• Federer battles Malisse for Wimbledon quarterfinal spot

    7/1/12 7:13 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer battles Malisse for Wimbledon quarterfinal spot Roger Federer is back on the court for fourth-round action on Monday after surviving Julien Benneteau in five sets. Next up for Federer is fellow veteran Xavier Malisse.

    Roger Federer and Xavier Malisse will be squaring off for 11th time in their careers when they do battle in the Wimbledon fourth round on Monday.

    Federer is dominating the head-to-head series 9-1 and he has won nine in a row after dropping their first career meeting in a Davis Cup clash back in 1999. The Swiss won their only grass-court encounter at the All-England Club in 2001 with a 6-3, 7-5, 3-6, 4-6, 6-3 victory. They most recently faced each other last spring in Madrid, where Federer rolled 6-4, 6-3.

    Even though Federer is a six-time champion, it seems like Wimbledon will give Malisse his best chance--albeit a very slim one. The 31-year-old Belgian reached the semis in 2002 and he finds himself in the fourth round for a second straight season. Malisse opened at Wimbledon with straight-set wins over Marinko Matosevic and Gilles Simon then got past Fernando Verdasco in five on Friday.

    Federer also won a five-setter, storming back from two sets down to overcome Julien Benneteau. The world No. 3 preceded that with far more routine scalps of Albert Ramos and Fabio Fognini. Federer is 42-6 for his 2012 campaign, which includes four titles.

    Malisse is too good of a grass-court player to get blown out in this one, but Federer is coming off a major scare and will want to take care of business in easier fashion. Look for Federer to advance in straight sets, with at least two being competitive.

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Federer had two things in his favour: having been there before, as he said, he expected greatness in distress (to accomplish it is another matter); and Benneteau, who has known Federer since they were 12, was aware of it as well ? he was more vulnerable to the Federer aura than the next generation which sees him differently, less reverentially.
Xavier Malisse also comes in the same league as Julien and having known Federer for long...........

hrsikesa , 7/1/12 8:41 AM

I'm going out on a limb, but Malisse for the upset in 4 sets, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6. Federer is not looking too sharp on the grass, and a flat hitter like Malisse can do some serious damage if he catches fire. Which I'm afraid he will...

Topspin , 7/1/12 7:18 PM

I am going with 6-1.6-4,6-3 victory for fedex...

chenna21 , 7/1/12 7:23 PM

yes, like Goffin with posters of Fed in his bedroom, and like Benneteau begging for a signed shirt from Fed, Malisse will bow down too.

pennster , 7/1/12 9:13 PM

Malisse won't bow.... I hope that Rafa will be laughing 15 min... after Xavi sent Exfed to Swiss...

zare , 7/2/12 1:14 AM

Where is scoretracker and chr18? Why they're not posting on this thread? I see, they're busy quarreling with the Rafafans elsewhere! That goes to show they're more interested in harrassing the Rafa fans than supporting Fed! What a shame!

luckystar , 7/2/12 4:16 AM

Fed fans are the ones being harassed. It's mainly rafaisamess and closedeyes who have gone over the edge with this shocking defeat at the hands of a world #100. As for X-Man I said before the tournament I thought the old dogs could do well on grass. He has a chance but look for Fed to keep the psychotic Rafatards on edge.

chr18 , 7/2/12 4:44 AM

Fed should win this match, but nowadays it's not a sure thing with him. If we say he'll win, we'll be reading that we're arrogant, so it's best not to say more.

@luckystar, the next time I see you on a fed thread i'll ask you what are you doing on the Fed thread. You'd be obred out of your skull if there weren't any Fed fans to pick at, and you know it. immediately a Fed fan writes a post you're there looking to respond. henceforth i'll be reminding you to move to the Rafa thread and leave the Fed thread unjammed.

I wonder who paid you to be the TT investigator? If you weren't so busy looking to cause trouble, you'd see i posted on the murray thread. why aren't you posting about your darling Cilic? I hope Murray wins .

scoretracker , 7/2/12 5:07 AM

^^^ Are you two serious? I see all the filth poured out from your mouth and you're accusing the rafafans harassing you?? Just go back and read all those comments posted by the two of you! Hawkeye was merely retaliating in 'an eye for an eye' manner!

Unlike you two, I won't post filthy stuff on a tennis forum. I'll post about Fed here as I wish, criticism or whatever, certainly no filthy stuff from me! If scoretracker is going to harrass me here, I'll make a complain to Cheryl and see who has the last laugh!!

luckystar , 7/2/12 5:16 AM

Malisse beating Roger, no way, he seems a bit on heavy side (if I rem correctly) to last 5 physical sets..

