• Murray, Cilic collide in US Open quarterfinal

    9/5/12 4:04 AM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray, Cilic collide in US Open quarterfinal World No. 4 Andy Murray looks to secure a place among the final four at the US Open, as he takes the court against world No. 13 Marin Cilic. The players are set to contest their 8th career meeting on Wednesday.

    Third seed Andy Murray holds a commanding 6-1 series edge against 12th seed Marin Cilic. Wednesday signals their first hard-court meeting since Paris 2010.

    Murray advanced to the quarterfinals after upending 15th seed Milos Raonic in straight sets. The 25-year-old Scot passed through the round of 16 unbroken, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2.

    He is seeking his third semifinal berth at the US Open.

    Cilic is through to the last eight following his straight-set victory over Slovakia's Martin Klizan. The 23-year-old Croatian tallied seven service breaks en route to a 7-5, 6-4, 6-0 win.

    He will attempt to make his first semifinal at the US Open.

    Prediction: Murray in straight sets.

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Let's Go Andy! Let's Go!
Dunno when they'll play though. 18.05 UK time play still suspended :(

deuce , 9/5/12 7:08 PM

Andy in 3 sets....

zare , 9/5/12 10:26 PM

The match has been moved to Armstrong and should start anytime from now.

abhirf , 9/5/12 10:54 PM

Ouuups.... scary time again... Cilic got a break :)

zare , 9/5/12 11:10 PM

It's THAT court, deuce, isn't it?
Either that, or this is what happens when everyone starts being positive about him - bolletieri predicted muss in 3 sets ... cue the wrong muzz showing up ...
muzz throws away set 1 despite cilic doing all he could to let him back in again, and muzz's response? curse and smash a racquet. i'm not losing faith, but it's gonna have to be the hard way in the heat of the day again ...

alex , 9/5/12 11:40 PM

was just about to post 'hopefully muzz'll be able to get one or two first serves in this set' ...
but too late ...

alex , 9/5/12 11:45 PM

If you're looking for me Deucy, I'm underneath the sofa :-((

ed251137 , 9/5/12 11:48 PM

unless muzz finds his game very soon it's curtains. I'd describe him as an ordinary top 30 player, if it weren't for all the mistakes. nothing. no flair, no winners. looks like he's already lost the match in his brain. can't watch, i'm off.

alex , 9/6/12 12:10 AM

Can't watch either guys :( What the heck's up with Andy :(

deuce , 9/6/12 12:26 AM

Doesn't like these day matches or that court, does he alex? Bummer

deuce , 9/6/12 12:28 AM

From what I can see from from my hiding place Murray has decided to make a match of it.

ed251137 , 9/6/12 12:36 AM

Lol ed, has he actually decided to wake up? Realised where he is etc

deuce , 9/6/12 12:40 AM

4-4. Who wins this tie break, wins the match.

alex , 9/6/12 12:49 AM

What a choke from Marin. I wasn't expecting anything else. Expect Andy to cruise now.

Emiliano55 , 9/6/12 12:53 AM

Match on! Now, don't do that to me again, muzz.

alex , 9/6/12 12:53 AM

Phew! How the heck did Andy dig that one out? Thanx Marin.

deuce , 9/6/12 12:55 AM

this is like lopez match only moreso. terrible choice: stay up and suffer, or go to bed and not sleep :-(

alex , 9/6/12 1:06 AM

much better muzz. don't see him losing the mojo now. come out ed, it's alright.

alex , 9/6/12 1:28 AM

Ah, Marin must be thinking about that second set. He had it. No way Andy will lose it now. It's a pattern: you give your all out there, and when you miss a few shots, you just disintegrate. Andy on to the semis...

danica , 9/6/12 1:40 AM

Almost come out of the shed at the bottom of the garden.....

deuce , 9/6/12 1:43 AM

With this type of play, I don't see him winning the USO

pennster , 9/6/12 4:04 AM

Was VERY impressed by Cilic's play. I think if he keeps it up, he will be a bonafide top 10 next year. Wow.

aegis , 9/6/12 5:08 AM

What Cilic lacks is the self belief, and also the ability to finish matches asap. IMO, he spent too much time, going to five sets, to beat lower ranked opponents during the early rounds, it's to his disadvantage when he needs more energy to hang with the top guys during later rounds.

