• Federer resumes Roland Garros campaign vs. Mahut

    5/31/12 6:10 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer resumes Roland Garros campaign vs. Mahut Roger Federer will be back on the court for a Friday meeting with Nicolas Mahut. If Federer advances he will go up against one of two upstarts--Lukasz Kubot or David Goffin.

    (3) Roger Federer vs. Nicolas Mahut

    Federer and Mahut will be going head-to-head for the fourth time in their careers when they do battle in round three of the French Open on Friday. All three of their previous encounters have went Federer's way in straight sets, including a relatively competitive 6-3, 7-6(2), 6-4 decision at Wimbledon in 2006. They most recently faced each other this year in Rotterdam, where Federer cruised 6-4, 6-4.

    At 30 years old, Mahut finds himself in the Roland Garros third round for the first time in his career. Four-set victories over Andy Roddick and Martin Klizan leave the 89th-ranked Frenchman with a solid 9-8 record for the season. Federer opened with a lackluster straight-set win over Tobias Kamke before getting past Adrian Ungur in four. The third-ranked Swiss is 33-4 for his 2012 campaign and he should pick up another win without any trouble.

    (LL) David Goffin vs. Lukasz Kubot

    The most surprising third-round matchup features a first-ever meeting between lucky loser Goffin and the 30-year-old Kubot. Goffin lost in the final round of qualifying but he capitalized on the fortunate opportunity with consecutive five-set wins over Radek Stepanek and Arnaud Clement. The 21-year-old Belgian, who will find himself well inside the Top 100 at the end of the tournament, is a solid 8-5 at the ATP level in 2012.

    Kubot is actually bidding to reach the fourth round of a slam for the third time in his career, whereas Goffin had never even been in the main draw of a major before this week. The 49th-ranked Pole advanced that far at the 2010 Aussie Open and at Wimbledon last season (lost to Feliciano Lopez in five sets). So far at Roland Garros he has taken out Karol Beck and Florent Serra in straight sets. Kubot has a big edge in experience, but this is a good matchup for Goffin on clay so look for another five-set win by the world No. 109.

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Time to pull up your socks as we move closer to second week.No easy matches from now onwards.Remember Mahut was involved in longest match ever in the history of tennis vs John Isner.

hrsikesa , 5/31/12 9:18 PM

unfortunately for Mahut, that has absolutely nothing to do with this match.

RickyDimon , 5/31/12 10:03 PM

Mahut has a big heart and he will try to leave it all on the court, so he can leave the court with his head up high. But Federer does everything better on the court and will cruise through in straights.

Bonker , 6/1/12 7:37 AM

match of the 30s, i think this will stretch to 5 sets but fed will win

phoenix , 6/1/12 7:56 AM

Maestro will do just enough to win in three sets like 6-4 6-3 7-5, something of that sort.......

fedexal , 6/1/12 8:20 AM

This match is not worth playing @ Court Philippe Chatrier, whereas Delpo Vs Cilic is.

Lovemurray , 6/1/12 9:11 AM

Mahut is from France if you knows!

KMA , 6/1/12 9:37 AM

yes, it's coz of mahut and not of fed...

phoenix , 6/1/12 9:41 AM

Ofcourse everyone knows that even genius like you.

KMA , 6/1/12 9:49 AM

I mean Delpo n Cilic are more neck 2 neck, so that would be good on TV if they have it on Philippe Chatrier

Lovemurray , 6/1/12 10:36 AM

I think the top players have all done their stint on SL so no matter who they play they will all now play on PC. Not sure about Murray. It was funny yesteday with Caroline on PC and Rafa on SL and Rafa's had a full house and Caroline had about 1/3rd full.

If Mahut takes Federer to 5 sets I will eat my laptop.

nadline , 6/1/12 11:12 AM

on grass mahut might have a chance to snag a set but its not possible on clay i think.fed in 3 , 6-2 6-4 6-4

vamosrafa , 6/1/12 11:16 AM

Well, it's time Fed started playing like someone who is a few points from #2.......

Allez Fed!!

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 11:24 AM

Mahut will not beat Federer on any surface, here's why:

Mahut: "The advantage I have is that I don't need to introduce him to you, because you all know him. It's Roger (Federer). But I have a problem because my wife (Minette) is a fan of Roger. My whole family is. So I will need to make sure they will be in the right stand watching the match. They will be on my side. But I believe it's a beautiful present I get for my first third round in the French Open.

"I have one day to prepare that match. But of course I have very few chances of winning it. I don't have a lot of room for victory, but I'm going to try to use my weapons. I need to play the best match of my life, and he just needs to play an average match. But as long as the match has not been played, there is a possibility of winning it I will try to play my game, and we'll see what happens."

nadline , 6/1/12 11:46 AM

Mahut will just be only too pleased to be on the same court as Federer

nadline , 6/1/12 12:00 PM

I am waiting for Fedfans to come out and admit that Fed's draw is a joke...........but even then, he sees it fit to drop sets against relative nobodies.

When the draws were made, every Fedfan and his dog was quick to jump on the "Rafa gets a cakewalk" draw bandwagon..................even they must admit to how ridiculous that statement is now............

I am not complaining mind you, because I think it's good that Rafa gets a proper work-out in these early rounds............will stand him in good stead in the later rounds should he get there.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 12:02 PM


mahut himself said that there is a possibility so for your sake i hope that you have a miniature chocolaty laptop. -)

phoenix , 6/1/12 12:33 PM

At first sight his draw looked tough, but if the seeds fail... it gets a lot easier. From the QF, things will get a lot tougher for Fed. The top 4 aren't bothered untill the 4th round, QF in a slam.

We might as well skip the first week ;-)

Bonker , 6/1/12 12:51 PM

Cannot believe Eurosport 1 and 2 are showing womens tennis rather than berdych anderson... Their viewing figures must be non existant.

willmw101 , 6/1/12 1:13 PM

Delpo injured

Berdych down 2 sets to 1 to Anderson

Feds draw indeed till the semis will be a cakewalk, its actualy Fed who wil end up with the easiest draw of all till semis

And Rafa surely doesnt have an easy draw..Raonic/ Mhut followed by Almargo is surely tougher than Kubot/Anderson or Cilic..If its Berdy its on par..If its Delpo..again Rafas draw is tougher as DElpo is anyway injured

sanju , 6/1/12 2:00 PM

Of course it's a possibility that Mahut could beat Federer but it's not a probablity. It's not going to happen and he will not even take a set, unless Sir Shankalot turns up then who knows.

nadline , 6/1/12 2:22 PM

Well, u have a point Sanju.But, let Roger not count his chickens before they are hatched.Berdych is fighting back and still very much in the game.We will see after 4th, its will be an easy ride for Federer.

hrsikesa , 6/1/12 2:24 PM

nadline - no it is not a possibility

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 2:35 PM

no way mahut will take more than 6 games in this match...Fed won't even break a sweat...

natashao , 6/1/12 2:40 PM

@rafaisthebest ; Fed's draw was difficult on paer. Its not his mistake that the guy in his draw gets injured or bows out . Going by the same logic , Rafa's USO 2011 draw was easy and 2010 draw was a joke ...Do you accept this or not ?

fedexal , 6/1/12 3:00 PM

And mind you Berdych will come thru .....And he is playing quite well ...So even he is tired, he still poses a threat ......For those who think if a player cannot win against the other player , I can give you countless examples of player coming back from a drip and winning the title there is one another thing which comes into play the most which is SKILL and Berdych is really good in showing his tennis skills these days......

fedexal , 6/1/12 3:07 PM

feexal - Federer has a cupcacke draw, just like he does at every Grand Slam

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 3:11 PM

@fedexal, I am not so sure. Didn't see anyone who could trouble Fed, being the GOAT and all in the first place. I mean, people talk about Nalbandian in nostalgic terms you know. But for the sake of argument I will concede and accept that Fed's draw WAS difficult on paper. Play starts and the hypothetically difficult players fold (as I expected) what are we left with? Players Fed is most likely going to face not some nostalgic picks. Same goes for Rafa.

What I would expect the same people who called Fed's draw difficult on paper, to do is to now come out and concede that IN REALITY, Fed's draw is not so bad.

There is no need to bring in comparisons with Rafa's draw in 2011 or's just calling the current RG 2012 draw for what it is.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 3:11 PM

Why was Rafa's 2010 USO draw a joke?? He did beat Verdasco in the QF (wasn't Verdasco a top tenner back then?) and then Nole (no.2 guy by then by virtue of beating Fed in the SF and the final was on a Monday, when new ranking was effective) in the Final. IMO that's quite a decent draw, missing only Murray in the SF; it's nothing of a joke to me.

His USO 2011 draw? Roddick in the QF, Murray in the SF and Nole in the Final, that's not a joke draw by any means. What about Fed not meeting any top four guys in the SF and Final of his FO 2009 title??

luckystar , 6/1/12 3:13 PM

The fact of the matter is Fedfans ALWAYS whine about draws............always.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 3:13 PM

@rafaisthebest ; You and fed fans have the problem of bashing other player in every pathetic way possible ...yes pathetic way .........Berdych is the most difficult player somebody can face in the QF of Roland Garros .....and even if he is only 80% .....and whole world knows it that itself makes Fed draw the toughest.......Why are people jumping the gun and just writing that Fed's draw is the easiest just by seeing Berdych was 2 sets to 1 down .....I mean come on , talk some sense....At least learn some humility from your favorite player Rafa and talk sense in this forum.....I hope everybody understands tennis here.......

fedexal , 6/1/12 3:19 PM

@luckstar everybody faces tough opponenets in SF dont take that into account .....Yes, I repeat Rafa's USO 2010 draw was easy but thats not his fault....He was still the best player in USO 2010 ...Coming back to USO 2011
Who would you like to face in USO 2011 QF , Tsonga or Isner or Roddick ....Everybody knows till 2011 Roddick as almost done results to show in 2011 and Tsonga/Berdych/Isner were more in form ...........Just look at Tsonga's ranking in 2011 and compare it with Roddick's and you will get to know who was the in form player going in that USO....

