• Nadal continues Halle campaign against Kohlschreiber

    6/15/12 5:27 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Nadal continues Halle campaign against Kohlschreiber Rafael Nadal is back on the court for a Friday quarterfinal meeting with Philipp Kohlschreiber. The winner will go up against either Tomas Berdych or Tommy Haas.

    Rafael Nadal and Philipp Kohlschreiber will be going head-to-head for the ninth time in their careers and for the second time this season when they battle in the quarterfinals of the Gerry Weber Open on Friday.

    Nadal has won all eight of their previous encounters, but they have never faced each other on grass. Kohlschreiber has taken a set in five of their eight clashes, including in a 6-3, 6-7(2), 6-3 Nadal victory in January of this year (Doha).

    Kohlschreiber should once again be a tough out because he is producing stellar tennis in 2012. The 34th-ranked German won a title in Munich during the clay-court swing and he is 24-12 for the season following wins this week over Dustin Brown and Lukasz Kubot.

    Few players, of course, are as hot as Nadal--which is always the case in the aftermath of clay. Nadal won Monte-Carlo, Rome, and his seventh French Open title to remain at No. 2 in the world rankings. The Spaniard was back on the singles court three days after finishing off Novak Djokovic and he dismissed Lukas Lacko 7-5, 6-1 in the first round.

    Kohlschreiber has to be hopeful going into this one, because he is the defending champion of this event plus Nadal may be fatigued. Don't be surprised if the home hopeful steals a set, but Nadal in three is the pick.

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this will be a tough one...Kohlie is playing on his home ground and will be very motivated...It all actually depends on how motivated Rafa is to go far in this tourney...I think Rafa was very nicely accepted by the Germans and the crowd seems to be crazy about, he may as well like to hang around for a little longer...I think he will play to win, not to go home and rest...let's see how this one goes...

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/15/12 11:39 AM

He seemed pretty tired and wanting to finish the match early against Lacko, it depends how the 1st set goes.. if his serve stats are not hight I think he'll get frustrated

Shireling , 6/15/12 11:42 AM

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/15/12 11:48 AM

It is lovely to hear that the Germans are spoiling our Rafa - he deserves it. Maybe yesterday he was in a hurry because of the Spain football match. I think Rafa should be spoilt in Halle for a little bit longer.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/15/12 1:36 PM

Rafa barely trying against kohlschreiber. He wants home, I think.

isabeau77 , 6/15/12 3:39 PM

Rafa out. He just wanted a couple of matches back on grass not to strain himself too much which is what he got.

Now. Vamos Milos!!!

agfmilos , 6/15/12 4:27 PM

Rafa has gone out - 63 64.

Time to rest up before Wimbledon. He just wasn't in it at all. Well Done Philipp.

nadline , 6/15/12 4:29 PM

Rafa has gone out - 63 64.

He just wasn't in it today. Time for some down time.

nadline , 6/15/12 4:31 PM

yeah, I kind of saw this coming...good that Rafa will get some well deserved rest...I assume he will lose doubles as well and safely head home...he se deserves a break before he starts practicing on grass...

Kohlie played nice match. Good for him...

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/15/12 4:32 PM

Khols was good, he served really well and deserved to win.

nadline , 6/15/12 4:47 PM

good of you nadline to acknowledge Khols game instead of just saying that Nadal had an off day.. which he might have had but, so what?
I wonder what Granollers is thinking now :D

Shireling , 6/15/12 4:55 PM

Happy that Rafa is heading home - he could do with some R & R. Khols can play some really good tennis, so congrats to him.

schatz , 6/15/12 6:55 PM

Has Rafa pulled out of the doubles?

nadline , 6/15/12 7:10 PM

Rafa and Granollers pulled out of the doubles as expected. Rafa has been going non stop since MC in mid April.

nadline , 6/15/12 8:27 PM


Go rest in Marlloca Rafa.......................we have a busy schedule ahead............

rafaisthebest , 6/15/12 8:55 PM

I really wish Rafa had just headed home after RG. I know that he feels the need to get practice on the grass, but he just seemed too tired. It's been like that in the last few years. He just can't keep going like the energizer bunny.

I was worried that he would go deep and play too much and then not have enough for Wimbleon. At least now he gets to go home, rest and relax a bit before heading to London.

Our Rafa deserves a well-earned rest!

Nativenewyorker , 6/15/12 10:25 PM

Rafa is a serious planner . He knows he wants some days off before the Championships. He has got the much needed 3 days of practice on grass. Thats why he plays doubles so that he could make use of his each and every day on grass whenever he arrives for the warmup event.

He and his team know exactly what they want from this event. With Olympics coming up later, Rafa does not want to overplay. He will most probably arrive in Wimbledon on Wednesday or Thursday .