Rogers key test is Novak and as I said earlier, Novak will die on the court to try and defeat Roger, he realizes he will lose the No 1 ranking if he loses his semi, you think he'll lose easily, no way. Nole was under biggest pressure in RG semi with all the Nole slam talk going on, he didn't crumble there, he wont here too. Infact Fed will be under more pressure in the semi with all talk of No 17 .

sanju , 7/2/12 6:11 AM

@luckystar, excuse me, I don't write filthy stuff. that's your friend RITB.

As for harassing you, woman, you're crazy. When did I do that? i don't even look in your direction, meaning I don't read your posts. in case you can't see night from day, you're the one who picked on me by criticizing my posts and talking about getting cheryl to clean up stuff.

Youj can continue to post whatever you like on Fed, coz you do that non-stop, but by the same token you shouldn't be upset when anyone talks about your sweet Rafa.

Go make your complaint to Cheryl. It's nothing you haven't done before. if cheryl is fair and looks at all the facts, she'll see whol started what. First, a few days ago, NNY, called me a troll. Then RITB posted her nonsense about me, and now you harassing me about my posts takikng up space.

Who gets the Last laugh? Oh, I see you're threatening me and want to get me banne? OK, . be my guest and complain, complain, complain. You've been doing that so long that you've earned the right to a speedy connection and reply. If Cheryl is fair, she'll look at it from both sides and then do what's right. For instance, on this thread, who is calling out to chr18 and myself. YOU. In essence, you're looking for a fight. Anyway, ENOUGH ALREADY, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE, GO WRITE YOU EMAIL.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 6:12 AM

Strange when did I always conplain about you scoretracker? Go check with Cheryl when did I ever complain and complain about you. Don't ever accuse me of something I didn't do! I've never came across a man as petty as you are. Now leave me alone too will you!

luckystar , 7/2/12 7:17 AM

Come on Roger!

xrf , 7/2/12 9:00 AM

scoretard is back! not to talk tennis in kilometric sentences but to inject venom against Rafa and his fans.

phoenix , 7/2/12 10:15 AM

I've read that Fed will not face anyone seeded under 30 till he might meet Nole! Someone say this ISN'T true, but if it is, sweet, sweet draw or what?
Also under the roof today while everyone else shivers in the cold and rain.

deuce , 7/2/12 10:44 AM

^^ Not true, Fed had his first match in Court1, where all other Top4 played in CC.

And seeding, Benneteau was under 30.
It is not Fed's fault that Isner and Tipsay lost early.

sabs , 7/2/12 11:09 AM

^^^ that's not at all true...he already faced 29th ranked julian beneatau in 3rd round and potential quarter final against 26th seed mikhail youzhny..

chenna21 , 7/2/12 11:10 AM

on first day itself ..fed had first match on court 1..nole is the defending champion..they have to honour he will be played on center court for sure.(don't know exactly as kvitova being a defending champ today schduled to play on court 1 ) is murray's turn for court1..

again for quarter finals ..i think murray and djoker may schduled for CC and fedex may be shifted to court no1.

chenna21 , 7/2/12 11:16 AM

@luckystar, excuse me, I don't write filthy stuff. that's your friend RITB. scoretracker, 7/2/12 6:12 AM

Oh my...........and I have not even posted on this thread until now, and I am being mentioned in posts here!

So sorry, @scoretracker, if you are haunted by my "ghost" just have to try thinking of other things.............honest, try.

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 11:37 AM

My bad NICE Fed fans, but still think it's a sweet, sweet draw. Today Mallisse, look at what some of the others are facing, not just Andy, poor Ferrer has drawn two short straws.
Then I think Fed might face Youzny or Istomin....oo er. Think Crashquet's on Nole's, Troicki and then him...another ooer!

deuce , 7/2/12 1:02 PM

I see Fed in straight (similar to 2009 french); then a five setter next round mostly against Youzhny (even Istomin will stretch him but Fed will win in 5); Djoker could be the big second upset by Troici although not expected- now that Nadal is out it may not happen as Fed gets no 1 as long as he does not play Novak in the final - so it could be left to him to determine that destiny and take it back now or Djoker getting out earlier to maybe Tsonga and Fed then revenge against Tsonga; I see Serena getting upset today or against Kvitova; I also see Del potro losing to Ferrer - and meeting Murray which Murray will win easy and Fed will have the 5 setter; against Cilic it may be a 5 setter but Murray will win; Baker for the upset in 5

MAGICJOHNSON76 , 7/2/12 1:05 PM

MAGIC so you think Troicki will upset Djoker............I always knew you were from another planet.

nadline , 7/2/12 2:10 PM

Regardless of my feelings about Fed, I like his Mom and Dad, they are a class act.......

