• Federer, Del Potro collide in Basel title match

    10/27/12 11:53 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer, Del Potro collide in Basel title match The No. 1 and No. 2 seeds will do battle in a final showdown on Sunday in Basel. Roger Federer is looking for his sixth Basel title as he goes up against Juan Martin Del Potro, who has two wins in 15 tries in this head-to-head matchup.

    The sixteenth meeting between Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro will come on Sunday afternoon in the final of the Swiss Indoors Basel. Federer is dominating the head-to-head series 13-2, including 8-2 on hard courts.

    They have faced each other in a number of memorable matches; two already this season. Federer stormed back from two sets down to prevail 3-6, 6-7(4), 6-2, 6-0, 6-3 in the French Open quarterfinals and he survived 3-6, 7-6(5), 19-17 in the Olympic semis. Del Potro's victories came in five sets in the 2009 U.S. Open final and in three sets at the World Tour Finals later that year.

    Both players are wrapping up productive 2012 campaigns. Federer will be No. 1 in the world for just one more week, but he owns an impressive 68-9 record for the season. So far this week he has ousted Benjamin Becker, Thomaz Bellucci, Benoit Paire, and Paul-Henri Mathieu.

    Del Potro is heating up after a brief injury layoff and he has earned his spot in the World Tour Finals. The eighth-ranked Argentine captured the Vienna title last week and he has maintained his momentum in Basel with victories over Alejandro Falla, Brian Baker, Kevin Anderson, and Richard Gasquet. Del Potro is 61-14 for the year after thrashing Gasquet 6-2, 6-2 on Saturday.

    "I'm excited about playing Juan Martin in the final," said Federer. "It's great seeing him backing up his win in Vienna. We've played six times already this season. We can look back at some great matches and hopefully live up to another one tomorrow. I'm ready to go.”

    Del Potro is playing well enough to challenge the top players in the world right now, but going up against Federer in Switzerland is a tough proposition. The top seed has won this event five times in eight final appearances and he is now through to his seventh consecutive title match. Federer in three sets is the pick.

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Folks - where can I watch live streaming?

For some reason links are not working

sanju , 10/28/12 2:01 PM

espn3 or frombar, etc.

RickyDimon , 10/28/12 2:50 PM

sanju, try

nadline , 10/28/12 3:13 PM

Delpo quite a limited player. Why does he keep going CC backhand with Fed? Where's his DTL shots? Why can't he run around his backhand and hit a forehand DTL shot and gives Fed a surprise?

I thought Delpo is going to win in straight sets but it's not to be. He simply can't beat Fed in straight sets, unlike those three boys up there in the rankings. He may even end up losing this match from a winning position.

luckystar , 10/28/12 3:54 PM

Congrats to Delpo,, he managed at the end.
Roger should work harder, not his usual indoor level.

OnTheRise , 10/28/12 4:54 PM

So Delpo finally beat Roger at his homeground

This will affect Feds confidence bigtime now. It also was nearly a 3 hr match,looked too tight from the scores, so sad I missed it

Congrats Delpo, finally beat Fed this year. He deserved it after the 5 set loss at RG9only due to injury) and the Olympics semis

sanju , 10/28/12 4:55 PM

great match

Delpo was the slightly better player and deserved to win

RickyDimon , 10/28/12 4:56 PM

Actually, I think Federer played very well. He was holding his serve much more easily than Delpo did in the 3rd set, so I thought it was only a matter of time before he closed it.

nadline , 10/28/12 4:57 PM

Congrats Delpo. Beating Fed indoors as hard if not harder than beating Rafa on clay. Very well earned. Nole's magic number for year end No. 1 at 650.


Conspirator , 10/28/12 4:58 PM

nadline - true

delpo should have won in straights tho

RickyDimon , 10/28/12 5:14 PM

Congrats to Delpo for the win. Maybe this win will boost up his confidence. Was not able to watch due to lack of live telecast, so cant really say much about Fed's game. Though he does seem to have lost his touch after Cincy win. Dont know how this loss will affect his confidence. Just hoping that he defends his WTF title!

abhirf , 10/28/12 5:20 PM

Excuse me, more difficult than beating Rafa on clay?? Really? What's Fed's winning percentage on the indoor hard courts? He lost to quite a few players - Nalby, Benneteau, Delpo, Gonzo, Davy, Nole, Murray, Simon - to name a few. Oh and Monfils in 2010 super fast indoor hard courts.