Deep inside, he will be really pleased after lifting Roland Garros for the seventh time and 3-4 days of rest will be good enough to recharge the batteries. Don't forget he will more tired mentally than physically as in Roland Garros his matches were not that physical.

fedexal , 6/16/12 9:17 AM

Bleacher Report:

"I said it was going to be tough," Nadal said. "He plays well on this court. You just have to congratulate him. He played very aggressively, served well, returned well. He played better than me. I was suffering when he was serving. I didn't have that energy to change the situation."

With Wimbledon starting on June 25, Nadal says he will return home to Mallorca to recuperate ahead of the third grand slam of the year.

"I can't practice on grass there but it's better not to practice for a few days," he said. "It's time to rest with my family, friends, to relax. I've played almost every match possible since Indian Wells. When I'm ready to come back, I'll go to Wimbledon."

nadline , 6/16/12 10:14 AM

thanks nadline.... so why why why does he play halle? it doesn't make sense to me, but maybe a Nadal fan can illuminate...

croc , 6/16/12 11:47 AM

"Nadal won Queen's in 2008 but will instead head for German grass, with the BBC reporting that the Spaniard's switch is linked to tax reasons but also the offer of a large appearance fee in Halle, his rival Roger Federer's own preferred Wimbledon tune-up." Pakistan Times

chr18 , 6/16/12 1:20 PM

Steve Tignor's take:

Rafael Nadal goes out in time for the weekend

As I said, this has already happened in Halle, as it has happened at Queen?s five other times. The tradition is that Nadal wins in Paris, makes a quick trip to play a few singles and doubles matches on grass, and by Friday night he?s safely back on a Mallorcan beach or watching Spain?s soccer team. One year, 2008, Nadal did, perhaps accidentally, go through and win at Queens, and he went on to win Wimbledon for the first time that year as well. But his quarterfinal loss to Philipp Kohlschreiber today doesn?t mean there?s trouble on the horizon?Nadal has reached the Wimbledon final the last five time he's played there. More likely it means there?s some fishing on the horizon.

nadline , 6/16/12 2:23 PM

so why not go fishing directly? enjoying some sauerkraut and bratwurst first ?

croc , 6/16/12 2:35 PM

Maybe you missed it the first time croc. LARGE APPEARANCE FEE IN HALLE!

chr18 , 6/16/12 3:43 PM

What's wrong with collecting big appearance fees? All these top players command good appearance fees. It's not like Rafa played one match there, lost intentionally and went home. He played three matches there, one doubles and two singles, got his practice and feel of the grass. He lost to the better player there, just like he lost to Tsonga, Feli, Mahut, Hewitt at Queens in the previous years. He's normally not being competitive immediately after the FO, as he needs time to adjust to a different surface, a surface that's not as favorable as clay is to him.

luckystar , 6/16/12 4:01 PM

Nothing wrong with collecting the high appearance fee. I'm sure Fed likes it too. Just curious, what reason did he give as to why he pulled out of the doubles?

chr18 , 6/16/12 4:36 PM

Is Federer not getting anything for playing at Halle? He has signed a lifetime contract.
Must be for a VERY LARGE FEE, dear chr18. You must be naive if you think any of the top stars play at 250 events outside their home country without the lure of lucre.

holdserve , 6/16/12 4:42 PM

Where does chr18 say that there is anything wrong with appearance fees?

That said, I believe that Rafa playing on grass prior to his post French Open break is no different than you or I putting in sufficient effort at our own jobs prior to going on vacation. We want to make sure we are prepared upon return from our break as it allows us to enjoy our downtime more.

Similarly, Rafa likely wants to compete on grass prior to his break to give him some feel on the grass so he is not wondering about the switch to grass as much while he is fishing.

Some players like Nole for example can switch off without it.

Different strokes for different folks.

agfmilos , 6/16/12 5:04 PM

chr18, why should you be curious about the reason? He was tired. Period.
What reason did Fed give when he skipped Halle in some previous year?
As for claiming nothing wrong with collecting appearance fees, you were obviously not happy with Rafa collecting it. Otherwise you would not have capitalized it.
The trouble with Fed fans is that they are so greedy on behalf of their man. They want him and him alone to collect all the titles, all the endorsements and appearance fees.
Even the little collected by Rafa hurts them as if it is coming from their pockets or the pocket of Federer.
The greed and hatred of Fed fans is so obvious.
Federer, unless he achieves no. 1 this year or wins a slam, will soon command only second tier player appearance fees. Already his IMG contract is up for renegotiation.
chr18 just accept that there are superstars other than Fed and Rafa is more current than Fed. So stop resenting whatever Rafa gets.

holdserve , 6/16/12 5:07 PM

Maybe holdserve didn't see my comment above. Can anybody answer my question as to what official reason Nadal gave for pulling out of the doubles?

chr18 , 6/16/12 5:07 PM

As far as I am concerned, Rafa appeared so he fulfilled his obligation for the 'appearance fee'. Didn't he?

