• Nadal takes on Rosol in Wimbledon second round

    6/28/12 3:19 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Nadal takes on Rosol in Wimbledon second round Rafael Nadal takes the court at the All-England Club again on Thursday after taking care of Thomaz Bellucci in round one. Next up for Nadal is Lukas Rosol.

    Rafael Nadal's 2012 Wimbledon campaign got off to an inauspicious start when he lost the first four games to Thomaz Bellucci on Monday. However, the world No. 2 woke up with plenty of time to spare and sprinted past Bellucci 7-6(0), 6-2, 6-3.

    Nadal was shaky on grass in Halle, but that is nothing new in the immediate aftermath of French Open titles (seven in all). The Spaniard lost his second match at the warmup event to Philipp Kohlschreiber in straight sets. Still, more indicative of Nadal's form is that he is 42-5 this season and he has to be content with how he performed in his opener at the All-England Club.

    Next up for Nadal on Thursday is Lukas Rosol, whom he has never faced. The 6'5'' Czech defeated Ivan Dodig 6-4, 3-6, 7-6(0), 7-5 in the first round.

    At 26 years old, Rosol is in the midst of a breakout year on tour. He owns 12 of his 19 career ATP match victories during his 2012 campaign, including two at Queen's Club (over Victor Hanescu and Marcos Baghdatis). The world No. 100 also advanced to the third round in Miami.

    Rosol has a big serve so he can be dangerous on grass when he is putting in a high percentage of first deliveries. Nadal, though, will be sure to get off to a much faster start in this one so count on the two-time champ rolling in straight sets.

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Vamos Rafa!

luckystar , 6/28/12 9:13 AM

Vamos Rafa! Is it too much to ask not to give us a scare this time? :-)

phoenix , 6/28/12 9:31 AM

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/28/12 9:38 AM

Relax Rafafans.... He just gave us the 7th RG trophy.... but of course 3rd Wimbly is not bad... how come several people dislike this beautiful creature... Vamos Rafa, you are such an angel in my eyes....

tettylds , 6/28/12 10:01 AM

Good luck, Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 10:15 AM

top 4 in the semi's? I think so no problems here for Rafa.

brothdog , 6/28/12 10:42 AM

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 11:49 AM

Rafa is the 2nd best returner of all time, here is the top 10:

1. Coria
2. Nadal
3. Berasatequi
4. Ferrer
5. Murray
6. Arrese
7. Agassi
8. Volandri
9. Muster

Djokovic was 13th and the ?GOAT? was 44th. =9&s=0&y=0

nadline , 6/28/12 4:54 PM

That's interesting nadline - thanks.

schatz , 6/28/12 5:03 PM

Vamos Rafa!!!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 7:06 PM

This Rosol chap has a good serve...........

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 7:07 PM

Who are these jokers for commies....................Rosol given Rafa a scare........march on serve?

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 7:10 PM

^^^march should read match..........

Rafa dripping aces today!!!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 7:12 PM

Rafa's level has been much lower than feds and djokovics so far this wimbledon. I attribute that to the fact that it takes him a bit longer to adapt so hopefully he'll raise his level soon as this form against rosol is pretty terrible by nadal's standards.

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:25 PM

Why does rafa look so unsure of his footing?? Every wide ball he is running for he is taking about 3-4 mini steps, never see him do that...

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:36 PM

Nadal's draw is definitely the hardest now. Kolshreiber next, then brian baker whos on great form, then tsonga, then murray... toughest draw by far.

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:40 PM

rafa set point down... really poor play so far

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:42 PM

wow fastest rafa serve since us open 2010

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:44 PM

Kind of weird.......but Rafa is being saved by his serve.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 7:45 PM

worst he's hit his forehand all season

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:46 PM

7 aces already this set, thats insane

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:47 PM

finally rafa hits through his forehand

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:48 PM

Come of our Rafa - gets those skates on and do not stop until you whizz past that winning post.

Vamos & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 7:49 PM

this is truly awful from nadal... thought he'd be confident after the french.

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:53 PM

what is with nadal??!

willmw101 , 6/28/12 7:56 PM

hopefully the worst set of tennis nadal will play this wimbledon. Vamos, first set rafa

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:03 PM


Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/28/12 8:03 PM

oh good, the awful tennis continues from rafa. can't understand this... this is 2009 form

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:09 PM

Give Rafa a break guys...........geeze!!!..........if he wins this match then it just makes him more hardened!!! He will be more prepared for the later rounds!!!

You guys are comparing Rafa's form to Novak and Roger's and I dont think thats fair bcos they have not yet played anyone who has challenged them!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 8:29 PM

This Rosol guy is going for broke and he's catching Rafa on his off day. Rafa has to work doubly hard today if he wants to win. He's giving Rosol all the space and time to do what he wants. Rafa is not playing offensive tennis, he's merely reacting to Rosol's go for broke attacking game. I wonder how long Rosol could sustain this type of play.

luckystar , 6/28/12 8:30 PM

We will see!!

He is making Rafa earn this win! Rafa always has these type pf mathces in the early rounds at Wimby, its really nothing new!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 8:33 PM

No surprise to see Rafa playing like this on the first rounds. Really good for him we won that tiebreaker, otherwise this could have been the exception of the rule.

Emiliano55 , 6/28/12 8:36 PM

That's why Rafa doesn't want to run, the grass is simply too slippery. Fed, Nole and now Rafa all slipped and fell. I hope Rafa doesn't hurt his ankle, maybe he should make Rosol run instead.

luckystar , 6/28/12 8:39 PM

Neither djokovic nor federer would have dropped a set to rosol. worrying

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:41 PM

Don't think so, Rosol playing like this can trouble anyone. He's playing better than Karlovic IMO.

luckystar , 6/28/12 8:43 PM

Gosh 1 set all

Worrying times indeed

Lucky - Is Rafa playing that bad?

sanju , 6/28/12 8:45 PM

This is just like Petzschner in 2010.

cherylmurray , 6/28/12 8:48 PM

or haase

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:49 PM

Petzchner he came from 2 sets to 1 down

Haase I think 1 set all

Cheryl - Is Rafa playing that bad? Or Lukas playing that good?

sanju , 6/28/12 8:50 PM

and now a break down in the third... this could turn really bad

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:51 PM

Rosol is playing *pretty* well. Mostly, Rafa is just off today.

cherylmurray , 6/28/12 8:52 PM

Oh crap!!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 8:53 PM

and now a break down in the third... this could turn really bad

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:53 PM

This is not good................Rafa's not happy about something..................calm down Rafa, calm down......


rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 8:53 PM

rosol has been swinging his racket a lot as nadal is about to serve. Still doenst change the fact that nadal is playing abysmally. Think nadal is going out today. Massive shame

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:55 PM

rosol was doing that intentionally and has been warned by jake garner to stop it and now he has, pretty shady thing to do...