Mind you , I like both Fed and Rafa, but I state facts here .....

fedexal , 6/1/12 3:26 PM

fedexal, 6/1/12 3:19 PM

If YOU were talking sense you would not resort to using words like pathetic and generally trying to belittle me personally INSTEAD of focussing on the argument.

I have neither the time nor inclination to engage in your childish game.

Please come back when you are ready to engage me in a focussed and reasoned ARGUMENT.................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 3:36 PM

...............and by the way, Ricky called Fed's draw a "cupcake" draw but I notice you studiously did your include him in your "pathetic" rant, why is that?

Pathetic? Pot calling kettle black.........................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 3:40 PM

So wasn't Fed's 2009 FO a joke draw according to your logic, fedexal?

Look, if Fed were to have Rafa's draw at the USO2010, Rafa would still be in the final and would still win the title by beating Fed in the final. He's simply the best player in that tournament, not even Nole had much chances of breaking Rafa's serves during that USO, having only five or thereabout break point chances and Nole is/was the best returner of serves.

The 2011 USO draw, do remember Tsonga and Berdych had their shoulder injuries and had retired from their Canada or Cincy matches, and Berdych did lose early at the USO. Roddick did beat Ferrer, a top eight seed and so he earned his place in the QF. Isner or Roddick, they're both big serve fellows, and so Rafa would use his passing shots to overcome both of them. Didn't Murray beat Isner in the QF or was it in the earlier rounds? And Rafa's passing shots were even better than Murray's.

luckystar , 6/1/12 3:46 PM

At least learn some humility from your favorite player Rafa and talk sense in this forum.....I hope everybody understands tennis here.......

fedexal, 6/1/12 3:19 PM

Meaning you're the ONLY one who talks sense in this forum and you are the ONLY one who understands tennis on this forum...............ROFL!!!

I'd like some of the kool-aid you drink...........

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 3:51 PM

your succinct posts often are sufficient. But this one was the kind that can be interpreted in several ways:

Federer has a cupcacke draw, just like he does at every Grand Slam

Do you mean 1) he is that good, any draw is easy, 2) he is lucky every time at Grand Slams despite what probability would say (there is a god of tennis and she is on the side of Roggie), 3) at most Slams the draws are at least partially fixed, as reported by people who have analysed them statistically, some were posted about this here just this week, and Roger's draws are on purpose made easier at many Slams

Which of the 3 did you mean, or did you mean something else?

Or perhaps you meant:
- I will make a provocative statement and leave it a bit vague, to generate many posts and help this betting site's viewing stats

chlorostoma , 6/1/12 3:52 PM

how can you use the fact Nadal played Djokovic in the finals of US 2010 to prove his draw there was tough? The whole point of the draw is how easy it was to get to the SF. By the SF and finals you HAVE to play a good player - it's unavoidable. In fact Nadal had a joke SF match against Youzhny anyway. Whereas FEderer played Djokovic in his SF at the US 2010 and Soderling in the QF (I think) in which most of the sets were tiebreakers. So does this imply Federer had a tougher draw since he had by far the tougher opponent in the SF?
when the FO 12 draw was announced I did say Fed had one of the tougher draws (Murray the hardest) NOT because he has to play Djokovic in the SF, but because of all the possible QF matches, he had the toughest path. I accept the draw for FEd has been made easier because Roddick and Nalbandian crashed out.
As I have said before, sometimes the draw are easy, sometimes hard. Sometimes Nadal has a tough draw too. Other times (as on clay) he is so good, any draw would be easy for him. This time Nadal was fortunate to draw Tipsareivc and not Berdych.

Bharata , 6/1/12 3:52 PM

Hmmm............but then maybe I AM missing the point, as view by all combo Rafa/Fed fans.................the point being that Fed is so much in decline these days every opponent of his in the draw is difficult.

Well, if that IS the case, I apologise unreservedly for missing the point..................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 3:58 PM

'Look, if Fed were to have Rafa's draw at the USO2010, Rafa would still be in the final and would still win the title by beating Fed in the final.'

That's a fair opinion, but I don't think you can just state that as a fact. I think Nadal would be the slight favourite, because of the matchup and because Fed would have had to beat Djokovic in a gruelling SF with 1 days' rest while Nadal romped over Youzhny. On a fast summer hardcourt like in the US Open or cincinnatti (or indeed Toronto) I think some of Nadal's strengths he has on a slower HC like the AO and Miami are neutralized. Have they ever played in Toronto or Cincci?

Bharata , 6/1/12 4:01 PM

Bharata, 6/1/12 3:52 PM

I am not being facetious but:

1. Did you seriously consider Roddick a threat to Fed on clay? When last did Roddick beat Fed on clay, at Roland Garros?
2. Did you seriously consider Nalbandian2012 a serious threat to Fed, at Roland Garros, in 2012?

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 4:02 PM

chlorostoma - 1) this isn't a betting site, and 2) i couldn't care less how many hits this site gets. Does not benefit me in any way.

No, I definitely did NOT mean that any draw Federer gets is easy because he is SO GOOD. LOLOLOLOL.

2 and 3, yes. Mainly he just gets lucky and sure, at least a few of them have been fixed.

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 4:02 PM

rafaisthebest is flat out preaching on this thread, and i love it. Everything he has said is true.

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 4:06 PM

Bharata probably doesn't watch tennis. Can't imagine anyone considering Roddick a threat on clay.

vij , 6/1/12 4:06 PM

Thank you Ricky? And by the way, he is a she...............explains the true, no?

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 4:11 PM

^^question mark after "Ricky" should be an exclamation mark..................thank you!

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 4:13 PM

On clay, any draw is a easy draw for Rafa. If Fed have Raonic as his potential fourth round opponent, you would say he have a tough draw! Now Raonic is in Rafa's quarter and it's an easy draw?? So Berdych in Fed's quarter and now Fed has the tougher draw? I bet if Rafa has Berdych as a potential QF opponent, it'll still be an easy draw according to some here.

All these easy or difficult draws are relative, on clay nothing is difficult for Rafa as long as he's not playing at that 2009 or 2011 levels. On the hard courts, no draw should be too tough for Fed, until the SF stage, as he has positive H2H against all others on the hard courts, and he's not going to meet Murray in the QF. Isn't Fed the king of the hard courts?

Anyway, even if Rafa were to meet Murray in the SF in 2010 USO, he would still beat Murray there. Murray was playing better in 2011 yet he still lost to Rafa, who was playing worse than his 2010. As I've mentioned in my above post, Rafa would still beat whoever he faced from Fed's draw in 2010 to win his USO title that year.

luckystar , 6/1/12 4:13 PM

ricky @4:02

Everything you wrote is what I expected you meant. With one exception: I thought that this site does make a revenue by supporting the associated betting site, and so the number of eyeballs and posts that hit it daily translate eventually into income. When you wrote earlier that you like to get us fans reacting from time to time I thought it was for this purpose. So it's just for the fun of it? Fair enough...

chlorostoma , 6/1/12 4:21 PM

Bharata, you got it mixed up. In USO 2010, Fed was no.2 and so he had his own half of the draw. Now if Rafa had Fed's draw and Fed had Rafa's, Rafa would be playing Nole in the SF and Fed had Youzhny. I fully expect Rafa to reach the final even he had Nole in the SF, as IMO, Rafa's serves were too much even for Nole. Given a full day's rest and the final being played on Monday, i expect Rafa to be fully fit against Fed in the final and good enough to deal with Fed and won the final because 1)he always has the matchup advantage, 2) he has his big serve as an added advantage.

luckystar , 6/1/12 4:28 PM

I thought this was about Federer facing Mahut and talking about that match... but suddenly it's about the US Open 2010, 2011, RG 2009, this year's draw.

The top 4 all have easy early rounds at RG 2012: Did you expect Djokovic to struggle against Starace, Kavcic or Devilder? Nadal against Bolleli, Istomin or Schwank? The same applies to Federer's opponent's and a fully fit Murray.

4th round: Verdasco might give Djokovic some problems, but he should still win in 3. Raonic against Nadal.... Nadal neutralizes a big serve on clay and he should win without to much trouble. Maybe he's being pushed a little, but that's normal in a 4th round. Federer's 4th round opponent doesn't strike fear and Murray could have problems against anyone, because of his back.

The past is history... we're living in the present. And today Federer plays Mahut.

Bonker , 6/1/12 4:33 PM

chlorostoma - i couldn't care less about how many visits this gets. But the people that DO visit, I care about them. So yes I write stuff that will generate interest/comments from the people who are reading, not to get people who arent already reading it to read it.