I guess fatigue is a legitimate reason for pulling out of the doubles. To be honest, I don't think Rafa tanked the match against Khols, he just wasn't up to the level Khols was at. Could be because his heart wasn't really in it, he was probably already in Mallorca in his head. Rafa played some sweet f/hs even though he was well below par.

The tennis calendar is too ridiculous. Why squeeze in a 250 grass court tournament the day after RG and call it a warm up for Wimbledon. How on earth do they expect the players who made it to the business end of RG to suddenly switch to grass the next day and play at their best. I'm sure that Rafa uses it to get a feel for the grass and really doesn't particularly want to win it and at the same time fulfils a 250 obligation.

nadline , 6/16/12 5:24 PM

Why did he enter the doubles if he was, understandably so, tired? Just to try get some pre-Olympic practice with Granollers? And he did put in a half-ass effort against Kohls. If they meet again in Wimbledon, who thinks Kohls wins the first 2 sets? At least when Fed shows up he tries to win the tournament.

chr18 , 6/16/12 5:33 PM

Rafa did not sign a contract to win the tournament or even make it to the final, he signed to appear at the tournament.

nadline , 6/16/12 5:34 PM

Rafa might not even play doubles at the olympics with Marcel. This is what Rafa said after his singles and doubles match in Halle:

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the doubles match this afternoon?

NADAL: Well, the doubles match ? It?s the same as I was talking before, for me it?s to spend hours on court, time on court, practicing, competing, adapting. It?s true that I won?t play probably the Olympics with my partner here, with Marcel Granollers, but the real thing for me is more preparation for the singles of tomorrow, to compete, to spend time on the court, to serve a bit, to adapt to the conditions on grass. That?s probably going to help.

nadline , 6/16/12 5:38 PM

That's a bogus answer because if he wanted to spend more time on court he wouldn't have withdrawn unless he's injured. Halle shouldn't waste their money next year because he does the same thing every year.

chr18 , 6/16/12 5:48 PM

Halle thinks it's worth it just to see Rafa there. Who are you to say how they spend their money?

Maybe you should give them a call and tell them what you think.

nadline , 6/16/12 6:06 PM

It's just that I think he should go back to Queens so you can see him and cook him lunch while he's there.

chr18 , 6/16/12 6:08 PM

It's just that I think he should go back to Queens so you can see him and cook him lunch while he's there.

chr18 , 6/16/12 6:10 PM

Maybe it was Marcel who pulled out of the doubles.

nadline , 6/16/12 6:12 PM

It's Granollers who was injured and so they'd to pull out from doubles, so don't blame Rafa for pulling out. Rafa is not obliged to win the tournament. Fed too was beaten in his first match at Dubai one year after collecting appearance fees there. Don't just pick on Rafa, other top players lost early too.

luckystar , 6/16/12 6:26 PM

Next time find out the reason instead of jumping into conclusion and blame Rafa for anything under the sun. It takes two to form a doubles team and it's not always about Rafa.

luckystar , 6/16/12 6:29 PM

It's Granollers who was injured and so they'd to pull out from doubles, so don't blame Rafa for pulling out. Rafa is not obliged to win the tournament. Fed too was beaten in his first match at Dubai one year after collecting appearance fees there. Don't just pick on Rafa, other top players lost early too.
luckystar, 6/16/12 6:26 PM

wasn't that match with murray??

KMA , 6/16/12 6:59 PM

" At least when Fed shows up he tries to win the tournament."
chr18, 6/16/12 5:33 PM

... Yes just like punchbag "try" in St. David's Cup against Isner. Try to make Olympic Team maybe. LOL

Chr18 you such hypocrite. Haha

hawkeye , 6/16/12 7:55 PM

Rafa tried to win the tournament but the heart was willing but the flesh was weak.

nadline , 6/16/12 8:27 PM

Or as George Bernard Shaw said: my conscience is active but the will is paralysed.

ed251137 , 6/16/12 8:59 PM

It looks like some Fed fans are in a lean and hungry mood or just plain cranky. Rafa winning another RG, especially his seventh, would do that to them. It's so obvious. The fact that Rafa has done something at a slam that Fed hasn't done, simply isn't okay with them. So they jump on this thread to trash Rafa for not making it further at Halle. What else is new in the world?

Tignor had it exactly right. I am not going to get in the gutter and defend Rafa because there is no reason to do so.

