• Federer standing between Murray and Wimbledon title

    7/7/12 4:26 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer standing between Murray and Wimbledon title For the first time in his career, Andy Murray is one win away from the Wimbledon title. On the other side of the net in Sunday's final is six-time champion Roger Federer.

    Rarely has there been this much on the line in a single tennis match.

    If Roger Federer wins Sunday afternoon's Wimbledon final, he will regain the No. 1 ranking in the world and tie Pete Sampras with a record seven titles at the All-England Club. Should Andy Murray prevail, he would become the first British man to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry way back in 1936. It would also be Murray's first career Grand Slam title.

    The two competitors have faced each other on 15 previous occasions, but not once on anything other than hard courts. Although Federer has won two in a row (including earlier this year in Dubai), Murray still leads the head-to-head series 8-7. Federer cruised through both of their major final matchups, at the U.S. Open in 2008 and the Australian Open in 2010.

    Neither man was favored to be in this position when the fortnight began, and both have been forced to battle hard at various stages in the tournament.

    Federer rolled over Albert Ramos and Fabio Fognini before things got interesting. The 30-year-old Swiss stormed back from two sets down to beat Julien Benneteau then took a medical timeout for a back issue and dropped a set to Xavier Malisse. Federer raised his level in the quarters and semis, taking out Mikhail Youzhny in straight sets and defending champ Novak Djokovic in four.

    Murray was dealt arguably the toughest draw of every contender, but he avoided Milos Raonic in the fourth round and has not yet been extended to five sets. The fourth-ranked Scot booked his spot in the title match with victories over Nikolay Davydenko, Ivo Karlovic, Marcos Baghdatis, Marin Cilic, David Ferrer, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Four of Murray's matches went to four sets and the quarterfinal clash against Ferrer was especially high-quality.

    "It's a massive challenge to win against Roger in the final of a slam, at Wimbledon," Murray noted. "I hope that all of the crowd is with me. Like I say, I'll need all of their support. It's been great so far."

    "I've got a tough task ahead of me," assured Federer. "There's a lot on the line. Everybody knows what a hero (Sampras) is to me and how much I admire what he's been able to achieve in tennis. So I'm very proud to have a shot of equalling Pete."

    While Federer does have a lot to gain, the pressure is obviously almost all on Murray. The home hope is 0-9 lifetime in major final sets, having also been blown out by Djokovic in the 2011 Aussie title match. Murray must get off to a strong start in order to erase some of those demons, and if he does, this one should live up to the hype.

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RickyDimon , 7/7/12 4:31 AM

It's the dream match up, for sure, and I agree w/rick...most of the pressure on Andy....Fed in 3.

scoot , 7/7/12 5:10 AM

History is in the making here. You've mentioned all that's on the line so I won't repeat them. Goodluck to both guys, but I'm hoping for a Fed win. I only hope his back holds up. The ESPN commentators made mention that Fed's wearing a tee shirt under his tennis shirt, which is supposed to provide his back with warmth, and thus, prevent it from seizing up. Hopefully, his physio will do what's necessary to prevent spasms occurring and the whole gamut of problems that can ensue from a bad back. Go Fed!!

scoretracker , 7/7/12 5:16 AM

Andy fans better start praying for sunshine, lol in UK in July this year, as shut roof benefits Fed. Just off now to make a start...;)

deuce , 7/7/12 6:45 AM

Muray has done well to get this far! He'll need to do something extra in order to beat Federer.

1) Serve a high percentage first serves. The second one is weak and Federer will pounce on it.
2) Control the rallies. If Federer takes control of the rallie, He's just going to be bullied around.

Federer needs to play his typical grasscourt game to win. This is on a faster court and Andy got annihilated the last time they played on a faster court (Dubai). Fed in three or four.

Bonker , 7/7/12 7:44 AM

federer in 4 I don't expect it to be a good match but here's hoping....

rafakid , 7/7/12 9:02 AM

scoretracker, they are both liable to back spasms so that makes it a level playing field. I do think it's Murray's time this year and I shall be rooting for him. I'm sure that's what Rafa would want, because he thinks Muzza deserves a slam.

Muzz is a far beter player than Delpo so it would be great if he gets a slam as well.

C'mon Murray!

nadline , 7/7/12 9:38 AM

Heart wants Murray to win as he has been waiting for a slam since ages and theres no better place to do it than here, but it will 90% be Federer who will be the last man standing, though I think Murray will get a set off Fed here

sanju , 7/7/12 9:47 AM

nadline, not just Rafa but even Fed and Nole would be happy for Murray if he wins this title. They all have always mentioned that he's the best player not to win a slam.

abhirf , 7/7/12 9:55 AM

I however think match will not be of great quality as both will be under pressure. It could be an error strewn match with tons of UE just like the Djoko murray semi in AO 2012 or Djoko Murray Miami final

I think both have a lot on the line, however due to experiece and having been there many times earlier, Fed can deal with it far better, he knows how it is and what it takes and he has beaten Murray in 2 slam fnals before . It all depends on the conditioning Lendl does to Murray, he needs Lendl and his family pep talk the most here tomm.

Am eager to read their pre final pressers today, there could be some mind games that can get played by both sides:-)

sanju , 7/7/12 10:08 AM

Maybe for Murray, this is third time lucky for him(against Fed). I hope he can win this one, but Fed winning it and making history will be nice too. All the best to both, may the best man win on the day.

luckystar , 7/7/12 11:15 AM

The Muzza chap's been playing really well. The way he's serving and running down balls, the nervous fan in me thinks it might just be third time lucky, against Federer, for the Scot.

xrf , 7/7/12 11:17 AM

The question is not who most pressure is on - for several reasons, it must be federer - but who handles pressure best - unfortunately, that is also federer, by some distance.

Murray has already satisfied reasonable expectations plus a bit more, beating the world nos. 5 and 6 (both of whom have been playing the tennis of their lives), has taken British tennis to levels of achievement never experienced in most of our lifetimes by reaching the final - not to mention a fourth slam final - and is now against a higher seeded and higher ranked player who could be about to become World Number One for the longest number of weeks in history, a man who, according to Pat Cash, is at the moment playing even better tennis than he was at the height of his slam winning streak.
If murray can break another duck tomorrow and win one set, then I will say well done. That's further progress and, if Federer and Ferrer are playing their best tennis into their 30s, who says Muzz doesn't have another 5 years?
The most pleasing thing to me has been muzz's mental state. He hasn't imploded, even under incredible pressure by very good opponents, and has already calmly broken through a historic achievement barrier this week-end.
I like the way lendl has been sitting there completely calm and unstirred, by the way - exactly what Murray needs, like a lighthouse of stability in stormy seas, a safe guiding light.
Muzz has nothing to lose tomorrow, which is why I am quietly expecting him to go out there, maintain a positive focus, hold his own, control his serve, play aggressive, give as goos as he gets ... and not lose in less than four sets. If he can do that, he can hold his head high next week ... and start preparing for flushing meadows.

alex , 7/7/12 12:19 PM

There is a very strong omen which is pointing to Muzza. The last British Wimbledon Ladies' Champion is Virginia Wade who won it in 1977, the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. 2012 is the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so it might just happen for Murray.