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 4:47 PM

Hi RITB, Vij - yes it is an exaggeration of me to consider Roddick a threat on clay. I dont think he will beat Federer there. Nonetheless if he's serving well and hitting well, yes he can take a set and cost Fed mental and physical energy. But anyway I concede the point to you.
Yes, Raonic is the sort of player you don't want to meet on your way to the SF (where as I say, the draw is pretty meaningless as you have to play someone good). He's not a Berdych, never even made it past a Slam QF, but again dangerous in the sense he will force you to spend energy. He's probably the only guy who will produce an interesting match for Nadal. Whoever of the top 4 who gets Berdych or Ferrer in RG has the toughest draw based on recent form.
@Luckystar, suppose the draws had been flipped (I misunderstood what you meant) then regardless of Nadal's serve, he would have had a tough win over Djokovic. Sure he ended up beating a drained Djokovic in the finals in 4 sets, but those were tight sets. It's true he was serving well, but I think the fast court makes it harder for Nadal to chase down those balls, so Federer doenst' need to try to hit perfect shots and he'd make fewer errors. I guess we will disagree, but anyway the entire thing is counterfactual since it never happened (:))

Bharata , 6/1/12 4:48 PM

I'm not sure Verdasco can make it to the fourth round to meet Nole, he's one set down to Seppi now. Raonic has to get past Monaco first, and Monaco has beaten Raonic in the Houston final. Monaco was good at neutralizing Raonic's serves then, adopting the same court position as Rafa did on clay.

luckystar , 6/1/12 4:50 PM

Bharata - Sorry don't agree about Fed and Rafa at the USO. Rafa hardly needs to defend with his big serve. Fed wasn't any better in returning serves like Nole, I don't think Fed had any advantage over Rafa. Rafa was at the top of his game at the USO2010, can't say the same for Fed, when his level could fluctuate so much from set to set. We've to agree to disagree here.

luckystar , 6/1/12 5:04 PM


Wouldn't be surprised if Mahut pulls out a pen and paper in the middle of a rally and asks for Fed's autograph...................for his wife of course.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 5:31 PM

^^ you make good points, particularly with the level fluctuating. Djokovic is the better returner as well. In the end it would come down to a handful of points, as it usually does between them. Nadal's the 60-40 favourite based on mathup and his serving that year. Fed's flat forehands really travel fast through the court (watch highglihts of his 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 matches with Djokovic), though, so Nadal would be doing lots of defending if Fed could get on top of a rally. Basically, I'm just going by the AO 2009 final, but taking into account a much faster court so more cheap points for Fed off the forehand, but also Nadal would be serving better.

sadly we will probably not get to see these two play in that final. Can't blame either of them if the other fails to get past the semis (Nadal 2008-9, Fed 2010-11).

Bharata , 6/1/12 5:33 PM

The draw don't just start at the QF stage, so what's the point of having an easy opponent at the QF when one couldn't get past a difficult opponent in the earlier rounds?? If Fed has Rafa's draw now, I'm sure his fans would be screaming that it's a tough draw for Fed, even though he won't have Berdych as a QF opponent.

luckystar , 6/1/12 5:39 PM

@luckystar Fed 2009 RG draw was a joke as he did not face Djoker or Rafa there . I bet if Rafa had even won against Soderling, Rafa would have won that RG surely and would have defeated Fed surely in the finals. But Fed won and credit to him as he disposed off everyone else ...

My point to all Rafa fans here specifically is that why do they start making hue and cry as soon as it appears that a tougher opponent may bow out of Fed's draw.

And even if Fed fans make a lot of hue and cry about Rafa's fans draws whats the difference between two categories of fans . Both are same , both want to belittle each other which is the truth.......

And after 2 hours , now Fed's draw again becomes difficult because Berdych is thru......Just goes to show that some of the posters here jump on the gun too quickly......

fedexal , 6/1/12 5:47 PM

RickyDimon, 6/1/12 4:02 PM

What he said...

Conspirator , 6/1/12 5:51 PM

Federer swans around looking good against Joe Bloggs and his brothers in the earlier rounds but that doesn't prepare him for the real contests from the Qtrs onwards. It's counter productive IMO. I think coming through stiff competition early on, like Rafa is having to do, prepares you for the business end of the tournament, if you get there.

How much did these poor people on PC pay for their ticket to watch an exhibition match? Federer will win with one hand tied behind his back.

nadline , 6/1/12 5:54 PM

No, I definitely did NOT mean that any draw Federer gets is easy because he is SO GOOD. LOLOLOLOL.
2 and 3, yes. Mainly he just gets lucky and sure, at least a few of them have been fixed.
RickyDimon , 6/1/12 4:02 PM

Even Ricky confirms that some of Fed's draws have been fixed.

nadline , 6/1/12 6:00 PM

^he has a tough draw, we're told.............and we are expected to parrot that nonsense on pain of being called pathetic or worse................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:00 PM

Did anyone else hear Wilander saying that Federer is still learning how to hit an inside out forehand? This guy is such an idiot. He also just said that the reason Federer is so good too watch is that every now and then he'll shank a ball... just genius from that swedish idiot

willmw101 , 6/1/12 6:04 PM

Federer is the GOAT, nobody should be whining about him potentially facing Berdych, a croaked Berdych at that.............the guy can hardly run judging by his last match against Anderson.

Unless of course there are doubts about his GOATdom................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:06 PM

Maybe Mahut can stretch the 5th set to 70:68. Lol

nadline , 6/1/12 6:10 PM

The crowd will start doing a Mexican wave soon before they fall asleep.

nadline , 6/1/12 6:14 PM

It's true, Nadal has come through some stiff competition, Nadline, in his first two rounds. He's really building up his game facing adversity and not just cruising easily.. And despite his joke competition, Fed's already dropped a set.

Bharata , 6/1/12 6:18 PM

And now my TV station has switched from the thoroughly unpredictable and entertaining Wawa/Gillou match to the utterly boring, thoroughly predictable Fed/Mawho match.................

And please don't tell me there is a Frenchman in the latter because last time I checked, Gillou was one too..................

What kind of spell has Fed cast on people.................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:19 PM

@ Nadline......seems its better off me being at work........and thats boring!!!........

Monalysa , 6/1/12 6:22 PM

Bharata, 6/1/12 6:18 PM

An honest Fedfan! Thank you for confirming what I long suspected...............that you are an exception to the rule.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:22 PM

@ ritb

"What kind of spell has Fed cast on people................."

The kind that does not work on Rafa!!!!!


Monalysa , 6/1/12 6:24 PM

^^ are u serious. What competition Rafa has faced till now?

Do they really do this Mexican wave stuff n go of to sleep in Rafa's match too. They are pretty one sided too.

abhirf , 6/1/12 6:25 PM

All these easy opponents are making Fed looks good, like in Rome. This Wally Masur, I don't know whether he watches tennis played by all these top players throughout the year, or is just watching this FO as he's the commentator. He said Fed is trying different things on the tennis court once he knows he's comfortably ahead, while Rafa is always doing the same thing. What nonsense! Rafa is the one who plays differently according to the opponents he faces; Fed always plays the same style, always moving forward and looking to end points at the net.

Fed is trying to give Mahut more court time here, allowing him to hang around, not wanting to embarrass the French people too much.

luckystar , 6/1/12 6:27 PM

RITB, Nadline's obviously an intelligent person, which is why I'm not sure why sometimes she posts nonsense like Nadal's facing tough competition in the early rounds (as opposed to Fed). I don't see you or lucky saying such things, thankfully... Still she's succeeded into getting me to reply...

Ha but this Wilander is truly talking nonsense as well...

Bharata , 6/1/12 6:29 PM

Every winner Federer makes is proclaimed as pure by the commies. I'm so glad Rafael Nadal came along and tempered this hero worship of Federer, for reasons that escape me.

nadline , 6/1/12 6:31 PM

Oh Lucky, you are so charitable...............

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:34 PM

abhirf, some of Rafa's matches maybe one sided but they are not boring.

nadline , 6/1/12 6:36 PM

Fed not playing too well today, reminds me of his FO2009, he's probably working his way through the draw. Now Mahut has a set point! Still I expect Fed to come through in the end. Oh there goes the set to Mahut! Well done for winning one set!

luckystar , 6/1/12 6:38 PM

I'm fiddling whilst Rome burns, Mahut takes the 2nd set!!!!!!!!! Where did that come from?

nadline , 6/1/12 6:39 PM

@Bharata, oh, my bad..........didn't realise you were being facetious.

Be that as it may, I am sure in your honest moments you will concede that Istoman was a serious challenge for Rafa while.................sorry, can't remember who Roger has played so far and that it is a worry that Roger still saw fit to drop a set against one of them.

Speaking of which...........Roger has just dropped a set against Mahut............

Nadline is right, Rafa is being challenged and this will stand him in good stead later on...................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:39 PM

Hi Lucky, I think you are being a bit unfair there. 'Fed always plays the same style?'. He serves and volleys (say against Raonic), plays totally from the baseline sometimes (say vs a Berdych). Don't see Nadal serving and volleying a fact most of the time he seems content to wear down opponents and is only aggressive with his inside out forehand...

anyway, all the rafa fans predictions are right: as usual Fed's mathes just what a easy second set for Fed, wans't it ? (honestly, people...)

Bharata , 6/1/12 6:40 PM

I'm so glad Nole came and tempered this hero worship of Rafa and Fed that escapes me.

abhirf , 6/1/12 6:40 PM

I take back all I said about Fedfans and their perception of Fed's draw.............his draw IS tough from his and their perspective............

I mean, dropping sets like confetti and all....................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:41 PM

im not CONFIRMING that draws are fixed. Im speculating.

