• Murray opens US Open bid against Bogomolov

    8/27/12 12:04 AM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray opens US Open bid against Bogomolov World No. 4 Andy Murray is set to begin his quest for a maiden Grand Slam title at the US Open. The Scot will open his campaign against Russia's Alex Bogomolov on Monday afternoon.

    Third seed Andy Murray holds a 3-1 series edge against world No. 73 Alex Bogomolov. The players last met at the 2011 tournament in Tokyo, where a round of 16 match went to the Scot in straight sets.

    Murray makes his return to hard-court competition after losing early at the Masters 1000 Cincinnati. A knee issue cut the defending champion’s campaign short, as he fell to France's Jeremy Chardy in the round of 16.

    The No. 3 seed is seeking his 41st match win of the season.

    Bogomolov looks to regroup following an early exit at the Winston-Salem Open. The 29-year-old Russian lost a second-round match to eventual finalist Tomas Berdych, 6-3, 7-5.

    Bogomolov will attempt to record his 13th tour-level victory in 2012.

    Prediction: Murray in straight sets.

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5 games played, horrible match so far

Emiliano55 , 8/27/12 9:17 PM

Played awful but won in straights, so who cares...Let's Go Andy, Let's Go!

deuce , 8/27/12 11:10 PM

Cramping after a bit over 2 hours in the humidity. Doesn't he practice in Miami?

chr18 , 8/28/12 1:17 AM

Just watched replay, and it was a lousy match. Murray's lucky it's Bogomolov and not some young upstart or else he'd be going home tonight.

I'm not a Murray fan, so I really don't care, but his fans should care if they want him to win the USO. If he loses there will be a lot of disappointed Fed haters, coz they are pinning their hopes on Murray to take down Fed.

The situation here is anyone but Fed for the title, coz the difference between Nadal and Fed is 7 slams, and another win by Fed will increase the lead. In addition to the hopes of the Brits on Murray's back, there's also the hopes of the haters. What a lopad for the poor chap!

scoretracker , 8/28/12 2:09 AM

@ chr18
Andy uses his flat in Miami primarily as a Winter training base. He always spends Christmas there, the weather in the UK in December being only fit for curling up indoors on the sofa with a nice plate of crumpets and a good book.
Don't think Andy has been back for months, certainly not for the length of time that would help him acclimatise to the humidity of NY.

deuce , 8/28/12 8:59 AM

Deuce: Dont know which American stream I was watching (two complete idiots commentating) but they kept speculating Andy was carrying an injury. Certainly his movement was very laboured and his serve way off. Do you have any info?

ed251137 , 8/28/12 9:27 AM

Ooh no ed :( But did say, on arrival in US, had knee probs :( That would certainly impede movement *cries*
As for that damn serve, had thought I could stop worrying about it, obviously not, fool.
Did not hear post match interview but apparently upbeat?

deuce , 8/28/12 9:37 AM

^^^ Andy is like Rafa, so injury prone. If he's hampered by knee injury, then I feel so sorry for him, as I feel he really has a good chance of winning here, after his Olympics showing, beating both Fed and Nole enroute to winning. With Rafa out of the equation, I thought this is Andy's best chance to win his first slam, after missing out at Wimbledon. I hope it's nothing serious and he can continue playing better and better as he progresses through the draw.

luckystar , 8/28/12 10:05 AM

"The situation here is anyone but Fed for the title, coz the difference between Nadal and Fed is 7 slams, and another win by Fed will increase the lead..."

Why don't you simply get lost Scoretracker?
Dragging your squalid fedal nonsense into this thread as if any of us give a damn.
We don't care about it and could even care less about you.
Hopefully when Roger retires, whiney windbags like yourself will follow suit.
Something to look truly forward to..

Twinge , 8/28/12 11:18 AM

Andy playing poorly loses 7 games.
Fed, no doubt playing like supreme tennis maestro, loses 9.

deuce , 8/28/12 5:34 PM

Murray was up and down throughout the match. The scoreline was not a correct reflection of how he played. Having said that, I expect a better performance from him in the next match.

netcord , 8/28/12 5:58 PM

I think Bogomolov played better than Young, definitely a more experienced player, so in comparision, Murray had a tougher opponent in Bogo. I was surprised that Young was able to break Fed's serve (once), when Fed didn't even lose his serve during Cincy.

luckystar , 8/28/12 6:11 PM

There is no question that Bogo was a tougher opponent than Young, who just finally managed to break a long losing streak. Bogo's got game. These early round matches can be dangerous, because the top players are facing guys who are lower ranked and have nothing to lose. They can come out on a given day and play the match of their lives. Now it doesn't happen often, but it can happen.

The goal is to get through these early rounds and get into better form and peak in the second week. Andy has time to work on his game and if his knee is okay, then he can play his way into his best form.

Nativenewyorker , 8/28/12 7:57 PM

"Bogo's got game." So Young doesn't? Didn't he make 4th round here last year? What has Bogo done in his career? His year has been almost as bad as Young's.

chr18 , 8/28/12 8:21 PM


Didn't I just talk about Young's losing streak? He just finally got a win for the first time in a long time! And no he hasn't done anything in his career. Making the 4th round last year doesn't count, especially when he hasn't been able to back that up with decent results.

