• Raonic, Nishikori collide in Tokyo title match

    10/6/12 5:38 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Raonic, Nishikori collide in Tokyo title match World No. 15 Milos Raonic looks to win his third ATP World Tour title of the season, as he takes on fellow seed Kei Nishkori for the Japan Open crown. The players are slated to contest their first career meeting Sunday afternoon.

    Sixth seed Milos Raonic is through to the final match at the Japan Open, having upset defending champion Andy Murray in the semifinal. The 21-year-old Canadian saved two match points through to a 6-3, 6-7(5), 7-6(4) victory. Raonic has struck 49 aces en route to the championship final.

    With a successful effort on Sunday, the world No. 15 extends his ATP World Tour career title tally to four. He has captured two in 2012, having sealing championship-winning runs in Chennai and San Jose.

    Nishikori made the final by virtue of his straight-set upending of former world No. 8 Marcos Baghdatis. The world No. 17 held 8 consecutive service games during the match, giving him his first career victory over the Cypriot.

    Nishikori is seeking his first ATP World Tour title since 2008, when he won the Delray Beach championship over veteran James Blake.

    Prediction: Raonic in three sets.

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Well done Nishikori - no easy thing to beat Berdych. Also, sounds like a good win for Milos.

I hope it will be a good match - may the best man win on the day.

schatz , 10/6/12 5:53 PM

I am looking forward to seeing these two go at it. I have seen Raonic, but haven't seen Nishikori. I was surprised that Nishikori beat Berdy. Good win for him.

This should be a good one! If Raonic serves well and keeps it together, I agree that he should win in three.

Nativenewyorker , 10/6/12 8:15 PM

This will be an excellent match! For once, I have no idea who to cheer for, as I want success for both of these young talents. Whoever wins, it will be a great confidence boost as the season winds down.

aegis , 10/6/12 11:25 PM

I'm in the same predicament, I don't know for whom to cheer, coz I absolutely like both young men.

I'd like to see Raonic win coz he needs a title, but then I'd like for Nishikori to win, coz it's his country's tournament. iI would be very disappointing for him to lose on home soil with so many of his country-men rooting for him, only to have their hopes dashed should he lose. He's also the highest ranked Japanese man on the ATP circuit for years. It would be amazing how huge the celebrations would be, if Kei were to win.

Both guys have had to beat very tough opponents, Raonic moreso. he had to take out bothe Tipsy and Murray, a top 4 and top 10 guy. Kei had to beat Berdy, who's top 8 and Baggy. so it's not been easy for both of them.

I'm thinking Raonic will win if his serve is firing, but Kei has a better ground game, however, he has a knee problem. I'm picking Raonic to win based n his serve and Kei's knee problems being a hindrance, but any of the two winning will be just fine for me.

scoretracker , 10/7/12 1:10 AM

lucky, now we'll see if Kei can take out another "big hitter." A few weeks ago I remember we discussed whether he could in fact beat them at all.
Well, he's taken out one at any rate.
Love the way he plays. Hope the home crowd lifts him and he can do it a second time.

deuce , 10/7/12 7:28 AM

Hi deuce, Ive not watched any of the Tokyo matches at all as they're not telecast here. I've the Beijing matches instead, both men's and the women's. The finals for both should be interesting, ie Nole vs Tsonga , followed by Sharapova vs Azarenka.

I've no idea how Nishi and Raonic play this Tokyo tournament, but I believe both must be playing well beating top ten players to get to the final. I secretly hope for Kei to win, nothing against Raonic, it's just that Kei only has one title so far, time for him to win somemore and make a push towards top ten. Also it will be sweet if he can win a home tournament.

luckystar , 10/7/12 8:19 AM

Lucky: Poor you. Can you not even get a live stream?.

ed251137 , 10/7/12 8:26 AM

Not interested in live streaming, unless Rafa is playing and his matches are not telecast here. I did that last year, live streaming for the Tokyo matches and watching on tv the Beijing matches at the same time. I did that, watching both finals last year, Rafa vs Murray and Cilic vs Berdych at about the same time.

luckystar , 10/7/12 8:32 AM

Kei just better handle the pressure well and keep it close

RickyDimon , 10/7/12 8:33 AM

My head says Raonic, but my heart says Kei. Sometimes players can rise to the occasion even when under great pressure in front of home fans. I have not seen him, but have to assume that he is playing well to take out Berdy.

