• Federer faces Young in US Open first round

    8/27/12 12:48 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Federer faces Young in US Open first round Roger Federer will be in action on the first day of play as he takes on American Donald Young.

    Roger Federer and opponent Donald Young couldn't have had different lead-ins to the US Open. Top seed Federer won Wimbledon, got the Olympic silver medal and just won the Cincinnati Masters.

    Young, by contrast has won three matches in 21 tournaments. He had a single win last week in Winston-Salem that snapped the 16-match losing streak, but he went on to lose in the second round.

    The American is actually defending fourth-round points from last year's US Open, a feat he will almost surely not repeat in this edition.

    Federer should not only win in straight sets, but this is likely to be a complete beat-down, with the world No. 1 giving up not more than a handful of games.

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let's get a # of games for Young pool going

winner gets to be an expert picker

RickyDimon , 8/27/12 1:31 AM

i'll start and i will go with 9 games for The Donald

RickyDimon , 8/27/12 1:32 AM


Sib69 , 8/27/12 1:47 AM

Poor donald, he just broke his losing streak for first round matches, and Fed will send him back there to start another streak. I think Fed will be kind and let Donald win about 6 games.

scoretracker , 8/27/12 2:01 AM

6.1, 6.2, 6.2

ed251137 , 8/27/12 2:08 AM

I'll say 2 games.

6-1, 6-0, 6-1

Looking like a beat down for sure...

aegis , 8/27/12 2:59 AM

So as we suspected Roger's half plays first every year.
In 2010, Roger was neither no. 1 nor defending champ. Rafa was no. 1. But Fed's half played first.
In 2011, his half played first and now again in 2012.
On what basis is this brazen show of bias going unchallenged?
As usual , he not only gets a cakewalk draw but he plays the night matches so he can reach the semis like a rose.

holdserve , 8/27/12 3:19 AM

The good thing as compared to last year is that Muzza being in Fed's half, gets the earlier schedule. Also going by 2 week weather forecast, looks like we will have the final on the Sunday as scheduled.
But Muzza has a tough draw and no doubt he will be scheduled to play in the grueling heat.
But I remember in 2010, Rafa had the toughest draw but the draw opened up for him and he lifted his first USO title.
Hope Muzza's draw opens up for him so he reaches the semis in a reasonably good condition.
As for Federer, with his weak draw, he will reach the semis without breaking a sweat.
I cannot even hope that anyone will unexpectedly be tougher than on paper and take him the distance.
He has a bunch of has-beens or out-of-forms who are more likely to lose in straight sets with bagels and breadsticks than to put up a fight.
But if Muzza is destined to win this, he will win it despite the rigging, just as he did at Olympics.

holdserve , 8/27/12 3:40 AM

It's down to TV scheduling. Money talks - TV advertising revenue is the tail that wags the dog. Roger always has the prime time slots.

ed251137 , 8/27/12 3:46 AM

Just as ed says... Money talks.

Mercedes Benz is an official sponsor of the U.S Open... and guess what, they have a long-term endorsement deal with Fed. There's a reas why he has a prime time slot for most tournaments. He brings in huge ratings. He is to tennis what Tiger Woods is to golf.

aegis , 8/27/12 4:13 AM

I say Donald gets 4 games.

Nativenewyorker , 8/27/12 4:20 AM

oh, is that why the draw is rigged in favor of Fed? of course, it is obvious. Money talks.

holdserve , 8/27/12 4:23 AM

Whenever Nadal is defending champion he choses to play second on center court, and it's not Fed's fault, when that happens.

Fed rakes in the big bucks, and it's why most of his matches are on Center court and/or played to suite European market and US. The people inEurope wouldn't wan t to watch the matches late in the night, coz they need their beauty sleep.

@holdserve, just go with the flow, coz you'll get a brain cramp if you don't due to fussing over Fed and what's right and/or wrong.

On the weak draw, take a look at the djoker's. It's a djoke. He has some players whose names I've never heard. Same as last year USO and Wimbledon.

Plz don't insult the players who are seeded, by calling them has beens. Those guy work very hard to get seeded, something you nor I could ever dream of doing. Jujst cool it with the insults.

