• Djokovic, Del Potro battle for bronze

    8/4/12 11:21 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Djokovic, Del Potro battle for bronze World No. 2 Novak Djokovic will be looking to win his second Olympic medal, as he takes the court against Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro. The players are set to contest their sixth career meeting early Sunday.

    Second seed Novak Djokovic holds a 4-1 series advantage over world No. 9 Juan Martin Del Potro. Sunday signals their first match on grass.

    Djokovic was eliminated from gold-medal contention after falling to world No. 4 Andy Murray in straight sets, 7-5, 7-5. The 25-year-old is seeking his second singles medal at the Olympic Games, having taken his first in 2008 (def. Blake).

    Del Potro narrowly missed a chance to play for a gold medal wait his three-set loss to world No. 1 Roger Federer. The 23-year-old Argentine fought for nearly four-and-a-half hours before the match concluded at 19-17 in the third set.

    Del Potro is bidding for his first Olympic medal on Sunday.

    Prediction: Djokovic in straight sets.

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Delpo wil win this. This a motivation match, and he will be desperate for that bronze.

Emiliano55 , 8/5/12 2:23 AM

Delpo wants it way more, but Djoker is probably too good

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 3:37 AM

Delpo played too long with fed and had a doubles match afterward.
I like Delpo very much but I like Novak a little more.

pennster , 8/5/12 4:17 AM

pennster, it doesn't matter whom you like. The man who plays better will win.

holdserve , 8/5/12 4:51 AM

Just hoping that Delpo wins this one. The guy needs this medal to boost up his morale.
But then, Djoko definitely is the fav. Nole to win in 3.

abhirf , 8/5/12 5:34 AM

Go Nole! Go get that Bronze!

deuce , 8/5/12 8:51 AM

I don't see how DelPo wants this medal way more. Nole wants it at the least, just as bad. So, we'll see. Nole is a tad bit better and much faster. But nothing is neither given nor granted.

Go, go Noleeeeeee! :)))))))))

danica , 8/5/12 1:15 PM

Hey, can somebody tell me how the 2 are playing at the moment. No telecast here.

abhirf , 8/5/12 1:54 PM

Rain stopped play, but by the looks of it, I think Nole will win. Delpo just doesn't have the shots, IMO.

nadline , 8/5/12 2:50 PM

Must be very honest and say I dislike when Novak has this body language and looks and talk to the skies. Really goes onto my nerves. Nevertheless, GO NOLE!!
Ugh, the first set goes to DelPo! With such attitude, Nole won't win the second one.

danica , 8/5/12 3:45 PM

Delpo very good, Nole bad so far

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 4:17 PM

Djokovic is back to per 2011 form. Was always going to happen

willmw101 , 8/5/12 4:32 PM

Pre 2011 I mean

willmw101 , 8/5/12 4:34 PM

Delpo wins in straight sets!

nadline , 8/5/12 4:35 PM

SO GREAT to see someone sobbing with joy over a bronze medal. That's the way it should be. Any Olympic medal is an AMAZING accomplishment.

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 4:38 PM

Watch out for DellBoy in big apple. He is a real threat there.

fedexal , 8/5/12 4:39 PM

Congrats Delpo! U deserved it man. Now show ur mettle in the USO series and the Indoor season.

abhirf , 8/5/12 4:45 PM

yeah, Delpo was incredible this week. Should have beat Federer. Watch out NYC.

RickyDimon , 8/5/12 5:05 PM

Well done and deserved Delpo...
Nole... without motivation...
Congrats to Huan.

zare , 8/5/12 5:25 PM

Glad del Potro got a medal. He deserved one after the match the other day.

chr18 , 8/5/12 5:32 PM

I am so very happy for Delpo - he so badly needed to win that. His joy at winning the bronze medal was wonderful to see. Gold, silver or bronze at the Olympics is a very treasured possession and not easy to come by.

Sorry for Nole fans - he will bounce back never fear.

schatz , 8/5/12 5:55 PM

pennster, it does 't matter whom you like. The man who plays better will win.

Holdline, then why do we have opinion forums? Do you live in China?

pennster , 8/5/12 6:57 PM

Delpo wil win this. This a motivation match, and he will be desperate for that bronze.
Emiliano55, 8/5/12 2:23 AM

So happy for Delpo, I knew he was taking this!

And yes, agreed with Ricky, every single medal is a REAL success. Federer wasn't that happy but he will eventually realize what he accomplished today with that silver along with the doubles gold in 4 years ago.

Emiliano55 , 8/5/12 7:04 PM

I'm so very, very happy for Juan Martin, he played his heart out and got rewarded. Congrats Juan! I wouldn't have minded if Fed had lost to Juan in their SF match. It might have been better that way, coz he had nothing left for today's match, and I don't like to see him losing so badly.

funny how there's so much ridiculous talk about the weak era. Well guys, we have been in the weak era beginning in 2010. Fed, as most say, is too old, and with nadal's knees shot, what competition is there at the top? It's only between two guys now.

