• Janowicz looks for one more win in Cinderella run in Paris

    11/4/12 1:07 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Janowicz looks for one more win in Cinderella run in Paris Jerzy Janowicz, the Polish qualifier, came out of nowhere to advance to the finals of the Paris Masters. He will take on world No. 5 David Ferrer, who is gunning for his first ever Masters 1000 title.

    David Ferrer and Jerzy Janowicz have no prior meetings to help predict the outcome of their Paris final. But even if they had, a match record would be of little use. That's because Janowicz is playing the tennis of his life, far above the No. 69 ranking he holds until new rankings come out on Monday.

    The Pole spent the first half to the season almost exclusively on the Challenger circuit -- this week, he has recorded a number of massive upsets, including Gilles Simon, No. 8 seed Janko Tipsarevic and even world No. 3 Andy Murray. Janowicz is riding a tidal wave of confidence at the moment.

    Ferrer should have plenty of motivation as well. The Spaniard has played in the final of three other Masters events and has come away without the title each time. This will surely be his best opportunity to date to snag a Masters event. Janowicz is most decidedly playing out of his skin, but the Pole doesn't have experience dealing with the pressure of huge moments.

    Prediction - Ferrer to put an end to Janowicz's dream run.

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There is no looking back for Jerzy Janowicz. Common sense shares your outlook Cheryl, "but" this is not a time for common sense. Jerzy Janowicz has already proven that if he can take Murray and the others, he can also take Ferrer. His FIRE will not deminish for this win. It's Paris! It's Janowicz! C'MON! It's time. :)

sky , 11/4/12 2:31 AM

for a new player to win.

sky , 11/4/12 2:40 AM

Strange tune for a Fed fan to be singing. Did you say this when Fed faced Muzza in Wimbly final 2012 or AO final 2010 or USO 2008?

holdserve , 11/4/12 3:15 AM

Ferrer will feel a lot of pressure too.Janowicz has the game to do it.

stratocast51 , 11/4/12 4:12 AM

I think Cheryl makes some very good arguments in her match preview analysis. I do agree that Jerzy is playing amazing tennis. He didn't have any nerves facing Simon. This kid was poised and focused and played some outstanding tennis. Simon didn't seem to know quite how to play him.

I wonder at this point if the pressure will get to Jerzy. It hasn't so far. I think a guy like this, a qualifier who hasn't even been on the radar in the sport, might just feel no pressure since he wasn't expected to have this kind of result. He could go in very relaxed and continue to play great tennis.

I know that Ferrer will go out there determined to get this Masters title. This is a golden opportunity for him. He is serving well and returning well and his groundstrokes have been solid. I don't know if Jerzy has faced a guy who is so physically punishing. We will see how Jerzy holds up against the toughness of Ferrer.

I absolutely want to see Ferrer win this title. He will have to bring his best and stay strong, because so far this kid hasn't cracked. I think Ferrer will be the one to end Jerzy's great run.

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 5:49 AM

the pressure is not a factor. Jerzy would have not been able to handle it many rounds ago if it was ever going to affect him. It certainly won't affect him now. For a player that unknown and ranked that low, the pressure of the final is no different than the pressure of his matches against Murray or Tipsy or Simon. He's already played what were for him multiple "finals."

The pressure is on Ferrer. But I expect Ferrer to handle it and win.

RickyDimon , 11/4/12 6:09 AM

JJ seems a gr8 guy who has overcome huge difficulties and, hopefully, will continue to do well but he's got years ahead of him. This is probably David's last chance.
I hope David manages to overcome Goliath. If anyone "deserves" a Masters 1000, he does.
Go David!

deuce , 11/4/12 7:01 AM


Well said! I think that is the mistake that I made in thinking that Jerzy wouldn't get past Simon. He looked as cool as could be throughout that match. I think you have hit on the key point that it would have hit him several rounds ago if it was going to hit him. That is an excellent point.

Yes, the pressure is on Ferrer, who would be expected to win this final as the top seed still in this tournament. Jerzy can go in and just go for it. He's got nothing to lose. But I also agree with you that Ferrer should be able to handle it.

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 7:02 AM


Sorry, my post above was directed to Ricky.


Your post wasn't up when I was typing mine. But now that I have read it, I completely agree with your sentiments. Ferrer won't have many more opportunities to win a Masters title!

Ferrer for the win!

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 7:05 AM

Whether it's Ferrer or Janowicz winning this Masters, it's still a new winner this time. In fact since 2004, no defending champion was successful in defending the title, very interesting.

