• Brisbane - Murray, Dimitrov collide in title match

    1/5/13 4:50 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Brisbane - Murray, Dimitrov collide in title match World No. 3 Andy Murray will be looking to win his 25th ATP World Tour title, as he takes the court against first-time finalist Grigor Dimitrov. The players are slated to contest their second career meeting on Sunday.

    Defending champion Andy Murray holds a 1-0 series edge against world No. 48 Grigor Dimitrov, having won their only previous meeting at the 2011 Thailand Open.

    “(Dimitrov has) obviously played well this week,” Murray said. “I think he served pretty well the majority of the week.”

    Murray advanced to the final after playing an abbreviated match against fellow seed Kei Nishikori. The 25-year-old had built a 6-4, 2-0 advantage when the fifth seed retired with a left-knee injury.

    Murray is seeking his 25th ATP World Tour title on Sunday.

    Dimitrov made his first ATP World Tour final following a three-sets victory over former World No. 8 Marcos Baghdatis. The 21-year-old Bulgarian struck 12 aces en route to a 6-3, 5-7, 7-6(5) win.

    “I have nothing to lose tomorrow,” said Dimitrov. “Whoever I play, I just want to go out there and compose myself and say, ‘Okay, it's your first final. Don't be nervous, at least.’ I think it's going to be a good match. It doesn't matter who I play.”

    Prediction: Murray in three sets.

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Nice to see Dimitrov in a final, finally. I hope he can live up to the expectations that are on his shoulders. This guy plays really good tennis.

Emiliano55 , 1/6/13 12:06 AM

Agreed. I hope he can give Murray a match. I hope this is going to be a breakout year for him.

chr18 , 1/6/13 1:53 AM

It is nice to see Dimitrov with a good result. He has so much potential, but hasn't been able to realize it.

This is a good way to start out the new year.

Nativenewyorker , 1/6/13 2:49 AM

Well played Andy :)
Let's Go!
alex, if u read this, I saw highlights of Milkman match and I too thought it looked terrific. In one of the rallies they played every shot in the book. Andy really nice to M. at the end of the match too.
A upset at end of this, sad.

deuce , 1/6/13 7:35 AM

Deuce: Haven't been able to see any of this week's tennis till now but got up at 5.00am to watch the final. High quality match but a little too much tension for this hour of the day for my liking! Dimitrov made Andy work for that title. Do you know who Andy dedicated the trophy to - clearly somebody who means a lot to him?

ed251137 , 1/6/13 7:44 AM

Congratulations to Andy on this win. I will wait for the replay on the tennis channel at a decent hour. From the score it looks like Dimitrov made a match of it. I look forward to watching it.

Murray has his first win of the year and that's always a good thing.

Nativenewyorker , 1/6/13 9:20 AM

Hi ed! Nice to see you and a Happy New Year.
A friend back home who is seriously ill. Andy has been up and down this week and am wondering if this has been on his mind. In tears at the end of the match.
Really glad to see Dimitrov emerging, seems to have beefed up his serve and forehand. I find him such an elegant player.
Top 20 looks tired and needs a shake up, come on you kids!

deuce , 1/6/13 9:49 AM

deuce, the reason he was in tears was because Ross Hutchins has Hodgkins Lymphoma. They're best friends. Very sad :-(.

racquet , 1/6/13 2:05 PM

Oh racquet, how sad. No wonder Andy is upset. Horrid news.

deuce , 1/6/13 2:43 PM

sad news. best of recovery for hutchins!

much more success for murray in 2013 i wish for deuce and his other fans!

croc , 1/6/13 3:34 PM

Oh Dear! How sad.

nadline , 1/6/13 3:40 PM

very sad. hope ross recovers soon. Good win for murray, and I think he definitely has some big things planned for 2013. I was also particularly impressed by dimitrov and his game. He has an incredible slice, and has a lot of variety. I would certainly prefer to watch him play, as opposed to say a raonic. I hope he achieves his full potential in the coming years.

tj600 , 1/6/13 4:21 PM

I prefer Jerzy boy among these young guns. Next it's Tomic. I feel that these two guys have good tennis brains while I feel Dimitrov plays with instinct. I always prefer players with good tennis brain to start with.

I'm glad Murray wins this one even after a sluggish start. Good that he exerts his authority over a young gun, indirectly telling him he's not there yet to challenge the top guys!

luckystar , 1/6/13 6:09 PM

I watched the replay on the tennis channel today. I was quite impressed with Dimitrov's play in this match. It made me wonder why he hasn't been able to get it together and do this more often. He's certainly got game. Murray had to raise his level of play to get this win. That's a good thing for him as he works to get into good form for the AO.

I think that Dimitrov sometimes rushes his shots. He played a few bad points late in the first set when it was 6-5 in his favor. He even had a set point. I think he rushes his shots and then makes errors. I agree with lucky that Dimitrov seems to play with instinct and not with his brain. But this kid has so much potential and hopefully he will have some good results this year.