During Fed's so-called weak era, there were at least 4 GS champions who could challenge him. In this era, who in 4-10 ranking spots has won a GS, except for JMDP?Some have not even won a Masters title. For example, Look at Hewitt, at age 31, the amount of trouble he gave Djokovic.And, what about Safin, Juan Carlos, hewitt and Roddick? All GS and MS title holders. So was Fed's era, which included Nadal the weak era, or is this the weak era, with only two guys who are in their prime?The guys in Fed's era had things a lot tougher. The points for tournaments and prize money have increased. No more 5 setters in a Master's final, not to mention the insane strings that are being used. All things considered, Fed's era was the stronger era, which is evidenced by the amount of 30+ y/o who are still kicking butt on the tour, e.g., Tommy Haas, and a few others.

If Fed can't win the USO, I hope JMDP does a repeat and adds to his slam count.

scoretracker , 8/5/12 7:58 PM

awww delpo's reaction was so cute !

vamosrafa , 8/5/12 8:04 PM

Fed benefitted from weak era and weak draws. Nadal entered his prime only in 2008. Yet he still could beat the so-called GOAT even when still developing his game. The pre prime Rafa even shot to no. 2 in 2005 with the so called GS winners around.
Hewitt and Roddick wouldn't have won a single slam in this era. Safin could have won one perhaps.
Fed would have won 10 or 11 in this era with the help of weak draws, maybe 7 or 8 with random draws.
Rafa is definitely better than Fed and not all the weak draws in favor of Fed can change this truth.

holdserve , 8/5/12 8:29 PM

Weak era, rigged draws, and delusional Fed fans = sum total of holdserve's discussions. LOL.

scoretracker , 8/5/12 8:35 PM

So Federer will retire without a singles olympic gold.

nadline , 8/5/12 8:50 PM

@nadline, 8:50pm, how do you know that for a certainty? You must be psychic, but I know it's what you're wishing for. Be careful, what you wish for as it could come back to bite. I wonder how the Djokovic fan who was wishing for Isner to beat Fed feels now that djokovic didn't even win a medal?

What you have stated is somewhat similar to saying nadal will retire before he's 30 and not win any more GS titles?

scoretracker , 8/5/12 9:05 PM

Vamos DelPo! Espectacular!

mara002 , 8/5/12 10:04 PM

Congratulations to DelPo, Argentina and his fans. He deserved the win and the medal, great job. He was so happy and that was great to see. I am proud Nole wasn't a sore looser, I saw his smile and sincere acknowledgment of who was the better and more deserving player.

Scoretracker, you are probably hinting at me?? Yes, I wished Roger was kicked out of the draw by Isner. Anything bad in that? I dislike Roger, can't stand the sight of him. Sorry. As for my feelings towards Nole's loss, I am totally calm. I am happy to see a nice man win it instead of him, and I am over the top happy regarding Andy winning gold. Nole is still a fantastic player who I enjoy watching and will continue to root for until he retires. He'll bounce back specially during the Asian swing where he doesn't defend almost anything. I wish he managed to defend his bronze, but it wasn't to be and that's ok because, that's sport, and that's life. You win some, you lose some.

danica , 8/5/12 11:37 PM

@danica, yes, I was hinting at you. WOW, you have some very strong feelings festering inside. Isn't that taking tennis to whole other level by saying you can't stand the sight of another human being, in this instance, Roger? I'll admit some of Novak's histrionics turns me off, e.g., chest thumping ,gamesmanship, and tapping his racket (patronizing) , especially when he's playing against a lower-ranked player, but other than that, I don't mind seeing him, coz he's not done anything to hurt me personally.

If I remember correctly, you were angry that Isner beat Janko, and made some strong statements. That said, do you hate Isner, or can't stand the sight of him also? BTW, for the little I know I don't think any player has to defend their medal win, coz they are playing for country not self. I could be wrong though. Tennis is probably the only sport where the individual players are awarded points, but those points are deducted the following year and is not defended. I personally feel tennis should not be played at the Olympics.

Agree, you win some, and lose some. I'm glad Roger got a medal which helps him to remain at No.1 for some additional weeks.

Novak will win more titles, he's just going through a phase that's all. They all do. Look at Serena.

scoretracker , 8/6/12 12:33 AM

Scoretracker, Serena nailed down double Olympic golds and her 14th Grand Slam after surviving surgery and an embolism. What in the sam hill are you talking about?

mara002 , 8/6/12 12:58 AM

So Federer will retire without a singles olympic gold.
nadline, 8/5/12 8:50 PM

So ? Does that make him inferior or something like that ? There was a lot of historic players that couldn't get the single gold since tennis was again introduced in Seoul 88. Becker, Edberg, Sampras, etc etc. At least he had the gold on doubles and now he finally got another one at singles. He can now sleep in peace I guess.