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 2:17 PM

Federer is having an MTO, whatever next?

nadline , 7/2/12 2:35 PM

Who's serving next?

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 2:37 PM

I think Fed is not even 80% physically fit......That five setter seems to have taken toll on him..............

fedexal , 7/2/12 2:37 PM

So, lets hear it from Fedfans..................Fed took a medical timeout BEFORE Malisse's service game.........................was he trying stem Malisse's momentum, disrupt his service game maybe? That is all we have heard you complain about Rafa before..............

rafaisthebest, 7/2/12 2:44 PM

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 2:47 PM

Oh my :( he's not even moving.

OnTheRise , 7/2/12 2:49 PM

Fed has back problems!

anatolijs , 7/2/12 2:49 PM

Federer is playing using his brain not his body.

OnTheRise , 7/2/12 2:56 PM

Had it been any other tournament , Fed would have withrawn....That said Fed has played very intelligently.............

fedexal , 7/2/12 2:59 PM

Federer has taken the 1st set tie break 7-1 but can he win 2 more sets thats the big question

tennis2011 , 7/2/12 3:01 PM

Fed was realy lucky, xavier choked serving for the match, fed is moving acceptable forward but barely on sides

anatolijs , 7/2/12 3:01 PM

Yes, FEd's not even bending his back when he serves if you notice. He was lucky to escape that first set going down t he break. Federer would have withdrawn by now as fedexal says...

Bharata , 7/2/12 3:03 PM

play suspended.. Paul Annacone sweet enough to hold Roger's bag for him..

OnTheRise , 7/2/12 3:08 PM

play suspended

tennis2011 , 7/2/12 3:10 PM

Guys, whats happening out there? Cant watch the match due to a stupid power failure. Is Roger's condition really poor?

abhirf , 7/2/12 3:14 PM

Is Federer ailing? What going on?!!

Monalysa , 7/2/12 3:14 PM

Nadline - he might retire since he can barely move? Unless you think hes serving about 15mph slower for fun?

RITB - No, since he barely ever takes MTO's and just about never retires. It's quite clear from his service speed and hampered movement that he is really injured. Hopefully he can carry on!

Abhirf and Monalysa - Federer looked a bit uncomfortable for for most of the set then eventually took a medical time out. Came out serving about 15mph slower, got broken, somehow broke Malisse back then won the tiebreaker due to Malisse playing poorly. Now the match is suspended due to rain :).

rbennett , 7/2/12 3:23 PM

for those who missed it, it seems like a lower back issue, Federer was not bending down, especially on the volley and when stretching for the forehand.. He took a medical break after holding to make it 5-4, but when he came back he played pretty gingerly and lost the next 2 games. Then he seemed to play better, maybe the anti inflammatories kicked in, breaking Malisse and then I'd say Malisse played a very poor tiebreak and Federer got out of it...they don't seem to be closing the roof at the moment, things will be resuming...

Bharata , 7/2/12 3:25 PM

Yes, and it seems that Fed is facing some medical issues as Bharata mentions........And he is just not able to bend while serving as somebody mentions here ....His face tells he is in severe pain........

In a way not bad for Rafa that he gets some physical rest........Glad that he lost early ....For top3 , I guess its either a win or nothing ........They don't long for sfinals and finals at this stage of their career ...........

Must say tha

fedexal , 7/2/12 3:25 PM

Back problems for is suspended..that will give him break for 45 minutes..hopefully he recovers fully.

chenna21 , 7/2/12 3:26 PM

@rbennett, I believe you and I believe Roger is truly ailing! I have no problem with him taking an MTO at whatever point he feels like just upsets me that you guys do not have the same sympathy for Rafa's MTOs.................

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 3:29 PM

covers are off..players are back on court.

chenna21 , 7/2/12 3:29 PM

I think that fall on Friday in the match vs. benneteau must have hurt Fed's back. At the time he siad it was OK, but it was obvious he was in some sort of pain. I hope he can get through this match and have some deep tissue massage and ultrasound treatment. Go Fed!!!!

scoretracker , 7/2/12 3:31 PM

I didn't realize he was serving slower as well, that's a very bad sign. But it seems that they are going to close the roof now - they avoided it for about 15 minutes but no choice now. So that's a 30 minute break at least to see his trainer.