Murray did very well to get this win in two close sets. I don't know Ross Hutchins but it's always sad to hear that someone has Hodgkins Lymphoma. It has to hurt if it's your friend.

Nativenewyorker , 1/6/13 9:28 PM

I also feel that Harrison and Goffin have the all round game. So, I feel these five guys - Jerzy, Tomic, Harrison, Goffin and Dimitrov - together with Raonic, Kei and Dolgo will form the top layer for the next generation. There're Klizan and some others too.

luckystar , 1/7/13 2:28 AM

Dimitrov has way more talent than everyone in that group.

RickyDimon , 1/7/13 3:52 AM

^^^ Please define 'talent'.

luckystar , 1/7/13 4:53 AM

Great start of the season for Andy! Congratulations!!!
As for Ross, I hope he can recover fast and completely like Alysa Kleybanova. /

danica , 1/7/13 5:11 AM

I feel that Dimotrov has the speed, not unlike Fed. Contrary to what some believed, Fed won his matches due also to his speed. If not, he won't be that very much better than say Haas, or Hewitt or Roddick, for example. When the three guys, Rafa and company, enter the scene, they're able to match or even surpass Fed in their foot speed, and so Fed didn't have much advantages against them.

Among the younger batch, Dimitrov moves the quickest. If he can apply more patience and more tennis brain, then he should be better than any one of those young guys of his generation. He has to make full use of his speed and ball striking abilities though when playing against thinkers like Tomic, or an unorthodox but quick moving Dolgo.

luckystar , 1/7/13 5:16 AM

potential to be great

RickyDimon , 1/7/13 6:11 AM

Oh my word..find myself agreeing with Ricky AGAIN...eek. Goes off to give self a stern talking to......;)
lucky a couple of those guys, Kei and Sasha, aren't really that young, only in tennis terms I mean, and of those two kei seems very injury prone and of course Sasha has a chronic illness. You've got to be so strong to survive in men's tennis these days.

deuce , 1/7/13 8:31 AM

I agree about Kei and Dolgo. Among this group of youngsters, I feel that Dimitrov and Harrison have the speed and the game for success. They need to put in the efforts of course. I like Jerzy's game a lot but I think for a tall guy like him, he may have injury issue. Tomic has a good tennis brain but not the movement and I'm not sure he'll put in the necessary efforts to become a top class player. Raonic doesn't have good movement and his game is still one dimensional though he's trying to improve his game. Goffin plays like Davy, IMO but I feel the limiting factor for him is his size.

I do agree that Dimi is the most likely to succeed among these guys, given those qualities that he has.

luckystar , 1/7/13 1:52 PM

^^Dimmy has yet to get a title under his belt.
Just because he plays like a certain other player,
doesn't mean he going to achieve like that other player.
Besides Novak and Andy probably won't be going anywhere for at least 4 years.
And they are more than used to the real thing at this stage.
Once Rafa Novak and Andy retire it shall be weak era time I expect,
until the next big `thing`appears.

Twinge , 1/7/13 2:32 PM

We need someone unique too.
I know a lot of people say Rafa Novak and Andy's games are the same, but that is not accurate at all.
The have a number of basic similarities in some respects of course but lets get one thing clear.
No one really plays tennis like Andy Murray. No one ever has in fact.
He's unique and thats why i find him so fascinating to watch.
Raonic Dimmy Tomic remind me of other better playesr all the time.
Still with the game getting older perhaps they shall become there own players in their later 20's.
Or just....disappear.

Twinge , 1/7/13 2:38 PM

I meant `players`
and `their own`

Twinge , 1/7/13 2:43 PM

'Still with the game getting older perhaps they shall become their own players in their late 20's..'

Well, looks like that will be the case, as I don't think they're as talented as Rafa/Nole/Murray. None of them is in the top ten now and they're no longer teenagers. Rafa, Nole and Murray were already in the top ten while still in their teens. With those three still in their prime, the next batch won't be getting near the top in the near future.

luckystar , 1/7/13 3:59 PM

I agree,
Andy already had 6 titles, (inc a couple of masters) & a slam final in his bag at Grigor's age.
Nevertheless Andy is 26 this year, only now is he getting into it as the (almost) finished article so this is the new pattern going on, so there's hope for the not so young up n comers.
But if Raonic and Dimitrov are the future its still quite a way to go yet before we can be sure.
And a very steep up curve shall be required before i'm convinced.

Twinge , 1/7/13 5:46 PM

Lucky/twinge i agree.
As much as anyone, i am always looking for the emergence of more new potential slam winners, but the longer the time goes on the more we tend towatds hopeful thinking.
I could add that murray was just 19 when he began his habit of beating an in-his-prime federer, and muzz was the slowest developer of the current top 4!
I was shocked read that at 21 dimitrov is the youngest player in the top 50.
This is not good for those awaiting new powers to emerge.
Meteors do happen, but that's what it's gonna take for things to change at the top of the men's game in the near future.

alex , 1/7/13 7:18 PM

Not talking breaking into top 10 just yet but surely Dimmi (lol Twingey) and Atomic are capable of top 20 this year, if Raonic/Kei are?
Yes, top 4 are astonishing in terms of talent/physicality etc but am sure further down the old platelets will shift.

deuce , 1/7/13 8:04 PM

For me, Rafa plays tennis like no one else. He does remind me a lot of Borg, but Rafa is even stronger physically and has his own unique shots. He's like the advanced, new generation, new age version of Borg. I am also grateful that he is still playing. He didn't walk away like Borg. Even with all the injuries, he has persevered.