Also the discussion was about who played better, Bogo or Young.

Nativenewyorker , 8/28/12 8:34 PM

"There is no question that Bogo was a tougher opponent than Young"
Really? Bogo is 12-25 this year; really lighting it up and backing up last year huh? Like Murray he couldn't deal with the humidity so faded quickly. Comparing these two is like comparing Larry Stooge with Curly Stooge. They both stink this year but Bogo has never made a 4th round of a GS despit already being 29 and has no junior Slams unlike Young who has 2 so I'd say Young has more potential. Bogo's got game lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

chr18 , 8/28/12 11:33 PM

Young is a much better player than Bogomolov. Young is also a young guy, AND Bogo is pushing close to 30.

It really doesn't matter who got the easier player, it's the form that matters and Fed looked a lot better, like a top 4 player, while Murray looked like someone who's devoid of confidence. Murray was lucky it was Bogo and not an upstart who wants to say I beat the No. 4 player. Fed played like someone who is in control, while Murray appeared flustered.

The the foul-mouthed one here, get a life instead of behaving like the proverbial windbag who appears to inebriated and pushing 90, with senior moments.

scoretracker , 8/29/12 1:09 AM


Oh back again with the usual insults and attacks!

But you really shouldn't talk about yourself that way! People might get the wrong idea! For me I just have to laugh! Same old, same old. Blah, blah, blah!

Look who started it everyone! No excuses now! Some people just need attention, but don't know how to get it unless they come up with lame insults! Oh yes, I am pushing 90 and can barely type this and even get around anymore.

What's wrong? Feeling left out? Neglected? Lonely?

Too funny!

Nativenewyorker , 8/29/12 1:54 AM

Yeah, look who started it everyone!. FYI, I scroll past your stupid comments, and was referring to chr18's post.

Who the hell's talking to you? but I suppose it's obvious the windbag designation suits you just perfectly. I would suggest that you stop attaching self-importance to yourself. Who the hell's talking to you?

You are so sick it's laughable. I would suggest you go back and read the posts on this thread and then maybe, just maybe, you'll see how stupid you are. You have a habit of misreading things just to pick an argument. Go get a life.

I should ask you what's wrong? You feeling neglected? left out, neglected?

I don't have to get into the chummy stuff like you do. You make it your business, though very few pay you any attention to side with others, and call olut to others to get noticed. I, on the other hand, just write my comments and do't care for the interaction, which is what yhou come here to do, (not talk tennis) and get noticed.

Did you think the garbage you wrote would keep me away, albeit that's your agenda isn't it?
Now look's got the last laugh. ME., and yes IT'S TOO FUNNNNNYYYYY.

scoretracker , 8/29/12 2:05 AM

And, get this, oh windbag, I'm making sure I don't post after you, coz I refuse to dignify your drivel. As soon as I see your name as last on a thread, I by-pass it, coz, there's nol place to scroll past. I do that for you and the cast of characters here who feel they need to bash Fed consistently. NOW, STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND!

Geez the ink was even dried on my post, and there you wre going for the jugular, as is your usual way to get kicks.To reiterate, go get a life, or find a boy-friend, which is what one of your friends says on here. Woohoo.

scoretracker , 8/29/12 2:14 AM

Forgot to add, when you realize what a fool you've been, don't apologize. I won't ask for one, which is what you do, when you *feel* you're right. Note, *feel* not that you're right, at all.

scoretracker , 8/29/12 2:23 AM

Oh so sorry to see that you are feeling out of sorts today! Maybe you were talking to yourself! That can happen when you are kind of losing it. All you do here is go around and insult people.

It doesn't take any guts to trash people under an anonymous screen name on an online forum. You would never say any of that stuff to our faces! So you are a coward!

But your ugly comments aren't going to bring me down. I really try to avoid you, too, but when you stick you nose into a conversation I was having with someone else, well then too bad on you.

So stop going around and spewing out your anger. Get some help! It's out there!

Believe me, it will do you a world of good!

By the way, how do you know anything about my private life? Maybe it's you who needs a boyfriend, oops sorry, girlfriend!

So go take a nap, get some rest and maybe you will come back with a happier disposition! Really, life's too short to waste time on this nonsense.

Nativenewyorker , 8/29/12 2:24 AM

Did not read, but I guess it's the usual garbage.

Would someone, puhleez, enlighten this idiot that not all things are about her.

scoretracker , 8/29/12 2:31 AM

Still out of sorts? Too bad!

Well hopefully tomorrow will be another day. I cannot tell you how much it hurts that you say you didn't read my posts. I mean, you know how much I want attention and hate to be ignored! LOL!

Someone who never met me, says they don't know me at all except from reading my posts but can read my mind and tell everyone so much about me! Wow!

Are you perhaps seeing visions and hearing voices? I am getting worried for you.

Nativenewyorker , 8/29/12 3:16 AM

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