• Djokovic, Tipsarevic clash at Mutua Madrid Open

    5/11/12 2:43 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic, Tipsarevic clash at Mutua Madrid Open It will be an all-Serb showdown in Madrid when Novak Djokovic and Janko Tipsarevic collide on Friday. A semifinal spot against either Roger Federer or David Ferrer is at stake.

    Novak Djokovic and Janko Tipsarevic will be facing each other for the sixth time in their careers when they do battle in the quarterfinals of the Mutua Madrid Open on Friday.

    Djokovic leads the head-to-head series 4-1, including 1-0 on clay (a 6-2, 4-6, 6-0 decision three years go in Belgrade). Tipsarevic's lone win over his countryman came last fall at the World Tour Finals, where he prevailed 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 at the expense of a worn-out Djokovic. They most recently clashed three months ago in Dubai, with Djokovic rolling 6-1, 7-6(6).

    Tipsarevic has been in solid but unspectacular form. The eight-ranked Serb has already exceeded his Monte-Carlo performance (a third-round loss to Gilles Simon). After three-set wins this week over Federico Delbonis and Simon, Tipsarevic's 2012 record stands at 21-9.

    Djokovic, the defending champion, also earned a first-round bye as the No. 1 seed. He survived Daniel Gimeno-Traver in three sets before defeating Stanislas Wawrinka 7-6(5), 6-4 on Thursday. The top-ranked Serb is 26-3 for his 2012 campaign, which includes the Australian Open title.

    Djokovic's form is nowhere near dominant at the moment, but not a lot of stock can be put in Tipsarevic's win last fall in London. Djokovic is re-energized now, especially after a loss to Rafael Nadal in Monte Carlo, and he should be able to take care of his opponent in straight sets.

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it's tie-break first set! Djoko double faulted! 3-0 tip

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 8:08 PM

Oh, come ON Nole! I know you are cautious but you are defending a title here!

danica , 5/11/12 8:13 PM

Tip takes the tie-break 7-2 and the first set, Dojko surly regrets not taking advantage of 4 break points he had during the set.

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 8:14 PM

Tipsa wants to pull off a Nando.

nadline , 5/11/12 8:15 PM

this Tipsa has such a gorgeous girlfriend out there O_O

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 8:20 PM

She is taken :)), she's his wife ;)

danica , 5/11/12 8:24 PM

^^^She's his wife.

nadline , 5/11/12 8:24 PM

^^^ did not know that. if she was my wife I would play like No.1 lol

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 8:27 PM

Nole looking very unhappy out there :(

deuce , 5/11/12 8:36 PM

I don't want him to get injured out there, so, ok, give it to Janko and move on. Get ready for Rome and RG.

danica , 5/11/12 8:38 PM

Is Nole tanking to join Rafa is Rome?

nadline , 5/11/12 8:40 PM

the blue clay syndrome strikes again!

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 8:40 PM

Wait, people...............Tipsy may yet pull a "Rafa" and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it is 5-2 afterall.................

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 8:41 PM

Getting very crowded on the practise courts of Rome. Glad to see my boy first in the queue :)

deuce , 5/11/12 8:42 PM

Rafa will have the chianti waiting for Nole in Rome.

nadline , 5/11/12 8:54 PM

Well done Tipsy, and a very respectful celebration at the end...............none of the nonsense display a la Fer....................

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 8:54 PM

Is Robbie Koenig insinuating Rafa and Nole made a pact to crash out early? He just said, "It is interesting the 2 most vocal guys against the blue clay have crashed out at the hands of their countrymen"..................

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 8:56 PM

^^^ was going to post this quote lol

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 8:59 PM

Bravo Janko...first semi on clay master!
Bravo Nole... you are leaving this nightmare court on your legs...
Bravo Tiriac... I hope you will bankrupt ...

zare , 5/11/12 9:00 PM

Honestly, karma's a biatch........................I bet you Tiriac sees a conspiracy. I feel for Santana, he does not deserve this humiliation. Tiriac, on the other hand................

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 9:13 PM

Now all depends on RF, Tiriac must be praying.

sabs , 5/11/12 9:21 PM

Congrats Janko, bring it on the semis.
I am happy: Nole took a few falls there but is healthy. I have a feeling he's happy too for not having to play on this nightmare court again.

Let's now concentrate on real stuff.

danica , 5/11/12 9:23 PM

Wawa should have played Federer and beaten him in the Qtrs. then the top 3 players would have been beaten by their side kicks.

nadline , 5/11/12 10:13 PM

Bye bye blue clay: atest-top-seed-ousted-madrid-open

"I want to forget this week as soon as possible and move on to the real clay courts," Djokovic said. "Here you can't predict the ball bounce or movement. They can do whatever they want, but I won't be here next year if this clay stays."

