• Djokovic faces Ferrer in U.S. Open semifinals

    9/7/12 4:53 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic faces Ferrer in U.S. Open semifinals Only two of the "Big 4" are through to Super Saturday for the semifinals in Flushing Meadows, including defending champion Novak Djokovic. He will go up against David Ferrer for a spot in the title match.

    Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer will be squaring off for the 14th time in their careers when they do battle in the semifinals of the U.S. Open on Saturday afternoon.

    Djokovic is leading the head-to-head series 8-5, a mark that has to be considered more than respectable for Ferrer. However, Djokovic is dominating on hard courts with seven victories in nine matches. They have faced each other twice this season; the Serb prevailed 6-4, 7-6(4), 6-1 at the Australian Open and 6-2, 7-6(1) at the Masters event in Miami.

    Djokovic may not be in the midst of the same kind of year he put on display in 2011, but the world No. 2 is clearly in fine form. He bounced back from a fourth-place showing at the Olympics to win Toronto and finish runner-up in Cincinnati. So far in New York, Djokovic has not lost a single set in victories over Paolo Lorenzi, Rogerio Dutra Silva, Julien Benneteau, Stanislas Wawrinka, and Juan Martin Del Potro.

    Ferrer is, in fact, enjoying the best season of his long, consistent career. The fifth-ranked Spaniard is 58-11 for his 2012 campaign, which includes five titles. He booked his spot in this semifinal showdown by taking out Kevin Anderson, Igor Sijsling, Lleyton Hewitt, Richard Gasquet, and Janko Tipsarevic.

    Having previously surrendered only one set in total, Ferrer needed four hours and 31 minutes to survive Tipsarevic 6-3, 6-7(5), 2-6, 6-3, 7-6(4) in an epic struggle on Thursday. Similarly, Djokovic had cruised before downing Del Potro in a brutal, high-quality three-set quarterfinal.

    This does not appear to set up well--at all--for Ferrer. The underdog is coming off a grueling encounter and he has never been to a Grand Slam final. Djokovic, on the other hand, owns five major titles and he looks poised to capture a sixth.

    Count on the No. 2 seed getting the job done in straight sets.

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Hope this is a better match - may the best man win.

Heart would like Ferrer, so good luck David and Vamos.

schatz , 9/8/12 10:41 PM

Nole better stop venturing to the net :)). He was broken in the first game because of that. And David has another two bps now. Much better now.

C'mon Noleeee!!! :))

danica , 9/8/12 11:01 PM

Djoker looking out of sorts at the moment.

abhirf , 9/8/12 11:01 PM

He is looking AWFUL. I hope he'll be able to adjust his game going from second set onward, just like Andy.

danica , 9/8/12 11:10 PM

One of those days.... nothing works....

zare , 9/8/12 11:11 PM

Play suspended... coz tempest is coming ?!?
Strange....why did they started at all if they are so sure???
Definitely worst GS... even if it's good for Nole...
wtf....postponed for tomorrow????

zare , 9/8/12 11:16 PM cross-northeast-u.s/
It seems that nice tornado is coming to NY... Why starting the match in that case??

zare , 9/8/12 11:24 PM

Zare, I like conspiracy theories :)). Maybe they wanted a Nole/Andy final and seeing that nothing works for Nole, decided to suspend the play for the day. Although, the conditions are really crazy. I feel sorry for David, he was out there playing like possessed and was definitely a better player.

I don't know, it's not fair that Andy and Tomas had to play under such conditions and these two are given the possibility to play on a beautiful day. What do you guys think?

danica , 9/8/12 11:35 PM

Me too... ( part about conspiracy ) ...
But it seems to me that this is more pure stupidity...

zare , 9/8/12 11:46 PM

danica, this tornado was forecast ALL day! I think this is the worst organised slam ever.
Why didn't they schedule Nole/David on Armstrong? Then at least all the players would've played under the same conditions.
Or had them tomorrow?
The Andy/Berd match wasn't good quality a lot of the time but u can hardly blame the players.

deuce , 9/8/12 11:48 PM

Monday Final. Never in doubt.

RickyDimon , 9/8/12 11:56 PM

nole in deep trouble.

rfzr , 9/9/12 12:31 AM

This is really something! I said on the Murray/Berdy match thread that they should get Nole and Ferrer out on Louis Armstrong to play! They knew the weather forecast and had already cancelled the women's final.