Congrats to Delpo for the win, I really thought that he had let it slipped away again but great for him that he didn't falter during the final set tiebreak. I don't think this loss has any effect on Fed's confidence, he knows he can't win them all. He winning six titles in a season when he's 31 yo, including one slam and three Masters titles, regaining the number one ranking and becoming the all time leader in the no.1 ranking, all these are marvellous achievements for him and for anyone. 2012 turns out to be a very good year for Fed, whether he finishes as ye no.1 or not.

luckystar , 10/28/12 5:27 PM

Supposedly Fed said '"you lost many tough matches against me so I'm happy you won this"

haha..Im sure you not happy that u lost Fed cmon :-)

sanju , 10/28/12 5:33 PM

lucky : I don't think this loss has any effect on Fed's confidence, he knows he can't win them all

I think it does effect his confidence, hes very tentative in closing BP's and wen the match gets tight. He played bad in last tiebreak today. I am sure the loss to Berdych, Murray n Delpo has effected his confidence. I think wen he has a huge achievement or milestone to chase, he Olympics finals, here retaining No 1.

sanju , 10/28/12 5:37 PM

Beating Fed indoors as hard if not harder than beating Rafa on clay.
Conspirator , 10/28/12 4:58 PM



nadline , 10/28/12 5:56 PM

I have to agree with you Sanju. More and more often he falters when another entry in the record book is looming. The scoreline would have been much more lopsided today had he not found his first serve when he needed it most.

ed251137 , 10/28/12 5:58 PM

You see sanju, you can't expect Fed to be in tip top conditions always when he gets to this age. He already had problems against Bellucci but Belluci was not like Delpo, he faltered in the third set and ended up losing it 5-7. I can always feel that against lower ranked players, Fed can simply hang in there with them until when these lower ranked players are serving for the set, or even the match, knowing very well they'll somehow falter and would allow Fed to break them and goes on to win from there. It's a similar pattern I see here, first against Bellucci and then against Mathieu. Delpo is made of sterner stuff and he's able to hang on strong and edges out Fed in the end.

luckystar , 10/28/12 5:58 PM

Fed is done and dusted! He will surely slide down the rankings in 2013

tennismania , 10/28/12 6:00 PM

nadline, fed is 44-2 indoors 2010-present. Like I said, "as hard if not harder". lucky must have missed the "as hard" part. Yes, yes I know all about Rafa's 81 match streak on clay streak but that was during the weak era so it's a wash and just opinion remember.


Conspirator , 10/28/12 6:09 PM

^^^Still defies logic.

nadline , 10/28/12 6:20 PM

Agreed, Fed and Rafa defy logic.


Conspirator , 10/28/12 6:27 PM

Federer is not going to Paris: "It's too much for me". He needs time to prepare for WTF

sanju , 10/28/12 6:52 PM

The year end No 1 fight ended in a damp squib. I think the moment Fed lost in Shanghai semis to Murry, he had decided he wont play Paris as he wont anyway be No 1 at the end of the year and couldn't have played 3 weeks in a row..1000 pts off straight

sanju , 10/28/12 6:55 PM

MARIAN VADGINA will be pleased with djokovic being gifted the number 1 spot.

willmw101 , 10/28/12 7:03 PM

Augustina08 , 10/28/12 7:17 PM

delpo did a great job there...federer was not so tidy but delpo has snapped the losing streak anyway...good match !!

dont know from where the rafa on clay vs fed indoors comparison has been brought up...fed is supremely strong indoors , very very tough to defeat but HEY, RAFA ON CLAY?! i dont think there is any need to post any numbers. Rafa on clay is unearthly...the guy can do anything on clay ! he can win a tournament dropping 14 games in MC 2010 :O players are still trying to push rafa to sets at RG , COMEON! lol...

its a common saying 'beating rafa on clay is not only the toughest challenge in tennis but one of the toughest challenges in the world of sports !

djokovic once said rafa on clay is tennis' ultimate challenge...roddick after his loss to rafaf in DC semi 2008 said beating rafa on clay is the hardest thing to do in tennis..

bla bla bla, i dont think there is any need to prove this, rafa on clay is indescribable

vamosrafa , 10/28/12 7:26 PM

^^^Thanks, Augustina. I couldn't be bothered to reach for the stats, because I think no reasonable person would even compare Rafa's clay prowess to that of Fed's indoors. So ridiculous.

