• Red-hot Ferrer gets a 14th shot at Federer

    11/7/12 6:33 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Red-hot Ferrer gets a 14th shot at Federer Roger Federer will resume his bid for three straight London titles when he takes the court on Thursday. Up next for Federer is familiar foe and Paris champion David Ferrer.

    Roger Federer and David Ferrer will be squaring off for the 14th time in their careers when they do battle in round-robin action at the World Tour Finals on Thursday.

    Except for a select few opponents, Federer has dominated just about everyone on tour throughout his career--few to a greater extent than he has owned Ferrer. The 17-time Grand Slam champ is sweeping the head-to-head series 13-0, including 7-0 on hard courts. Ferrer has taken only three out of 30 contested sets.

    At 30 years old, however, Ferrer is playing the best tennis of his career. The fifth-ranked Spaniard is an incredible 73-14 for the season and he has won 11 consecutive matches. Ferrer captured the Valencia title, triumphed in Paris for the first Masters shield of his career, then defeated an in-form Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 on Tuesday.

    Federer is wrapping up another stellar year in which he will finish at No. 2 in the world behind Novak Djokovic. The Swiss has been unspectacular so far this fall, losing in the Shanghai semifinals to Andy Murray and in the Basel final to Del Potro. Federer, the two-time defending champ in London, hammered Janko Tipsarevic 6-3, 6-1 in his opener.

    Thursday's collision is a rematch of the 2007 Masters Cup title match, which Federer won in easy straight sets. This should be more competitive, with Ferrer coming in as arguably the hottest player on tour. That being said, Federer is more rested and the head-to-head history is glaring.

    Count on Federer improving his tournament record to 2-0 in straight sets.

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Davydenko beat Federer at the O2 at his 13th attempt (and followed it up with another win a few weeks later. Why not Daveeeeeeeeeeeed. Where there's a will there's a way.


ed251137 , 11/8/12 1:08 PM

federer on a fast hard court. it's not like playing challenger players on the bog in paris last week... :P federer for the win

croc , 11/8/12 1:32 PM

If Ferru takes down TMF, I will eat my tinfoil hat.


Conspirator , 11/8/12 2:04 PM

C'MON! :)

sky , 11/8/12 2:35 PM

David is HOT, the FED?! READY! .... It will be like taming a wild horse. lol go FED go! :)

sky , 11/8/12 2:49 PM

this is not going to be as competitive as most people think


RickyDimon , 11/8/12 3:01 PM

wow! awesome, coming back from 40/love... Go FED Go!!!!! :) lol

sky , 11/8/12 3:12 PM

0-40 to hold in 5 points. Insane pass at 30-40.

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 3:15 PM

WOW! the FED breaks

sky , 11/8/12 3:16 PM

Go FED go!!!!! :)

sky , 11/8/12 3:17 PM

Ferru robbed.....

rafaisthebest , 11/8/12 3:23 PM

Mohamed Laryani is a bald-faced thief...........

rafaisthebest , 11/8/12 3:25 PM

Ferrer really doesn't know how to play against Fed. There're so many chances for him to break serves and yet he's still struggling to break! Fed is serving very poorly now yet Ferrer can't take advantage! Poor by a world no. 5!

luckystar , 11/8/12 3:27 PM

wow! that was CLOSE! the FED is going to have to improve in his first serve. go FED go!!!!! :)

sky , 11/8/12 3:29 PM

Ferru 0-3 on break points in each of the first two games. 0- 6 total.

Actually he is 0-5. Mohamed Lahyani is 0-1.

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 3:29 PM

Only Fed can serve at 31%, save six break points in two service games and be up a break himself.


Conspirator , 11/8/12 3:32 PM

That was harsh. Hope Ferru can put it behind him. The Diva having problems with his first serve

ed251137 , 11/8/12 3:33 PM

wild match so far

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 3:36 PM

Fed simply seems to have forgotten how to put in a 1st serve. :(
And Ferru breaks!!

abhirf , 11/8/12 3:36 PM

LOL Conspirator!

GREAT break for Ferrer! He is playing much better than the FED...

sky , 11/8/12 3:36 PM

C'MON FED!!! Let's GO!!! Get into IT!!! lol

sky , 11/8/12 3:42 PM

Go FED go!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :) :) :)

sky , 11/8/12 3:44 PM

Roger! Roger! ROGER!!!! LOL :)

sky , 11/8/12 3:53 PM

woo hoo!!!!! 1st! SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

sky , 11/8/12 3:57 PM


RickyDimon , 11/8/12 3:58 PM

Sub-standard by Federer so far but he still comes out on top. David simply not taking advantage when he has chances. I think he is mentally tired rather than physically depleted.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 4:01 PM

I dont get the impression Ferru believes he can win.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 4:18 PM


RickyDimon , 11/8/12 4:21 PM

Fed up!


