• Federer-Murray rematch for gold medal at Olympics

    8/4/12 6:12 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer-Murray rematch for gold medal at Olympics Less than a month after taking on for the Wimbledon title, Roger Federer and Andy Murray will clash in another final at the All-England Club. This time an Olympic gold medal in men's singles tennis is at stake.

    Andy Murray has another chance to beat the Greatest of All Time and win the biggest title of his career in front of the home crowd. And it is coming just a few short weeks after his last one.

    Murray and Roger Federer will be meeting for the 17th time in their careers when they battle for a gold medal in the final of the London Olympics on Sunday afternoon. Having previously faced each other 15 straight times on hard courts, Federer evened the overall head-to-head series at 8-8 by beating Murray 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4 in last month's Wimbledon title match.

    Exactly 28 days later, both men are still in outstanding form. Federer had to fight past Alejandro Falla 6-3, 5-7, 6-3 before rolling over Julien Benneteau, Denis Istomin, and John Isner. The top-ranked Swiss then survived an impressive Juan Martin Del Potro 3-6, 7-6(5), 19-17 in an epic semifinal that lasted more than four hours on Friday. Federer is now 51-6 for the season, which includes five titles.

    Murray was mostly bad on clay and even lost in the Queen's Club first round, but everything changed for him at Wimbledon. Despite losing the final to Federer, Murray isn't slowing down. The No. 4 seed Scot beat Stanislas Wawrinka, Jarkko Nieminen, Marcos Baghdatis, and Nicolas Almagro before upsetting Novak Djokovic 7-5, 7-5 in Saturday's second semifinal. Murray boasts a 37-10 record for his 2012 campaign.

    "I don't think going into matches trying to get revenge for something that's happened in the past really helps," the fourth-ranked Scot said of his recent setback against his familiar foe. "I think you need to try and focus on the future.

    "The one thing I hope on Sunday, he's not played for the gold medal in singles before, and most times when I played him he's experienced the situations way, way more times than me. He probably played eight Wimbledon finals or something like that. For me, it was my first one. It's so rare for him to be in a position where he's trying to do something new because he's achieved so much in tennis. I hope that will even things out a little bit."

    An open roof would also even things out; something that did not happen for Murray in the last three sets of their Wimbledon final. A closed top would once again be a huge edge for Federer. Even if it is open, Federer is still far more accustomed to major finals and this is as big as a Grand Slam.

    Look for the No. 1 seed to be too mentally tough in another high-quality, four-set triumph.

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RickyDimon , 8/4/12 6:23 AM

Well, Gold(Au) Medal is at stake.....................
Expect it to be a thriller..............

hrsikesa , 8/4/12 6:33 AM

Ricky, you have labelled Fed as the GOAT? That's illogical. How can he be the greatest with that head to head against Rafa?

holdserve , 8/4/12 6:53 AM

Rain, rain go away and stay away. Praying for a sunshiney Sunday :)

deuce , 8/4/12 7:30 AM

Ricky calls Fed the Greatest of all time. PHEW

An olympic medal is certain but i hope its gold for Fed..wnt be too disappointed if Murray wins.Come on !!!

tomnjerry2 , 8/4/12 7:33 AM

Ricky.. thats last two sets ..Fed won the second set with roof see.

Lukas Rosol is Greatest of all time.. He has 1-0 H2H record over Rafa hahahahahaha

tomnjerry2 , 8/4/12 7:37 AM

^^^^^^by your logic, Rafa is GOAT then...........duh.

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 7:44 AM

nope Lukar Rosol is the Greatest of all time..!!!! I clearly said.. But i am not challenging ur opinion ..If u think Rafa is the GOAT be it ...according to you.

tomnjerry2 , 8/4/12 7:46 AM

and I am not challenging ur opinion...If u think Rosol is the be it ...according to you.

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 7:51 AM

Thank you.. !!!! Rosol is the Greatest Tennis player of all time followed by Roger Federer...JMPD...Andy Murray...Novak Djokovic...David Ferrer...Fernando verdasco...Jo Tsonga...Rafael Nadal.. I hope u will not challenge this either !! :D :D

tomnjerry2 , 8/4/12 7:55 AM

Greatest of All Time, my foot!

nadline , 8/4/12 9:03 AM

murray in four 6-4 7-6 3-6 7-6

croc , 8/4/12 10:46 AM

The closest to be the goat is Federer.

Lobo , 8/4/12 10:50 AM

Federer in 4..6-3,3-6,6-4,7-6.

chenna21 , 8/4/12 11:29 AM

Good luck Andy - please bring home the gold medal! I hope it will be a good match with both players playing great tennis.

schatz , 8/4/12 12:38 PM

tomnjerry2, 8/4/12 7:55 AM

How can I possibly challenge you, oh sage of tennis................I bow to you...

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 1:15 PM

Don't worry, true tennis connoisseurs, Muzza's under strict instructions not to bottle it this time............I believe.

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 1:19 PM

At the start of the week I said we shall see the two best grass court players in the draw to fight for gold and I was right :D so federer vs murray ! federer played an incredible incredible semi final and murray was super impressive in his own right. Both have an excellent chance ! May be murray can take the gold now , murray in 4 :)

vamosrafa , 8/4/12 1:48 PM

Finally back online after a week of holiday... Haven't seen any tennis, so I hope that Federer pulls through! At least a medal... he deserves it! The GOAT is a matter of opinion. Good call to miss toronto though... no need to pace himself before the USO! Djokovic and Murray will wear themself out.

Bonker , 8/4/12 1:49 PM

^^^ Theyre not stupid, they may also withdraw. Or, if not that tired, Nole can win that Rogers Masters again with a depleted field. He clearly is the best player there to win when the other top four members are all not there. It may be a smart move for him to play there, 1,000 points for the easy taking. I think Nole is good enough to defend almost all his points this NA hardcourt swing. He also can gain many points during the Asian swing which he missed last season.

luckystar , 8/4/12 2:06 PM

I don't call them stupid, but to play the Olympics, flying to the states with jetlag, playing two Masters in a row and having a week rest before the USO, that takes a lot out of a player. But if they can manage it, great for them. I just hope they'll all be ready for the USO and after. The season lasts till november, not till September

Bonker , 8/4/12 2:11 PM

Murray is playing 2 mixed doubles today, what energy will he have for tomm?

sanju , 8/4/12 3:42 PM

Actually Fed seemed the most tired player among the top four. He had played 59 matches so far this year, the most among the top players. He's already not playing that well this tournament, though still able to reach the final. Nole played five or so matches less than Fed, Murray even lesser.

luckystar , 8/4/12 4:05 PM

but lucky..Murray will play 2 matches today and be atleast 4-5 hours on court..Fed will rest full day

Wont Murray be at a serious disadvantage?

sanju , 8/4/12 4:09 PM

Serena took her admiration and love for Rafa literally today by biting the medal like Rafa does :-)

sanju , 8/4/12 4:45 PM

sanju, I don't think Murray would be tired, I think doubles matches are not as taxing as singles. Andy's match yesterday wasn't that taxing either compared to Fed's four hour match.

Now biting of the gold medal isn't anything new as I've seen swimmers biting their medals too, and now the badminton women's champion also bites hers.

luckystar , 8/4/12 4:59 PM

As expected serena thrashed sharapova...she is really one hell of a player..Respect Mighty Serena..

chenna21 , 8/4/12 5:15 PM

Go GOLD FED! :)) I expect it will be a closer match than Wimbleton was with the FED Winning. C'MON FED!

sky , 8/4/12 7:57 PM

@sanju, you're not the only one who noticed the Serena's Rafa bite: Medal-like-Rafael-Nadal-did-after-winning-Olympics-articolo5266.html

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 9:16 PM

Lots of athletes bite the gold medal probably because it's small and looks like a cookie. It's not unique. Ryan Lochte bit his with his diamond-studded grillz in. Now that was funny for a white boy. Then he said his ring tone was "Little" Wayne.

chr18 , 8/4/12 9:55 PM

Oh c'mon, chr18, anything which casts Rafa in a good light you want to stick a fork in, yes you do.

rafaisthebest , 8/4/12 10:18 PM

Here is proof that Rafa is missed:

Serena Williams bites her Gold Medal like Rafael Nadal did after winning Olympics

Rafael Nadal is being missed during London Olympics but his actions are being imitated by his fellow tennis players as Serena Williams bit her Gold Medal during the Medal Ceremony at the London Olympics.