willmw101 , 6/28/12 8:58 PM

It's Rosol's's not Rafa's day, ah well.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 8:59 PM

Wow, Rafa getting the Karlovic treatment.
I saw Rosol play Cilic at Queens he was going for absolutely everything then, but lost. Rafa just needs to stay calm and I'm sure Rosol will burn himself out.
though meanwhile, phoenix et al, please feel free to borrow trusty old sofa ..;)

deuce , 6/28/12 8:59 PM

wow, rafa rather than waiting for his opponent to cross the net at change of ends, like he always does, walked straight through and bumped into rosol. Rafa is angry with him!!

willmw101 , 6/28/12 9:00 PM

So is he serving like crazy ? Or are his groundies too hot? have already given up? I am not able to see the match

Anyways what has to happen will happen..

sanju , 6/28/12 9:01 PM

I hope this is just in my nightmare. I cant understand it at all.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:02 PM

I don't know deucy, Rosol's looking pretty scary and I have a feeling Rafa's feeling a little sorry for himself right now..................awfully frustrating.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:02 PM

I agree with Cheryl. This reminds me so much of Petz. Rafa has been very frustrated and just can't get a handle on this guy.

I saw that changeover at net. Rafa is not happy!

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 9:02 PM

rafa is livid, he's going out for sure

willmw101 , 6/28/12 9:02 PM

If Rafa can serve that well in the first place, why doesn't he serve like that all the time and hold his serves? Why must he wait till he's a break down before serving like that?

This Rosol is playing one two punch tennis and is not giving Rafa any rhythm. Nownits 4-2 third set, i'm afraid if Rafa can't find a solution to Rosol's big serve, then Rafa may he gone from this tournament. Rosol is simply blowing Rafa off the court. Rafa has to play one two punch tennis here to hold his serve, he can't rely on his ground strokes to win points. He has to take chances on Rosol's serves to break back.

luckystar , 6/28/12 9:03 PM

I have not seen this guy as I cant see the match, but his photo on Wimby site looks scary :-)

sanju , 6/28/12 9:03 PM

rosol is also distracting rafa during rafael's service motion...moving in a strange way before rafa serves....rafa has complained about it to the umpire...he looks very very angry

vrael , 6/28/12 9:05 PM

If Rafa loses here his ranking goes to #3 or 4?

Monalysa , 6/28/12 9:07 PM

this is the worst i've ever seen nadal play on grass

willmw101 , 6/28/12 9:07 PM

Rafa needs to calm down and I hope Rosol's form drops.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:08 PM

Rafa has to be more aggressive when returning serves. I understand he stands further from the baseline to return Rosol's big serves but after that he should move forward and not allow Rosol to come to the net! Think Rafa!

luckystar , 6/28/12 9:08 PM

3 i think unless murray wins wimby

willmw101 , 6/28/12 9:09 PM

Come on my boy - get really angry and then sort him out like only you can.

schatz , 6/28/12 9:09 PM

rafa's done

willmw101 , 6/28/12 9:10 PM

Very strange match............I don't think Rafa's served this well since USOpen 2010 and yet he is losing!!!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:11 PM

Def not below 3..Murray is more than 3500 points behind Rafa I guess..max he can cover is 2400

sanju , 6/28/12 9:11 PM

Come on people! Don't lose faith in Rafa! Remember the 2010 Wimbledon when Rafa had to come back to win in five sets twice? He can do it!

I think this guy Rosol has no fear and came out ready to take it to Rafa. It's not like Rafa to show his annoyance. That just lets Rosol know that he is getting under his skin. I am sure that Rosol is trying to disrupt Rafa. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 9:12 PM

willmw101 - please become a fan of someone else - your totally negative comments are just uncalled for. Rafa is not a machine and you should know by now that you should never give up on Rafa until the very last point has been played.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 9:13 PM

It's official, I do not like Rosol.........................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:15 PM

willnw..Can you please shut your crap? If you can predict so well, please predict great things for yourself..just stop your bull on this site non are totally getting on everyones nerves..JUST STOP YOUR CRAP

sanju , 6/28/12 9:16 PM

The trouble is Rafa was playing this badly in 2010. What's the matter with him today. He is in the best form of his life and he is having so much trouble with Rosol.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/28/12 9:16 PM

nadal always plays crap in week 1 on grass its only because grass is much slower he manages to survive. Who says nadal is the 2nd coming of pete sampras on grass? nadal luckily has a very kind draw

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 9:18 PM

Its okay guys..just a match..wins and losses are part and parcel of the deal

Maybe now we can say, Ricky really saw something that neither of us did

sanju , 6/28/12 9:18 PM

Fight, Rafa, fight!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:18 PM

Seems to me Rafa is not adjusting his game that well on grass this year. He prefers staying at the baseline instead of moving forward. I think if it's Murray, he'll deal with this Rosol better.

Rafa is still doing the same thing this fourth set! Can't believe that. I hope he can hold serves and finally break this Rosol's serves!

luckystar , 6/28/12 9:19 PM

Why RITB? ... Coz he is playing well?
I don't know this guy but he is playng some fabulous shots!
Btw... I stll cannot believe that Rosol is going to win

zare , 6/28/12 9:19 PM

Corr. The trouble is Rafa wasn't playing this badly in 2010.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:19 PM

Rafa is doing it again... 81% shots behind baseline.

zare , 6/28/12 9:20 PM


phoenix , 6/28/12 9:21 PM

At least we are now sure that Wilimw is a Rafa hater.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:21 PM

2 reasons, zare:

1. He is beating my Rafa; and
2. He is playing God tennis out there.....

He didn't read the script? He is supposed to CAPITULATE to Rafa!!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:21 PM

Can't think Rosol can keep this phenominal play up, must be a reason why he is 100 in world, but Rafa does need to come off that baseline and start believing in himself.
Deep breathing Rafa fans and positive vibes, that's what Murray fans try to do in times of stress.

deuce , 6/28/12 9:22 PM

Rafa has forgotten maybe this is Wimby and RG is over long back

sanju , 6/28/12 9:22 PM

Ah... OK then...
No contra argument.....
FORZZA ITALIA...... 2:0......

zare , 6/28/12 9:23 PM

Rafa please colm down.

phoenix , 6/28/12 9:25 PM

Rosol is getting better instead of getting worse.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:25 PM

tennis2011, who says Rafa is the second coming of Sampras? Please stop accusing anyone of saying that. Rafa has an easy draw?? Not with this Rosol guy in R2! Oh come on, Fed is the one having easy draw, not Rafa!!

