• Murray meets Raonic in round of 16

    9/3/12 5:14 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray meets Raonic in round of 16 Reigning Olympic gold medalist Andy Murray looks to continue his bid for a maiden Grand Slam title, as he takes on hard-serving Milos Raonic late Monday. The players are vying for a place among the final eight at the US Open.

    World No. 4 Andy Murray will attempt to level a 0-1 series deficit against World No. 16 Milos Raonic. Monday marks their first match on hard-court.

    Murray advanced to the round of 16 after upending 30th seed Feliciano Lopez in four sets. The 25-year-old Scot is seeking his third berth in the US Open quarterfinal.

    Raonic is through to the fourth round following his straight-sets victory over veteran James Blake. The 21-year-old looks to reach his first berth in the US Open quarterfinal.

    “If I'm serving well, I'm hitting my spots, it's about making (Murray) feel as uncomfortable as possible,” said Raonic. “If I serve well, that's sort of what sort of happens. It's a ripple effect.”

    Prediction: Murray in four sets.

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I really hope you're right Kelli, fingers and everything else crossed. Sofa pushed into the shed at the bottom of the garden......
Let's Go Andy, Let's Go!
PS Just loving you writing "reigning Olympic gold medalist Andy Murray." :)

deuce , 9/3/12 7:57 PM

They put Murray on at night because he can't handle the daytime heat.

pennster , 9/3/12 10:00 PM

C'MON Milos! Let's go! :)

sky , 9/4/12 1:54 AM

Milos has made quite a few errors so far, but I'll just assume it's rust or nerves. It looks like Murray is not too fond of Milos' booming serves...

aegis , 9/4/12 2:13 AM

Murray is playing very well; he's serving well and moving well. Raonic can never match Murray's movement on the tennis court. One set in the pocket for Murray, two more to go.

luckystar , 9/4/12 2:33 AM


I agree about Murray. Also his ROS is helping him to get the ball in play and not let Raonic win just by serving big. Murray's counterpunching is making it hard for Raonic to win the long points.

Raonic had one bad game in the first set. Uncharacteristically, he double-faulted and just did not play well. Andy was able to take advantage and get the break.

There is no doubt that Andy has raised his level of play for this match, as I was confident he would do. He knows all about Raonic. But it's Andy's superior movement and defense plus great serving that is getting the job done.

Nativenewyorker , 9/4/12 2:39 AM

It does not appear to be Raonic's day today, but he is learning and his day will come.

sky , 9/4/12 3:10 AM

He's made far too many mistakes and also misjudged a couple of important shots that left me a bit puzzled... He'll learn from this though.

aegis , 9/4/12 3:15 AM

Murray looking impressive tonight. He's showing us what he's capable of doing, he's only stopped by the top three guys in the slams these past two years, with the exception ofwrud FO his year where he lost to Ferrer. I really like the way he's playing tonight. He makes Raonic looks lost out there. Two sets won without going to tiebreaks, well done.(just like that Kohl/Isner match, surprised that not a single tiebreak in five sets!)

luckystar , 9/4/12 3:19 AM

Raonic is over rated.
Muzza maybe the most talented of the top 4 but till he gets the mental strength and belief which they have, he would find it hard to beat them.
Once he wins his first slam, watch out fake GOAT!
Rumpty Fumpty sat on a wall;
Rumpty Fumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses (rigged draws)
And all the King's men (rigged schedules)
Couldn't put Rumpty together again!

holdserve , 9/4/12 3:42 AM

Correction to 2nd para...
....Muzza maybe the most talented of the top 4 but till he gets the mental strength and belief which the other three have, he will find it hard to beat them.

holdserve , 9/4/12 3:44 AM

Flash news on twitter!
Nadal is thinking of switching to wheel chair tennis.
Just kidding guys.

vmm , 9/4/12 3:47 AM

So Murray wins in straight sets 6-4, 6-4, 6-2. Well done! Raonic is as polite as ever at the net, smiling while shaking hands with Murray, such a nice chap.