However, I don't believe in conspiracies and am not even going to go there. This is just more bad decision-making from the organizers of the USO.

What really shocked me is the score! Ferrer up 5-2? What was wrong with Nole? How could he play so well in his quarterfinal match and then come out and be on the verge of losing the first set? Given how he was playing, it might be to his advantage to have the match postponed. We all know what this means - another Monday men's final!

Nole has a tough task, because Ferrer is a very physical player. I guess those who thought Ferrer would be tired for this match were wrong. Whoever wins this one will be at a clear disadvantage going into the final.

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/12 1:12 AM

The bizarre decision to start the match in the first place and then call it off has to benefit Nole. He now has time to right the ship!! And it is bound to be difficult, if not impossible, for David to regain the momentum he had when the match was stopped. The tournado was already in the NY area so why on earth were Andy and Berdy made to play in such horrendous conditions. Makes no sense. Trying to keep the TV companies happy I suppose at the expense of the players.

ed251137 , 9/9/12 2:54 AM

Ok, I did a bit of reading and talked to a friend who lives in NY. It was known that the hurricane/tornado was coming something like 45 minutes after the beginning of the second match. They shouldn't have allowed it to start. Period. My friend said that it was so humid today that she couldn't breathe when she was outside for a brief time. Similarly, the first match should have been postponed for tomorrow as well so that all the players compete in more or less the same conditions.

Nole is bound to lose the first set. Ferrer's on serve and Nole needs some time to get in the match. But from then on, the new match is starting and I am positive he'll be able to pull it off.

danica , 9/9/12 5:29 AM

Aren't you just able to tell when Nole is gonna make a hash of things? He just gives off this obvious vibe.

Hopefully, he will regroup and play well tomorrow.

samprallica , 9/9/12 5:33 AM

Hope Djokovic will come back today and win the match. Hoping for a Djokovic/Murray final

tennis2011 , 9/9/12 6:00 AM

I believe in being optimistic, so I am going to tell Nole fans much the same thing that I told Murray fans. First I want to say that they should have had the second match played on Louis Armstrong stadium at the same time as the first match. They knew bad weather was coming. I have no idea why they started the match at all.

Now regarding Nole, this will benefit him. He will most likely lose the first set. However, Murray lost the first set to Berdy. Sometimes players are sluggish, slow getting into a match. I didn't see any of the match so I can't comment on how Nole looked. But the score did surprise me.

I also think many people underestimated Ferrer's ability to come out strong. He is extremely fit and this idea that he wouldn't have much left after that five set match with Tipsy, just didn't make sense to me. He was bouncing up and down in the fifth set like he could have played for another hour. I thought this match would go four sets. I believed that Ferrer would get a set off Nole.

We can only hope for better weather tomorrow. Then Nole has the chance to come out and right the ship. But his fans shouldn't lose hope or get too discouraged. Of course these two players will be at a disadvantage having to come out again and play. The final will be postponed to Monday, which is becoming a regular thing.

Nothing's going to change unless they get a roof built and make better decisions. I can't for the life of me understand why they didn't let Nole and Ferrer start on Armstrong while the other match was being played on Ashe.

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/12 6:56 AM

Isn't this a bit like 2008, when they had Fed vs Nole on at Ashe, and knowing there'd be hurricane, at least they made the right decision of starting Rafa vs Murray in Armstrong? Though in the end the started too late and Rafa/Murray had to finish their match the next day, leaving Murray less than a day to rest for the final on Monday.

It seemed that they still didn't learn a lesson or two from all these rain delays! Fortunately next year there'll be a one day's break between the SFs and the Final.

luckystar , 9/9/12 8:34 AM


You are right! I think they made the decision to let Rafa/Murray start on Armstrong but Fed vs Nole was almost over. So that one finished but Rafa/Murray had to come back the next day.

That's why I am so frustrated with the fact that they neglected to get Nole vs Ferrer on Louis Armstrong while the other match was being played! It's not like they haven't had to do it before. They knew the forecast. They knew the storm was coming.

I just do not get it!