Rafa can win on fast grass as he did at Queens in 2008. He was playing his best grass court game then, unlike now. He's not playing well on grass this year, simple as that! Sad to say.

luckystar , 6/28/12 9:25 PM

Fed for sure must be very happy seeing Rafa so out of sorts..Same goes for Nole..pity they have to go through each other in semis to reap the benefit :-)

sanju , 6/28/12 9:26 PM

tennis2011 - nice comment and so worthy of you - I bet you are in your element right now. Enjoy it while you can because it does not happen very often. Let's see where you are when Rafa turns this around.

schatz , 6/28/12 9:28 PM

Rafa just cannot get a feel on Rosol's serve...............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:29 PM

Seems Rafa is holding his serves a lot easier now..........there's still lots of hope!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 9:29 PM

Rafa needs to break, I do not trust Rosol in a tie-breaker, his serve's too good....

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:31 PM

i am lost for words, cannot get over what is unfolding

heres hope

rafakid , 6/28/12 9:32 PM

Just heard, if Rafa wins this set they will close the roof and finish the match tonight.
How exciting!

deuce , 6/28/12 9:33 PM

sanju, don't bother about Fed or Nole, just concentrate on Rafa. Rafa needs all our support. He's fighting out there! Grass surface favors big servers and big hitters, and when they caught you on your off day, you're gone.

Like I said, Rafa needs to concentrate on holding serves and returns serves aggressively. He can't just stand at the baseline but must move forward. Vamos Rafa!

luckystar , 6/28/12 9:33 PM

Yes RITB TB is a shootout..its anybodys breaker and mostly with power servers..its big advantage to them

sanju , 6/28/12 9:33 PM

Well, if Rafa loses, have to just say too good..........Rosol is playing phenomenal tennis out there...................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:34 PM

Rafa should just see the match as a best of 3 now and take the next 2 sets.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/28/12 9:35 PM

And if Rosol wins, he goes out in the next round, like they almost ALWAYS do!!! there's nothing more irritating!!!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 9:37 PM

Break..Cmon..Go Rafa go

sanju , 6/28/12 9:39 PM

... And.... Rafa breaks!

zare , 6/28/12 9:39 PM

Now Hold Rafa..............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:39 PM

Come on our Rafa - you can do it. Rosol has nothing to lose and players do get inspired when they are playing Rafa as they know that it has to be extra special to beat him.

Sending all my most positive vibes to you Rafa.

Vamos & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 9:40 PM

Still not out of the woods yet, Rafa........


rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:42 PM

I hope Rafa breaks Lukas that he can start serving ahead in 5th

sanju , 6/28/12 9:43 PM

Rosol wants to much... To fast... and slowly loosing tha touch on shots...
Rafa is starting to look like... Well... like Rafa!

zare , 6/28/12 9:45 PM

Come on Rafa! You can do it!

Oh and for those who have rose-colored glasses, Rafa didn't look good at all in those two five set matches with Haase and Petz. He also wasn't serving nearly as well. They did the same thing as Rosol - came out banging aces all over the place, Rafa couldn't get a break and had to claw and fight for a victory.

Rafa struggled mightily in that first week of Wimbledon in 2010. We know he has trouble in the first week with the slippery, fast conditions. This is just what we would not have wanted for him - an unknown player with nothing to lose who came out playing on fire tennis, blasting aces all over the place.

Rafa also seems to not be anywhere near his best form. Just tough luck to get a guy like this so early. But he is a great problem solver.


Sending all positive vibes to our Rafa! He can do it!

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 9:46 PM

5th set shootout..................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:47 PM

Wow!! Vamos RAfa!!!

Sanju u got your wish......he starts serving in 5th!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 9:47 PM

Thanks for the words of support deuce - we are going to have to haul him over that winning line today. That Czech is not going to pass you - no way.

Vamos Rafa and get that 4th set for starters.

schatz , 6/28/12 9:48 PM

Go Rafa go

Run with have broken his serve twice now..Just run with the match now

sanju , 6/28/12 9:48 PM

Rosol is going to have nightmares about that Forehand in the 1st set TB.

abhirf , 6/28/12 9:49 PM

I think the players should be allowed to go and speak to their coaches just like in a rain delay.................oh they are going off, good..............Uncle Toni can give Rafa some advice.

Rafa's momentum blunted.................C'mon Rafa!


rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:50 PM

Has Rafa ever played Rosol before?!............thats also could be part of the just dont know WHAT to expect from these players!!!! It took Rafa two sets to figure him out!!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 9:51 PM

Just had a peak at tennis-x blog..............for a bunch of Rafa-haters they sure are talking a lot about him!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:52 PM

Rafa didn't look happy about roof pause... changing momentum and now this... but still he will cruise in decider...
Rosol had his chances... and missed them!

zare , 6/28/12 9:53 PM

There guys, told you...;) Break is a bit of a bummer for Rafa as he has the momentum going but I have gut feeling Rosol has shot his bolt.

deuce , 6/28/12 9:53 PM


phoenix , 6/28/12 9:53 PM

Rafa will be able to watch some of the match and see where he is going wrong. Uncle Toni will also have some ideas of what to do.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/28/12 9:54 PM

Rafa needs to concentrate on holding his serve, maybe he'll go to the practice courts and have a few hits.

Where is Wilimw? Gone to tennis-x I suppose.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:56 PM some of his match..Do they take like so long to get roof on?

Am unhappy about the momentum breaking..was it like so dark that they needed to get roof on? I thought good light for another 20-25 mns

sanju , 6/28/12 9:56 PM

Serving first is a good place to be in the 5th set - playing catch up can get those nerves going. Come on our Rafa - do not let him get his raquet anywhere near a break point.

Put up the Rafa WALL like only you can.

Vamos & God bless you.

schatz , 6/28/12 9:57 PM

People, I am totally fingernailless. Especially after Nadline posted the stuff on Rafa heading the stats on the return game, I was wondering what the hell was wrong with Rafa when Rosol was holding to love at will. But he certainly justified his top returning billing by those two breaks.
Wow. Lets hope he can snag an early break in the 5th. Else my roommate's nails are in danger

vmk1 , 6/28/12 9:57 PM

RIBT..........well clearly they dont hate Rafa.........when you hate someone you surely dont spend your time talking about them..................its all just venomous envy!!

Monalysa , 6/28/12 9:58 PM

sanju, 30-40 minutes to close the roof and regulate the temperature because it's grass.

nadline , 6/28/12 9:59 PM

Hopefully Rafa can make use of this 30 mins to regroup and think of how to win this match asap. Rosol can't sustain this level I feel; he can't go for broke for five sets and hope not to miss anything and win.