I very much hope it does. Murray has worked so hard and it's great when hard work pays off. I also think that Murray is a much better player than Delpo, so it's a little bit of bad luck that he still doesn't have a slam and Delpo does. I feel very liberated that Rafa is out of the picture, because I would be rooting for him, but now I feel free to jump on the Muzza bandwagon.

nadline , 7/7/12 12:34 PM

sanju , 7/7/12 12:42 PM

sanju - thanks for posting that. I am sorry to hear that rafa's knees have been bothering him so badly. helps explain the rosol result, not that rosol wasn't playing brilliant tennis.

alex , 7/7/12 12:49 PM

alex - If Andy comes with the attitude of just winning a set, he will not even win a set.. I am sure Lendl will not condition him that way, he has to go into it assuming he can and will win..nothing else will do..only then can he have any chance as Roger isclearly the 80% fav here

sanju , 7/7/12 1:05 PM

I think Fed really served well against Nole.......Murray cannot affort any mental lapses against Federer. Murray needs to win the first set to stay in the contest as even at 30 Fed is the greatest front runner the game has seen .......But Murray is playing great as well ...Played a great QF against Ferrer......I have a feeling of a very well contested and competetive final.......

fedexal , 7/7/12 1:54 PM

I dont think the match is as straightforward as it looks to be. Murray has been great this Wimby. Fed will have to be at his best to win this match. To me the match looks evenly poised at the moment.

abhirf , 7/7/12 2:35 PM

Great win for Andy and to reach final, he must be happy about it.

Hope Roger will do it, Tsonga was erratic yesterday.

sabs , 7/7/12 2:52 PM

there is no reason to think Federer wont play well. After a bad first week he played great against Youzhny and Djokovic. This all comes down to Murray. If Murray steps it up we will have a great match. But I'm confident Fed will turn in a stellar performance.

RickyDimon , 7/7/12 3:34 PM

sanju - I have absolutely no doubt that muzz will arrive intending to win, just as he has every other time - even in his teens, muzz was never intimidated by fed, as the H2H demonstrates. And you're right about lendl too - no way will he settle for anything less than a winning mentality - his refusal to even stand up and cheer when muzz beat tsonga, showing that there's only one result tomorrow that he will settle for.
Coming away from tomorrow with at least a set having put up a strong fight, is what I would settle for - if muzz had my mentality, I wouldn't be surprised by bagles and breadsticks ;)

alex , 7/7/12 4:04 PM


Well said...Whoever thinks roger won't play good is wishful thinking.

mani4Tennis , 7/7/12 5:33 PM

And what was Youzny's record against Roger prior to this match?
I'm sure Roger will play well, am much more interested in how Andy's gonna play.

deuce , 7/7/12 5:44 PM


RickyDimon , 7/7/12 5:55 PM

Don't worry deuce, alex, twingey and all the Muzzafans..............with Rafa teleporting his best wishes (and a subtle threat: you better NOT mess this up, Muz..)....there can only be one outcome...............

Muzza flopping on his knees on the Wimby turf, blubbering like an out of control teenager in love, blowing kisses to the Realm, Queen Elizabeth preparing to be-knight the lad from, knowing Muzza, he'd probably say no thanks, prefer being just Andy!

rafaisthebest , 7/7/12 5:59 PM

@deuce, I watched Murray's match last night, and noticed some improvements in his match play., e.g., he'sendeavoring to end the points more quickly, thus avoiding long rallies. Also, his serve, especially 2nd serve, and FH are now more effective. He's also using the DTL BH more often instead of going CC. And, most of all, he is not showing anger when he makes an error. Thus, all in all, a much better MO.

scoretracker , 7/7/12 6:04 PM

Fed wants to break two records, so he'll give the upcoming match all he's got. Barring injury, I think we're in for one fire-cracker match. Go Fed and make us proud/happy!!

scoretracker , 7/7/12 6:06 PM

nadline , 7/7/12 6:13 PM

Rhetorical question Ricky.
scoretracker, yep all those things have been noted by us Murray maniacs. Andy always had the game, with a few tweaks, but not the mind set. Now we'll see :)

deuce , 7/7/12 6:26 PM

deuce - i know

expert picks - _expert_picks:_Federer_vs._Murray__

RickyDimon , 7/7/12 6:42 PM

It's hard to predict when you have a match with such HUGE historical things for tennis on the line. I don't expect a good quality tennis match, they will probably be SO tense out there.

The one how can manage better the pressure will be the man rising the trophy.

Emiliano55 , 7/7/12 7:20 PM

that was posted earlier nadline

rafakid , 7/7/12 7:51 PM

^^^I see. I'm just catching the odd few moments on TT today as I've got guests.

nadline , 7/7/12 7:59 PM

Being the second to post my comments in Ricky's blog I can't repeat because most posters hate to see that on the same site. This match up is very interesting between two of four best players among the mens' tennis of the era. Andy can make it happen and that will be a historic event to be cherished by all and i say all, including Roger because he is not yet done and can make his own history in some point of time in the near or distant future. Let us wait and how the plot unfolds. We want a seasaw battle though full of nerves, emotions, gamesmanship and guile.

newfangkc , 7/7/12 8:15 PM

anyone watching the dubs final?

RickyDimon , 7/7/12 8:16 PM

I am. Rained off at mo. Jonnie Marray is such a good player. Shame his singles career was wrecked by injury.

deuce , 7/7/12 8:28 PM

amazing sportsmanship by Marray, too

RickyDimon , 7/7/12 8:52 PM ch-federer-murray

very nicely written article

sanju , 7/7/12 9:49 PM

Few other great articles, I enjoyed reading them, hence posting links for people who have not read to have a chance to read don-2012-No-nonsense-Ivan-Lendl-just-Andy-Murray-needs.html

http:// urray-returns-final-preparations-Roger-Federer-looms.html

http://ww ray-I-play-perfect-final-Roger-Federer.html

sanju , 7/7/12 10:14 PM

ASTONISHING Marray and Neilson did it! A wild card pair who've hardly played together win the men's doubles. Last Brit was in 1930 something.
Must be an omen folks ;)

deuce , 7/7/12 10:33 PM

It seems it will be raining all day tomorrow. Do you think the organizers will start the match with the roof already like they did on the Djoko-Fed match ?