I hope for a good match. This one I am going to record, just in case I don't wake up early enough.


I didn't realize that you aren't even getting any televised matches of Tokyo. The tennis channel will have both the Tokyo and the Beijing finals. What's great about them is that they rerun the matches, too. I am so grateful for the tennis channel!

I say good luck to both Raonic and Kei and hope for a great match!

Nativenewyorker , 10/7/12 8:53 AM

Wow! Nishikori is one hell of a player. He has neutralized Raonic's weapons to take the 1st set in a tie-break.

nadline , 10/7/12 9:06 AM

This is living up to expectations.

ed251137 , 10/7/12 9:06 AM

Nerves getting to Nishi but an impressive hold. Raonic has a seriously cool head on his young shoulders.

ed251137 , 10/7/12 9:14 AM

Must say I have been impressed with Raonic's return game in this tournament, he has definitely worked on it.............

rafaisthebest , 10/7/12 9:20 AM

Is Raonic the worst challenger on the tour? He challenged when his serve was over a foot long and he's just chalenged Kei's serve that was well in.

nadline , 10/7/12 9:24 AM

Vamos Kei!!

rafaisthebest , 10/7/12 10:02 AM

Kei is leading 5-0 in the final set. How is he able to neutralize Raonic's big serve and f/h.

nadline , 10/7/12 10:07 AM

^^^^because Raonic's big serve and forehand are only good if he is winning. It's been fascinating to watch his belief evaporate in the final set.

rafaisthebest , 10/7/12 10:12 AM


Well done Kei. Very, very good tennis. His play in the final set was bewitching.

rafaisthebest , 10/7/12 10:15 AM

happy happy... winning 6-0 in his home tournament

croc , 10/7/12 10:15 AM

Nishikori takes the final set to love. What a terific performance. What will that do to Raonic's confidence in his big serving weapon.

Yes, I agree that once Raonic is losing even his serve goes to pot.

Well Done, Kei.

nadline , 10/7/12 10:15 AM

Great win for Kei on his home soil...he totally deserved to win today...I always remember how Rafa said Kei had capacity and talent to be a top ten player...Milos on the other hand still has a long way to go. His serve deserted him and he was not looking good at all today...however, he did take Murray's scalp doing Kei a big favor overall, good tourney for Milos beating the player on the run who just won his first GS...

they are both young and their big victories are yet to come...

natashao , 10/7/12 10:26 AM

Thrilled for Kei. What a beautiful player :)
That's how to beat Raonic, take the ball really early, especially ROs and get him off balance and out of court, especially on the back hand side.
Do hope Andy was watching...;)

deuce , 10/7/12 10:28 AM

Deuce, so Kei has proven that he can beat the big server, big hitter, having beaten first Berdych and now Raonic. Well done to Kei! He makes history for his home tournament, being the first Japanese to win it, in forty years! And to be able to bagel Raonic! Maybe Raonic has spent too much energy beating Murray in the SF, but Kei must be playing very well this whole tournament; so happy for him!

Yes, I remember Rafa ever mentioned that Kei may be a top ten player one day. I hope he does get to the top ten soon.

luckystar , 10/7/12 10:34 AM

Fascinating the way Nishi neutralised Raonic's game. Could hardly believe the way he fell apart in the last set after holding his nerve so well yesterday.
An excellent final. Congratulations to Nishi.

ed251137 , 10/7/12 10:36 AM

I think Raonic put all his focus on beating Andy thinking he didn't need to worry about Baggy or Kei like most players only prepare for the top players. I think every player should study this match on how to neutralize the big server.

nadline , 10/7/12 10:47 AM

In fact I was thinking watching Kei play, especially in the final set, "how is this guy not in the Top 10?" He won with guile and excellent court positioning, he did not try to out-hit Raonic at all.

rafaisthebest , 10/7/12 10:48 AM

The list on the tv channel didn't say that this match would be played now. I missed it all, but got to watch the trophy ceremony. It wasn't very competitive, as I had hoped but it's great to see Kei win in his country.

Now from reading everyone's comments, I have to see the replay and watch how Kei neutralized Raonic's big serving game. Great win for Kei!

I am wondering if that match against Murray took too much out of Raonic.