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/12 8:49 AM

The reason is money.

nemanja230690 , 9/9/12 9:40 AM

NNY>> Answer is simple..its never logic, its commercial interests

If both play simultaneously , TV channels and broadcasters all around the world wont be able to telecast both matches live, viewerswill get to now result of thed elayed telecast of next match and be not interested in watching it..why will advertisers pay such high spot ad rates then? It is all about money & profits, it happens everywhere..Also why should ticket holders in Ashe who maybe paid a bomb to watch both matches be deprived of seeing both matches..if other match shifted to Armstrong, will it not be injustice to them?

sanju , 9/9/12 9:59 AM

I must have sounded very naive. I should have known better. However, if the people in Ashe stadium paid to see both matches they didn't get to see them. The second one was rained out after seven games of play. So they still were cheated.

I am wondering how it worked when they did it in 2008 with Rafa and Murray in their semifinal. Lucky brought up that one because they did decide to put Rafa and Murray on Armstrong stadium while Nole and Fed were playing their semifinal. But they waited too long and it got rained out anyway.

So I wonder what happened with those who bought tickets at that time.

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/12 10:18 AM

NNY..I think people who had bought tickets yest atAshe forsemis still get to c the semi today..they only move out when womans final starts I guess..atleast thats the logical reasoning :-)

sanju , 9/9/12 11:05 AM

US Open officials have no concern for any player other than Federer. In their anxiety to build their revenues around Fed, they have got used to pretending to be morons and messing up schedules, jeopardizing other players' careers by making them play in dangerous conditions etc. I am sure they don't care for ticket holders either as the bulk of their revenue comes from broadcasting and advertizing.
As long as they continue their unfair scheduling practices like making Fed play first and scheduling first round over three days, they will keep causing problems to anyone not named Federer. I cannot believe that in a country like USA with the best brains from all countries, USO cannot even create a schedule fair to all players and less of a pain to ticket holders. I suspect that till Fed retires, USO will continue to pretend to be inept and helpless.

holdserve , 9/9/12 12:22 PM

Oh, oh......Ferru's toast.

rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 6:24 PM

Thank you tornado.

nemanja230690 , 9/9/12 6:41 PM

Nemanja, why are you thanking tornado? With tornado around, the play wouldn't be possible at all. Without tornado, on a calm day like this one, we know who is better and more likely to go to the finals.
Having said that, third set to Nole ;)
IDEMOOO!!! :))

danica , 9/9/12 6:50 PM

My understanding of @nemanja230690's comment is this: Ferru was handling the windy conditions better than Nole yesterday BEFORE they called the match off for the day because of the in-coming tornado. So, thank you, tornado, for stemming Ferru's momentum.......

rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 7:00 PM

Yes, exactly RITB. :) I know though that if it wasn't for the tornado in the first place, Djokovic (probably) would have won yesterday, but still, Nole was just off yesterday. I feel sorry for Ferrer though, he's a really nice guy. :(

nemanja230690 , 9/9/12 7:09 PM

I know and understand what Nemanja meant.

danica , 9/9/12 7:10 PM

One more service game...

zare , 9/9/12 7:15 PM

nole in deep trouble.
rfzr, 9/9/12 12:31 AM

not so much at the moment.

rfzr , 9/9/12 7:17 PM

Well... for some time no more friendly words for Deuce and Alex ;)
Nice work Nole....

zare , 9/9/12 7:20 PM

My sentiments exactly @nemanja230690. Although I expected Ferru to fight valiantly like he always does, I never doubted that Nole would prevail in the end, even if they had not stopped the match......

rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 7:22 PM

Oh, Brad Gilbert begs to differ, he just said he thought Ferru woulda won the match yesterday had it not been called off.......


rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 7:32 PM

Lol zare *snarls* ...;)
Felt sorry for Ferrer, everything he can do, Nole does better. Alas David had no plan B.
Andy won't beat Nole from the baseline, that's for sure but equally sure Andy WILL have plan B.

deuce , 9/9/12 7:41 PM

NNY ---- Last year on rain days the ticket holders were given the option to have a replacement ticket for the same day/ session in the following year.But only if play had been for 1and half hours or less !!! And ONLY after 5pm ----- As I was an International visitor to that event I got a refund on my ticket .....BUT only after spending almost 2hours waiting for the 5pm cut off time and actually having to speak with the manager at the box office again waiting for almost 1hour for my refund ....Their ticketing policy is not in favour of fans .

