• Ferrer, Tipsarevic square off for semifinal spot

    9/6/12 7:20 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Ferrer, Tipsarevic square off for semifinal spot A place in the U.S. Open semifinals will be at stake when David Ferrer faces Janko Tipsarevic on Thursday. Ferrer has dropped only one set in Flushing Meadows while Tipsarevic has won 12 consecutive sets.

    David Ferrer and Janko Tipsarevic will be going head-to-head for just the fourth time in their careers when they do battle in the U.S. Open quarterfinals on Thursday afternoon.

    Ferrer has won two of their three previous encounters; 6-1, 6-3 at the 2007 Indian Wells Masters and 6-4, 6-0 one season later on the clay courts of Monte-Carlo. They have not faced each other since the first round of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Tipsarevic prevailed 7-6(8), 6-2.

    Both veterans are in the midst of their best years on tour. Tipsarevic boasts a 48-18 record and appears to be back on track for another berth in the World Tour Finals. The ninth-ranked Serb has won 12 consecutive sets against Guillaume Rufin, Brian Baker, Grega Zemlja, and Philipp Kohlschreiber after losing his first two sets of the tournament to Rufin.

    Ferrer is an incredible 56-11 for his 2012 campaign after dismissing Kevin Anderson, Igor Sijsling, Lleyton Hewitt, and Richard Gasquet. The fifth-ranked Spaniard had a mostly lackluster summer by his standards, but he has surrendered just one set to Hewitt in Flushing Meadows. Always a dogged competitor, Ferrer has saved set points to come back and win a set in all four of his matches.

    "It's going to be a very difficult battle," Tipsarevic assured. "David is an established Top 5 player, probably way more underestimated and people are not giving him enough credit for the achievements he has made in his career. It's going to be a really, really difficult battle, because both of us are groundstroke players."

    Another factor to consider is Grand Slam experience. Tipsarevic has never been to a major semifinal while Ferrer has accomplished the feat at the U.S. Open (2007), Australian Open, and French Open. He was one step away from doing the same at Wimbledon earlier this year.

    Look for Ferrer to reach the semifinals after four entertaining sets.

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Vamos David and I hope you will play great tennis to get to the semis - looking forward to an entertaining match.

schatz , 9/6/12 11:33 AM

I have nowhere else to put this but I was checking the schedule of play for today and Marc Lopez and Granollers are playing in the doubles semi finals - that's fantastic. I am so pleased for them - Vamos guys and I hope you make it to the finals.

schatz , 9/6/12 12:05 PM

tipsarevic has a great chance to play in the semis, will he use this opportunity?

rfzr , 9/6/12 2:59 PM

Tipsy in 3, in fact he is 12-0 in sets after losing the first two.
Extend that to 15..

sabs , 9/6/12 3:16 PM

AJDE JANKO!!!! more step to climb !!!

zare , 9/6/12 3:24 PM

Ferrer is a much different beast from Tipsy's first 4 opponents.

RickyDimon , 9/6/12 3:39 PM

I agree with Ricky here. Ferrer is not no.5 in the rankings for nothing. Even the top four guys have to fight hard to beat him, eg. Nole at AO, Rafa at Barcelona and Rome, and Murray lost to Ferrer at RG. Tipsy is no top four guy, and Ferrer is playing very well here. It seems that without Rafa in the draw, the Spaniards are extra motivated, for they know they don't have the daunting task of beating Rafa. Ferrer, Lopez and Almagro are all playing well this USO. I think Ferrer will make the semifinal.

luckystar , 9/6/12 4:28 PM

Anyone else here watching this match?
Great tennis from both the players so far. I can hardly remember when I last saw Ferrer serving this good.

abhirf , 9/6/12 9:40 PM

vamos tipsa!

rfzr , 9/6/12 9:57 PM

Great tie break Janko!!! Keep it on!

I told ya it would be a great fight ;).

danica , 9/6/12 10:01 PM

It's a shame that people don't give Ferrer the credit he deserves. He is having a great year and playing some excellent tennis. The guy makes the most of what he's got. He returns well, runs down every ball and plays like a beast!

I have to watch this match!

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/12 10:07 PM

second set was phenomenal, especially the 'breaker

RickyDimon , 9/6/12 10:15 PM

tipsa breaks in the 3rd.

rfzr , 9/6/12 10:25 PM

That was some great tennis from both players, but Tipsy did a fantastic job to earn the break.

Now I sticking to this match to the end!

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/12 10:26 PM

double break.

rfzr , 9/6/12 10:33 PM

YES!!! 5:2 Janko :))

danica , 9/6/12 10:33 PM

ferru trying to change dynamics of the match. poor.

rfzr , 9/6/12 10:37 PM

With Fed upset yesterday, Tipsarevic will win this now in 4 or 5; Djoker will lose today to Delpo; Murray vs Delpo final

MAGICJOHNSON76 , 9/6/12 10:42 PM

Very, very good set of tennis from Janko. Hats off.

cherylmurray , 9/6/12 10:43 PM

If Janko can keep up with this kind of play, he can beat DelPo (in potential semis). He beat Nole twice in the last year and played great match at the USO against him last year. So, interesting tennis times indeed :)

danica , 9/6/12 10:47 PM

What a tennis....
Way to go Janko.... juste little more!!!!

zare , 9/6/12 10:55 PM

I have never saw Janko like this.... aggressive, brave game, full of confidence...

zare , 9/6/12 10:58 PM

danica, 9/6/12 10:47 PM,

That's getting way ahead of ourselves. First Tipsy has to win this, then we have to see what happens with Nole and Delpo.

