• Federer faces Verdasco in third round

    9/1/12 5:23 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Federer faces Verdasco in third round Five-time US Open champion Roger Federer is set to headline action on Saturday, as he takes the court against Spain’s Fernando Verdasco. The players are vying for a spot among the final 16 at the tournament.

    World No. 1 Roger Federer holds a 4-0 series edge against World No. 26 Fernando Verdasco entering into the third round. Saturday signals their first meeting since 2009.

    Federer is through to the round of 32 after upending Germany’s Bjorn Phau in straight sets. The 31-year-old Swiss tallied 15 aces and 5 service breaks en route to a 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 victory.

    Federer is seeking his 12th consecutive round of 16 berth at the US Open.

    Verdasco advanced to the third round by virtue of his four-sets win against fellow Spaniard Albert Ramos. The 28-year-old is bidding for his fourth round of 16 berth at the US Open.

    Prediction: Federer in straight sets.

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His media commitment is something amazing... -news-media-interviews-like-pro.html?pagewanted=all

RMadhu , 9/3/12 10:24 AM

Lifting,protecting,nurturing the game.

#what a man

sabs , 9/3/12 11:58 AM

nadline , 9/3/12 12:52 PM

Sorry, wrong thread.

nadline , 9/3/12 12:57 PM

What an inept medical team! To first diagnose tendinitis then 2 months later discover there's a partial tear. In the States you would get sued for that type of negligence. Nadal should have come to the best country in the world to get his knee fixed. I can just imagined what happened. Nadal is afraid of surgery, as witnessed by him putting off his wisdom teeth extractions for over 2 years, so he probably begged his doctors to avoid surgery. They will surely want to placate him but it will end up being the wrong decision. Just kicking the can down the road is all they're doing. Watch next year when the tear gets bigger. Then he will learn his lesson and surgery will be done. It's better to do it now and do the rehab and get it over with but he will learn the hard way. As usual.

chr18 , 9/3/12 2:24 PM

^^^I don't know how to take this. chr18, are you genuinely concerned about Rafa's treatment and recovery?

nadline , 9/3/12 2:33 PM

Nadine, you should know by now, every Rafa "hater" is a secret admirer of the Mallorcan......

rafaisthebest , 9/3/12 4:14 PM

I don't think Rafa's medical team is inept. Not all tendonitis problems need surgery. For Rafa maybe long rest should be enough. It's not like his tendons are badly damaged. A tear can be healed after some rest. Rafa is doing the right thing now by resting and not rushing back. Compared to the past, I feel he's handling this problem better now. In the past he rushed through his rehab to come back and compete, sometimes even pushed his body to the limit, enduring pain in the process. He must be really worried for his future this time, that he finally decided to take this long rest, knowing he can't carry on enduring pain most of the time. It'll reach a point when enough is enough, so IMO, he's doing something right for his career in the long run.

PS This thread is not the right place to discuss about Rafa's knee problem.

luckystar , 9/3/12 4:28 PM

^^^Sorry, my fault. I mistakenly posted the press release here. I'll move it to the appropriate one.

I wonder when Johan will get the breaking news.

nadline , 9/3/12 4:35 PM

No nadline I'm just commenting on how stupid he is for handling it this way and having a lousy medical team of yes men around him who let him have his way rather than telling him the hard truth. I called them inept because they misdiagnosed a tear as tendinitis. It's obvious now that the tear is the real problem and not that or Hoffa's syndrome. Delpo tried to avoid surgery and it just caused the problem to get worse and delayed his return.

chr18 , 9/3/12 6:38 PM

I do not recall anyone from Rafa's team ever announcing that Rafa was suffering from tendinitis, that was speculation from the media especially the Fedfan wing led by Bodo. They announced Hoffa's syndrome and now the torn tendon, they never said he had tendinitis.

rafaisthebest , 9/3/12 7:10 PM

^^^A tear may not need any surgery to heal. And who said the Hoffa's syndrome is not the problem? Rafa has a history of tendonitis in his knees and his tear in the tendon is nothing new. He has had all these problems before, tearing, swelling, inflammation whatever. It's obviously not that serious that he can't move, he just needs time to recover. Please don't jump into conclusion when you don't have the details.

luckystar , 9/3/12 7:17 PM

Exactly RITB. Rafa and his team has not mentioned anything about tendonitis as his latest problem. In fact he mentioned that the conditions of his tendon is better than when he's two years ago, before he started this PRP treatment. We've been following his news closely so we need no one else to tell us about Rafa and his injury problems.

luckystar , 9/3/12 7:23 PM

In fact I remember U. Toni said this injury was different to the ones he's had in the past.

nadline , 9/3/12 7:46 PM

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