• Nadal opens Barcelona title defense against Garcia-Lopez

    4/24/12 8:50 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Nadal opens Barcelona title defense against Garcia-Lopez Defending champion Rafael Nadal will begin his quest for a seventh title at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell as he takes to the court against compatriot Guillermo Garcia-Lopez. The players look to reach the round of 16.

    World No. 2 Rafael Nadal holds a 4-1 series lead against world No. 78 Guillermo Garcia-Lopez. The top seed is four of four clay-court sets contested against his opponent.

    Nadal makes his return to competition after winning an eighth Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters title on Sunday. The 25-year-old broke a seven-match losing streak against world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, having come through the final in straight sets.

    He is bidding for his 23rd victory of the season on Wednesday.

    Garcia-Lopez defeated Belgium’s Olivier Rochus in the first round, 6-3, 6-3. The 28-year-old will be looking to make his second third-round berth in Barcelona.

    Prediction: Nadal in straight sets.

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Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 4/24/12 9:19 PM

rafa wants this victory so the spaniards will not try to harm him. only when raga doesnot need the victory. like a small grascourt tourney both teams decide to give the match to the lower ranked spaniard who can use the points. Tis keep the bread and bitter flowing for them.

advan , 4/24/12 10:46 PM

sadfan, you never take brake from TT I begin worry for you. Get life. Stand up. You can! Come on sadfan you trust.

Take off RF cap and RF sweater. Go for walk. Maybe get girlfriend. No maybe not.

But please for you no watch on Sunday sadfan. if do please up medication. also, drink plenty liquid for many sadfan tears

punchbag missing again. punchbag is GOAT for hide-and-seek.

Poor little sadfan.

hawkeye , 4/24/12 11:02 PM

well said hawkeye...

tettylds , 4/25/12 2:25 AM

Keep it going, Rafa!

Good luck!

Nativenewyorker , 4/25/12 4:49 AM

wow, that was top-class stuff from rafa, the quality of hitting was outstanding. For me rafa often plays even more aggressively at barcelona than he does at MC ! may be the reason is that he has had enough practice under his belt by the time barcelona begings and rafa once talked about how the clay at barca also suits his game.

vamosrafa , 4/25/12 3:49 PM

They sud hand over the title to Rafa.
No way any1 in the draw is going to beat him here

atul1985 , 4/25/12 4:00 PM

Oh dear...........please don't bagel G-Lo, Rafa, I like G-Lo.............

rafaisthebest , 4/25/12 4:08 PM

G-Lo breaks rafa..haha

atul1985 , 4/25/12 4:14 PM

1st match done and dusted. Rafa beats G-Lo 61 62.

nadline , 4/25/12 4:39 PM

Great. Who's next?

rafaisthebest , 4/25/12 4:40 PM

I'll be very disappointed if Rafa doesn't play Madrid.

nadline , 4/25/12 5:02 PM

rafa wont have the guts to take on the madrid master because it plays like a hc and it even looks like one now. we know what that means for the declining rafa. meeting roger would be another defeat. we alreasy know how good rafa is at ducking the bullit. He ran awah with tail between legs at wimnly 09. the warrior. the greatest fighter tennis has ever seen. Dont make me laugh. the quitter , loser.
No no loser. He was scared like shit, that is why he ran away.

advan , 4/25/12 5:58 PM

More like a warm up for Rafa (no disrespect to GGL) he wasn`t tested today, looked to be moving well though. As I said last night a similar result to Valencia 05.

mojo , 4/25/12 6:14 PM

didn't get to see the match (have so much work to do...) but I see from your comments Rafa was playing his tennis...I do not think he needs his "full potential'' for the win now...he can go with little more than 50%...I like this CONFIDENT version of this, he is unbeatable...that was missing last year...he was doubting himself in almost every match...was so difficult to watch, and yet he would end up beating them all to reach the finals...that is how good our Rafa is...

advan, it seems to me you are becoming rude, offensive, or may I say: largely primitive in your posts?...not that I am surprised at all, but again, some civilized behavior from you would not hurt...

BTW...what happened to that "revanche" you were talking about...I told you....

natashao , 4/25/12 6:16 PM

Great win for rafa today, it was expected anyway, Barcelona always helps him to consolidate on the momentum and confidence that he is building which is what is needed in the game. By the time we move to Madrid rafa would have hit top gear on clay and well primed for a 7th RG.
@advan........don't you think your comments are rather uncalled for. Show some respect to the King of Clay. Those who follow rafa would know that he is not one to give excuses for his losses and wouldn;t fake injuries, gracious in defeat and very humble in victory. What more quality do you require from a tennis player.
Not that such comments count anyway, but let's try to be more objective in our comments and say it the way it is.

By the way rafa is the only player that hasn't lost a match in the month of April since 2005. Just sit back and enjoy another week of clay court tennis from the King

puto , 4/25/12 6:40 PM

Just noticed, Rafa's facebook number is about 5,000 short of Roger's tally...............come RG he will have surpassed Roger.

rafaisthebest , 4/25/12 6:45 PM

RITB , no further comments. How can you not love what he is all about and brings to the sport both on and off the court.
Simply an idol and a role model for the young generation. Because of rafa the intensity in the game today has grown and is more competitive. Everyone looking to aim at the top now knows that you need a rafalike quality to make it. Ask Djoker and he'd tell you. Also ask the GOAT......

puto , 4/25/12 7:09 PM

Why are you people even respondng to the troll? I mean her sole existence is to feed off your responses to her crap. Garbage has to be flushed out..dont you people know?

sanju , 4/25/12 7:14 PM

Farah or Andujar. In other words another bye.

RickyDimon , 4/25/12 7:28 PM

Good luck my Rafa!!!!

Play hard, stay healthy and WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!!!!


Monalysa , 4/25/12 8:03 PM

I agree with sanju. Let's just be happy about how well Rafa is playing now. We should know by now that the trolls will come out and try to trash Rafa. The better he does, the more they will try to get to his fans.

I think that hawkeye has the right idea. He gives right back and makes fun using the same obviously bad grammar and takes what is said and turns it around. He has done a great job, so we should all just relax and enjoy Rafa's tennis while he deals with this problem.

Nativenewyorker , 4/26/12 2:01 AM

sadvan, it is okay to cry like ur idol..... no need to humiliate urself by saying rubbish... it really shows how ur brain is....

tettylds , 4/26/12 2:05 AM

You are right NNY, hawkeye takes care of sadfan's posts superbly - they always make me smile.

schatz , 4/26/12 1:44 PM

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