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/12 10:58 PM

It is quite interesting to see how much Janko has improved. Went from being a 30-40 to a legit top 10 player, in a year, at the age 27/28.

nemanja230690 , 9/6/12 11:00 PM

Hehe... NNY.... it's not over yet.... but regardless the result... Janko is very pleasant surprise in tennis this year...
I mean... he isn't some young gun... he's 28...

zare , 9/6/12 11:01 PM

Tipsy on fire

but will roll over for Djokovic in semis

RickyDimon , 9/6/12 11:02 PM

I hope that Nole will be in SF....

zare , 9/6/12 11:05 PM

you are absolutely right. That's why I said IF he can keep up with this game (meaning, winning this match and continuing into the next). My feeling is that he could upset DelPo simply because he moves better and basically, just like David, can run after any ball. I also said in "potential semis" meaning, IF DelPo wins over Nole. I admit, this is all just speculation, but hey, that's what we do here, on this site, when we make predictions :).

danica , 9/6/12 11:11 PM

Janko was always a good player, especially his ground game. His huge improvement began after he got married, which seems as though his wife is a very positive influence on his game. She's very intense when he's playing and supports him quietly but intensely. It would be nice to see him break through and get to the finals, but Ferrer's a tough opponent, and if he wins this match, then the road becomes even tougher.

scoretracker , 9/6/12 11:13 PM

if this goes to 5th i can't see tipsa winning this.

rfzr , 9/6/12 11:22 PM

Ferru breaks... Some crazy points!

zare , 9/6/12 11:23 PM

We'll see. Janko played too many 5 setters (and won) to be discounted now.
Go Jankooo!! :))

danica , 9/6/12 11:26 PM

Well... Fifth it is :(
I feel momentum change. Hope I am wrong, but...

zare , 9/6/12 11:27 PM

Whomever wins this match, will be useless in the next match. However, it'll be more ranking points and a bigger pay-check for the winner.

scoretracker , 9/6/12 11:31 PM

Phuuuuuuah... Good hold Janko!

zare , 9/6/12 11:40 PM

scoretracker - no.

RickyDimon , 9/6/12 11:41 PM


zare , 9/6/12 11:45 PM

Ricky, only time will tell. Janko has to play tomorrow without much rest. I'm positive he's probably exhausted.

I wonder if Ferrer will ever make it to the final of a GS. He's pushing 30 and it will only get harder for him to do so.

scoretracker , 9/6/12 11:48 PM

Well, the umpire is simply terrible...

zare , 9/6/12 11:52 PM

4:1... Just hold two more serves...

zare , 9/6/12 11:58 PM

what a match! Very entertaining.

cherylmurray , 9/7/12 12:14 AM

scoretracker - neither one of these guys has to play tomorrow

zare - yes

cherylmurray - yes

RickyDimon , 9/7/12 12:17 AM


Conspirator , 9/7/12 12:20 AM

Wowee. what a point for Tipsarevic.

cherylmurray , 9/7/12 12:27 AM


Conspirator , 9/7/12 12:28 AM

LOL Conspirator. :D

Man. This is one amazing point after another. :worship:

cherylmurray , 9/7/12 12:30 AM


RickyDimon , 9/7/12 12:31 AM


Conspirator , 9/7/12 12:32 AM

Finaly... Epic match...

zare , 9/7/12 12:35 AM

It has been riveting to watch this match. I didn't want to live blog, just so I could focus on this great battle.

zare, 9/6/12 11:01 PM,

Yes, you are right about Tipsy. I wasn't sure how old he was. This is nice to see from him at this stage of his career.

So it's a tb to decide the winner!

Nativenewyorker , 9/7/12 12:39 AM

Ahhhh.... Congrats to both of them...
Bravo Janko... Bravo David... what a match!

zare , 9/7/12 12:49 AM

@Ricky, you're right. tomorrow is Friday. this is what happens when I get a day off in the middle of the week. LOL.

Great win for David, too bad for janko. It was the match of the tournament for sure. What a shame there has to be a loser.

scoretracker , 9/7/12 12:54 AM

LEGEND. And props to Tipsarevic, as well, even tho most people are not willing to offer them.

RickyDimon , 9/7/12 1:02 AM

So David won? I wasn't able to see the 5th set (had to pick up kids from school) but it seems like it was a great fight. What, Janko had a break and lost??! Awwwww.
Anyhow, congratulations David. Great, great fighter spirit from both. Sorry for Janko though :((. Ah well, what can you do :). I hope Nole and DelPo will play a great match too.

danica , 9/7/12 1:02 AM

I could not watch this live but I hope Eurosport bring it on again tomorrow before the live coverage. It sounds like I missed a great match. Sorry someone had to lose.

Congrats to David for the win.

schatz , 9/7/12 1:06 AM


Yes, this was a good one. Both guys played outstanding tennis and showed some real fight. There were a lot of ebbs and flows to this match. Ferrer had to fight from two sets to one set down. Tipsy was also up 4-1 in the fifth set but Ferrer just refused to quit. He kept on battling.

I am very happy for Ferrer, but also respect Tipsy's great play in this match.

Nativenewyorker , 9/7/12 2:35 AM

Cheers to a true gritty player that is DAVID FERRER!
Props to Tipsy too. You ought to give respect to the two of them.

abhirf , 9/7/12 3:15 AM

Well played David. Huge respect. If ever a player maximised his talent, it's him :)

deuce , 9/7/12 8:12 AM

Fell asleep and missed most of the match but managed to wake up amd watched the tiebreaks. Credit to both for pushing each other to play so well, feel sorry that one of them has to lose. They both deserve their place in the top ten, well done!

luckystar , 9/7/12 11:49 AM

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