So is Federer finding the calendar to crowded after all?

nadline , 10/28/12 7:27 PM

push rafa to sets **

above all stats, rafa has won 7/8 RG titles he has played.MINDBLOWING

vamosrafa , 10/28/12 7:28 PM

vamosrafa, 10/28/12 7:26 PM,

Thanks so much for a great post! I really appreciate reading your thoughts. Needless to say I agree with you about this issue of Rafa on clay versus Fed indoors. I am not really sure why it would be brought up at all.

While I also agree that there should be no need to post any numbers or stats, I am glad that Augustina did so. Just to reinforce the point that Rafa is unbelievably dominating on clay. I simply don't think the analogy is an accurate one.

I don't think we will ever see what Rafa has done at RG again in our lifetime. Even the great Borg said that Rafa is the best player on clay ever. When you have the guy who has been considered the best player on clay now say that Rafa is the best, then it's game over!

Nativenewyorker , 10/28/12 8:17 PM

Falling as it does so close to the WTF the Paris Masters suffers from a spate of withdrawals and strategic retirements every year.

it is hardly surprising after what he has managed to achieve in 2012, at the grand old age of 30/31, that Federer is fatigued and has chosen to skip Paris in order to give himself more time to recover and prepare for O2. Winning a third consecutive title there, and setting a new record for WTF titles held, would rank pretty high in his priorities particularly as holding onto the No.1 position is now pretty much a lost cause.

ed251137 , 10/28/12 9:38 PM

Delpo played really well, he would have win it in straights if it weren't for his 55% of 1set services.

Federer, contrary, played really bad... he couldn't return a single serve. He didn't take advantage of Delpo continuous 2nd serves.

The last tiebreaker was a letdown, really... I was expecting a fought one, but Federer made 6 UEs (SIX)... nice way to lose a final, lol.

At 31, I think he should start falling in the rankings next year, even though I still would consider him a contender for Wimbledon or USO, if he receives an friendly draw.

Emiliano55 , 10/28/12 10:36 PM

Congrats to Juan. It was a tough match for both guys, but Fed was somewhat lethargic throughout this tournament, and it showed today. It's to be expected coz he's now playing guys who are much younger than him in SFs and finals, and he's having problems keeping up with them.

If Fed had to lose to anyone, then I'm happy it was JMDP.

scoretracker , 10/28/12 10:37 PM

hi there NNY ! great to see you responding to my post, how are you doing? missing rafa u must be? haha :)

vamosrafa , 10/28/12 10:57 PM

Haha..."djokovic being gifted"... poor willma.... hurts, isn't it?
Congrats to Huan... he was better man.... his schedule was terrible...( Fed was playing second round on same day as Delpo first round...)
Basically tournament started on Wednesday for Delpo and for Mr Arrogant on Monday...
Nobody is is mentioning, but Hawk Eye was a little bit strange... even Huan was confused with some points...
So big professional star is not going to Paris... and what is excuse? "Too much tennis..." so much about respecting fans...LOL...

zare , 10/28/12 11:27 PM

Should never have mentioned the N-word.


Conspirator , 10/29/12 12:23 AM

Well done Nole for clinching second consecutive year end at No. 1 and congrats to his many fans.


Conspirator , 10/29/12 12:25 AM

vamosrafa, 10/28/12 10:57 PM,

Great to see you here posting again! Of course I miss Rafa terribly! But there's still a lot to discuss, as you can see! :)


I wouldn't let willmw's comment bother you. Nole will be #1 for the second consecutive year! Congratulatiions to Nole and his fans!

Nativenewyorker , 10/29/12 4:50 AM

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