• Murray, Gasquet face off in round of 16

    6/3/12 9:54 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray, Gasquet face off in round of 16 World No. 4 Andy Murray is back on court to face World No. 20 Richard Gasquet for a quarterfinal berth at the French Open. The players will be meeting for the seventh time on Monday.

    Fourth seed Andy Murray looks to break a 3-3 series tie against 17th seed Richard Gasquet. The Frenchman won their last clay-court match at the 2012 Masters 1000 Rome, 6-7(1), 6-3, 6-2.

    Murray is through to the fourth round by virtue of his 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 ousting of Colombia's Santiago Giraldo. The 25-year-old Scot is bidding for his third trip to the French Open quarterfinals.

    Gasquet moved into the round of 16 after taking out former world No. 2 Tommy Haas in four sets. The 25-year-old Frenchman remains on course to book his first quarterfinal berth in Paris.

    Prediction: Murray in four sets.

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Good luck, Andy! fully fit you can win....but I don't want him to win a 5 set grind, because he'd them most likely face another and another, and I want my boy fully fit for the prizes he has a chance of achieving.
Come on!

deuce , 6/4/12 8:30 AM

Could be another thriller between Murray and Gasquet. When Gasquet gets in to the match, with that French crowd behind him, Murray may snap mentally. Should be a fun encounter :-)

Bonker , 6/4/12 8:36 AM

I think the matches now are getting exciting, not only the two uncompleted matches of yesterday but also the Almargro/Tipsy and the Murray/Gasquet matches. I think no one can say for sure who would win these matches.

luckystar , 6/4/12 8:41 AM

No, in just sweet three sets.
Go Andy.

Lovemurray , 6/4/12 8:54 AM

Top half has produced great matches so far, hope bottom half too will follow the same.

sabs , 6/4/12 8:57 AM

agree with @Bonker, this could be the pick of the bunch....................Muzza is determined to play through the pain and Reeshad smells blood.................

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 9:32 AM

well, maybe I don't get the whole picture right because I have been busy lately and could only focus on Rafa?s matches :), but I believe I heard Andy saying in an interview after that match with Jarkko that his back pain was one of those things you can wake up with and that he was sure it will be fine and that he would get I did not see him being too concerned about this whatever and if it was a real injury...I still tend to believe that Ivan is smart enough not to let him play if it was really something serious....Andy?s movement against Giraldo was great, he sure seemed to have no nagging injury in that match...

So, judging by Andy's latest performance I would guess Gasquet will be heading home (at least not a long trip for Richard, he lives in the neighborhood...:) Maybe it's time to acknowledge Andy being the real contender and ready and fit to fight with the best...

While Richard may manage to steal one set, my prediction is Andy in 4...

natashao , 6/4/12 10:07 AM

Love your optimism nats and sure hope you're right :) A nice quick victory Andy please! In Uk we are having a DOUBLE bank holiday.....something about 60 years...dunno what myself, there's tennis to be watched!

deuce , 6/4/12 12:26 PM

luckystar what are you saying almagro is clear favourite to beat Tipsarevic on clay

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 12:38 PM

these gasquet murray matches are quite exciting. This one will go the distance again

vamosrafa , 6/4/12 12:58 PM

Let's hope Gasquet doesn't serve andy some french sticks.

tethys , 6/4/12 2:01 PM

Deuce good to see you have got your priorities right! C`mon AndyM!

mojo , 6/4/12 2:16 PM

i wonder who will snap first, Andy or Deuce... ;-)

phoenix , 6/4/12 2:26 PM

phoenix, no contest, already putting cushions, drinks, snacks etc behind the sofa....have also got bag in which to place head, if tension is too gr8....
Good thing though, if Andy should get through this, will have no expectation of him beating Ferrer, who seems on fire at mo, so will be able to loll on sofa with feet up and enjoy match......lalala....;)

deuce , 6/4/12 3:14 PM

Can't believe Shriekapova has let the 2nd set go..................have to wait longer for Muzza/Gasq.............

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 4:29 PM

RITB, You know what Im saying!!!!...................

Monalysa , 6/4/12 4:43 PM

RITB, it's interminable isn't it? And interminably dull. Maria's not goin to win RG playing like this, and with no Serena, missed opportunity. Rafa's match will be finished b4 Andy gets on court at this rate!

deuce , 6/4/12 4:45 PM

I hate to say this, but Rafa will be on court very soon thanks to the dependable Na LI meltdown...............what is wrong with that woman?