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 6:42 PM

similarly many of Fed's matches are one sided but they are not boring.

I'm so glad Nole came and tempered this hero worship of Rafa and Fed that escapes me. Lolz!

abhirf , 6/1/12 6:43 PM

I can't believe how lousy Fed is playing...he is allowing Mahut to make something out of this match...and Mahut is not even playing well...

natashao , 6/1/12 6:43 PM

Federer is relying too much on his serve he is not returning well this is not looking good for federer

tennis2011 , 6/1/12 6:44 PM

The way Fed is playing...............I hope someone takes him out before he meets Nole because he will be embarrassed..............

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:46 PM

The way he is playing he will lose to the winner of Del potro Berdych match if he gets that far

tennis2011 , 6/1/12 6:50 PM

dont worry. Should Roger and Nole play each other, it would be an interesting match.

abhirf , 6/1/12 6:52 PM

and now Verdasco bites the Nole is proceeding at a canter.

If Rafa wins RG2012 he deserves to take over the mantle of GOAT.................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 6:53 PM

Yes, it's true, at this level, Fed wouldn't do well vs either Del Potro or Berdych in this form...not to mention Djokovic .

abhrff, I agree, less hero worship is a good thing!

Bharata , 6/1/12 6:53 PM

Rafa doesn't get any hero worship.

nadline , 6/1/12 7:00 PM

Bharata, how often you see Fed S&V?? Rafa always play the same style and grind his opponents?? I don't see him grinding his opponents this clay season. I don't see him grinding his opponents on grass too, in fact Rafa plays differently on different surfaces, unlike Fed who always play the same way on any surface.

The one who can really play different styles is Murray, not Fed. Fed certainly doesn't counterpunch, doesn't junk ball. And Murray does S&V too. Rafa doesn't S& V the whole match but does it as a surprise tactics. Rafa also moves to the net effectively, picking the right time to do so. Next time go watch them on different surfaces, these top four guys, and see who plays differently on different surfaces.

PS. Fed was successful S & V against a player like Raonic. He won't against the other top guys, as they'll simply pass him time and again when he comes to the net.

luckystar , 6/1/12 7:01 PM

^^ it's true, just unconditional love...

Bharata , 6/1/12 7:01 PM

Well, I'm not that much bothered about Roger's game. As far as I have seen him play, in every tournament he plays only one match at his best. Rest of them he manages to scrape through with his experience. So in a way it's good that he hasnt been at his best yet. Maybe he gets in that hitting zone in next matches.

abhirf , 6/1/12 7:01 PM

Thank God for small mercies...............TV feed back to Wawa/Gillou match........

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 7:04 PM

Maybe, Fed's game appears of same style to u coz he mixes up each n every aspect of the game in his each and every match irrespective of the surface.

abhirf , 6/1/12 7:08 PM

Fed will play D Goffin in 4th round..joke ;-0

BTW who is this Goffin? Never heard of him, I doubt even if Fed has :-)

sanju , 6/1/12 7:15 PM

lucky..where did you read Berdy has a thigh problem?

Anybody knows hows Delpo knee doing in Cilic match? I see he is 2 sets to 1 up

sanju , 6/1/12 7:17 PM

he's AWESOME. I was first on his bandwagon (outside of Belgium).

and he hasn't won yet

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 7:17 PM

^^^Goffin? One of the difficult players in Fed's draw..........

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 7:18 PM

D Goffin is someone who has won 3 rounds from Federer's half which nobody apart from Federer has done .....@sanju Thank God you did not say that Fed has fixed the other half of the draw as well..........

fedexal , 6/1/12 7:19 PM

fedexal..I never say anything that is speculative..I am sure you know that by now :-)

Had any of us heard of Goffin before this tourney ? :-)

sanju , 6/1/12 7:20 PM

And that's why he couldn't beat Rafa most of the time on clay, cos he can't adjust his game! Unlike Rafa, who can adjust and adapt and that's why he's beating Fed on different surfaces more than Fed beats him, and that's why Rafa is now beating Nole by playing differently! And that's why watching Rafa plays tennis is so much more enjoyable.

luckystar , 6/1/12 7:22 PM

@sanju; Little while ago you mentioned Delpo is injured and Berdych was 2 sets to one down you deduced his draw got easy now Berdych has won and Delpo winning as going by your senseless logic has it become difficult now?

fedexal , 6/1/12 7:22 PM

Goffin won

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 7:24 PM

Who the f$#k is David Goffin??????

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 7:24 PM

I think the Fed qtr against Delpo/Berdy may turn out to be anticlimatic..Berdy already had a slugfest today..The Delpo Berdy match sure will go the distance and will be hard fought.. Fed may actually comfortably win that oe as both Berdy and Delpo look impaired and hence Fed neednt have to struggle much

I for sure would love a Nole - Fed semi, so would prefer to support Fed to see real crackling tennis next Friday

Oh my just saw Goffin on TV..he looks like a 15 year old :-)..hell lose the match even before he steps on court on Sunday :-) And RG better not schedule Fed Goffin on one will be interested :-)

sanju , 6/1/12 7:25 PM

@sanju - Completely agree with you....Everybody wants Fed-Nole SF ....And I hope they have a long brutal match so that Rafa can benefit .....At the same time as a Rafa fan I want Rafa to beat Nole in the final ...that will be the ultimate satisfaction and will stand Rafa in very good stead in long run............

fedexal , 6/1/12 7:28 PM

Goat vs. Goatfin. Showdown.

RickyDimon , 6/1/12 7:29 PM

sanju, Berdych called the trainer and had his left thigh all wrapped up during his match today. His movement seemed impaired during the match, I don't know whether he'll be OK in time for his next match.

luckystar , 6/1/12 7:29 PM

fedxal...why are you so grumpy and defensive?

Ofcourse if Anderson woud have beaten Berdy, Feds draw would have been easier..what is senseless about it? Its 100% full on sense :-)

Delpo is a documented impaired knee case in this again playing an impaired Delpo is easier than a fully fit Delpo..again 100% full on sense , no ? :-)

If Delpo and Berdy kill each other on court, Fed will ofcourse benifit, again 100% full on sense no ? :-)

Inshort Berdy and Delpo have given Fed trouble in the past, Anderson & Cilc haven't, so yes if Berdy or Delpo get out, Feds draw does becum easier , why is it so difficult to digest that? Its not Feds fault, its just that things would have got aligned for him , as simple as that :-)

sanju , 6/1/12 7:31 PM

I might have to eat my laptop afterall.

nadline , 6/1/12 7:33 PM

I would have liked a Nole/Fed semi but judging by what I am seeing from Fed, I hope it does not happen, Fed will be embarrassed..............this is not the Fed of RG2011, by a long shot......

To make matters worse for Fed, Delpo and Berdy do not leek 100% so neither are going to give him much competition, which he needs if he is going to stand a chance against Nole or Rafa.................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 7:36 PM

Roger,Yet to show his A game.Looks like he is dreaming of having lunch with Queen again at All England Tennis Club.

so, swiched over and just finished watching highlighgts of 1988 Wimbledon final between Steffi Graf and Martina Navaratilova,
Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker.What a fantastic display of tennis skills........

hrsikesa , 6/1/12 7:36 PM

Fed Nole last year was brutual too..but then I doubt it will anyways go beyond 3.5 - 4 hours , last years match too didnt, so recovery time should be fine . Fed will never want a match to drag on for hours , hell finish points quickly and win it or gift UE by the dozen and lose it.

sanju , 6/1/12 7:37 PM

yeah, Fed cant adjust or change his backhand from a one-handed to a two-handed. Maybe Rafa should have told it when Fed was still 12 yrs. old but too late now.
And Btw, Rafa is yet to beat him on indoors. I think he needs some more time to adjust. Lolz. Everyone knows Fed is best at adjusting to diff conditions. And i think, the game of tennis is not just Fed vs Rafa. It is Fed vs everyone. Same is for Rafa.

abhirf , 6/1/12 7:37 PM

3 all in 4th set

tennis2011 , 6/1/12 7:38 PM

I am not defensive ......But I don't follow double standards like you as a Rafa fan do....If a seeded player at Rafa's galf loses do you ever write on TT that Rafa is lucky......But you do that in case of Rafa....When Karlovic lost nobody mentioned that one of the big hitters has gone out of Rafa's half but when the draw came out everybody was writing of big hitters like Karlovic and Raonic in Rafa's draw....
Now Raonic is still there, everybody writes of his presence but nobody writes that Rafa is facing nobody instead of Karlovic in 3rd round ......

Yes, buddy you follow different standards for different players...I call this a sick mentality.....

fedexal , 6/1/12 7:38 PM

Just as I predicted - a Mexican wave to liven things up.

nadline , 6/1/12 7:43 PM

And that's why Rafa has positive H2H against everyone except Davy, while Fed still can't lord over Rafa and Murray, and Nole is soon going to lord over Fed more often.

Yeah only indoors where Fed fans can boast about now, and Fed certainly can't adjust his game to beat the other three top four guys. I see now Fed is even having problem putting away guys of his age group, a guy like Mahut for example.

luckystar , 6/1/12 7:44 PM

fedexal..nobody was screaming from rooftops of Rafas draw being brutual from the very start..that was done for Feds draw only..hence it is gettig mentioned.

Rafas draw was always difficult but never screamt as being brutual by any of his fans here
And who in his right frame of mind thought Karlovic would trouble Rafa on red clay..surely not me.