I hope he gets a few days to take it easy at home and then get ready for Wimbledon.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/12 5:49 AM

Here is a bi of Rafa's post match in terview:

Q: Djokovic chose not to play this week. Could you do the same in the future?
NADAL: No. You don?t know what?s going on in the future but I played this week every time for the last eight years. I didn?t play in 2009 because I had a big problem with the knee. It always worked fantastic for me. Usually, I don?t play the week before the Grand Slam. I understand that even if I lost today, the match of today, the match of yesterday, these few days of practice on grass helped me a lot. Hopefully, next year I will be back here.

Q: Did the audience help you a little bit? Because of course we are divided, we want you and we want Kohlschreiber to win?
NADAL: I think the atmosphere is great for me here. Since the day I arrived here on Tuesday, I felt every day the love of the people. They make me feel great in every moment. All the organisation was fantastic and I?m looking forward to come back next year. That?s hopefully what is going to happen. For me everything was great. I think the tournament in general is fantastic.

nadline , 6/17/12 9:37 AM

I dont read much into this loss of Rafa. Kohl played great for 2 sets and was awarded with the win. There's nothing new in it. Rafa has not made deep runs during this week even in the past. But has still performed very well at wimbledon. It's just the best of 3 format and some of the fatigue that get's him in these tournaments. In slams other players are not able to play at this level over 5 sets.

chr 18, it wasnt like Rafa didnt wanted to win. He just wasnt in a position to win it.

Feeling bad for one thing though- No FEDAL match to enjoy.

abhirf , 6/17/12 11:01 AM

To be honest, I don't think either Rafa or Federer particularly wanted to play each other before Wimbledon because the speculation from the result would have totally taken over Wimbledon, so I think it's good the way it's happened.

Rafa has got the feel of the grass and what he now knows what he needs to do to prepare for Wimbledon. Lacko also gave him a good match so that will all stand him in good stead to plan his practice sessions.

nadline , 6/17/12 11:06 AM

From the Telegraph:

?I think my game naturally adapts very well to this surface,? Nadal said on Monday night. ?My movements are probably the right ones to play here, and my natural shot the right one for clay.

?How long will I go on? It is impossible to predict the future. I will be here for as long as my injuries don?t stop me playing and until I still have motivation and passion for what I am doing. Hopefully for a long time.?

Given the way Nadal turns each year?s French Open into a near-forgone conclusion, this was not exactly the answer his rivals wanted to hear. Nadal-finally-sees-off-Novak-Djokovic-in-mens-French-Open-final-to-cli nch-a-record-seventh-title-in-Paris.html

nadline , 6/17/12 11:16 AM

Rafa mentioned during Wimby 2010 that it's the 1st week of play at Wimby that bothers him coz around the end of 1st week, the surface behind the baseline becomes similar to clay and thus his footwork gets much better while going for his shots.

abhirf , 6/17/12 11:24 AM s-Rafael-Nadal-Why-I-win-Wimbledon-Andy-Murray-end-Grand-Slam-jinx.htm l

nice article on Rafa..

sanju , 6/17/12 2:43 PM

But you still can't slide like clay on the Wimbledon courts. Note that back in 2010, Rafa's volleying skills and his net game weren't as good as they're now. Right now he can move up the court and finishes the points at the net, so clay or no clay, Rafa can play well at Wimbledon; reaching five finals there has more to do with his skills than anything else.

Rafa also proved that he can play and win on fast grass when he won at Queens in 2008. He beat Karlovic, Roddick and then Nole to win the title, no mean feat on fast grass. The court there is playing so quickly, as can be seen in this Cilic vs Nalby match. The final last year
between Tsonga and Murray too, was a fast paced one. I don't think this Queens court is anything slower than the Halle court. In fact I find Queens to be even a faster court than Halle.

luckystar , 6/17/12 3:40 PM

Who said he cant win on faster courts? He has brought out the changes he required to win. No one can question that.
I just brought out his statement what he felt about his game at the championships. Why do u have to take every statement as an offense to Rafa?

abhirf , 6/17/12 4:17 PM

^^^ and why do you need to feel offended when my comment wasn't even addressed to you in particular? I just commented in general and when did I say you question Rafa on the fast grass courts?

luckystar , 6/17/12 4:56 PM

^^^Coz it seemed to be. At least that's what it appeared ( dont know whether u meant the same or not).

abhirf , 6/17/12 5:07 PM

As long as I didn't address my post to anyone, it's meant as a general comment. I've the same problem with natashao, and I did explain that before. Unless Ive already started a conversation with somebody, then I may not address my posts to the same person all the time. So, don't take offence, that's my style, as I sometimes can put in a few points into one post, and not all are meant as a response to any post or posts.

luckystar , 6/17/12 5:19 PM

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