I totally agree with Murray, that he wins the match using of his varieties and his good passing shots. I think he'll be too much for Cilic in the QF. Congrats!

luckystar , 9/4/12 3:53 AM

Brilliant Murray, a perfect performance and mentally focused throughout, not one walkabout. That was worth staying up for, hopefully I won't be a zombie tomorrow.
Now stay focused for cilic. No letting up, muzz - go, go, go!

alex , 9/4/12 3:56 AM

Flash news on twitter!
Nadal in wheel chair defeats rose Federer!
Just kidding guys.

holdserve , 9/4/12 3:59 AM

Hey guys, Murray is on espn2 being interviewed by Brad Gilbert and the ladies. Good stuff!


You and I are going to have words if you don't lose the pessimism! I told you that Andy would raise his level of play for this match. It's not necessary for a player to be at his best in the first week of a slam. The goal is to just get through to the second week. Then the idea is to peak in the latter stages of the tournament.

Andy played some brilliant tennis. His movement was superb, excellent counterpunching, great ROS, great serving. He just controlled this match all the way. Well done!

I think Andy is ready for Cilic. Playing a guy like Raonic was excellent preparation.

Nativenewyorker , 9/4/12 4:14 AM

Just reading the result. Yesssssss!!!!! So happy and NO NEED for such pessimism alex, as NNY says *wags finger.*
Let's Go Andy! Let's Go!

deuce , 9/4/12 5:50 AM


After this convincing win, Andy's fans should feel good. I noticed early in the first set that he seemed a bit edgy and nervous. Raonic can do that to you. At one point I think he missed a shot that he should have made and there he went with the yelling. I was saying to him - oh no Andy, Lendl is watching! No temper tantrums. Now obviously he didn't hear me, but he settled down, kept his poise and just focused on playing well. That is a big key for him. This is the Lendl effect. It's working!

To see Murray just take command of this match and play such focused tennis against a dangerous opponent like Raonic, was quite nice to see. But I had confidence that he would do it. I wasn't surprised at all. Andy has always had the game. He just needed to get his head together and stop beating himself. If you miss a shot, then you let it go and move on. Put the energy into playing solid tennis instead of getting angry.

I don't think anyone thought this would be an fairly easy straight set win. Now Andy needs to build on this and be ready for Cilic, another big serving guy with some real weapons.

I would think the Murray fans can get out from behind the sofa and just enjoy watching him. :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/4/12 7:46 AM

Oh one more thing! When Andy was interviewd by espn2, he was quite the charmer. He came on set and proceed to kiss the two women commentators on both cheeks. I think one was Mary Joe Fernandez, but I don't remember who the other one was. Then Brad Gilbert joked about Andy just giving him a fist bump!

The ladies liked it! Also the crowd was very supportive. Andy looked really relaxed and happy. So nice to see!

Nativenewyorker , 9/4/12 7:49 AM

What? What? Come out from behind the sofa? Impossible NNY we live there....;)
Wow what u were saying about the post match interview! Shows how relaxed and happy Andy is feeling, and when he's relaxed and happy his opponents better look out :)

deuce , 9/4/12 8:30 AM


Okay, stay behind the sofa if you must! I guess it's like home to you.

Yes, Andy was a charmer on the post-match interview on the espn2 set. The ladies loved his little pecks on both cheeks. He was making jokes about Lendl's golf game and how he avoids the press and also the practices. He was in very good spirits. He talked a bit about the match. I think he knew that he did well in beating Raonic in such convincing fashion.

His personality is coming out more and it's nice to see. I always thought he had no sense of humor, but now he seems to be enjoying his tennis, life, everything.

It's too bad you didn't get to see it.

Nativenewyorker , 9/4/12 8:54 AM

NNY and deuce - thanks, and I happily accept your rebuke :-) If it's any consolation, it was partly your encouragement that kept me up to watch it.

But haven't you noticed, deuce, he always does best when I'm that way ... remember the 'jinx days' of the past ? E.g. "It's time" at Oz Open 2010? ;)

Sorry In vever saw interview, nny, although he also looked pretty happy with Gilbert at post-match.

alex , 9/4/12 11:36 AM

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