********************************************************* *******

This was Serena saying to Rafa "We miss you".

nadline , 8/4/12 10:32 PM

^^^This is an article discussing and analysing the Murray Federer match for the gold medal tomorrow. No one cares what Serena did when she won her medal and whether you think it means she misses Rafa.

Come on, ROGER!!!

DanyalRasool , 8/4/12 11:36 PM

LOL Nadline, @10:32am, you're very clairvoyant. Since you're so gifted, tell me who'll win the USO, so I can place some bets in advance..

scoretracker , 8/5/12 1:22 AM

Many people noticed and (see above) there are articles too about Serena biting the medal like Rafa. But you are a Fed fan. Cannot expect any logic or recognition of facts or reality from you.
So now that the draws are reenacting the weak era, your hero is "dominating" the tour. He should have retired two years ago. This blatant rigging of draws at Wimby and Olympics have made him seem so unworthy.
Hope Muzza wins the gold. Only then will the tennis gold medal at this Olympics have genuine luster.

holdserve , 8/5/12 1:34 AM

tomjerry is the greatest clown of all time. How can somebody winning one match over Rafa become GOAT?
One has to play at least 20 matches to determine who between two players is the better. Not only do Rafa and Fed have more than 20, most of them are in finals. A second round win over a top player doesn't make Rosol GOAT.
But why am I wasting my time explaining the obvious to a Fed fan? A Fed fan is delusional and immune to logic, facts and figures.
In any case if tomjerry believes Rosol is GOAT, he is welcome to believe it. What a clown!

holdserve , 8/5/12 1:40 AM

Also one doesn't become GOAT by beating Fed or Rafa once.
A necessary condition for being considered GOAT is that one should be the best in one's era, (he should have positive head to head against current top players) i.e. those top 10 against whom he has played at least 20 matches. Only Rafa qualifies. Not Fed.
As for Rosol, anyone who touts him as the GOAT is clearly delusional.

holdserve , 8/5/12 1:52 AM

Murray is playing maybe the best tennis of his career, while Federer seems to not be able to handle the pressure that swiss shirt puts on him. I can't remember when was the last time I see him playing this nervy. He should be already happy to be in the finals with he way he has played.

Considering that, and also the slow condition of this literally destroyed grass court, I predict Murray to win the gold in 4 sets.

Emiliano55 , 8/5/12 2:34 AM

Btw, playing doubles before the finals doesn't get you tired. On the contrary, it gives you practice and the chance to try different things, especially at the net. I can tell you guys never really played tennis :)

Emiliano55 , 8/5/12 2:37 AM

greatest means the best.. not necessarily perfect...

Rafa has a +ve h2h, so be it... that is 1 aspect... But there are a large number of aspects that clearly show that Federer is the best....

But of course, he has never done the Year Slam twice like Laver and has never won olympic medal or has finished the most years as no.1 like Sampras and of course there's the h2h against Rafa (he does lead Rafa on HC and Grass tho LOL)

But one's thing for sure, Fed is the most successful player of all time. The best ever? Apples or oranges. To me, of course he's the greatest of all time.

torres9 , 8/5/12 3:42 AM

FED for the gold. He needs this for his golden slam

pennster , 8/5/12 4:15 AM

Emiliano, you shouldn't generalize dear. Doubles can be tiring. Tsongs/Llodra played an exhausting doubles before Tsonga's match against Djokovic. Tsonga was tired. So let's not have that bull about doubles not being exhausting and people who think otherwise haven't played tennis etc. One can not only get tired, one can get injured. One has greater chances of pulling a muscle or injuring one's back in a match than in a practice session as one is less in control of what is happenning and may take greater risks.
But Andy Muzza must have put his country above self. Hope this wonderful young man wins two golds.
Looking at the two semis, Andy is definitely playing at a level above Fed. But the two doubles matches on saturday, don't know how they would have affected Andy. The organizers could have rescheduled them but I guess they were conspiring for a Fed win.
Gold for Andy, that's what I hope he gets. He deserves it! Emphasis on deserve.

holdserve , 8/5/12 5:09 AM

^^^ if not playing 2 matches yesterday, for when should they had rescheduled those matches. Just curious to know?

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:31 AM

Regarding today's match, Fed needs to be at his best to win the Gold and should hold his nerves out there. Anything less than that and Murray will prevail with the Gold.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:43 AM

Going by the tournament performances so far: Murray to win in 4 sets.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:51 AM

abhirf, I don't know the scheduling constraints of olympics and tennis but as olympics is on till 12th August, they could have had the quarter of mixed on Saturday, semi after the singles final on Sunday and final on Monday. If they could keep rescheduling the mixed because of bad weather despite a roof on Center court, why could they not reschedule the final of mixed for Monday? How could they expect Andy who is playing the singles final on Sunday to play two mixed on Sat? That is definitely skewing the odds against Muzza.

holdserve , 8/5/12 6:44 AM

London 2012 trying something (a conspiracy) against AndyM. Clearly holderve is being delusional here.

fedexal , 8/5/12 7:17 AM

holdserve is the biggest moron of all time.. !!!

How cn one with most Major be not be the Greatest of all time ?

Go Fed go !!! come on !!!!

tomnjerry2 , 8/5/12 7:25 AM

Holdserve, it's not just about Murray. Remember the other players playing the mixed doubles as well as singles also had to go through it. So I dont see any conspiracy against Murray. He will be a bit tired, yes. But not due to a conspiracy.

abhirf , 8/5/12 7:36 AM

holdserve, the tennis has to finish today that means Murray had to play two matches on the same day, fortunately for him he keeps winning so has to keep playing. Had Roger not lost in the doubles, he would probably have had to play 2 matches on the same day.

Believe me, there is no way under the sun the Brits prefer Roger to win gold than Murray............NONE WHATSOEVER!

nadline , 8/5/12 9:36 AM

"Andy Murray has another chance to beat the Greatest of All Time and win the biggest title of his career in front of the home crowd."

Ricky, I know you meant to say, "Andy Murray has another chance to beat, in my opinion, the Greatest of All Time and win the biggest title of his career in front of the home crowd"

I know you did..........

rafaisthebest , 8/5/12 10:04 AM

Good luck Andy.

schatz , 8/5/12 11:07 AM

Looks like its raining already , stars are aligned for Fed to win the gold under the roof :-)

sanju , 8/5/12 1:36 PM

Is Women's Doubles final being played under roof?

abhirf , 8/5/12 2:01 PM

Thanks nadline for shutting up holdserve. I always knew there was good in you.

chr18 , 8/5/12 2:20 PM

ah please, not again...federer is perhaps the greatest of this generation but not the greatest of all time, there is no such GOAT.

@tomnjerry, federer is not the all time leader for the no. of 'majors' won, rosewall won 22 'majors' and laver won '19' .please, get more info.

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 2:58 PM

Federer lost the same number of games (17) in the 3rd set against Delpo as Serena lost inthe whole tournament.

nadline , 8/5/12 3:04 PM

Let's Go Andy! Let's Go Gold Andy! Let's Go!
And the roof is open :)

deuce , 8/5/12 3:09 PM

Rod laver has 11 grand slam singles titles .

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:13 PM

@vamosrafa- please don't post wrong facts on tt

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:19 PM

Nice hold for AndyM. He looks determined today .

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:22 PM

Federer looking sharper to begin with

sanju , 8/5/12 3:24 PM

The look in his eyes that was there in the Djoko match is somehow missing today, atleast till now. Dring Djoko match he was all charged

sanju , 8/5/12 3:27 PM

Looks like Fed can serve aces in his sleep. BP down and he comes up with an ace nice and relaxed . Wonder how many times his serve has got him out of trouble.

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:32 PM

Rogers my..always bails him out

sanju , 8/5/12 3:32 PM

Laver and Rosewall 19 and 22 tally includes French Pro Wembley Pro and US Pro which Federer did not compete in and if there are such tournaments nowadays I am sure Rafa and Federer has long surpassed both of these legends.

