• Federer faces Del Potro at World Tour Finals

    11/9/12 6:45 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer faces Del Potro at World Tour Finals Roger Federer will contest his final round-robin match against Juan Martin Del Potro on Saturday in London. Del Potro likely needs a win, while Federer is already through to the semifinals.

    Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro will be meeting for the 17th time in their careers when they clash during round-robin play at the World Tour Finals on Saturday.

    Federer is dominating the head-to-head series 13-3, including 8-3 on hard courts. They have already faced each other an almost hard-to-believe seven times this season. Federer won the fist six--including an epic in the Olympic semifinals--before Del Potro scored a 6-4, 6-7(5), 7-6(3) victory in last month's Basel final.

    Both players are looking to cap off impressive 2012 campaigns in style. Federer, who will finish at No. 2 in the world behind Novak Djokovic, owns a 70-10 record for the year. The Swiss hammered Janko Tipsarevic on Tuesday before getting past an in-form David Ferrer 6-4, 7-6(5) on Thursday.

    Del Potro stormed into London on the heels of back-to-back titles (prior to a third-round Paris loss), first in Vienna and then in Basel. The seventh-ranked Argentine is 64-16 for the season after losing to Ferrer 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 in his tournament opener then taking care of Tipsarevic 6-0, 6-4.

    Based on their level of play this week, Federer has to be a considerable favorite. However, the two-time defending champ has already qualified for the semifinals, so his motivation is a question. If Federer plays inspired tennis, he should hold off Del Potro in three sets.

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Delpo doesn't look up for it today, so I'm expecting another gift wrapped match presented to Federer.

nadline , 11/10/12 3:30 PM

Not so fast Nadline. I'm watching Mirka's face closely. Often a good barometer!!

ed251137 , 11/10/12 3:51 PM


Conspirator , 11/10/12 4:08 PM

Aunty Ed had a hunch. Delpo would have the parcel when the music stopped.

ed251137 , 11/10/12 4:09 PM

wow, go delpo! one set up.

delpo doing what muzz does so well against roger, constantly pressurising his backhand.

alex , 11/10/12 4:09 PM

Fed is pacing himself for the semis.


Conspirator , 11/10/12 4:10 PM

@alex , 11/10/12 4:09 PM

They are all copying Rafa.

nadline , 11/10/12 4:15 PM

I was referring to when the music stopped in the first set. Way to go yet and for Fed to turn it round. Like breaking Delpo in the first game!!

ed251137 , 11/10/12 4:15 PM

Just what Djoko or Andy wanted tomm..A tired Fed from a 3 setter today. Djoko must be praying Fed wins and Andy praying Fed loses today :-)

BTW whom do you think Fed prefers to play tomm? Andy or Djoko? Thoughts?

sanju , 11/10/12 4:16 PM

Nadline spoke too early.
Cant watch the match as travelling in a train. Just following the scores. Can somebody tell me how both the guys are playing? By following the scores, seems that both are serving really good.

abhirf , 11/10/12 4:17 PM

abhirf..both not playing that well..just okayish..Fed made 21 UE in 1st set and 19 winners

Delpo 11 winners n 11 UE

Fed played unbearable in the breaker..But he is up a break now 2 0 in 2nd

sanju , 11/10/12 4:18 PM

and fed wins 8 points on the run to go 2 up in set 2. daveed starts to sigh with relief.

alex , 11/10/12 4:20 PM

Looks like Fed will play Andy as even if Delpo wins, he is likely to do in 3 than 2, so Fed will still top his group. Delpo HAS to beat Fed in straights to top the group.

sanju , 11/10/12 4:20 PM

sanju -

I think fed will see little difference between nole and muzz. today he's playing for pride and 200 points, nothing else.

Probably better for the event if delpo goes through, but I think a bit unfair on daveed after beating him.

Who knows, delpo and roger might be exchanging places in and out the top 4 next year.

alex , 11/10/12 4:34 PM

The line calls in this match have been HORRIBLE

sanju , 11/10/12 4:43 PM

so roger plays muzz tomorrow :-)

alex , 11/10/12 4:46 PM

Funny part is both Fed and Delpo have won more matches off Nole than they have off Andy..

3rd set will be interesting..can go either way..Fed will win as he can play relaxed as he has qualified..Delpo will be under pressure

sanju , 11/10/12 4:47 PM

Whether Delpo beats Federer in 3 sets or not, I can't see Tipsa beating Ferrer, so I think Djoker will play Ferrer in the SF and Roger will play Andy.

nadline , 11/10/12 4:49 PM

Who knows, delpo and roger might be exchanging places in and out the top 4 next year.
, 11/10/12 4:34 PM

Hinges on which Rafa turns up after the long injury break.

sanju , 11/10/12 4:50 PM

no nadline it was clearly said all DElpo HAS to do is win..2 or 3, he qualifies

sanju , 11/10/12 4:51 PM

@abhirf , 11/10/12 4:17 PM

I think Roger is playing better than Delpo overall.

nadline , 11/10/12 4:52 PM

Roger is tossing his head like a fractious pony. Sure sign he is feeling the pressure.