@ed, Rog always has the prime slots, coz he brings in the big bucks. If you do a survey, the people who buy tickets want to see Roger.

scoretracker , 8/27/12 4:26 AM


Conspirator , 8/27/12 5:10 AM

The people who buy tickets are a small fraction of the people who watch tennis.
But money talks. The sponsors and broadcasters call the shots and they are heavily invested in Federer.
The draws have been rigged since 2007. The tip of the dirty iceberg protruded when Agate revealed that Mr Forstmann, who through IMG controlled ATP, bet on Federer.
Rigging a few rounds in the draw and favorable scheduling was enough till 2010. But when two years went by with Fed not winning a slam and making just one final, the panic button was pressed. From Wimby, they have gone in for wholesale, blatant rigging. So we may have to rechristen Federer as Frauderer.

holdserve , 8/27/12 5:20 AM

scoretracker, don't make up stories. Rafa never said he likes to play second when he is the defending champ. Willy nilly he is forced to accept playing second fiddle to the money talks guy except at Wimby. There as per tradition the Wimby guys are forced to let the defending champion play first.

holdserve , 8/27/12 5:32 AM

I'm guessing 5 games for Donald.

ts38 , 8/27/12 8:27 AM

I thot the Brits want to see Murray in action, hence he's always given the time slot during the day? It happens always in Canada/Cincy, it happens in New York too! Rafa has never requested to play on second day of any slam, and everyone knows the advantage of playing first, given the weather at Paris and New York.

Fed is not the only one raking in the earnings/viewings, Rafa is another one to do so, hence he's also given the night slots. Without Rafa, tennis viewings would have already gone down long time ago when Fed dominated, so Fed had/has to be thankful that there's Rafa around. Nobody except the Fed fans want to see Fed handing out beatdowns all the times to the likes of Roddick, Hewitt, Blake, Gonzo or whoever is Fed's peers, so thanks to Rafa for helping in lifting the tennis viewership. Thanks also to Nole and Murray, that we can have new rivalries
so that tennis will prosper even more.

luckystar , 8/27/12 8:48 AM

Fed takes 12 games in total. Young will beat him in straight sets.

Lol, Lol, Lol.

nadline , 8/27/12 9:17 AM

3 Golden sets for Young..:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

chenna21 , 8/27/12 9:27 AM

6 games for Young.. something like 6-2 6-3 6-1.

Bonker , 8/27/12 11:25 AM

Come on Donald, your moment of glory has come......;)

deuce , 8/27/12 12:32 PM

The USO needs some excitement with Rafa absent what better shot of the arm could it have than for Donald to defeat Roger.

nadline , 8/27/12 3:04 PM

Naughty,'ll cause the Diehards to have a collective heart attack.

ed251137 , 8/27/12 6:38 PM

The Olympics were pretty exciting without Rafa so I don't see why the US open will be any different?

rbennett , 8/27/12 7:00 PM

For you maybe rhennett but for me as a Rafa fan it most definitely was not that exciting except for when Andy Murray won the gold for GB.

schatz , 8/27/12 7:40 PM


I agree! My sentiments exactly! :)

Nativenewyorker , 8/27/12 7:44 PM


RickyDimon , 8/27/12 8:02 PM


That explains why I turned on espn2 and saw Serena playing Stosur again in last year's USO final!

No tennis. (:

Nativenewyorker , 8/27/12 8:15 PM

No rbennett, the olympics were not as exciting as they would have been had Rafa been there. All the commies say Rafa is the player most people want to see, you are in denial.

Listen to this radio programme from about 26 mins in and learn how important Rafa is to tennis: r_embedded#

nadline , 8/27/12 8:38 PM

^^^ Agree! Luckily there're badminton, swimming, gymnastics, the track and field events, also basket ball and volley ball etc and etc to make things more interesting.

luckystar , 8/27/12 9:21 PM

What nonsense from people like holdserve Feds draw is easy? he had to beat both Djokovic and murray ti win wimbledon and now he has a much tougher draw than djokovic

tennis2011 , 8/27/12 9:40 PM

I think 8 games for donald young

tennis2011 , 8/27/12 9:42 PM

Schatz - Fair enough :), but you'll have to cope one day when Rafa retires (which hopefully won't be now).

Nadline - I'm not in denial, just my opinion, it's a shame Rafa isn't there but he is just one player!

rbennett , 8/27/12 11:41 PM

Oh sorry, 7 games for Donald Young!

rbennett , 8/27/12 11:50 PM

Fed needs to end this quick. The body language from Young is starting to get ugly. He's starting to get very Andy Murray-like... Poor guy.

aegis , 8/28/12 4:43 AM

I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #AsUsual

RickyDimon , 8/28/12 5:07 AM

No fair Ricky - you picked first!

Does that mean you get two expert picks?


Conspirator , 8/28/12 5:12 AM


Conspirator , 8/28/12 5:15 AM

it means i have something like 5 golden rackets now

RickyDimon , 8/28/12 5:15 AM

I think when you get 5 golden rackets, you retire undefeated.


Nativenewyorker , 8/28/12 6:56 AM

tennis2011 and Conspirator - nice picks, email me or if you want to do the USO semifinal expert picks

RickyDimon , 9/7/12 6:06 PM

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2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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