Nativenewyorker , 10/7/12 10:55 AM

I didn't watch the match, but very impressive Kei judging from the bagel in the last set. He must have played GREAT tennis! Congrats to Kei fans. It was fun knowing Raonic made the final, and although it was not to be his day today; at 21 he has time to improve his game, and become a bigger factor in tennis.

sky , 10/7/12 11:39 AM

Wow, really happy for Kei doing that in front of his home crowd, and beating such high quality players to do it. Didn't see this one but was so impressed by how he beat big bird. Great guy too.

alex , 10/7/12 3:04 PM

Great win for Nishikori on his home soil. And, very well done for Raonic getting to the be fair to Raonic he had a tougher draw than Nishikori.He had to beat two top 10 players, a top 4, and then No. 9 tipsy, back to back. Baghdatis didn't put up any resistance to Nishikori at all.

I guess Raonic and big servers will now be more hated by some here coz Raonic dared to beat Murray. Raonic had a very tough draw and I think he ran out of energy in the final set. His game is not all about serve coz his FH is very strong and he can play at the net. I wonder if murray had a better serve would his fans be so down on the big servers? Hardly likely, and it's just jealousy.

scoretracker , 10/8/12 8:44 AM

Thank goodness Murray fans do not expend precious energy "guessing" what other posters think, say or do. They limit their discussions to what the players say and do and I for one love them for that!

Go Muzza!!

rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 9:10 AM

Murray fans will now start wringing their hands every time they see Raonic on his quarter of the draw. They complain about Ivo, and they hate Delpo, now Raonic is on the hate list, and probably Isner also. Watch out Murray fans, Raonic has got his number. And, don't gloat tool much that kei beat Raonic, he can beat Murray also. The serve, the serve, oh what a glorious weapon it is.What a pity Murray dolesn't possess it.

scoretracker , 10/8/12 9:53 AM

Thank goodness Murray fans do not waste precious energy talking about other players' fans, much more interesting talking about the players methinks.

Gloating over Kei's beatdown on Raonic? Not necessary. It was a beatdown, fact. The scoreline says so.

rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 10:08 AM

Murray doesn't possess a serving weapon? And he won Olympics gold (beating the GOAT in the process) and his maiden Slam without it? *head-scratch*

Seems to me he has enough of a serve to accomplish stated goals. When was the last time a bomb-server won a Slam or Olympics gold btw?

rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 10:17 AM


I know! Hard to believe, isn't it? Murray, one of the top four but the guy without a serve! I don't get it either. Unless it's meant to upset Murray fans. Although I don't know why they would bother to defend Murray. Anyone with eyes can see for themselves that he has an excellent serve, capable of doing damage. As you said, somehow he managed to beat Fed to win an Olympic gold medal! So how could that be done without a serve? Magic, smoke and mirrors, luck?

Really just a way to rile people up, by saying something that is obviously false on its face. Not everyone has to be a Raonic, Isner, Berdy, Cilic.

It would be like insulting some aspect of Fed's game. But I know that there is respect here for Fed. It would be nice if Murray could get the same.

Nativenewyorker , 10/8/12 10:23 AM

It is truly astonishing that trolls have the magic powers to see what fans are doing and thinking.
Lol some must have a spy-cam in my house as well as my head.

deuce , 10/8/12 10:53 AM

Freedom of speech is my right. but stalking is not yours, following me around from thread to thread. FYI, I don't need to put someone's name at the top of my post to pretend i'm talking to them, like you do, when in fact it's someone else you're really going after. You're all so very, very transparent, that it's absolutely comical.

scoretracker , 10/8/12 11:11 AM

You dare to criticize Sampras? i've heard it all. If Murray could play like Sampras he'd be stacking up some serious GS wins already instead of the one he managed to win. clutching at straws and it's obvious some know very little of tennis but come on a tennis forum just to trash talk and pick fights with others for their right to express an opinion. geez.

scoretracker , 10/8/12 11:19 AM

^^^^well said, you summed yourself up very nicely.

rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 11:36 AM

.........anytime now we will be treated to the holier-than-thou, foot-stomping, theatrical goodbye.......

rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 11:39 AM

#Happiness is looking in the mirror and accepting what you see.

nadline , 10/8/12 11:51 AM


rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 12:01 PM

funny, how very little people comprehend, or is it that they deliberately misinterpret what's written to start an argument, as per usual?

Where did I say murray didn't have a serve? I said, the serve is a glorious *weapon*, what a pity Murray doesn't possess it. Can anyone say murray's serve is a weapon? If so, why is it that his second serve is so pitiful and he DFs so often?