ed251137 , 11/10/12 4:53 PM

Reason being

Say Daveed beats Tipsy in 2 % sets won by Daveed is (2 + 0 + 2)/(3 + 2 + 2) = 57%

If Delpo beats Fed in 3, % sets won by Delpo = (1+ 2 + 2)/(3 + 2 + 3) = 62.5%

Thats how it works I think :-)

sanju , 11/10/12 4:55 PM

Numerator = number of sets won

Denominator = Number of sets played

sanju , 11/10/12 4:57 PM

Even if del potro wins in 3 his record will read 5 sets won and 3 sets lost where as Ferrer even if he wins in straight sets his record will be 4 sets won and 3 lost so Ferrer is out if Del potro wins

tennis2011 , 11/10/12 5:02 PM

Didnt see much of Fed 2004 - 2007, please enlighten me did Fed make so many UE then too in a match? r is it a phenomenon 2008 onwards?

sanju , 11/10/12 5:03 PM

4-1 Del potro looks like Ferrer is outta here

tennis2011 , 11/10/12 5:05 PM

4-1 Del potro looks like Ferrer is outta here
, 11/10/12 5:05 PM

Nah not over till its over :-) never know

sanju , 11/10/12 5:08 PM

Fed is really really frustrated..hes yelling at himself

And not related to the topic and not trying to make a personal comment but Mirka has really aged a lot in last few months.

sanju , 11/10/12 5:10 PM

Looks like Federer only serves these days his return game is nonexistent

tennis2011 , 11/10/12 5:12 PM

i know roger isn't thinking that way but, if he makes the final, i'm sure he'd rather nole had to face delpo rather than daveed to get there.

meanwhile daveed looks on, his destiny outwith his own control. must be galling after beating delpo.

alex , 11/10/12 5:15 PM

In Basel and London Federer has played 6 sets vs Del potro and in 33 return games Federer has managed 1 break of serve, thats about 3%. No wonder he has lost both matches, his return game is just not there.

tennis2011 , 11/10/12 5:18 PM

Congrats to delpo, commies to daveed.

question is, is tonight going to be worth watching? A guy who's already out vs. a guy who was dead before he arrived.

alex , 11/10/12 5:18 PM

A Delpo win didn't look likely in the 1st set I have to say.

nadline , 11/10/12 5:20 PM

fter this loss, I can feel his confidence will be damaged before tomorrows match against Andy. He fears Andy far more than Delpo and it will be 2 losses in a row against Delpo

Now 5 players have rooms in Feds head house . Rafa a big hall cum dining room, Djoko and Andy 1 guest bedroom each and Berdy and Delpo a small study room :-)

sanju , 11/10/12 5:20 PM

Awful tennis from Fed but all credit to JMDP for the composure. Feds last good match was the cincy final. Every forehand will simply produce an unforced error. He will be crushed by Muzza in the semis, no doubt abt it. His body language is so poor and so uncompetitive. We need Rafa back guys, otherwise it will be Murray/Nole ping pong for years to come. Fed is done! Rafa pliz come and bring us entertainment with Nole and Murray. Those knees.......

tennismania , 11/10/12 5:23 PM

Fed hasnt defended 1500 of the 3000 pts at the very least of the points he picked up in last 3 tourneys last year. 12 straight wins at WTF comes to an end at the hands of Delpo which was not expected of the least.

Delpo beat Fed 2 straight times on Feds fav surface Indoors, inexplicable.

sanju , 11/10/12 5:26 PM

alex, I don't think Ferrer is out yet. If he beats Tipsa he'll top the group, Roger will be 2nd and Delpo will be out.............according to SKY, that is.

nadline , 11/10/12 5:27 PM

sanju & 5:20 - ROFL :-D

alex , 11/10/12 5:28 PM

No nadline

Say Daveed beats Tipsy in 2 % sets won by Daveed is (2 + 0 + 2)/(3 + 2 + 2) = 57%

If Delpo beats Fed in 3, % sets won by Delpo = (1+ 2 + 2)/(3 + 2 + 3) = 62.5%

Thats how it works I think :-) Delpo is safely through

sanju , 11/10/12 5:28 PM

@nadline - i think SKY is wrong, sanju right. delpo will have won 5 sets and lost 3, ferrer, even if he wins straight sets, will have won 4 sets and lost 3. 5-3 is better than 4-3, sanju doesn't even have to do the algebra for it.

alex , 11/10/12 5:34 PM

Del Potro and Federer each played one lousy service game at the start of the 2nd and 3rd set respectively. The only difference was Federer played a terrible tiebreak. He failed to convert 3 break points in the 1st and I think it went to his head.
The new Murray with his new aggressive forehand will take out this Federer in the semis, repeat of the Shanghai SF. THen we can have a 4 hour ping pong final, as someone said above...ah well, that can still be exciting...

Bharata , 11/10/12 5:36 PM

alex, that's what I thought, but who am I to disagree with Boris Becker. In hindsight, he may have been joking.

nadline , 11/10/12 5:38 PM

Latest from ATP site

From ATP site: "Regardless of score if DELPO d FEDERER & TIPSAREVIC d FERRER, then DELPO wins group & FEDERER qualifies 2nd.