Add at least 6 more to Rafa's GS tally now and since Fed dominated Wimby and USOpen at his prime, he would have likely won at least 9 more 'majors'

FED= Greatest of ALL TIME indeed

torres9 , 8/5/12 3:43 PM

@torres9 Nobody states that Laver has 19 GS singles and Rosewal has 22. In record before Fed , Sampras was termed as the leader in terms of majors.

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:45 PM

AndyM breaks !!

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:46 PM

As we praised his serves, he suddenly lost his first serves,hasnt made a serve in last game

sanju , 8/5/12 3:47 PM

Murray will win the match! :(

abhirf , 8/5/12 3:48 PM

abhirf , Dont get disaapointed. I think Fed is not playing well from the back of court. Even that was evident in his SF win. This is a key set for Fed. Dont see him coming from 2 sets to love.

fedexal , 8/5/12 3:59 PM

OK Andy, two more like this one ;)

danica , 8/5/12 4:00 PM

What a poor smash !! It looked awful. Fed needs to holds this ...

fedexal , 8/5/12 4:02 PM

Awful game from Fed ....Lost his serve 3 straight times...

fedexal , 8/5/12 4:03 PM

Fedexal, that's why i am worried. I think his nerves are still getting the better of him. He should treat this match like other matches. Maybe then he can play his best.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:06 PM

Wow Murray is looking AWESOME right now, and all those from the net bounces are not harming his cause either. It may be Murray's time... the FED gets a silver for his country if he looses. Not bad. Let's see if the FED will pick up his game a little better to make this more interesting.

sky , 8/5/12 4:07 PM

Fed has missed so many bps. Never seen him miss so many bps.

fedexal , 8/5/12 4:11 PM

Well at least now Murray has something on his career... I'd be sad if he ends up with nothing more significant than final appreances

torres9 , 8/5/12 4:13 PM

Fed should attack more else it would be over in 3.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:21 PM

Fed's movement looking a bit sluggish too. Looks like its curtains for Fed.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:27 PM

Murray is smoking fed right now. Nothing fed can do

willmw101 , 8/5/12 4:29 PM

@abhirf- Never seen him play so bad on grass. Its embarassing.

fedexal , 8/5/12 4:30 PM

Congrats Murray! Roger, the Gold is not in ur destiny! :(

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:33 PM

there is always something the FED can do, question is will he do it?! :) but looks like it is not going to start until the third if it is going to happen this time around. I would agree with Torres 9 Murray is due, but as a FEDfan I don't mind LOL if the FED ends up winning. :)

sky , 8/5/12 4:34 PM

well FED can't loose any more sets now... Go FED go! :) C'MON!

sky , 8/5/12 4:44 PM

Murray's heavy topspin shots getting the better of Fed at the moment esp. his CC FH to Fed's FH.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:48 PM

If there's rain fed could get back in this. If not muzzy should close this out

willmw101 , 8/5/12 4:51 PM

Guys I still cannot believe Fed will lose this, it may go to 5

Remrmber Wimby 2008 aginst Rafa?

But Fed has till now played awful on big points, those smashes and volleys at net are shocking

Murray - if you lose from here, mom Judy will break all sticks in the house whacking you and Kim Sears will deny letting you come close to her :-) go and close the match

sanju , 8/5/12 4:52 PM

Fed's movement so far has been awful.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:55 PM

Murray has finally got Fed's no.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:56 PM

Fantastic playing from Murray! He breaks in third set. C'MON FED! :)

sky , 8/5/12 4:57 PM

Murray absolutely deserves it! sadly it was not to be for Roger :(
I'm good with silver though :)

OnTheRise , 8/5/12 5:00 PM

Nothing is going Roger's way at the moment.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:00 PM

Wow, what a difference two different tournaments with different amount of pressure can have on 2 players confidence. Fed being bogged by his own wt . of extra pressure. OTOH, Murray is relishing the lesser amount of attention on him than Wimby.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:05 PM

the next 3 games will be most crucial, wouldnt be surprised if Fed breaks back

sanju , 8/5/12 5:06 PM

huge hold for Fed but probably delaying the inevitable

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 5:07 PM

abhirf, I dont think Fed is losing just because he is nervous. He just was not playing that well from start. Remember Roland Garros , he was not convincing. He just never found his rythm here just like RG. I am sure Roger will accept that just like he accepted after Roland Garros SF defeat.

fedexal , 8/5/12 5:08 PM

Am so happy for Del Potro winning the only medal for his country so far. Interestingly same situation with FED for his country.

sky , 8/5/12 5:10 PM

Most important serve to hold of Andy Murrys career ..

sanju , 8/5/12 5:10 PM

Fedexal, I know but just cant believe it. That was Clay man, this is Grass. How can he! :(

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:13 PM

Murray has played really well today. This is a breakthrough win for AndyM.

fedexal , 8/5/12 5:13 PM

Karma is a bitch.

nadline , 8/5/12 5:14 PM

Congrats to Murray and his fans. :)

sky , 8/5/12 5:14 PM

Good to see Fed smile at the nets. I think he is not that much disappointed.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:16 PM

Oh man Fed looked really shattered. He just walked off. Never found his range. Murray's time has come surely. Really demolished Fed out there.

fedexal , 8/5/12 5:17 PM

Well Done, Andy.

Congrats Muzzans!
How fantastic to win the gold medal on your home turf.

nadline , 8/5/12 5:17 PM

congrats to murray. he played superbly and deserved to win. btw, where's the queen? :P

tj600 , 8/5/12 5:18 PM

Congrats to Murray! What a win! So happy for him, beating Fed in straight sets on grass at Wimbledon and with that kind of scoreline! Just WOW! Well done Andy boy!

It's not meant to be for Fed, just like it's not meant to be for Lee Chong Wei in badminton (to my disappointment), commies to both great players.

luckystar , 8/5/12 5:21 PM

Congrats to Murray and his fans for the Gold! Congrats to Roger and his fans for Silver! The outcome was not what we wanted but in the end Roger finally has a medal. I'm happy that my 2 fav's Rog n Delpo won singles medals.
As for Murray, he was due for long. He finally got a big win. This may open the gates for him at the Majors.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:25 PM

murray's serve has improved a LOT. he managed to win 5 straight sets against djokovic and federer(the top 2 players) whilst serving below 60%. amazing.

tj600 , 8/5/12 5:26 PM

So Roger will retire without career Golden slam, thats okay, you cant win it all..hes still a huge champion

This is Murrays day , I couldnt believe he served it out with 3 aces..this guy has matured and actually come of age

I personally think this loss is worst of Feds career, even worse than 2008 RG final where he won just 4 games..that was clay and Rafa is unbeatable there..but this is Rogers turf and losing in straight sets to not Rafa, not Djoko but Murray who is not his principal rival should crush him totally

Murray beat Djoko and Roger both..its phenomenal

sanju , 8/5/12 5:26 PM

sanju, Roger has already booked his place in Rio.

nadline , 8/5/12 5:28 PM

^^are you sure about that?

tj600 , 8/5/12 5:30 PM

well nadline I dont think he will play in 2016,cmon he may say it but he wont and he surely cant win Gold on clay at age of 35..he himself knows it

sanju , 8/5/12 5:36 PM

Congrats to ANDY!!!!!
Deuce, Alex and all other Andy's fans... CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Still no GS... BUT NOW SOMETHING BETTER... Pressure will be of his shoulders now...
Well deserved victory... Winning the finale in straits sets... Less than two hours...

zare , 8/5/12 5:40 PM

Federer may play in 2016 Games
July 29, 2012 by Agency Reporter

World No. 1 Roger Federer has reiterated yet again that if his body would permit, he could compete in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Seventeen Grand Slam titles winner Roger Federer who turns 31 on August eight, has reiterated yet again that he likes to compete in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, provided his body stays healthy.

Federer asserted, ??There?s so many moving parts. They also have a role in this decision-making but the mind still wants me to play, and I hope the body allows me to do it as well.?? mes/

nadline , 8/5/12 5:40 PM

so gla for murray because he has proved it today. I have been waiting for this moment for years ! I have always defended murray because his potential IMO is even bigger than djokovic's. Look what he did to one of the best grass court players of all-time !MURRAY CAN BEAT ANYONE, EVEN IN A BEST OF 5 SETTER ! GET IT PEOPLE?!