I too hope for Ferrer to win his first ever Masters title here. I think Janowicz will have many more opportunities in future to win Masters titles. I do hope that whether he wins this Masters or not, he'll win some sponsorships and will not miss the slams because of lack of financial resources.

I feel we may be seeing a future star in the making in Janowicz. Would like to see him vs the top guys and also vs his fellow young up and comers in the near future.

luckystar , 11/4/12 8:57 AM

I think both Tipsy and Gilles and to a certain extent Andy lost to Jano because of pressure. Andy was disorientated after failing to take the match that was compounded by losing the tiebreak so in the 3rd set his concentration went and he was unable to regroup. Both Tipsy and Gilles were suffering from the Cinderella Syndrome, thinking Jano was on a roll and didn't quite know how to play him.

Jano is riding on the crest of a wave and it's carrying him to places he never imagined. Ferrer needs to clear his head, play the ball and not the young giant killer.

Jano has always had his serve and I suspect the dropshot has always been a big part of his game so one has to wonder why he hasn't done better if his game can take him to a M1000 final. It remains to be seen how far he'll go on wnning with his game.

nadline , 11/4/12 11:22 AM

___Janowicz is playing the tennis of his life, far above the No. 69 ranking he holds until new rankings come out on Monday____

If JJ wins today, he will be No. 22 in rankings. If he loses, then - No. 26. He should get a seeding at the AO 2013.

Augustina08 , 11/4/12 12:52 PM

So you don't need stamina to break through these days, after all, just a big serve and the dropshot.

nadline , 11/4/12 1:23 PM

love hold for Ferrer

RickyDimon , 11/4/12 3:16 PM

Good match so far

tennis2011 , 11/4/12 3:36 PM

The terrier has got his teeth into the Jersey. Can he hold on?

ed251137 , 11/4/12 3:55 PM

Ferrer a little bit too far

RickyDimon , 11/4/12 3:55 PM

not a good first game from Janowicz in the second set

RickyDimon , 11/4/12 3:57 PM

jj having a let down period the now...
hope he can come back and make the second set competitive and enjoyable for the crowd...

croc , 11/4/12 3:59 PM

Ferrer serving intelligently and he's having some good numbers on his serve. I guess that's key for him to win this match. He's winning 70% of his second serves in the first set!

luckystar , 11/4/12 4:04 PM

wow, where did that break come from...?

croc , 11/4/12 4:06 PM

break back Ferru......

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 4:16 PM

There's been a pattern in several previous matches of Jerzy's first serve going awol in the second set. But in this match he seems to be making many more unforced errors.


ed251137 , 11/4/12 4:18 PM

I notice that Jano has got a monogram on his socks, he's probably landed himself a sponsor after reaching the final.

nadline , 11/4/12 4:20 PM

agree with ed.

croc , 11/4/12 4:22 PM

Lots of winners too.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 4:22 PM

I think it's the pressure of Ferru's return game that is making him leak so many UEs today.......

Having said that, he is still in this match...........

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 4:26 PM

He's relying too much on the drop shot and missing them a lot.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 4:29 PM

You have to love the tenacity and dogged determination of Ferru.

Vamos Daveed!

ed251137 , 11/4/12 4:32 PM

One more game, just one Daveed...............

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 4:34 PM

Ferrer closing in on the biggest win of his career

tennis2011 , 11/4/12 4:38 PM



rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 4:41 PM

Well deserved first Master series title for Ferrer.

tennis2011 , 11/4/12 4:43 PM


It would have been a fairy-tale ending for Jerzy had he pulled off the win but I hope he will be able to build on the amazing run he had this week.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 4:46 PM

I think he should withdraw from WTF now, he has already surpassed expectations for the whole month...................

Rest up for DC, improve your chances of picking up another DC title rather than just making up the numbers in London............

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 4:47 PM

Hooray! So pleased for David! At last! :) :) :) :)

deuce , 11/4/12 4:50 PM

lol why should he withdraw from World tour finals?

tennis2011 , 11/4/12 4:52 PM

Lovely presentation ceremony. Both men spoke from the heart. But priceless seeing tthem side by side - Jerzy head and shoulders above David.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 4:58 PM

Viva Ferru!