Yeah, it's bad luck for Rafa that he has to run into big servers and big hitters so soon in this tournament. He had Muller and Delpo last year, lost a set to Delpo. In 2010 he had Haase and Petz; in 2008 he had Gublis who took him to four sets; in 2007 he had Sod. My goodness, every year he's bound to run into one of these guys and pretty early during the tournament. He survived all these while to reach the finals and won two of them! I think that's just how things are for Rafa on grass, having to adjust the most within the shortest time that he had as he always plays in the last Sundays at the FOs.

luckystar , 6/28/12 10:00 PM

nadline..Just bury that willnw..He sure is totally irritating wth his non stop crap

For people who cannot watch the match and see wats going on, comments like his do lot of disservice

He may be a Rafa fan but he is filled with negativity and pessimism which is so bloody irritating..just keep it to yourself..stop pouring it on this site and giving others a headache

sanju , 6/28/12 10:00 PM

sanju, they wouldn't have been able to finish the match, that was the issue and better to have the break at the start of the set than halfway through.

deuce , 6/28/12 10:01 PM

vmk1, not only have I torn out my fingernails, I've given me hair the treatment too!!! Will be bald soon, just like my hero................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:01 PM

Is it only me, or do you guys also see that Rafa is hardly going for it on the backhand wing. Its mostly slices from that side. In fact, I was surprised when he went for DTL BH on set point. I was like, "That was a long time coming". Also thought he did not rip the backhand in R1. Is it a grass thing?

vmk1 , 6/28/12 10:02 PM

Well lucky, the break could also re-energise Rosol............OMG, he's in there with his coach, plotting to take Rafa down...................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:05 PM

RITB, no wonder Uncle Toni has a cap on. Imagine what all this must have done to him!

vmk1 , 6/28/12 10:05 PM

Hi vmk1 - nice to see you. How's your German going? Ich hoffe sehr gut :) My nerves are shot too and I have already had a stiff drink. I guess I shall have to make myself another one as this 5th set is going to be stressville for us all.

I hope your gut feeling is spot on Deuce.

It is a shame that the momentum that Rafa had in the 4th has been put on hold. I hope he comes out with his "super determined, you will not cross this line" hat on.

All positive vibes to Rafa please at the start of the 5th.

Vamos & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 10:05 PM

Oohh tha's a good idea schatzy, a stiff gin and tonic should help...........

They are back on court............


rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:08 PM

Guten Abend, Schatz. Ich hoffe, alles gut mit dirt ist :) . Ja, Kein Problem mit Deutsch aber viel zu lernen.

Yes but Rafa is a beast as far as 5 setters go. And I feel now that he has a feel for the Rosol serve, he should not have too much problems. His serve is working well too. So lets hope we can rejoice in another hour or so :D. Vaaaaaaamos

vmk1 , 6/28/12 10:10 PM

Oh No they are not, now I am seeing things.................mistook Fish and Ward for Rafa and brains gone.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:10 PM

I think that Uncle Toni will help Rafa to get this all sorted out. He did have the momentum, but they needed to close the roof to have the lights on. Much better to get this match done today and not have it postponed.

We don't know who this will favor. Rosol could get himself together, but Rafa will also have a chance to talk about tactics with Uncle Toni. He has evened up this match, he has been here before. He is not going to let this nobody get the win.

Rafa is a great champion and will get the job done.

As far as tennis-x, they are the absolute worst. I wouldn't peek in there for all the tea in China! They are Rafa haters, pure and simple. They want him out, so that Fed can win this title. Because as long as Rafa is there in the final, as I have been saying, Fed will not win!

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 10:12 PM

And also what about the roof. Does'nt this turn into an indoor match then. We all know Rafa's reputation indoors :(. Doh!

vmk1 , 6/28/12 10:13 PM

Whatever happens, our Rafa will give it his ALL!!! At least he didn't go out like a lamb in 4 sets.......................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:18 PM

This certainly is the forum for Rafa fans!! :D No matter how down you are feeling about Rafa, this place can cheer you up. I still remember the Vamos Rafa- No Matter What blog by Cheryl which is a perfect antidote for a bad Rafa loss :)

vmk1 , 6/28/12 10:21 PM

roof closed

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:21 PM

I just heard JMac say on espn2 that he talked with the chair umpire and Rafa was complaining about a strange noise that Rosol was making when Rafa was serving. It was like a weird breathing sound.

So this guy Rosol was trying to disrupt and distract Rafa. We know that Rafa doesn't get upset for no reason.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 10:22 PM

Don't worry, Rafa now knows how to play against this Rosol. He's not going to lose this one, especially when he can have a discussion with Uncle Toni during the break. Vamos Rafa, go win this for you and us asap!

luckystar , 6/28/12 10:23 PM

Think positive, vmk1, think positive...................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:23 PM

Karlovic says he was rubbed with 11 foot faults.

nadline , 6/28/12 10:23 PM

^^^^he should try wearing smaller size shoes then........

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:25 PM

Right I am ready with my bourbon and coke - ritb hope you have got a gin and tonic in your hand. Hopefully we will be toasting Rafa's win very soon.

Vamos & God bless our boy.

schatz , 6/28/12 10:26 PM

is the bump on YouTube yet?

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:27 PM

It's too early out here for me to drink. How am I going to get through this fifth set?

Come on Rafa, fgo out there and blow this guy off the court! If he tries to cheat by making sounds, just block it out!

Go get the win, Rafa! Make those haters on tennis-x even more unhappy!

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 10:28 PM

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/28/12 10:29 PM

Uncle Toni without his cap on...............well, either that's a wig he's got on or he's got nice hair thank you very much..............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:29 PM

45 minute delay total. play finally starting.

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:30 PM

net cord goes Rosol's way.

cherylmurray , 6/28/12 10:33 PM


RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:35 PM

Rafa comes and drops his serve..Holy cow!!!!

sanju , 6/28/12 10:36 PM

Well the stress levels just got even worse..Go Rafa Go..pray pray pray

sanju , 6/28/12 10:37 PM

Nadal is in great form

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 10:37 PM

Okay, I give up................I bow to you Rosol............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:38 PM

Havn't you got a little glass of wine that could help NNY?

You are right vmk1 - it has been great on here today. Collectively we are stronger and it is nice to have the support as you say. Even deuce is trying to help us - what a star.

How can Rafa not win with us all rooting for him and all those fans on centre court and around the world will be willing him to win.

Vamos sweetie.

schatz , 6/28/12 10:38 PM

how did Petzschner almost triple bagel this guy?

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:39 PM

Go Rafa go..break back..get out of jail

sanju , 6/28/12 10:40 PM

He better break right back then.

schatz , 6/28/12 10:40 PM

Has to break back right now..later in the set will get too difficult esp as he will be serving being behind

sanju , 6/28/12 10:42 PM

Don't you give up on Rafa just yet ritb - he will survive this. The break did not do Rafa any favours I think but he has enough time to get the momentum back.

schatz , 6/28/12 10:43 PM

Ricky dimon when did Petzschner do that?

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 10:44 PM

Cheating by nadal Rosol served an ace and nadal said i want ready you have to play to the pace of the server

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 10:46 PM

tennis2011, Rafa's losing, isn't that enough for you? Why can't you be happy about that since you hate him so much?