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 5:40 PM

@fedexal , you get your facts right before blaming others. The reason I put 'majors' in inverted commas was to tell how ambiguously this term is used. Sampras was the leader in the slam count and the 'major's since the open era started! get it? even grand slam is an incorrectly used term nowadays , thats a diff thing anyway.

torres9, idiotic and irrational as always ! LOL what do u mean had 'Federer did not compete in and if there are such tournaments nowadays I am sure Rafa and Federer has long surpassed both of these legends.

Add at least 6 more to Rafa's GS tally now and since Fed dominated Wimby and USOpen at his prime, he would have likely won at least 9 more 'majors'

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!! what stupidity. When laver was playing all those tournaments , the professional ones, he was NOT ALLOWED to compete in those 'slams' !! Laver was playing pro tours in his prime years (5-6 years) so not allowed to compete in those tiny slams ! So it was not that he was playing the slams and the pro tournaments together, had federer/nadal been playing pro tournaments, they would not have played slams u dumb minded person !

Pro events were even tougher than slams , all the great/elite players used to take part in them unlike the slams today where u have easy early round matches so an upset was much more likely in the earlier stages !

What type of justice is this? u only say laver won 11 'majors'??? HOW STUPID ! he was winning those even tougher events in his prime while missing slams so at least add them up to his tally !

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 5:49 PM

im curious to know now that Fed and Djoko are 1 n 2, whom do they prefer for semis, Rafa or Murray..This Murray looks dangerous n is no more a choker

sanju , 8/5/12 5:52 PM

sanju, you have to consider that this Fed is 31yo, not 26/27 like he's in 2008. I believe that match against Delpo took alot out of him. Still Murray playing like this is certainly hard to beat, and we have said it before, that Murray is playing very well here, he's the best player this tournament. We can say it now, that Murray deserves the gold medal!

Delpo is so happy winning thr bronze medal, congrats to him too!

luckystar , 8/5/12 5:52 PM

Thanx guys for your excellent congratulations:) zare, vamosrafa,lucky,tj, abirf, nadline 2 many to mention and SO sorry to leave anyone out. Still very sniffy and emotional.
RITB that little talking to you gave Andy worked a treat..;) More please.

deuce , 8/5/12 5:53 PM

all other fed fans can ignore this post...torres9 is to be dealt in a diff manner

well , torres, the GOAT gets MANHANDLED by andy murray??? :O :O on his favorite turf at wimbledon :O OMG ! first 6-1 6-3 6-0 owning by rafa in slam final and now 6-2 6-1 6-4 owning by muzza (a player who is compared to roddick by fed fans just to somehow say fed's era was not so easy) you see how tough this era is?LOL murray is developing into a giant, all these young guns will compete against each others for slams and split them ! there is no dark era like 2004-2007 where you had to beat roddick hewitt nalby ljubicic davy to win slams LOL LOL !!

the GOAT GETS OWNED on his surface, what type of GOAT is this?muahahahahah

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 5:54 PM

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 5:40 PM

Don't get too carried away vamosrafa, Murray has always beaten Federer, maybe not in a 5 setter, but it's no surprise that he beat him today so that doesn't necessarily translate to Murray beating ANYONE at anytine.

nadline , 8/5/12 5:56 PM

Roger wont win gold in Olympics . The probability of that happening is less than me living till 2000 years.

But its OK, you can't win all. Roger looked slow and sluggish today . He gave a lot of importance to Wimby and London 2012 right from the start of the year. He won Wimby, finished runners up here, so its OK, although the manner of defeat looks surprising. Maybe from now on, we might see Roger suffering such defeats at the hands of good young players.

But at 31, he still is playing decent, although I still don't seem him losing to anyone outside top 5 or 6.

fedexal , 8/5/12 5:59 PM

@nadline, nadal at paris is the only place I would say where murray cant beat nadal , otherwise I have no doubts that murray is capable of beating anyone anywhere. Plus, this goes on to show you how great rafa is on grass, he denied murray two times in the semi finals in 2010 and 2011 where I thot murray was playing sensational tennis, esp in 2010 . fed fans used to be so disrespectful and say murray chocked so he gave the match to rafa, no where is all the chocking?! full credit to rafa for holding murray back with ease for 2 years

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 6:03 PM

Cmon guys lets not berate Fed, lets be gracious..I know many Fed fans gloat and are very delusonal, but lets not say anything to Fed, he just won Wimby 17th major and No 1 back, so he deserves respect

and there is no GOAT

sanju , 8/5/12 6:05 PM

vamosrafa, Yes Murray is capable of beating anyone anywhere but you say it as if it's a given.

nadline , 8/5/12 6:06 PM

Wonderful win for Andy, his fans and all of us. Fed did well to win the silver and he was a gracious loser today. Congrats to Andy, Fed & Delpo and to their many fans.
There is nothing quite like the Olympics IMO and I am sure they will all treasure their medals as much as any other trophy.

Great day for team GB again.

Good luck Andy and Laura for the mixed doubles.

schatz , 8/5/12 6:06 PM

I am sure Roger know he lost to an absolutely better player today! and to be playing for a gold medal at 31 is an astonishing achievement on its own.

OnTheRise , 8/5/12 6:06 PM

@vamosrafa ; Fed lost to Murray whom he beat 3 weeks agao and you say what kind of GOAT he is. Even Pete lost ot George Basel at the same age. I hope you agree that Basel is a worse player than AndyM.

Fed is nowhere as good as 2008. He knows it , whole world knows it. Strange, you just came out firing once Fed lost and started posting about his GOAT status. Speaks volumes about your character .

fedexal , 8/5/12 6:08 PM

vamosrafa, it's 3 times Rafa has beaten Murray at Wimbledon - he beat him in 2008 as well.

Anyway, don't intruduce a topic that is going to end up in arguments about Murray's capabilities. It's his day today and we should let his fans enjoy it.

nadline , 8/5/12 6:10 PM

Plzz don't start this endless's murray's day just congratulate him for his awesome win....and also big congratulations to fedex for winning silver.:)

chenna21 , 8/5/12 6:13 PM

Silver medal or his country is fine, but I am sure Fed will not value it much, he did seem crestfallen though didnt show it too much, its analogous to losing a GS final, a GS finalist doesnt hold much significance for top 4 right, they want to be eventual winner

I am also shocked Djoko lost to DElpo, never thought it would happen esp as Delpo had played so long on Friday and his doubles too

sanju , 8/5/12 6:23 PM

Congrats Deuce! The better player and the better person won today! I couldn't be happier, for Andy and for you!!

jean , 8/5/12 6:24 PM

@sanju, well I'm not at all shocked at Djoko's loss to Delpo. I always had faith in Delpo's capability and he showed it.

As for Federer, he did got what he wanted more b/w the Wimby and the Gold.

abhirf , 8/5/12 6:32 PM

Congrats Andy!
Finally a shot in the arm victory.

vmm , 8/5/12 6:48 PM

But still Olympics missed the warrior from Mallorca :). Tennis is just not the same without Nadal. So, Rafa has gold in Olympics something which even Roger will not have once he calls it a day.

And Nole draws DellBoy in RogersMasters QF. Nole is having hard draws these days.

fedexal , 8/5/12 6:52 PM

@fedexal, haha...i said all other fed fans can ignore my post. That is the only way of dealing with torres9, many old posters here know it ! you seem to be a reasonable poster and ur post makes sense too :) that was just a way of handling torres the crap...:)

IMO, federer is perhaps the best of this generation and one of the best ever .

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 7:01 PM

@vamosrafa no problems dear.

fedexal , 8/5/12 7:02 PM

nadline, i know rafa beat him in the qtrs of 2008, even remember the scoreline. Rafa produced a masterclass but murray was a spent force after that epic gasquet match so to be fair to murray I did not mention it because muzza was unale to play at his best. YES, RAFA PLEASE COMEBACK WE MISSS YOUUUUUUU

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 7:04 PM

@fedexal, my stance about the GOAT has always been what i just posted. Do not mingle my posts for torres with my usual posts here at TT to judge my character! :)

'IMO, federer is perhaps the best of this generation and one of the best ever .' that is what i always say....