God how is that now?

sanju , 11/10/12 5:38 PM

The new Murray with his new aggressive forehand
, 11/10/12 5:36 PM

Indeed even on TV u can feel the sting on his forehand, he has really improved it big time

sanju , 11/10/12 5:41 PM

Why should Ferrer even bother to play now? Unless the 200 points and the cash matters :-)

sanju , 11/10/12 5:43 PM

ATP is wrong then, cos roger is 5-2 and delpo is 5-3.

had it been straight sets, it would have been different matter.

alex , 11/10/12 5:45 PM

Nadline: Your comment @ 3.30pm was very early in the first set darling. By the time I posted I'd already picked up on Fed's body language (head tossing in particular) and Mirka's grim expression so the outcome didnt come as any great surprise. Not exactly scientific but a pretty good indicator 90% of the time.

What I want to know is was he unconcerned to lose or not. Did did he have anything to gain?

I'm incapable of grasping all the machinations even when it's explained in baby language :-( but even the commies were having trouble working out what significance his loss has on the remaining matches.

ed251137 , 11/10/12 5:45 PM

ed.. I think he wanted to maintain winning run and for his confidence..Theres no way I think he lost the match due to lack of interest or to make a favour to JMDP. If he wanted to lose, he could have in straights, why slog for 2 hrs and lose and expend energy in the bargain.

He leaked 42 UE and thats why he lost..Delpo in comparison had half his UE

sanju , 11/10/12 5:48 PM

sanju -

on reflection, ferrer is a grafter and you can count on him arriving like a wound up toy ready to play regardless, plus 200 points is important to him. the question is, can tipsy turn it into an entertaining evening?

alex , 11/10/12 5:50 PM

ed, I think Federer wanted to win because when asked who he would like to play in the SF, he said Murray, because that meant he would top the group.

Yea, Delpo's body language is so deceiving, the way he sluches around the court, anyone would think he wasn't tuned in.

nadline , 11/10/12 5:52 PM


IF tipsy beats daveed - no time soon, but lets pretent anyway - then roger and delpo are top equal on matches won - in that secenario, where it's only two players, it's no longer down to sets won but the h2h, which puts delpo on top

alex , 11/10/12 5:57 PM

ATP has tweeted/confirmed that Delpo has qualified for semis.

On to Davis Cup for Ferru. He can use the rest!


Conspirator , 11/10/12 5:59 PM

Not a fat chance that Tipsy beats Ferrer..Sorry to Tipsy fans but he has been a disgrace in this touney, hes lost his matches so poorly.

I think Fed prefers to play Djoko indoors than Murray..I think his chance of beating Djoko is higher than Murray

sanju , 11/10/12 6:03 PM

ATP World Tour ?@ATPWorldTour

.@delpotrojuan beats #Federer 76(3) 46 63, a result which sees both qualify for #FinalShowdown SFs. Read #ATP recap: day-del-Potro-Federer.aspx ?

This means that Rafa hodls on to #4 going into 2013.

nadline , 11/10/12 6:13 PM

Conspirator, they are still playing a dead rubber, aren't they?

nadline , 11/10/12 6:14 PM

nadline..Yes Rafa holds ont No 4. Ferrer had to reach the final to take over Rafa.

sanju , 11/10/12 6:15 PM

Juan Martin del Potro broke Roger Federer's 12-match winning streak at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals on Saturday to qualify for the semi-finals from Group B.

Positions in the round-robin group will be decided after fourth seed and 2007 runner-up David Ferrer plays eighth seed Janko Tipsarevic in the evening session. Del Potro will win the group ahead of Federer, if Tipsarevic beats Ferrer. inale-Saturday-del-Potro-Federer.aspx

nadline , 11/10/12 6:19 PM


SO glad to hear rafa stays #4. Would hate the thought of him being in muzz's 1/4 in oz.

alex , 11/10/12 6:32 PM

Yeah DEl potro will top the group if Tipsarevic beats Ferrer, thats because if Ferrer loses to Tips then it will be a 2 way tie between Federer and Del potro and Del potro has beaten Federer so he takes top spot,on the other hand if Ferrer wins his last match it becomes a 3 way tie Between Federer Ferrer and Del potro each with 2 wins and in that case Federer tops the groupFederer has won 5 sets and lost 2 Del potro has won 5 sets and lost 3.

tennis2011 , 11/10/12 6:38 PM

sanju: I think you might be right. He was really shocked when Murray beat him in a gripping match at the Bejiing WTF in '08. Murray's a different player now and the Diva has not been anywhere near his best for the past few weeks.

Nadline: I reckon he uses that languid walk to gain breathing time between points: he cant be called out on it as long as he is in motion. An American journalist once described him as always looking as though he had just finished walking across the Arizona Desert.

ed251137 , 11/10/12 6:42 PM

I like Murrays Chances of winning this title

tennis2011 , 11/10/12 6:43 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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