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:48 PM

Hopefully the centre court crowd will lift him now.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 10:49 PM

Lukas is running with his serves..

sanju , 6/28/12 10:50 PM

this guy is insane

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:51 PM

He is in the zone, sanju..............I am stunned.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 10:51 PM

What is disappointing is that this guy is a one hit wonder and will lose in the next round and the tournament loses rafa

isabeau77 , 6/28/12 10:52 PM

Petzschner almost 3Bed Rosol at this years Aussie Open

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:52 PM

still alive, BARELY

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 10:55 PM

Wokay, time for Rafa to do a Nole Houdini

vmk1 , 6/28/12 10:56 PM

Oh dear for Rafa! Poor soul!

luckystar , 6/28/12 10:57 PM

rafaisthebest i dont hate nadal i dont hate any player but he has to be ready when the served is ready

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 10:58 PM

Now Rosol serves for the match..............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:01 PM

he will choke

and lose one point.

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 11:01 PM

He better choke or better still Rafa will break him with his tennis.

schatz , 6/28/12 11:03 PM

Biggest upset and shocker

Anyways Congrats Lukas

sanju , 6/28/12 11:04 PM

Rafa's out.............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:04 PM

he has done it now this tournament is officially Djokovics to lose

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 11:05 PM

Rafa did his best and we did our best - you cannot ask for more than that.

Congrats to Rosol - he was the better man on the day.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 11:05 PM


Poor poor Rafa. After all the hard work he's done. What a shocker!

nadline , 6/28/12 11:05 PM

This is why I always say..never be so sure about anyone surely reaching the final and winning..The entire surity about Rafa winning French before 1st ball was struck was insane..same this Wimby for both Rafa and Fed..anything can happen on any day

Lukas deserved to win today and Rafa ..well shame he lost but then good luck for Olympics and the next slam

sanju , 6/28/12 11:06 PM

I am stunned.

As the commies said, Rafa was not good enough today and Rosol was unplayable. Simple as that.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:06 PM

worst upset after what soderling did at FO. this is rafas second best surface . federer and murray now have their chances.

nirv02 , 6/28/12 11:08 PM

I feel for Rafa very much but hope he will bounce back for the Olympics.

schatz , 6/28/12 11:08 PM

I had no access to TV, but Yahoo Sports was reporting that the score was 5-5 in the fifth. I was suspicious, so came here.

Very sorry for Rafa, but for those of us in the United States, much bigger news has been dominating the day.

Fanfan , 6/28/12 11:08 PM

Why what has been happening in the States fanfan?

schatz , 6/28/12 11:10 PM

Chin up, fellow Rafans. We just have had him treat us to French nummer 7. This too, shall pass

vmk1 , 6/28/12 11:11 PM

Rosol played unbelievably but Rafa was also not on his game for some reason. I hope Rafa bounces back from this shocker. It's tragic because he works so hard.

This year, Rosol has won 11 matches and lost 13. Incredible!

nadline , 6/28/12 11:12 PM

Congrats to Rosol...
Commies to Rafans.... I am stunned!!!

zare , 6/28/12 11:12 PM

How did this happen? Was totally unprepared for this. Okay, Rafa did not play well the first 3 sets but Rosol, I expected Rosol's level to drop but quite the opposite! He was serving bombs in the 5th set!

Well, this has been humbling indeed...................I think this will sting, this will sting badly....................

But that is sport. Now wait for the soderling parallels to be drawn....................

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:13 PM

Yesterday in an interview when they suggested to Rafa that he hadn't gone out before the final in 5 years, he said yes, but it will happen sometime.

nadline , 6/28/12 11:14 PM

Yes, vmk1, this too shall pass. The better player on the day won, we have to accept that.

Still does not change my opinion on Rosol..............he engaged in unsporting gamesmanship during the match to disrupt Rafa, not cool. Still, that is not the reason Rafa lost, he lost today because he was second best.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:16 PM

Well Rosol was serving and hitting like nobody's business, not missing anything. Yep the closing of the roof did help Rosol to regroup. I'm surprised Rafa still did the same thing when serving to begin the fifth set.

Anyway, Rafa is not playing well this short grass season. I still don't understand why he starts so slowly each set when clearly he can serve well enough to hold his own serves. I fear for Rafa, hope this won't be like his FO2009 or Wimbledon 2007.

No doubt Rosol serves and hit big but Rafa does have his chances but he just stays at the baseline and refuses to make any adjustments. What a serious blow this must be to his ego, I hope he does learn a lesson: next time please don't start so slowly, if unsure of his opponents, just come out and serve big and hit big. He clearly can do that when needed but chooses to go slow and now pays the price.

I'm sad for him, hope he can overcome all the bad feelings about this loss and moves forward. He's clearly a bit slow in his movements today and mistimed his shots, very usual of him especially in a slam.

luckystar , 6/28/12 11:18 PM

That's the way it goes sometimes nadline - look what happened to Gulbis. I am more devastated for Rafa because I know he will take it hard. However, he was beaten by someone who would have beaten anyone playing like that.

Wimby will be a sadder place without him that's for sure. I hope he goes home and enjoys some me time with his family and friends now.

Take care our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/28/12 11:21 PM

I just wanted to come on here and be with my fellow Rafa fans. This was a real shocker. Rafa didn't seem to have it today and this guy came out and played some great tennis. What bothers me is the crap that Rosol was doing during the match. I really dislike that sort of thing.

I feel bad for Rafa. I did not see this coming. We have to be strong together because now the haters will be out in full force. It won't be easy.

Rafa has to be disappointed with this bad loss. He prides himself on his record at Wimbledon. I just don't know why he came out playing so flat and not himself. He fought to tie it up and push it to a fifth set, but once he was broken right out of the gate he had to know it was over. All that guy had to do was hold his serve.

I really thought that Rafa would find a way to win this match. I can't lie. I am disappointed.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 11:21 PM

Rafa just had trouble hanging on to his serve and he just seemed unable to do anything about it. Rosol gained more and more confidence as the match went on. If Rafa had held on to his serve in the first set after breaking Rosol, Rosol may have lost some heart but even the tie-break was very close.

nadline , 6/28/12 11:22 PM

Yes the better guy on the day won, he was unplayable and he will never display such form again.
There is a reason he lost in the first round of qualifiers at Wimbledon 5 years in a row and why he is ranked in the 100's.

Didnt help that he had everything go his way. Closing of the roof was the last straw, they could have left it opened for another 30min by then the match would have been over and rafa who had the momentum probably would have won.

isabeau77 , 6/28/12 11:23 PM

So sorry all u lovely Rafa fans, grim :( Rosol was simply "in the zone" today. Too bad for Rafa.
Wonder if Rosol will now do a Gulbis? His shots have no margin for error and difficult to maintain that standard match after match.

deuce , 6/28/12 11:25 PM

We are all disppointed, and Rafa must be feeling even worse. I hope Uncle Tonis and co. cocoon him and help hem out of this. On the bright side, he is okay physically so he will be back. Today was not his day. I honestly cannot imagine what Rafa could have done to stop those bombs coming at him.