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 7:06 PM

I think Nole and AndyM are great role models for the youngsters. They show us , even if you are against best of the history, if you work hard, results will come .

fedexal , 8/5/12 7:08 PM

The press is brutual, after a person has had a tough loss, they just rub it in

Can Federer remember losing 9 straight games? "No, I don't. And I don't want to remember

sanju , 8/5/12 7:34 PM

sanju, can u plz post the link of the presser.

abhirf , 8/5/12 7:40 PM

I figured there would be an ongoing Fed bashing fest here if he lost, and many have run true to form. How many players at the age of 31, would have been able to recover from that gruelling match Fed played with JMDP, and win today, against a guy who is in his prime, and 7 years younger? I doubt if there are many younger guys who would have been able to do that sort of turnaround. It was evident that Fed was exhausted. I've not ever seen Fed duff so many balls in the net as he did today.

It's pathetic that some just wait for these types of situations to occur so that they can emit their drip, drip venom repeatedly, and reveal to the whole internet world how very low they can go. Anyway, you guys have fun doing what it is that you do best, i.e. , gloat and berate.

scoretracker , 8/5/12 8:30 PM

jean@ 6.24. That's so nice. Made me go all sniffy again :) Many a bitter pill us Andy fans have swallowed over the years, and this win tastes mighty sweet.

deuce , 8/5/12 8:57 PM

I've not ever seen Fed duff so many balls in the net as he did today.
scoretracker , 8/5/12 8:30 PM

I have.

nadline , 8/5/12 9:05 PM

Congrats Andy for the big win. I have a feeling that from this day onward until he retires, Fed will be your very own whipping boy.

phoenix , 8/5/12 9:06 PM

So Fed can't cope with Murray now because of the age difference. By the way, it's 6 years difference not 7. Does that mean that Fed will not be able to cope with someone 5 years his junior either?

nadline , 8/5/12 9:08 PM

I don't know whether Fed will be Muzza's whipping boy but today's win would definitely have altered the part which is played in the mind.
Congrats Deuce, Alex, Twinge! Where's Twinge?
I hope Muzza wins the US Open.
Frankly, I think the AO 2012 took a lot out of Nole and Rafa just as Madrid 2009 did.
Both went through the season till the French Open on will power especially Rafa who was nursing a bad knee right from the beginning of AO.
So I don't have high hopes about Rafa though I would like to be pleasantly surprised.

holdserve , 8/5/12 9:14 PM

Good grief when win Fed wins with a tampered draw he is the GOAT,
when he loses despite one all of a sudden he's too old.
If that is so, even to his acolytes then let him retire I say!
Todays performance indicated it might be the time ;-)

Twinge , 8/5/12 10:14 PM

One match Fed's lost to Murray this year and now after today, he'll become Murray's whipping boy 4evah? Simply ludicrous, but don't get carried away coz it's not going to happen, ever. Remember Fed beat Murray at dubai and Wimbledon.

@nadline, I'm not the one who preaches that Fed's old, it's you guys who call him the ol man, and are wishing for him to retire, not I.

I'm not saying Fed can't cope with Murray because of the age difference. I'm merely pointing out that there is an age difference , and in one week it will be 7 years not 6. Fed can cope with a lot at his age, but he's human, and it's also a well-known fact that the body takes much longer to recover as we grow older. I think if Fed had a two hour match with DelPotro, he would have been able to play a much better match today, coz he's beaten much younger opponents than Murray. We need to look at the whole picture surrounding today's match. Additionally, Fed's been extremely nervous the entire tournament, and I believe it's coz he wants the gold so badly, but moreso, coz he's acutely aware that the clock is ticking. In a way, it's Fed who has put himself under such pressure, as we all do when we want something so badly that we can taste. I'm only surmising such to be the case, coz I can't speak for Fed, nor do I know what he's thinking.

I think the question to be asked would be: Had Murray played a 4+ hour gruelling match as Fed did, would Murray have been able to recover and beat Fed? I doubt we'll know the answer to this question, coz these types of matches don't occur often when the stakes are as high as they were today. As holdserve mentioned Madrid took a lot out of Nadal and djokovic. Well, it's the same for Fedvs. DelPotro. JMDP lost the doubles match. However, he won today, which is a prime example of recovery and/or age vs. youth.

I doubt Fed would be obsessing over this loss and questioning his abilities to beat Murray. I think the only what ifs would go something like this: *What if I didn't play that long a match with Juan, (which would have definitely changed the dynamics of the final) then maybe I'd have beaten Murray as easily as I did at Wimbledon?* You guys are forgetting that this is the same Fed who beat djokovic and then Murray at wimbledon just two weeks ago. Thus, why would Fed be questioning his ability to perform well against Murray in the future? When all is said and done a GS final, especially a 7-peat, has a lot more pressure involved, but in this case Fed wanted something he didn't already have, hence the pressure. To reiterate, it's not the age of the opponent that is difficult for Fed, it's the circumstances which led up to today's match that was problematic for him.

BTW nadline, everyone enjoys it better doing it at home. :)

scoretracker , 8/5/12 10:27 PM

Federer's goatness has taken a huge setback.

nadline , 8/5/12 10:58 PM

Congrats to all Andy's fans, Deuce specially, one more time!! :)
I guess that overused sofa is officially out to the second hand store now ;)

danica , 8/6/12 12:15 AM

Oh my goodness, the excuses for Fed are already out in force. I knew that somehow Fed's loss to Andy would be chalked up to that tough match with Delpo. But when the shoe is on the other foot and it's the other player who has the tough match, then the Fed fans will trash anyone who dares to point it out! Hypocrisy is the order of the day once more!

The fact is that Andy played outstanding tennis and even a Fed who may not have tired from his semifinal match, wasn't going to beat him. It may have been more competitive, but since Rafa never gets the same benefit I am not about to give it to Fed. Oh yes, he's six years older, it's this or that!

These rationalizations are just poor sportsmanship! Since when does anyone beat Fed on grass the way Andy did today? This is Fed's surface. No excuses! Andy played amazing tennis, stayed mentally tough throughout the match and showed that he's got the stuff to win a big match. This was the same court just over a month later, but a much different result!

I really wanted to come here to congratulate all of Andy's wonderful fans! This must be a joyous day for all of you! Sorry to be late, but I decided to watch my recording without checking the score. A late start to the day and watching the Olympics has caused me to be delayed, but I am so happy for Andy and his fans. To get this victory in his home country, in front of his countrymen and on the same court where he had such disappointment at Wimbledon, is a special moment!

To Andy's long suffering fans - revel in this moment, savor it for as long as you must and never, ever let anyone try to take this celebration away from you or put a damper on it!

It is a singular achievement to beat Fed in straight sets so convincingly. Andy played brilliantly today. He showed that all of his considerable potential is starting to become a reality. I cried happy tears today and it was great to see Andy climbing into the stands to hug all of his family. Beautiful!

Also congratulations to Delpo for winning the bronze medal. Well done!

I am reaching across the ocean to give Andy's fans a big cyber hug today! :)

Nativenewyorker , 8/6/12 2:03 AM

You go girl!! lol.

scoretracker , 8/6/12 4:30 AM

NNy, huge virtual smiles and hugs coming your way :)
danica: cheers :) Am sure Nole will be back on tip top form SOON.

deuce , 8/6/12 7:23 AM

Nadal fan = arriogant. fanatic. blind.

nadal = arrogant gamesmanship player ever


tennisnba , 8/6/12 9:08 AM

fake time-out. troo annoying always. excuse. bump to player. ugly protest. ego twio-year-ranking. etc.

classless asshole

tennisnba , 8/6/12 9:10 AM

deuce, 8/6/12 7:23 AM,

I am so glad that you got to see my message of congratulations! I got here so late today. Now I have to scroll over the garbage troll posts in order to respond to you.

You must be over the moon! I was thinking about you today. Andy played some exceptional tennis. Great stuff! It's not easy to come back after another disappointing loss in a slam final, but Andy has kept it together and played some of his best tennis.

Yesterday was great for the British at the Olympics. I saw that heptathlon runner Jessica, can't remember her last name. Such a great win and tears of relief and happiness. Some great results for you guys over the ocean.

I really like it when we get to see athletes from other countries win medals. Of course I love to support our American athletes, but there have been some great stories among athletes from different countries.

I think this win is going to give Andy even more confidence heading into the NA hard court swing. So happy for him, for you and all the Murray fans! It's your time! Party!

Also to danica, I think that Nole will be ready to go for the NA hard court season.