Augustina08 , 11/4/12 5:07 PM

Congrats to Ferru.
Why would Ferru be foolish enough to withdraw from WTF? He will get VIP treatment, lots of money. He will also probably win against Tipsa. So 200 points and money.
He may not try too hard against Fed as in his mind he has little chance of winning and so he will save himself for DC. He may see what Delpo's form is like before deciding whether to go all out or not.
I think Ferru will be no. 4 before AO and with the ATP and grand slams merrily rigging, Rafa will be put in Ferru's Quarter. Certainly not in Federer's.

holdserve , 11/4/12 5:08 PM

@nadline, 11/4/12 4:20 PM

JJ has worn theese socks during the whole tournament.

Augustina08 , 11/4/12 5:15 PM

What VIP treatment, his own bathroom, and some daffodils in his locker room? Thank God Ferru is not as vain as some of the peacocks on Tour, that means nada to him.

I will repeat myself for the benefit of those who did not understand my post on this matter (i.e. tennis2011): he should withdraw from WTF to rest. Just my opinion........

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 5:18 PM

Augustina, although there are points for WTF, it is really an exhibition, showcasing the best 8 players on the tour. There is music accompanying their entrances, lots of publicity, maybe a chance to rub shoulders with the prime minister or maybe Prince William or some powerful person you could never meet otherwise, more exposure to fans and potential for winning more sponsorships.
It doesn't mater if you don't win a single RR. After all, except these 8, the remaining ATP players don't even get a chance to participate.
So Ferru could take your advice and rest by treating this as an exhibition, which it is, and also enjoy the privilege of being showcased as one of the best.

holdserve , 11/4/12 5:39 PM

So happy for Ferrer - it could not happen to a more deserving player.

Vamos & God bless.

schatz , 11/4/12 5:49 PM

Rafa's going crazy on Twitter re Ferru!

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 5:51 PM

So happy for Ferrer, what a match, and what a win for Ferrer! Finally he's a Masters winner now! Both of them are so likeable, I hope Janowicz builds on this and has a wonderful career going forward. Ferrer has won seven titles this year alone, well done. He wins the most titles and the most matches this year, well done again!

I'm very impressed with the way Ferrer plays today, especially his serving and returning, puting lots of pressure on Janowicz. Janowicz will learn from this match and he'll get better in future.

luckystar , 11/4/12 5:51 PM

Finally, Ferrer got his well deserved M1000!

Eyes were on Ferrer, after Delpo, Nole and Andy departures. And je was up to the expectations.

Congrats David!

Emiliano55 , 11/4/12 5:57 PM

Will be watching JJ's progress with interest..................

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 6:04 PM

I am so happy for Ferrer! His first Master's title! Well done! I will get to watch the reply on the tennis channel and I look forward to it!

JJ has done well, now it's up to him to capitalize and keep it going.

I bet Rafa is going crazy over Ferrer's win! He is so deserving!

Nativenewyorker , 11/4/12 11:07 PM

Congrats to Ferrer fans! Would have loved JJ to win because he is a new comer, but can't say I mind Ferrer win much. After all this hard working tennis player and loved by many, so many years, surely deserves this win. First M1000 win is unbelievable! Wow! I'm sure he is very happy to finally win one... I'm hoping Jerzy Janowicz progress will be excellent over time. I guess he was not ready to win this match. I did not see the match. Maybe Ferrer was playing out of his mind! lol Anyway, enjoy your tennis. Jerzy, well he will have many more opportunities.

sky , 11/4/12 11:07 PM

Hope JJ beats Federer at AO. But knowing how the draws are rigged, Jerzy will not be in Fed's Quarter.
I think Jerzy, Rafa etc will be in Ferru's quarter if Ferru gets to no. 4 which is very likely.

holdserve , 11/4/12 11:30 PM

I think JJ had run out of energy. He mentioned he had very few hours of sleep, and we all know how very important sleep is to an athlete.

MS tourneys are extremely difficult to win for a quali. JJ had to play 3 more matches than any top 8 player, and he had to beat Murray a recent GS champ, who's deemed full of confidence.. Anyway, he's shown his win over Murray was not a fluike, and had he gotten a less athletic finalist, he might have pulled out the win.

I think going forward, we will see a more confident JJ, and be able to enjoy this refreshing up and comer. Right now tennis needs more young players who can take it to the top players, coz it' becoming too predictable.

scoretracker , 11/4/12 11:45 PM

LOL, holdserve is so predictable. She gets on a topic, albeit delusional thinking, and it's almost a certainty that it's all we'll hear from her for the entire time she posts here, until she says adios. The CD is stuck, repeating over and over, viz, 'rigged draws in Fed's favor', 'Fed fans are delusional' and 'blood doping'. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 11/4/12 11:51 PM

coz it' becoming too predictable.
scoretracker , 11/4/12 11:45 PM

Not as predictable as your constant sniping and petty insults.

ed251137 , 11/5/12 1:56 AM

Not to mention your own CD set to replay the same ranting and raving (see Ferrer outlasts......@ 10.23pm) that constitutes roughly 50% of your contribution to this site. Unfortunately you never carry out your threat - or do I mean promise - to leave.