Emiliano55 , 7/8/12 12:22 AM

Not long ago some people were saying the FED would never achieve #1 status again. To think in this manner was delusional, as it was considered "impossible". Furthermore they would add: "Any sane, or rational mind would know this". Reality bites hard for some people. the FED is on the verge of repeating #1 status. No one is considered delusional now, nor is it any longer considered impossible. I wish Andy good luck tomorrow, but if the FED can achieve #1 status, equal Pete's 6 Wimbledon, and beat Pete's 286 weeks as #1 in the process, I'm all for it. I would consider this WIN Greater than Murray winning his first Grand Slam, even if it were at Wimbledon. This is my perspective, but then of course it's easy for me to say, I'm not the one playing tennis tomorrow. I'm not Murray nor the FED. Enjoy your tennis. C'MON FED!

sky , 7/8/12 3:43 AM


You are really very genuine fan of Federer. I remember countless threads with hundreds of nasty comment about roger but most of them had a first wishing comment from you.

mani4Tennis , 7/8/12 6:39 AM

I am on vacation and so have been spending no time on the net. Wishing all Murray fans the best today.

chlorostoma , 7/8/12 7:07 AM

Andy should watch the finals of 2007, 2008 and 2009 to get a better idea of how to play against Fed at Wimbledon. Rafa and Roddick both served well in those finals. I was watching the 2007 final yesterday and noticed that Rafa was doing quite a bit of attacking at the net. At one point he was 11/14 at the net, meaning he was winning many points when he moved to the net. One thing I noticed about Nole on grass, he wasn't moving well towards the net and he's not as effective or efficient at the net than both Rafa and Murray. I don't think Murray can beat Fed by staying at the baseline, moving forward and attacking and cut off some angles would help to contain Fed's first strike tennis. Easier said than done of course, just ask Roddick, and even Rafa would tell you that Fed is so hard to beat on grass, no?

luckystar , 7/8/12 8:03 AM

Andy, Andy, Andy...!!!

danica , 7/8/12 10:23 AM

........Not long ago some people were saying the FED would never achieve #1 status again. To think in this manner was delusional, as it was considered "impossible". Furthermore they would add: "Any sane, or rational mind would know this"..........

sky , 7/8/12 3:43 AM

Blue Clay!

nadline , 7/8/12 11:30 AM

Fed would take this one in three tight sets ......6--4 7-6 6-4 something of this sort.............

fedexal , 7/8/12 11:39 AM

Let's Go Andy, Let's Go! Come on! Win that first damn slam!

deuce , 7/8/12 12:05 PM

Andy, now you have wisdom & strategy from RAFA.
His call definitely would have helped you.

Now Kill federer for RAFA.

Go Andy

Lovemurray , 7/8/12 1:04 PM

Someone needs to tell the producers of my sports feed that this Wimby is not about Rafa anymore................they have been prefacing each Wimby start day with the Rafa-Rosol match!! Clearly they did not get the memo..........

Vamos Muzza!!

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 2:36 PM

Lovemurray..where did you hear Rafa called Andy? I thought he just wrote a blog

sanju , 7/8/12 2:37 PM

Deucy: Is there still room behind the sofa if I bring some cakes?

ed251137 , 7/8/12 3:50 PM

How about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ed251137 , 7/8/12 4:07 PM

And first one for Andy... Brave game... GO ANDY!!!
Just think... tomorrow you will own United kingdom!!!

zare , 7/8/12 4:08 PM

1st set Murray.

nadline , 7/8/12 4:08 PM


zare , 7/8/12 4:10 PM

Andy is taken to deuce in almost every service game and has too many BP on his serve..hes done great saving them

Feds service games in comparison are a breeze

FEds backhand is really holding well today ad glorious, errors seem more from FH

sanju , 7/8/12 4:25 PM

huge opportunity squandered at 2-2, 15-40 with an easy pass on his racket

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 4:33 PM

Fed got out of jail there with sum great play..Andy taking it to him

sanju , 7/8/12 4:33 PM

Murrays lobs are pathetic today..tats only part of his game that sucks today..And yes he can have higher first serve %

sanju , 7/8/12 4:38 PM

andy is playing really well hope he wins, but fed has alreadu commited 16 UE in the first set, he had only 9 to show against nole for the entire match.....

akd2011 , 7/8/12 4:42 PM

C'mon Andy, go, go, gooooo!!! :)))

danica , 7/8/12 4:45 PM

Sir Shankalot's in the house!!

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 4:47 PM

2 more BPs squandered

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 4:49 PM

Andy will rue those missed 4 BP chances..4 on Feds serve and 2 at 5-4....crucial BPs not converted

sanju , 7/8/12 4:49 PM

federer blowing hot and cold ...

akd2011 , 7/8/12 4:51 PM

Federer playing horrible tennis right now i dont think he can win it unless he plays a lot better

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 4:54 PM

Federer playing good on big points. Playing mediocre on all other points.

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 4:56 PM

Federer breaks from no where and he will serve 1st in 3rd set

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 5:02 PM

Unbelievable point to win the set by Fed!!

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 5:03 PM

Andy will rue his 4 missed BP chances big time

sanju , 7/8/12 5:03 PM

What a game in that last game!!! ...last two points were out of this World!!!

zare , 7/8/12 5:03 PM

what a volley to take the 2nd set. Federer is still the one having a tougher time holding I would say. Murray not giving any cheap points to him like Djjokovic did - even has more winners than Federer I think.

Bharata , 7/8/12 5:03 PM

could be ballgame

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 5:04 PM

lucky has got both 1st n 2nd set scores bang on

To me its clear advantage Roger now..Murrays body language shows it

sanju , 7/8/12 5:06 PM

C'mon Britain, do a rain dance................Muzza needs a rain delay.............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 5:08 PM

Andy looks huffed n puffed..tired

sanju , 7/8/12 5:09 PM

here comes feds saviour the rain and the roof?

nirv02 , 7/8/12 5:10 PM

necessary hold

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 5:12 PM

Muzza's focus and concentration shot..........

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 5:13 PM

reign delay

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 5:18 PM

Must say that some of the line calls have been awful ......Unfortunately all against Federer

fedexal , 7/8/12 5:19 PM

umpiring was horrible even in the murray karlovic match

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 5:22 PM

Yes and some of them at very crucial points..But Fed has remained pretty calm....Awful is the word which describes umpiring ..........Just go thru Karlovic's interview, he says he never had been footfaulted that many times in this whole career.......Its pretty unfortunate ......

fedexal , 7/8/12 5:26 PM

line calling has been disastrous whole fortnight

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 5:27 PM

rain delay in a fed final, we've been here before

rafakid , 7/8/12 5:28 PM

That 2nd set felt like a smash 'n grab job by Fed...............that's how quick the momentum swung in the end.........

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 5:29 PM

Actually there is a difference when all the line calls go against a particular player........Nobody minds when they are evenly split.....Murray does not need challenges, he anyway has line judges with him.

fedexal , 7/8/12 5:32 PM

Murray is also a good indoor player. He has won some titles indoor, so no worries. I think this rain will help Murray too, as he looked lost out there after he lost the second set. The rain break will give him time to regroup, and his team will be around to give his some encouragement. He'll be fine after the rain, i think he'll win the third set and goes on to win the Championship.

