chardy

    World No. 7 Juan Martin Del Potro leads world No. 36 Jeremy Chardy 1-0 in the series, having won their only previous match at the 2012 Masters 1000 Cincinnati.

    Del Potro earned a spot in round three after taking out Germany's Benjamin Becker in straight sets. The 24-year-old collected 22 aces and 50 winners through to a 6-2, 6-4, 6-2, 104-minute victory.

    "The last 33 Grand Slams were won by the same players. I know how tough it is to win a Grand Slam. But I also know the way to win a Grand Slam," the sixth seed explained. "I'm trying to do that this year. It could be my biggest challenge this year, winning another Grand Slam."

    Del Potro looks to make his fourth round of 16 at the Australian Open.

    Chardy made the third round following his four-set win over 30th seed Marcel Granollers. The 25-year-old is seeking his first round of 16 berth in Melbourne.

    (14) Gilles Simon vs. Gael Monfils

    World No. 16 Gilles Simon holds a 3-1 series edge against former world No. 7 Gael Monfils. The players last met at the 2012 event in Bangkok, where a quarterfinal match went to the 14th seed in straight sets.

    Simon passed into the third round with a four-sets victory over Canada's Jesse Levine. The 28-year-old Frenchman tallied 12 aces and 46 winners through 170 minutes of play. Simon will attempt to book his first Australian Open round of 16 since 2009.

    Monfils survived an extended second-round match with Chinese Taipei's Yen-Hsun Lu on Thursday. The 26-year-old Paris native struck 29 aces and 59 winners during the meeting, which ended 8-6 in the deciding set. Monfils looks to reach his second round of 16 at the Australian Open.

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Delpo down 3-0 in first set and taking a while to find his range.
Looking even more lethargic than usual, expect he'll find the right gear before long.

alex , 1/19/13 3:47 AM

Delpo loses the 1st 6-3.

abhirf , 1/19/13 4:15 AM

Chardy????????? Come on are we being punk'd?

chr18 , 1/19/13 4:21 AM

WTH is wrong with Delpo.

abhirf , 1/19/13 4:44 AM

If Delpo loses. Muzza's chances brighten. I am hoping Muzza wins the title if only so that morons like Tignor would eat humble pie and stop making sly remarks like samprallica.

holdserve , 1/19/13 4:46 AM

samprallica is one of the sanest posters on this forum. not like some delusional fanbois/gals.

rfzr , 1/19/13 5:08 AM

^^^ No, he's biased.

luckystar , 1/19/13 5:28 AM

I just came on here and checked the score and can't believe it! I haven't been watching the match, but something must be off with Delpo or else Chardy is playing out of his mind!

This would be a break for Murray. However, if Delpo can't deal with Chardy, was he ever going to be able to deal with Murray?


I agree with your comment @5:28 AM!

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/13 5:39 AM

two notorious fangals agreeing with each other :haha:

rfzr , 1/19/13 5:42 AM

^^ you fan boy of Nole, like sampralica? I see, no wonder you find him sanest!

luckystar , 1/19/13 5:50 AM


Was I talking to you? Guess what, I don't need your permission to agree with someone on this site!

Unlike yourself, lucky actually has something worthwhile and intelligent to say!

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/13 6:03 AM

So both Delpo and Cilic out of the AO in the third round, and both lost in five sets, what a coincidence! What happened to the two giants? I really don't expect this. So we have Chardy vs Seppi in the next round, who would have expected that?

luckystar , 1/19/13 7:31 AM

...and I was just thinking that there are no surprises on this AO... Gasquet out ...

zare , 1/19/13 8:13 AM

no, Gasquet won in 4. Bageled Dodig in the fourth.

danica , 1/19/13 8:17 AM

Nativenewyorker, you are not very bright, aren't you.

rfzr , 1/19/13 8:32 AM

are you ;-)

rfzr , 1/19/13 8:38 AM



Conspirator , 1/19/13 12:24 PM

What's going on in this match? We're told Simon didn't have any dinner earlier, is hungry for a bar of chocolate, his game has suddenly and enigmatically disappeared, and it looks like he's decided to just throw the fourth set, almost deliberately throwing his returns of serve out. There was one point in the 6th game where monfils seemed to say, "Well, if you're not going to try, then neither am I!" and they just kind of knocked it back to each other a few times until someone missed.

Commentators called it 'bizarre', but I've got a better word for it.


alex , 1/19/13 12:59 PM

All in all, despite his own fairly scrappy play, Saturday's been not a bad day for muzz ... first delpo, then cilic, now this ...

alex , 1/19/13 1:02 PM

^^^You make me laugh, Alex. Just hope that Murray's shoulder is OK. What happen to these guys? It's only the beginning of the season and Simon, maybe Delpo, are already looking lethargic. Why don't Simon just retire now, he's obviously suffering out there.

luckystar , 1/19/13 1:15 PM

luckystar, 1/19/13 5:28 AM "^^^ No, he's biased. "
Um, EVERYONE on this forum is biased. It's impossible for anyone on this forum to claim that they are a 100 % objective with regards to tennis. No one is.

tj600 , 1/19/13 1:39 PM

The simon-monfils match is probably the worst quality match I have seen so far. Simply hilarious.

tj600 , 1/19/13 2:14 PM

Zare you are an idiot. LOL

willmw101 , 1/19/13 3:38 PM

Well played chardy

tennis2011 , 1/19/13 4:11 PM

Did u guys see how many UEs were in the Simon/Monfils match?
Must be some kind of a Grand Slam record...;)
tj600, I had to give up, the third was too excruciating.

deuce , 1/19/13 4:31 PM

I started watching the match from the middle of the third set. I was at a loss at to what was happening seemed like both guys were down and out for most part of the match, at different points and then again sometimes at the same point..When one guy was down, the other guy seemed happy to help him come out of that situation...m really perplexed...can someone tell me what was really the matter with Simon and Monfils? The draw should never put them together in the same half, fearing a deadlock which nobody looks interested to break....

netcord , 1/19/13 5:24 PM

Well... watching results on iPhone in bus... Dodik is out, not Gasquet.. but that does not change the fact that willma is biggest imbecile on net... As I have said, go and die somewhere in swamps where you belong.

zare , 1/19/13 5:50 PM

rfzr , 1/19/13 8:32 AM

You don't even know how to insult someone, now do you? I am willing to let people read my posts and yours and make up their own minds as to our respective intelligence! :)

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/13 6:14 PM

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