sals3 , 9/9/12 7:56 PM

So we really have a Nole/Murray final this time. And all the slam finals plus the Olympics final this year are contested by the exclusive club of the top four. Nole/Rafa for AO/FO; Fed/Murray for Wimbledon/Olympics; and Nole/Murray for USO; just like in 2011 when only the top four guys made it to all the slam finals. At least in 2010, Sod and Berdy made it to the slam finals.

luckystar , 9/9/12 7:58 PM

My deductions are correct!
Deduction 1: USO officials do not care for any player other than Federer.
Borne out by the scheduling and making the players play on slippery surfaces(last year), in tornado conditions (this year). They care only for Fed as they have never subjected him to such callous treatment, they let him play first and they extend the first round to three days to put other players at a disadvantage.
Deduction 2: They do not care for ticket holders.
They rig the draw and subject viewers to boring matches on Ashe.
Those watching on TV or LIve on US Open site can watch interesting matches on other courts so viewership is not greatly affected.
They drag the first round to 3 days despite knowing there would be weather disruptions in second week. Ticket holders are given scant regard.
sals3 has also confirmed how much trouble he (or she) had in getting a refund.
Obviously their only concern is Fed. Not the convenience of the ticket holders.
Their reasoning must be like this: As long as Fed is happy, his sponsors will be happy. So money will keep pouring in.
As for ticket holders, they are fans and so they will keep coming even if they think USO guys are morons. In any case the bulk of the viewing is on TV and live on their website.

holdserve , 9/9/12 8:26 PM

In 2004 USO Fed and Agassi played in 50 mph wind. Just give it a rest. You can repeat the same stuff like tennisnba until you are blue in the face and you won't convince anybody of anything.

chr18 , 9/9/12 9:02 PM

^^^^^Are you calling a fellow Fedfan, tennisnba, a troll?

rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 9:05 PM

Fed in 2004 was not marketable the way he is today and few years back.

danica , 9/9/12 9:23 PM

chr18 if your post was directed at me, first of all I have said in my various posts that the establishment started rigging draws and schedules from 2007 ( adter Forstman took over, most probably as he was betting on Federer).
2004 was before 2007 ( i assume you know simple math).
Secondly, I am not sure you are telling the truth about the speed of the wind in that match. 50mph? I seriously doubt it.
More likely with your poor knowledge of math, you cannot count beyond 3, so any number beyond it is high and it could be 10, 20 or 50 or whatever. And you are simply quoting some figure which sounds impressive.

holdserve , 9/9/12 9:27 PM

First, thanks to sal3 and sanju for their responses about what happened to ticket buyers when they had to put Rafa and Murray on Armstrong while Fed and Nole were playing on Ashe. I appreciate it!

I told the Nole fans to stay positive yesterday. As I said, Nole got it together and defeated Ferrer. One thing I thought of with Ferrer. He seems to like to start aggressively, especially against the top players like Rafa, Nole, Fed, Murray. So I don't think it was all that suprising to see him get out in front in the first set. Nole can sometimes start slowly. He has lost first sets and come back many times to win the match.

I never thought it would be in straight sets. I know many based that prediction on how Nole beat Delpo, but Fed is a very physical player who is tough to take out. He always gives it his all. He has a great ROS, good serve and can run down anything.

So Nole righted the ship and got the win! Now we can look forward to a Nole/Murray final. May the best man win!

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/12 9:28 PM

Brad Gilbert said it was 50 mph on ESPN. I'm going by him. The thing is I don't know what you're hoping to achieve with this endless blabber. What if everybody here agreed with you? Would that make you go away or change the subject at least rather than boring us with the same old material? You say the same thing over and over much like tennisnba except he just copies and pastes unlike you who waste your time typing. Does Nadal pay you to do this? It's like nadline who's been posting for weeks now that somehow the ATP is diminished by Nadal's absence and how many people miss him. Who cares who misses him? Just wait until he comes back. Then there's your virtual twin Conspirator who regurgitates the same thing you do. I hope Nadal is paying you all well. Otherwise you're really wasting your time.

chr18 , 9/9/12 9:48 PM

Oh really? Brad Gilbert said that? I doubt it. But even if he did say it, what kind of a person are you to accept it unquestioningly? Oh yes, I forgot, you are the flat earth type who believes in what an authority figure says and does not believe in science or math or logic or plain discretion to validate with observations or reasoning.
Do you even have any idea what a 50mph wind is like?
nadline makes very valid points. She proved Rafa is the true number 1 with some facts and figures.
She also asked the question, if Rafa is grinding because he engages in long rallies, what about the person on the other side of the net? Is he also not grinding?
But you and your delusional tribe quote myths, not facts.