Murray played better than Fed so far in this match. Fed was making so many more errors than Murray did. The second set was close, Murray was unfortunate in that last game, that he played one or two points badly allowing Fed to capitalize.

luckystar , 7/8/12 5:32 PM

Hmm ok they are closing the roof. The break will allow Lendl to refocus Murray on what was working and stop Fed's momentum.

Bharata , 7/8/12 5:33 PM

Murray does not need challenges, he anyway has line judges with him.

fedexal, 7/8/12 5:32 PM

Is this really necessary?

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 5:34 PM

@rafaisthebest, It feels bad when all the line calls are against a particular player.......So even if I have gone overboard with this comment, I must say that all the line calling is BIASED.......

fedexal , 7/8/12 5:38 PM

Line calling has been very poor in murray matches

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 5:39 PM

And Murray is good enough to make a match of this on his own . He does not require any external help.

fedexal , 7/8/12 5:40 PM

lets get on with this

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 5:44 PM

Roof is closed, its dead even at the moment . But Murray is not going to give it to Roger , Roger will have to earn it , played a great set point to win the second

fedexal , 7/8/12 5:45 PM

Am under sofa and not coming out. Rog superb now and again.
The good news: rain delay chance for Andy to re-group :)
The bad news: rain delay ensures roof closed, favours Fed :(

deuce , 7/8/12 5:50 PM

luckystar , 7/8/12 5:32 PM

Dont you think Fed can regroup? Break will favor fed and now he will be on demolition of ANdy

sabs , 7/8/12 5:50 PM

Got to admit roof closure will favour Fed, he makes less errors wen roof closed

sanju , 7/8/12 5:52 PM

Now is the time to show your mental cojones, Muzza...................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 5:53 PM

Even as a Rafa fan, got to admit Roger has sum superb arsenal of shots in his kitty ad many of them wen he makes it look very beautiful..The shot at 30-15 was 1 such shot

sanju , 7/8/12 5:56 PM

40-0 to deuce..Rogers bachand returns doing damage

sanju , 7/8/12 6:05 PM

such nasty falls for Andy Murray

sanju , 7/8/12 6:07 PM

what was that so far out and called in

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 6:09 PM

Here we go again ...another poor call...lost count...

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:10 PM

way out

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 6:12 PM

Fed is simply imposing his will over Muzza, like an arm-wrestler.............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:14 PM

fed wins this game, he wins the match imo

rafakid , 7/8/12 6:16 PM

opposite from first 2 sets. Federer playing bad on big points but amazing in general.

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 6:17 PM

One thing I can bet on , Murray is not going to win too many challnges today.

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:20 PM

Muzza, this is where you show your champion's credentials.................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:20 PM

yes rafakid agree..that game was an energy sucker

Its GSM Fed doubt about that

sanju , 7/8/12 6:21 PM

Fed has found like an extra gear and he is literally toying with Murray

sanju , 7/8/12 6:22 PM

Murray is too defensive at the moment.

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:23 PM

murray has slipped like 10 times

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 6:24 PM

Murray is silly enough to keep going to Fed'a backhand. His own forehand is so good today yet he's not making good use of it.

luckystar , 7/8/12 6:27 PM

lucky..your 3rd set prediction wrong (:-

sanju , 7/8/12 6:29 PM

@fedexal, yes there have been a lot of bad line calls but I do not think there has been a conspiracy to help Muzza....................maybe he has benefited from some of the bad calls, but so has Fed from the roof being closed, and so on and so on. I am sure we can find one aspect of the matches which has benefitted one player over another..........but in the end I do not think the integrity of the results have been compromised.................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:29 PM

Federer takes the set

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 6:30 PM

set Fed

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 6:31 PM

The roof closed really means hardly any UE from Fed, just see his game after roof is closed..its near to perfect

sanju , 7/8/12 6:32 PM

@rafaisthebest Can you remember one call that has gone against AndyM....Even all his challenges have been wrong ..

Regarding roof closed , they had no choice . When it rains they have to close the roof....Nobody controls weather , but you can control line calls .......

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:32 PM

Murray got broken when up 40-0 and that cost him the set

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 6:33 PM

Murray lost his serve from 40-0 against Karlovic as well.....He needs to tighten up.....

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:36 PM

Hope match goes to 5 just for that additional drama ..would be fun

sanju , 7/8/12 6:36 PM

@fedexal, so are you saying there has been a conspiracy to favour Andy? I agree that he has benefitted from some poor calls but I do not think this is the result of some backroom conspiracy to help him...................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:37 PM

The reason I brought up the roof example is to show that players benefit from unintended consequenses of officials' decisons, and bad line calls fall in that category...............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:40 PM

Well sanju, Murray has himself to blame. Like I said, he should be using his forehand more often. Fed's backhand is so solid today, Murray should know by now. Either he's too stubborn to change or he really can't change the way he played. Murray will win the fourth set, if he still wants to win this championship. His serve is the key here, just like Fed's is key to Fed.

Let's see what Murray is made of here. He lost the second set narrowly and it seemed to get to him. Well he has to remember that Rafa had his two sets lead wiped out yet he didn't give up and fought hard to win in the end. Anything is possible so never ever give up especially in a slam final.

luckystar , 7/8/12 6:40 PM

Fed saves break point

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 6:41 PM

There is no conpiracy but somehow always I have seen they go in favor of local hero.............Be it US or French or Brit.....

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:42 PM

Fed is using his FH DTL shots so well today to extract tons of errors from Murrays FH

sanju , 7/8/12 6:50 PM

this match is too similar to the semi with rafa last year. Murrar playing awesome in the first set and chances to push on in the second only to lose concentration and end up losing every set hereafter! I mean what can this guy do to hurt a Federer-indoor? Near impossible

rafakid , 7/8/12 6:50 PM

Fed looks all set to break here..This is it

Yes match is exactly similar to semi against Rafa last year

sanju , 7/8/12 6:51 PM

Mental fortitude is the difference between these two, imho...............

This is virtual championship point for Fed

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:52 PM

See what I mean sanju? Another backhand error, and another Fed's backhand winner!

luckystar , 7/8/12 6:53 PM

Done and dusted..that was it..

sanju , 7/8/12 6:53 PM

There is no conpiracy but somehow always I have seen they go in favor of local hero.............Be it US or French or Brit.....

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:42 PM

At least the spaniards are clay an' all.

nadline , 7/8/12 6:55 PM

yes lucky..he doesnt have a high topspin to go to Feds BH high and its not hurting Fed at all ..Feds backhand is on a song today and Murray is repeatedly playing to it today..surprising he doesnt realize it still

sanju , 7/8/12 6:56 PM

Bis miss by Murray at 15-30

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 6:57 PM

Yes, spainards never favor Rafa........Leave alone favor...they downgrade him.

fedexal , 7/8/12 6:58 PM

yes lucky..he doesnt have a high topspin to go to Feds BH high and its not hurting Fed at all ..Feds backhand is on a song today and Murray is repeatedly playing to it today..surprising he doesnt realize it still

sanju , 7/8/12 6:58 PM

An entire nation disappointed ..sad

sanju , 7/8/12 6:59 PM

At this stage I am moved to say there is only one guy whom Fed fears.................and that's Rafa. Everyone else he plays with virtual contempt out there..................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 6:59 PM

Had Fed won the first set , match would have been over in 3 sets....he is the greatest front runner in the game of sport.....He is the GOAT.