They say it takes one to recognise one..So if I have a sick mentality you sure have one too..haha..Over and out..I cant argue baselessly over you on a Friday night for no rhyme or reason when there is nothing to argue about

sanju , 6/1/12 7:45 PM

What's wrong with Federer ? He is playing horrible tennis since Roma. It seems we got the 2008/2010 Roger version back.

Emiliano55 , 6/1/12 7:47 PM

Hmm I don't know lucky...clearly Murray has the most variety I agree. I think Nadal fans are right to get annoyed if people just dismiss him as a grinder - he is not. But in terms of how he wins a match - serve and volleying, chipping and charging off the 2nd serve...I think it's pretty clear what he's trying to do usually, and it's very effective so why should he stop? I woulnd't attribute his two recent victories over Djokovic on clay to him simply using his great variety to beat Djokovic. 42 unforced errors had something to do with it (those are not forced errors).

Bharata , 6/1/12 7:48 PM

Fed is determined to make heavy weatrher of this Mahut match I see.............

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 7:48 PM

Is Federer serious????

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 7:50 PM

After playing Federer in two sets Mahut realises.....ooh, this Roger guy is not good as everyone says he is.......if I try I can actually win a set......................oops.......I just did!!!!!

Now Roger, seriously?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nadline...........if you're not careful, you may have to eat your laptop afterall!!!!!!!

Monalysa , 6/1/12 7:50 PM

Fed will wrap it up in 4..though I agree surrenderng the break back was ridiculous

sanju , 6/1/12 7:52 PM

Not so ridiculous... Mahut is playing some beautiful tennis...

zare , 6/1/12 7:56 PM

actually hes ultra aggressive and he is fisting pump for every damn point he wins

Mahuts backhand sucks, is non existent

sanju , 6/1/12 7:58 PM

bharata, may I ask, how many UFEs Nole had against Fed in the SF? Nole won't just make UFEs for nothing! He's obviously trying too hard to beat Rafa, who wasn't serving very well too on that day, also because of Nole's good ROS most likely. Rafa just made Nole hit many balls and forced him to go for too much. Also Rafa was good at the net that day, choosing the right moment for the drop shot, covered the net position well, anticipated Nole's reactions well and outwitted him to get the service break. He combined his defensive and offensive plays well on that day to beat Nole in straight sets. Credit where credit is due.

luckystar , 6/1/12 7:59 PM

The real problem is that Fed can't grind.................this is why he is made to look ordinary by the Mahut's of this world on clay..................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 8:00 PM

Are we still talking about Rome?..............who still cant believe Rafa beat Nole?

Monalysa , 6/1/12 8:02 PM

dont know which adjustments u are talking about. Rafa may be trying anything against Fed but is succesful only when he adopts the same routine forehand to backhand strategy while standing way behind the baseline, to dominate the rallies. And Fed leads him on Hard courts and Grass. And i think u need to adjust more to the hard courts. And btw, who was the one who adjusted to win this 'blue smurf'.

abhirf , 6/1/12 8:02 PM's over now.... maybe I will be able to se some Nole's points

zare , 6/1/12 8:02 PM

Next for Fed...........a lucky loser, Goffin..........'nuff said.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 8:05 PM

Well... with Kamke he was beyond pathetic...
Ungur got set???
Mahut made him dig deep... ?
Maybe he will finally have one match with lucky looser... or...who knows???

zare , 6/1/12 8:07 PM

Allez Roger!

abhirf , 6/1/12 8:08 PM

Chris Bradnam of Eurosport has just said that Federer is the 2nd best claycourt player of all time. Now, if Rafa and Borg are vying to be the best claycourt player of all time, one of them would be 2nd, so how can Federer be 2nd?

The talk sooooooooo much nonsense.

nadline , 6/1/12 8:13 PM

abhirf, Fed couldn't make it to the Wimbledon finals the past two years to meet Rafa, not allowing Rafa to any chance to reverse their H2H on grass. On the hard courts, Rafa is better than Fed outdoors. You mentioned about the indoors but conveniently exclude the outdoors and trying to lump the two together to make it better for Fed. Yeah, Fed adjusted to te blue clay, but see what he gets on the red clay at Rome and here at RG? Got beaten soundly by Nole in Rome and struggling to beat Mahut here at RG! And clay is Mahut's least favorite surface! So how's his adjustment doing on the red clay? In hindsight, both Rafa and Nole were smarter, by not adjusting to the blue clay and hence not risking injury or any harm done to their game on red clay. I see Serena also was beaten early here on red clay, after winning on blue clay and injuring her back there.

luckystar , 6/1/12 8:13 PM

abhi..Rafa leads Fed on outdoor HC..5-2 I think

Fed ofcourse has whtewashed Rafa on it 4-0?

Grass well hope a match on grass between Fed and Rafa is what I really crave for..nothing after Wimby 2008 the dream match..thats a shame actually

sanju , 6/1/12 8:14 PM

Phew!!!!! I was getting ready to eat my laptop.

nadline , 6/1/12 8:17 PM

Rafa is last on Philip Chartier tomm (:-

Murray got pushed to Court 1

sanju , 6/1/12 8:19 PM

Also, who's talking about adjusting to beat Fed? I'm talking about adjusting the game to beat different opponents, especially when the opponent happen to improve that much to dominate the tour. I haven't seen Fed doing that to counter the top two guys. If Fed's not careful, another one or two guys may start beating him more frequently than he beats them.

luckystar , 6/1/12 8:25 PM

David Goffin - watched some of the match he played against Kubot today. What a spunky little guy - he deserved the win and showed a lot of heart. He is a lucky loser who replaced Monfils. It is a fairytale so far as he has beaten Stepanek and Kubot - no mean feat for a little known Belgian.

I loved the fighter in him.

schatz , 6/1/12 8:25 PM

Federer has recruited left handed Michael Berrer into his team to help him prepare for Rafa.

nadline , 6/1/12 8:35 PM

hi lucky, you are right that Djokovic had very few errors in the Rome SF in which he won fairly convincingly. He was also outwitted by Nadal on a few 'instinctive' plays since Nadal has great instincts. ON the other hand to me it seems Nadal relies on his opponent to go for the perfect shot, and they make errors (not forced ones). a lot of those errors Djokovic made were on easy balls he mishit long or wide or into the net. The fact is that it's very hard to hit those type of shots all the time because everyone expects a winner. So to me watching 2011 clay matches and 2012 clay matches between the two, the main difference was Djokvoic simply made less srrors last year. I dont' see some brand new strategy or tactics or variety from Nadal that outsmarted Djokovic or left him helpless. But we'll see I guess a week Sunday...I predict Nadal will win, but it will be basically the same style of match they always play.

Bharata , 6/1/12 8:42 PM

^^no, please don't say...................they would have to invent anew name for this level of arrogance...........

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 8:42 PM

Bharata, 6/1/12 8:42 PM

You're right but you're also missing 3 important tactical changes by Rafa in 2012:

1. he is looking to employ his forehand as an offensive rather than defensive weapon;
2. Variety in service patterns, especially neutralising Nole's return game by serving to Nole's forehand; and
3. Use of the backhand slice to take the pace off Nole's return and set up the killer forehand for Rafa because Rafa can generate his own pace.

As far as Rafa is concerned, Nole is all about the return.........and that's what he looks to disrupt................

So, while you will get a few bruising long rallies, they will be few and far between............

rafaisthebest , 6/1/12 8:51 PM

Well said RITB. Do note that last year, Rafa was without his forehand DTL shot and his backhand was a liability. His serve was up and down, especially during IW last year.

If Rafa employs all these new tactics at the AO this year, I'm sure the final match won't go on for almost six hours. They're both grinding out that match basically, running around along the baseline, not venturing to the net often.

luckystar , 6/1/12 9:09 PM

lol, saying that nadal is doing nothing different from last year and its all about djokovic not playing like last year is EXTREMELY POOR observation. The three points mentioned by RITB are spot on . In addition to those points, here are a couple more :

-nadal is using the forehand DTL and the inside out forehand MUCH MORE often. He was gutted about his play last year , saying ' I was too predictable' and by that he meant that he was going cross court way more often in 2011 and its QUITE visible he has removed that predictability this year. In rome he started missing the DTL forehands at one stage so he used the CC forehand more at that stage...otherwise, tactics are clear

-rafa's backhand is an improved shot this year, it's not breaking down like last year at all ! he is generating much better length as well this his backhand, so visible in the last two matches, MC in particular.

-mark woodforde was talking about why djokovic has not used those short angled forehands this year against rafa and he concluded that actually the credit goes to rafa to stepping in and cutting off those angles. He has taken away the effect of that shot by standing closer to the baseline.

vamosrafa , 6/1/12 9:15 PM -Serve-Forehand-Analysis.aspx

Here is a very good analysis about the adjustments rafael has made ! these adjustments have nothing to do with djokovic.

Also, remember rafa made that intelligent racket adjustment, I know its paying off !

vamosrafa , 6/1/12 9:24 PM

I was going to answer the absurdities in Bharata's post, but I see that ritb, lucky and vamosrafa have all done it for me. Thank goodness there are Rafa fans here to stand up for him and give the lie to Fed fan propaganda!

I well remember on this site and others online, how many were saying that Rafa would never beat Nole again. It was over because of seven straight losses. I said at the time that if Rafa thought like that, then he might as well hang up his racket and retire.