All those who called Rafa a whiner, he's got s#@k it!!

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 10:39 PM

^^^ haha but no bye bye for the 31 years old grandpa though, this is wired if you asked me... I wonder where all that talent on clay go??

sorry to say this but Djoko and Rafa are just being pathetic.

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 11:03 PM


OnTheRise , 5/11/12 11:08 PM

Nothing to do with talent on clay, I'm afraid, more to do with who serves big. Just look at the surviving guys in this tournament: Delpo, Berdych, Fed and Tipsy, all of them just need to serve well to get the job done!

The real test before RG is at Rome. This Madrid tournament is effectively a fast hard court tournament, I'm afraid the one winning here is not going to win the FO, so much for a 'clay' tournament.

luckystar , 5/11/12 11:19 PM

Oh come, come OnTheRise, the game is up, the game is up.................

Helfant signs off on blue clay, on his own, without the knowledge of the President of the Players' Council? Please...................

Like I said, the game is up...................

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 11:23 PM

Like what Rafa has predicted, those guys with big serves will be the one having success on this Madrid court, Rafa is so right about this court. Maybe they should keep the Madrid tournament this way, so that these big serving guys have a chance to win a clay Masters tournament, as they don't have much chances elsewhere on clay with Rafa and Nole around.

luckystar , 5/11/12 11:29 PM

Lucky huh! I believe serving well one of the most important key elements to win a tennis match on any given surface. awww!! pistol Pete would be proud :)

but anyway this remains clay, players slide on it after all, Federer was just the most successful in adapting with the change. now this is pure talent!

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 11:30 PM

Well if you want to deceive yourself then by all means do so! Good luck! I see Berdych, Tipsy and Delpo are also in the semifinals, so aren't they equally talented as Fed?

luckystar , 5/11/12 11:39 PM

Sigh..............the gloves are off: ovic-rips-blue-clay-former-atp-chief-202847165.html

"I really don't need to meet anybody. There is no discussion in my eyes, it's very simple. No blue clay for me. That's it. The test has failed. This is totally different in the middle of the red clay season. I'm coming here as a defending champion and I have a lot things which are important.

"If I cannot move and I put this pressure all the time on my muscles and the body and having it in my mind the worry of hopefully not getting injured and making some quick moves because the court is so unpredictable, then really, what's the sense in playing here?

"This is what it is for 2012, 2013 if hey still blue and come up for fluorescent balls, whatever they come up with, they can have their own tournament, but I'm not coming for sure."

Djokovic went on to criticize former ATP chief Adam Helfant, the man responsible for allowing the slippery surface to be installed in Madrid, insinuating that something nefarious happened behind close doors that resulted in the installation of the blue clay.

"It's very simple, he was going away he knew that his contract is not renewed and he made this decision on his own," Djokovic said, according to Tennis Grandstand. "I will not go into what was going on behind closed doors but something was going on definitely because he didn't care about tennis and what the players think, only himself and his own interests."

This is getting ugly....................

rafaisthebest , 5/11/12 11:40 PM

nope but they were just better focused than the others this week, you know some other players had mental issues to take care of ;D

I really CAN NOT imagine what would Nadal or Nole said have they faced Raonic in the first round.

OnTheRise , 5/11/12 11:45 PM

They'll beat Raonic all the same and maybe in straight sets. Rafa did beat Raonic in straights twice on a fast hard court at Tokyo.

So others are more focused but Fed is pure talent, when they all reach the same stage in the tournament? What logic?

luckystar , 5/12/12 12:02 AM

in straight? I doubt that Lucky, this is not logic.
the thing is Roger is the older player and yet he can move better than anyone on this slippery blue clay. perfectly measured footwork. and if that is not pure talent then I don't want to discuss this any further!

OnTheRise , 5/12/12 12:09 AM

I don't know what youre watching. Fed slipped and almost fell and yet you said he moved better than anyone? Ferrer moves better than Fed on this surface, he covers more ground and yet Fed could only manage to break his serves once in each set. Fed had his serves to help him so he need not move that much. In fact Delpo and Berdych are moving better on this surface, they hardly slip on it, well they too have their big serves to help them, so reducing their need for movements I supposed.

Why do you doubt that they (Nole and Rafa) could beat Raonic in straights? Rafa has proven that on a fast hard court. Both Nole and Rafa are better returner of serves than Fed, and that's why Fed needed to go the distance both times he met Raonic (they met at IW this year too). Even Ferrer done it in straights, at Barcelona this year.

luckystar , 5/12/12 12:19 AM

it's not about how much ground you cover, it's about how you cover ground to get the best position and the best stroke. from the remaining four I can see Berdych is doing well but Federer is getting better every match, we shall see ;)

about Raonic,, not on this surface buddy.

OnTheRise , 5/12/12 12:57 AM

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