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:00 PM

Congrats to Roger. Too good. Maybe the best I've seen him play.

Commies Andy and Muzz fans. Hope he can get over this loss.




Conspirator , 7/8/12 7:00 PM

No RITB..add Djoko to the list but on HC only

sanju , 7/8/12 7:01 PM

sanju, it's the backhand that's having more problems to start with. Apparently Murray is still not there yet. Unlike Rafa, he doesn't have a solid weapon to give Fed trouble on grass. I hope he holds serve here and fights till the very end. There may still be a chance for a come back for him and he may force a fifth set. Come on Murray, fight!!

luckystar , 7/8/12 7:02 PM

Yes best Ive seen Fed play in a long long time after maybe AO2010..His Wimby 2012 semis n finals have shown breathtaking tennis

sanju , 7/8/12 7:03 PM

Oh, and almost forgot...


Conspirator , 7/8/12 7:03 PM

Fed had cupcake draw ...He had to beat just Nole and Murray to win Wimby....Where is holdserve ?

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:04 PM

16 slams had a nice ring to it...

But 17 is taking the biscuit, well done Rog. Almost 31 and playing like in his prime!

It's difficult to see if Rafa can ever accumulate that number of slams or anyone else for that matter


rafakid , 7/8/12 7:06 PM

No sanju, if you listen to Fed's comments after Nole beat him twice at USOpen, he did not sound cowed, as far as he was concerned it was a fluke that Nole won! And him beating Nole in a Slam like he just did only adds to his belief that he can beat Nole anytime........................he doesn't have that belief where Rafa is concerned that is why I am hesitant to add him to the list just yet......................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:07 PM

Roger and Rafa are jewels of the tennis ..We all are lucky that they are in the same era...Nole sure has added spice to their domination ....AndM, seems like still a long way to go.....

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:07 PM

Fed is gonna wrap it up on Muzza's serve...............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:09 PM

I think Roger fears Nole as well...Nole has won 5 times against him in GS and in 3 different GS......Nole sure must be in Roger's head ....

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:10 PM

here we go...

rafakid , 7/8/12 7:10 PM

Here it is..Fed to serve for the championship

sanju , 7/8/12 7:10 PM

Thank goodness Muzza held.............Let Fed do it on his own serve at least...........

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:11 PM

serving for history ,,,again :)

OnTheRise , 7/8/12 7:11 PM

And to be fair, it's hard to be modest when you can play like that. ;)

Conspirator , 7/8/12 7:11 PM

Murray played well and the match was very close, Murray HAS to rue his missed BP chances in 2nd set

sanju , 7/8/12 7:12 PM

@fedexal, the numbers say he should as you point out but I do not get that sense yet from Fed................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:13 PM

Murray has not got even one challenge correctly.....hehe ....Murray + line juges < Federer

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:14 PM

The master the huge forehand and the end of murrays hopes to win wimbledon

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 7:15 PM

I dont think Fed fears anyone apart from facing Rafa on Roland Garros.....

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:15 PM

Unbelievable................what was Muzza supposed to do? Fed was dialled in............chapeau!!

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:16 PM

Fed's parents are CLASS....Fed is GOAT......

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:17 PM

Federer becomes # 1 again

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 7:17 PM

Congratulations to Fed and his fans. Too good today.

deuce , 7/8/12 7:18 PM

Ricky dimon was right he picked Federer to win before the tournament and stuck to his pick not many people were giving Federer a chance

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 7:19 PM

Ricky who is your pick for USO?

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:20 PM

I agree with RITB. Fed doesn't 'fear' Nole and he still believes he can beat Nole on any surface as long as he plays his best tennis. In fact Fedal at their best are better than anyone else. Between Fedal, Fed is better on fast surface and Rafa on slower surfaces.

Oh Fed has done it! Congrats to Fed and his fans! What an achievement, seven Wimbledon now, equalling Sampras'. Also he'll be no.1 now until further notice, that means he's the all time leader in the no.of weeks as no.1. Oh and 17 slams! Truly amazing! Well done!

So Fedal have made history this year, at FO and at Wimbledon! Revival of Fedal! Fed's daughters look so adorable!

Sorry for Andy and his fans deuce, alex and twinge. It's not meant to be this time, maybe another time. Oh sorry for Nole too, that he has to relinquish his no.1 position.

Fed looks so happy out there. Well done!!

luckystar , 7/8/12 7:21 PM

I juts feel it was the mental side that separated these 2...............begs the question: how does Muzza overcome that deficit, and when? You could see Fed slowly imposing his will as the match went on................he had no fear at all, it's like he know that Muzza would cavew at some point.................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:21 PM

Oh man Murray crying..its really bad to see .....Murray surely will win a GS one day....Dont worry AndyM's fans ...he is getting closer as he says.....

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:24 PM

i dunno why i dislike Fed so much! i would have loved to have loved him but i just couldn't since the beginning.

Regardless of that ya can't help but smile when you see his Box and little kids! Give praise when it's due...he's number 1 for a reason! Brilliant 2 weeks even if the rounds were fairly easy for him he still had difficulties with Bennateu and such. i guess the masters tournie helped in madrid but they all had to play on blue clay.

I laugh when I say this will be Feds last hurray, who can rule this man out any longer? He keeps answering all his critics. I just hope the old man doesnt stay number 1 for too long ;)

Feel so so sorry for Andy. Keep the head up big man you'll be back

rafakid , 7/8/12 7:24 PM

Muzza's so sweet..............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:25 PM

7th ,17th and #1....

Congrats Fans.....

Commies to Andy,he played his best and he is due

sabs , 7/8/12 7:25 PM

Congrats Fed fans! Roger really is Mr Super Cool! Number 7th Wimby and number 17! Andy didn`t shame himself in anyway, despite becoming dispondent in the third set he kept the heid, didn`t let his emotions get the better of him. Ive seen a big difference with his forehand in particular, his backhand needs working on though, it just didn`t hurt Fed at all today, overall I think he has matured as a player. So near but yet so far but in Andys own words he`s getting closer. Andy Im proud of you!!

mojo , 7/8/12 7:26 PM

Fed does not look surprised ...He believes so much in himself ....He is a genius...when he steps on court , he writes scripts which are unheard of .........stories which are unseen....Roger Rafa one last hurrah at USO....

fedexal , 7/8/12 7:28 PM

almost 31 year old Federer beat Djokovic and Murray in best of 5 set matches

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 7:28 PM

What to say but .........too good! Deserved champion on the day, well done Fed.