Has Rafa served this many aces in a match before? This was a crazy match............

Who the heck is Rosol?

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:26 PM

Once the roof came on to extend play - I thought this was over.

Rosol was serving bombs anyway and with the roof on, it just became an indoor court and Rafa could barely get his racket on the ball in Rosol's last 4 service games. The delay took all the momentum that Rafa had from winning the 4th set. Had they carried on he may have won the match.

Rafa simply has no one to blame but himself. The way he played, certainly for the 1st 3 ses was almost unforgiveable. His shots were so short, even by his standards, his ball striking was all over the place, making forehands everywhere. Ironically he served well bombing something like 19 aces which is almost unheard of for him, but it still wasn't enough.

However we all know that he is susceptible to this 'freak; type of defeat especially on the grass and hard courts. I don't believe this is a pivotal defeat in his career - I just put it simply down to a bad day at the office.

I agree with other comments - it is unfortunate as Rosol will probably get knocked out within the next two rounds and Rafa will probably destroy him next time they meet in the Masters. Make no mistake , this was an extreme one off performance fro m Rosol at best.

At least he'll have the points to gain next year, just such a disappointing result.

lebsta2 , 6/28/12 11:27 PM

He will lose his next match in straight sets! Guaranteed.

The man also needs to stop spitting, it's disgusting! Does he spit on the hard courts?

isabeau77 , 6/28/12 11:28 PM

Sadly, Rafa now goes down to #3.

nadline , 6/28/12 11:29 PM

It was an opponent on fire. Just like Soderling was in 2009. Everything he hit landed in. The law of averages says that you must miss as much as you land in when you go for broke. But today, it was a different story. I was amazed at the amount of shots that landed near the line.
But we have another GS and an Olympic event to go. I for one, feel that the French open victory drained him to a certain degree. One positive is that he does not have to bother with Nole in another GS. Tiime for him to regroup, refocus and come strong in the tournaments ahead to give us the kind of unbridled joy that only he can give.

In the mean while, we have Cheryl's Vamos Rafa- No matter what! Vamoos Indeed! And Murray this opens up the draw for you like nothing ever can. Deuce, I am joining you on the sofa starting saturday. Really want Muzza to take this now.

vmk1 , 6/28/12 11:29 PM

Rafa will bounce back never fear.......

Good night everyone and take care.

schatz , 6/28/12 11:30 PM

For some reason, this hurts but not as much as the FO Soderling win..............don't know why..................

Ah well, Muzza better win this now. He HAS to get to the finals now.............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:30 PM

I mean very unusual of him in a slam. He's slow to react today, and to lose his serves so easily when serving to begin the second and the fifth sets were unforgivable for a player of his calibre. He played well in the tie break and should have his chances had he held serves to force tiebreaks in the second and third sets. Overall not a good performance by Rafa hence he lost. He and his team should think of a better approach to his matches going forward.

The Olympics is on grass and best of three sets, there's even more chances for big hitters to blow anyone off the courts. Unless Rafa serves big and comes out all guns blazing, he'll have the same problems if he were to bump into a big hitter again. At least on the hard courts, Rafa can still run for his shots without fearing of slipping and falling, unlike on grass, so maybe Rafa can do better during the NA hard court season. I certainly hope Rafa can do so.

luckystar , 6/28/12 11:31 PM

Exactly RITB, you echo my feelings. This hurts but not as much.

vmk1 , 6/28/12 11:32 PM

Rosol's serve makes Isner, Karlovic and Raonic look like play school boys.

nadline , 6/28/12 11:32 PM

Bad luck RAFA! This is an absolute shocker. Though, Congrats to Rosol. He was clearly the better of the two. It was an off day for Rafa. He was unlucky that he ran into a player who was playing the tennis of his life. Let's see how far does Rosol goes.

abhirf , 6/28/12 11:36 PM

At times like this I really admire Fed, even on his least favorite clay he makes a deep run in the tournament. Anyway lets see what happens in the future. Murray, Djoko, Anybody but Federer,Rosol and Federer is the order in which I would like the tournament to play out

vmk1 , 6/28/12 11:36 PM

schatz, 6/28/12 11:30 PM

Thank you, schartzy!! You are a God-send with your soothing words, Rafa will bounce back for sure. It was just a bad day at the office for him..........

Good night all!!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 11:36 PM

Not only serve.... he had winners 99mph.... 99!
... Nole ... Fed... Andy... no one would do any better today...against this Rosol!

zare , 6/28/12 11:37 PM

That was incredible, who is this guy!? Rosol would have beaten anyone on that form, Novak, Muzza or indeed Federer, i watched every second waiting for him to choke.......never happened served it out like he hed been there 100 times. You have to take your hat off to Rosol for a performance like that.

brothdog , 6/28/12 11:37 PM

Rafa probably watched videos of this guy but because he has never played this well before, didn't expect what he got. The pace and flat trajectory of Rosol forehand and serve meant that rafa couldnt get a good handle on the ball, add the fact that the guy was swinging and not missing and playing one two tennis, rafa couldn't get into a rhythm.
The guy was unplayable and unfortunately rafa was in the way.

Strange enough during Roland Garros I dreamt that Rafa was sent packing early on grass against Raonic, so the entire tournament, I was dreading the match up, which never came about, even though my dream had rafa losing on grass, I assumed it related to Roland Garros, because of the timing of which I dreamt it.

Little did I know that, it would come to fruition and that Rafa would lose early against someone very similar to Raonic. ( I guess i dreamt of Raonic becaue I had never seen Rosol, but the threat and type of play is the same).
Goodness me

isabeau77 , 6/28/12 11:38 PM

Oh my!!!!
What was THAT?! I took my kids out not even bothering to check the score when we came back. Some time later I was told of the result. I immediately checked who Roger and Nole play next: Benneteau and Stepanek. Who knows?! There may be more surprises yet.

Anyways, obviously Rosol played out of this world so, congratulations to him. Let see how he fares in the next round.

danica , 6/28/12 11:39 PM

Puts Roger's QF/SF streak in perspective.

DanyalRasool , 6/28/12 11:39 PM

The last time Rafa lost like this, Fed got his first FO.
This could be Murray's year! Something tells me it will be.

isabeau77 , 6/28/12 11:43 PM

Federer big 7 and world No1.

brothdog , 6/28/12 11:48 PM

I don't think Rafa has no chance of winning this match. Rafa has himself to blame for losing serve in the second and the fifth sets. He was serving 19 aces during the match! His problem is he always starts slow at the beginning of a set. Just imagine him serving like he did to hold serves during the sets, he might push Rosol to tiebreaks after tiebreaks.