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 4:50 PM

^^^don't mind Rafa being able to come on early, mind...........just cannot understand why Na Li just seems to disintergrate during matches..............

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 4:52 PM

RITB, am in despair about aspects of the women's game. Thought the Wozniaki match was the worst I've seen this RG, but Maria unable to hold a serve in the second set came close, and as for Serena just blasting everything off court...ooh dear :(

deuce , 6/4/12 4:55 PM

Exit Na Li...............

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 4:55 PM

deuce, 6/4/12 12:26 PM
You could be sent to the Tower for a long time for that remark. Shame on you.

ed251137 , 6/4/12 5:07 PM

3 hours for a WTA match.......???

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 5:11 PM

And to think that Na Li is the defending champion!!!

Looks like a nobody will win RG this year!!! No wonder why i pay no attention to the womens game..................all over the place!!!! Get a grip women!!!!!

Monalysa , 6/4/12 5:13 PM

Reeshad off to flying start, 5-1 leading 1st set............

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 6:05 PM

Murray 5-1 down in set 1

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 6:05 PM

set gasquet 6-1 murray totally out played in 1st set

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 6:10 PM

1st set Reeshad 6-1.............

rafaisthebest , 6/4/12 6:10 PM

Looking totally on the bright side...nobody is gonna beat Rafa, and b4 him on this side there's the unquenchable Ferrer, so......bothered, no!

deuce , 6/4/12 6:47 PM

Very good reception in the tower, ed. Must be cos I'm high up in a turret , can practically see RG......;)

deuce , 6/4/12 6:49 PM

Murray hitting the ball short, he needs to force Gasquet back behind the baseline to dictate the point, also Andy looks as if he`s still having trouble with his back. Know the Drs say its muscular spasms but they can be very painfull!

mojo , 6/4/12 6:56 PM

is murray still hurting in the lower back?

croc , 6/4/12 7:15 PM

you're doing ok there then, deuce, but what about the day they want to make you talk?

chlorostoma , 6/4/12 7:18 PM

looks like gasquet is losing now

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 7:20 PM

monaco would have beaten both these guys 6-2 6-0 6-0

croc , 6/4/12 7:23 PM

on 1 hand we have the Wta French open champion losing last 2 sets 6-2 6-0 and on the other hand mens french open champion won 6-2 6-0 6-0. WTAs standard is too low these days

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 7:31 PM

agreed that Wta is not doing too good

on the men's side, when Rafa is playing at his better levels on clay, the scoreline often says nothing about who is on the other side... it does not mean the standard of the other male players is low... witness a number of RG, MC and Rome results for Rafa on his stronger turns there...

chlorostoma , 6/4/12 7:36 PM

Monaco is not a bad player of course nadal can do it to any one on clay in 2008 he beat almagro 1 1 and 1 and then lost just 4 games in the final vs Federer

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 7:40 PM

Nadal can win again without losing a set

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 7:42 PM

on Wta side of all the players left in the draw only stosur can play well on clay others are donkeys on clay

tennis2011 , 6/4/12 7:44 PM

gasquet has no energy left!

croc , 6/4/12 7:49 PM

deuce did you watch? extraordinary from murray in the last two!
he looks like a rugby player with all his muscles

croc , 6/4/12 8:22 PM

French crowd were booing and hissing Andy but it didn`t bother him one bit, he revelled in it! Usual slow start though! Croc you are right about the muscles!

mojo , 6/4/12 8:33 PM

Strange. Why were they hissing?

The French are usually so cordial and respectful!!!

agfmilos , 6/4/12 9:02 PM

I watched that Sharapova match after I saw Rafa and Murray. I recorded the day's matches on espn2. I thought that was some dreadful tennis from her. She was serving for the match in the second set and was broken, then it went to a tb and she lost. Tons of UE's all over the place.

I also saw Na Li crap out in her match. Just fast forwarded through it. Serena played awful tennis in her first round loss. Maybe someone will win this by default among the women!

By contrast, the men's tennis is fantastic. Tsonga closed out his match in short order and finally made it to the quarterfinals. Delpo took out Berdy in four. Some good matchups for Nole and Fed. We will see.

I was surprised to see Murray go down in the first set 6-1. Gasquet played very well in that set but couldn't keep it up.

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/12 9:30 PM



chlorostoma , 6/4/12 10:36 PM

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