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:28 PM

epic Murray interview

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 7:30 PM

Yes! Yes! Yes! He did it. The Maestro wins. Congratulations ROGER! You made my day.
Andy, you played great. Dont worry. This GS title will be yours soon. You just got a step closer to it.

abhirf , 7/8/12 7:30 PM

I feel so sorry for Murray. The three guys who keep beating him in slam semis and finals all feel so sorry for him after beating him. He's in the wrong era, just like Tsonga, Berdych and the rest. Keep working hard Andy, one day you'll have that trophy in your hand! Never gives up, keeps trying.

luckystar , 7/8/12 7:30 PM

I think he's got the right coach in Lendl but I am still not convinced that his mental/emotional side during a match is being addressed.........................this, I feel, is what separates him from the other 3........................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:33 PM

Ricky Dimon you are real expert you picked Roger to win when no 1 was giving him a chance

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 7:34 PM

Well rafakid you echoed my thoughts regarding Fed and his family..his box esp his daughters look so cute and his family is very classy too..whether you cheer for his opponent , when you look at his box and his kids, u suddenly dont mind him winning :-)

That said Fed deserves his 17th and world No not let those 9 slam losses affect him and come back n win a 17th slam and take back No 1 is monumental..Congrats big time

Andy did great too..the 2nd set wasted BP chances costed him dearly..very close in AO 2012 semi and here too..jut needs to play big points better

Ahaa big smooch given by Roger to Mirka :-)

Im very curious to know how it plays from here for rest of year..first 3 slams split ..lets see who takes Olympics and USO..what do you guys think?

sanju , 7/8/12 7:39 PM

how does the wimbledon courts work now for the olympics? I guess they have perfect turf ready to be relaid?

@fedexal I would love a rafa - Roger USOpen Final. It simply has to happen! Then Fedal will have done the lot. 2 great careers

rafakid , 7/8/12 7:40 PM

Hopefully murray wouldnt disappear after this defeat he disappeared for months after losing the Australian open Final 2010 and 2011

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 7:42 PM

exactly sanju you have to simply smile! I think i've gotten over Fed winning FINALLY :) greatest grass courter along with big Pete who I loved and Rafa greatest clay courter along with Borg. What a fantastic year for tennis thus far. Its had everything. With Nole going for 4 in a row too.

Now for the Olympics, USopen, World Tours


rafakid , 7/8/12 7:45 PM

feeling so bad for muzza.. hope he continues to play well the way he did today, i have no doubt that he ll win a slam one day(coming from a nole fan)

akd2011 , 7/8/12 7:50 PM

Kudos to Fed for muting his celebrations..............showed respect to Muzza............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 7:50 PM

Actually RITB, I feel what Murray lacks is the quick decision making on the tennis court. Sometimes I feel that he chooses the wrong shot, and sometimes he doesn't change his game plan quick enough. It's obvious he's not going to hurt Fed today by playing to Fed's backhand, yet he's stubbborn enough not to change things up and still insist on going there.

Fed is far more experienced and deep down he knows he can weather the storm. To me, the only guy who can match Fed in terms of big match experience is Rafa, and that's also due to Rafa having been playing in so many finals against Fed. IOW, Rafa has been trained and becomes very experienced all because of Fed. Nole seems to have caught up too and is playing well in big matches too. Maybe having to play against three great players so often will help Murray too going forward.

OK time for sleep and I'll take my leave; let the Fed fans enjoy this historic win of Fed.

luckystar , 7/8/12 7:55 PM

Great emotion from Murray, he has to carry all that weight on his shoulders.

Ricky is not to be doubted again with his picks..

Bharata , 7/8/12 7:56 PM

*does the dance*
Allez! Congratulations Roger! And fans!
They'll be sowing pre-germinated seeds. So should be alright for the olympics.

xrf , 7/8/12 7:56 PM

Actually RITB, I feel what Murray lacks is the quick decision making on the tennis court. Sometimes I feel that he chooses the wrong shot, and sometimes he doesn't change his game plan quick enough.

luckystar, 7/8/12 7:55 PM

Agree............but isn't this a manifestation of mental weakness?

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 8:01 PM

Ricky you were right!

RITB @ 7.33pm,You are right about Llendl being the best coach for Andy, if he can`t get Andy over the last hurdle then I don`t think anyone can. Emotionally I don`t feel he implodes the way he used to (the toys really were out the pram at times, lol!), Im confident Andy, Mr Llendl and the rest of the team will be addressing you say its what seperates him from the other three.

mojo , 7/8/12 8:01 PM

rafakid..well put..Fed the guy as u said Id too love to support n root for but cannot and I am sure its not bcoz of Fed..its more the hate that comes Rafas way by certain section of Feds fans..but one look at his family box and you suddenly dont mind him winning

sanju , 7/8/12 8:01 PM

How do people think will Olympics and USO play?

I too think a Rafa - Fed final at USO is a MUST before one of them hangs their careers

sanju , 7/8/12 8:04 PM

^^^just to be hoped Rafa is fit.

mojo , 7/8/12 8:07 PM

mojo, 7/8/12 8:01 PM

I agree Muzza has made tremendous progress but I guess I am very conscious of his age, time is not on his side, I want him to break through now! I think @lucky said it well............he does not appear to change tactics on court like the greats do, this for me is the last hurdle for him to overcome. He clearly had a game-plan: target Fed's backhand but Fed's backhand held up and he should have changed tactics then...............I guess that's what I mean by the mental side..........

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 8:12 PM

I'm gonna be biased here obviously with Rafa. This wimbledon loss must be killing him cus from listening to his interviews he knew this was a slam he could have and probably should have won. He said something like going out in the second round this early is worse than in the semis bcus you think you could have had chances to win (or something along those lines)

I think he'll be more eager than ever just to prove to himself he can win. The draw will have to be kind thou cus of the fast courts in NYC. He knows he doesnt want another Rosol coming at him with all angles.

Another factor is the extra weight on the racket this year. He wasnt prepared or use to the extra weight at the Aussie but still came out with a fantastic achievement. Then, as he said, after that "i had fantastic four months" HE dominated the clay swing only to be interrupted at Wimby

For those reasons I expect a great US from rafa and as mojo says if he is indeed fit I expect a strong olympics

Not many players could say they won 2 olympic gold medals in their career. If rafa does it it has to be one of the most remarkable tennis achievements ever accomplished. Even the old man would applaud ;)

rafakid , 7/8/12 8:18 PM

Am listening to Sky commentary and guess what they are talking about now: Rafa. And what are they saying, that his body is falling apart and he it is hard to see him equalling Fed's achievements and I am like..........please, can we just stop?

1. Today is about Fed and Muzza, what's Rafa got to do with it?
2. Stop comparing Fed's achievements to Rafa's! It's pointless and argumentative...
3. Even if Rafa hung up his rackets today..........11 Slams, an Olympic gold and countless other honours is nothing to be sniffed at.............