I believe Fed, Nole and Murray would be able to beat this Rosol, in four or five sets, as they don't make the same mistakes like Rafa does. They're all standing closer to the baseline on grass and so they're alot quicker to get to Rosol's shots and may thus prevent Rosol from coming forward to the net. I think the 2008/2010 Rafa can do the job too; too bad this 2012 Rafa can't. Anyway a loss is a loss, just have to get over it and move forward. I believe Rafa's team should be able to comfort him and help him to overcome this setback. A lesson learnt for Rafa, take things into his own hands, don't wait for things to happen.

On a positive note, Rafa now can have a longer break before the Olympics and the NA hard court swing, so hopefully he can sort things out and win some more important titles.

luckystar , 6/28/12 11:51 PM

Wow. Congrats to Rosol but watching him lose in the 3rd or 4th like Gulbis is just salt in the wound. He played amazing and deserved the win as hard as that is for me to admit. He would have beaten anyone today. Disappointed to see/hear such hard cheering against Rafa. Expect it in Paris but not in Wimby. I hope it was just Muzz fans hoping for his chances now. Still, Rafa deserves more respect.

Pulling for Muzz and Nole now.

Commies fellow Rafans.

Conspirator , 6/28/12 11:53 PM

Well the thing that I liked most after the loss from Rafa was the way he picked up Rosol's racquet at the net. Respect to the tools before anything else.

vmk1 , 6/29/12 12:10 AM

absolutely gutted, nadal just wasnt nadal today but he will be back

the olympics are a great opportunity to bounce back and he has an advantage with extra recovery time. i had a feeling this wimbledon was gonna be strange with a few upsets. I have to admit Rosol played out of his skin, but it still annoyed me how he continuously bombed down 90+mph Bh and Fh. words cant describe my disbelief....i wonder how many good wimbledons Rafa has left in him

heres hoping murray wins wimbledon...i couldnt take it if djokor or Fed took it. last thing I need is that smug 31 year old returning to #1

rafakid , 6/29/12 12:16 AM

No offence to the Olympics but they mean jack sh"t in terms of ranking and general importance compared to slams

willmw101 , 6/29/12 12:24 AM

Rafa fans, we need to be strong in the face of the haters who will come out now. This is what happens. They were silent after Rafa won RG, but now it's open season. It's what they do.

I have always said that if Rafa can't win, then let it be Murray. So I hope that he is now able to get his first slam win!

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 12:42 AM

You know what it happens, no one would have beaten Rosol today, Rafa was just the unlucky one to have him in his next round.

I think it may be Murray's year!!!!! Vamos Murray!

isabeau77 , 6/29/12 12:44 AM

Rafa always stands in the way of Fed(at FO) and Murray(at Wimbledon) and that's why their fans there are cheering against Rafa. I believe I heard cheering against Fed too when he was playing against a local favorite anywhere else. It's normal I would say, furthermore not everyone in the arena is cheering against Rafa, so no need to feel sad or hurt about it.

Rafa really has to learn to start his matches all guns blazing. I sometimes feel iritated by how slowly he gets into a match and thus many times he has to fight hard to move ahead. He should learn to gain the upper hand asap in a match, he's not getting any younger so he has to conserve his energy during tournaments by playing more dictating tennis and not allow anyone to boss him around. I still think that if he served well at the start of the second set and held his serves throughout, he had good chances of winning the match. He made the same mistake at the beginning of the first set. He clearly could serve very well in this match, his serve stats were outstanding, it's just that he played the wrong way in those games that he lost. I hope he learns his lessons and make improvements in the way he approaches his matches.

luckystar , 6/29/12 12:50 AM

The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Affordable Care Act. It was pretty much a surprise decision, although a few experts were right in their predictions. Like many Supreme Court decisions, the devil is in the details, but the Chief Justice wrote the majority decision that upheld the law, which surprised many people.

Back to tennis: I'm disappointed, but I cannot allow myself to get upset over Rafa losing in the early rounds of any tournament. I also don't understand people who go on a rampage of gloating whenever Rafa loses. One of the reasons I can no longer root for Roger is because of what he and his team allow to go on all over Nevertheless, I don't gloat all over internet when Roger or Novak lose. I have better things to do with my time. Nor do I inhale sour grapes when they win. What a waste of time and energy.

Fanfan , 6/29/12 12:55 AM

It's easy on here to sit here critiquing rafa about what he could have done to win, and playing tennis myself for many years, I can tell you, there is very little to nothing he could have done.
He wasn't meant to win today, from all the net cords Rosol got, to them closing the roof, to Rosols distractions while serving, to Rosols unbelievable play, rafa had nothing going for him.

It is impossible to get rhythm or return balls that are coming towards you that hard and with such a flat trajectory. Rafa the entire match was playing Russian Roulette. He had no idea where the serve was going, where the, one two punches where going and when he got to them, he couldn't control them.
Imagine standing in the centre of the baseline with a saucepan in your hand, while your opponent is firing bullets out of a gun into the ground onto your side of the try returning the bullets...oh but first you must pick a side. You won't win.
What kept rafa in the match was his serve and that says everything.

A player like Rosol, is the greatest nightmare for any opponent, because you are helpless,when they catch on fire.

Nothing rafa could have done. Nothing!
I know what rafa feels like, as I had to train with many male tennis players, who would play in challenger events but would never make it any further and they played just like Rosol.
You seriously feel like walking off the court, because there is no point in you being practice is not tennis.
Believe me when I tell you there are a lot of unprofessional tennis players like Rosol. He just had a freakish day!

isabeau77 , 6/29/12 2:45 AM

I understand, still I feel that Rafa did have his chances. He lost serve because he played poorly, and served poorly for Rosol to get to return them. If he didn't lose his serves, he'll have his chances in the tiebreaks, Russian Roulette or not, that's my take.

Let's see how the others deal with Rosol to get a better idea. If he continues to play like this, is he going to win Wimbledon, defeat Fed or Nole in the final? Surely there must be a way of dealing with this Rosol!

luckystar , 6/29/12 4:42 AM

Nadal played very poorly for the 1st 3 sets...that gave rosol confidence in his shots...even though nadal returned but ended up not capitalising...any way rosol won'teven make it to 4th round...

i think now the biggest mental block for roger is this is roger's tourny to loose..

chenna21 , 6/29/12 5:45 AM

^^^ Why Rosol can't make it to the fourth round?? He has Kohl followed by maybe Brian Baker, I don't think he can't overcome them if he continues to play this way. Maybe a showdown with Tsonga would be highly entertaining. I'm looking forward to that!