Rafa has obviously changed his tactics this year. Nole may not be playing at his 2011 level, but Rafa's 2011 was far from his best. That is something that many conveniently forgot. Now Rafa's game is back, his mental strength has also returned, but I think most importantly of all Rafa said that he is playing with more calm and is happy now. He found the passion, the enjoyment of the competition and the fight. Along with the very real technical adjustments he has made that my fellow Rafa fans have pointed out, Rafa has found himself again. He is playing like a man on a mission and it's a beautiful thing to see!

Nativenewyorker , 6/1/12 9:27 PM

great post native, how can we forget the mental edge aspect ! rafa's biggest strength is his unmatched mental toughness and 2011 rafa was fragile on big moments. It is all ok for rafa now, he sounds so positive ! He is enjoying out there and playing with calm on big moments. he was miserably nervous on big moments last year, e.g 4-5 30-0 up in the wimb final (set 1 ) and rafa missed two routine forehands and I was left scratching my head !

He is saving tonnes of break points again this year, trademark nadal ! rafa is the strongest in the RG final and we know how tough he is on break points in RG finals he has saved 55/68 break points in RG finals , i.e 81 % ..that included 16/17 saved against federer in 2007 final. Rafa is the master of big points , he was not the master in 2011 but he is the master AGAIN

vamosrafa , 6/1/12 9:38 PM

Indeed, do you remember Nadal's pressers in the first week of RG last year? Never have heard such low level mood openly admitted (whether you think being so open about it is good or not). It is last year that rafa would have been vulnerable to Novak had Novak made the final. I am not saying it is clear who would have won but Novak would have been the favorite then.

But now 2011 is history as is the second half of 2009. Rafa's confidence and skills are similar to 2008 and 2010. No wonder the bookies have him as a strong favorite at RG. So often in life it is how you pick yourself up when things are not going your way that makes a big difference.

chlorostoma , 6/1/12 9:56 PM

Great posts but lets hope the confidence is back at the GS level too. No better place to get his GS form going than RG. As MC : Masters :: RG : GS for Rafa. :)
I still am looking forward to that elusive GS win for Rafa over Nole to say that he well and truly is back.
But till then Vamos!

vmk1 , 6/1/12 10:18 PM

call me biased, I don't mind, but I truly do not see Novak beating Rafa at this RG if they meet in the final

chlorostoma , 6/1/12 10:29 PM

Chloro, even I would have agreed with you, were it not for the pain of the last three GS finals. So much so, that I am hoping he does not have to go through Nole to lift his FO. I would be gutted if somehow a 4th straight GS final defeat is inflicted on him by Nole.

I know its a pessimistic attitude, but I would rather they meet in the Wimby final than here. :D

vmk1 , 6/1/12 10:34 PM

Well thanks for the comments RITB and vamosrafa...although I did not mean 'Nadal just beat Djokovic because the latter made so many errors.' What I was not sure about was luckystar saying that Nadal has so much variety in his game whereas Fed just plays the same style. ..each plays to his strength. For example 'looking to use the FH as an offensive weapon' - well of course he did this last year too against Djokovic...he was also trying to slice the backhand DTL to Djokovic in the US Open last year. Vamosrafa makes some good observations about cutting off angles.

At least he is trying different things to disrupt Djokovic a little more. Frankly, I think the major difference is that last year Nadal hit a lot of mid court balls, and now he's hitting deep again. But to me these are issues of tactics, not really 'variety' - different shots, serve/volleying, going to the net off a chip. Of course Nadal DOES NOT NEED to do this because what he does works very, very well.

Oh well in the end he'll win against Djokovic and you guys can slap each other on the back :)

Bharata , 6/2/12 12:40 AM

thanks for your response, Bharata. Well, I forgot to mention one more thing. Rafa is not giving djokovic many angles to work with. Actually, rafa is using his forehand much more aggressively this year. He is hitting those deep,heavy forehands into the centre of the court just to deny djokovic angles and draw some relatively short balls and then he unleashes via massive inside out forehands.

I agree with RITB with the use of the sliced backhand, I suggest you watch the Australian open final and notice one pattern of play ! there were millions of rallies of course lol, but rafa used one pattern of play to good effect. He hits a deep slice to djokovic's backhand to draw a neutral ball and then attack djo's forehand with his massive forehand. This was used with great success by rafa, i did not see such pattern of plays last year. Rafa was just too predictable.

Rafa's inside out forehand for me is a very very important was missing last year and so was the DTL was way too much CC ! And of course such changes would creep uncertainties into nole's mind too.

LAstly, i think what Lucky was trying to say was that rafael adjusts the most against different opponents and to play on different surfaces. Nadal's return positioning is a perfect example ! watch this video below please

Is there any other player who can make such huge adjustments in a span of 2 weeks? NO ! only rafa does it. During madrid they also showed an anlysis according to which on average rafa stands the furthest back on clay, about 4m on average , on or inside the baseline on grass and almost exactly in between these to extremes to return on hard courts on average !

nadal's net clearance is also another example ! his forehand clears the net with much lower height at wimbledon ...Rafa also varies his serve according to the surface ! he relies more on placement to win on clay but he knew getting pace was the only way to win Us open and he did ! I can write many many other examples :)

Contrary to this, nole, federer turn a clay court into a hard court and do almost nothing differently (of course nothing wrong with it, just talking about adjustments) ... Ok this post is getting too long so I am gona end

vamosrafa , 6/2/12 1:36 AM

You're right vamosrafa. Rafa plays differently on different surfaces. Fed and Nole play the same way on any surface. Yep, they play their hard court game even on clay and grass, because their hard court game is their best game.

Rafa relies more on his rallying, point constructions and defensive skills on clay and on slower surfaces and that's why he can extract so many errors from Nole. On grass, he changes his tactics by being more aggressive, shortens the points and uses the slices more often. On the fast hard courts, he tries to serve big and he also comes forward more often (eg his IW final against Nole last year).

Even on clay, he plays differently against say Berdych, Ferrer or Nole. Against Berdych, he's more aggressive, serving big and uses his passing shots well, knowing that Berdych isn't good at retrieving. Against Ferrer, he's a bit more defensive and patient, knowing that being aggressive against a good retriever like Ferrer won't work well. Against Nole, he's both defensive and offensive and using all his guile, his skills to outwit Nole, knowing that hard hitting and trying to overpower Nole won't work well.

In fact, I thought Rafa found the right way to play against Nole at IW last year; too bad his serve fell apart then and he lost. From then on he abandoned that style of play against Nole and relied on heavy hitting and grinding and ended up losing.

luckystar , 6/2/12 3:23 AM

Rafa had to make all these adjustments, because his natural game is a grinder one. That's why he is so good on the clay. He's not a natural aggressor. Roger on the other hand is a naturally aggressive player and that's what makes him a good player on HC. And i dont think he will adopt the grinding style at this time of his career. He's gotten along well against everyone except Rafa and Nole. Now, these days, it can be seen that Fed is not able to control his nerves at crucial junctures. Yesterday's and even previous match at this RG being an example of it when he cant close it out. Best one the 2 MP's that he squandered in USO. In a best of 3, Fed can easily beat anybody. But in best of 5 against Novak and Rafa, he gets physically and mentally crumbled. Also his game fluctuates too much b/w sets. He suddenly starts timing the ball beautifully and then next moment will shank them. His game relies much more on how he feels the ball in any match. If he is able to feel it well, he will blast away his opponents. Moreover, i havent seen him trying bagelling or baguetting the opponents. He's more than content with one break of serve which and generally goes for it in the 7th or 8th game of a set ( that thing really frustrate even me at times especially against top guys) Why he leaves it for so late, only he knows. But there may be some point in it afterall. I mean why to slug out your energy when u can win a match with a scoreline of 63 64 63 in 1hr 40 mins. rather than trying to bagel his opponent in 2hr. 10 mins. This is the reason why he remains mostly fit during the whole course of the season.

And most of the time his two consecutive matches have no relation with each other. He may struggle against a nobody in one match and then will go on to demolish a seeded or a top player in the very next match. So yes, he is struggling in the RG at the moment but hasn't he won most of the tournaments this season while looking off coloured in his earlier rounds. This doesnt mean that he will the RG. As i said his game is more about getting a feel of the ball rather than those adjustments.

abhirf , 6/2/12 4:15 AM

Rafa started off on clay that's why he may seem a grinder to you or most people. However, as he evolved, he can adapt by playing differently to win on different surfaces. Mind you, his aggressive game is better than anyone else's, including Fed's. He doesn't need to grind to beat Fed, especially on clay.

Just look at how he played against Fed since FO 2008. He almost beat Fed in straight sets at Wimbledon, if not for the rain delay when Rafa was two sets to nil up against Fed. Fed won't have time to regroup had it not for the rain, that's how well Rafa was playing on grass then. Come AO 2009, Rafa was clearly the best player all through the tournament and if not for that tough semifinal, he might not even need to go the distance to beat Fed. In fact VJ Armitraj, the commentator at Star Sports, had predicted that Rafa would win in straight sets if not for the long SF that he had. Rafa hardly needed to grind out his wins over opponents like Simon (no.6 then) or Gonzo. Fed was having an easier path then with Safin, Delpo and Roddick, players he owned all along! In fact after 2008, I hardly see Rafa grinding out wins and 2011 being the exception. Sure he needed to grind against Nole and still lost but since AO this year, Rafa didn't need to grind to beat Nole! He hardly grind out his wins this year on clay. He had problem with his knee at Miami and therefore he took a longer time to beat Tsonga there and had to withdraw from the tournament after that.