But who am i kidding? I expect the comparisons to drive the fans "conversations" relentlessly in days to come...................

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 8:30 PM

Also we saw the huge difference in Roger in first 2 sets and last 2 sets once the roof came on..what massive tennis in 3rd and 4th

He sure is the best indoors

I think surface wise, Rafa is undisputed best on clay, Roger is undisputed best indoors, very fast HC courts and on grass , Djoko maybe best on slow hard courts like AO, Miami today and its the 1 thats not into any of these 3 categories (USO, Montreal, Shanghai etc) thats up for grabs by anyone

sanju , 7/8/12 8:31 PM

Congratulation tennis fellows and every Roger Fan.
yes... it was inevitable.

OnTheRise , 7/8/12 8:33 PM

Rafa wont match Rogers 17..very difficult and this coming from his big lets just stop that discussion..its pointless ..14 looks realistic if his body holds up n that itself will be a huge remarkable achievement and atleast I will be very happy with him typing Pete and just hope out of those extra 3 , 2 come on non clay like USO, Wimby, AO

sanju , 7/8/12 8:34 PM

Federer: "This time I didn't try to picture myself with the trophy and believe. There was so much on the line"

Federer: "It will take me a long time to understand what I've achieved here today"

sanju , 7/8/12 8:38 PM

skysports ritb? don't mind them if that is who you're talking about. They'll do anything to take the loss away from murray. Everyone on that broadcasting panel are fed lovers.

And when Rog wins all of a sudden Rafa is finished. When Nole wins they question if Rafa has the answers to his game. When rafa wins out of the blue they are his biggest fans

There is no point argueing about the slams guys you're right. And yes if rafa threw away the racket tomorrow it would be a remarkable career.

And I'm off the opinion that allow a player could have more slams it doesn't mean he was a better player than the other guy. Rog is the most successful no doubt but everyones gonna have there points and comments as to whos the goat. But i hate getting into that never ending arguement

I know Rafa doesnt care if he gets to 17 for a fact

Just hoping for a speedy recovery and wishing to see rafas name on the back pages! It's the best feeling a fan can get when your hero wins. The fedfans will be on cloud 9

rafakid , 7/8/12 8:46 PM

Well Nadal is only 26 and I think his early loss and Federer's win will motivate him to new heights. I actually think he will catch Federer. He will surely win a few more French Opens and is a favourite at the AO. Everybody writes off the guy who lost...just like they wrote off Federer several times.

Strangely, Roddick, who lost in 5, and Tsonga, who beat Federer, did better against Fed than Murray. On grass hitting big can pay off.

I was most impressed with how Federer turned up the aggression through the 2nd set (even before the roof went up) and the roof allowed him to serve cleaner and he started to do damage with the forehand consistently. Have to applaud his volleying too which was not great earlier.

Bharata , 7/8/12 8:47 PM

Federer: "My twin girls have helped my game. I'm playing some of the best tennis of my life. Today is a dream come true for me & my family"

sanju , 7/8/12 8:47 PM

Monday?s Rankings:
1. 11075 Federer
2. 11000 Djokovic
3. 8905 Nadal
4. 7360 Murray

YTD Rankings
1. 7085 Federer
2. 6840 Djokovic
3. 6645 Nadal
4.3700 Murray

sanju , 7/8/12 8:50 PM

gotta feel for Pete today also. He would have thought all his records would have stood for years to come. Like Lavers grand slam records did.

10 years since he retired and Fed has equaled and passed pistol.

rafakid , 7/8/12 8:53 PM

Congratulations to all Fed fans here... The guy has done the unbelievable at the age of 30. Getting the #1 back is the biggest outcome of the few.I love him for being #1 more than being the winner today... !! :D

Andy M played a tough emotional match.. he criced in the end which was understandable.. he is a human afterall.. i almost cried when he said i am getting closer...awww.. !! :( I really wish Andy wins the USO even if he is playing Fed.

FED has proved his critics and nonbelievers wrong again.. i hav read users joking when eva the #1 prospect being discussed here.. on ur FACE.
sry for being a lil rude..Thanks to all Rafa fans who has congraulated Fed from their hearts.

Congo to Fed finally and his family His proud Father.. and aww the twins.. <3. Come on.

tomnjerry2 , 7/8/12 8:57 PM

I really at times feel ashamed that Roger fans like Bharata and Emiliano have more confidence in Rafa overtaking Roger than me..:-)

When Roger won AO2010 and reached 16, Rafa was at Roger is at 17 and Rafa at 11..he has narrowed gap from 10 to 6..we cant predict the future but his body is his biggest obstacle to me, not his capability..
Ill be happy with 14

Bharata. I think Rogers backhand and volleying was best seems he won 53 points at net today

sanju , 7/8/12 8:59 PM

Roger will mostly keep his No 1 till end of USO unless Novak takes Olympics Gold

Novak has like 3600 points to defend till USO, Roger has like 1100 odd and Rafa too like 1300

sanju , 7/8/12 9:06 PM

And a BIG congratulations to Ricky for being spot on with the winner.. DANG.

tomnjerry2 , 7/8/12 9:07 PM

Yea Ricky... what a prediction....Congrats!

zare , 7/8/12 9:19 PM

Ricky Dimon is a real expert

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 9:22 PM

This win goes out to all Fedfans who keeps on believing and ignoring all the bombardments from anti-Fed fans here.

We all know who Fed is: he's the best there is. What's funny is even at 16 Slams, there were questions about his achievements. 30+ and still beating the world. Not only did he win a Slam, he also holds the no.1 again.

Now a lot of these bitter Rafans and Nole fans are pretending to congratulate Fed when all year long, they have been calling him names. Saying this that. To people like NNY, luckystar. holdserve, willmw, nadline.. all i have to say is...


torres9 , 7/8/12 9:49 PM

"No sanju, if you listen to Fed's comments after Nole beat him twice at USOpen, he did not sound cowed, as far as he was concerned it was a fluke that Nole won! And him beating Nole in a Slam like he just did only adds to his belief that he can beat Nole anytime........................he doesn't have that belief where Rafa is concerned that is"

People have linked these 2 matches because of the way they ended, but Novak should have won that 2010 match in 3 or 4 sets, he almost screwed that match up on his own. That said, I agree w/you that Federer doesn't fear Novak coming into a match, but I think that has a lot to do w/ a personal animous and a lack of respect he has toward Novak. It's Novak who sometimes, even in victory, seems to -doubt himself and is insecure in flashes(just brief flashes). But that doesn't mean that Federer can't and hasn't been be rattled during the matches. You can bet all players reap that benefit of recent or overall domination ( Malisse and Benneteau). It doesn't really matter, Federer was dismissive and disrespectful of Rafa until he just looked foolish.