It's a good chance for Fed to win Wimbledon again, but it's also a good chance for Tsonga or Murray to win their first slam! We shall see.

luckystar , 6/29/12 6:14 AM

^^^..lucky..these type of matches happens once in a lifetime...that guy is not as good as u all's mainly due to rafa's poor play..i have never seen rafa played that poorly..

u see gulbis defeated the next match he lost to no..body..

i think this time the final is between...roger and murray...because murray will do whatever it takes to to reach the final...

chenna21 , 6/29/12 6:24 AM

This guy Rosol will never have a moment like this again. I expect him to go out in the next round. He had to play the match of his life to take out Rafa. It still took him five sets. If he could replicate that kind of tennis, he wouldn't be ranked 100!

I am with isabeau. No "what ifs, could have, should haves" from me. Rafa was nowhere near his best form on the grass. This was the worst opponent for him so early in the tournament. Rafa was down 0-4 to Bellucci in his first match and had to claw his way back. He was able to do it and win the first set in a tb. Bellucci just didn't have the belief to keep pushing to make it a match.

The Fed fans really are kidding themselves if they think this is his to lose. Djoker will be standing in the way in the semis and I am not sure that Fed will beat him. Obviously Rafa being out gives Murray a real shot. But he still has a tough draw to get through.

I wouldn't pencil in Fed in the finals just yet.

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 6:38 AM

^^^ Agreed. Still a long way to go over for Fed and Murray. Would be great to see the unfolding of this Wimby. Just hoping that Roger get's his 17th, though Nole is a major obstacle. But both have to reach there first. This could also prove to be an opening for others like Murray, Tsonga or Delpo.

abhirf , 6/29/12 7:20 AM

i am not absolutely certain that rosol will lose the next round match. I remember when soderling knocked out rafa at RG 09(at the time, he was a no body like Rosol now) I thought he would lose to davy in the quarters, but he ended up marching all the way to the final and that ended up being a turning point for him. Obviously, rosol losing to kohls is the most likely scenario, but its far from guaranteed.

tj600 , 6/29/12 7:24 AM

Commies to Rafans, it would have been ideal to have Top4 in the SF.

When Roger lost in Qfs I was shattered, never felt like to get into the chats.
I really appreaciate RAFANs way of getting out of disapointments, I know going forward Fedfans will get shattered more than you guys.

Raonic/Murray: they have a good chance to get into the Finals.

sabs , 6/29/12 7:37 AM

I think I feel better now after seeing that Rafa is not the only top four guy who lost early in a slam. Fed lost in R3 at the FO in 2004 when he's no.1; Nole lost in R3 at FO2009 and Wimbledon 2008; Murray lost in R1 at AO2008 and R3 in USO2010. I hope Rafa can get over this loss quickly, rest and relax a bit and then prepare to train on grass again. It's being a long three months for Rafa since the beginning of April. This unexpected early loss may be a blessing in disguise, so that now he can have a bit more time for his body to recover. I was wondering earlier on how he's going to cope after the FO final, when he has Wimbledon, Olympics, Canada, Cincy, USO and then DC. This year is worse than that 2008 Olympics year, and Rafa did run out of steam at the USO that year.

I'm not discounting the chances of both Murray and Tsonga this Wimbledon, in addition to Fed and Nole. They may be the last four left in this Wimbledon. It seems that Rafa is always the one standing in the way of the other top four guys, Fed and Nole at FO, and Fed and Murray at Wimbledon, something similar to Fed in the past, when whoever wants to win a slam has to get past Fed first, either in the SF or in the Final.

luckystar , 6/29/12 8:22 AM

ritb @11.36pm - you are more than welcome.

willmw101 @12.24am - that may be your opinion but I am sure that Rafa puts his gold medal before any Grand slam.

isabeau77 @12.45am - totally agree with your post.

Luckystar - why are you so harsh on Rafa? Don't you think if he could have beaten Rosol he would have? We know Rafa well enough by now to realise if there was a way to beat this man he would have done so. Rosol took the match from Rafa and won fair and square - you have to give him credit for that and it looks like he played the match of his life. I honestly think that he could have beaten anyone playing like that.

schatz , 6/29/12 11:50 AM

I forgot to thank all the non Rafa fans for their kind words especially deucey.

schatz , 6/29/12 11:54 AM

to say that sod was a nobody like rosol in 09 french open is ridiculous. sod is a completley different level to rosol. rosol had only plaed 35 matches on the main tour and this was his second grass tournament at 26! his first was only last week! rosol is miles off sods league.

brothdog , 6/29/12 12:12 PM

Commiserations to Rafa's cool fans.
That was a tough loss, I felt sorry for Rafa despite his being in the way of Andy.
It just shows you how deep the top 100 is nowadays.
Rosol had his One.Good.Day and Nadal was unlucky to be on the receiving end of it. That's all it is.

Twinge , 6/29/12 12:13 PM

Thanks for that twinge. Let's hope that Andy can get through now and book his place with destiny.

schatz , 6/29/12 12:34 PM

I'm not being harsh. I know Rafa has already tried his best and of course he's human and he can make mistakes. All I'm saying is if he plays the correct way he has better chances of winning. The fact that Rafa could go five sets with this guy and only lost serve once in each set that he lost meant that at least he stayed close to this guy, unlike the match he lost to Tsonga at AO2008, and to Delpo at USO 2009. Of course no one can blame him for the
momentum change due to the closing of the roof.

I'm not blaming Rafa for the loss, definitely not. In fact now he can at least have more time to rest and prepare for the upcoming important tournaments. It's impossible for him to win everything, especially in an Olympic year so not winning Wimbledon no doubt would hurt him a little bit but he still has many more tournaments to play and win.

luckystar , 6/29/12 1:33 PM

Luckystar - I know you mean well but it just was not meant to be. Rosol was the better man on the day. I am glad that Rafa has gone out early rather than later because now he will have some much needed down time and I know that the olympics will mean much more to him than doing well at Wimby. He will be refreshed and raring to go - I am hoping for another Olympic Gold for him - that is my wish and I hope it comes true.

Just chill lucky and look forward to the olympics where hopefully we will see Rafa at his very best again.

schatz , 6/29/12 6:42 PM

Fed fans are being blamed for stinking up the other Nadal thread, but who started the Tennis-x stuff and Fed hate on this thread? It was begun by the innocent Rafafans, who love to refer to Fed fans as trolls. The below comments are proof as to who discusses Tennis-x.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/12 9:52 PM

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/12 10:12 PM

Also, who mentioned that Sean Randall predicted Nadal to win Wimby just last week? Yet in the post on 6/28/12 @ 10:12pm, this person stated they wouldn't visit Tennis-x for all the Tea in China. Some people have poor memories.

It's pathetic that Fed's brought into every thread by some Nadal fans, but if a Fed fan replies, we are accused of trolling and stinking up the Nadal threads. Same ol, same ol, so what else is new? Only the distortion of facts and the usual display of entitlement of Rafafans on this site.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 9:24 AM

@hawkeye, read the above, it should give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 11:18 PM

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