C'mon guys, he can't win it all. Nobody can, even if you are called the GOAT.

Emiliano55 , 8/6/12 1:01 AM

I'm saying Novak will rebound again. Serena went through a phase before her embolism when she lost to Stosur at the USO and then she lost some other tournaments. For a while it was a dry spell for Serena. That said, look at how much she's done since that time. Have you forgotten that USO debacle and all of the other stuff that happened which caused a media stir as to whether she is done?? go back in time and you'll get what I'm saying. All champions go through a bad spell. Novak won the AO and Miami this year.

scoretracker , 8/6/12 1:31 AM

You misunderstood me. I do not hate anyone. I indeed like John Isner quite a lot, he is a cutie, but I can't say I like that kind of tennis. After the match with Janko, I felt that it was a bit undeserved for him to walk off a winner. I think Janko is a better player who couldn't show his potential because he had an opponent who served out of this world in that match (not that good in a match with Federer).

As for my feelings towards Roger, there is something, I do not know what, that I don't like about him, and I don't like to see him on court. It is not his game, which is beautiful, it is something else or the lack of, that bothers me. I like players who are emotional and fun on court: Nole, Tsonga, Monfils, Safin... Roger strikes me as cold. My husband, on the other side, loves him. Even though all our family has Nole's Head racquets, he's the only one who chose Rogers Wilson ;). I would probably feel the same even if he was a much lesser player. So, there :)

danica , 8/6/12 2:03 AM


I do not think you hate anyone. It's unfortunate that you have to feel the need to defend what you said. We all say a lot of things on this site and unless some are copying and pasting our comments for future reference in detail, I don't see why anyone should have to be put in that position.

No one here is the be-all and end-all. We are just people sharing our opinions and feelings. We don't have to follow in lockstep or only say what some want to hear. We like who we like, don't like who we don't like and that's the way it is.

I have read your posts and know that you are not a hater. Many people want to see other players lose in competition. It's only human nature. That doesn't make you a bad person. I know where you were coming from and your reaction to Nole's loss to Delpo today is proof of that.

Nativenewyorker , 8/6/12 2:11 AM

@danica: fair enough about Fed. Everyone has something they dislike about the players. I stated my dislikes pertaining to Novak. I guess the statement you can't stand the sight of him, meaning Roger, is what prompted me to ask if you the question.

The two of us are having a pleasant discussion, however, I see a third just cannot resist the urge to send some darts my way. This is the reason I don't discuss much with anyone on this site, coz this is the umpteenth time I've had this type of intervention, which I feel is unwarranted, and is tantamolunt to plain old jealolusy. However, this is not a relection on me but the one who is inervening. It certainly runs to script. You don't need a defender IMO, coz you can speak for yourself, which you are doing very well, hence, there is no need for someone else to intervene.

Anyway, thanks for your time and enjoy the upcoming tournaments, Toronto, Cincy and the USO.

scoretracker , 8/6/12 4:19 AM

Oh so sorry! I didn't know that some discussions are privileged on this site. I thought that this was an open site in which all could participate.

Not referencing me by name, doesn't in any way make your comment less obvious. It's not the first time that I have been chastised for daring to join in a conversation between you and someone else.

Of course, when you are guilty of exactly the same thing, then no one can tell you not to speak your mind. Different rules for different people? I think not. No reason to take my comment so personally. I just wanted to give danica some support for being a reasonable poster on this forum.

Nativenewyorker , 8/6/12 5:22 AM

So Federer will retire without a singles olympic gold.
nadline, 8/5/12 8:50 PM

"So? Does that make him inferior or something like that?" @Emiliano55 , 8/6/12 1:01 AM

Ummm? Yes it does make him inferior.

There was a lot of historic players that couldn't get the single gold since tennis was again introduced in Seoul 88. Becker, Edberg, Sampras, etc etc. At least he had the gold on doubles and now he finally got another one at singles. He can now sleep in peace I guess.
C'mon guys, he can't win it all. Nobody can, even if you are called the GOAT.
Emiliano55 , 8/6/12 1:01 AM

Except that none of these players have ever been called GOAT by their fans. All of a sudden, an olympic silver will take on some importance................ no one ever talked about silver before. I think Fish didn't bother to come this time becuse he's already got silver.

nadline , 8/6/12 8:28 AM


what asshole.

Roger Federer is already getting old and weak.

Still, He is No.1 player again?



tennisnba , 8/6/12 9:21 AM

holdserve say "Fed benefitted from weak era and weak draws." lol

your prejudice is interesting. I wish, Del potro. Isner. Hewitt. Roddick etc. It is in Nadal's draw. It is the easiest draw you say.

Anyway, Nadal's draw is always easy.

US opening in which Nadal won the victory. SF was Youzhny

What joke

tennisnba , 8/6/12 9:42 AM

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