I really kinda checked out of this after Rafa went out, because I wanted I Rafa/Novak final, but I do feel for Murray. Murray just couldn't make the necessary adjustments during the match and got tentative on breakpoints. It just seemed liek he couldn't htink clearly, he succumbed to pressure. Someone, (sanuj?) posted up thread that you couldn't root against Federer after looking at his family in the box. Andy's family loves his just as much and have suffered 3 prior losses in major finals so I had no trouble rooting against Federer.

Quinn , 7/8/12 9:52 PM

i TRIED to tell everyone and nobody would listen

3 for 3 so far in slams. will be 4 for 4 after the US Open, do doubt.

RickyDimon , 7/8/12 9:53 PM

Rafaisthebest @8.12pm. Yep Andy should have changed tactics, its as if he doesn`t have a plan B, think he still lacks confidence when it comes to decision making.
Bring on London 2012!

mojo , 7/8/12 10:01 PM

17th SLAM!!!

Most weeks as no.1!!!

Name: Roger Federer
Occupation: Best Tennis Player Ever

torres9 , 7/8/12 10:04 PM

Yeah Ricky , Andy has to beat most probably Roger federer in S/F at USO.Its difficult but not impossible.
Last years S/F defeat against Djokovic still rankles Federer.He will go all out to erase the memories of USO 2011.

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 10:11 PM

Thanks Sanju for the volleying statis.

Well it's easy to cheer for a guy who's winning all the time. It can be addictive. Hats off to the real Murray fans (and long-time Djokovic fans also had to wait until their guy achieved greatness) because its tough to take these losses and come back.

The post 2008 Fed certainly is not the guy who wins all the time - there have been despairing losses particularly US Open 2009 final vs Del Potro, US 2010/11 SF and the FO 2011 final where I thought Fed finally had a small chance of beating Nadal on clay. This is Fed's first Slam in what, 9 attempts?

Anyway should enjoy it while it lasts...if it's his last, than it's fitting it's in Wimbledon, though I hope he has another US Open in him.

Bharata , 7/8/12 10:54 PM

I think we can safely call Wimbledon in indoor Slam now................what with the British weather and all......and as long as this is the case, expert Fed to be a serious contender because he simply is peerless in lab conditions...............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 11:00 PM

Sanju u r genious in number crunching.................How did u arrive at the exact ranking points.Plz work out what Federer needs to do to retain No.1 ranking till Wimbledon 2012.286 + 52+ 338 weeks as no.1 will be FANTABULOUS.............

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 11:13 PM

Federer really deserves his # 1 position let me add 1 more point Federer has won on every surface this year and big events at that the only other player to win on all surfaces this year is Ferrer but he hasnt won anything big. Federer has won Indian Wells masters on hard courts Madrid masters on clay(blue clay) and Wimbledon on grass also remember that Federer dominated the indoor season last year. Nadal and Djokovic have only won on 1 surface this year Nadal winning 3 titles on clay and Djokovic winning 2 titles on hard courts. So conclusion is that Federer deserves his # 1 ranking

tennis2011 , 7/9/12 12:33 AM

I was at a wedding today so i missed the match! Heartbreak! I'm going to watch the highlights and i'm so proud of Fed, i always believed he could win another slam. Getting back to world no 1 at his age being 31 next month with Novak, Murray and Rafa around is truly astonishing. 17, 7th and no1! His records keep growing and growing and now he really is the GOAT. He is not finished, he has a great chance to win at USO. Long live the king!

brothdog , 7/9/12 1:03 AM

Ricky..what was your prediction for USO? Fed or Murray right?

sanju , 7/9/12 6:01 AM

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 11:00 PM

Some chaps are still bu**!!!

KMA , 7/9/12 6:33 AM

Congrats to Ricky for his pick.

Even though I am not a Fed fan I have to admit that he played fantastic tennis - all areas of his game were working on the day and he hit some fabulous winners. You Fed fans must be very pleased and proud of your man.

So very sorry for Andy and his loyal fans - he did you proud even in defeat and will hopefully come back stronger after this.

schatz , 7/9/12 12:54 PM

"Now a lot of these bitter Rafans and Nole fans are pretending to congratulate Fed when all year long, they have been calling him names. Saying this that. To people like NNY, luckystar. holdserve, willmw, nadline.. all i have to say is...

torres9, 7/8/12 9:49 PM"....

Torres... such sad fan.
Pretending or not... Rafans and Nole's fans DID congratulate!
I will wait to see your congratulation when Nole take back his No1...
Lat 8 matches... 6:2 for Nole... don't forget...
Why can't you just enjoy in great achievement of you idol... look at sky... all joy and happiness... not disrespect and bitterness like you...

zare , 7/9/12 2:04 PM

Zare, don't forget, it's 17:6 Slams...

Go sleep, boy. And the next no.1 is probably gonna be Rafa. Djoko's 5 minutes of fame is up LOL....


torres9 , 7/9/12 2:16 PM

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 11:00 PM

Some chaps are still bu**!!!

KMA, 7/9/12 6:33 AM

Oooooh, we Rafans can't be such a bad lot then.............making you so happy, no? You slapping us around with profanity an' all..................


rafaisthebest , 7/9/12 2:22 PM

Zare, don't forget, it's 17:6 Slams...

Go sleep, boy. And the next no.1 is probably gonna be Rafa. Djoko's 5 minutes of fame is up LOL....

, 7/9/12 2:16 PM

When did Nole when his 6th Slam ?

fedexal , 7/9/12 2:27 PM

Nevermind fedexal...torres knows sh1t about tennis...
2 and half years he was waiting to gloat... poor lost soul...
"Nole's 5 min".... hehe... was one year consecutive No1.... and it will be again in few weeks :)
Remind me to gloat when next time Mr."I have idiot fan" loose...

zare , 7/9/12 5:14 PM

I think from now till EOY..Rafa has least points to defend, I think he has just around 1600 points in my opinion..Roger has roughly around 3750 odd and Nole has also around 4000 yes Roger did great to surpass Pete to take over total no of years at No 1, but for year end No 1, based on above future points to defend, its a 3 way proper race..which makes it very exciting to be frank..Any of the 3 has a legitimate chance to be Year end No 1

Ofcourse Ricky (who loves to showcase hes always right..hehe) has predicted Nole to be year end No 1.

sanju , 7/9/12 5:52 PM

the battle for the year end number 1 will be close. Whoever wins the US open will have a very good chance of doing so.

tj600 , 7/10/12 10:06 AM

tj600, um no, don't think Andy will be close....;)

deuce , 7/10/12 10:12 AM

^^^lol. it would be very nice for andy if he did win it though.

tj600 , 7/10/12 10:42 AM

This time around Murray will be my second choice if TMF can't turn back the clock again.

chr18 , 7/10/12 2:43 PM the Fedfans have already trotted out the excuse should Fed not recapture his Wimby form............his age..............and novak? He's not allowed to be ill.................

rafaisthebest , 7/10/12 2:59 PM

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