Fed also needs to resort to grinding these days. Remember Wimbledon 2010 R1? or AO 2008 against Tipsy (granted he had his illness), AO 2009 against Berdych, USO 2008 against Andreev; FO 2009 against Delpo, Haas; Wimbledon final 2009; USO final 2009, SF 2010/2011; Wimbledon QF 2011 against Tsonga??

While Fed's game may be enough against most players, he's not able to adjust it to overcome the other three top four guys, and may not be good enough to hold off guys like Berdych and Tsonga for long. Berdych is slowly but steadily beating Fed on grass and hard courts and he's getting close to Fed on clay. You may argue that Fed is now thirty years old, but the fact that he's still top three means he's good enough to compete at a high level, so by not being able to adjust his game, he'll soon drop out of top four.

Of course Rafa is still in his prime now, time will tell whether he'll still able to adapt and change his game as he grows older. My bet is he will, as he grows older and starts losing his speed and power, he'll compensate for that by his improved all round skills. Knowing Rafa, he'll keep finding ways to improve as long as he still can play competitive tennis.

luckystar , 6/2/12 4:56 AM

Mind you, it's on the hard courts that Fed can still play his best tennis, and he's smart enough to play six hard court tournaments at the beginning of this year to gather all his points. However, he still lost the most important of them all, ie the AO, and he couldn't sustain his wins playing back to back Masters events, losing early at Miami to Roddick, a player he owned. He was successful at Madrid because that court was effectively a hard court. As I've mentioned, he's playing a hard court game on all surfaces, and therefore he's having problems now on real clay, spending more time in dispatching lower ranked opponents than desired.

luckystar , 6/2/12 5:14 AM

Oh, I see Fed grinding out his wins against his opponents this RG, certainly not beating them 6-3,6-4,6-2 in less than 2 hrs! In fact Rafa is the one who beats his opponents in less than 2 hours, while Fed broke sweats and slugged it out with his last two opponents here, certainly in more than 2 hours. Yeah, you're right, why spend more time on the court when you can finish off your opponents in straight sets under 2 hours (for a best of five sets match that is).

luckystar , 6/2/12 5:29 AM

are u kidding? Is owning one player makes him nothing. That means Rafa should now not lose even a single set in any match against Fed as he owns him. And Ferrer should withdraw the next time he has to face Rafa or Fed as they own. But only they know how good a player David is and they have to be at their best to beat him. One off day and the match is gone. Roddick is far more dangerous on hard court than Giles and Gonzo. The record that Fed owns against him doesnt mean that Roddick will lose every match. There's an end to every streak. And I think Roddick had his last win before this one in Miami. So that would have boosted him. Just like it's for Fed vs Rafa on Indoors. And didnt Safin beat Rog in AO 2005 and i think Delpo was also in the top 8 that time and later went on to win USO that year by beating Rafa and Fed back to back.

And i cant get ur meaning of grinding? I thought by grinding u meant standing behind baseline and try to get involved in long rallies. But i think u called just sticking around for the time in the match for ur opponent to loosen up the grinding style. Could u please clarify.

Also, Fed has done the adjustment with his growing age. He comes to the net more often than he used to do in past. (a change in the tactic that many players resort too when they start ageing.)

I mentioned it earlier that dont try to read and rate Fed's game in a tournament from the matches. His game is too much fluctuating these days.

He's still a top gun and has all the things to beat others more often than not. It's his serve (which definitely is the most underrated aspect of his game.) which deserts him now at crucial junctures (something which has to do with his nerves).

And I havent seen Rafa beating Fed with his aggressive game. That's a strategy Fed uses to unsettle Rafa by being aggressive, while, Rafa chooses to do it by his defence. That's the only strategy by which Fed can defeat Rafa and Rafa get defeat Fed and they know it better than we do.

abhirf , 6/2/12 6:01 AM

And u still seem to miss the point. U are basing ur comments based on this RG alone. Most of the times Fed's 4 set matches would be of shorter duration than Rafa's 3 set matches. Just check it out. And seriously do u think that such routine drubbing should last even more than 90 mins. It should not take more than 75 mins. Rafa will take same amount of time to lose just 4 games than Rog will take to lose around 10 games. It's nothing of a dishonor to Rafa. He is a great competitor and likes to win the match in best possible manner. On the other hand, Roger just wants the win. He's unperturbed by the no. of games his opponents win.

abhirf , 6/2/12 6:15 AM

abhirf, Roddick beats Fed and that's one year ago in Miami 2008, before that 2009AO! Safin, he beats Fed in 2005 and never beat him since. Are you kidding me when you said they could beat him at the AO that year??

Yes, Fed needed to grind out matches, even when he had his serves to help him, can you imagine Fed without his serves, how would he fare then? He had his narrow escapes against Berdych at AO 2009; Roddick at Wimbledon 2009; Rafa at Wimbledon 2007, but not as fortunate at the AO/USO 2009, USO 2010/2011 and Wimbledon 2011, when his serves couldn't save him. IMO, grinding is not only restricted to relying on ground strokes and defensive skills, one can be aggressive and yet still has to grind to win, as he still has to win points by hitting winners, be it by forehand/backhand or by serving and the fact that one has to go the distance with such play means that his opponent simply plays well enough to make him go the distance, and it's a grinding as one has to stay focus to serve well and it takes a mental toll for one to have to consistently stay focus. That Fed/Roddick Wimbledon final was almost a serve fest and it was also a long match, and Fed also had to grind out a win by outlasting his opponent with his serves. It's certainly a physically and mentally exhausting match for both, as both had to concentrate and stayed focus during their serve fest.

You haven't seen Rafa beating Fed by his aggressive game? What about FO2008, Miami 2011, Wimbledon 2008(especially before the rain); Dubai 2006 and oh, that Miami 2004 match when Rafa was only a kid back then!

luckystar , 6/2/12 6:42 AM

Fed fans know everything. Bharata is right. Fed has a brutal draw. Imagine playing against Kamke, Unger, Mahut and Goffin in successive rounds!
Rafans may not have heard of any of them except perhaps Mahut (because of his marathon first round match at Wimbledon which incidentally he had lost). But that only proves their ignorance.
There were also other potential opponents like clay court terror Roddick but luckily the American lost early.
The aforementioned guys are terrors who could turn a strong man's knees to jelly (read Nadal). Had Nadal got Federer's draw, he would have withdrawn before the start.

vij , 6/2/12 6:44 AM

abhirf, Fedis relying heavily on his serves to win these days, and you're here questioning why Rafa takes so long to finish his match? Rafa doesn't rely heavily on his serves and he's still able to beat Nole without his serve functioning well at Rome. Just imagine Fed without his serve, do you think he still can win his matches so soon? Chances are he may even lose his matches! Just imagine Fed without his serve against Raonic, do you think he still can win?? Rafa on the other hand, can rely on his ground strokes to beat Raonic, using his passing shots to beat Raonic at the net, and returns just well enough to beat Raonic both times they met on the fast hard courts at Tokyo, in straight sets and breaking serves in both matches.

In that USO SF last year, Fed was relying heavily on his serves to win the first two sets against Nole, however, once his level dropped and Nole upping his own level, Nole was able to win the next two sets and made a match out of the last set and won.

Though I would like Rafa to regain that USO 2010 big serve, I'm more than happy that Rafa need not rely heavily on his serves to win his matches, and he can come up with different tactics to beat his opponents.

luckystar , 6/2/12 6:59 AM

luckystar u again got it wrong there. or i misunderstood u. if staying long in a match is grinding then ok i will agree wid ur point. but i havent even seen fed completely relying on his serve to do the damage. when his setrve gets going it becomes really tough to beat him. and dont u like to play on ur strengts while facing trcky opponents. i agree fed doesnt have the ground game similar to rafa. so he plays with his serve to get him free points. but it is not like that he cant beat raonic without having a good serving day.. its like saying rafa cant beat raonic when his ground game on a day is suddenly off. these guys are too experienced to handle such situations.

and i just said that fed's serve is underrated and not that it is his biggest strength. it just gets him free points against players with better ground game than his. this is also an adjustment that he does according to the need.

rafa played the aggressive one in miami 2004. after that he has been on the offense only when fed is a bit unsettled. once fed gets in his rythm rafa agin goes back to his defensive strategy.

but i think we are doing a lot of harm by comparing two players with different strengths and style.

abhirf , 6/2/12 7:24 AM

and we cant do anything if all the seeds starts falling in fed's half.. now seriously how many of u would have thought that ungur will take out nalbandian.
and seriously who has novak and rafa faced till now. i havent heard their names too.
they cant do anything if the seeds in their draw start falling.

abhirf , 6/2/12 7:35 AM

abhirf, they have different strength and weaknesses. As i said, Rafa uses different strategies for different opponents. If Rafa thinks aggressive play can win him his matches, like he did in some of his matches against Fed, and like his Rome match against Berdych, he'll go ahead with it. When his opponents get offensive, naturally he would rely more of his defence to neutralize some of their aggressive plays, unless his opponent, like Berdych, for example, can't retrieve well and so offensive play is the way to go. Do note that Ferrer, Simon and Stan were all trying to play aggressively against Rafa this clay season, and they're all good and moved well on clay, but Rafa was good enough to counter their games with his own defence and offence game and beat them in the end. Rafa knows when to be defensive or offensive and it's not fair to say that he grinds out his wins. To me, he only does that when he's not playing well, like in 2011. He hardly needs to grind these days, when his body is in tip top condition and his game is at a good level.

luckystar , 6/2/12 7:45 AM

^^^ same goes with Fed. he doesnt need to grind it out against anyone when he is on top of his game.

abhirf , 6/2/12 7:55 AM

^^^ but he still lost to Rafa in the slam finals, and he's on top of his game in slam finals, at least most of the times!

luckystar , 6/2/12 8:04 AM

yeah but rafa had to grind it out though we was on top of his game.

abhirf , 6/2/12 8:20 AM

i mean even when 'he' was on top of his game.

and i still think Roger can beat Rafa at grass when both are on top of their games co their matches are decided on few points. who knows maybe those pts land up in fed's zone the next time they meet.

abhirf , 6/2/12 8:27 AM

There you go again, I don't see Rafa grinding in his FO2008 final. He doesn't grind in that Wimbledon 2008 final too, if not for the rain. Neither was he grinding in his 2006/2007 FO finals.

