• Federer faces Davydenko in Australian Open second round

    1/16/13 8:21 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer faces Davydenko in Australian Open second round Roger Federer will be back in action in Melbourne on Thursday. Up next for the four-time champion is familiar foe Nikolay Davydenko.

    Roger Federer and Nikolay Davydenko will be squaring off for the 20th time in their careers when they collide in round two of the Australian Open on Thursday.

    Federer is dominating the head-to-head series 17-2, including 13-2 on hard courts and 2-0 at the Australian Open. Both of their Melbourne encounters went to four sets; one (in 2010) ended 7-5 in Federer's favor and the other (in 2006) wrapped up in a tiebreaker. They most recently faced each other early last season in Rotterdam, where the Swiss prevailed 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

    Davydenko has not been at his best since 2009--when he won the World Tour Finals--and his 2010, 2011, and 2012 campaigns were borderline disasters. Out of almost nowhere, however, the 31-year-old Russian found his game of yesteryear and surged to the Doha final before falling to Richard Gasquet in three tight sets. Davydenko opened on Tuesday by overcoming Dudi Sela 3-6, 6-1, 7-5, 6-3.

    Federer did not play Doha nor any other warmup event, but he swiftly and decisively put to rest any questions about his form. The four-time Australian Open champion hammered Benoit Paire 6-2, 6-4, 6-1 in one hour and 23 minutes during first-round action.

    "It was two years ago I think he really struggled with his serve," Federer said of Davydenko, "but (it) seems like he's coming back around. I had a very close match with him in Rotterdam last year. Should have won in two; ended up being 4-all, love-40 in the third.

    "It's nice to see him playing well again. You're aware that he is a top player who can do a lot of damage. I better be well prepared and play well."

    The world No. 2 did just that against Paire, and there is no reason to think that anything will change in this one. Davydenko is playing well, but he is nowhere near what he used to be. Federer in straight sets is the pick.

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Just now watched highlights of their QF Clash 3 years ago... That was one great match with wonderful shot making.... Hope tomorrow's clash lives to that level...

RMadhu , 1/16/13 4:35 PM

I think Fed will lose a set. Davy is quite capable of that. It seems that temperature is going to rise tomorrow. This could also be a factor.

netcord , 1/16/13 4:59 PM

Feddy plays at night so heat won't be a significant factor for Feddy (nor will Davy).

However, Muzz WILL play in the heat of the day.


Conspirator , 1/16/13 5:32 PM

Feddy plays at night so heat won't be a significant factor for Feddy (nor will Davy).

However, Muzz WILL play in the heat of the day.


Conspirator , 1/16/13 5:36 PM

Fed in 4.

Emiliano55 , 1/16/13 5:56 PM

Respectfully disagree (unless you mean number of games for Davy). Fed has taken last 12 of 13 sets against Davy.

Feddy is actually the youngster in this match.

Fed in 3. Over/under 9 for no. of Davy games won.


Conspirator , 1/16/13 6:51 PM

Fed in 3 easy sets, another routine work-out. This ain't the kolya of 2-3 years ago.

alex , 1/16/13 7:09 PM


I have to agree with alex on this one. I would be quite surprised if Davy took a set off Fed. He has looked better recently, but back in 2010 he still looked and played like the Davy that could actually give Fed a match at a slam. I don't see that happening this time.

Nativenewyorker , 1/17/13 5:41 AM

Roger is dressed for the shoes!

nadline , 1/17/13 9:14 AM

Routine straight sets win. Next with Bernard Tomic should be interesting... I feel Fed in 3 tight or 4 entertaining sets.

RMadhu , 1/17/13 11:33 AM

kolya was behaving like koala

croc , 1/17/13 11:57 AM

Tomic doesn't have a chance of taking a set off Fed if he played like he did today. The only reason he won was because the other guy choked in the important moments. Also, Brands is a slower mover around the court and could barely get any proper returns back in play, even on average first serves from Tomic. You can bet your house on it that Fed won't be doing that.

jrbro4 , 1/17/13 12:14 PM

Tomic doesn't have a chance of taking a set off Fed if he played like he did today. The only reason he won was because the other guy choked in the important moments. Also, Brands is a slower mover around the court and could barely get any proper returns back in play, even on average first serves from Tomic. You can bet your house on it that Fed won't be doing that.

jrbro4 , 1/17/13 12:18 PM

^^ Fair point that. On a lighter note, I remember Mats Wilander saying he would bet his house on Federer beating Djokovic in the semis of AO 2008. Wonder what happened to that house.