Bharata , 7/2/12 3:31 PM

And by the way, I take no pleasure from a player's injury, whatever player...........if someone is going to be beaten/going to win, I want it to be clean, with no asteriks and kind...............

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 3:32 PM

It's probably to do with the amount of MTO's Rafa takes and how he appears to be visually after a medical time out, it seems a bit hollow for him then to cover the court like a cheetah on speed. I think with Rafa alot of time he does hurt but maybe overreacts or thinks it is worse then it is, probably due to his concern and awareness of his long term knee problems and his congenital foot problem I think it was?

rbennett , 7/2/12 3:33 PM

ChennaIQ... They are not on court
You simply can't do something right, LOL!

zare , 7/2/12 3:36 PM

quick piece of info. :

Federer and Malisse are two of five men aged 30 or over in the fourth round, the others being Mardy Fish, David Ferrer and Mikhail Youzhny. The last time there were five thirty-somethings in the last 16 at Wimbledon was back in the sepia-tinged days of 1975

OnTheRise , 7/2/12 3:36 PM

Is it only raining on CC? Why is it raining on centre court and the other match is still ongoing?!

Monalysa , 7/2/12 3:38 PM

I hear you @rbennett, anyway, this is not about Rafa................I hope Roger can continue comfortably..................

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 3:40 PM

Well I am wrong; the players were told to go to separate rooms so I thought that meant the roof was closing. But in fact they are just waiting for the court to dry, perhaps - at least at the moment the roof is not closing, nor are the players warming up, b ut the court is not covered...

Bharata , 7/2/12 3:40 PM

ChennaIQ... They are not on court
You simply can't do something right, LOL!
zare, 7/2/12 3:36 PM

i am watching match online..they are saying covers are off ..players will be back on i thought that they are coming back and so i posted for information..

chenna21 , 7/2/12 3:44 PM

Ahh, such a bad thing to happen for Roger. I just hope he can recover quickly from it.

abhirf , 7/2/12 3:45 PM

Me too RITB :), nice talking to ya!

rbennett , 7/2/12 3:46 PM

On this day in 2001, seven-time Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras lost 7-6, 5-7, 6-4, 6-7, 7-5 to a young Swiss player named Roger Federer.....

OnTheRise , 7/2/12 3:48 PM

Finally, i get to watch the match. Players out on the court.

abhirf , 7/2/12 3:49 PM

How much time will organisators give to Fed?
All other games are on...

zare , 7/2/12 3:49 PM

My God! Roger is barely trying to move out there.

abhirf , 7/2/12 3:51 PM

Well, ignore my post about the roof closing above, play has resumed...although I can't see Fed getting through this if he serving speed is less than 110 mph, like rbennett said above that's 15 mph off the normal. That's a big slowdown at this level.

Bharata , 7/2/12 3:56 PM

Fed is really lucky to have Malisse today. With his back issue this should be almost over by now.

Emiliano55 , 7/2/12 4:05 PM

Can somebody explain how did Malisse got to 4th round?

OnTheRise , 7/2/12 4:07 PM

Fed is making up for his movement by his intelligent shot making. Hope he can get his movement till nxt match (if he wins today).

abhirf , 7/2/12 4:11 PM

How can somebody tell you how did Malisse get to the 4th round.? Even Malisse is not sure how he got to the fourth round....

fedexal , 7/2/12 4:12 PM

Finaly ...just got home... so I can watch...

zare , 7/2/12 4:24 PM

So...what injury are we talking about?
If you have ever played even one game... you would know that if you have back injury, you can jump at serve... look at Fed... His both legs are in the air while he is serving?
OK... I watched just two games... and I don't see that Fed has problems with moves?!?

zare , 7/2/12 4:28 PM

Things can change between now and whenever of course...............but I do not see how this Fed can beat Novak if they both get to the semis...............

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 4:29 PM

Wel...l this Xavi is joke!
He has break but Fed will close this in three!

zare , 7/2/12 4:31 PM

...and something is wrong with Fed... he is so slow...
Sorry for my doubts :(

zare , 7/2/12 4:33 PM

Exactly my feeling, Federer is winning because he is playing Malisse.............that's why I do not fancy his chances moving forward unless he makes a miraculous recovery.............

Btw.....Shriekapova's out.............