I trust by now you have managed to track down CM's email address to tell her how badly you are being treated.


ed251137 , 11/5/12 2:32 AM

Ed, that article you sent fits this character perfectly.


Conspirator , 11/5/12 2:55 AM


Bless your heart for just saying it like it is! The hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness is positively mind boggling! This person can just copy and paste the same rants in different topic threads, as you pointed on regarding the Ferrer topic thread.

Oh and that article you linked, was an absolutely perfect, spot on description of this character! It's actually a recognizable syndrome!

This is someone who is incapable of posting a comment without resorting to personal attacks and insults. I am fed up with having my thoughts and feelings supposedly described by someone like this. Are we dealing with a psychic who can read minds? I am waiting for this person to tell me what I am wearing next!

It would be funny, but it's too sickening!

Nativenewyorker , 11/5/12 4:29 AM

As expected. LOL.

scoretracker , 11/5/12 4:40 AM

Get a life youj bunch, you either can't read or comprehend. Leaving a thread due to your nastiness does not mean I'm leaving the site. It's something you've used to your benefit to heap more nastiness.

I contribute a lot more tennis related comments than you three put together, coz all you dol is ankle-bite every comment I write to start a war. Life must be rpretty dull for you all. Nothing to do and all day to do it in, just degrading Fed's success.

scoretracker , 11/5/12 4:43 AM

FYI, i don't need to complain to cheryl like you do. I wanted to verify willmw's nonsense that's all, but it was eventually cleared up by willmw herself. I leave the complaining to you all, which you do very well when you want to get the Fed posters banned. . Happy trails.

scoretracker , 11/5/12 4:47 AM


Conspirator , 11/5/12 5:07 AM

Yeah, from you and your cohorts. Without you all backing each other you'd be lost. Birds of a feather really do stick together. Same personality, only different nicks, and a mirror of each other's mind-set. How very sad. It's funny you should see yourselves in the article you keep harping on which is totally tennis unrelated, but describes you all to the nth..

It's understandable why you all don't want for new players to come up and win coz your faves will win less. Fed fans welcome new players coz we're not insecure about our guy's records. It's too bad you all can't see your transparency. I feel for you coz you don't have anyone to brag about. And, that's the problem, coz it's conclusive that Federer rulez.

scoretracker , 11/5/12 5:17 AM

It's understandable why you all don't want for new players to come up and win coz your faves will win less. Fed fans welcome new players coz we're not insecure about our guy's records.

scoretracker , 11/5/12 5:17 AM

Thanks. This explains Fedfans' undying respect, love and admiration for Rafa, Nole and Muzza!

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 6:19 AM


I guess humor is the way to go! I just wish that the record could be changed! It's the same old propaganda - oh, I am such a victim here, nobody is nice to me, everyone is mean, it's not fair, they just hate Fed and his fans, blah, blah, blah!

Nativenewyorker , 11/5/12 6:57 AM


RickyDimon , 11/5/12 8:31 AM


rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 8:47 AM

'I think JJ had run out of energy.'
It takes a real expert to have worked that out. Not.

'we all know how very important sleep is to an athlete'
Is that the Royal We?

'MS tourneys are extremely difficult to win for a quali.'
Thank you for that piece of information. Now we know.

'had he gotten a less athletic finalist, he might have pulled out the win.'
It takes a lot of higher education to work that one out.

'I contribute a lot more tennis related comments than you three put together'
Can we have your statistical breakdown to back up that claim.

Granted the above trite comments were tennis related but six minutes later up pops one of your repetitive attacks on another poster.


ed251137 , 11/5/12 9:13 AM


You are killing me with this stuff! I cannot stop laughing! You are on fire!

It's priceless to have you post each of those sentences and then put your little comment underneath! Brilliant!

Honestly, there's nothing else to say! You said it all!

The humor is our saving grace through all of this! :)

Nativenewyorker , 11/5/12 10:43 AM

It's understandable why you all don't want for new players to come up and win coz your faves will win less.
scoretracker, 11/5/12 5:17 AM

Making up crap again. Show me where I implied this unsubstantiated claim? I just posted how the game needs to support JJ and players like him.


Conspirator , 11/5/12 2:44 PM

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