samprallica , 1/17/13 12:44 PM

I think Mats is a bit too much Fed-orientated for my taste. Fed may be my favourite player, but that doesn't make me blind to the abilities of others. By the way, probably not the best example comparing Tomic to Nole. By the time Novak played Fed in the 2008 AO semi-final, he had already beaten both Nadal and Fed to win his first Masters trophy in Montreal the year before, as well as push Fed pretty hard in his first Slam final, the 2007 US Open. Don't think Tomic is anywhere near that credentialled yet.

jrbro4 , 1/17/13 12:55 PM

Fed in 3 over Ginan'Tomic. Tomic might win 11 games.


Conspirator , 1/17/13 1:56 PM


I agree. Even if Tomic actually gives it his all, this should be a routine straight sets win for Fed.

Nativenewyorker , 1/17/13 5:45 PM

Yep , have to agree. Who knows, if the ozzie crowd really get behind tomic they might just lift him to squeeze a set out of roger, but that would be the max.

alex , 1/17/13 8:10 PM

Crowd will be pro-Fed.


Conspirator , 1/17/13 9:08 PM

I expect the ozzies will warm to their enfant terrible eventually, a bit like muzz at SW19.

alex , 1/17/13 11:47 PM

Just watched the Tomic match. Pretty high level and he's now won 76 consecutive service games so perhaps a bit more respect is due. Let's raise the over/under on games to 13 but Feddy won't surrender a set in this one.

Again, none of these guys outside the top 10 are a factor when considering draw difficulty for the top 3. That's why Muzz has the toughest draw. Delpo is a significantly bigger threat than Tsomga.


Conspirator , 1/18/13 12:24 AM

What happened to the delusional Fed fans who claimed Davydenko would be tough for Fed? Probability is a great tool. For predicting outcome of matches between players who have been playing each other for ages and one is ranked #2 and is current Wimbly winner, probability is like an oracle. No chance for Davy.
It is not of much use in predicting outcome of Fed-Tomic because Tomic is so young and his game, physical strength, experience, emotional maturity are all likely to be on the upswing and till we see him play Fed, we cannot predict how far he has come.

holdserve , 1/18/13 4:13 AM

Conspirator , 1/18/13 12:24 AM

I think even if Tomic comes out playing well, Fed will just raise his level of play enough to take care of business. Fed knows that Tomic has an unconventional game, can be brash and arrogant and full of himself. He also knows that Tomic will come in wanting to do well in front of his home crowd. He is the clear underdog and shouldn't have the pressure of expectations.

Fed knows that Tomic could be a bit of a problem, so I expect him to be ready.

Nativenewyorker , 1/18/13 4:19 AM

holdserve, going by your logic, Murray has a breezer of a Quarter finalist in Delpo (5-1 H2H).
@conspirator, well the toughness of the draws are largely relative. But the bias here goes on to extremes. If Nole/Muzz creampie their opponents it's due to their excellent game and if Fed routines out his opponents then it is due to his weaker opponents and not due to his excellent tennis. I would really like to put up a question- who would have made Fed's draw tougher than he has?

abhirf , 1/18/13 4:38 AM

^^ sorry. I meant 'who could' have made Fed's draw tougher ( Name the tough opponents)

abhirf , 1/18/13 4:42 AM

Take it as a compliment, abhirf. All these mean that there're not many out there that'll trouble Fed on the hard courts. It's just like people saying Rafa has cupcake draws at RG; to me no draw is a difficult draw for Rafa at RG. Anyway, you can count with your fingers who can trouble or beat Fed on the hard courts and in a slam. Less than five maybe - Rafa (not here), Nole, Berdych, Delpo - and I've to add Murray even if he hasn't done it yet.

So, easy or difficult draw, I expect the top three to make it to the SF stage. It'll be interesting to see who'll make it in Ferrer's quarter. Poor Ferrer, almost everyone doubt him, but he managed to reach the SFs on a few occasions on the hard courts, in 2007 USO, 2011 AO and 2012 USO, so he may do it this time too.

luckystar , 1/18/13 5:06 AM

abhirf, please read my post:
Conspirator, 1/18/13 12:24 AM
For my answer to your question. Delpo in Murray's qtr instead of Tsonga in Feddys qtr makes Muzzs draw more difficult. Anything before qtrs for top 3 is glorified practise as none outside the top 8 pose a realistic threat nor even a drain on their energy in later rounds.