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 4:35 PM

... LOL.... Xavier is terrible today... he can be very good and aggressive player but today ... if he wins... that will be the joke!
OMG... what am I doing...? ALLEZ ROGEEEER!

zare , 7/2/12 4:38 PM

The longer this goes on, the more perilous it becomes for Roger...........

And there are the Olympics to come up............

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 4:39 PM

I think Fed should have put in more effort to close it out in 3. Playing more will only make it worse for him.

abhirf , 7/2/12 4:40 PM

The back issues seems to be back, break down in the fourh. I don't like the chances on Federer here. He seems to be really worried about it.

Emiliano55 , 7/2/12 4:45 PM

The question should be:how did Fed got to 4th round with a back injury?

phoenix , 7/2/12 4:45 PM

The answer is Benneteau was more injured.

zare , 7/2/12 4:47 PM

....and Fed broke... easy:)

zare , 7/2/12 4:57 PM

Malisse isn't trying at all???
Weird match!

zare , 7/2/12 4:59 PM

he keeps his quarterfinal record intact..not going places from here

nirv02 , 7/2/12 5:06 PM

Whoa, he won but did you see his face when walking off the court? What a shame, I was hoping for a good Djokovic-Fed match.

Emiliano55 , 7/2/12 5:07 PM

^^ EVen if FEderer managed to get past Youzhny (I think he'll beat Istomin eventually, but it's close) I agree an even slihgtly sub par FEd would be beaten in 3 or 4 by a healthy, pressure free Djokovic.. I think Troiki might steal a set though today, since he always plays Djokovic tough.

Bharata , 7/2/12 5:10 PM

Nice to see Fed pulling through, even when he's injured. Hoping for a speedy recovery, otherwise his chances of another title are slim. Come on Fed... wishing you all the best :-)

Bonker , 7/2/12 5:14 PM

Congrats Roger! Somehow got through the match. Hoping for a speedy recovery of his. Else it would be an unhappy ending for him.

abhirf , 7/2/12 5:34 PM

troicki will lose in 3 easy sets to djokovic

tennis2011 , 7/2/12 5:38 PM

Federer is closing in on the number 1 ranking.

stratocast51 , 7/2/12 5:45 PM

Federer says he played good tennis inspite of his back. Yes, he is still on course for the title and #1 - still some way to go though.

Rafa will end the year as #1. You heard it here first.

nadline , 7/2/12 5:55 PM

federer is looking dull and boring. too bad istomin lost, he could have powered through federer. youzhny has no chance. nooooooo way federer beats djokovic.

croc , 7/2/12 6:00 PM

nadline..any premonition/ curious to know why u saying it as u said u do get vibes about Rafa and his progress in a tourney

sanju , 7/2/12 6:03 PM

Not at the moment, sanju. No vibes yet just think it's not out of the question.

nadline , 7/2/12 6:07 PM

croc, Federer was always dull and boring.

nadline , 7/2/12 6:08 PM

Wow, nadline, that's a bold done with bold predictions, just want Rafa back fit and happy...................

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 6:09 PM

Youzhny has too much respect for Fed. I think Fed still will get to the semifinal here. F Mayer is playing some good tennis, I think he'll beat Gasquet here. He'll be a tricky opponent for Nole. If Nole reaches semifinal, I think he'll beat whoever he meets there. If it's Mayer who reaches the semifinal, then I think he'll lose to Fed (he respects Fed too much) or will fight hard against Youzhny and may even beat him. Still I think Nole will reach the final and meets Murray there.

luckystar , 7/2/12 6:11 PM

For Rafa to be No 1, he needs to win USO and also maybe 2 Masters and Nole/Fed need to underperform..its a tall ask

sanju , 7/2/12 6:14 PM

no way, federer looked mighty fine when he blasted nadal off the court last december. this tourney he is afraid to lose. so hopefully he will lose sooner than later.

croc , 7/2/12 6:18 PM

ritb, I just looking for the silver lining in the cloud whilst I'm still trying to come to terms with Rafa's loss. I know he says himself that it's not a tragedy, but it's close.

It is not impossible for Rafa to end the year as #1.

nadline , 7/2/12 6:26 PM

Roger Federer on his back injury "Yeah, I mean, I felt the back going the beginning of the first set, and then I played on it maybe three, four games. I asked for the trainer, the doctor to comeout to just talk about it. So I decided to have treatment inside.... [H]onestly I'm not too worried. I've had bad backs over the years. I've been around. They go as quick as they came."

abhirf , 7/2/12 6:29 PM

Hell be all fine, he has 2 days to rest

Nothing should stop a Fed-Nole semi

sanju , 7/2/12 6:38 PM

@sanju, yeah. But it would be worth only if both players are 100% fit physically.

abhirf , 7/2/12 6:45 PM

Bah. Bummer. The bad back's back.
This doesn't look any better than this year's FO.

xrf , 7/2/12 7:00 PM

abhi..but Roger knows his body best..he has said it will come n go as him..