Murray is obviously the better player between the two, so I feel that even when he's two sets down, he's still able to come back to win in five. Cilic is not ready to beat the top four guys regularly, he still needs to be mentally stronger and believing in his own game. I hope he makes the big leap next year into the top ten and winning some important titles. I love the way he moves, for a tall guy, he moves very well and very gracefully.

luckystar , 9/6/12 5:33 AM

For a guy who's 6 ft 6, he moves pretty well. At least much better than say Isner. I think he has the game to challenge players currently in the top 10... and he's only 23?He will take the leap next year and move in if he remains consistent.

Aside from the big 4, which is a given that they will probably hold onto the top 4 spots well into next year and the year after... The players ahead of him that I think will start sliding are: Juan Monaco, Almagro, Ferrer, Tipsarevic, and Isner.

aegis , 9/6/12 5:43 AM

People were saying that Cilic would be top ten two years ago when he got to the semifinals a the A.O. We all know what happened after that. He pretty much disappeared and wasn't a factor at slams. It's taken him two years to get a decent result in a slam. Now I am happy for him. This is a good result. However, I am not about to start carrying on about being in the top ten whenever.

Let's just enjoy this result for him and let things play out over time.

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/12 6:10 AM

^^^ Cilic did reach top ten in 2010, ranked no.9 so it's not like he's not being there before. The difference then was that he was too young to handle the pressure and expectations. He was only 21 back then and not everyone is so fortunate like Rafa who has Uncle Toni to help him deal with the pressure. Nole also felt all the pressure when he first won the AO; Delpo too, after he won USO. Delpo mentioned that he couldn't take the pressure and weight of expectations, saying that he couldn't be like Fed or Rafa, whom took the pressure well.

Now that Cilic is more matured, being through the ups and downs in his career, I believe he'll do well going forward. He's of top ten calibre, he can play well on any surface. I think he can be better than Isner, Simon, Almagro and Monaco, so top ten is possible for him.

luckystar , 9/6/12 6:37 AM


I am not disagreeing with you at all. I believe that Cilic has more natural talent than Isner, Almagro, Simon, Monaco and some others. I forgot that he was #9 in 2010, but as you said he couldn't handle it.

I am not wishing anything bad on him or trying to be negative. It's just more of my natural caution than anything else. Of course I wish him well and hope he can continue playing well. It took him a while to get back to this kind of form.

Maybe now he will be ready to be in the top ten.

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/12 6:52 AM

Congrats to Andy & his loyal fans - sorry you had to lose some of your nails behind that sofa again before he prevailed.

Nice to see that Cilic got this far though and that he is playing well.

schatz , 9/6/12 11:53 AM

cilic should not have lost that match. He seems to go away at times with mental lapses and let the moment overwhelm him whenever he's ahead. Perhaps in time, he'll overcome the jitters.

I hope Berdych stays strong and gets to the finals. It's an accomplishment beating Fed, so he shouldn't waste the effort and give Murray an easy pass to the finals.

Hopefully DelPotro can make it to the SFs. If he does, I think he'll beat Ferrer. It would be nice to see two players from the bottom part of the top 10 make to the finals with one of them winning.

scoretracker , 9/6/12 7:52 PM

^^^in other words if Fed is out ... Nole and Muzza should go out to... LOL!
Wishful thinking of Fed fan :)

zare , 9/6/12 9:08 PM

No, that's not my point, Berdych should have the honor of getting to the final coz he did the hard work to take out Fed. why should Murray be the reaper of his hard work? Now Janko should get to the finals coz he did the hard work of beating Ferrer. See, it's all fair. Don't go getting your boxers into a knot. In your case if it's Janko or Novak you're a winner coz they're both holding up the Serbian end of things, yes? Janko should get a GS title coz I like him.

scoretracker , 9/7/12 12:07 AM

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