Conspirator , 11/8/12 4:27 PM

I think Ferrer and Tipsa will go through in Group 'B'.

nadline , 11/8/12 4:29 PM

that may be, having lost 13 times would be a huge psychological mountain to climb, with the FED playing like this... Ferrer should be ahead. C'MON ROGER!!!! C'MON!

sky , 11/8/12 4:30 PM

This will be the moment when Federer brings down the hammer.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 4:31 PM

nadline - no

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 4:31 PM

C'mon Ricky, I'm just having a laugh.

It must be difficult following this match on the radio with names like Federer and Ferrer. Maybe they should say Roger and David.

nadline , 11/8/12 4:35 PM

Federer battles out of 0-30 to hold

Fed could have finished him there

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 4:35 PM

Daveed now serves to stay in the match :-((

ed251137 , 11/8/12 4:36 PM

what's it going to be? :)

sky , 11/8/12 4:38 PM

probably 7-6

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 4:43 PM

the FED is in a great position to win this match, but will he do it 2 sets? C'MON FED! Go FED go!

sky , 11/8/12 4:45 PM

Sky: I'd pencilled it in at 6-4, 6-4. Anybody's guess if it's a tie break.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 4:48 PM

wooooooooooooo!!!!! Commis to Ferrer fans! Roger! Roger! ROGER!!!!! Congrats FEDfans! :) C'MON!

sky , 11/8/12 4:57 PM

Congrats to Fed! Not playing great. Still got the job done. Time to pull up the socks!!

abhirf , 11/8/12 5:04 PM

Should've known by now Roger would find an ace when he needed it most!!

ed251137 , 11/8/12 5:06 PM



ed - it wasn't an ace

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 5:07 PM

Have a drink on me Sky. Cheers to you and your boy.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 5:09 PM

Fed is fortunate to have Ferrer instead of Murray in his group. With Fed playing like this, Murray would have beaten him in straight sets and Fed would not be guaranteed a place in the SF now.

Hopefully Delpo can and will do better than Ferrer and beats both Tipsy and Fed to reach the SF. Ferrer must be tired by now; he needs to rest up for the DC final.

luckystar , 11/8/12 5:10 PM

Ferrer will have plenty of rest AFTER London, even if he makes it to the semis

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 5:26 PM

Ferrer has to play for four consecutive weeks from Valencia to DC, I doubt he will be in tip top condition for the DC. Anyway, I expect him to beat Tipsy, but I feel that he doesn't have much chances vs Murray or Nole in the SF if he makes it there. Maybe he'll have better chances against Tsonga or Berdych.

luckystar , 11/8/12 5:40 PM

Ricky: I was referring to the aces which got him out of trouble more than once but overall it was not a good serving day for him you have to agree. One has to think if Ferrer could not get a win against a Federer way off his best, he never will now.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 5:49 PM

How was Federer level today ? He didn't play near as well as he did agains't Tipsa, didn't he ?

Emiliano55 , 11/8/12 6:12 PM

not great. served horribly. picked it up a little bit in the second half in the second set.

RickyDimon , 11/8/12 6:26 PM

@Ed "Why not Daveeeeeeeeeeeed".The only similarity between Ferrer and Davydenko
is height.Davy is in a higher class of ball striking.Sheer will isn't enough.

stratocast51 , 11/8/12 6:43 PM

He seemed very tense and also tired IMO. My guess is that match took more out of him than he would have liked. He will be glad he gets a days rest before the SF.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 6:53 PM

I was referring to Federer in the above comment.

ed251137 , 11/8/12 7:39 PM

Jerzy is now the favourite to win the WTF.

nadline , 11/8/12 7:56 PM

stratocast51, 11/8/12 6:43 PM,

Have you seen Davy play in the last year or so? He is not the man he used to be. Just a shadow of himself. By contrast, Ferrer is playing some of the best tennis of his career now.

Surely you are talking about the Davy of the past. Ferrer is not #5 for nothing!

Nativenewyorker , 11/8/12 9:13 PM

He seemed very tense and also tired IMO. My guess is that match took more out of him than he would have liked. He will be glad he gets a days rest before the SF.
ed251137, 11/8/12 6:53 PM

Group B closes on Saturday. So they don't have a day to rest since the SF are on Sunday.

Emiliano55 , 11/9/12 3:40 PM

I had just assumed the final was on Sunday. It has been in the past surely?


ed251137 , 11/9/12 5:30 PM

never has been, because they always need six days to complete round-robin play

RickyDimon , 11/9/12 7:05 PM


Prior to this year (when there was an off week), they should have started WTF on Sunday then so the finals could be on a Sunday (bigger TV audience potential, easier for fans to attend).


Conspirator , 11/9/12 8:32 PM

I don't quite remember how was last year shceduling. But its really a pity. Assuming Delpo or Federer goes through the final, the would be playing 3 matches in 3 days.... terrible..

Emiliano55 , 11/9/12 10:40 PM

Am so conditioned to finals being on Sundays I hadn't noticed the WTF wasn't.
When you dont go to work it difficult to know what day of the week it is anyway................well that's my excuse.


ed251137 , 11/9/12 11:17 PM

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