Fed got a tough draw only in the sense that Muzz is in his half. Delpo in his qtr would have made it tougher. Delpo has the best chance outside the top 3 to win.

Respectfully, please don't put words in my mouth. As with muzz and Nole, it's Feds talent that will give him his bye to the SF, not an easy draw. But he doesn't have the toughest draw. Muzzard does.

Man Stepanek is ugly!!!!


Conspirator , 1/18/13 5:18 AM

As predicted, Feddy gets his second consecutive night match whereas Muzzard will play his third consecutive day match on Sunday.


Conspirator , 1/18/13 5:23 AM

abhirf, you have no logic.
How can Davy be compared with Delpo?
Davy is past his prime, not fit, unseeded.
Delpo is in his prime, top 8 seed , winner of a grand slam. In fact he is likely to see his best years going forward having just turned 24. He can improve dramatically like Nole and Muzza did.
Since Fed controls ITF/ATP/grand slams, his draw will only be as tough as he wants it. The only unpredictable element in his draw is Tomic. Obviously Fed thinks he can beat Tomic.
Fed has stated openly that he wants to play with several generations. What he implies is that he wants to beat the best of several generations so he will long be held in awe.

holdserve , 1/18/13 5:55 AM

^^ I didnt compared Davy to Delpo. Was just telling you how your probability factor didnt mean much going into a much. You were hell bent on pointing Davy's h2h rather than his weakness. I'm glad that Fed was off the mark right from the start, else he would have went on to lose the 1st set. That's what Davy can do. Fed just broke his spirit by being too good. I dont think that Muzz would have preferred Davy as a 2nd rd opponent.

abhirf , 1/18/13 6:27 AM

@Conspirator, 5:23 am Murray didnt got the luxury coz he's not facing Tomic in the 3rd rd. Tomic vs Fed had to be a night session match. That was evident from the moment the draws were out.
Thanx for clarifying opinions regarding draws.
Regarding Qf opponents, I have already posted on the draw analysis thread that all (top3) have been lucky to avoid their big headaches in the QF's : Nole avoiding Tsonga, Fed and Muzz avoiding Berdych.

abhirf , 1/18/13 6:40 AM

@lucky, agree with your post.

abhirf , 1/18/13 6:47 AM

probability says that if a man has an adverse h2h and is past his prime and is ranked 40 or so, it is highly unlikely that at this age and with his present form he will beat the number 2 player against whom even in his heyday he had 2-11 h2h.
Your logic is totally bogus.
None of the top 4 have any need to fear Davy in a grand slam, especially not after he already showed signs of injury in an earlier tournament. Fitness isn't his strong point.
Only delusional Fed fans claimed he was a threat because he was in Fed's Quarter. Had he been in Muzza's Quarter, you would have viewed him objectively and dismissed him as a threat.

holdserve , 1/18/13 8:31 AM

^^ i didnt applied my logic. It was all your logic. So thanks for proving that your logic of h2h was a bogus one. You didnt mentioned the other aspects before and basing everything on a mere h2h.
And tough draw doesnt mean elimination. I dont think any top guy would like to spend much energy in 1st week and thus will not like opponents who can keep them on court for long. And Davy is still a much better player than Harrison and Co.

abhirf , 1/18/13 9:24 AM

^^ and Davy is definitely much better than Sousa.
And I have never posted about Muzz having easy draws except this time where it has been relatively easy. I have always admitted that Muzza gets the toughest draw among the top 4. But this time it is much easier for him.

abhirf , 1/18/13 9:31 AM

lol. arrogant Prejudice hypocrite holdserve

tennisnba , 1/18/13 9:40 AM

I am interesting. If this Roger's draw is Nadal's What do you write?

Nadal played a game with old David Ferrar in the GS or MS of SF and Final how many times? ?Nadal has many easy draws.

Djokovic of US open and this time is the same.
The pattern of the Roger Federer with Andy Murray

Prejudice smug hypocrite holdserve.

tennisnba , 1/18/13 9:45 AM

Roger and Delpo are playing a game 8 times by the SF, or QF last year.

tennisnba , 1/18/13 10:09 AM

Roger is a player who will be 32 years old this year. He has already old and decline.

Many contemporary players of his also already retire.

The prejudice of this holdserve and arrogant subjectivity are sick.

tennisnba , 1/18/13 10:16 AM

abhirf -

stargely, I agree with you re- roger having toughest draw.

A 7-round slam draw cannot be viewed as a whole, but in stages.

