• Tipsarevic faces Baker in U.S. Open second round

    8/31/12 4:40 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Tipsarevic faces Baker in U.S. Open second round Janko Tipsarevic lived to see another day in Flushing Meadows by coming back from two sets down to beat Guillaume Rufin in his opener. Next up for the world No. 9 is comeback kid Brian Baker.

    Janko Tipsarevic was on the ropes in his U.S. Open first-rounder on Wednesday, but he stormed back to beat Guillaume Rufin 4-6, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-2.

    Brian Baker's entire career was on the ropes for six years, when he dealt with a plethora of injuries and needed multiples surgeries. At 27 years old, the American has resurfaced with a bang in 2012. He finished runner-up in Nice, advanced one round at the French Open, then won three matches at Wimbledon. Baker improved his ATP record for the season to 10-7 with a 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 blowout of Jan Hajek the first round.

    Tipsarevic has been a consistent force for several years, and this one could turn out to be his best. The ninth-ranked Serb owns a 45-18 record, which includes a title in Stuttgart and Masters semifinals in Madrid and Toronto.

    Not surprisingly, this is the first career meeting between the two competitors. It should feature ball-striking at its absolute finest, with plenty of rallies, lots of good returns, and few free points. Tipsarevic is a heavy favorite on paper, but this just feel's like Baker's year and there is no better stage than the U.S. Open to put icing on the cake.

    Prediction - Baker in five.

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"heavy favorite on paper" ???
Tipsy was on fire.... WAY TO GO JANKO!!!

zare , 9/1/12 1:41 PM

I don't understand why was everyone like Baker would beat Tipsarevic(I saw similar previews on other sites)? What was the indication for that outcome?Tipsarevic reached semis in Torronto,Baker hasn't done anything on HC this summer.I guess he was sentimental favorite for some people.

Ice , 9/1/12 4:39 PM

Exactly Ice!
Tipsarevic beats Djokovic Murray, Roddick, takes Federer to five sets, is #8 or #9 at this moment, and so on... Yet, Baker is the pick because he is finally free from injuries and is playing his best season. If motivated enough, Janko can beat anyone. He is given too little credit for his talent. It's not a fluke that he is where he is.

danica , 9/1/12 6:04 PM

I've always liked the guy skill wise, and like what he brings to the games. I think his mental game is too weak though. It seems as though he doesn't believe in himself enough. Hope he goes deep.

aegis , 9/1/12 6:15 PM


Conspirator , 9/1/12 8:06 PM

Nothing's wrong with picking Baker, who has been playing very well over the past two months.

Janko can't beat anyone, that's just wishful thinking. He's yet to beat Roger, who was suffering from mono at the AO when he was taken to 5 sets, and Roger still won. and Nadal, and a slew of other players. i doubt Janko could beat Nadal on clay. Hence, motivated or not, he can't just beat anyone.

scoretracker , 9/2/12 2:29 AM

Scoretracker, tipsy beat baker in straight sets on Friday so... how is this wishful thinking exactly??


Conspirator , 9/2/12 3:11 AM

@Conspirator, please don't use your sarcastic hastags if you want to have a discussion with me. I'm not into that, just write out what you mean coz your hashtags can be taken quite differently from what you actually mean. I've never been an advocate of cryptic writing styles.

My statement, was in response to "if motivated enough, janko can beat anyone". I was merely stating that's not exactly true, and further, far from being accurate, coz, Tipsy has never beaten Fed, even when he took him to 5 sets when he was struggling with mono, nor has he beaten Nadal. I'm positive, looking at the AO'08 match, Janko was super motivated, but yet Fed beat him, mono and all. And, I'm also positive that he would be mucho motivated to get Nadal's scalp, don't you? Hence, it's wishful thinking to think a super-motivated Janko can beat anyone. I'll even state further, that when he beat roddick, Andy was struggling with back and shoulder problems. don't know ab out Murray. Djokovic very experly attributed his loss to the blue clay. At the beginning of Madrid, when interviewed, after Nadal was doing his whining, Djokovic claimed the conditions were just perfect. Then after his loss to Tipsy, he very succinctly and underhandedly stated it was the blue clay. Aftet his loss, the perfect conditions turned out to be very dangerous conditions. This belief some hang onto that djokovic is gracious in defeat is a myth.

To reiterate, Baker has been playing very good tennis over the summer, so I don't see why some posters feel that Ricky's prediction was/is not a good one. Understandably, the serbian posters want their countryman to win.

scoretracker , 9/2/12 3:43 AM

Sure Baker could win. That's why they play. However, baker is still only ranked 70 and while he is playing well he's never beaten a top 10 player. Tipsy has earned his respectable number 9 ranking. So, for me, Tipsy is the obvious favourite and he proved it by winning in straights.

I think baker was just a sentimental favourite among his fellow countrymen. It was one of Ricky's picks I disagreed with before the tournament.

I didn't think that any of those hashtags in my last post were sarcastic.


Conspirator , 9/2/12 5:29 AM

never beaten a top 10 player since his comeback.


Conspirator , 9/2/12 5:31 AM

OK Conspirator, all's good with the hashtags. I don't think you can't blame Americans for wanting one of our own to win can you? The majority of people in other countries are nationalistic or jingoistic, and it's the way it should be, IMO. I don't like people who bad-mouth their country and wish for their country's athletes to lose. But, that's just me, and as the saying goes, to each his own.I like the Fed but I'm also happy to see my own country players winning. I'm very sad to see roddick retire and it irks me that so many nasty comments were written about him.

scoretracker , 9/2/12 5:37 AM

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