He didn't grind in his FO and Wimbledon 2010 finals against his other opponents.

luckystar , 6/2/12 8:28 AM

out of 16 slam finals Fed had to grind it out in only 2 of them.. Wimby 2007 and 2009. so where does ur point stands.

abhirf , 6/2/12 8:32 AM

and what is this stuff of wimby 2008 final before rain and after rain. the way in which u feel rafa was playing good before rain, similarly fed was playing better after rain. though both played at an extremely good level for the whole of match.

and btw, these delays interrupts fed's rythm more than rafa's.

abhirf , 6/2/12 8:39 AM

If not for the rain, Rafa would've already beaten Fed in straight sets and it won't be for just a few points. Rafa had the answer to Fed's game that day, and even when Fed had regrouped after the rain, he still needed to go to tie breaks to beat Rafa in the third and the fourth sets. Don't you find that similar to their Wimbledon 2007 final? Rafa won the sets by breaking serves, Fed won the sets by going to tie breaks!

I think Fed would have a harder time on grass now, against the three top guys, as he simply can't maiintain a consistently high level for long, we saw that at Wimbledon and USO last year, and at AO this year.

luckystar , 6/2/12 8:39 AM

What are you talking about? Clearly Rafa was the better player and Fed found no answer to Rafa before the rain. The rain stopped play for a good two hours, allowing Fed to regroup, think of a strategy against Rafa, and allowed him to recoup his energy as well. It helped Fed more than Rafa, and it halted Rafa's winning momentum. I see you're always trying to argue your way out when the facts are against you; just like you're trying to argue that Safin could trouble Fed at the AO2009! Please!!

And when did I say Fed had to grind out his wins at the slams?? Anyway, Rafa doesn't grind out his wins at slam finals too, only at AO2009 and Wimbledon 2008; he's not bad either!

luckystar , 6/2/12 8:49 AM

that point i have already said. his game is fluctuating too much to predict anyting.

but i still would not agree to the wimy finale poin. rafa may or may not have won in straight sets had rain not interrupted the play. that is just a speculation. and yes, fed was up a break in both sets and still managed to lose them. the same would have occurred in 3rd, i doubt it. And Fed won the final set in 2007 by breaking Rafa's serve twice.

Dont know why but Fed does look dejected against Rafa in their matches. Has that a mental aspect to it or their games, I dont know.

I just had a look at the stats from the Fed v Mahut match, 55 winners and 25 odd UEs - don't think Fed usually plays cleaner than this! Sure I didn't watch the match but guess Mahut played really well on the two of the 4 break points and broke Fed twice - one of them was unfortunately on a set point. It happens!
Just from the stats its hard to see how Fed lost a set, he won some 80% and 62% of 1st and 2nd serve respectively and still he is not happy about his game. wonder which stats he wants to improve upon.

abhirf , 6/2/12 8:52 AM

i didnt said that safin will trouble Fed at AO 2009. Just wanted to explain u that Safin, Roddick and Delpo are far good than Giles or Gonzo on hard courts. If their game is still not gud enough to challenge Fed, what can he do about it.

abhirf , 6/2/12 8:56 AM

I mean when did I say Fed always grind out his wins in slam finals! I said Rafa did beat Fed in slam finals when Fed was at the top of his game, I didn't mention anything about grinding when at the top of their game. And I quoted some examples. Why are you twisting things around to suit your case?

luckystar , 6/2/12 8:56 AM

Are you serious? Do you think Fed would want Simon in his side of the draw?? I'm sure Rafa didn't mind having Safin, Delpo and Roddick in his half of the draw, as he was beating them all the same, so no difference to Rafa. I can't say the same about Fed and Simon!

The fact that Fed had to rely on tiebreaks to win the sets tells me that Fed had to go to his limits to win the sets; even though he had broken serve earlier on, he was unable to hold on to the break, something to do with Rafa's play.

luckystar , 6/2/12 9:12 AM

That's what even i am trying to tell u. Fed was that good that the draw didnt matter to him. And what makes u think that Fed will not want Simon. I think he will want Simon more than Delpo or Berdych and even Rod (esp. in Wimby) in his draw. Maybe u are reading too much on those 5 setters that he has played against Simon. But he has been stretched to 5 sets by Haas too. That doesnt mean he will like to have Ferrer in his draw rather than Haas. Nobody wants good, consistent players in their draw.

abhirf , 6/2/12 9:37 AM

You see, you're again trying to argue your way out. Simon had beaten Fed at Madrid and TMC in 2008, and was capable of beating Fed again on the hard court. You think Roddick is better than Simon against Fed, when Roddick only had beaten Fed twice out of 20 times they met. Delpo was losing to Fed all those while before the AO and Safin who hardly beat anyone after his AO2005 win, do you think they're bigger threats than Simon to Fed? Not forgetting Simon drove Fed to five sets at the AO2011 in the second round.

Enough of all your twisted arguments. I rest my case here.

luckystar , 6/2/12 9:45 AM

That's like saying Soderling beat Rafa in FO and WTF and had Rafa got him in USO he would have been beaten or been stretched to 5 sets. Lolz!
U have yourself twisted the argument here by not understanding one simple thing that Simon is not that good a player to beat Fed in slams. If u just want players who can stretch him to 4 or 5 sets there are many but very very few who can actually beat him.
With that i will rest my case too.

abhirf , 6/2/12 10:14 AM

vij, 6/2/12 6:44 AM


rafaisthebest , 6/2/12 10:18 AM

Federer is misfiring so often these days and he needs to get his campaign back on track .He must win convicingly against the lucky loser-Goffin who keeps winning.I think it will be a tough match for both player's and Federer will have to work hard and smart to clinch 236th major win.

hrsikesa , 6/2/12 10:34 AM

Sigh, so wasn't Fed beaten by Sod at FO, by Berdych and Tsonga at the Wimbledon, in addition to being beaten by both Nole and Rafa at the slams?

What's your point? When you said Fed was good enough to go through his draws, then what difference did it make whether he had Roddick, Delpo and Safin or Gonzo and Simon? Likewise for Rafa, what difference did it make to him even if he had Roddick, Delpo and Safin? He would still beat them all the same. You're basically as good as saying nothing!

Fed was beaten by Sod, Berdych and Tsonga, that proved a point, that he could he beaten before the SF in a slam by someone other than the top four. So never say never!

luckystar , 6/2/12 10:34 AM

Of course they have won. The top 4 players have lost the match to players outside the top 4 in slams. But the favorite are always the Big 4. And the chances of these upsets are low.

U just seem to be sticking by Simon bcoz Fed blew away Delpo in Qts. But what Delpo did nxt times they met. They produced two 5 set classics and Delpo had a slam at the end.

It's only when these guys are in patchy form that u tend to look who all can beat them. But once they are on song it's really difficult to stop them. It doesnt matter whom they face outside top 4. There just seems to be a very wide gap b/w them.

abhirf , 6/2/12 11:04 AM

Coming back to the game, Roger is no doubt looks unsettled. But hey, didnt Rafa looked uncomfortable here in early rounds last year and Fed in 2009 but by the end of the tournament both went on to win the title. It might happen that his level rises during 2nd week and he may go on to win the title. That's too wishful a thinking from me but yes, Never say Never.

abhirf , 6/2/12 11:15 AM



1 J. Connors 109
2 I. Lendl 94
3 J. McEnroe 77
4 R. Federer 70
5 P. Sampras 64
6 B. Borg 62
6 G. Vilas 62
8 A. Agassi 60
9 I. Nastase 57
10 B. Becker 49 R. Nadal 49

(600 or more)

1 J. Connors 1222
2 I. Lendl 1070
3 G. Vilas 920
4 A. Agassi 870
5 J. McEnroe 867
6 R. Federer 841
7 S. Edberg 806
8 P. Sampras 762
9 I. Nastase 724
10 B. Becker 713
11 M. Chang 661
12 T. Muster 626
13 S. Smith 615
14 A. Ashe 613

hrsikesa , 6/2/12 11:23 AM

I thought Fed has 74 titles, not 70?

luckystar , 6/2/12 11:29 AM

U r right.Yeah sorry for the inadvertent error.Roger Federer has infact gone to 74 with 4 titles in 2012.Realistically he can get past McEnroe in terms of titles and matches this year.

hrsikesa , 6/2/12 11:35 AM

Looks like in both lists Roger and Nadal will climb up a few places before hanging up their racquet, or moving on to the senior circuit. I have the feeling Rafa will pass on the latter.

chlorostoma , 6/12/12 10:49 PM

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