As far as the young players who are up and coming, I don't see anyone even close to the top four. I think that we have been blessed to be in another golden age of men's tennis. We may not see anything like it again for some time.

Nativenewyorker , 1/7/13 8:24 PM

Ramborg :-)

alex , 1/7/13 9:28 PM

Rafa's whipped forehand killer is totally unique. A thrilling shot to watch. Lesser mortals like verdasco have sought to emulate it but just aren't on the same plane.

alex , 1/7/13 9:31 PM


Ramborg! Too cute! I agree with you about Rafa's whipped forehand! Unbelievable!

I also wanted to agree with Twinge about Rafa, Andy and Nole's games not being the same. I think that is something that doesn't get the attention it deserves. They are lumped together as though their games are alike. Nole has basically no weaknesses in his game. He can beat you from both wings with his forehand and backhand. He has amazing flexibility which enables him to stretch and get to shots that normally would be unreturnable. He also has probably the best return in the game today. We all know about Andy's backhand. A superb weapon. But with Lendl as his coach he has worked to strengthen his forehand. That makes him even more dangerous. Andy's movement on the court is quite extraordinary. When Andy's serve is on, he can get cheap points and get out of tough spots in matches. He is also capable of transitioning from defense to offense. He is showing more willingness to be aggressive at key points in the match. Most important of all, he has become more mentally tough and winning his first slam finally got the monkey off his back.

I could recite Rafa's unique strengths by rote. Suffice to say that Rafa has worked to become a complete player with a game that works on all surfaces. His movement on the court is phenomenal. It has always been one of his greatest strengths. His forehand is a force of nature. Inside out, down the line, cc, the buggy whip, are all wickedly effective. When Rafa's cc and down the line backhand is working, that makes him even tougher to beat. Rafa can play aggressive tennis, moving into the court to close out points quickly at net. I think Rafa's mental toughness is what has helped make him great. He never feared Fed when he was in his prime and beating almost everyone. He will never give up and can fight his way back from seemingly insurmountable odds.

I think that Nole showed some real mental toughness last year. That was the thing that impressed me the most. Even when he wasn't playing his best tennis in the first half of the year, he won matches on sheer willpower and mental strength. I think that Andy is getting there in the mental toughness department.

There is great variety in the games of Rafa, Nole and Andy. That is what makes them great to watch!

Nativenewyorker , 1/7/13 10:47 PM

I agree with Twinge. There are still no clear cut successors to the current Top Four.
There is plenty of talent but none have yet proved able to take on the big boys on a regular basis - unlike all three of the younger members of the top group who showed consistency and the hunger to win very early in their careers. Even when Andy was struggling with growing pains his natural talent and tennis intelligence was clear for all to see. Ditto Nole who I remember identifying as far back as early 2007 would be the real challenger for Rafa.

ed251137 , 1/8/13 1:20 AM

Rafa's whipped forehand killer is totally unique. A thrilling shot to watch. Lesser mortals like verdasco have sought to emulate it but just aren't on the same plane.
alex , 1/7/13 9:31 PM

alex, you are hereby invited to join the VamosBrigade. Lol

nadline , 1/8/13 10:03 AM

epic tank by Dimitrov in Sydney

RickyDimon , 1/8/13 5:39 PM

Yeah, probably should've withdrawn but needs the dosh as apparently he has four, yes four, coaches to feed and water.....

deuce , 1/8/13 5:56 PM

Rafa's been #2 for a long time;) Missing him too.

alex , 1/8/13 6:38 PM

Yes it was a bit of a tank - 2 DFs in final game to lose match - altho even in that game the played some terrific tennis, so I've seen worse.

alex , 1/8/13 6:58 PM

not sure what match you were watching.

Dimitrov held at 0-5 then Fognini served out the match at love at 5-1. Dimitrov did not hit a single good shot in the entire second set. Nor did he even move his feet for any balls.

RickyDimon , 1/8/13 7:01 PM

Sorry ricky, thought you were talking brisbane. I'll try and read next time. Didn't even know dimitrov was on court again. The liw after last week's hig, i suppose. Like i and othrs have been posting, there's been a lot of hopeful thinking about the 'next big thing'.

alex , 1/8/13 7:28 PM


his match against Murray was definitely NOT a tank. A minor choke, maybe. Nothing more than that.

RickyDimon , 1/8/13 7:44 PM

Dimi was probably exhausted from playing so many tough matches last wee. He needed a few days to recuperate before competing Perhaps a Tuesday start would have given him an extra day.

scoretracker , 1/8/13 8:18 PM

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