@Nadline, are you talking about yourself?

scoretracker , 10/8/12 2:23 PM

Andy: 425 aces this YTD
v Karlovic 4-0
v JMDP 5-1
v Raonic 1-2. Who cares?

@RITB 11.39

deuce , 10/8/12 2:26 PM


rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 2:34 PM

Well said deucey! Any grand slam champ needs all weapons these days, no?

#Solidari ty

Conspirator , 10/8/12 4:20 PM

It's obvious that the apology last week was insincere coz you've all reverted back to thre same ol same ol, of calling everyone whom you dislike a troll, and other sick names, by trying to silence them and forming a net around them.

I get it that the trio, (sometimes quartet) don't want some of us here and hope we'd leave, coz they hate us. However, harassing us is not the way. People are not going to leave to please you, but when they're ready to do so. The feelings of dislike works both ways, I no more like any of you than you like me. However, this is a forum and there's no need to pick on others if they have differing opinions to yours. just because you' don't like them. You're all well aware that regardless of how twisted your arguments are, your little group will step in and lie to back you up. I'm baffled that all of the gang feel the same about everything a non-Nadal/non-Murray fan has expressed. Your minds are extremely synchronized. WOW.

I will continue to write my comments as I see fit, and if you attack me, I will ignore you all. None of you likes to be ignored, as per above, but that's what you'll get henceforth. So be my guest, hurl snide remarks, and use your disgusting names, it's you who will look lowly.

It's obvious that the slams do count and it's the reason so may of you dislike Fed and his fans, coz he's won so many, and your guys can only dream of dosing as well.. So what else is new?

Eventually the moderators will do something. about your disgusting behavior. But, until then, have fun y'all.

scoretracker , 10/8/12 5:02 PM

And, BTW, you all appear extremely stupid writing pseudo-hashtags, viz, don't feed the troll, when in reality you keep arguing with us. Not to mention the stalker hashtags, and you keep following me around. Every thread I go to, you come on behind me. I thought those silly pseudohashtags were to remind you to ignore me. I welcome the day you'd keep to your word. Bwahahahahah.

scoretracker , 10/8/12 5:11 PM

Hey deuce, did you know that Muzz has more aces than Nole and Ivo this year?

Pretty impressive!


Conspirator , 10/8/12 5:42 PM

deuce , 10/8/12 2:26 PM

Oh well, maybe not so theatrical but it came all the same..........


rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 6:51 PM

#TNTFTT (trying not to feed the troll)

rafaisthebest , 10/8/12 6:55 PM

@Nadline, are you talking about yourself?
scoretracker , 10/8/12 2:23 PM

In my case, when I look in the mirror I LIKE what I see.

nadline , 10/8/12 7:20 PM


Bravo nadline! Great comeback! I left when it started up again. I thought we might get at least a few days of peace, but I was wrong. Talk about same old, same old! What bothers me is the excessive amount of rage, anger and hostility in this person's comments. Also the obsessive and compulsive nature of them. This person just can't stop, even after Cheryl went to the trouble of deleting comments and trying to clean up the mess.

"I wonder if murray had a better serve would his fans be so down on the big servers? Hardly likely, and it's just jealousy."

scoretracker, 10/8/12 8:44 AM

"You dare to criticize Sampras? i've heard it all. If Murray could play like Sampras he'd be stacking up some serious GS wins already instead of the one he managed to win. clutching at straws and it's obvious some know very little of tennis but come on a tennis forum just to trash talk and pick fights with others for their right to express an opinion. geez."

scoretracker, 10/8/12 11:19 AM

"The serve, the serve, oh what a glorious weapon it is.What a pity Murray dolesn't possess it."

scoretracker, 10/8/12 9:53 AM

The above referenced comments speak for themselves. Coming out and saying that Andy's serve is not a weapon was a specific inciteful, inflammatory comment designed to provoke and disrupt. It's clear who the instigator is and no matter how many times this person persists in pathetic attempts to try to shift blame onto others, there is no way to hide from what one writes.

Nativenewyorker , 10/8/12 9:55 PM

Um, on a return to topic ...

congratulations to Milos for doing so well and getting revenge for his USO defeat, and also to Kei for his historic win in his home tournament.

mara002 , 10/9/12 1:00 AM

@9:55 am, great drama queen semantics. don't judge others by your yardstick. You're so full of rage at seeing a Fed fan on this site that you become uncontrollable. enjoy your theatrics.