Here's to some more great tennis at the USO!

Nativenewyorker , 8/6/12 9:46 AM

No need to give any excuses for federer's loss..even federer acknowledges that andy played way better than him and deserved to win...any way federer is also happy with silver and i am also happy for him...I like the behaviour of federer these days, he is brushing those losses like nothing happened and moving forward...if federer continues with this behaviour he can play upto 36 to 37 years...

chenna21 , 8/6/12 10:29 AM

Poor tennisnba, a sore loser as always and never has anything pleasant to say. The medal for mud slinging should be yours IMO.

schatz , 8/6/12 10:30 AM

"Had Murray played a 4+ hour gruelling match as Fed did, would Murray have been able to recover and beat Fed? I doubt we'll know the answer to this question, coz these types of matches don't occur often when the stakes are as high as they were today..."

And Andy's extremely difficult wimbledon draw, which meant Andy was on court for hours longer than fed was took a lot out of him too. Which allowed fed to shine one more time.
You can't have it both ways, despite the ease of his draw on paper feds got more difficult but it was up to him to make sure it stayed that way by closing things out more quickly.
Andy was relaxed & supported ergo he could play more freely than he could in a slam final and so was more than a match for the fed this time who has profited more than most with tthe demons that encircle Andy in slam finals.
But i think its pretty clear that they are starting to dissipate now.
And when they do....

Twinge , 8/6/12 12:43 PM

Besides Andy played two mixed doubles matches on Saturday whilst Fed was presumably putting his feet up and getting a day's rest. Unlike, I might point out, what happened to Andy at a certain USOpen.
tbh I don't think Fed played that well against JMDP and he had the chance to finish the match earlier on his serve, but couldn't.
"rolls eyes*

deuce , 8/6/12 2:55 PM

Wow. Awesome job Andy!!! So happy for him. He deserves it. He can pass Rafa if he wins Canada this week - big ask though.

Just look at the Top 8 today,

1 Federer, Roger (SUI) 11,435 0 21
2 Djokovic, Novak (SRB) 11,270 0 19
3 Nadal, Rafael (ESP) 8,905 0 20
4 Murray, Andy (GBR) 8,120 0 21
5 Ferrer, David (ESP) 5,455 0 24
6 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried (FRA) 5,230 0 25
7 Berdych, Tomas (CZE) 4,515 0 23
8 Del Potro, Juan Martin (ARG)

That's the best Top 8 by far EVER and the GOAT is at the top. Show some respect y'all. I don't like some of his off-court post loss behaviour and some of the favoritism he gets (check my name) either but even though TMF (The Meek Field) is over, he still gets it done to be No. 1 at 31 and with perhaps the best hair in tennis??? There is no question.

Glad the roof was open yesterday and that was fun to watch. Great to see the fans behind him. Way to go ANDY and congrats to all his fans, deuce, twinge et. al.

(tennisnba, please to check medication.haha life too short. And check out some verbs - there's a sale on at Costco.)

Conspirator , 8/6/12 3:33 PM

Conspirator, we will respect Roger when his fans respect Rafa. After taunting and berating Rafa for coming 2nd 7 (SEVEN) times in a row in 2011/12, why should Rafans hail Roger for coming 2nd at the olympics?

nadline , 8/6/12 3:46 PM

nadline, they shouldn't.


Conspirator , 8/6/12 3:56 PM

Hey Fed fans, why do we have to give excuses for his loss when he himself credited his opponent as the better and deserving guy. He is happy with his result and so should we be.
I'm glad he is resting this week. He will be fresh and raring to go at USO. I genuinely feel he may get his 18th slam at this USO or AO. After that he will struggle for his 19th slam just like he struggled for his 13th and 17th (the trio of unlucky/jinxed nos.- 13, 17 and 19).

abhirf , 8/6/12 5:43 PM

Yes would definitely be good to see Murray at #3. He should be tired and vulnerable though and he may have to face Raonic in the third round. It would be great to see Raonic do well in front of the home crowd so I'm picking him for the upset mainly because Murray should be tired.

chr18 , 8/6/12 5:44 PM

chr18, Karma is a bitch, eh?

nadline , 8/6/12 6:05 PM

Why do you keep saying that? Is it because Nadal is injured? Explain please.

chr18 , 8/6/12 6:36 PM

Didn't you say that after Nole edged Rafa at the AO final?

nadline , 8/6/12 6:48 PM

I honestly don't recall but even if I did it has no relevance here. Fed is still #1. Everything is still good. He seemed happy with his silver and Delpo looked happy too with his bronze. Everybody seemed pleased for Murray as he deserved the gold he earned. The ATP should be well pleased after the best Olympics competition for tennis ever.

chr18 , 8/6/12 6:58 PM

Federer undecided on 2016 Olympic plans
Ticker - Monday, August 6, 2012

Roger Federer, who won the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics in singles, is unsure whether he will compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. "I hope so. It?s not impossible that I could take part in Rio. But in the meantime I could retire and comeback. It?s that long of a break," the 30-year-old told reporters with a laugh. "It?s not front and center in my mind, but of course I would love a gold medal in singles. But I?m very happy with a silver in singles and I have the gold [in doubles] from Beijing."

Federer still has unfinished business. Rafa has done it all.

nadline , 8/6/12 8:27 PM

Those who who are rushing to wish Muzza overtakes Rafa's ranking, be careful what you wish for................all it means is that Muzza can only meet Rafa in the final after he has taken care of either Nole or Fed in the semis.........

rafaisthebest , 8/6/12 8:49 PM

vamosrafa, 8/5/12 5:49 PM,

I really wanted to respond to your post but things were so busy here yesterday. I am so glad that you brought up that information about Laver. It's annoying that this gets lost in these endless discussions about the GOAT, who has the most this or the most that.

It is true that because Laver played in pro tournaments he was not allowed to compete in slams. Things were quite different back then. Some of Laver's wins were not counted in the official record. It is also true that the pro events were more difficult because they played against the best. No lower ranked players to make it easier.

The open era of tennis started in 1968 and from that point on, everything got sorted out. They didn't have separate pro tournaments. But Laver's official total does not truly reflect all of his wins. I wish that this was pointed out more often.


Great response to those who are wishing Murra to overtake Rafa in the rankings.

Nativenewyorker , 8/6/12 9:46 PM

Clay season is over. Nadal ain't beating the Djoker til next year.

chr18 , 8/6/12 10:03 PM

I don't know about that chr18. I never take any match for granted. However, Nole played the least amount of tournaments. Had he played his Belgrade event, we most likely wouldn't be talking about GOAT sitting on top of the list, would we? :) So, maybe a little perspective is needed. Anyhow, we'll see what's going to happen in time that comes. There is such a fine margin between the top guys that I cannot fathom how some fans can be so sure about match outcomes.

Btw, I was wondering, where are you from? Once you mentioned that Nole is all "inat" and that you had it in your veins. Your knowing the meaning of "inat" really ingrigued me. So, if it's not too much of a bother for you... :)))

danica , 8/7/12 12:06 AM

I'm a Flo-rida but my heritage is a mix of Serbian/Hungarian/Romanian/Irish. In other words pure fire!

chr18 , 8/7/12 12:24 AM

Exactly!!! Thanks for explaining ;). Now I see ;). Nice to have such a diverse background ;)

danica , 8/7/12 12:32 AM

And chr18, just for curiosity, are you a guy or a lady?

You are at your cattiest and b!tchiest best when it comes to Rafa, I being a Rafa fan still manage to smile reading your 1 liners about him :-)..unadulterated venom :-)

sanju , 8/7/12 10:03 AM

I'm a Flo-rida but my heritage is a mix of Serbian/Hungarian/Romanian/Irish. In other words pure fire!
chr18 , 8/7/12 12:24 AM

That explains a lot. Thankfully, there is no Swiss or S.African in the mix.

nadline , 8/7/12 11:01 AM

I'm a dude! I thought everybody knew that.

chr18 , 8/7/12 12:12 PM

maybe others did, sorry I didnt, hence asked

sanju , 8/7/12 2:03 PM

sanju the racist/sexist

willmw101 , 8/7/12 5:14 PM

chr18, yes your mixed heritage does explain some of your lotsa fire

danica and chr18, so what does inat mean? and is it from serbia/crotia...?

chlorostoma , 8/7/12 5:37 PM

I'm probably not the best to answer this as I'm going from passed down information but here goes : It pretty much means you never say die, never yield, never give an inch in spite of whatever the situation. It's a stubbornness that even when things are going terribly against you there's an immense determination and belief that you can turn it around in your favor.

chr18 , 8/8/12 12:56 AM

willmw101, 8/7/12 5:14 PM,

What on earth is this comment all about? I think sanju is one of the nicest posters on this forum. I can only hope you were joking.