I hope its a war in the Roger-Nole semi

sanju , 7/2/12 7:04 PM

32nd straight quarter appearance at majors.INSANE.

Fed sucks..The most amazing player to watch on the tour.... much more entertaining than Nand-ul-al...Come On.!!!

tomnjerry2 , 7/2/12 7:24 PM

^^^^ Fed rocks with this amazing streak... doesn't mean other sucks... we have seen other rock as much as well.. this guy... Entertaining / appealing is personal opinion... don't compare...

RMadhu , 7/2/12 9:01 PM me a favor pls???
Go somewhere and die slowly and painfully ...

zare , 7/2/12 9:24 PM

Of course Roger will say "the back will be okay" in the presser.
What do you expect from him, to come out and say "look, I'm in trouble, I may pull off" ? That will generate all the fans and directors to freak out and also will be a relief for his next rivals.

I honestly didn't like the face he had when he won this match. He might beat Youzhny but he surely won't be fit to face Djokovic. Too bad, really. I wanted to see a good match between these 2 on grass.

Emiliano55 , 7/2/12 9:58 PM

@ tomnjerry2 ,

Have not seen you here for some time.............where have you been? Welcome back!!!.........................from a fierce Rafa fan!!!

Monalysa , 7/2/12 10:01 PM

Besides he ALWAYS tends to have this "it's all ok" habit at his presser. Even if he is playing horrible tennis or if he is seriously injured he says always the same.... Something I find quite irritating from him.

Emiliano55 , 7/2/12 10:04 PM

Delighted fed got the win today, but clearly not himself. I'm worried Novak will stomp all over him if he is not 100% in the semi - final. He will beat Youzhny but Novak is a different level.

brothdog , 7/2/12 10:07 PM

Of course he's "fine." Sweet draw, match finished and lots of practise on Centre under the roof.
Meanwhile poor old Youzny battles it out in the rain on Court whatever.
Has Youzny ever played on Centre or under the roof. No? *surprised face.*

deuce , 7/2/12 11:16 PM

Tugnjerky is back (until punchbag lose and cry) and then run away and hide like slug.


(yawn, you too boring tugnjerky, I almost not reply. You need new material. Snooze)


hawkeye , 7/3/12 12:35 AM

Glad to see Fed made it to the QFs, back problems and all.

dunno why there's so much angst over him playing on CC. He is the No.3 seed, but technically the No. 2 ranked player, thus he is entitled to play on CC.

The only time lower ranked players get the nod for CC is if they are playing a top 4 player, other than that, they are relegated to the other courts. Serena has played only once on CC and has done a lot more than Youzhny at Wimbledon. Is this really about concern for Youz or is it coz Murray was placed on another court.?He's gotten his fair share of CC matches, as recent as Friday of last week, and he's the No. 4 seed. Fed is No. 3. Fed's draw is not as easy as people think, and he loves big hitters, as opposed to counter-punchers.

scoretracker , 7/3/12 3:52 AM

Fed has a joke of a draw this Wimbledon, thats the isnt what anyones making up.

Lets wait for Novak to take it to Fed..bring it on Novak..and Fed..cmon give us an entertaining semi

sanju , 7/3/12 5:56 AM

ouch ouch ouch...!!!! So Nadal fans now think they will call Fed boring and no one should oppose them.hypocrites.hypocrites.hypocrites.

Go die zare in Pacific ocean.slow andpainfully. LOL

tomnjerry2 , 7/3/12 6:08 AM

Monalysa.. ...nothing pleases me more than a Rafa loss in the Majors.So came to hav fun.But i did not really bash Rafa for loosing the match like YOU Nadal fans who are degrading Fed inspite him winning all the guys r so hell boring and predictable.

specially blindeye.who has nothing in his bag except getting punched by Rosol haha rofl

tomnjerry2 , 7/3/12 6:12 AM

...and i am in perennial heaven for the last 9 Majors that Fed LOST!

phoenix , 7/3/12 9:22 AM long as Fed is leading the GS tally am quite happy not winning and Rafa loosing.

Come on Andy this is your turn to lift one.

tomnjerry2 , 7/3/12 10:57 AM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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