I'll say it again, Murray's serve IMO, which I'm entitled to is NOT a weapon. A server is only as good as his second serve and Murray's second serve is pitiful. His fans are forever wanting for his second serve to be improved and hoped that landl would help him with that problemd. it's been stated numerous times on this site, except that you choose to make it an issue for the purpose of starting another war. have fund doing what you do best, throwing flames.

scoretracker , 10/9/12 2:27 AM

I think this situation is ludicrous at best. Now I'm being told that my opinions, (which are not personal attacks on others, unlike some here) are spiteful, and I'm an instigator. I suppose this is not a forum where posters are supposed to comment on tennis and the players, this is a place where we are just supposed to cozy up to our cyber friends and please them by heaping praises on their faves? LOL, how far away some are straying from the intent and purpose of a tennis forum, where friendship is the No. 1 and only reason to comment. Thus, it can be assumed that anyone who points out flaws in a player's game is instigating and is full of rage, and spite? LOL.

Tennis forums are now a cyber fiends gathering. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 10/9/12 2:40 AM

Awesome job by both Raonic who took out the USO and Olympic Gold champ and Nishikori. Nice to see the young players strut their stuff.


Conspirator , 10/9/12 2:49 AM

I believe cheryl had to clean up a lot of mess from several people YoU included, and she asked that the fan wars be stopped. However, nothing has stopped coz you guys are just looking for a fight over everything. Look at this thread how many personal attacks are sent my way from all of you, with ritb being the most offensive. Almost everything she wrote on this thread was a personal attack on me. Did I get personal with any of you? NO. I'm expressing my opinions on Murray's serve not Murray the person, unlike some who target Fed's face, his personality, and everythikng else except his tennis. I said nothing nothing offensive against Murray personally, just his serv, which is what people do on a forum.

If his fan cannot handle someone criticizing his serve then she should not be on a tennis blog. The foursome joins in, not coz they care about Murray but it's their usual way to cause a war. All of you join deuce coz you don't want to see me here. Fed fans are disallowed to speak on anything, or else the foursome, NNY, deuce, ritb, and conspirator will gang up. then ed comes in and Nadline also to throw some more gas on the fire. Just look at the other thread where an attempt was made to discuss hardcourts, same scenario; the gang got invovled and the discussion ended. Never do any of you contribute anything to the discussion, you jujst engender personal attacks on the poster.

scoretracker , 10/9/12 2:58 AM

Raonic and Nishikori are in the same quarter and either would do well to make the QF. Milos could meet Tsonga in R16 and Kei could meet Berdy. Lot of hard hitters in that quarter!


Conspirator , 10/9/12 3:23 AM


It's true that Roanic and Nishi are in that same quarter. So maybe more fireworks from them? They both should have some confidence from their respective performances in Tokyo.

I would love to see Raonic meet Tsonga and Kei meeting Berdy again. He took him out in Tokyo, so it should be a good one.

That is a very competitive quarter with some good players who are on their game.

Nativenewyorker , 10/9/12 4:37 AM

Are Kei and Milos the new rivalry?

nadline , 10/9/12 8:32 AM


I think they could be one new rivalry. Both are playing extremely well right now. I think Nishi has made a great deal of progress in the last year. Raonic just keeps getting more comfortable out there, working on improving his groundstrokes.

We really do have some potentially great matches to look forward to in Shanghai.

Nativenewyorker , 10/9/12 9:37 AM


ed251137 , 10/10/12 12:02 PM

NB: am referring to comment @ 10/9/12 2:58 AM

ed251137 , 10/10/12 12:05 PM


I agree with you. That's why I just stopped posting. There's no way I am going to let myself get dragged into the drama and the same old attacks on posters here.

If I have to leave for a while, then that's better than coming on here and reading this stuff over and over.


Nativenewyorker , 10/10/12 9:14 PM


ed251137 , 10/11/12 1:17 AM


Very true. If we get out of the way, then this person is just talking to himself. How appropriate! Now the time to get worried is if this person starts answering himself and fighting with himself! :)

Nativenewyorker , 10/11/12 1:58 AM

Stepanek has just been so out of line in his match against isner. Screaming at Mohammed Leyani when he is completely in the wrong. Disgusting player. What is it with czech players being a bit different and incendiary.

willmw101 , 10/11/12 11:39 AM

^^^^ Stepanek-Isner thread please

RickyDimon , 10/11/12 4:41 PM

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