Nativenewyorker , 8/8/12 3:19 AM

NNY : Dont worry, I give a rats ass to a moron making a moronic statement. Tells a lot about his ownself. Maybe he should look into the dictionary to understand meaning of those 2 words and educate himself

sanju , 8/8/12 10:21 AM

Oh dear... it was very obviously a joke, as Sanju knows very well. Why is it that there are so many posters here who are incapable of lightening up a bit. Sanju why is it that you are so grievously offended and angry?! We've dealt with this before.

Just to summarise:

We are in the middle of one of the most interesting tennis seasons ever right now.
The olympics is on and Muzza just won the gold

There really is no need to be angry and needlessly offended. All is well with the tennis world right now. Calm down.

willmw101 , 8/8/12 11:02 AM

Federer is talking of retirement before 2016:

Q. Can you tell me something about how strongly you decide on Olympic gold to get your collection of trophies complete and will there be another Olympics in 2016 for you?

ROGER FEDERER: I mean, I hope so. I said it before the tournament that it?s not impossible that I could take part in Rio. But right now, I mean, in the meantime I could retire and come back. It?s that long of a break (laughter). It?s not front and center in my mind. But, of course, I?d love an Olympic gold in singles.

nadline , 8/8/12 12:04 PM

Perhaps Andy should send him the pic of Maggie Mae with the gold medal round her neck.......;)

deuce , 8/8/12 4:38 PM

Happy Birthday, Fed!

RickyDimon , 8/8/12 5:11 PM

Many Happy Returns of the B'Day (08.08)

hrsikesa , 8/8/12 6:36 PM

Happy birthday Fed, Greatest of all Time... :)

torres9 , 8/8/12 7:51 PM

@vamosrafa I can't wait till the day Rafa gets old and gets beaten by mere mortals and then i'll say. 'see how strong this era is?'Oooppsss, the time is already near, how can 100+ranked player beat Wimbledon finalist Rafa in the 2nd round? Oooppsss... hahahahha

If this era is as 'strong' as you imply, how can,,,,
At 31, Fed has beaten peak Rafa and even bageled him in WTF last year?
how can Murray with the support of the British people can't beat Fed in WImbledon to break his Grand Slam duck?
At 31, how the hell is Fed still being able to be no.1?

torres9 , 8/8/12 7:57 PM

The joke at the end of the day is .... FED is still no.1

torres9 , 8/8/12 8:00 PM

^^Torres9 stop stinking up this thread with your bloody minded stupidity please.
The joke at the end of the day is yourself and your inability to understand reality.
Enjoy your idols time at Numero Uno anyway, its been well enough earned I suppose (ooooh & hope the tennis titan roddick doesnt make a comeback as well!).
But dont expect it to last.
For sure he wont be staying there too long.

Twinge , 8/8/12 8:11 PM

Without indoor tennis (Basel, Rotterdam, Paris, Wimbledon). Fed would be No. 3-4 today.

Almost half the points Fed has today are from indoor tournaments. 5000 of 11,435. The highest pct. in the Top 10.

Conspirator , 8/8/12 8:44 PM

^^^and WTF of course.

Conspirator , 8/8/12 8:46 PM

No way is he having it his own way indoors yet again.
It was all sensibly planned before but now old Rog has had a VERY stressful summer period. (With actual slam success congrats!!)
No No No
Expect an onslaught from all & sundry the entire winter.

Twinge , 8/8/12 8:51 PM

Everyone else in the top 10 derives much less than 20% from indoor, comfy tournaments at room temperature with no wind and low humidity. Also, the rest of the top 10 doesn't avail of the easy draws and the preferred scheduling.

Conspirator , 8/8/12 8:51 PM

Fed is an indoor specialist, because he can't even guarantee winning on grass and hardcourt so he only dominates indoors. Nice and cosy with his slippers and cardi on clutching his man bag.

nadline , 8/8/12 8:51 PM

Real tennis is played outdoors under the sun.


Conspirator , 8/8/12 8:53 PM

Without clay (Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome and Paris) Nadal would be out of the top 5.

chr18 , 8/9/12 12:08 AM

Did any of you happen to watch the 2008 WTF when Murray beat the No.1 seed Federer INDOORS.

ed251137 , 8/9/12 12:14 AM

Fed had a bad back then and btw who won the tournament? Djoker!

chr18 , 8/9/12 12:18 AM

willmw101, 8/8/12 11:02 AM,

One way to avoid that kind of confusion is to put a smily thing at the end of your post. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing if you are serious or not.

I think we all have a decent sense of humor as long as we are sure of the intent of various posts.

Nativenewyorker , 8/9/12 12:50 AM

Clay is a natural outdoor surface and a huge part of the game along with grass and HC. Indoor tennis is like indoor football, artificial.

Conspirator , 8/9/12 2:10 AM

Please don't compare tennis to football. There's no comparison. Football can be played in rain and snow. Tennis cannot! Indoor tennis is a part of the ATP whether you like it or not just like clay is a part of it even though I don't particularly care for it as much as grass and hard courts. Besides I seem to remember Fed beating Nadal in Palm Springs in the wind on the way to the title. When last has Nadal won a Masters on hard court? A hard court title of any kind? 2009 and 2010. Fading quickly I see. Don't worry clay season will be here before you know it.

chr18 , 8/9/12 3:32 AM

^^^ Why's Rafa fading when he reached the finals of the hard court Masters and hard court slams last year, losing only to Nole? Where's Fed in the hard court Masters and slams last year? Oh, he only reaches the semis, I see. He won the Paris Masters because Nole had a bad back and was just back from his injury.

When was the last time Fed won on red clay? 2009 or 2010? Don't worry, he's still the king of the indoors hard courts but he has to wait for the NA and the Asian swings to be over.

luckystar , 8/9/12 3:58 AM


Did you notice how Fed fans are prone to making excuses for him when he loses? Yet how many times have we been accused of same? Too many to count, for sure! Why does it only go one way? I don't get it!

Also to add onto my response about the confusion regarding the comment about sanju, I might also suggest using - LOL - as a great way to make sure that someone knows you are kidding. No one wants to be accused of being a racist or a sexist even in fun.

Nativenewyorker , 8/9/12 4:45 AM


losers comparing hard court with clay/grass... how many tournaments player participate on hcs & clay??

Hardcourt represents 2/3rd of total tournaments and if you don't win on hcs then you surface slave as you know who the currently is!

KMA , 8/9/12 8:55 AM

Fed had a bad back then and btw who won the tournament? Djoker!
chr18 , 8/9/12 12:18 AM

Rafa did not play the WTF in 2008!!!

If more tournaments were on clay, Rafa would be the GOAT and Roger would be outside the top 5.

nadline , 8/9/12 9:30 AM

The funniest thing I heard yesterday was my daughter saying she'd been with some Fedfans who maintain that Fed tanked the olympic final.

I've never heard anything so absurd in my whole life!

nadline , 8/9/12 9:36 AM

kMA, better do your maths. Outdoor HC dominates the tour, and FYI, Rafa has more outdoor hardcourt points than Fed, 3790 vs 3345. Fed is the indoor hard court king and that's why he's playing four indoor events vs Rafa's one and Nole's two.

In fact, it's the grass court that helps Fed to his no.1, also all thanks to Rafa for losing early at Wimbledon and Nole for missing some events, in particular the Asian swing last year.

luckystar , 8/9/12 10:00 AM

For goodness sake it was not even close. Federer never even had a grip on the match.