holdserve , 9/9/12 10:16 PM

Vamos nadline! Vamos Rafa!

rafaisthebest , 9/9/12 10:40 PM

I found an article about the match. here is an excerpt :
'players were greeted with gale force winds?as part of the weather front that swept through New York as a leftover from Hurricane Frances that battered Florida earlier in the week. Federer described the wind swirls as being the worst conditions that he ever played under.'
And yes I know what 50 mph wind is like. I've been through enough hurricanes including Frances and I know the difference between sustained 50 mph and 50 mph gusts which is what Gilbert meant I'm sure. You know you and nadline should present your research as a dissertation to the ATP. Maybe they will present Nadal with an award : holdnadline award or overestimation Nadal award lol.

chr18 , 9/10/12 1:52 AM

chr18, your bluff about the 50mph winds was called. You just made it up.
I am sure you don't really know what it is to play in a 50mph wind otherwise you wouldn't have embarrassed yourself with such a boo boo.
Although Fed is better than Sod, Berdy etc at handling winds he is not as good as Rafa or Muzza. He is really good mainly in indoor conditions.
In any case, play is unlikely to take place at 50mph wind. I am very sure you have never tried to play in winds of 50mph.
I am also sure you have not even been outside when the wind was at 50mph.
If it was just gusts, wonder how Gilbert estimated it at 50mph and how you believed him.
Yesterday's wind speed was probably around 20 mph judging by how Murray's cap fell and his chair fell.
ATP have sold their soul to the devil (read Federer and his sponsors) so they are unlikely to accept mine and nadline's dissertation.
Did you get your doctorate for submitting delusional bs dissertation claiming to prove Fed's greatness?

holdserve , 9/10/12 3:11 AM


Chr18 wouldn't know the time of day if someone didn't tell him! But I do agree that he does have a doctorate in baloney and hatespeak!

Nativenewyorker , 9/10/12 4:01 AM

I didn't make it up and I also don't like to converse with someone so childish as to call me a liar. How can you be sure that I've never been outside in 50 mph wind? What a ridiculous statement since you know nothing about me. I have as a matter a fact. You are impossible. I'm guessing you can't keep a man with that attitude. Notice how I said I'm guessing rather than saying "I am very sure" since I don't know you. Take notes and learn. Good luck with your back and forth with Conspirator and nadline. Maybe someday you will convince somebody of something and you will feel as if your life wasn't a waste. Maybe not............

chr18 , 9/10/12 4:11 AM

Kisses to you too doc18.


Conspirator , 9/10/12 4:19 AM

That's pretty insulting from you NNY. Jealous no doubt. You and holdserve remind me of those people who voted for change in 2008 and are still looking for a job. Ouch!

chr18 , 9/10/12 4:20 AM


You know what's wrong with you? You can dish it out, but you can't take it! When I think of the garbage and vile filth you have posted on this forum, I have to laugh at you protesting what I said! LOL!

You wrote the book on insults, hatespeak and how to be a troll. You are not here to talk about tennis. Fed is out so now you are just taking pot shots at the fans of other players here. Somebody needs to get a life! Please!

Do you really want to inject politics into this debate? I thought this was a tennis forum, but what you just said makes me believe that you are a Republican! Do you want to go there?

Conspirator knows exactly how to respond to the likes of you!


Nativenewyorker , 9/10/12 4:31 AM

chr18, I call a spade a spade and I know you made it up about the wind being at 50mph in Fed's match. And I also stand by my deduction that you have never been outside in a 50mph wind. If you had been, you would never have made that boo boo.
Re Obama: Whether you voted for Obama or not, he became president so you are as affected as those who voted for him. Are you out of a job? Oh poor dear! Is that why you spend so much time here?

holdserve , 9/10/12 4:58 AM

That's what one gets for feeding a rabid dog, it turns around and bites ya! Chr18 dissing on BHO? Why, chr18 has a job now, no? Dissing on Rafa! The amount of effort this must take, and the frequency thereof, qualifies this as a job, IMHO .......

So show some gratitude, boo.......

rafaisthebest , 9/10/12 8:58 AM

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