Week 1, muzz and nole (in that order) have it the easiest, followed by roger. Buit lets face it, there's nothing there to seriously test ANY of them.

If seedings hold, its week 2 where things start to really hot up, and muzz for the last 3 rounds overall has it the toughest, followed by roger, then nole.

However, we all know that in the current top-4-dominant (with rafa) climate it's the final week where slams are won and lost, and of the top three roger does indeed have the tougher last 2 rounds between him and muzz.

Think about it, who would you rather meet in the SF right now ... roger or muzz?

Yes, I think I agree with you ;)

(If only it weren't for delpo!)

alex , 1/18/13 11:08 AM

^^^ Well said Alex!
BTW... congrats for Laura R. Wooow... she was icecold during that decider...

zare , 1/18/13 1:04 PM

@Conspirator, 5:23 am Murray didnt got the luxury coz he's not facing Tomic in the 3rd rd. Tomic vs Fed had to be a night session match. That was evident from the moment the draws were out.

abhirf, 1/18/13 6:40 AM

Of course I agree with you that that makes sense for Fed-Tomic to be in prime time. However, I also agree that it was evident so therefore, fair planning on some level should have given Muzz a night match in round two with perhaps Fed playing his day match in round two but that would make too much planning sense at all, no?

holdserve, I'm jealous man -- when you have tennisnba calling you prejudice and arrogant, you're doing something right!!! I can't get a rise at all. :(

tennisnba, meds are wearing off again and the rays are infiltrating your RF tinfoil had. Also, what happened to your (almost) perfect English?


Conspirator , 1/18/13 2:01 PM

abhirf, your post proves: there is no use presenting arguments to a delusional Fed fan.
I am interesting.
tennisnba , 1/18/13 9:45 AM

Sorry, you are not.

holdserve , 1/18/13 2:11 PM

@Conspirator, both Fed and Andy played their 1st rd matches in the day session on Rod Laver Arena with Tomic in the evening. 2nd rd is where they could have placed Fed or Andy on the Margaret Court arena in the night session. But I guess that would have proved a bit unfair on the women's draw.

abhirf , 1/18/13 5:15 PM

No, abhirf, they could/should have given Andy the second round night match and put fed under the sunlamps knowing that Fed would likely be getting the 3rd round night match vs Tomic.

Poor Muzz...


Conspirator , 1/18/13 5:46 PM

@alex, yup. Fed to face Murray is a tough proposition than Murray facing Fed. And I think that Delpo is the one who's got the toughest draw.

abhirf , 1/18/13 5:48 PM

@conspirator, maybe he will get it in the 4th rd or Qf.

abhirf , 1/18/13 5:50 PM

Nah, Chardy's draw was even tougher.

abhirf, 1/18/13 5:50 PM, maybe but only if Fed does too. Perhaps he'll get a night match in the semis. ;)

Conspirator , 1/18/13 5:58 PM

abhirf - I was about to agree and add "but then cilic has it harder than delpo ... But then ..."
But conspirator beat me to the same point.

Delpo is showing good signs, yes, but not enough to put him amongst the seriois contenders.

alex , 1/18/13 6:14 PM

Zare - thanx. And yup, laura amazing.

alex , 1/18/13 6:18 PM

Zare its really weird when you are rude and racist on one thread and then perfectly nice on another. Bizarre and a bit sad. Try and be nice to everyone rather than having insane grudges against your "internet friends".

willmw101 , 1/18/13 8:16 PM

holdserve and Conspirator. thanks for The comment. lol

tennisnba , 1/19/13 4:52 AM

And if Roger loses early, You will say that he had a tough draw?


You insult Roger Federer that weak time king as usual. right?

Heyday Murray of 25 years old is a draw tougher than 321year-old old Roger Federer?


tennisnba , 1/19/13 5:01 AM

Oh, sorry. 31yearsold

tennisnba , 1/19/13 5:08 AM

Roger and Del potro are playing a game 8 times by the SF or QF last year.

Nadal played a game with old David Ferrar in the GS or MS of SF and Final how many times. Nadal has many easy draws.


tennisnba , 1/19/13 5:14 AM


Conspirator , 1/19/13 5:22 AM

Del potro.. seems to have a problem in condition. He is likely to lose today. ?When playing a game with Roger Federer, he is in the almost best state.

lucky Murrey.

tennisnba , 1/19/13 5:28 AM

tennisnba go crawl back under your rock with scrotracker and racist pennster.


Conspirator , 1/19/13 5:42 AM


Conspirator , 1/19/13 6:46 AM

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