This sequence of shots tell their own story. During the match I said to myself several times he knows he is not going to win this. Compare his expressions with the steely determination on Andy's face. -federer-face-off-for-olympic-gold-slideshow/#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Foly mpics-andy-murray-and-roger-federer-face-off-for-olympic-gold-slidesho w%252Fswiss-president-widmer-schlumpf-awaits-start-mens-singles-photo- 132757200.html%253B_ylt%253DAp7MOT10YE9CbIJMxlYQUMlMAuh_%253B_ylu%253D X3oDMTNybG5wbzNhBHBrZwM2ZDRmZWRjMi0xOGJmLTMyMTAtODc0OS0wMDJkODJmY2U4YT AEcG9zAzQ1BHNlYwNNZWRpYUNhcm91c2VsUGhvdG9HYWxsZXJ5Q0FYSFIEdmVyAzM2MTg4 MjEwLWRmMDItMTFlMS05ZWFmLTgyMDYwNDA0Y2Y4OA--%253B_ylv%253D3

ed251137 , 8/9/12 10:00 AM

"No one wants to be accused of being a racist or a sexist even in fun..."

Speak for youself NNY, i consider both titles a badge of honour when theyre thrown at me by certain hysterical persons. Although only ever in fun naturellement ;-)

Twinge , 8/9/12 12:20 PM

"The funniest thing I heard yesterday was my daughter saying she'd been with some Fedfans who maintain that Fed tanked the olympic final...."

Ive seen this absolutely everywhere & it puts into sharp perspective the Fed Fans here that are relatively normal. The fact is that quite a lot of fedtards TRULY BELIEVE that Andy couldn't ever beat Roger at Centre Court & so the only possible explanation for the loss was that Roger was being his usual magnanimous self and so must have kissed the Golden Slam goodbye for the sake of Andy & Team GB.
It makes perfect sense after all, i mean he is SO SO SO WONDERFUL, isn't he?
Roger has great popularity world wide, but clearly he attracts many crazies too.
There's some serious cult vapours around his celebrity for sure, the ITF should be more careful in their deification of this tennis player as he could potentially mount his own revolution against them at some point, if they dare displease him.
The depths of some fedtards irrationality truly holds no known frontiers.

Twinge , 8/9/12 12:33 PM

The comment was about Murray beating Fed indoors. Nadal has never won WTF so his absence is irrelevant.

chr18 , 8/9/12 12:57 PM

It's as good as saying Andy tanked the Wimbledon final, something he has craved all his pro life. What possible motive on earth could Fed have for wanting Murray to win the gold medal rather than him. If he wasn't magnanimous enough to 'give' Murray a Wimbledon title of which he already had 6, why would he 'give' Murray an olympic singles gold medal on his last chance salon, and the one thing his nemesis has that he doesn't have?

Irrationality doesn't even begin to describe these fanatics.

nadline , 8/9/12 1:20 PM

Both Djokovic and Murray have beaten Roger indoors.
Novak has done it at Rogers home event no less.
Andy is also, stats wise, the 8th best player of all time indoors. So he's no slouch.
The adjustment to Indoors and Murrays failure to do just that was only one reason he lost to federer at Wimbledon.
A full Indoor event will be a different scenario.
I doubt very much that Roger will be able to defend so many indoor points this Winter.
But we shall see won't we?

Twinge , 8/9/12 1:25 PM

^^The reality is that at the Olympic finals Murray played much better.
Its was a tactically much more solid game. He took time away from Roger, was aggressive & proactive and even though his serve % was barely over 50, Roger was well & truly thumped.
Less nerves = better execution. And Andy can be terribly nervous but the crowd got behind him for once. Really when he executes his gameplan against you its a very difficult scenario for anyone in the top 10.
Roger also looked his age, & i mean 31 not 30 with 14 years on the tour & all of those matches played.
It just shows you that if the recent draws were reversed between Roger n Andy. Federer probably wouldn't even make it to the semis of slams anymore never mind winning one.

Twinge , 8/9/12 1:34 PM

Wow. Where to begin...

"Besides I seem to remember Fed beating Nadal in Palm Springs" chr18, 8/9/12 3:32 AM

Anecdotal. Every dog has its day.

"Please don't compare tennis to football. There's no comparison." chr18, 8/9/12 3:32 AM

The comparison between indoors and outdoors in terms of the artificiality is valid and stands. Both indoor tennis and indoor football is a joke.

"lol... losers comparing hard court with clay/grass" KMA, 8/9/12 8:55 AM

You're way off course Yoda (nothing new - always making bold statements and running under a rock). We are talking about indoor tennis here. Not outdoor clay, grass, hc. Please read more carefully and calm down.

luckystar, 8/9/12 10:00 AM

Fedbots don't like to look at those quantitative facts that back up the truth. Nice work!!! However, the easy draw and the closed roof making Wimby an indoor event helped Fed more than Rafa going out.

"Roger has great popularity world wide, but clearly he attracts many crazies too." Twinge, 8/9/12 12:33 PM

That's the difference between Fed fans (sky, bonker) and Fed bots (chr18, torres9). lol


Conspirator , 8/9/12 2:01 PM

Every dog has his day? So I suppose the WTF win for Nadal is coming? Well nadline will be glad to hear it.

chr18 , 8/9/12 2:14 PM

The comment was about Murray beating Fed indoors. Nadal has never won WTF so his absence is irrelevant.
chr18 , 8/9/12 12:57 PM

Has Murray won the WTF?

nadline , 8/9/12 2:35 PM

They'd play on swiss cheese or lindt chocolate if they thought it would help Federer win.


Conspirator , 8/9/12 2:37 PM

Sadly, Roger's day for a singles olympic gold medal will never come.

nadline , 8/9/12 2:38 PM

After a pasting like that, it's obvious Muzz would have his first slam had the final been played outdoors.


Conspirator , 8/9/12 2:47 PM

Do I have to regurgitate my whole post so nadline can understand it? It was ed who pointed out that Murray beat Fed in 2008 TMC to which I retorted but Djoker won the final. Then out of nowhere nadline brought up the irrelevant fact that Nadal did not play that year to which I replied 'so what? he never wins WTF anyhow'. Get it now?

chr18 , 8/9/12 6:47 PM

The only thing the Olympics proved is that Murray can ball out when he plays to his potential. The main difference from 4 weeks previously was the pressure. At Wimbledon Murray was carrying the weight of a tennis nation's futility on his back and was unable to perform whereas Fed was sitting on 6 Wimbledons and 16 Slams. At the Olympics all the pressure was on Fed who said how much he wanted gold whereas Murray was just one of many British athletes in focus during an Olympic games so much less pressure for him. If you recall Fed had just turned the match in his favor when the rain came. Fed played better at Wimbledon and Murray played better at the Olympics. Simple.

chr18 , 8/9/12 6:55 PM

Lendl also told Andy that he would never again face the same pressure that he did at the Wimbledon final. Andy said that really helped him to relax in the semi and final.
Apart from that chr18 is quite right, Andy was just one of many during the Olympics. There was far more pressure on others eg Jessica Ennis "The Face of the Olympics."

deuce , 8/9/12 7:36 PM

Partly pressure, partly indoor/outdoor.

Yes, Fed made his move prior to the roof but there are many turning points in a five set slam final and without the roof, Murray could *possibly* have turned it back in his favour again but we will never know (other than the pasting he handed fed outdoors).

Just compare the last time fed lost outdoors vs indoors and one cannot ignore its influence. Fed can clinically pinpoint his serves and shots much better without environmental variables at play.

Conspirator , 8/9/12 7:57 PM

^^^ ...which helps explain why almost half of his points are from indoor tournaments. Maybe he worries about his hair in the wind (even though it has no effect).


Conspirator , 8/9/12 8:21 PM

If Fed fans think Fed tanked the match and hence lost, they are doing great isservice to Fed by insinuating he can tank a match when he is playing for hs country and he is not competitive and professional enough to give his best for such an important match

It is better to face a loss than be carrying a tag of lack of competitiveness and professionalism when playing or his country and himself too

sanju , 8/9/12 8:22 PM

Just for information....Nadal pulled out of Cincinnati..

chenna21 , 8/9/12 8:32 PM

Yaa ..

USO 2008, AO 2010 was indoor.


mani4Tennis , 8/9/12 9:16 PM

mani4Tennis, 8/9/12 9:16 PM
More fedbot shite


Conspirator , 8/9/12 9:55 PM

For those who haven't seen it. Gettin' Tiggy with it... ray-d-federer.html

or more concisely,

Great article as usual.

Conspirator , 8/9/12 10:05 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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